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Minho lifts his head from his desk. Despite the fact that he’s a good-ass student, sleep has barely been coming to him as of late. And his ridiculous 8am classes have really been running him over and then backing up too.

The only real thing that’s been keeping him semi-sane have been his friends and even they’re few and far between at this point.

Currently, he’s sat in the middle of his statistics class, contemplating just leaving all together because he doesn’t know what the fuck is going on either way.

He doesn’t have any friends in the class really, occasionally he talks shit about their professor with the two guys in front of him. One of is named Jae and the other Brian, they mostly keep to themselves and speak English, which Minho knows about two whole words of.

Then there’s these annoying-ass boys that sit in the back of the class. First years, named Felix and Jisung, and their very voices drive Minho up the wall. Constantly, they’re talking or mumbling, and then sometimes their other friend Hyunjin will show up to class and add to his annoyance.

Although the kid is almost never there.

Minho glances at his homework that’s about a week late, because he has no idea what’s going on in the class and his professor is no help at all. They’re going over problems, apparently, and that idiot Jisung keeps spouting out answers or little comments to their teacher constantly.

They get through the fourth question and Minho has successfully been able to copy the answers down, but he still doesn’t know how they got them. Absentmindedly, he starts scrolling on his phone, because honestly, what else is there to do other than accept the breakdown he’s about to have?

This, of course, is not the best strategy when you’re almost failing a class. But it’s the best option at the moment.

Eventually, the class itself is over and he has never gotten up so fast in his life. He has all day to attempt to do the work assigned and then go to work at three. Although work sounds like shit at the moment.

Quickly he texts Chan and Changbin to see if they’re around to eat breakfast. He had only eaten a breakfast bar before class.

Chan is in class and Bin is in their room, suffering from not having the will to do anything. So he’s not moving from his bed. So Minho just heads to their room so they can suffer together.

While leaving the classroom he sees Jisung and Felix huddled together, whispering quietly. The dark haired boy pulls the door open for the elder with a big smile.

“You okay, hyung? You look stressed out.” Jisung sways from side to side on the balls of his feet. Minho holds himself back from rolling his eyes, the kid is annoying but damn, he’s fucking cute. The fluffy-cheeked boy wore a large pink hoodie and black skinny jeans that hugged his legs in places Minho was definitely not looking at.

“I’m fine, just contemplating whether or not to drop this class.” Minho looks the younger up and down, eyes glancing at Felix too. They’re both really quick, honestly, and that just annoys him further.

“You can’t drop that class! That’ll look bad on your record, hyung!” Jisung whines at him, he’s never had proper conversations with the pair, normally just glaring at them from across the room, willing them to finally shut the fuck up. Which they never do.

“I’m not actually going to, I need the class to graduate.” Minho sighs as he hikes his bag further up his shoulder.

“I could help you, I understand everything for the most part.” Jisung smiles a huge gummy smile and Minho noticed his crooked front teeth. Something he normally can’t see from the side of the room he’s on.

“Thanks, but I don’t have time for a tutor.” Minho forces a smile to his features. The look of defeat that comes across Jisung’s face doesn’t even phase the older boy.

“How are you going to pass then? The whole class hears you whining about how you don’t get anything.” Felix chimes in, his voice sickenly sweet. Minho narrows his eyes, slightly put off that they have the nerve to actually say something about HIS whining.

“I’ll figure it out, thanks for the offer though.” He goes to turn around and there’s a sudden nagging in the back of his brain telling him to turn back around. But he ignores it. “Nice talking to you guys.” He throws over his shoulder while walking away.

It’s not that he doesn’t like them, per say, they’re both just so annoyingly cute, and they know it, it seems. They’re also way too hyper for eight in the fucking morning.

“Hey, honey, I’m home.” Minho kicks their door open and enters the dorm. Changbin just grumbles from his bed by the window, currently wrapped in 87 blankets with a face mask on, his stuffed animals piled haphazardly around him.

“You were the loudest bitch alive when you left this morning.” Bin complains as Minho sets his backpack down.

