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In stangers company

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“ Are you looking for your world rocked tonight baby” you said seductively to the driver of a black Mercedes Benz that had now pulled up beside you. 

His eyes roamed over the expanse of your leg that was exposed to his gaze the red leather dress you wore offering little modesty. 

You didn't care however modesty wasn't a word in your vocabulary. 

His eyes travelled up your body then landed on the swell of your breast that refuse to be contained by the spaghetti straps that struggle to keep them from spilling over. 

He licked his lips eyes flashing with lust when he spoke. “Get in”

You smirked triumphantly” thought you'd never ask”.

You walked round to the passenger side of the vehicle aware of the other girls eyes on you as you had no doubt secured the bag. 

Tonight was an especially slow night on wall street it was Tuesday after all, you'd been standing there for two hours and still hadn't been able to bag one customer.You was about to call it a night when the van pulled up beside you ignoring the other women that lined the street same interest at heart. 

You got in closing the door beside you then pulling your seat belt around you for safety then placing your bag in your lap as the driver pulled away from the curb and into the night. 

You were well aware that your choice of profession wasn't acceptable by standards the look of utter contempt you often get when people realized what your profession was.You should at least feel a bit shame,but you were a proud woman with a thick skin so you walked with your head held high. Don't get you wrong you loved what you do but that didn't mean you didn't want more out of life the money you made now was part of a bigger picture to your life goal. 

“Are you with me sweetheart?” Your customer for the night asked as he ran his hand up the expanse of your expose thigh gripping your tender flesh in his hand. 

You smiled sweetly “I'm was thinking about all the ways you're gonna fuck me tonite”.

His grip on your thigh tighten” that's what I like to hear. 

You took a moment to look him over he wasn't bad looking or old like your usual customers probably late thirties early forties the jeans and shirt he wore fit him nicely his hair black was a little too greasy for your liking but you could look pass that for the right kind of money you could look past just about anything. He had a scar on his right cheek it looked recent it was healing nicely but you could still see the outline of it. It unsettled you for some reason but you didn't question it. Your rule number one was never divulge personal information don't ask don't tell was the code you worked by so you wasn't about to break it. 

Now that your eyes was on him you didn't miss the way he kept glancing in the reverse mirror something you find very odd, again with the uneasy feeling but before you could question it any further he was pulling the vehicle to a stop. 

You looked away from him and out the window to see he had stopped at a motel off route sixty nine. It was a place you were familiar with you've been here on countless occasion some men prefer cheap motel. 

He open the door and got out you didn't wait to see if he would swing round to open your side you did it yourself it wasn't like he was your man or anything such formalities was useless to you. 

He gave you a smile when you join him on the other side his eyes roaming over you once more as his thoughts played out in his gaze. 

“I'm thinking you were eager to fuck me but here we are standing doing quite the opposite” you said irritation dripping in voice as you shift from one foot to the next arms folded. 

The man chuckled in amusement “you've got a rude mouth on you I'm sure it can do other things well than throw insults at me”.

“Keep me waiting and you won't find out”

Your ultimatum spurred him into action as clearly he realized you weren't a woman to be kept waiting as he turned and walked towards the entrance of the motel swinging open the door then disappearing inside. A moment later he returned key in hand as he beckon for you to follow him. You hesitate not as you walked along behind him to the allotted room. He turned the key in room 206 and motion for you to enter first you nodded then entered as he followed suit closing the door behind him. 

You were just about to scrutinize your surroundings when he was pulling you back into him then pressing you up against the door one hand flat against the door beside your head his other hands pressing into your hip as he pressed himself into you his very prominent erection hard against your belly as his head descended towards your lips. 

You stopped him in his tracts with a finger too his lips. “Rule # 2 no kissing”.

You've long decided swapping saliva with random strangers was something you'd never indulge no matter how much cash they dish out. It just seem too intimate a gesture to you regardless of how many dicks you took on occasion kissing was a big no. You wasn't oblivious to the risk you expose yourself too regarding having sex with strangers but you made it your duty to get tested every three months and if no condom was present you never engage in intercourse. More than one occasion guys have pulled the ‘ I don't have protection' card thinking you were desperate for money but little did they know you always came packing. 

He smirked down at you seemingly not upset by your admonishition ” so how are you gonna blow my mind exactly?”

“There are many ways to please a man besides that” you reply undoing the belt too his pants. 

“But rule #3 I'm only as good as the money you pay me” you said dropping his belt on the floor.

He chuckled again as his hand cup your cheeks then slid down to your throat.You held yourself there breath even as he continued roaming over your body with his hands cupping your breast through your clothes then surprising you buy dropping it back to his side. 

You shot him a glance of confusion as he reached into his jacket pocket then pulled out a bale of cash then handing it to you. 

“Blow my mind” he said eyes dark with desire as you took the cash from him then watched him walked over and perch himself on the edge of the bed. 

You count the cash quickly and had to do a double take at the 2k the man just handed to you. 

This had to be the best night you've ever had in all your years of being a prostitute you've never gotten this much money before it seem too good to be true. 

You didn't dwell on in though your mind working with all the ways you could blow his mind for 2 grand you smiled to yourself you definitely could think of a few ways as you picked your bag off the floor shoving the cash inside then walking into the room. 

“Give me one second” you crooned as you head to the bathroom to freshen up a bit intent on giving him his money worth and a little extra for being a generous customer. 

You reached the door to the bathroom turning the handle opening in then sneaking inside closing the door behind you. 

