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Fang Of Ferelden

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Name: Elissa Cousland

Nickname: Fang. 

Title: Lady of Highever

Y.O.B: 9:10

Age: (DA:O) 20 (DA:1) 31

Class: Mage – Unique specialist

Class: Mage – Unique specialist



Teyrn Bryce Cousland (Father)

Teyrna Eleanor Cousland (Mother) – formerly Amell

Fergus Cousland (Older Brother)

Oriana Cousland (Sister-in-law)

Oren Cousland (Nephew)

Clare 'Lightning' Cousland (Older Sister)

Aedan 'Bones' Cousland (Twin Brother)

Serah 'Vanille' Cousland (Adopted Sister/Biological Daughter) 

Aristide Amell (Grandfather)

Bethann Walker (Grandmother)

Malcolm Hawke (Uncle)

Leandra Amell (Aunt)

Bethany Hawke (Cousin)

Carver Hawke (Cousin)

Garrett Hawke (Cousin)

Marion Hawke (Cousin)

Gamlen Amell (Uncle)

Mara Hartling (Aunt)

Charade Amell (Cousin)

Fausten Amell (Great-uncle)

Damion Amell (Cousin)

Revka Amell (Cousin)



When Fang presented as a mage they didn't want her suffering in the circle or separate her from her twin, so kept it a secret, bringing in a apostates to train her. Her family have never treated her any differently, though they've kept her from marriage just in case she was found by Templars.


Fang is cocky, confident, and stubborn, sarcastic, determined, and independent, but insecure whenever talking about her past. She has a quick wit and a dry sense of humor and can be strict. Although she comes across as cocky and confident, Fang has a caring and compassionate side, especially towards Vanille, whom she would protect by any means. She cares greatly about her friends, willing to take extreme measures to protect them. Fergus comments on Fang having a "wild fearlessness to her", and indeed, Fang never backs down from a fight regardless of her opponent. She also has a belief in Lady Luck.


Fang has olive skin and wavy dark hair with a braid behind her left ear. Fang has green eyes, a beauty mark beneath her right eye, and wears purple claw-shaped earrings. She has scars on her right arm and shoulder, and wears a blue garb resembling a traditional Indian sari adorned with tribal accessories. Fang wears a black bra top, black sleeves over her forearms, tan leather open-toed knee high boots, and two fur pelts hanging from a cord beneath the belt that holds her spear. Fang has the tattoo on her right shoulder and a larger tattoo on the other that somewhat resembles the two-pronged tip of her staff.

 Fang has the tattoo on her right shoulder and a larger tattoo on the other that somewhat resembles the two-pronged tip of her staff


Being trained by numerous apostates, Fang has her own unique speciality, a combination of rift, primal, knight-enchanter, spirit healer and battlemage specializations.

Group Heal (The mage restores the health of all allies simultaneously with a surge of creation magic)

Revival (The caster revives a fallen party member, raising them from unconsciousness and restoring some health)

Hand of Winter (The battlemage releases a burst of intense cold, damaging nearby enemies as well as freezing them unless they pass a physical resistance check, and inflicting a penalty to movement speed otherwise)

Winter's Grasp (Lock a target in a sheet of ice, freezing it in place)

Blizzard (Summon a freezing blizzard to chill and damage enemies caught in the area)

Stonefist (summon a boulder from the Fade and smash it into your target, sending them flying)

Earthquake (The caster disrupts the earth, causing a violent quake that knocks everyone in the targeted area to the ground every few seconds, unless they pass a physical resistance check. Friendly fire possible)

Petrify (The caster draws from knowledge of the elements to turn the target into stone unless it passes a physical resistance check. While petrified, the target is immobile and vulnerable to shattering from a critical hit. Creatures already made of stone are immune)

Firestorm (summon flaming meteors, raining fire down upon enemies all over the area for the next several seconds. This ability consumes and is powered by focus)

Flame Blast (The caster's hands erupt with a cone of flame, inflicting fire damage on all targets in the area for a short time. Friendly fire possible)

Fireball (The caster's hands erupt with an explosive ball of flame, inflicting lingering fire damage on all targets in the area as well as knocking them off their feet unless they pass a physical resistance check. Friendly fire possible)

Resurgence (Call on benign spirits to restore you and your allies for continuing the fight. All party members are healed to full health, including those who have fallen unconscious, and a glyph around you provides ongoing healing to the party for the spell's duration. This ability consumes and is powered by focus)

Tempest (The caster unleashes a fierce lightning storm that deals constant electricity damage to anyone in the targeted area. Friendly fire possible)

Lightning (The caster fires a bolt of lightning at a target, dealing electricity damage. Friendly fire possible)

Chain Lightning (The caster's hands erupt, emitting a bolt of lightning that inflicts electricity damage on a target, then forks, sending smaller bolts jumping to those nearby, which fork again. Each fork does less damage than the previous. Friendly fire possible)



DA:O - Alistair Therin 

DA:I - Alistair and Cullen Rutherford