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Two Faced

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Wringing your hands together nervously, you debated on stepping out of your place in line and making a run for it. The sight of the large and rather terrifying mansion ahead of you made a deep shiver go down your spine and you briefly wondered why you decided to be brave this Halloween.

Every year for the past seven years, the owners of the beautiful home, Stephanie and her husband Hunter, decorated and opened their home every Halloween to give people the scare they were looking for. The home quickly rose up to popularity and was pretty much well known even cities over.

The line was long and you were waiting for a good half hour already, but your friends who's been inside before had told you that it was worth the wait. With the way you shivered and the weird feeling in the pit of your stomach, you were starting to question that.

You gulped as you got closer to the entrance, the anticipation and butterflies running amok in your tummy. Standing at the gate was the beautiful Stephanie, her greeting everyone as they walked inside. The attraction was free of charge, with a box at the exit taking donations to help with the next year’s spooky fun.

“You look scared already and you haven't even been inside yet,” Stephanie said to you as you stepped up, amusement in her face. “I say, that makes me proud.”

You laughed a bit, squeezing your hands again as you waited for her to gesture you inside. Once she did, you walked through the gate and up the walkway that led to the front door. The mansion was huge and foreboding, the windows bordered with uneven and beat up wood. The paint on the outside looked to be peeling off and with some of the windows that were open, you could see broken glass and flashing lights. A chill went down your spine.

“Here we go...” you muttered, approaching the front door. You took a deep breath before you pushed it open, the heavy door giving you a bit of a hard time.

“Welcome,” a soft voice spoke as soon as you walked into the dimly lit home. You looked around, frowning when you saw no one. There were candles lit up along the wall, clearly lighting up a walkway. The inside was just as dark and creepy as the outside and yet another chill went down your spine, yet this time it was stronger and goosebumps raised on your skin.

“Follow the candles,” a voice whispered in your ear and you whipped around, gasping when you saw no one around still. There was a feminine chuckle, it full of glee. “Wow! You scare so easy, this is great!”

“Where are you?! How are you doing this?” Was it a speaker?

“I'm just a greeter~ But please, move on. Follow the candles. There will some physical contact but nothing too much, I promise. Oh, we’re gonna have fun with you~”

You whimpered softly, already this place creeping you the fuck out. You figured they had some special sort of sound system to make it seem like the voice was coming from something close by, making it seem like a real ghost or spirit talking to you. You gulped, taking a huge deep breath before you walked along, following the candles into a long, dim hallway.

Your footsteps echoed down the hall, and you jumped at every scream and noise you heard. You swallowed thickly, coming upon the first room which was an office. You walked inside, talking in the large desk, the office chair turned with it’s back to you. Slowly it turned around and you blanched when the zombie sitting on the chair suddenly lunged across the desk at you.

You screamed and fell backwards and the zombie would have gotten to you, if it weren't for the collar around his neck and the chain attached to it. The chain was anchored to the far wall, the zombie just missing you by centimeters. Its fingers brushed against your cheek before it growled and screamed.

You quickly got back to your feet and sprinted out the office and back into the hall, back pressed against the wall as you breathed heavily. Your heart was thudding in your chest so hard you could hear it, your body tingling and almost numb.

“Holy shit,” you cursed, turning your head when you hears voices nearby. It must have been the next group of people making their way and you figured you should keep moving to the next room. You whined softly, already wanting to get out of there. “Okay... you can do this...” you will yourself before moving on.

Each room or area seemed to be scarier than the last. In the dining room, there was a man lying on the table, his screams of horror and pain echoing in the space as the four vampires around him sunk their fangs into his flesh. Soon, his limp body joined the pile of other limp bodies on the floor and you gulped. There was so much blood, you had to remind yourself that this was all staged with some very professional effects and acting. You started to see why this place was so popular.

“Look at this one, Uce. She looks delicious.”

“Yeah man. Hey sweetheart, come closer...”

Two twin vampires had their eyes on you, their long hair and tattooed arms covered in blood. They slowly approached you, their fangs glistening threateningly.

“We can hear your heart pounding.”

“C’mon, baby. It won't hurt too much.”

They got closer and you finally were able to move your legs as you turned and bolted out the dining room. You heard the twins howling with laughter behind you. You continued to run down the hall, following the candles on the wall and turning the next corner. But as soon as you did. You ran right into a dead end, and there were no candles so it was completely dark.

“Gotcha,” a voice chuckled from the shadows. Suddenly, a pair of stunning blue eyes were staring at you and you trembled. The eyes dropped low and you took a step back when a creature, with black, white and red skin that seemed to move and slither started to crouch and crawl towards you. His tendrils danced around his head and his teeth were like a shark’s, gleaming as he grinned at you. “Don’ be so scared, agra. I won’ hurtcha.”

