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You Could Call It Love

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Selina had been catching Bruce sending her these looks all day long. Just staring at her with dark brooding eyes and an expression she couldn't really interpret. Nothing too out of the ordinary, she thought, Bruce has always been that way. But definitely puzzling. It wasn't until they reached The Sirens, Bruce walking her over under the guise of having a message to give to Barbara from Gordon that it finally clicked. Bruce wanders off to find Barbara as Selina takes the back stairs to her room, having moved back in after learning about Barbara's pregnancy. Throwing her whip and her gloves on her dresser she unzips her jacket and flops down onto her bed, she could definitely go for a nap. Even with the music playing downstairs in the club she could feel herself drifting off, her tired body welcoming the calm of sleep draping over her. She is just about to give in when her ears pick up on footsteps and then her door shutting closed. Snapping one eye open, her body tensing and ready to pounce on her intruder, she groans when she sees that it is just Bruce.

She reluctantly sits up and glares at him, “I was just about to fall asleep.” She growls at him, although it seems to have no affect on him.

“Sorry,” He simply says, but she can tell he doesn't actually mean it by the small twitch of a smirk on his face that he tries to hide. He's walking quickly over to her and before she can ask him what the fuck he's doing he's leaning over her and pressing his lips against hers. This time he's not holding anything back, guiding her back down and crawling on top of her, and she feels her body shudder underneath him. Her brain, and her lips, are trying to catch up as Bruce's lips move feverishly against hers. Her fingers on the other hand seem to have a mind of their own and are currently grabbing on to the hair at the back of his head and pulling him impossibly closer. Perhaps this is what Bruce was thinking about all day, lust darkening his eyes as he stares at her, she mused. She slips her hands under his shirt, sliding her palm up his smooth back as he kisses his way across her jaw hotly, sighing as he whispers her name in her ear. Selina can feel his hands wrap around her ribcage, his thumbs brushing just underneath her breasts and she so wants to encourage him but she needs to know first.

Selina pulls her hands from under his shirt and places them on his shoulders, pushing him back gently. Bruce who'd been busy sucking the delicate skin on her neck looks down at her questioningly with half lidded eyes.

“Bruce as much as I want this.. Is everything alright? With everything that happened with Ivy the other day-”

“I won't hurt you.”

She smiles and softly cups his face, “I know that, that isn't what I meant. You kept away after Ivy's attack, you've been distant all day and then you just came in here..”

Bruce pulls back and Selina sits up again, looking at him wearily.

“I'm sorry Selina I didn't mean to frighten you. The truth is I wanted to keep some distance between us, to make sure Ivy was completely out of my head so that I wouldn't hurt you again, because I remembered.”

“Remembered what?” She hears herself whisper.

Bruce takes a moment to admire her flushed cheeks and red-kissed lips. “That you told me you loved me,” He says simply.

Selina blinks and feels her face heat up.

“Did you mean it?” Bruce asks.

Selina can't help but wonder how Bruce could look so calm and collected, while her heart was beating so hard she was sure he could hear it.

“Of course I did,” Again whispering her answer. Bruce wouldn't listen to reason while under Ivy's spell, and so Selina had chanced at getting through to him with his emotions, admitting her most precious secret. When Bruce never mentioned it after he came to, she told herself he hadn't felt the same way and didn't want to hurt her feelings. Selina always had a hard time accepting that people could love her.

Bruce is smiling at her, like he can hear her thoughts, “Good, cause I love you, too.”

And then it finally clicked. Bruce wasn't staring at her with lust in her eyes all day long.

It was love.