The bathroom was modest as it get nothing over the top bathtub, toilet,sink with a little mirror over it attached to white painted walls. 

You throw your purse on the toilet seat then made your way over to the sink gazing at your reflection in the mirror. You open the tap scooping up some water in your hand and dashing it along your hands letting the cool water soothe your heated flesh. 

You was just about to fix your hair when a startled grunt from the other side of the door followed by angry voices and hurried footsteps caught your attention instead. You closed the tap as your turn to scrutinize the door an uneasy feeling settling in the pit of your stomach. 

You grabbed your bag of the toilet seat pressing your ears to the door to get a better listen as to what was happening on the other side. 

“You think you can steal from us and get away with? “ a relatively calm voice asked as the undeniable sound of fist connecting with skin filtered through the door making your heartbeat accelerate in fear. 

Fuck fuck fuck this can't be happening right now of all the things that could have gone wrong tonight you definitely didn't envision this. 

Stolen money? Who did he steal from? 

You clutched your bag to your side the 2k feeling ridiculously heavy in your purse as you realize you possibly had some of that stolen money. 

“Boss doesn't give second chances” another deep voice announced and you backed away from the door dread seeping into your blood. 

“Please don't this” the undeniable voice of the man you not so long ago picked up pleaded with this attackers. The seductive tone was now gone to be replaced by fear,you held your breath as your back connect with the cold sink hand gripping the ceramic for stability. 

Silence filled the room and for a moment you thought they had left but that be to kind of the universe to grant you this small deed. 

“ See you in hell”

You didn't have to be able to see to know that whoever it was on the other side of that door just shot the man. The faint sound of bullet connecting with skull filled the air making you aware of the use of a silencer. 

The gasp that escape you was startling even to your ear making you hand fly to your mouth to cover the sound as your heartbeat quicken at an alarmly fast rate three times above normal that you were sure it would beat right out of your chest. 

You needed to escape now! You will yourself to look around for something to defend yourself with praying the person or persons you definitely heard two distinct voices didn't decided to search the room. 

“Search the room” another voice ordered very different from the first two you heard. 

Fuck you swore as you turned scrambling for a way out as the sound of hurried footsteps made its way towards the bathroom door. 

It was a sickening realization that you were trapped and even worst yet in your moments of fear and panic you hadn't lock the door. 

The handle on the door turned in your mind it happened in slow motion as you contemplated jamming yourself into it but instead you found yourself kicking out your six inch stilettos instead then grabbing them to use as a weapon just as the door swung open and you came face to face with a killer. 

You didn't know what you were expecting but it certainly wasn't this handsome stranger staring at you with big brown doe eyes as his form took up the whole doorway blocking your escape. 

For a moment you were stunned just as he looked taken aback by your presence, eyes going large at the person in front you who looked too sweet too young to have just murdered somebody in cold blood. His black bangs was falling into his eyes adding to his boyish ness. 

You could tell he worked out his pants hugging his thighs provocatively his black shirt was tucked neatly into it highlighting his slim waist a black leather jacket finish up the look. 

“What have we here?” He smirked amusement dancing in his eyes as he gave you a once over eyes lingering on your expose flesh making you feel heated all over. 

“What is it Jungkook? “ another voice called. 

“I think you should see for yourself” he reply without taking his eyes off you. 

That pulled you out of your daze and into action as you charged towards him heels high in the air a desperate cry on your lips as you lunged for him. 

It was a pathetic effort really but you weren't going down without a fight. 

Jungkook as you came to know him by laughed at your effort as he just backed out the doorway and side stepped. The force of which you used to launch your attack sending you flying forward face first sprawling onto the carpet floor knocking the wind out of you as you land in a loud thud. 

You groaned as your heels went flying across the room and under the bed rendering you defenseless and a little hurt as your knees definitely had a bruise or too. 

The sound of laughter made you forget about whatever pain you were feeling as you use your hands to push yourself up on your feet eyes watering from humiliation and pain. 

You blink back tears as you survey the room looking for whoever had laugh at your pathetic effort of self defence. 

You heart dropped to your toes when you realize there was not three men in the room with you but seven altogether scattered across the room as their eyes pinned you to the spot. Two were by the door a orange haired one who looked like some fairytale prince and most definitely not a criminal. Beside him a red haired one with bronze skin with an impossibly straight nose he definitely has the boy next door look but you knew these were the kind you could never trust. 

Another sat on one of the two chair in the room impossibly long legs crossed over the other dressed like a businessman in a blue tailored suit with white undershirt.He alone had been dressed like that his blond hair swept back and away from his face exposing his forehead as he watched you with hooded eyes. He had an aura about him that screamed authority making you swallow hard your throat having gone dry. 

The one laughing at you was by the window arms folded smile wide as his eyes disappeared into crescent moons his bubblegum hair blowing slightly from the air condition he stood under. His face sculpted to perfection something straight out of a Gucci magazine. Next too him stood a pale one disinterest evident on his face his black hair made a startling contrast against his skin and you found yourself admiring his beauty and his eyes even though they were cold looking at you, you caught the wisp of Grey brown that remind you of the stars. 

The last one occupy the only other chair in the room his beauty was undeniable his face sculpted to perfection his lips pink and plump and you found yourself wondering if it was as soft as it looked which disgusted you for clearly they were murderers all seven of them handsome killers and they were about to kill you too.

You backed away from them intent on heading back into the bathroom and locking yourself in but your back connect with solid chest instead thwarting your plans. 

