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Bakugou shifted uncomfortably in his chair, trying to pay attention to the drone of his middle school teacher’s voice. When he woke up that morning, his body had felt like it was burning, and that sensation had only increased throughout the day. His crotch felt uncomfortable somehow, and every shift in his chair made him throb. He didn’t know what was wrong, but hell if he was going to let any of the loser classmates or his lame teacher know he was feeling ill.

After class he bolted out of the room, drawing attention from Midoriya.

“Kacchan!” Midoriya called after him.

Bakugou ignored him, striding down the hallways of the middle school as quickly as he could without getting yelled at for running. Midoriya ducked around the crush of people and managed to grab hold of Bakugou’s wrist at the entrance of the school.

Bakugou let off a warning explosion and pushed Midoriya away. “What are you doing, fucking idiot? Don’t touch me.”

“Kacchan, you looked sick in class. Are you okay?” Midoriya asked, only wincing a little bit from the pops of explosions coming from Bakugou’s palms.

“I’m fine, leave me alone!” Bakugou shouted, turning towards the exit again.

Midoriya followed him persistently. “No you’re not. I can tell, your face is sweatier and normal and your cheeks are flushed. You only look like this when you’re sick.”

“Fucking disgusting, why do you know what much about me?” Bakugou yelled, shoving Midoriya into the wall. “Before you worry about someone else, why don’t you worry about yourself, you Quirkless loser?”

Midoriya looked slightly winded as he pushed himself away from the wall. He coughed a bit, the delay allowing Bakugou finally leave the school area.

Midoriya jogged to catch up. “Will you at least let Auntie know that you’re ill? And don’t come to school tomorrow.”

“Stop fucking telling me what to do!” Bakugou said, his anger finally getting the better of him. He pushed Midoriya with both of his palms, letting off a small explosion to blast the smaller boy into a tree.

Midoriya finally gave up, rubbing the area where the blasts had gone off. “Stay home from school tomorrow, Kacchan!” he yelled as Bakugou strode home.


When he finally reached his room, Bakugou stripped off his school tie and dumped his backpack on the ground. It was hotter now and he was sweating profusely. He pulled off his blazer and shift and turned on the fan in his room. He was still uncomfortably warm, so he removed his pants and underwear as well and then collapsed onto his bed naked.

Why was he so fucking hot? It was the middle of winter too, so the weather couldn’t even be to blame. And there was this pressure in his crotch that had been bugging him all day…

He ground his hand over his crotch, trying to relieve the pressure. He jumped when he felt that his penis was hard against his hand. He looked down disbelievingly. This had never happened before. But the teachers had talked about it… was he going through puberty?

Tentatively, he grasped his penis with his hand and stroked it. He gasped, pleasure rushing through his body from the feeling. He continue to stroke it, unconsciously thrusting into his palm as he did so. No wonder the other boys in his class always talked about sex. If this is what it felt like…

He felt warmth spreading through his body as he clumsily fumbled with his penis. Gingerly, he used his other hand to pull down his foreskin and touched the pink head of his cock. An involuntary moan came out, and he bit his lip as not to be too loud. Though his parents weren’t home, he didn’t want anyone outside coming in to investigate the noise. He rubbed the head of his cock with two fingers, getting them wet with the pre-cum coming out from the slit.

There was still a pressure in his groin, this time coming from his ass. He rubbed a finger over his asshole and found it covered in sweat. It was all too easy to push a finger inside of himself to rub away the pressure that was nagging him. He gasped silently when his finger entered, stretching his hole in a way he had never felt before. Accidentally he curled his finger and then shouted when he touched something inside of him. Greedily, he thrust his finger in deeper and curled it again, panting as he massaged that place.

With his other hand he continued to stroke his cock. His hand was quickly lubricated by the extensive pre-cum that leaked from his cock, easily coating the entire shaft. His ass quickly became used to the stretch, so he added another finger. He let out a loud moan when his two fingers were thrust deep inside of him. The stretch of his hole was painful, but that only augmented his pleasure.

He vigorously pumped one hand up and down the shaft of his cock, fucking himself with two fingers at the same time. He pant at the pleasure from the sensation, his hips thrusting forwards and backwards into both of his hands. Fuck, why hadn’t he done this earlier? It was the best thing he’d ever done before. The pleasure built and built, and as it did so he started to get the sensation that he needed to pee. This was what it felt like right before orgasm, he knew, from hearing about it from the other boys in his class.

