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A look into the lives of the Aizawa-Yagi-Yamada family

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Aizawa paced outside of the hospital rooms door, worried. Toshinori had gone into labour a month early and had almost passed out from the pain at home. His instincts told him to go to his mate and hold him as he birthed their first child.

"'zawa calm down. They're gonna be ok."

Turning a bit he nods towards his other heavily pregnant mate. "Your right, your right." Aizawa sighs and sits down. "I just can't stop this feeling that's telling me to go in there but I need to protect you and him 'zashi."

Aizawa gently touches his mates belly as the little one inside kicked. "'Zawa I may be an Omega but I'm not weak. Now go to Tosh. He needs you the most right now." Hizashi says softly.

Nodding Aizawa quickly ran into his mates medical room to see Toshi sobbing and trying to push. Walking over he quickly released a calming scent that was mixed with his natural, Cedar scent.

Toshinori smiles at him before screaming as another contraction hit. The poor man had gone through almost ten hours of labour but as soon as the doctors held up a crying, violet tufted, baby boy he thought it was all worth it.

Aizawa smiled at the baby as a nurse gently gave the baby boy to his mate. Toshinori cooed to the baby and gently nuzzles him, scenting his new baby. "Hi there little one. I'm your mama." Toshi whispers to the little jelly bean.

"What would you like to name him Mr. Yagi-Aizawa?" One of the nurses asks in a soft voice.

"His name will be Hitoshi, Hitoshi Aizawa." Toshinori replies, completely captivated by the little baby in his hold. "Do you like the name 'zawa?"

"It's perfect." Aizawa whispers as he gently boops the babys nose.

The baby blinks open his big purple eyes and coos to his parents. Reaching out to his papa the baby yawns until he was held against a nipple. Patting the chest gently he latched on and starts to suckle with a soft, pleased sound.

Toshinori smiles up at his mate and tilts his head up, asking for a kiss that is quickly answered. "Ok Mr. Aizawa, Mr. Yagi-Aizawa would you like for your child to be circumcised?" The doctor asks making Yagi snort.

"Sorry about him. He can be a little immature but yes and shouldn't he be in an incubator? He's a month early." Aizawa says in confusion.

"Actually little Hitoshi is full term. My analyzes showed that Mr. Yagi-Aizawa was pregnant with him a month earlier that originally thought but Mr. Yamada-Aizawa is still the same as before. You said yourself that Mr. Yagi-Aizawa didn't fall into a heat the month that Mr. Yamada-Aizawa did." The doctor says softly, noticing tge baby was falling asleep.

"Thank you doctor but can we be left with our baby just a bit longer?" Aizawa asks.

"Of course. I'll let your other mate in as well sir." The doctor says as he walks out.

Looking down at his mate and his child Aizawa smiled happily as he gently booped his mates nose which earned him a chuckle. He really believed that he was going to enjoy being a father.
Two Years Later...

Aizawa yawns as he sits up in bed. Looking to his sides he smiles when he sees his husbands laying there, sleeping peacefully. Crawling out of bed he scratches his neck as another yawn was torn from him.

Soft pitter patter of feet made him smile and pretend he wasn't hearing anything. Going to the stairs he climbs down them on his knees to show the little purple headed toddler that was following him.

Once at the bottom of the stairs he pets one of the cats before heading to the kitchen. "'Zuku! No! Bad 'zuku!" He heard Hitoshi giggle from the stairs. "Not slide! Climb!"

Chuckling he peeks out just in time to see his slightly younger son going down the stairs on his belly. Smiling he watches Hitoshi gently pick up his little brother and craddle him. It was easy for the little guy since Izuku was such a tiny thing.

When he was born he almost didn't make it. He was only only two pounds and three ounces when he was brought into the world actually in Nezus' office. They had gone to show him Shinsou but when Hizashi suddenly cried out saying that something was wrong they had to have Recovery Girl do surgery right then and there when Hizashi started to bleed.

After an emergency C section Izuku came out with his umbilical cord wrapped around his throat and body. The odds were against them that day but now they have a semi-healthy baby boy that can babble-sing, sit up and eat by himself.

Hitoshi walked into the kitchen making Aizawa smile. "Hello my big boys. Are you hungry?" He asks them gently.