He reached out for you, grabbing your ankle. You shrieked and tugged back, he holding on tight for a bit before he let you go. His chuckle rang in your ears as you ran back out to the main hall, quickly looking around before you found the right path. You power walked down the hall, coming to a dead stop when you saw a figure walking down the hall. You jolted when you heard more screams from the other guests, but the figure didn't react, only kept floating down towards you.

“This has to be a projection,” you muttered, the ghostly figure smiling as it got closer to you. It was a young man with short hair, and you could see right through him. Your chest tightened up as he came closer and then, he went right through your body. A deep chill went down your spine, goosebumps forming on your skin. You looked back, to find the spirit gone. “What the fuck...”

You shivered again and closed your eyes, taking a few deep breaths. You wanted to just run out of there, but you promised yourself that you would finish the entire way and dammit you were going to. So you did, walking into the last few rooms. There were a few more zombies that came running after you after you entered their room. Then, in the next room were two witches stirring some mixture in a large cauldron. You almost puked when they threw a few human hearts inside.

Then you approached the last room, joining the group of people that entered before you that has stalled a bit. They greeted you quickly before you all walked inside. The room was dark and there tied on a table was a man who was struggling against his bind. Another man with a black mask covering his face approached the table and you covered your mouth in shock when you saw him holding a huge axe.

“Someone please help me!” the man yelled in fear, his screaming getting louder and more frantic as the other man lifted up the axe. It came swinging down and you and the others screamed as the man was decapitated, his head bouncing on the floor while his blood gushed from his neck.

“Oh my God!” you shrieked, frozen in place while the other guests ran out. The man in the man then looked at you and that’s when you bolted, almost crashing into the wall as you did so.

Finally, it was over and you came running outside the mansion, now in the backyard. You double over, hands on your knees as you breathed heavily. After gaining yourself, you stood up and looked back at the mansion. and that was when you burst out into a fit of laughter.

“Oh God!” you cried, still laughing as you tried to will your heart to stop beating so fast.

“I'd say that’s a good reaction, right?” You looked up and saw Hunter standing by, talking with the other patrons as they exited his home. You approached him and shook his hand.

“That was incredible. Everything seemed so real. It's no wonder you are so popular,” you said gleefully. Hunter laughed, giving you an appreciative smile.

“My wife and I love Halloween and we always try to share our love with others in the best way,” he said before gesturing over. “If you're brave enough, you can always try our new haunted maze...” he smiled wickedly. “You have to go alone, so there is a fifteen minute wait between each participant. Wanna give it a go?”

By then your adrenaline was rushing so you nodded your head frantically. Hunter grinned and he gestured over towards the west side of the yard. “Follow the signs and line up. One of our volunteers will explain the rules. Good luck, kid.”

Nodding, you followed the signs over to the large garden maze. There was a short line of people waiting, a man with long black hair explaining the rules.

“Fifteen minutes between each person! You better be prepared to run because you will get chased. We got a viper in there that won't hesitate to strike.”

“Like a real snake?” a young child asked and the man just grinned wickedly.

“Maybe? Maybe not? You’ll just have to wait and see, kid.”

So you waited in line, it not being very long fortunately for you. Soon you were ahead in line and waiting for your chance to go in. You strummed your fingers against your leg, hearing the screams from inside the mansion and inside the maze itself. It got your heart pumping and with a grin and gesture from the dude in charge of the area, you finally walked inside the maze.

Immediately you became lost, the walls of the maze taller than you. You walked down the walkway, immediately being met with so many turns you had to make. Some left you running straight into a dead end, the others left you in the mercy of a monster.

“Awh, how cute,” the short blond woman with green skin sneered, the horns protruding from the top of her head. She held onto a large and heavy looking bludgeon. She hoisted it over her head, her eyes glinting with malice before she ran and swung it at you. Of course she gave you ample room to dodge and get out of the way.

After a few more missed swings, you managed to run passed her, continuing along in the maze. You met up with a few more other monsters, as well as Mike Myers and Jason Vorhees that chased you around. Soon, you emerged smack dabbed in the middle of the maze, the rounded area adorned with a simple white gazebo.

You walked over to the gazebo, stepping inside and looking around. It was pretty much empty, save for the man that crept up behind you. He hissed and you whipped around, eyes wide in shock.

“You scared me!” you exclaimed, pressing a hand on your chest.

“That’sss the plan, sssweetheart,” the man continued to hiss at you, approaching you slowly. His eyes were wide and whatever contacts he wore made them look like snake eyes. His tongue poked out repeatedly, just like a snake and you would hear a low hiss.You backed away from him, he slithering to you. “You sssmell good.”

His tongue poked out again and almost immediately, the hair on the back of your neck raised up. Quickly, you turned on your heel and made a run for it, immediately hearing footsteps behind. The man chasing you let out a terrifying mix between a growl and a hiss and all of a sudden, there was a sharp, piercing pain on the back of your right shoulder.