Knowing he couldn’t make a mess of his room, he fucked himself one last time with his fingers and gave himself one last hard stroke. Then he removed his hands from his groin and reached over clumsily to grab the tissue box. He fumbled with the box and almost dropped it off the desk, rolling onto his stomach to grab it. This caused his cock to rub against the soft cotton of his sheets, causing a shock to jolt through his body. He involuntarily thrust into it once and couldn’t hold back a loud whine. His hands still holding the tissue box, he thrust his hips repeatedly into the comforter of his bed, his cock sliding easily against it lubricated as it was from his pre-cum.

His ass shaking in the air, he continued to thrust his cock against the bed, feeling the pleasure build in his body. His two hands gripped onto the tissue box as the pleasure began to overtake him. It wasn’t long until a burst of white overcame his vision. He yelled as a flood of heat overtook his body and something squirted out of his penis. He kept on thrusting as he came, his cum smearing all over the bed and covering his cock and balls thoroughly. He could vaguely smell something smoking too as he continued to thrust into the bed, drawing out his orgasm as long as he could.

When it was over, he rolled over onto his back and laid on his bed limply, holding the tissue box in one hand. He panted, feeling his heart pound in his chest, his body tingling from the first orgasm he had ever experienced in his life. His ass clenched, feeling strangely empty now that he had stretched himself so wide. It almost felt like he wanted something inside of him, something bigger than his two fingers had been. But that was something to explore for another time.

He reached for a tissue to try and wipe off the mess from his bed. His heart rate sped up again again, this time from panic.

The tissue box was completely incinerated, only charred remains of tissues remaining, barely held together by the remnants of cardboard.

He hadn’t lost control of his quirk since he had been very young, and then it had only been in times of extreme emotion. And this time he hadn’t even realized his quirk was going off. His breath caught in his throat. What if he had been stroking himself as he came? His body was pretty blast-proof, but he could still be hurt by large explosions. And in an area as delicate to that, which had never been exposed to his explosions before… Bakugou shivered in horror.

Shit, he couldn’t ever masturbate with his hands again. God damn it.

The next few days were spent experimenting with masturbation. He figured out that he could thrust his cock into the bed just fine, but he was too scared to touch himself again. The empty feeling in his ass never went away, even when he tried to fuck himself with the handle of a hair brush. That worked, but it wasn’t the same feeling as his fingers had been. And when he came close to coming again, he exploded the hair brush, the pieces cutting into his skin. That had scared him enough to pull him away from orgasm, and made him never try fucking himself with anything again.

Eventually days passed, and then weeks, and he grew more and more frustrated. The warm, sweaty feeling in his body never subsided, and the pressure in his groin was only growing and growing. He woke up hard every morning and just thrusting against his bed wasn’t enough to bring him off. It was now routine to dunk himself into a cold bath to make his cock go down every morning. But that didn’t make the pressure in his groin go away, in fact it was getting even worse. His classmates noticed his increasingly bad temper, and avoided him thusly. Bakugou didn’t care, all he wanted was to get off and make this end.

It came to a head when Bakugou found himself hard in the locker room after gym. He managed to keep his crotch covered as the other boys changed and headed off to class. As he did at home, he turned the shower onto cold and stood under it, growling at his cock to go down. After a few minutes, he was shivering from the cold, but his cock was still throbbing hard.

“Kacchan, we’re going to be late for class,” Midoriya called out from behind the shower curtain.

“Leave me alone, Deku!” Bakugou shouted.

“Are you okay in there?” Midoriya asked tentatively.

Bakugou growled and frustratedly gripped his cock. He let go quickly, not wanting to risk losing control, especially now that he was so angry with the situation.

“Kacchan, I’m coming in,” Midoriya decided. Bakugou could hear the shower curtain rustle as Midoriya grabbed for it.

“Don’t come in, idiot!” Bakugou yelped, covering his crotch with his hands.

It was too late. Midoriya pulled aside the curtain and stared at Bakugou, who was pressed, blushing and naked, against the wall. Midoriya’s eyes slowly traveled down Bakugou’s body, from his red cheeks to his perky nipples, all the way down to the two hands that were covering his cock. Bakugou felt his cock jerk from beneath his hands, feeling extremely exposed in comparison to his clothed classmate. Midoriya took a step forwards.

“Get the fuck out, Deku!” Bakugou shouted desperately. In his anger, he accidentally let off a small explosion in the tip of one of his fingers that grazed his balls. He shouted again, this time in pain, and flung his hands away from his cock.