Hitoshi nods as Izuku looks around himself curiously. "What about you Izuku?" Aizawa asks softly.

Izuku doesn't answer in fact he doesn't react to his name. Frowning Aizawa gently takes Izuku and settles him on his little feet only for the toddler to fall over. "Oh! Sorry baby!" Aizawa says softly as he picks up the baby.

Picking up Hitoshi Aizawa reminds himself to bring the little green haired boy to the doctor. Maybe he was having some developmental issues? Shrugging he puts his sons in their high chairs then goes to make breakfast.

A minute or two later Toshi and Hizashi are at the doorway scratching their bellys. Chuckling Aizawa goes over and kisses their cheeks. "Good morning you two." He says softly as they nuzzle their scent glands together.

"Good morning my loves." Aizawa says softly.

"Good morning 'zawa." The blondes say smiling.

Going to the babys the two pick them up and remove their shirt. Having the two latch on they purr softly. "What you two doing over there?" Aizawa asks while flipping a big pancake.

"Nothing!" The blondes reply, watching their children nurse.

"You two better not be nursing them still. They're too old!" Aizawa calls over.

"The internet says that we can nurse them for two and a half years!" Hizashi says defensively.

"'Zashi I know what that webpage said but he's-" Aizawa starts but stops at the pleading look in his mates eyes.

"Please 'zawa. He's going to be all grown up before we know it and he won't need me as much anymore. Just let us do this." Hizashi begs.

Sighing Aizawa plates the pancakes and nod. "Fine. But you have to make them stop before they're full so they don't spoil their breakfast." The raven haired man says smiling slightly.

Toshinori smiles and rubs Hitoshi's chubby cheek with his thumb. "Hear that little one? You get to suckle for another nine months." He purrs to the child.

Hitoshi answers back with his own purr and a soft suckling sound. "Come on you guys we have to eat, get dressed, get the kids dressed and to the daycare then head to work." Aizawa says as he put the plates at the table.

Hizashi and Toshi gently put the toddlers into their high chairs and kiss their foreheads. Sitting down both Omegas feel like something bad was going to happen.
"Ugh! My feet are starting to hurt!" Hizashi complains.

"Just bear with it for a few more minutes 'zashi. Lunch break is coming up." Aizawa says with a frown when a drop of water hits his head.

Looking up Aizawa notices big, menacing grey clouds. Suddenly the wind blew hard causing Hizashi to almost topple over in surprise. "Whoa! What the heck is going on? It's not storm season yet!" The blonde says as they walk into a little café.

Looking around them they hummed at the colorful place. Going to the cashier Aizawa orders them each something. Sitting down with their things they notice that they were the only ones there. Well until a mini group of heroes trudge in, fighting against the wind.

"Whoa! That wind sure is strong. Maybe we should wait out the rain?" A man in full body armor asks a man in full denim, a woman in what looked like bondage style clothes, a cowboy and a Small rodent...bear, cat, dog..animal.

"Oh yes lets! I almost went flying!" The creature says with a laugh.

"Ah! Nezu! Long time no see!"Toshinori says with a bright smile as he walks to the small creature.

"Ah! All Might! It has been a while hasn't it? How are things?" Nezu asks as the man in denim quickly hugs the leather clad Hizashi.

"Great! Aizawa is trying out day shifts now so he can spend more time at home." Yagi says before loud thunder sounds from outside.

Looking out the group of heroes frown when they see that it was almost as dark as the night outside. "Whoa. What's happening?" The bondage lady asks before loud sirens startle the group. "What's that?!"


"W-Wait what?! Izuku, Hitoshi! We have to go get them! They're at that daycare next to the beach!" Aizawa says quickly.

"Crap! My baby brothers at that daycare too! He told me about a kid named Hitoshi s-so it has to be the same one!" The man in armour yells.

"Come on before-!" All Might yells but the ground starts to shake HARD.

Crying out the heroes drop along with the baristas to the floor. Loud thunder rumbled outside as buildings outside rocked and started to break. Crawling to his mates Aizawa reaches out to them when he smelled their frightened scent. Once he was with them he holds them close to him, waiting for the Earthquake to stop.