You screamed and fell on the ground, your shoulder now burning in pain. You turned on your back just as the man pinned you down. His snake eyes glared down at you, and you were horrified to see his mouth opened, revealing two very long snake fangs.

“Th-this has to be fake,” you whimpered, trembling because of the pain and the fear. The man chuckled darkly.

“None of this isss fake, sssweetheart. But don't be too concerned about it. You’ll be too busy being digesssted in my ssstomach to care.”

He opened his mouth wider, and wider until you heard the loud crack of his jaw unhinging. It was gorey and sickening, your stomach churning at the inhuman sight. You screamed out in terror, having gone completely numb and frozen to the spot. You were going to be eaten.

You closed your eyes tightly, whimpering as you awaited your untimely death. Then, there was a loud roar and the weight of your assailant was removed from your body. Your eyes snapped open and you sat up quickly to find your assailant being attacked by a large wolf. The wolf snapped its teeth at the snake man, the man holding his arms up to protect himself. Then the man started to fight back, his fangs protruding as he tried to bite the wolf to no avail.

The fight would have continued, if it weren't for the two men that came running into the area. One was the man that stood at the entrance to the maze, his long hair now pulled in a bun. The other man also had long dark hair and brown skin, his right arm covered in traditional tattoos.

“Hey! Orton, Ambrose! Cut it out!” the one with the man bun hollered, pulling Orton off of the wolf. The wolf immediately lunged for Orton, only for the second man to catch him with incredible speed and strength. He twisted his body and quite literally lunged the wolf away from Orton, the animal landing with a hard thud.

“Snap the fuck out of it! You know you can't fully control him yet!”

The wolf just growled and snapped its teeth, and you noticed his eyes glowing red. You whimpered softly, the pain in your shoulder still throbbing. You moved your hand to grasp your shoulder, and you flinched when the wolf’s attention snapped right onto you. The wolf growled lowly, slowly stalking towards you. You started to tremble, the red eyes just peering into your soul.

“Ah, fuck!” you heard a pain filled scream and you looked over to see dude with the man bun on the floor, hand over his neck. Orton quickly backed away from the man, hissing wildly before he literally slithered into the shrubbery wall of the maze

“Shit, he got away... Seth?! You okay?!” The guy with the tattoos kneeled by his friend, looking over him in concern.

“Roman, he bit me! It fucking burns!”

“Fuck, fuck!” the tattooed man cursed before he bellowed out. “ALEXA!”

“WHAAAAAAT?!” a female voice called out from a short distance away.

“Get Stephanie now! Orton bit Seth!”

There wasn't a response and all you could do was watch this Seth guy writhe in pain on the floor, holding onto his bleeding neck. You felt a breath in your face and you remembered the wolf. You turned your head to look at the beast, teeth no longer bared threateningly and its red eyes now a nice, beautiful clear blue that took your breath away. The wolf just sniffed at you, nudging its nose against your chest. It sat down, tilting its head at you.

Then, to your horror, the wolf started to shift right before your very eyes. It was hard to watch, seeing and hearing the bones crack and the muscles constrict until a very naked man sat before you, those same blue eyes staring into right into yours. He held your gaze for a moment, tilting his head again.

Your entire world went black as your eyes rolled to the back of your head, you falling to your side as you passed out.


“Oh...” the man with blue eyes blinked a few times, staring at your now limp body lying on the ground. He looked over to Seth and Roman, his eyes going wide when he saw Seth holding onto his neck. “He bit you too?!”

Roman just gaped at him. “What do you mean too?! Dean-”

“Orton was attacking her,” Dean spoke up quickly, gesturing to you. “He bit her shoulder.”

Roman just stared at him, words finally registering in his head before he cursed. “Shit, shit, shit.”

“What is going on here?!” Stephanie came storming into the area, her eyes going wide as she took in the scene in front of her. “Ambrose, we talked about you shifting-"

“Randy was attacking her!” Dean yelled, standing on his feet. “And you know that I've been working my ass off to control him!”

Stephanie shook her head and quickly held up her hand to silence Dean. “Alright, we don't have time for this. We need to get these two inside now.” She looked over at Roman, who already picked up the weakening Seth in his arms. “Good, here Dean.” With a snap of her fingers, Stephanie conjured a pair of sweats for the blue eyed man. “Bring her. Ugh, this is just what we needed...”

Dean just grunted, pulling on the sweats before going over to you. He stared down at you, his head tilting just bit before he scooped you up in his arms. Without a word, he quickly started to follow Stephanie and Roman through the maze, using an unseen side entrance to get inside the mansion.


