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The Music of Lust

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          Do you know the foundation of love? Of Lust? Mind you, love and lust are not the same thing. As my mother says, love is action. But can you have love without lust? It’s like having sex with no orgasm. Sometimes you get it; sometimes you don’t because love takes many forms. The basis of all these things, however, is desire. Thirst.
          A solid beam of sunshine peered through the crack between the curtains in Jimin’s dorm room. He awakened in the soft cotton wrap of his lavender sheets. You see, he was the type of person to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn and make breakfast for his dorm-mates, but not today. He rose with strands of hair standing on end. 10:05 am. They were late for rehearsal! In a panicked elegant tornado he rushed out of his room. His pink mochi patterned underwear clung to his ass as he scurried to the kitchen to get a pot and pan.


          He stood in front of Jungkook’s door until a deep groan came from inside. Jk stepped out of his room. Sleep had made his hair into dark chocolate wisps; his face was a bit puffy; and his eyes were relaxed. He still managed to take Jimin’s breath away. He refused to look down because he knew what was down there. The big, strong, muscular, sexy, and gorgeous thighs that Jimin would gladly let choke him. Oh, why did he have to wear those shorts today? Jimin bit his lips. Who knew what he would face when he woke up Tae.

          Lilac. The color wasn’t much by itself, but with Jimin it was everything. Everything Jungkook could want with that face. It brought out the creaminess of Jimin’s skin, the sparkle in his eyes, the pinkness of his plump lips. He woke up like this, flawless. Of course you know that Jk was always the second person to wake up each morning. He was the first to see Jimin everyday. Jk would normally help him cook and serve breakfast; He loved to be of service. He made the mistake of seeing Jimin’s rather rambunctious rear end, while he was getting two pot lids. The squeezed mochi between his cheeks were crying for help. Suddenly the thought of his hands sliding down the older boy’s beautiful backside consumed him. He stared at it, mesmerized. It was soft yet firm, lying between the borders of masculine and feminine. It plagued his mind. Everyone had a butt, but no one had a butt like Jimin. He averted his eyes. He couldn’t get a boner this early in the morning.


They stood together at Taehyung’s door. “Wake up!”

“Lord, have mercy!” Tae yelped from behind his door. He rushed out to the bathroom.
“Oh my God, guys we’re late!”

Maybe it was a good thing that Tae was in such a rush today. If Jk was exposed to his beauty, there would be no way for him to fix any problems that may arise.

          Jimin took in a deep breath as he, Tae, and Jk finally reached the auditorium of Bighit Music Academy. Tae tried to remain quiet with his trumpet, but he kept bumping against the backstage walls. They made their way to the stage.
Jimin was so highly embarrassed. They were not quiet or stealthy and received the disappointed look of their conductor. Mr. Bang looked away from Jimin, since he was the last to sit, pointing his nose upward like a hound dog.

“We will resume at score 157…..” there was a pause for the maknaes to get their music sheets. “.... 1, 2, 3, 4.”

          Music was the thread that Jimin walked on between life and death. It was also the force that kept him balanced. It was his brother when the world turned black, dark, and treacherous; it was his lover on the lonely moonlit night of Valentine; it was his mother when he needed it’s cradling affection. He loved it with his whole being, Just like the few men sitting in this symphony. The big, tall man embracing the cello was none other than Kim Namjoon. Jimin adored the way his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. He adored the fact that his eyes were closed. Namjoon expressed the ecstasy of music in the way his head would fall back; a feeling Jimin wished he could experience.
Even if Min Yoongi was behind him, Jimin could imagine how tenderly he caressed each key. The sound he made was like home; it kept you safe and warm. And under those minty locks, was a gaze so fierce that it could scare lions away. Jimin went wild for his eyes; the way they would flicker with fire; the way the would hold every ember of his existence. He wanted to burn by the mere thought of his regard.
Jung Hoseok pursed his lips like he was about to kiss his clarinet. And when he began playing, the symphony had a new playful sound, not just because of the music sheets. He was Jimin’s sun. There was no day without his shine; no light without his smile; no joy in the routine of life without his presence. Jimin revolved around him.
The man at the far back of the symphony was Jimin’s object of idolization. Aphrodite wished to be in his league. His shoulder were wide and strong, bearing the invisible weight of visual perfection. His face? Oh please, nothing Jimin could think of was enough to describe his beauty. There was a bit of jest in his eyes; a kind of humor that expanded overseas. He was Kim Seokjin and Jimin wanted every peice of him.
So you can guess that Jimin was grateful that their threads of fate intertwined; even if it was at this academy in the short frame of 4 years.