It took nearly a full two minutes for the shaking to stop. Looking around Aizawa sees Best Jeanist was using his fibers to hold up the debris, the baristas were holding each other, Nezu was helping up the armoured man and the bondage woman, the cowboy was dusting himself off and his mates were safe under him.

"Is everybody ok?" Aizawa calls out. "Ingenium, Midnight! You two ok?"

"We're fine! What the hell was that?!" Ingenium asks as he stands and helps Jeanist.

"I think that was the after shocks they were talking about!" All Might says as he sits up. "Are you two alright over there?"

"We're fine!" One of the baristas says loudly.

"I might've peed on myself!" The other says.

"He did! I smell it."

Hizashi laughs for a moment before remembering something. "The kids!" He yells as he quickly runs towards the entrance.

The other heroes quickly follow suit but are stopped by a large van. The driver gets out and smiles. "Hey! You guys are alright! Good now get in the van! There was a Tsunami during the Earthquake so the area around your place isn't going to be ok! There's a Typhoon coming too! Bad one!" The man in a military uniform yells over the strong wind.

"Tenki! Thank god! We need to get to the kids!" Aizawa yells as the group quickly get into the van.

"What?! Get in the van! I can't hear you!" The military man says quickly.

Aizawa climbs in the front seat and quickly closes the door. "We need to get to the daycare near the beach. Hitoshi, Tenseis' brother and Izuku are there!" Aizawa says to Tenki.

"Who are Hitoshi and Izuku?" Tenki asks as he quickly speeds off down the road.

"Our kids." Aizawa says as he turns on the radio.

"What?! 'Zashi! You had a kid?! What the hell?! Why didn't you tell me? I'm your big brother!" Tenki yells until the radio started again.


All Might looks out the windows in fear when he sees all of the wrecked buildings and downed power lines. "Tenki you can control the weather can't you? Why can't you stop the Typhoon?" He asks quickly.

"I can only control the weather I make big guy. Can't do shit about the weather that god makes. Believe me if I could I wou-WHOA!" Tenki yells as he slams on the breaks. "What the hell?"

In front of the car was a daycare child transporter (its like a wagon but it's tall enough that the kids can't climb out and it look a little like a milk crate) with five kids and a fish inside. A little purple haired boy peeks out holding a fish and giggles at the car.

"I-Is that Shinsou?" Aizawa asks as he climbs out.

Running to the transporter he sees that the other two children weren't children! They were two old peopleb one of which Aizawa recognised. Picking up the transporter he laughs when Izuku tries to climb his shirt. Quickly going to the van he has Midnight and the cowboy take the kids before tossing the transporter in the back.

Hopping in he points towards his home. "Go! We need things from the house!" He yells out.

"No can do! Your place may be too dangerous! I'm taking you guys higher up! We still have some time before the typhoon hits so once I drop you off I'm heading to a store and getting supplies." Tenki says as he starts heading the opposite direction.

Suddenly the car was filled with the scent of fear from the three kids in the back. Tensei held his baby brother tightly and cooed to him, trying to calm him down. All Might and Hizashi try to take care of their kids as Aizawa growls at Tenki.


The car was silent until Tenki turned the car around and drove to the house. "Fine. But only cause you reminded me of my drill sargent. But where are we going after that? All the shelters will be full by the time we get done."

"Take us to Yuuei. It'll be safe there. I had hurricane proof windows and doors installed." Nezu says as he gently wipes Izuku and Hitoshis' tears away.

"Fine. But you better be quick Aizawa." Tenki states.
Aizawa quickly grabs the diaper bag and quickly fills it with clothes, toys, books, snacks and the kids plates. Toshi was grabbing the high chairs and child bathtub while Hizashi and Jeanist grabbed the first aid kit, extra food and clothes from the pantry and bedroom.

Aizawa raced to the bathroom to get his eye drops, Hizashis throat medicine, Izukus inhaler, soap and towels. "Is that everything?" Aizawa yells as he puts everything in the play pen.

"No!" All Might says as he quickly runs into the extra room.

Aizawa follows him in and sees him set something up. "What's that?"

"Barrier. Powerloader made it when he found out I was pregnant with Izuku. It'll keep the house safe." All Might says before going to the closet and pulls out two bins.