“How? I crept around the room like a damn ninja.” The elder of the two walks over to Changbin’s bed and crawls up with him. The currently cocooned boy scrunches his nose behind the mask, now being sat on by his best friend.

“No, you did not.” Bin unwraps himself from his blankets and reveals he’s not wearing a shirt and is actually sweating to death.

“You need to go to the doctor, bro, this like the fifth time you’ve had a fever in the five months we’ve been here.” Minho touches Changbin’s forehead and grabs him a bottle of water from next to his bed.

“It’s fine, all they’re gonna tell me is to stay hydrated and sleep, and guess what? I do that shit.” Bin pulls the mask down and accepts the drink gratefully, taking a huge drink.

“You’re literally like a werewolf, but instead of turning into a big hairy beast, you turn into this sweaty monster and stink up our room.” Minho laughs at his own joke.

“Fuck you!” Bin gives him a shove, now sitting upright. The older boy wobbles off the bed and thumps on the floor.

Minho climbed back onto the bed, sticking his tongue out at Changbin. “Math literally sucked ass today, I think I’m going to drop out.”

“Of math, or of college?”


“Okay, but can I too? Seriously.”

“No, you need your education, egg boy.”

Changbin glares at his best friend. “If I can’t, you can’t. But why was math so horrible today?”

Minho flops to his back. “So you know the two boy wonders in my class? The ones that make me wish I had laser eyes to shoot them across the room with?”

“Yes.” Changbin had heard Minho rant about Jisung and Felix too many times to count.

“I swear to god, they know how much they annoy me, and they think it’s funny! Jisung would not shut up all class! And then Felix had the nerve to say to me after that the whole class always hears MY whining!”

Bin laughs at him, unable to help himself. “Ever think it’s because Jisung wants to suck your dick?”

“Excuse me? I am a child of god and would never do such a thing. Also, he’s younger than me, so…” Minho trails off, shaking his head at the very thought of that.

“Literally never stopped you before.” Changbin gave a shit-eating grin.

“Okay, fuck you, don’t bring up my deep, dark past. You’re missing the point! They make my already struggling math brain ten times worse.”

Bin sits up on his elbows. “I just think you just need to stop thinking about how hot you think he is and then you won’t notice when he makes so much noise.”

“I don’t even think he’s hot, bro.” Minho whines. “Besides, I’m complaining about Felix too, so...” Minho just leaves the sentence at that, unsure of how to finish it.

“Okay, but Felix is fucking adorable.”

“Yeah, sure, but you’re missing my point, you little gay.” Minho laughs, giving his friend a slight push again.

Changbin latches onto him, nuzzling into his neck now. “No, I’m not. Math is hard and there are two cute guys in your class that drive you crazy. You’re not special, it happens to us all.” Bin makes Minho lay flat and he curls up on his chest, the older boy running his fingers through his hair and feeling the heat come off his best friend.

“Moral of the story is I’m still confused as all hell in my class and crave death because of it.”

“I’ll help you best I can, honey, and I’m sure Channie will too if he knows how to do it.” Changbin doesn’t move an inch and just gets himself more comfortable.

“Before you fall asleep, let me grab my laptop so I can do homework.” Minho sits up and grabs his backpack as well as a few other pillows.

It’s hours later and Minho is in the middle of his history essay, Changbin snoring with his face buried awkwardly in Minho’s armpit. Their peace and quiet, however, is interrupted by Bang Chan shoving their door open and instantly falling to their floor.

“You okay, bud?” Min looks at him with his brows raised. Changbin lifts his head, eyes tired and hair messy from having slept for almost the whole day.

“No, probably not.” Chan sighs heavily, throwing his bag off and staring up at the two boys on the bed.

“What’s wrong?” Bin stretches up to the ceiling, pulling his mask off.

“I’m trying to recover from this hellish test I took about-” He checks his phone and finishes, “fourteen minutes ago.”

“I’m sure you did great.” Minho gets down from his best friend’s bed and tramps over to wrap his arms around Chan.