You gasped as his fingers circle you arms holding you immobile and preventing you from taking a step further. 

Your breathing stopped altogether as the intimidating man stood from across the room eyes watching you like a hawk as he strode towards you majestic and powerful. 

You try not to think about the dead man that no doubt lay on the ground on the other side of the bed and at that fact that you were about to join him. 

He reached you and all inner turmoil halted as he stood in front you tall and majestic his masculine scent invading your senses,you shrink away from him but since there was no room left to go you found yourself pressing up against the one called Jungkook. His grip tightened on your arms as he inhaled deeply a chuckle escaped his lips. 

“So you're the pretty little thing my money was spent on”. 

You panic because you didn't know whether he was amused are angry you looked down afraid to meet his gaze instead focus on his shiny black shoe on the carpeted floor that must have cost a fortune willing yourself to disappear. 

“Answer me” he growled voice taking on a superior tone that send shivers down your spine as his hand found its way to your chin yanking up your head so you could look at him. 

His grip on you was strong as you try to shake his hands away but he wasn't having it you had no choice to meet his impatient chocolate gaze as the one behind you kept you from using your hands to box him away. 

“I-i don't know anything about that” you stammered blinking back tears that was gathering in the corners of your eyes from fear and from his tight grip on your chin. 

What did you get yourself into you wondered how was you going to make it out alive you didn't know how much money he stole you didn't know him either you just happen to have the worst luck in the universe to have picked up someone who owes money to the mafia. 

He tsked in response to your claim and your attention was drawn back to him now you could see his features clearly his impossibly smooth tan skin a trace of dimples when he spoke perfectly lined teeth how were they all so good looking? 

“Since you're the one I found him with it's your responsibility to pay what he owes me” 

You gawked at him he couldnt be serious.”W-what?!! I don't even know him I just met him an hour ago” you choked out incredulous heart racing from the utter fear an alarm you were feeling. 

“Then why are you hold up in a cheap motel with him? “ the resting bitch face one asked. 

You eyed him around the tall one he couldn't be seriously asking you this why else would you be in a motel with a stranger if not for one reason. 

“I'm a prostitute do I need to explain to you what that means so you can understand” you snapped. 

The moment the words left your mouth you regretted it something dangerous flashed in his eyes and you felt like cowering from his glare but you were already boxed in front and back. Did you just insult a member of the mafia? You were definitely dead now. 

Laughter broke out almost simultaneously as the handsome one in the chair ignite the fire then it spread throughout the room making you feel more nervous because the one you had insulted wasn't laughing. 

“Feisty little thing” the one in the chair remarked through his laughter. 

“Looks like yoongi met someone with a smarter mouth than his” the red haired one chuckled. 

You made a mental note of the names as the tall one release your jaw finally and backed away from you slightly as he spoke his next words. 

“Let's have some fun shall we” 

You stiffen not liking the sound of that at all if you ever made it out of here alive you vowed to quit your night job and do better with your life. 

“ Tonight is a first of many for our Jungkook here. His first mission his first stake out his first kill” he finished hand going in his pocket adding to the powerful aura that surrounding him. 

You try not to think about his last words how he said it so casually or the fact that his first kill was still in this room as they stood there eerily comfortable while you were having internal overload. Whatever fun he intended to have wasn't going to be good news for you. 

“It's been a long time since he's been with a woman. How about you show him a good time.”

Of all the things you were expecting him to say you certainly wasn't expecting that.Show him a good time what the fuck he meant?!


“W-what?” You asked all the blood leaving your face and evaporating into thin air clearly you wasn't the only one who was shocked as the man he wanted to show a good time sound as taken aback by you.

“ Should I break it down for you to understand?” Yoongi smirked delighting in the moment to throw your words back at you. 

You glared at him wanting nothing more than to smack that look off his face but something told you he wouldn't take kindly to that. 


You froze at the next command pointed at you from the one in the chair as jungkook finally release you from his grip you figure so you could do just that.

Thoughts were swimming in your head about how you were going to get through this alive and in one piece. You came here to fuck somebody now that somebody is dead now you have to fuck the one who killed him or you could possibly be the next one lying on the floor in a pool of your own blood. The irony of that situation didn't get pass you. 

“Should I just kill you now because you're wasting my time” the tall one said impatiently pulling you from your thoughts only to see he had found himself in the chair once again and was looking at you like he most definitely wanted to kill you. You could kick yourself for spacing out in this life or death situation with not one but seven different threat all around you. Seven? Then it clicked it couldn't be but what other mafia group was known for it seven member. Bangtan Sonyeondan the most ruthless most prominent mafia that runs the streets of Seoul. Fuck fuck fuck it couldn't be them Lord please don't let it be them. But as you prayed to whatever God would listen you knew damn well it was them and the chances of you escaping this room was quickly decreasing. 

“Whether you live or die depends on jungkook here” the red hair one by the door remarked no trace of humor in his voice. 

“So you better impress him” the one next to him chimed in. 

You took back what you said about them you could see the criminal in them you bet your last dollar that they fooled many people before you. 

You blink back tears as you turn to jungkook the one who you had to do this for he was back leaning against the bathroom doorway arms folded face unreadable. Your eyes connect with his and for a moment you thought you saw a hint of sympathy in the brown depths but maybe it was the lightning in the room because he made no bid to stop you. 

You turn back around as you could feel their gaze on you burning into your skin watching your every move.