That left him completely exposed to the Midoriya’s eyes, which greedily took in the site of his plump cock bobbing up against his stomach. Bakugou tried to cover himself without touching, hovering his hands in front of his crotch. It was futile though. Midoriya was so close that his angle allowed him to see at least parts of Bakugou’s penis. Bakugou’s attempt to cover himself instead drew more attention to the head of his penis, where pre-cum was now dripping from his slit and mixing with the water.

As if in a trance, Midoriya turned off the shower, leaving the duo standing in silence in the shower room.

“Don’t think this has anything to do with you,” Bakugou began to bluster, his cheeks burning from the humiliation. “I just haven’t been able to get off recently. This doesn’t mean anything!”

Midoriya nodded, his eyes still fixed onto Bakugou’s hard cock, mumbling to himself. “I imagine it would be hard for Kacchan to get off, since his quirk sometimes goes off in times of extreme emotion, which happens when people orgasm. Like right now, Kacchan accidentally injured himself when he was covering himself up for me, so now he’s unable to do anything, and he’s standing here naked and wet and so hard… Are your balls okay, Kacchan? You didn’t injure them too much? I’ll take a look for you.”

Bakugou yelped when Midoriya slid to his knees, kneeling in the wet shower stall. He was too slow to react and Midoriya easily grabbed a hold of his balls, pulling them away from his body. Bakugou bit back a moan at the soft tug of his balls, the touch feeling so good after so long.

“I don’t see anything,” Midoriya continued to mutter, rolling Bakugou’s balls in between his hands.

Bakugou began to pant, his hands falling to his side to support his body, which had collapsed onto the wall. He unwillingly thrust out his crotch to give Midoriya more access, which the other boy took gladly.

“Did you injure anywhere else? If you were stroking your cock when you lost control I can see how you could have burnt yourself. I need to check.” Midoriya boldly grabbed Bakugou’s hard cock and pulled it down so it was parallel to the floor. Bakugou whined and panted as Midoriya’s rough hands groped along his shaft. He stroked along it, feeling the skin for any sign of injury. Bakugou whined softly, involuntarily jerking his hips forward, pushing into Midoriya’s grip.

Midoriya stopped stroking, moving instead to pull down Bakugou’s foreskin to carefully check the tender head. He used a finger to gently race around the sensitive head, making Bakugou leak into his hand. Midoriya smeared the pre-cum dripping from the slit until it coated Bakugou’s cock and then abruptly let go, leaving it to glisten temptingly under the harsh locker room lights.

“No injury here. However you might have tried to masturbate with your butt. I should look at that too.”

Midoriya manhandled Bakugou until he turned around. Bakugou caught himself, placing both his hands on the wall as Midoriya forced him to stick out his ass. His breath hitched when Midoriya spread his butt cheeks, revealing his clenched hole. Midoriya rubbed against the hole, pressing his finger so that it slightly pushed in.

“I’m going to look inside, Kacchan,” Midoriya murmured. Without further ado, he pushed his index finger in.

Bakugou choked on a moan, feeling himself being stretched suddenly. After so long of feeling empty, being too afraid to fuck himself with anything after the last incident, he was finally full. Midoriya took notice of the way Bakugou began to rock his hips back and forth. He fucked his finger all the way into Bakugou’s ass and pulled it out, repeated the motion relentlessly.

“Does that hurt? No, I don’t think it’s hurting you.” Midoriya said to himself, looking up to observe Bakugou’s dazed expression. “I’m going to open you more now.”

Midoriya spread Bakugou’s cheeks and inserted the index finger from his other hand into Bakugou’s ass as well. The swollen hole took the additional finger effortlessly, and this time Bakugou couldn’t hold back a loud moan, which echoed around the shower room.

“Kacchan must have been really pent up,” Midoriya commented, his eyes lidded, staring intensely at the pink hole stretched beneath his hands. He curled the two fingers and pried the hole wide open, revealing the soft canal inside. As he did so, he pressed against Bakugou’s prostate, making Bakugou helplessly cry out. Bakugou clenched down instinctively and his cock squirted out a small bit of pre-cum that dripped onto the floor.

“You like that, huh? Well I can’t see anything injured inside of you, so let’s take care of this erection so you can go to class.”

Midoriya stood up and pulled out one finger from Bakugou’s ass. The boy whined, pushing out his ass so it thrust the remaining finger deeper inside. Already he felt like he needed more inside of him to quell the empty feeling that had been plaguing him for the past weeks.

“I was wondering why Kacchan was so frustrated for the past few weeks, but it was because of this, huh? You can’t get off on your own because of your destructive quirk. But don’t worry, I’m here.” Midoriya murmured into Bakugou’s ear.