When you finally came to, you found yourself lying on what seems like a hospital bed. The light in the room wasn't that bright, thankfully, and it didn't burn when you finally opened your eyes. Slowly you sat up, the blanket that was covering your body falling. You felt a chill and saw that you were naked from the waist up. Frowning, you reached over your right shoulder, feeling medical tape that held some gauze on your wounds.

“Where am I?” you whispered to yourself.

“The infirmary.”

You shrieked and looked to your left, seeing that Seth guy lying back on the bed besides yours. He had some gauze taped over his neck, an IV inserted into the top of his hand. He had his eyes closed, though he obviously wasn't sleeping. Still, you quickly covered your chest with the blanket, looking around and seeing that you indeed were in an infirmary. There were a few other empty beds, medical cabinets lined up against the wall and a large desk with a lone laptop resting on top.

“I... what happened?” you asked no one in particular, your mind just buzzing. “Is it still Halloween? I...” It suddenly all came running back to you, and you felt like you were punched right in the chest. You took in a shaky breath, looking at Seth in the bed beside you. “Y-you're not a snake too, are you?”

Seth snorted and shook his head. “Hell no. Orton's the only snake here, the bastard.”

“I...” You gulped, the events from earlier that night replaying in your head. You reached back again, gently feeling the medical tape on your skin. “Did he poison me?”

“Fortunately, no he didn't, but Stephanie still gave you some anti-venom to be safe,” Seth answered, gently fingering the gauze on his neck. “Me, not so lucky, but I'm built a bit stronger than you humans so, I'll be fine.”

“What the hell do you mean?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion. “You're not human?”

Just as you asked the question, the door opened and in walked Stephanie, and she did not look happy.

“What a fucking mess,” she cursed and Seth tsked and shook his head.

“Can't find Orton?”

“No! Ugh, this is incredible,” Stephanie groaned and rubbed her temples. “But you, you feeling okay?”

Seth shrugged. “Eh, yeah. But I assume I'll be here for the rest of the night?”

“Exactly, so get comfortable, Rollins.” Then, Stephanie turned to face you and her gaze softens. “How are you feeling?”

“Uh...” you blinked a few times. “Okay? My shoulder hurts though...”

Stephanie nodded. “That's to be expected, but your bite wound has been cleaned out and patched. He didn't use his venom on you but I still gave you some anti-venom to be safe.”

You nodded, still so confused about the entire situation, but still thankful that Stephanie seemed to be looking out for you. “Thank you...”

Stephanie nodded her head, just as the door slammed open. You startled at the noise, eyes going wide when the same man before with the blue eyes stumbled inside. He only wore a pair of sweats, his shaggy hair covering his eyes.

“Where is she?”

“Ambrose, I told you to retire for the rest of the night,” Stephanie started, putting her hands on his shoulder to steady him. “You need to rest.”

“Not until I see her!” Ambrose exclaimed before his eyes found you. His nostrils flared out and he bounded towards you until he stood at your bedside. You clutched the sheets tighter to your chest and you could feel your heart thudding in your chest. “You okay?” his voice was soft yet still a bit gruff, his eyes slowly taking in your form under the sheets.

“I...” you gulped and nodded. “Yeah... I'm okay. Thank you, for saving me, uh...”

“Dean,” he answered and you smiled softly.

“Thank you for saving me, Dean.”

Dean's nostrils flared again and you saw his blue eyes flash red for a split second. He turned to Stephanie, who watched the whole scene with a quirked eyebrow. “Is she free to go?”

Seth snorted from his spot on the bed. “You know the answer to that, bro. She's not going anywhere.”

Your head whipped around to look at Seth, panic starting to form in your chest. “What does that mean?”

“It means exactly that,” Stephanie started, crossing her arms over her chest. Her voice turned almost deadly serious, the tone making you shiver. “You are not to leave this house until we say so. You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into.”

You whimpered softly and shrunk away, feeling like your heart was going to burst out of your chest. Dean turned to Stephanie and growled at her, his lips curled up in a snarl. Stephanie just raised her eyebrow at him.

“Stop scaring her like that,” he growled. “If she can't leave the house, at least let her stay with me.”

Stephanie crossed her arms over her chest. “Ambrose, I don't think-”

“She stays with me!” Dean punched his fist right through the wall, his voice guttural and inhuman as he brought his face right up to Stephanie's, red eyes boring into hers. Though Stephanie doesn't move an inch, completely unphased, she hummed softly.

“Alright, Ambrose. But you best be sure to keep him under control,” Stephanie warned, smirking when Dean's eyes went back to their original color. “You might as well explain everything... she's seen too much already and I'm sure she has a lot of questions.”

“Wait...” Seth spoke up, looking at you a bit warily. “Steph, are you sure you want to tell her... everything?”

Stephanie smiled, looking at you and her eyes actually flashed white for a quick second. “We can trust her. Besides, I will figure out a way to fix all of this.”