Your heart was beating fifty times above normal and you were sure they could hear it.Never would you have imagine you would find yourself in a situation where you would have to use sex to save your life this couldn't be reality. 

You blinked once twice three times willing them to leave your nightmare nothing happen they were there still leaving you with no choice but to do whatever they asked of you.Your life was worth it you could survive this you would survive it was just sex. 

You took a deep breathe then set to the task of undressing like he asked your hands pulling at the straps of your dress at the shoulders one by one then wiggling out of the material until it fell to your feet. You stepped out of it kicking it to the side leaving you standing there with your black lace thong set. 

You didn't know what to do with your hand you swear you never felt so awkward or nervous before you struggle with putting it by your side or using it to cover your thighs you settled for folding it around your midsection. 

“Are you always this boring? How do you even pick guys up?”

Your eyes snapped towards his in disbelief a smug smile in his face. Embarrassment warming your cheeks. The fuck did he just call you boring? That pale fucker what's his name again Yoongi? Yeah that's it the audacity of him. You'd show him who's boring. You'd-

“Ok Hoseok kill her she's wasting my time”

“Wait n-no i-i just need. There's a fucking dead guy on the other side of that bed for Christ sake” you said in hurried panicked eyes pleading with them just as the red haired one called Hoseok make towards you already unsheathing his firearm like the trigger happy henchman. 

“Come here” the tall one beckoned towards you his eyes going soft as he looked at you.By now you'd figure out he was the boss of this operation the way he commanded them and they wouldn't hesitate to do what he asked. You figured it be in your best interest to do what he asked off you also if you wanted to leave this room alive. But you'd seen their faces would they let you live after all was said and done? It's not like you could snitch on them to the police. You'd been arrested multiple times for prostitution and judge Won had threaten the next time he saw you in his courthouse he'd throw you in a prison cell. But they didn't know that, but if they did would they let you live? Could you take that chance?. 

You swallowed what was this some kind of ploy to gain your trust to lower your walls of defence although you didn't have any only for them to strike at your weakest moment. 

“Come” he said again impatiently this time and you caved willing your feet to move towards him across the room. You mentally begged yourself to not scream or pass out when you saw the body lying on the floor. 

You reached him just as you cast your eyes to floor beside him and almost fainted when you realize that there was nobody there not even a trace of blood. 

You gaped at him confusion furrowing your brow. “I I- don't understand where is he?” you say looking at each of them as they watched you in amusement. 

“Concern yourself not with that little one” the plump lip one said rather gently for someone who is a known murderer who just threaten to kill you seconds ago. 

“All you have to worry about is pleasing our Jungkook here it's being ages since he'd being with a woman. His last girlfriend was just that a girl who couldn't appreciate what and who he was. But you don't care about that do you?” 

His eyes was burrowing into you waiting for an answer for you to acknowledge him.You stared confused by what exactly he meant by ‘didn't appreciate who he was’ your only conclusion was it had to do with the fact the he killed people for a living and was part of the mafia. Despite your resolve to do what it takes to survive your mouth didn't work for you so you just nodded. 

“Good” he said then startled you when he grabbed you by the hand and pulled you into his lap. Your feet barely touching ground from the length of his leg that was draped over his giving you a feel of his toned muscles. One hand was on your expose waist fingers digging into your side as he kept you immobile. His other hand though was far from platonic as it snaked up your leg leaving goosebumps in its shivered and you guaranteed it had nothing to do with the temperature of the room. 

“Won't you be a good girl and show our Jungkook a good time?” he crooned his lips ridiculously close to your ear his breath warm and inviting on your skin. Wait was he asking or was he telling you? This night just keep getting stranger and stranger. First there was no dead body despite what think you might have heard while you were in the bathroom. Now he was being shockingly kind and gentle, when you think about it they hadn't hurt you in anyway despite their threats and harsh words. They was a far cry from the ruthless bangtan the streets whisper about or maybe they just didn't hurt women who knows. But it still didn't answer your question of what happen to your earlier date for the night and it's not like you were in a position to ask them what became of him. 

“Think of it this way you were already paid for a good time yeah. So since your previous date is indisposed for the night Jungkook here is his replacement” the absolutely breathtaking one by Yoongi said hand below his ridiculously perfect chin as he stated his case.

“ Truth be told Jungkook is far better company” the orange hair one said with a wink. 

Truth be told you couldn't argue with that well at least with the been paid for a good time presumably by their own stolen money so why the fuck not. You however didn't know anything about Jungkook company but it sure looks like you were about to find out.

So you found yourself getting off his leg a gentle encouragement from the man whose lap you just sat on as you walk across the room to the the one called Jungkook who had been quiet since this whole idea was spoken aloud. He watched you from where he was still propped on the bathroom door frame arms still folded tightly in front him. His eyes was strangely on your face not like the other six in the room who casually let their gaze wander over your expose flesh. It looked like he was trying hard to not look down wait was he blushing?.

You came direct in his line of vision looking up at him. At this distance you could see his features clearly. The boyish yet somewhat manly curve of his face his big brown eyes looking at you questionly his pear shaped nose.The two mole that adorn his right cheek adding to beauty and the one below his ridiculously kissable lips which was now sucked between his teeth. There was this scar on his left cheek it looked old probably from some accident when he was younger but the line was still visible at your closeness to him. He was a sight to look upon this one you've seen gorgeous men before but this one was definitely something a matter of fact they all were. 

“Are you ok with this?” But of course you had to ask. He didn't say he wanted to have sex with a complete stranger despite what the others have said and you weren't about to force yourself on someone even if you had to do it to preserve your own life. 

