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Steve Rogers x Reader ~ Love is a curse (Inspired by Practical Magic)

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(YN) : your name (LN) : last name (HC) : hair colour (EC) : eye colour   



Narrator POV


The old-withered hand of your grandmother held yours tightly as you watched them lower the coffins into

the ground.


The coffins of your father and mother.


They died only a week apart from each other. The mutterings of the funeral attendees surround you, this is so overwhelming for only an 8 year old child. Your aunts had styled your (HL) (HC) hair to make you look a lot older than you did, you wanted to be strong for your family but the longing for your parents would always linger and eat away at you. Family friends approached you left-right and centre, patronising you about how your parents were in heaven with the angels.


This is why children traditionally  don’t attend the funerals.


But your family isn’t necessarily ‘traditional’.


Amongst all the mutters of sorrow and grieving, there was whispers of the curse which haunts the family and has once again taken two lives. The curse was cast centuries ago, by an ancestor of yours by the name Maria (L/N). She was tried for witchcraft by those who saw her gifts to be wicked and sinful. But somehow, she escaped her capture and escaped with only the clothes on her back and her ever-growing child in her belly, a child of a man who seemed enchanted by the young witch at the time. The love-struck enchantress truly  thought her lover, a wealthy lord would take her hand and wed her, making sure that their child would not be out of wedlock and would not forever be called a ‘bastard’.


But witches never get happily ever afters in these stories.


He never came to her, he promised her he would. But he never did.


She waited in a desolate piece of land, waiting. But as her child grew inside her, the sorrow and anger she felt towards her once lover grew and grew. This sorrow grew into a spell before becoming a curse. A curse that would put endanger any man who fell in love with a (L/N) woman. This curse would prevail for generations and generations, though many tried to break the curse, none succeeded.


You were the next generation, you would eventually see the same fate as your mother. For you see, your mother heard the sound of the death-watch beetle, a harbinger of death. She knew that the man she loved was doomed to die. It was easier to tell a child that her mother died of a ‘broken heart’ but secretly you  knew the truth. You saw the pain in your mother’s eyes after your father died and then, only a week later. You were orphaned.


You now lived with your aunts in their home outside of New York, the old house was much more comforting than the home where both of your parents had perished. One night, when the aunts were sleeping in their rooms, you sneaked into the greenhouse which you and the aunts tended to. From the earth grew tall foxglove plants, their deep purple petals lured anyone who did not see the hidden danger to their beauty or the belladonna, the herb which would help anyone drift away with a little bit of it slipped into their drink. You wandered around the greenhouse, collecting herbs and plants from high and low, you filled a small wooden bowl with petals, leaves and berries. You started the incantation that you had written in your small spell book, which had flowers pasted over the cover.


He will hear my call a mile away.

He’ll whistle my favourite song.


You picked the petals from a few of the roses, letting them gently fall into the bowl, the floral smell tickled your nose as you continued the spell.


He will be a gentleman, like a prince charming

He can flip pancakes in the air

He’ll be marvellously kind

And his favourite shape will be a star


You picked a flower which resembles the shape of a star, twiddling it in your fingers before placing it into the bowl gently, admiring the little flowers


And he’ll have two blue eyes, the colour of the sky.’


You picked a pair of bluebells, placing them into the bowl and turned around and tried to head upstairs when you came face to face with your Aunt Francis and Jet, wearing their dressing-gowns and their hair wild and untameable. Aunt Francis rose her dark eyebrow at your small figure at the end of the staircase “What are you doing out of bed?” She clicked her nails against the bannister. You immediately hid the bowl behind your back and your tiny spell-book, they looked at you in disbelief as you stuttered out a “N-Nothing!” The aunts slowly approached you warily “You sure?” Aunt Jet asked, you nodded insistently. The aunts looked at you before in their heads giving you the benefit of the doubt, you had just lost your parents and would be grieving in a way the aunts just may not understand.


The aunts made their way back up the stairs and smiled “Don’t be cursin’ any neighbourhood boys at midnight.” they joked and walked back up to their rooms, you let out a sigh of relief “I won’t!” you held the bowl and spell book close to your chest and scuttled up the stairs to the balcony which was attached to your room.You kept reminding yourself as you muttered “The guy I will dream up doesn’t exist.. And if he doesn’t exist then i’ll never die of a broken heart..” you held the bowl close as the cold, brisk wind hit your face, stepping barefoot onto the creaky balcony. You held out the bowl over the edge of the balcony, you focused on the petals which began to levitate, flying up into the night sky and towards the moon. Soon, the petals were gone and the spell was complete.


You stood alone on the balcony, holding the empty bowl as you out loud repeated “I’ll never die of a broken heart..” you wandered back into your room, the spell started to slowly take form but in a way that your younger self did not intend.


Flash forward 13 years ~~~


With the spell long forgotten, you were currently rustling through your backpack, searching for a pen to use as you were in the middle of signing contracts with Fury concerning joining SHIELD. This was a major deal for you considering the gifts you had inherited from your family.