He took his free hand and wrapped it around Bakugou’s cock, stroking down in a practiced maneuver. His hand easily glided over the slick shaft, lubricated from Bakugou’s pre-cum. Bakugou whined and collapsed against Midoriya’s chest, wrapping his arms around Midoriya’s neck.

“You make sure to keep your hands to yourself if you’re going to cling to me like that,” Midoriya warned. “Otherwise I’ll never help you again. And it seems like you’re going to need help with this in the future. Who else would jerk you off and fuck you until you come?”

Bakugou whimpered at the rush of humiliation that came from those words. But the way his cock twitched in Midoriya’s hand gave away that somehow the humiliation was turning him on. He clasped his hands together obediently, making sure he could not harm Midoriya in any way.

Midoriya smiled and added a second finger into Bakugou’s ass, spreading the tight hole wide. Then he began to finger fuck Bakugou, his fingers easily sliding in from the sweat and water that covered Bakugou’s body. At the same time his other hand stroked up and down Bakugou’s cock, gripping it tightly. Bakugou was a helpless mess, panting loudly in Midoriya’s ear as the shorter boy played with his body.

“Look at you, such a needy whore, moaning in my arms as I fuck you with my fingers in the middle of school.”

Bakugou moaned again, his body trembling from the pleasure, conflicted whether to thrust his cock forwards into Midoriya’s grip or push back and fuck himself deeper on to the fingers. His cock was releasing a steady stream of fluid now that covered Midoriya’s hand. Midoriya gathered up some of the pre-cum with his fingers and pushed it into Bakugou’s ass. Then he proceeded to fuck Bakugou with three fingers this time, the slick squelch of the motion echoing through the bathroom.

“Ahhh, I’m going to come,” Bakugou moaned, pushing his body desperately into Midoriya’s hands.

Midoriya hummed thoughtfully. “Before you do that,” Midoriya said, pulling his hands out of Bakugou’s ass and removing his hand from his cock, “there’s something we should talk about.”

Bakugou cried out, thrusting his cock into the air. His ass squeezed on nothing and his body trembled from being so close to the brink.

“You need to treat me better than you have been from now on, Kacchan,” Midoriya said sternly, not a hint of sympathy in his eyes despite Bakugou’s desperate state. “That means no insults, no violence. I want you to treat me as an equal, like we were when we were kids. If you don’t agree to do this, I won’t let you come.”

“Yes, yes, I’ll do anything. I promise!” Bakugou said, rubbing his cock against Midoriya’s leg.

Midoriya smiled, a sharp glint in his eyes. “And if you don’t uphold your end of the promise, there will be consequences. But right now you’ve been good, so I’ll let you come. Come out here and sit on the locker room bench.”

Midoriya wrapped his arm around Bakugou and led the boy out into the main area of the locker rooms. Bakugou trembled under the cold air of the large room. He felt vulnerable, wet and hard as he was in the big room, but his desire to come was bigger than even his embarrassment.

“Lie down on the bench on your back and pull your knees to your chest,” Midoriya ordered.

Bakugou did so with only minor hesitation. He grabbed the back of his knees with his hands and spread himself open, revealing his puffy asshole and leaking cock to the room.

“Good boy.”

Bakugou whimpered at that, a large spurt of cum leaking from his cock onto his stomach. Midoriya eyed him contemplatively, but thankfully didn’t comment. He grabbed Bakugou’s cock again and began to stroke it fast. With his other hand he thrust three fingers into Bakugou’s ass, abruptly stretching open the hole again. Bakugou yelled and pulled his legs back more, spreading himself wider for Midoriya.

Midoriya rewarded the cooperation by pinching the sensitive pink head of Bakugou’s cock, teasing it until the other boy was tearing up from the overstimulation. Then he wrapped his palm around the shaft and stroked up and down vigorously. With his other hand he curled his three fingers and pressed it up against Bakugou’s prostate, working that spot mercilessly. He timed his motions to bring out the most pleasure until Bakugou was sobbing under his hands.

“Come for me, Kacchan,” Midoriya commanded, and thrust a fourth finger into Bakugou’s ass, pulling his hole wider than it had ever been before.

With a loud cry, Bakugou spurted shot after shot of cum onto Midoriya’s hand. All the while Midoriya continued to pump his cock and pound into his ass with all four fingers, relentlessly stimulating his prostate. Bakugou wailed as his orgasm was drawn out, small explosions coming from his hands and landing on the resistant skin of his legs. Midoriya continued to stroke his cock even when the spurts of cum stopped, until Bakugou was openly crying and begging underneath him.