“Shouldn't you be concerned about your own life” his eyes narrowed on you. 

“I am but I don't want to have sex with someone who isn't into it”

The corners of his mouth turn up in a small smile giving you a glimpse of his bunny teeth and your heart did a thing “A smart mouth prostitute with morals interesting”

“That ain't even half my skills” you said returning his small smile. 

His eyes held yours for a minute and you found yourself drowning in the brown depths of his intense stare. You stepped closer to him like some invisible magnet was drawing you to him some powerful force beyond your control moving your feet without your permission. His eyes dropped from your face to slowly trail down your body to the swell of your breast. His tongue snaked out of mouth to gently run along his lower lip the action subtle as it is stir a desire inside you and for the first time tonight you found yourself getting aroused. 

You dropped to your knees in front him making his doe eyes widen in confusion but he said nothing or did anything to stop you so you took it as your cue to continue. You ran the palm of your hand up his thigh feeling the thickness of his thighs beneath your fingertip as you caress him through his jeans. You held his gaze as you let your hands wander further over his body and you relish in the dark intense gaze with which he was watching you with from over his still folded arms. Your hands found its way to the back of his thighs doing the same motion as you did once more until you reach his ass. For a split second you wonder if you should do it but only for a second before you was squeezing his butt in your hand. 

Your reward came in the form of his parted lips a swift intake of breath though he tried to hide it. You could tell he was trying hard not to react to your touch you smile softly nothing you love more than a challenge you would push him see how long he could hold out for. 

You became a little more bold in your action your exploring fingers finding their way to his belt then tugging on the buckle and pulling it away from his waist until it was lying on the floor next to you. With his pants free it made it easier for you to get his shirt out of it. You lifted the front of the material just about midway up his stomach exposing it to your gaze. 

Your mouth went dry, truth be told his waist was even slimmer than you imagine a delicate curve of his v line adorn with perfectly defined abs,six of them by the way and a barely there belly button. The mat of black hair that disappear at the top of his black boxer brief hiding away the contents laid underneath made a new wave of wetness pooled between your leg. 

You sneak a glance at him he was still looking at you with the same hooded eyes only this time the flash of arousal was brewing in it's depth. 

“Don't stop now” he commanded as he unfold his arms and drop it to his side. 

You breath caught his voice doing wonders to your insides he didn't need to tell you twice as you position yourself more comfortably on your knees to get to him. 

The first taste of his skin was like velvet on your tongue you wasn't expecting him to be this soft yet firm as you lick a strip up his abs. The hint of salt combine with his own natural taste was unlike anything you've ever tasted in your entire life and you wanted more. 

You continued to lavish his skin with open mouth kisses no part of his stomach left untouched by your lips. You popped the button open on his jeans with your free hand letting the zip slid down to expose the beginning of his erection through his boxer. You pushed the material down his hips until it gathered at his feet. You gazed at his dick barely hidden by the fabric before you placed a kiss to his clothed member. Jungkook hissed between his teeth his dick twitching beneath your kisses as you continue to play with him. 

You wanted to tease him further but the pulsing between your legs had you thinking otherwise just like him your body was begging for release. You squeeze your legs together to offer some relief to your heated center as you pulled the waistband of his boxer down letting his dick springfree right in front your face. 

You stared amaze at the sheer size and beauty of it thick, not too veiny with it's delicate pink head already leaking precum begging for you to have a taste of it.

You licked your suddenly gone dry lip as you gazed up at him, the dark intense stare you met was a far cry from the boyish charm that was present only a few minutes ago had you wondering if this was the same person. You held his gaze as as you took his now fully erect cock in your hand sliding your hand up and down his length eliciting a groan of pleasure from him. You tongue soon replaced your hand as you licked a strip from the base to his head gathering his arousal on your tongue then you was inching your way down his length. 

“Fuck fuck” Jungkook swore as you took his length full on in one go then began to slid up and down him. You felt so full of him the thickness of dick had your jaw aching moments into sucking him, but you ignored it hell bent on making him come undone in your mouth. After all your life did depend on it. 

You thought you were in control of him and his pleasure but you soon realize his was an animal beneath the surface. 

He surprise you when his hand found its way to your hair holding you immobile. 

“You think you're the one in control here guess again sweetheart” his voice dangerously low and deep sending shock waves throughout your body. You moaned in pleasure as he started an assault on your mouth. 

No longer was he propped on the door frame his feet planted firmly in the carpet legs spread to better angle himself as he fucked your mouth relentlessly. 

You relaxed your jaw around him as he began to thrust in and out of your mouth. He would go deep grazing the back of your throat making you gag on his dick then he would pull right out only to plunge right back in. Your eyes began to water at the constant jolt of your gag reflex but that didn't deter you neither the ache in your jaw that was bordering on painful or his strong grip on his hair as you focus on breathing through your nose. You long forget why you were doing this for your life depended on it, but you would be a liar if you said you wasn't enjoying the thrill of it. Of having this gorgeous man fuck you like it was his life that depended on it. 

His grip on your hair tighten as he pulled you away from his dick you release him with a lewd pop, a string of saliva connecting from your lips to his tip. You looked up at him in confusion as his hand slip from your hair to you arms to lift you up towards him only to spin you around so your back was to him as he pulled you into his chest. 

For a moment caught up in his presence the fact that it wasn't just the two off you in the room slipped your mind. So when he turned you to face the other occupants in the room your heartbeat took to beating erratically in your chest and it had nothing to do with being scared of them. 