‘Finally I’ll get to help people..’ you smiled faintly as you told yourself that, you looked over the contract and signed the dotted lines with an elaborate swish and flick of your pen. You clicked your pen as you had signed everything, handing the contract back over to Fury. He nodded and slipped them back into his jacket’s inside pocket. “You ready?” He asked, this made your stomach feel slightly off but hey you were about to meet the world’s mightiest heroes, who wouldn’t be a little nervous. However, there was a lingering feeling, something niggling at you. It was a new sensation that couldn’t be exactly named. You ignored it briefly and just nodded to Fury’s question and spoke “I’m ready.” He opened the glass-doors “Well what are you waiting for, Agent?” You stepped out and turned back to ask Fury for the location of the others but he had already closed his office doors behind him


“Damn..” You muttered to yourself as you stepped into the hallway properly, searching for any other signs of life in this building. Your shoes clicked against the ground as you followed your intuition, stepping blindly down the hall in an attempt to find the others who were a part of your team. With each step, you let your eyes scan the rooms, still finding no signs of life. Letting out a sigh, your feet scuffed against the ground as you walked through the labyrinth like halls of the 'New Avengers Facility', this was starting to annoy you.


"Oh come on where is everyo-!?" You were muttering until you practically body slammed into something as you tightly turned a corner, you had partially winded yourself in the process, leaving you gasping. From the feeling of that collision, it felt as if you had face first slammed into a wall but no, you glanced up to see a pair of large sapphire eyes staring down at you.


It was Captain America.


Only you would have met America's sweetheart in this manner... By body-slamming yourself into him.


You usually would not be such as mess but your mind and body just melted in his presence, you cursed yourself at this wondering why your body had just decided not to work properly. Your mouth just fell open "U-Uhm.. I-I'm so sorry Sir!  I mean Captain America! Sir!" Your words seemed to just fall out of your mouth without your brain actually processing any of what you just said. Steve seemed taken aback by this, taking in your appearance and what you just spluttered out "Uhm Hello Ma'am." giving out his signature smile. You let out a smile "I'm the n-new recruit yeah yeah."


You wanted to kick yourself at how you were talking to him.


Why were you acting so flustered around him?


This whole situation was making your head spin, you came back to your senses when Steve asked if you wanted a companion on your way to the main lounge, you simply nodded and followed after the tall, blonde Avenger. You kept your bag close to you as you wandered through the halls with him, looking out of the large bay-windows. Steve glanced down at you “So, what’s your story ma’am?” You looked up at him “What do you mean?” You quirked an eyebrow at him as he chuckled “I mean. Where are you from? Who are you?” He asked, you giggled gently “Well isn’t that a deep question. Who am I?” You joked before truthfully answering “I’m (Y/N) (L/N) and I’ve lived in Scarsdale, New York since I was 8.” Steve grinned “Well nice to meet you (YN) from Scarsdale.”


You couldn’t help but smile at Steve, your cheeks were tinted pink “Well its been nice meeting you. Captain.” She expressed as they reached the lounge, many of the avengers were lounging around and waiting for updates on any missions instead of lounging around in their rooms. Natasha glanced over as well as Clint “You must be the new girl Fury mentioned.” She crossed one leg over the other and looked at you closely. As soon as Natasha spoke, the others turned their heads to look at you, inspecting you closely. You simply nodded “Yeah that's me.” the others just nodded and waved over and welcomed you warmly except Tony who seemed to have something on his mind, as if he was waiting to say something. When everyone had introduced themselves, Tony looked at Steve, who was still standing beside you, and then back to you and burst out “I’m Tony and I can already see that Steve’s called dibs.” Steve who had taken a sip of his water bottle had spat it out when Tony told that to (Y/N). You couldn’t help but let out a snort at that, though your cheeks matched Steve’s perfectly.


Steve, with his cheeks blazened red “I’m only being polite Tony. I’ve not called ‘dibs’.” He put in air-quotes, you snickered at that as you wondered how this ‘old man’ learned to use air-quotes like that in such a sarcastic yet kind way. You nodded “He was being a gentleman, you may want to learn a few things from him, Stark.”


Tony POV

Tony looked shocked at the two of you, you two ganging up on him together made him realise that Steve had somehow, in the five minutes he knew you, had got attached to the new girl. ‘Well Well Well..’ He said in his head and watched the two exchange looks with each other, he thought back to old-Hollywood movies as he watched the two, he couldn’t help it considering this was involved with Steve after all! But he could help but think that this maybe just maybe was Steve and (Y/N) ‘Meet Cute’. The beginning of something to form between them.


He was pulled from his thoughts by the entrance of a tall, dark and mysterious shadow which entered the lounge.


It was Fury.


Fury walked into the middle of the room, everyone watched him even (Y/N). He knew that Fury’s entrance into the lounge meant this would be the formal announcement of (Y/N)’s position in the team. The avengers knew that things were only official when Fury told them himself.




You watched Fury closely as he straightened out his jacket and looked around at the Avengers, he stood amongst them but still he wasn’t exactly one of them. He was still a superior.  Fury let out a cough before speaking “I see you have met the new recruit, welcoming (Y/N) into your ranks. Her gift will surely be needed in any missions which arise.” That is when you felt the eyes land on you once more, like they did when you first entered the lounge. You sighed ‘They probably weren’t expecting that.’ You simply rubbed your arm nervously and nodded, not disagreeing with Fury’s statement.


Steve was the first to pipe up “Wait.. So you have powers?” He questioned, looking at you intently and in some sort of disbelief. You pondered how you were going to phrase this for a moment, every sort of description you used sounded stupid inside your head. You were going to go with the one which sounded the least stupid. Well at least you think its the least stupid. ‘Here I go..’ You bigged yourself up inside your head, looking at all their faces but especially Steve’s. For some reason his eyes on you made you the most nervous as you gulped and prepared to tell your new colleagues of the dark mark on your family name, the reason you were bullied as a child, the reason you were considered for the job here with them.


It was time.


End of Chapter 1