“Then that's it,” Dean stated before he just hoisted you out of the bed, holding you bridal style in his arms. You scrambled to cover your chest as the blanket fell from your body. “I'll give you one of my shirts.”

“Wait, wait, wait!” you finally found your voice, looking at the three supposedly non-humans before you. “You cannot keep me here! I don't- I promise I won't tell anyone what I saw tonight!” you looked at Stephanie with pleading eyes, trembling in Dean's arms. Who would believe you anyway? Werewolves and weird snake-human hybrids don’t exist!

“Hey,” Dean whispered and you looked at him, tears in your eyes. “You have no choice, but you won't be here for long, I promise you that,” he gritted out the last few words in Stephanie's direction. “You don't belong here. It's not a place for you.”

Stephanie sighed deeply. “Look- what is your name?” She asked, nodding when you whispered it to her. “The most you will spend here is a day or two. Dean will explain it all to you, but people's lives are at stake here, do you understand?”

You screwed your eyes shut, cursing under your breath before nodding your head. What could you possibly do? You were in the arms of some shapeshifting person and you did get bit by a damn snakeperson. Was every other creature you encountered real?

You shivered again, a few tears falling from your eyes and you heard Stephanie sigh. “Just take her, Dean. She needs some rest.”

Dean nodded his head and, while keep you tight in his arms, he carried you out of the infirmary into a dimly lit hallway. There was a scream from a distance away, making you jolt. Dean chuckled softly. “It's fine, the haunted house is still open.”

“The haunted house,” you repeated, staring at his bare chest with your arms still covering yours. “Are you a shapeshifter?”

Dean shook his head though you didn't see. “Close. I'm a werewolf.”

You choked and gasped out. “What the fuck... and Seth?”


“Is Stephanie one too?”

Dean snorted. “Nah. She's a witch. Hunter is a warlock.”

You gaped, looking up at Dean in shock. “N-No way I... those vampire twins?”

“Jimmy and Jey? They're real.”

“Oh my God...” you whispered, completely in shock. This wasn't happening, it just couldn't be true. But it was. After what you saw, after being attacked and bitten, you knew it was true, and that scared the shit out of you.

“No one will hurt you here,” Dean said, as if he could sense your fear. “Not while I'm around.” His grip on you got a bit tighter and you bit your lip, still extremely wary.

Soon, Dean carried you inside a surprisingly standard bedroom. It was clean besides the usual and normal pile of clothes in the corner and unmade bed, which he sat you on. You kept your arms over your chest, watching him dig into his dresser. He tossed you a shirt, which you caught and waited for him to turn around before quickly pulling it on.

“Thank you so much,” you said softly, tugging on the soft T-Shirt Dean let you wear. “I just... don’t understand why that guy would attack me like that.”

“Orton has always been a real asshole,” Dean answered, moving to sit next to you on his bed. “He picked fights with all of us for the hell of it, but this is the first time he's attacked a human...”

You shuddered, the bite on the back of your shoulder just throbbing. “He said I smelled good.”

“You smell amazing,” Dean immediately replied, growling lowly. You shivered and Dean cracked a toothy smile. “Relax, dollface. I won't eat ya.”

“That's reassuring,” you said dryly and Dean snickered. You glared at him before rolling your eyes. You yawned, covering your mouth and you realized just how exhausted you were.

“You should sleep,” Dean said lowly before he laid down, moving over and giving you plenty of room for you to slide in. You gave him a look and he returned it. “What? You're cute but not cute enough to give up my bed for.”

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “No one asked you to give up your bed,” you grumbled, still keeping yourself seated. This guy did save your life, after all. You couldn't understand why he was so adamant to have you by his side earlier, but he didn't do anything to make you fear him. Even he himself being a werewolf didn't scare you. Shock you, yes? Frighten? No.

Sighing softly, you slowly slid under the covers next to Dean, immediately feeling the warmth seep into your body. You sighed deeply, already closing your eyes. Dean turned out the lights, settling in beside you. He gave you enough room to breathe and soon enough, you were drifting off.


Waking up the next morning, your face screwed up a bit as you tried to move, but were unable to due to some weight on your body. Opening your eyes, you groaned as the light shining in the window burned into your vision and it took you a minute to adjust to it.

You were on your back, staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling. Then, you remembered what happened the night before and you looked around before looking down. The weight on you was actually Dean, his body halfway on top of yours with his arm and leg wrapped around you. Your heart started to pound and you fidgeted underneath him, trying to get him the fuck off you.

“Dean!” you hissed his name, slapping the back of his head a few times. “Dude, get off!”

Dean just groaned, actually hugging you tighter. He slowly lifted his head up, blue eyes full of sleep blinking at you blearily. He quickly noticed the position and he grinned a wide, wolfish grin. “Man, you're soft. Awesome to cuddle with,” he said, his voice husky and full of sleep.