“And I’m starving, can we go get lunch?” The eldest ask, returning Minho’s hug gratefully.

“I’m always down for food, but fever boy needs to put clothes on.”

“Give me like five minutes to make myself less disgusting.” Binnie groans, slipping off his bed and lamenting loudly as he moves, his bones clicking with every step.

Chan stands up. “Are you sick again?”

“Seems like it,” Changbin moans as he grabs his tooth brush and face wash.

“You seriously need to go to the doctor, Bin, this can’t be good for you.” Chan runs his hand through the youngest’s hair, wiping his forehead.

“I’m fine, my body is just, like, having a rough time at the moment.” Changbin assures the worrying elder before leaving their room, wherein Chan and Minho lock eyes.

“Why won’t he just go to the doctor?” Chan asks.

“Beats me, I tell him to.” Min shrugs while digging through through his bag for his student ID.

“He doesn’t have any other symptoms?”

Minho triumphantly produces his ID. “All I know is he gets this fever for a few days every month, his bones start hurting and he’s tired. Maybe he has, like, mono, or something, aren’t those the signs? Or, like, lyme disease.”

Chan groans. “Yeah, maybe, I just wish he’d just go find out what’s actually wrong with him.” The older boy leans against Minho, arms around his waist and face nuzzled into his neck. One would expect this to mean something more than platonic to the two, but it really isn’t. They have never been more than friends, they’re just really touchy feely.

Bin comes back, now looking a bit more refreshed and wearing makeup that hid the dark circles underneath his eyes.

“Christ, stop trying to have sex right in front of me.” He scrunches his nose.

“You just wanna join.” Minho waggles his eyebrows and sends his friend a wink. He shoves his feet into his shoes and pulls on his muted green jacket again. Chan is already outside the room, waiting to leave.

It only takes Bin a few more minutes to get dressed completely then they’re off to go to lunch.

“I really can’t wait for break.” Chan mutters, walking ahead of the younger two. His blond hair is frizzy today and he’s in gray sweatpants and a red sweatshirt. Clearly having just rolled out of bed and gone to class without thinking much about how he looked.

“Me too,” Minho takes Changbin’s hand out of habit, the two just constantly holding hands and touching. Their fingers locking inside of Minho’s pocket.

“Oh my god, so, clearly you can see me looking like a whole nasty today-“ Chan flips around his, eyes lighting up as he remembers something.

“You really don’t, but continue.” Minho rolls his eyes.

“Shut up, but anyway, I look like this and guess who decided to run into me this morning? Fucking Woojin! I was just minding my own business trying to get my daily caffeine intake and that cute little shit bumped into me and had to smile that damn smile he has and kill me.” Chan huffs, his hands going up into his hair messing it up further, twirling his fingers and knotting the locks.

“Oh yeah? Did you have a Woojin-induced heart attack or something and die?” Minho teases him.

“Yes! First of all, I spilled my coffee all over my shirt, and second because he was all apologetic like ‘Oh I’ll buy you a new one, I’m so sorry’. And then we walked to class together and- Jesus fuck I’m gay.” Chan practically slides down the wall, his brown eyes closing as he whined like a child.

“You’re whipped and you barely know the guy.” Changbin laughs.

“Fuck you, he’s beautiful and I could cry about his beauty for hours.” Chan rolls his eyes and the three of them stroll out of the dorm building.

“Trust us, we know.” Minho mutters, earning a chuckle from Changbin.

They get to the dining hall and the very first thing Minho notices is - what ho - the one and only bothersome squirrel-like boy sitting in the middle of the hall laughing annoyingly loud.

He rolls his eyes instantly, the younger manages to get on his nerves just by being within his line of vision. And it’s not because he thinks he’s cute, no matter what Changbin says. That literally has nothing to do with it.

As if hearing his thoughts, the younger boy catches his eye and smiles, waving at Minho, cheeks stuffed with food. Min rolls his eyes, proceeding to ignore him further.

“Your boyfriend is calling you.” Bin teases, poking Minho in the side.

“He’s not my boyfriend.”