“No, it’s too much!” He tried to pull his cock back from Midoriya’s tight grip, but that only succeeded in pushing Midoriya’s fingers harder onto his prostate. He whined again and try to pull his butt away from the fingers, accidentally thrusting his cock into Midoriya’s hand.

Midoriya watched with glee at the display, seeing Bakugou cry helplessly from the pleasure underneath his hands. All the while Bakugou kept position, keeping his legs up for Midoriya, obedient despite everything going on.

“Please, Deku, it hurts!” Bakugou sobbed as the pleasure became pain.

Midoriya slowed his hands and then stopped, scooping up some of the spent cum. He pushed it into Bakugou’s hole, scooping up more and more cum and pushing it inside of him. Bakugou panted and watched Midoriya fill his hole with his own cum, relieved that the pleasure had finally stopped. His cock twitched every time Midoriya fucked into him with his fingers, still half-hard despite everything that had gone on.

“You’re so pent up, Kacchan,” Midoriya cooed. “I think you need to come more than once.”

Without mercy, he grabbed Bakugou’s cock again, making the other boy cry out in pain. He began to stroke it slowly, and then quickly sped up until he was vigorously pumping at the shaft.

“Deku, Deku please!” Bakugou begged, nearly crying from the overstimulation. His hands pulled at his legs, unintentionally spreading his empty, gaping hole wide open.

“Hm, that’s a tempting sight,” Midoriya murmured, slowing down his strokes to watch Bakugou’s cum start to drip out of his ass. “But we shouldn’t waste all of your hard work. I should plug up your ass so you don’t lose any of your cum. But what to do… my hand is getting kind of tired. Any ideas, Kacchan?”

Bakugou only whined, distracted by the slow massage of Midoriya’s fingers on the delicate pink head of his cock.

“You’re right, I do have something else I can use.”

He let go of Bakugou’s cock finally and unzipped his pants. Bakugou whimpered when he saw Midoriya’s cock. It was thick, long, and very hard, looking huge in comparison to Midoriya’s smaller frame.

“I think this should work.” Midoriya rubbed the head of his thick cock against Bakugou’s ass, covering himself with the cum that was dripping out of the puffy hole. Then, with steady pressure, he began to push himself into Bakugou’s ass, feeding in his cock inch by inch.

Bakugou wailed at the stretch, but stayed splayed out on the locker room bench, holding himself open. Midoriya continued to push in slowly, unrelentingly stuffing Bakugou on his cock until every inch was sheathed inside the other boy. When he was fully in, he waited, using his free hands to play with Bakugou’s neglected nipples. Bakugou’s expression was fully blissed out, and he dazedly watched as Midoriya’s cock began to thrust in and out, splitting him open.

Midoriya slowly picked up the pace until he was fucking into Bakugou’s tight hole, pounding it until his balls were loudly slapping against Bakugou’s ass. He took one hand and gripped Bakugou’s cock again, pumping it quickly until Bakugou was moaning helplessly again. With the other hand he pinched and abused Bakugou’s pink nipples until they were puffy and swollen against his muscular chest.

He pushed his body onto Bakugou’s legs, forcing them to spread even more, giving himself enough space to shove his cock even deeper into Bakugou’s hole. Bakugou cried out when the shift in position allowed Midoriya’s cock to piston directly onto his prostate.

Bakugou was moaning loudly, not minding his volume at all. He was past caring whether someone would walk in, didn’t care that someone might see him getting pounded by Midoriya into the dirty locker room bench. Midoriya, however, took note of the increasing volume and took steps to alleviate the problem.

He bent forwards even more and caught Bakugou’s plump lips beneath his, kissing the boy until his moans were swallowed up. Bakugou whined and kissed back, letting Midoriya take charge, letting him dominate it completely. Midoriya gentled the kiss, adding a bit of tongue in a move that made Bakugou whimper. He slowed down his thrusts and took both of his hands to gently cup Bakugou’s cheeks.

“Such a good boy,” Midoriya whispered, pulling away slightly, his eyes lidded in pleasure as he took in the sight of Bakugou’s tear-soaked face. “You want to come, sweet boy?”

Bakugou nodded desperately, staring back at Midoriya with a pleading expression.

“Say it,” Midoriya said, picking up the pace of his thrusts again. He fucked into Bakugou’s slick ass slowly, waiting for the other boy to gather his thoughts.