Men had looked at you before some with interest some with disinterest others with lust other with improper thoughts but nothing compared to the intensity with which they were looking at you right now. Like they were full on ready to devour you, claim you as their own,completely wreck you, milk you for all you were worth. Is this something the mafia did? they all gather in a room together to watch each other fuck? They looked oddly comfortable with what was going like they have done this before and so help you God really turned on by it. Maybe they were they kind who liked to watch some men was into that you however had never done this before. You stick to one guy at a time it was easier to be in control of the situation if things get out of hand. You could defend yourself against one guy for sure self defense class came in handy more times than one. But what are the odds that you would catch the eye of seven different men? they all looked so different were the related? brothers? cousin? friends?.The seemed to comfortable too close for it to be just business it seemed like they knew each other a long time. You didn't believe you were that appealing don't get you wrong you were hot as they say you worked out you had a nice ass your breast was eyebrow raising your face was decent but you weren't anything spectacular plenty of women out there were prettier than you so why were these seven men so intrigued? You couldn't ponder further Jungkook had other plans for you though. 

“ You like sucking dick don't you” he whispered in your ear making you gasp as his hot breath tickle your ear. Was that a question? one hand was holding you immobile around the waist his other hands found its into the waistband of your panty sliding inside to fondle you. 

His fingers skillful one at that found your clit in an instance teasing the neglected bud between his middle and index finger.He slid lower dipping one finger into your wetness almost making you collapse from the pleasure of it. 

“ I haven't even touched you yet and look how wet you are” he chuckled. 

You flushed embarrassed but the moan that escape you was wanton needy he was making you weak and he wasn't even doing anything. He pulled his hand out your panty and you looked at him in frustration. 

“ Look how wet she got from sucking my dick” he said amused as he hold his fingers up for the rest of the room to see scissoring his finger so everyone can see your arousal sticking to it. 

“ You're a naughty girl aren't you” the orange hair one remarked as he eyed the mess you made of Jungkook hand. 

“I think she likes sucking dick Jimin” Hoseok chimed in. 

“What else do you like little one?” the tall one asked his hands under his chin as his gaze bored into you. 

By now embarrassment was long gone all thoughts of dead man mafia bosses completely obliterate from your mind, only arousal and the need to be filled was all you could think about. A constant heat radiated from your body something you've never felt before maybe you were into exhibitionism afterall. 

“ I like you watching me while I get fucked” you said seductively as you gaze linger on each of them in turn. 

“Well well guess you weren't as boring as I thought” Yoongi said a smirk on his explicitly delicious lips his eyes lingering on the wetness glistening from between your leg. 

It was a shocking revelation to you that you would let each of them fuck you if they wanted and it would have nothing to do with your life depending on it. 

You didn't have time to respond to yoongi comment before Jungkook was letting go of you. You cast a glance over your shoulder only to see him kicking of his shoes then he was making fast work of removing his clothes. You stared transfixed by the naked man before you his whole body expose to your gaze. Your heartbeat accelerated a mixture of excitement and lust blurring the reality of what was taking place in this motel room. His eyes caught yours and you felt the world spinning around you the axis tilting by the intensity of his gaze. He smirked at you as he pulled you into his arms once more his hands roaming over your body until he reached the barrier of your bra only to pull it from your body exposing your erect nipple to six pair of hungry eyes. 

“Look at you so eager for my touch” he crooned in your ear as he took your earlobe by his teeth making goosebumps break out over your flesh. You grind your butt against him the throbbing between your leg bordering on painful. His erection only grazing your lower back. He chuckled as his pinch your nipples between his thumb and forefinger making you bite your lip to keep from moaning out. 

You wouldn't beg him for his touch ain't no way you were begging him for his touch. 

Your eyes flutter closed as his lips found their way to your neck biting and sucking your tender flesh making your head fall back against his shoulder in pleasure and for him to gain better access to your neck. His kisses were anything but gentle he was very thorough in his action his teeth biting into your skin no doubt you would have a few bruises come morning. 

“J-jungkook” you moaned. 

He moaned against your neck. “ That's it baby say my name”

Fuck it looked like you were going to beg him to touch you after all. 

“Jungkook please i- I” what were you saying. You couldn't think straight when he was tugging on your nipples like that making them peak with need. 

“Tell me what you need” he coaxed. 

“ I need your touch”

“I am touching you” he chuckled. 

You were use to getting what you want when it came to sex you were always in charge but here you were on the brink of begging this man to touch you to fuck you. When did your life become so complicated. 

“Not there” you whined. 

“Oh where then? “ he prompt. 

“You have to use your words sweetheart or else you won't be rewarded” 

“Taehyung is right I want to hear you say it”

Ah well fuck it. It's not like you're gonna see them after tonight anyways. 

“ Fuck me with your fingers” you moaned out as he continued to lavish your neck in kisses. 

He growled against your neck something primal stirring at your words as he detached himself from you then pushed you towards the bed. You didn't need encouragement as you settled yourself in the middle making yourself comfortable as he joined you, the bed dipping when he came on. He tugged on the waistband of your panty pulling it down your leg then flinging it beside your head completely ruined it was. 

He gazed up at you running his hand up your thigh gently his liquid hot gaze was enough for you to open your legs up for him to get his first glimpse of what lay between them. 

“Look at you so wet and so beautiful” he crooned as he run his index finger up your slit. 