You glared at him. “I'm sure, but you are heavy and- hey!” Dean's face pressed right against your neck and he inhaled deeply. You could feel a growl reverberate in his chest and he groaned deeply.

“God, you smell so fucking good,” he sighed deeply against your neck before he actually started to kiss on the soft skin. You jolted and gasped, not expecting him to start kissing you there but he did.

“D-Dean,” you started, only to gasp when he bit you. “Dean! Fuck!”

Dean started to chuckle softly, lifting himself up off of you completely but still hovering over you. That just left you breathless and you were panting, face hot and heart hammering. “Someone likes to get bitten... lucky me because I like to bite.”

He came down again, his obvious intent to bite you again but you quickly covered his mouth, pushing him away with all your strength. “No,” you said firmly to him.

His eyes flashed red and he growled at you viciously. “Woman,” he growled, the inhuman voice from the night before back again. Though Dean’s eyes just went wide soon after, going back to blue and he sat up fully, moving himself to the other end of the bed quickly. “No, wait... I'm sorry. I try to keep him away most of the time, but sometimes he slips out...”

Rubbing on your neck, you slowly sit up, eyeing him carefully. “Who's him?”

Dean bit his lip and sighed. “The beast. The wolf...”

He left it at that, not wanting to go on more. It seemed to plague him, so you guessed you understood. “It's... it's fine, Dean. I'm not upset. Maybe a bit alarmed but not upset...” And a bit turned on from his mouth being on your neck a few minutes ago. “I'd just like to be in the know when someone is about to start kissing on me, that's all.”

Dean blinked a few times before a large grin grew on his face. “So I just gotta tell you? That means I can-”

“No,” you answered simply and Dean just grumbled.


Soon after that, you and Dean got out of bed, the man stretching his body with a loud groan and a few cracks of his joints. “Hey, lemme look at your bite,” he told you, already pulling at his shirt he lent you. You glared at him and slapped his hand away.

“So you're just gonna strip me?” you huffed at him.

“If you insist.”

He grinned widely and you huffed at him before turning your back to him. You lifted the shirt up and over your head, keeping it pressed against your chest. Dean moved closer to you, gently peeling off the medical tape and gauze.

“It looks pretty good, actually,” he muttered softly. “Steph is a good healer. This will heal in no time...”

He gently ran the tips of his fingers along your spine and you shivered, arching your back in. Just what was he doing to you, and why were you reacting so much? Feeling his breath on the back of your neck, you shivered deeply, biting your lip as he spoke softly.

“Why don't you use my shower?” he suggested, his breath still fanning across the back of your neck. You felt something soft press against it and you knew it was his lips. You shivered again, goosebumps raising on your skin. You nodded quietly. “Then I'll dress your bite again.”

You nodded again and Dean lead you over to his attached bathroom. After closing the door behind you, you took a deep breath, holding it in for a bit before exhaling. The morning was already pretty interesting, and it just started. You could still feel the softness of Dean's lips against your skin and you shivered. You just couldn't understand him, then again, you had just met him. After he saved you from a deranged snake man.

After you showered, you walked out the bathroom with the only towel you found in the bathroom wrapped around you. Dean looked over at you and froze, his nostrils flaring as he took a deep breath. He visibly shivered and he quickly he grabbed the first aid kit that now rested on the bed. “C'mon...”

You sat on the bed, holding the towel tightly as Dean went right to spreading some antiseptic on the bite wound. He was quick to bandage it up, making sure the medical tape was secure before he closed the kit.

“Someone was a boy scout,” you teased lightly and Dean chuckled.

“Someone got into a lot of fights and had to learn how to patch himself up.” Dean got up, looking in his drawer before handing you a pair of sweats and a shirt. “You can borrow these,” he said. You looked down at the clothes, fingering the fabric softly before looking back up at the werewolf.

“What is this place?”

Dean looked down at you for a moment, his mind whirling. It unnerved you a bit, his eyes just trained on you. Then, he let out a breath. “Well, to put it simply, this is a home for supernatural beings of all kinds.”

Your eyebrows shot up in surprise, thinking back to all the creatures you encountered the night before. “So... you all live here?”

Nodding his head, Dean sat down next to you again. “Basically. We all ain't got places to live, so this is home. Steph and Hunter opened it about seven years ago.”

You nodded. “I remember them moving in but... I didn't think it was like this... wow. I mean, considering she's a witch and he's a warlock, they'd wanna help their own, right?” It was incredible now that you thought about it. “And here I was, just thinking Stephanie was just this big time lawyer and Hunter a brain surgeon. Wow... It's amazing.”

“Ain't it? I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for them,” Dean admitted and you frowned a bit. That was a scary thought. Dean saw the expression on your face and shrugged his shoulders. “It was three years ago, after I was turned. I could have died but they helped me and now I'm here.”