"What's that?" Aizawa asks.

"It's the kids baby books, family photos and some of their extra toys." All Might replies.

"Come on! The others are going to be at the school by now! Plus you know how Izuku is with strangers." Hizashi says as Jeanist rubs his arm in memory.

"He was toothless but it still hurt." Jeanist says with a frown. "We already got the extra food, blankets, pillows, can opener, movies and a portable dvd player in the pen. We have to hurry so they'll still be able to work."

"Right." Aizawa says as he rushes out with Toshi. "Told you it was a good idea to get the van."

"Shut up." Toshi chuckles.

The group jump into the van after putting the pen in the back. Aizawa buckles up and looks back at his mate and his mates brother only to be confused. "Why do you have a cake?" He asks as he pulled out the driveway.

"We also have milk, eggs and those 7-11 sandwiches we bought yesterday. We cleaned out the fridge. We really needed to go shopping." Hizashi says.

"Alright then." Aizawa sighs.

"Oh and we got your sleeping bag!" Jeanist says quickly.

"Thanks. Hopefully this will pass by soon." Aizawa say softly.

Once at the school the group quickly took the pen inside just as the rain started coming down. Aizawa goes back to the car to get the bins just as Midnight, Tensei and Tenki pulled up with food and water in the back of their van.

Quickly helping them put things on a dolly he found Aizawa helps them get up to the principals office. Once there they look over to where Toshi and and Hizashi were pulling everything out of the pen.

"Is everybody here? Safe?" Aizawa asks.

"Yes but Snipe, Recovery Girl and Gran Torino are getting the beds from the infirmary. I was about to go help them get the others from storage." Toshi says softly.

"Where are the little ones?" Tenki asks while putting down a pack of water.

"Sleeping. We put them on one of the playpen mattresses and they just knocked out." Hizashi says as he kisses Aizawas cheek. "Nezu claimed one of the other ones."

Aizawa looked over to the desk and chuckles when he sees Nezu curled up on the desk on top of one of the mattresses. Sighing Aizawa turns to the dolly Midnight and Tensei were unloading and choked. "Why the hell do you guys have all of those appliances!?" He yells.

"Shush! Tensei has never been to costco so he went a little nuts when he saw the appliances." Midnight says making Tensei frown at her.

"Ok but why are they all Sanrio characters?" Aizawa asks.

"Midnight found them, she bought them and they're ment for the kids. I got the regular appliances for us to use." Tensei says as he grabs a bag full of groceries.

"Ok fine I did! I bought them so the kids would be entertained, learn something, blah, blah, blah! You never let me spoil them and I know Hitoshi likes Hello Kitty, Izuku likes Cinnamon Roll and they both like Little Twin Stars so I got them Sanrio stuff! I thought I could just say Tensei got it." Midnight pouts. "Plus most of the stuff is limited edition and there might be more in my car in the loading dock."

"You....are weird. I love you." Aizawa says as he hugs Midnight.

"Aw! I love you too! Oh! We got your favorite juice pouches and some sippy cups for the kids." Midnight says quickly.

"Thank you so much. I'll be sure to pay you back." Aizawa says softly.

"Take me to that Hello Kitty amusement place and we're even." She says smirking.

A few hours have passed and the group were making dinner in a classroom with little Izuku, Hitoshi and Iida playing with Nezu in the corner. "How long do you think we'll be stuck in the building?" Toshi asks Gran Torino.

"Not sure. Came here to see you and your brat, end up in a Earthquake and a Typhoon. Last one I was in lasted a full day." Torino says as he pokes at the rice cooker. "Why did they buy these things? Typhoons don't last that long."

"Remember when I first took you to Costco?" Toshi smirks. "You bought out their Taiyaki."

"Sh-Shut up brat!" Torino yells with a blush.

Chuckling Toshi flips over the chicken and starts the coffee maker. "Think we have enough food for everyone?" Toshi asks.

"Maybe enough for us little guys but for you giants maybe enough for a couple of days." Torino smirks.

"Oh, ha ha." Toshi chuckles.

"Um Toshinori, Aizawa, might want to look at this!" Nezu calls out.

