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Soul on your skin

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In this world, there are tattoos on most if not all people. These tattoos are black and show the purest manifestation of one’s soul, their essence. When they touch their soulmate for the first time, they become pure white. People call this the purification as they see it as a purification of one’s soul.
Adora had gone sixteen years without even a glimpse of her soulmate. She stepped into Brightmoon academy as a girl on a mission to find her soulmate and to hopefully date them. Adora hoped it was a girl, being platonic soulmates sounds less fun than being able to have someone to share a house with, a bed with. That was the dream. For now, she tried to focus her energy on Brightmoon and her studies. Brightmoon was an enormous building that towered over Adora adorned with a gemstone above the doorway and what she could only assume was the school’s motto “Pour l'honneur de grayskull”. She didn’t speak that language, so she just ignored it and continued to walk into the cream school building. Adora didn’t know her way around, therefore she decided to go to the closest person and ask them. The closest person was a black-haired boy with black eyes and ring glasses that seemed to fit perfectly on his face, he was talking to a brown-haired and red eyed girl and smiling lovingly. She assumed they were soulmates; however, she couldn’t see a white tattoo, it would have stood out in all the black he was wearing. She tapped his shoulder to try to gain his attention.
“Hi!” Adora smiled at the couple
“Hey there. You new?” The boy replied a welcoming smile on his face
“Uh yeah,” She smiled awkwardly, “How’d you guess?”
“Well for one, you’ve been stood outside of the school doors trying to decipher the school’s motto for a solid ten minutes. Only newbies do that.” He laughed
“Ah, you got me, so are you two soulmates?” Adora asked instinctively grabbing her tattoo
“No, we don’t have soulmates sadly, we’re in a very let’s say interesting relationship.” The boy smirked, “Name’s Akira, Akira Kurusu.”
“Adora Lighthope, the pleasure is all mine.” Adora replied
“Anyway, principal’s office is that way,” He pointed down the hall to the very clearly labelled office, “She’ll point you in the right direction. Good luck, I’ll see you around Adora.”
Adora left Akira and his friend to their business and walked down the hall which led her to an office with a label, “Angella Brightmoon, Principal”. She knocked on the door opened it to find a beautiful woman with flowing purple hair and a white oval shaped gem tattoo on her arm.
“Like the gem outside.” She thought to herself
“Who might you be?” Principal Brightmoon asked
“Adora Lighthope. I am a transfer student.” Adora replied
“Ah of course. Come on in.” She motioned to a seat in front of her desk.
Adora sat down in the seat and waited for Principal Brightmoon to find her timetable. The principal lit up as she found it.
“Here you go darling. I hope you enjoy your time at Brightmoon Academy.” Principal Brightmoon smiled
Adora looked at the timetable. Ah, science first she could learn to live with these new arrangements. Adora’s parents had decided to live in this kingdom after they had been forced to escape discrimination in their past Kingdom due to her parent’s status as tattooless people. Adora had been lucky. She was born with a tattoo. One in three are unlucky, like that Akira kid or his friend. The gods just didn’t choose a perfect person for them. That meant that those people could be the soulmate to those with a tattoo or maybe they could meet someone by chance, or multiple people. People don’t often discriminate based on the lack of a tattoo in the modern day it is seen as a more natural occurrence, but the Horde was different there was a reason people called it the Evil Horde. The Horde was, at one-point, Adora’s home though and she would miss it. Adora rolled up her sleeve to look at her tattoo, it was still there. The Sword of Hope (as her parents had called it) a sword with a twisted hilt and a gem in the middle that looked like it lit up like fairy lights. This sword symbolised hope for a better future for her one with someone who would understand her, love her and support her unconditionally.
She walked to the room indicated to her on the timetable that she had been given. Adora looked at the room. It had a mahogany door with a window and through the window she could see a tall older man teaching about a chemical formula that Adora didn’t recognise whilst his arm, detached from his upper body, pointed at the various parts of the formula as he taught it in more detail. Adora knocked at the door and opened the door.
“Who might you be?” Asked the teacher.
“I’m Adora and I am one of your students for your class, I was talking to the principal so I’m sorry that I’m late it won’t happen again.” Adora explained
“Right, I am Professor Shirogane, just call me Shiro. We’re learning about photosynthesis so learn what you can during this time, and I will give you the notes from this lesson afterwards.” Shiro smiled and pointed Adora to a seat between a boy who had brown hair and brown skin wearing a hoodie and a pair of shorts and a girl who looked weirdly similar to the Principal.
“Hi!” She said as she sat down
“Hi, I’m Bow,” Bow smiled a wide smile as Adora sat down. Adora noticed Bow’s tattoo of a bow and arrow on his arm it was black just like Adora’s, “and this is Glimmer.”
“Glimmer Brightmoon,” The shorter girl held out her hand to shake Adora’s hand her sleeve moved up and Adora noticed that she was tattooless, “It’s a pleasure to meet you. Now let’s focus on the lesson.”
“Hey, Glimmer!” Adora called to Glimmer after the lesson.
“Hey Adora.” Glimmer replied smirking
“You don’t have a tattoo, right?” Adora looked sympathetically at Glimmer, “I’m sorry but it must be hard to be the daughter of the principal and have no tattoo, I hope you find someone that you can call your own.”
“I’m sorry Adora but did it come across as though I am not confident in myself because I don’t have a dumb tattoo? You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I guess that’s what they taught you in the horde. Don’t speak to me or Bow in science, we don’t accept people who judge people based on appearance here.” Glimmer stormed away not even giving Adora the chance to defend herself.