“What do you mean by turned? You mean, into a werewolf?” You asked before gasping sharply in realization. “You used to be human?”

There was a silence and Dean's expression soured considerably. You looked at him concerned, frowning deeply. “Dean?”

“Just get dressed. I'm hungry.”

His voice was cold and you shivered. “I-I'm sorry... I didn't mean to pry...”

Dean inhaled deeply, eyes turning just a bit red before he stood up and stalked to the bathroom. “Just get dressed, okay? I'll take you downstairs for breakfast. You'll meet the others too.” And he closed the bathroom door behind him, ending the conversation then and there.


The dining room was bustling with people by the time you and Dean arrived a while later, and you stuck yourself right at his back, not entirely sure how you felt about being in a room full of supernatural beings.

“Hey, it's fine,” Dean whispered reassuringly. “No one here is gonna hurt you.”

“Are you sure?” you deadpanned. “Cause someone tried to eat me yesterday.”

Dean grimaced. “Okay, I see your point, but trust me here, okay?” You just mumbled a bit, stepping closer to him and he sighed deeply, wrapping his arm around your waist. “C'mon.”

Dean led you inside and what made you freeze wasn't the supernatural beings sitting around the large table eating, it was the fact that they all looked 100% human. You looked at Dean confused before pointing at the closest one to you, her being very familiar. “I thought she had green skin and horns?” Now she looked very human.

“Oh, that's because of Stephanie,” Dean explained. “See the amulet she's wearing? Steph gave one to everyone who doesn't pass for a human. Her magic inside it allows them to look like humans so they can go out and pretty much blend in.”

You took a good look at the simple gold amulet the woman wore, it's sapphire center almost glowing with what you assume was magic. Dean took your elbow and led you to the giant buffet table and you noticed quite a number of these people wore the same kind of amulet around their necks. If you didn't know better, you would have simply thought they were all just a bunch of friends enjoying breakfast together.

“This is incredible...” you said in awe, almost dropping the plate Dean placed in your hands. You blushed and held it close to your chest, glaring at Dean while he laughed. “Oh hush. You can't blame me.”

“I can't, but it's still funny,” he snickered and you just puffed at him.

After gathering some breakfast food on your plates, Dean led you through the tables until he sat down at an empty one farther away from everyone else. You frowned a bit, sitting across from him. “Why don't you sit with anyone else?”

Dean just shrugged his shoulders before digging into his food. Though before you could start eating yourself, there were chairs scraping on the floor and Dean sighing deeply as Seth and two other people sat at the table with you guys. One was the tattooed man with brown skin that you saw in the maze, the other was a rich, brown skinned woman with fiery orange hair.

“Don’t start with that shit,” Seth said with a roll of his eyes. He then looked at you and grinned widely. “I see you made it through the night, kid.”

You blinked. “Oh uh, yeah. Are you feeling better?”

Seth nodded his head, digging into his strips of bacon. “Oh yeah, I'm fine. Like I said, we're way more sturdy than most.”

“You mean werewolves?”

“That's right, dollface.”

You glanced at Dean, who busied himself with his food before looking back at Seth. “So, were you turned into one?”

Seth laughed and shook his head. “Oh no. We,” he gestured to the other two who sat down with him. “Were born werewolves. Oh damn, we didn't even introduce them to you. This is Roman and she's Ember. They're pretty much my brother and sister.” Roman nodded at you and Ember smiled pleasantly.

“We're basically a pack,” Ember told you and Seth nodded.

“Yeah,” Seth affirmed, slinging his arm over Dean's shoulders, and Dean sighed again. “Deano's the newest member, joined when he came here three years ago.”

Dean rolled his eyes and huff. “Really? I don't remember wanting to be part of it.”

Seth scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Yeah, but what are you gonna do? Be like Baron?”

“Who's that?” you asked.

“Another werewolf who lives here,” Roman was the one who answered. “But he's more of a lone wolf. He doesn't associate with us.”

“Ohhh,” you nodded your head, hearing Dean scoff. You looked at him, a bit concerned with how he was acting. By looking at it, Seth, Roman and Ember wanted to include Dean in their little pack, but Dean didn't seem all too enthused about it. You wondered why.

“I'm sorry about what happened to you last night,” Ember said after you all finished eating. “I can only imagine how scary it was for you.”

“Yeah, it was pretty scary, but Dean saved me,” you looked over at Dean and smiled at him gratefully. His lips twitched. “I'll always be thankful.”

Ember smiled, her head tilting a bit. “I can understand... you smell really good.”

“Watch it, Ember,” Dean immediately growled as soon as the words left her mouth. As suspected, his eyes flickered red and his teeth were bare. The three other werewolves looked at him in surprised, Ember holding her hands up in defeat.

