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All the Stars

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Kakashi doesn’t see it coming.

A hand grasps his shirt, pulling him into an alleyway and slamming him into the brick wall. His back groans in pain and he hears the slight crack underneath him as the wall chips.

“Why are you following my sister around?” The hand in his shirt loosens and Kakashi pulls himself together, leaning against the wall with an air of nonchalance that hides his racing mind.

He hadn’t sensed her. There was nothing, no smell, no shift in the air around him. He takes his time answering, dragging his eyes over the girl’s form.

Tall and thin, with hair, a pale pink- too bright for a shinobi- that is pulled into a sloppy ponytail. One pale shoulder is exposed from the loose shirt she wears. The slight breeze ruffles her hair carrying her scent over to him, a hint of peaches and sweat. He wonders how she had hidden it earlier. She doesn’t look like a threat.

“ANBU?” he questions. There’s no way a chuinin can hide their chakra signature like that. The strength is off too for her height and weight. Though, he muses, he’s seen ninja do far more with a lot less.

“My sister. What do you want with her?” her eyes narrow, the green darkening in the low light. He doesn’t need his sense of smell to know she’s upset. He bites back the smile that’s cropping up at her anger. She looks more like an angry kitten than a deadly shinobi.

“Maa, kunoichi-san. She’s my student, there’s no need for the anger.”

“There’s no need for the stalking either,” she snaps back. Kakashi shrugs, reaching into his jacket to pull out his book. He may as well get to the next chapter while he’s getting scolded.

“Are you serious?”


The book is gone from his hands, flying towards Momo-chan. He should ask for her name, but the idea of putting effort into what is obviously an assault leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

“You can have this back when you apologize for stalking an 11-year-old. And for trying to break into my apartment,” she waves the book threateningly, shoulders tensing again. He blinks at her in surprise but makes no movement to take the book from her.

She narrows her eyes again, fingers tapping the cover of the book. Her nails, he notices, are painted a light lavender. She turns and with a sharp crack, she disappears.

Kakashi leans against the wall, letting out a deep groan.