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Celebrating Holi

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Harry Potter looked hilarious when frustrated. He was currently sitting in the study room of the Black residence, surrounded by crushed bits of parchment. His eyebrows were scrunched together, eyes squeezed shut and his fists were curled at his sides.

The Holi party was really wearing him down. Well...not the Holi party but a specific invitee.

Draco Malfoy

Harry looked at the last draft of a letter he'd written

Hey. How are you holding up?
Could you come over for Holi on the 21st?
It's at Grimmauld Place, I've even charmed the garden to become bigger.


Harry rolled his eyes at the horribly pompous letter. It seemed like something aristocratic ladies would write to each other. He sighed and wrote the letter again.


I miss you, alright?
I know I messed up in the eight year. I called you things that can't be taken back and I'm really sorry, but it's been three years, mate! you have to talk to me!
I've matured a lot since 8th year, if you could forgive me I'll really make it worth your while. Please think about it and come over on Holi so we can talk some more.



Harry hoped that the use of his old nickname might help the situation. he folded the letter and handed it to his new owl, Narad*.

He stood still for a beat, watching his owl fly away. Then he went into the garden and began setting up the mud-pit, self-refilling colours and a few pitchers of unlimited Bhaang**.




*Narad is the name of the messenger of the Gods in Hindu mythology. Harry names his Owl Narad because much like his namesake, the owl is busy preening and chatters away   all the time.
 Of course during 8th year, Draco doesn't let this go. He keeps saying that Harry named the Owl Narad because he considers himself a god. For at least a month after Harry   buys the new owl, Draco refers to Harry as "Oh Great One"

**Bhaang, in this context is a drink made from milk products and minimal amounts of cannabis. It's a go-to party drink for Holi and most adults drink it.
   Bhaang is also the name of that variety of cannabis used in preparing this drink. A lot of food at holi parties is laced with this stuff