“I was just saying, man. I'm not going to take your woman.”

You blinked. “I'm sorry, what?”

“It's nothing,” Dean answered shortly. “Are you done?”


“Then let's go,” Dean said before standing up, walking right out of the dining area. You looked at the other weres in concern, furrowing your eyebrows when they just waved you off nonchalantly.

“Listen, he's fine,” Seth said, shaking his head. “Trust us, we've known him this long. He pretends like he doesn't care but he actually does. We can see right through him.”

“...what happened to him?”

“Hey! C'mon!” Dean called from across the dining area and Seth laughed, though you could see the worry in his eyes as he looked over at the other werewolf.

“A lot. Be gentle with him.”

You frowned and made your way back over to Dean. Once you stepped outside the dining area, you turned and stopped in front of him, making him almost bump into you. “Are you okay?”

“I'm fine.”

You put your hands on your hips and gave him a look. “Really? You couldn't get outta there fast enough.”

“I said I'm fine,” Dean growled angrily, eyes flashing red fully. “And besides, it’s none of your fucking business. You're gonna be gone anyways, so stop asking so many fucking questions.” The harshness of his words stunned you and you bit your lip, staring him in his scary red eyes.


“Let's go,” Dean said gruffly, walking around you and continuing down the hall. “I'm sure Steph and Hunter would want to talk to you now.”

You watched him walk for a quick second, your shoulders slumping and eyes moving to stare at the floor as you followed him. Obviously something had bothered him so much, which is why he was acting the way he did, but you couldn't understand why. Seth said that he was going to be okay, but when you looked up and saw how tense Dean's shoulders were, you couldn't help but think otherwise.


Stephanie looked up from her her desk and smiled at you warmly as you and Dean walked inside after knocking. She stood up and walked around her desk, looking you up and down. She had an amused smile on her face but it quickly went away. “How do you feel?”

“I feel great, actually. The bite mark hurts a bit but other than that, I'm fine,” you answered honestly, looking over when none other than Hunter walked inside. He had a gold amulet hanging around his neck and you wondered briefly how he really looked.

“I'm sorry that this had to happen to you,” Hunter jumped right in, a look of sympathy on his face. “Orton attacking you like he did, it's inexcusable. You have our apologies.”

“Oh...” you blinked a few times, not really knowing what to say. “Thank you, but it wasn't anyone's fault. Still, if it weren't for Dean, I would be dead by now, so that makes up for it if it makes you feel better...” you trailed off, looking over at the werewolf who had his arms crossed over his chest. He still looked a bit tense, and that worried you.

Hunter nodded his head and sighed deeply. “What a mess, our world has also been exposed to you and-”

“Oh! Oh no!” you quickly jumped in. “I promise, I won't tell anyone about this. Dean explained to me what you do here and what kind of person I would be to ruin it?”

“That's very noble of you,” Stephanie started, crossing her arms over her chest. “But we cannot take any chances. Like I said yesterday, people's lives are at stake.”

“So what are you saying?” Dean asked, his eyes narrowed at the witch. “You cannot keep her from her own life.”

“And I do not plan to,” Stephanie shot back immediately. She then snapped her fingers, eyes glowing white as she conjured up a gold choker. It had the same design as the golden amulets the supernatural creatures wore and the same sapphire jewel in the center. It was beautiful. “This will prevent you from speaking anything about us and what happened to you last night. It will lose its power in a years time, and then you will also be able to take it off.”

Your mouth dropped, you looking at Stephanie incredulously. “You're kidding? I'm not wearing that! Why can't you trust me?!”

“I need to keep everyone here safe! That's my one priority, so either you put it on, or you will be trapped here. I do have the ability to make sure you don't step foot out of this house. So what is your choice?” Stephanie's gaze sent chills down your spine and looking at the choker, you knew you had no choice.

“What happens if I speak about it?” you asked, eyeing the choker warily. It couldn't be anything too bad, right?

“Your voice will be taken from you. Permanently.”

You clasped your hand over your neck, feeling your eyes burn with tears. Why did this have to happen to you? Now you had to wear the cursed choker for an entire year. Sighing deeply, you fought back your tears and nodded.

“Good choice,” Stephanie said softly. “I'm sorry it had to be this way.” With a wave of her hand, the choker started to float towards you, until it wrapped itself around your neck. You gasped when you felt a strange surge of what you assumed was magic coursing through your entire body. It made goosebumps form on your skin and you shuddered. The choker barely felt like it was there, but when you gently touched it with your fingers, you could feel it.

“Wh-when can I leave?” you asked softly. Dean stood by, the question causing him to scowl and his eyes to flash.

“Well, you can leave now to be honest,” Hunter answered you, just as the doors to the office were slammed opened. You looked over, your eyes going wide with fear and your heart dropping when he stormed inside. The snakeman that almost took your life; Randy.