The symphony had finally reached a stopping point in the late hours of night.

"Alright students, I think that's enough for today." Mr. Bang heaved a sigh.

          It wasn't that the army of band kids were not playing well enough, they were missing something. The innate love for music. Yes, he had some exceptional students, but something was thwarting their progress, like a brick wall.
The students swiftly returned to their dorms that night.

          Jungkook had been staring too long. He knew it. Tae knew it. Is it absurd that each time, during the rehearsal, while Tae blew his trumpet, he could only think of what that would feel like on his dick, Mr. Johnson? He needed Tae’s mighty hands wrapped firmly around his stick shift; he wanted to be sent into overdrive; he needed to scream for him. Just once. Now, his penis was growing bigger and the only thing Jk could do when he finally got back to his dorm was run to his room. He was never allowed the chance to solve the problem that arose. Taehyung was there. And before Jungkook could realise the gravity of the situation it was too late.
At first Tae did nothing he just stared. Damn those playful eyes of his and how they seemed to make everything else cease to exist. Damn those lips of his and how they threatened to the the salvation and destruction of Jungkook, right now. Damn that body of his and how badly Jk wanted to be under it. Secrecy gave way to desire. Jungkook couldn’t stand it anymore.

“I can’t bare the thought of staying away from you anymore.” He breathed deeply.

“Hyung, this is what you do to me. Everytime I see you, I feel like I have to close my eyes to survive because your so beautiful.”

He fell to his knees. “All I want-- all I need is for you to take me. Hold me, Hyung. Say you’ll never leave. I wanna give myself to you…” he trailed off.

This was as far as his shamelessness could go. He was in front of the keeper of his heart… begging. Was it by some angel in heaven? Or some witch’s spell that compelled Tae to grab his face and say
“If you only knew the content of my dreams; the endless nights I lay unsatisfied, awake and needy for you. You would know that I could never leave you even if I die. Do you know how beautiful you are?”

Jungkook miraculously had some form of courage left in his trembling spine. He brought it forth as he said.
“Why don’t you show me?”

          He was satisfied with Tae’s raised eyebrows. Who needed a bed? Right here was fine. Finally he was able to be exposed to the one he loves; finally he was free. He held Tae’s hands and brought them down; Past his stomach, to the crotch of his pants. His breath was quick with anticipation: the first time Tae would touch Mister Johnson. By the blink of an eye, Jk’s clothes were ripped from his body. The cold breeze of air conditioned filled every crevice of his body. He shivered.


          Tae’s kiss was gentle at first. Their lips sliding down each other contour. Their tongues waltzing in a sea of saliva. Who knew that Tae’s lips would taste like this? The taste of their tongues had merged into one and before Jungkook knew it his back was on a kitchen counter. He winced and moaned at the cold. He realized the position he was in.

“Hyung,” he pointed at his nipples “This is the place where all my dreams of you began.”

Tae smiled “I’ll make your dream a reality.”

          Jungkook wanted to cry, laugh, and scream all at the same time. He shuddered at Tae’s touch, releasing small hums. His lips were soon there, sucking the life out of Jk’s nipples. He hadn’t even entered him yet and he was already biting his lip to keep from moaning loudly.