His touch was like molten lava so fiery that you fear he may burn right through you. He dipped a finger inside you and you almost pass out from the satisfying need of been filled. 

“Is this what you want?” He asked as he slide that one finger in and out of you but God it wasn't enough. 

“More” you begged as you writhed beneath him. 

Mercifully he obliged and dipped another finger inside you almost making you cry out in pleasure. 

He set a steady pace with his fingers in and out he went perfectly skillfully that it had your orgasm building real quick. 

“Ahhh fuck that feels good” you moaned when he hit a particular sweet spot that send shots of pleasure all the way down to your toe. 

“Look at me” he commanded his fingers reaching deeper inside you to get your attention back to him. Your eyes snapped towards him gone where the brown depths in it place were these black pool of desire that had your breath catching and your orgasm coming all at once. 

He must have been viced in the art of female orgasm because he saw your shudder and he knew to pick up the pace of his fingers to help you ride the seismic waves of your orgasm that crashed into you like a brick wall leaving you completely weak and sated. 

You were just coming down from your high his fingers still inside you helping you ride the wave until over stimulation had you closing your leg to get him to stop.

“So damn beautiful” 

You heart did a flip it shouldn't though you knew it was just words meaningless words spoken in the heat of passion but still it stirred something within you.Maybe you should just bask in this glory of this gorgeous man calling you beautiful. It didn't happen often the men you had sex with prefer to call you different terms to their liking while you didn't oppose to it anything to please your customers you did appreciate being praised once in awhile instead of degraded. 

“Are you ready for me babygirl” his question pulled you out of your daze your attention back on him only to see he was tearing the packet to a condom and sliding it down his length tossing the package side. 

You nodded mouth going dry as he lined himself up with your entrance,he gripped your hip with his free hand then he was inching his way inside you. The first push of his dick inside you started that familiar burn of being penetrated you breath caught as he pushed his way fully inside you burying himself to the hilt. 

“Fuck why are you so tight” he gritted out as he started to pull out again only to push right back in. 

His dick definitely had some girth to it so he was filling you up and stretching you out to accommodate him but the feeling was deliciously satisfying that you felt your walls contracting around him. 

“Ahhh fucking hell your pussy is sucking me back in”

He slammed his hips into you making the bed jolt and you had to bite your lips to keep from crying out. 

“None of that sweetheart I wanna hear the sounds that pretty little mouth can make.I know its capability from the insults you threw at me”.

You moaned helplessly as your head snapped towards him there was only one person you had insulted Yoongi. 

Your eyes locked with his and it was as if time had stopped because of his endless stare. He was liking this,and here you were thinking he hated you. Well maybe he did but his gaze said otherwise. 

“Yes Jungkook baby right there” you moaned still looking at Yoongi delighting in the way his lips parted at your words. 

“Pinch your breast” Jimin commanded and like some puppet you were your hand flew to your nipple pinching the erect bud between your fingers heightening the intensity of your pleasure. 

“That's it such a good girl for us” the leader whose name you still didn't know remarked and something about the way he said should have raised some red flags but you were too far gone to notice. 

“Eyes on me baby” Jungkook said as he pulled out of you completely leaving you dazed and confused. 

“Turn around” he ordered and you scrambled to do as he asked, your life did depend on pleasing him after all. 

You turned your ass towards him high in the air on your hands and knees waiting for him to fill you up again. He didn't waste any time this time round entering you in one swift thrust his grip on your hips painfully hard. Relentless in his thrust he was, this position allowing him to reach deeper inside you to all the places you didn't know exist. You felt your orgasm coming when he pushed you down harder into the pillow your ass going higher up in the air for him. His thrust getting harder and deeper his balls slapping against your clit thrust after thrust was enough to throw you over the edge. 

“Fuck Jungkook I'm gonna cum” you cried as your pleasure reached its crescendo wave after wave of hot ecstasy washed over you making you see all the colors of the universe while seeing black and white simultaneously. 

Your high was quickly passing your breathing uneven but he was still pounding into you like a man possess overstimulation becoming unbearable,but you kept your position for him, instead contracting around him to get him to reach his high quicker. 

His thrust becoming sloppy and you knew he was done for. 

“Fuck I'm coming” he said shakily but surprise you when he pulled out of you again flipping you over in one go making you welp in surprise. 

He pulled the condom of his dick and position himself over you as he jerked himself to finish getting off as he pumped his load, spurts hot semen spraying all over your mound some of all the way to your navel. 

You bit your tongue to keep from cursing him out. What the fuck did he think he was doing spraying his cum on you? which you absolutely hated feeling on your skin by the way. But now that the lust haze had passed your predicament was now at the forefront of your mind once more. Should you asked him if he enjoyed himself?. 

Before you could make up your mind he was removing himself from between your leg getting off the bed completely gathering his clothes them heading to the bathroom closing the door and leaving you naked and covered in cum with six pair of eyes on you. 

The silence was deafening said for your erratic beating heart you didn't dare turn to look at them you couldn't embarrassment warming your cheeks. You turn your head farther away from them so they wouldn't see it. 

“Now she is embarrassed” one of them chuckled. 

“How cute”.

You bit your lip suddenly nervous pretending not to hear their comments. 

