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The Fetters of Fenrir

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Wow. Here we finally are. I don’t want to bore you with a long-winded discussion of themes and influences and crap like that, because I’m pretty sure that by now you just want to get to the fic.

There are a few important things I’d like to say before we begin, though.

1) A point of clarification. This fic is essentially an AU of my berserker!verse, which is itself AU. As illustrated in the diagram below (included because I’m neurotic and also because I seem to have trouble explaining this), both the wincest!berserker!verse (ie: Fetters of Fenrir) and the gen!berserker!verse (TBA) share most of the written beserker!verse fics as a common history. The two diverge during Devil’s Trap, which means that any berserker!verse fics I have written (or will write) that are set after/ during that episode are restricted to one branch or the other.

If you haven’t read Heart of a Wolf, Strength of a Bear, and Interlude: Veritas, then I strongly recommend you do so before reading Fetters. You’ll be able to follow along much better and it will be a more enjoyable read for you.

If you’re determined to read Fetters without reading the above fics, I have written up a brief summary of the pertinent information. You’ll find it on the next page.

2) This is a dark!fic. Those of you who read me regularly won’t be surprised by that, but I wanted to add an extra warning here about the sex. Prostitution is always an iffy subject, and Fetters involves forced prostitution, which in my book is really nothing more than rape where money exchanges hands. There isn’t any graphic non con, but the prostitution is definitely one of the main elements of the fic.

There is also one graphic sex scene that beta goddess has advised me to warn y'all about. It's dubious consent and all around disturbing. We’re talking really messed up stuff here, folks.

So fair warning.

Okay, if anyone is still fumbling around in the dark with me, then come closer. I have a story to tell …