“Hyung, please…. Fuck me while the moon is still in the sky.”

When there was no response until Jk muttered the word.

Tae stood up so quickly that Jungkook feared he had made a grave mistake. His heart vibrated.

“Say that again… louder.”






“Now, the world knows that you belong to me. My sweet, baby boy.”

Pecks trailed down a happy line as Jungkook prepared his mind and body for the next event.

“Spread your legs, baby.” Tae gripped his thigh.

His legs were spread like a fan. And like a fan he knew he was weak down there.

          Tae scurried to the .He came in. He was aggressively fast and Jungkook so could not contain his moans and sighs. How glorious it was to be fucked in the open. Publicly exposed by the man he loved. He held on to his own thighs. Pain was the negative connotation of pleasure. He needed it so desperately that he would gladly sacrifice his purity. He rode high on his aching body which granted him the super power of resilience. Soon, he couldn't feel his surroundings. He could only hear the sound of their hot breaths, suppressed groans, and thighs clapping.

          They shook together in one rhythm, so intoxicated by their desire, that they failed to notice Jimin walk into the room. He had been there for a while now, quiet, until he dropped his bag of groceries.

          Jimin was beyond flabbergasted. They two people he loved most, loved each other. He should have been elated, but the viney green feeling that crept up his stomach was clouding his thoughts. How long had they been so infatuated that they thought it necessary to make a public announcement. How? When? What about the feelings he had festered for years? Was it his fate to be left abandoned? He lost composure and dropped his bag in sorrow.

Everything stopped.

Jimin saw their nakedness. The truth of their beings. Tonight they put their hearts, their lives on the line, for the cause of true love.

“I am sorry to intrude.” Jimin turned towards his room, but Taehyung and Jungkook caught him.

“My friend,” Tae spoke first. “I know what this may look like, but I assure you there is love to go around.”

“We can not deny what is true,” Jk added. “There is a big elephant in the room.”

“I don’t understand,” said Jimin.

“Do you not feel the air between us? Do you not love us as we love you?” Tae said.

“Wait, …… so you're telling me that you both feel the same way?”

“Yes.” Jk and Tae said in unison.

          Jimin was pulled closer to Tae. There was something romantic in the way he held Jimin’s wrist with one hand and slipped another between the fabric of his pants. He was friction. Rubbing himself along each fold of Jimin’s privates. Jimin could feel his insides melting. Another set of hands were slowly undressing his lower half. Soon, he was fully exposed. The bare beautiful buttox was cupped and massaged by strong hands. Those were Jungkook’s hands; he knew it. He moaned grabbing on to Tae’s shoulder for support. He had never been explored like this before. He had never needed so much in his life before. He knew at the back of his mind that it was temporary, but he wanted to enjoy this singular moment of joy.

He said breathlessly, now that he was wedged between them.

          “Take all that you desire from me. Everything from my body to my soul belongs to you. If you must, drink the blood that flows through my veins. If you can, inhale the breeze of my breath. If you want, keep my love inside yourself. It will always be there for you. I will always be there for you.”

          They moved themselves to Tea's bedroom -- because he had the biggest bed. They barely busted through the door and started bending their bods like pretzels, except they weaved in and out of each other like snakes. The scent of Taehyung's golden yellow sheets filled Jimin's nose. It was the only form of air he could breathe. Who needed to breathe when the his two most cherished lovers proclaimed their love for him in the unholy acts performed that night? He was not the same person he was five minuets ago. They had all been elevated to a new version of themselves.

          You should have seen the way their bodies moved. Synchronization in the oddest of times made them an unstoppable force of ecstasy. They howled to the moon on Mars and let the marriage of lust and love take place.
What is a man if he is not driven by his desire? Who are we when we become one in the most errotic way? When we have cast out our virginity, and welcomed a new “soiled” fate? Does it even have to be “soiled” at all?