“I want to come,” Bakugou said weakly.

“Say it again. Ask nicely,” Midoriya said, panting as he braced himself on Bakugou’s shoulders and thrust in harder.

“Please let me come. Please Deku, I need to come!” Bakugou sobbed.

“There it is. Alright, come for me again, Kacchan,” Midoriya said, taking a hand and stroking Bakugou’s cock.

Between the thick cock fucking him in the ass, pounding against his prostate, and the hand stroking his shaft up and down relentlessly, Bakugou was overwhelmed. It only took one more thrust and Bakugou was gone, moaning loudly as he came all over himself, shooting cum all the way up his chest, some going as far as to hit him in the face.

Midoriya continued to fuck him all through his orgasm, the hard cock rubbing against Bakugou’s prostate with every thrust. Bakugou continued to come for what seemed like hours, spurt after spurt of cum pushed out of his body by Midoriya’s cock. He wailed, small explosions bursting from his palms.

Bakugou’s ass clenched and released during his orgasm, milking Midoriya until he too came. He thrust in hard, pumping his cum deep into Bakugou’s ass, filling him up. He continued to push in and out of Bakugou lazily as he came, until the boy was so full that the cum started to leak out from his hole around Midoriya’s cock.

Finally Midoriya pulled out. He leaned back, watching entranced as a glob of cum dripped from Bakugou’s ass onto the wooden bench. More cum welled up at the entrance, and Midoriya used a finger to push it back in. He slowly thrust his finger in and out of Bakugou’s ass, watching the cum drip down around it.

Bakugou was collapsed onto the bench, his expression dazed and exhausted. His arms were still holding back his legs despite his fatigue, letting Midoriya do as he pleased with his ass.

Midoriya smiled warmly at Bakugou. “You’re such a good boy, keeping yourself spread for me. You can let down your legs now. Though you’ll probably need another shower after this.”

Bakugou hummed in acknowledgement and released his legs, putting them down slowly with a groan. Midoriya helped, supporting his legs until they were flat on the ground. Then he wrapped an arm around Bakugou’s shoulders, helping him sit up.

Bakugou leaned limply against Midoriya’s chest, too tired to support himself. He whimpered quietly when he put pressure onto his ass, feeling the soreness of their recent activities.

“I’m going to pick you up and get you cleaned off,” Midoriya said softly.

Without a protest from Bakugou, Midoriya scooped him up in a bridal carry and carefully brought him back to the showers. Bakugou lazily pressed his cheek against Midoriya’s chest, allowing the other boy to carry him from room to room. Midoriya was forced to put Bakugou down in the shower, but kept an arm wrapped around the other boy as he turned on the water and adjusted the temperature.

“Bend over for me,” Midoriya said softly.

Bakugou agreed amicably, bending over at the waist so Midoriya could examine his ass again. Midoriya directed the water to splash onto Bakugou’s hole and carefully used his fingers to scoop out as much cum as he could. Bakugou moaned languidly whenever Midoriya’s fingers stroked his prostate, but he didn’t get hard again. After that was done, Midoriya quickly soaped up Bakugou’s body and rinsed him off. He made sure to pull back the foreskin and clean the head of Bakugou’s penis thoroughly, making the other boy whimper in response. He gingerly traced around the slit, cleaning out every last remnant of cum.

Then he led the other boy back out to the locker room, dried him off, and gently helped him dress in a clean school uniform. Midoriya changed as well, seeing that his uniform was now covered in water and bodily fluids, staring at Bakugou with a thoughtful gaze all the while. By the time he was done, Bakugou seemed more awake.

“Are you up to go back to class?” Midoriya asked, carefully looking at Bakugou’s expression.

“Yeah,” Bakugou responded, still languid in his post-orgasmic haze.

Midoriya looked worried but nodded, kissing Bakugou on the forehead. “Let’s talk after school gets out. Meet me at your house, okay?”

Bakugou hummed and nodded, and then allowed Midoriya to hustle him out of the locker room and back to class. Throughout the rest of the day, his teacher repeatedly gave him strange looks, unaccustomed to Bakugou’s subdued attitude. There were whispers amongst his classmates, but no one confronted Bakugou directly.

Bakugou just calmly took notes on the lecture, feeling more relaxed than he had ever felt before. It should have bothered him that Deku of all people was the one to discover his secret and help him out with it, but the reward of finally being free from that pent up frustration was worth any irritation he felt. If all he had to do was play nice with the nerd to feel this way again, he would gladly do that for the rest of his life.