Hizashi turns and immediately drops his ladle in surprise at seeing his baby standing on his tiny feet. Quickly running over to his baby he got on his knees in front of him. Aizawa quickly takes out a camcorder (provided by a possibly now costco addicted Tensei) and quickly records the scene.

Hitoshi stands up and gently takes his little brothers hand. "You can do it 'zuku!" He says softly as Nezu gently takes the other hand.

Izuku makes a small sound as he steps forward. Making another he steps a bit closer before falling to his knees. Grunting Izuku brings his hands down and pushes up. Standing again he makes tiny fists before stepping forwards again he makes a happy sound.

"Again 'zuku! Again!" Hitoshi says happily.

Izuku keeps stepping forwards until he was in his mother/fathers arms. Hizashi cheers and picks up the little giggling boy. Cheering Hitoshi jumps up and down while Iida claps happily.

Aizawa smiles as Hizashi peppers little Izus' face with kisses. Looking over to Toshi he smiles at the look on his face. It was one of pure joy at the sight of the child.

A few minutes later the group of heroes and toddlers were happily chowing down on some curry, griddled chicken and some pickled veggies that Jeanist managed to grab from the cupboard. Aizawa looks to where his mate was helping their son eat his meal.

Maybe he was worried for no reason. If he can walk now then maybe he'll be able to talk soon too. Taking a bite of his food Aizawa smiles until a loud boom and a streak of lightning lit up the room that had been given light to by a hello kitty lamp, a flash light and three flashlights.

The toddlers scream in fear. Izuku and Iida start to cry loudly but Hitoshi stops when he sees his baby brother sobbing. Whining he reaches towards him and tries to hug him. Toshi helps him get closer and watches his baby kiss his baby brothers tears away as he hugs him tightly.

Tensei gently coos to his baby brother and kisses his chubby cheek. "It's ok baby bro. It's just lightning, it can't hurt you when your inside." Tensei says softly as he gently wipes his brothers eyes.

Tenya and Izuku hiccup before snuggling into their big brothers chests making the table smile. Another streak of lightning and a crack of thunder sounds, startling Hizashi and Jeanist into jumping to their older brothers lap. Tenki chuckles softly and kisses the tops of their heads.

"Feels good to be needed by my little brothers again." Tenki smiles.

Aizawa smiles and continues to eat as Nezu climbs onto his lap with his food. Hopefully the house would be ok when they got back.
Sighing Nezu stretches his little body and cuddles into his soft, easter printed blanket. The others had gone to sleep but he just couldn't yet. Looking around he stands up and lifts his shirt a little to scratch his furry stomach.

Walking to the window he doesn't notice the two big, emerald colored eyes watching him in the semi dark. Looking out to the horizontal rain he sighs again but this time close to the glass so it would fog it a little.

A soft little coo made him turn to the playpen/temporary crib and smile at the little green headed boy that was peeking over at him. "Hi there little one. Did you have an accident?" Nezu asks softly.

Grabbing his stepping stool Nezu placed it next to the playpen and gently pulled out the little boy and placed him on his feet. The boy quickly toddles to the window to look out at the rain. Looking up he sees the window had a little fog on it. Copying what the cat looking guy did he giggles when his part of the window fogged up.

Chuckling Nezu walks over and gently picks up the baby boy. Wiping the fog off he breathes in front of him causing the boy to copy him. Smiling he makes a smiley face in his fog. The little toddler copys him yet again and claps happily.

Smiling Nezu takes Izuku to the "snack bag" and pulls out a little thing of pancakes. Popping it open he gives one to the baby and takes one for himaelf before settling on the mattress he borrowed.

Gently running his paw through the boys hair Nezu smiles at the thought of the child becoming a hero but also cringed in fear at the same thought. He didn't want either of his little nephews (yes his nephews! Fight him if you say otherwise.) going up against a really bad Villain and losing their lives in the progress.

Hugging the baby boy he makes a silent vow to protect his Nephew at all costs. Feeling the boy lean against him he lays them both down and covers Izuku with the blanket and hold him tightly to his chest.

"I will always protect you two. No matter what." Nezu says in his mind as he kisses the toddlers head.

Settling down he yawns softly and cuddles the little boy as he slipped into the blissful feeling of sleep after a long, scary day. He had a feeling tomorrow would be better than today.