Just then the bathroom door opened again and a fully clothed Jungkook emerged looking very well put together with a towel in his hand. His eyes found you immediately as he stride towards you. You didn't dare breath too hard as he sat down beside you using the towel to wipe his cum of you. You stared at him as he gently cleaned you up your mind swirling with different emotions trying to pick sense out of nonsense. He not to long ago murdered somebody didn't he? You didn't have any proof, no evident was visible all you had was the leader comments.Even so they did do something to that guy didn't they? it made no sense at all. People don't just disappear into thin air unless somebody made them disappear. Was that to be your fate? If so why was he being a gentleman to you? He was a criminal he killed people for a living shouldn't he ruthless, unkind?. This situation was very confusing to say the least and you didn't know what to make of it. 

He finished cleaning you off tossing the towel aside to help you sit up only to drape his jacket over your shoulder. 

“Better? “ he asked his lips tugging into a smile you swallowed nodding your answer pulling the jacket snugly around you trying to block out his scent that was once again trying to invade your sense and his smile that tug at your heart coaxing you to make you see the good in him. You was ready to be done with them and their mind games, go about your merry way pretending you didn't know who they were and this whole thing didn't happen. You turned towards the leader only to see his gaze on you looking at you intently. You swallowed hard trying to ignore his unsettling glance and ask the question that will decide your fate. 

“Can i-?”

“You know who we are don't you?” He questioned cutting you off his eyes like steel trained on you. 

Your eyes widen natural reaction because you wasn't expecting him to ask that. Why the fuck is he asking that? Should you lie play dumb pretend you didn't know. Somehow you didn't think lying to them would end well for you. This can't be good. 

“I-” you licked your lip suddenly gone dry you heart beat pounding in your ears. 

“Don't lie little one”. the devastatinly handsome seated next to him drawled.“Your reaction already gaze you away”

You were done for that's it they were going to kill you now. 

“You're bangtan but I don't care I i- didn't see anything I won't tell the cops please just don't kill me. You said if I do this you won't kill me” you pleaded with them eyes searching theirs for a hint of sympathy but the blank stares and smirk did nothing to reassure you. 

“I said if you were to please Jungkook we would let you live” the leader said rather causally and a little to precise for your liking. 

You turned towards Jungkook who was still sitting next to you,and before you could think what you were doing you grabbed his hands in yours. Your eyes shining with unshed tears. 

“ Jungkook? “. You choked the words stuck in your throat. 

He looked at you his big brown eyes going soft then dropping to where you clutched his hands in yours. You followed his gaze and snatched your hands back when you realized what you were doing placing it back in your lap. You however didn't see his look of disappointment of hurt that your reaction caused him. He misreading why you pulled your hand away. 

“What say you Jk did the little vixen live up to expectations? “ Yoongi questioned. You looked up at him once again and he smiled and you swore you heart stopped beating for the one hundred time today. His hands found their way to your cheeks caressing it. You blinked at his intimate gesture unsure whether to slap his hands away or let him do as his please. Before you could decide his hands was gone from you the gesture so fleeting so soft you wondered if it actually happen. 

“She was good maybe little too spectacular for her own good ” he replied with a sigh as he got up from the bed and walked over to where the rest of his members were sitting and standing. You breathe a sigh of relief completely comforted in the fact that he had being satisfied with your performance that you had pleased him. 

“Does the mean I can go?” You asked your eyes shining with hope restored a small smile warming your face. 


Just like that hope went flying right out the door with that two letter word crushed into a billion pieces it was. You had thought they would keep their word that they'd at least be honest but who where you kidding. They were bangtan the ruthless no amount of kindness they showed you could change that they lived up to the rumors. How stupid of you to forget that to believe otherwise. 

“What do you mean no?I did what you asked” you whispered the smile falling from face the blood in your veins turning to ice. You looked at each of them waiting for them to laugh say it was all a joke that they were messing with you. But found no trace of humor no teasing. Just this dark stare that made you want to bury yourself in the sheets and never show your face again. This couldn't be happening what were you too do it's not like you could fight seven off them. 

“You know who we are and you know what we look like little one.” 

“Stop calling me that” you snapped. Why the hell he was calling you that pet name for? Your were tired of them and their mind games. You heaved yourself off the bed Jungkook jacket along with you to preserve your modesty. Not that it mattered they had seen you naked vulnerable but if you wanted to get out you had to find a way not to be intimidated by their presence. You round on them shoving your hand through the sleeves of the jacket as if it didn't expose your whole front to their gaze anger bubbling beneath the surface. 

“Did ask to know who you were? No I did not do I care who you are I do not”.You exclaimed hands flying in the air for added effects.”I did what you ask now bangtan or not I expect you to keep your word but it seems you are as dishonest as the next guy. So if you're gonna kill me you better do it now or else I'm walking out that door even if I have to fight the lot of you”.

 You were bluffing so help you God it was all a damn lie your rapid beating heart was there to remind you of that fact but you wouldn't let them see you as some wounded animal, pathetic and weak.

You waited afraid to breathe too hard lest the leader command l Hoseok to snap your neck for disrespecting them.What you wasn't expecting was the smile that spread across his face bringing with them that adorable dimple making you forget why you were ranting like a lunatic. 

“Kill you? why would I want to kill a fiery little thing like you?”. 

You stared at him stupidly his words bringing more questions to the unanswered pile as he rise from the chair and took two steps towards you crowding you with his presence. Your eyes darted towards theirs in alarm but them too was looking at you with that odd smile like, knew a secret that you didn't.If he didn't want you dead what other reason was he holding you captive here? 

His hands found your chin tilting his gaze up towards his so you could meet his dark stare. 

“You belong to us now. Let's have some fun shall we”.