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The Gifted Few

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Minho grunted as the punching bag he was holding was attacked. He adjusted his footing and strengthened the forcefield supporting the bag as it continued to be attacked with a barrage of punches and kicks. After a minute the young man slowed and took a step back.

“Done already Jaehwa?” Minho commented with a teasing tone.

“Nah, I was thinking why should I be beating up this poor, innocent bag when I could be fighting a real person? What do you say?” Jaehwa responded as he stared into Minho’s eyes, daring him to fight.  

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea, we shouldn’t be using our gifts unless we need to.”

“Or are you scared of losing against me?”

The small training room at the back of the BTS hideout turned silent at the sound of a challenge. Since Minho was the oldest among the group of runaways, no one had tried to straight up challenge him to a one on one fight before. Ryujin and Yuna, who had been stretching off to the side, got up and joined the two boys in the center of the room, interested to see how this would play out.  

“I think you're the one who should be scared of losing, Jaehwa,” Yuna cut in. “Besides, if you’re looking to get a win, why would you challenge Minho oppa? Everyone knows he is the best out of us newbies when it comes to martial arts fighting.” When Jaehwa took too long to respond, Ryujin was able to confirm her theory.

“I think he believes that just cause Minho oppa has a Rank 2 gift and he has a Rank 3 gift, he has an upper hand. Sorry to burst your bubble, Mr. High and Mighty, but there is a lot more to fighting than the attack capabilities of your gift. If you wanna be able to win, you should spar Taehyun. He is too nice, so he’ll just let you win.” She points in the direction of a smaller looking boy who was working on some self defense techniques J-Hope had taught them earlier in the corner. At the sound of his name he turned towards the group of four with his brows drawn together in confusion.

“If ya think so, why don’t you fight me then and prove me wrong? You’re a Rank 2, aren’t you?”

Ryujin and Jaehwa glared at each other, daring the other to make the first move. Jaehwa, who Minho could already tell was a hothead after only knowing him a month, went for the first punch, but his hand went right through her. Ryujin smirked and walked through him until she was behind him. She kicked his back causing him to stumble forward. He scowled, quickly regained his balance, and turned for another set of punches he knew were useless. While she was distracted by the punches, Jaehwa went for her feet since he knew they were solid so she wouldn’t fall through the floor. She saw him eyeing her feet and managed to jump in time. While he was still off balance, Ryujin walked through him again and returned the favor by sweeping his own feet out from under him.

“The agency only ranks gifts based off of destruction capabilities. Just because Minho and I are a lower rank doesn’t mean our gifts aren’t ten times better than yours,” she says as she looks down at him on his butt. “Super strength is so cliché anyway.”

Jaehwa was obviously angry and about to shout a comeback from his position on the floor when another guy entered the room with a dramatic gust of wind blowing the door open. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned toward the culprit.

“Was that necessary Beomgyu oppa? You could have opened the door without using your gift, you know?” Yuna said as she fixed her hair.

Beomgyu ignored her as he jumped excitedly and started to speak, “I just overheard BTS talking about their raid plans.” He stopped in the center of the room as the five others gathered around him in order to hear what he had to say.

BTS were a Gifted rebel group who fought for the equal rights of Gifteds and for the end of the cruel practices of the International Power Balance Agency—or IPBA for short. Everyone in the room had, in some way, been helped by BTS out of really shitty situations. They all looked up to them, and the only reason any of them were not starving on the streets or in prison, was because BTS gave them a place to stay in exchange for them also helping the group as backup during any of their operations.

“I overheard RM hyung saying they are planning on breaking a group of Gifted boys out of a Gifted juvinile prison. I don’t know the details of how they were captured, but I heard one of them is a Rank 5,” he stopped talking for a minute as everyone collectively gasped in astonishment. Rank 5s were extremely rare because someone was only given the rank if their gift had apocalyptical capabilities. “Suga hyung managed to hack into the IPBA database and found out they are planning on terminating him”.

“They’re going to kill him?!” Taehyun gasps with shaky breath.

“Yes, that’s what I just said.” Beomgyu rolled his eyes.

“Well, when then? And where?” Taehyun asked.

“It is scheduled to happen three days from now at Seoul Reformatory. Anyways, when the rest of the group found out about it, they immediately decided to break him out before the agency can do it, but then Suga found out there are another two boys being held at the penetitionary just because they knew the Rank 5 and didn’t report him”.

“I wonder what his gift is?” Jaehwa questioned.

“Is that really important right now?” Yuna asked while she slapped his arm. “How can you be thinking about such a thing when the agency is planning to kill someone in cold blood. Not to mention they imprisoned the two others just for being good friends.”

“I swear to God, if those kids were Normies then they wouldn’t have even got a slap on the wrist for ‘not reporting’ him. I am so sick and tired of these double standards. You think discrimination would have died out by now,” Ryujin says angrily.

Minho, whose eyes have been downcast since the mention of the execution, looks up with a dark glare to his eyes. “Humans are just destined to repeat history over and over again because everyone is too lazy to learn from past mistakes.” The bitterness he said those words with caused everyone to silently stare at him.

However, the silence in the room was broken by the sudden sound of fighting outside the practice room. All six of them quickly stand up in defensive positions when suddenly the door is flung open aggressively for the second time that night, but this time because it was kicked in. A group of fully armed men dressed in all black tactical gear stormed in with the initials IPBA printed in bold white letters on their bullet proof vests.

“Shit,” Minho heard someone say as Taehyun and Beomgyu fall to the floor.

A second before, Minho had heard the muffled sound of the tranquilizer gun went off. He quickly threw up a forcefield to protect the rest of them in the room, but Yuna was already charging at the agent closest to her. She grabbed his gun before he was able to reload it and melted it in his hand.

“Yuna-ya! Don’t run straight into things!” Ryujin shouts, but her words fell on deaf ears as Yuna continued forwards, using the agent as a shield against the tranquilizers. “Screw it. Jaehwa, grab Beomgyu and Taehyun. We’re leaving.”

As soon as he had them, Ryunjin grabbed Minho and Jaehwa’s shoulders and dragged them through the wall of the building and and out into the alleyway to the side of the seemingly abandoned warehouse.

“How did they find us?” Jaehwa shouted as they ran deeper into the alley heading towards another part of the city.

“I don’t know, you idiot. Now stop shouting unless you want to give away our location,” Ryujin whisper shouted.She led the way as they turned a few corners in the alley system. Eventually, the next street over makes it into their sight, and they made a run for it, hoping to disappear into it looking like a group of college students with two passed out drunk friends. As they neared the street, two agents popped out from another alley and fired off tranquilizers. Minho managed to block the tranquilizer aimed at him and Jaehwa, but Ryujin wasn't expecting it and fell down.

“Ryujin!” Minho yelled.

“Fuck this shit. I'm out,” Jaehwa cursed, and then he used his strength in his legs to jump onto the terrace above them and made a run for the roof.  

“Hey! Get back here you asshole,” Minho shouted after him. “That worthless piece of shit.”

Minho ran back the direction he came with a forcefield on his back to prevent him from being shot. He twisted and turned through countless alleyways with the agents still on his tail. Somewhere along the way, more agents joined the chase, and he knew he was going to be caught any minute. Finally, he came around a corner only to realize too late that it was a dead end. He turned around, ready to fight the agents who are advancing on him when he heard a voice in his head.


Minho knew he would be able to take out all six agents trying to surround him right now, but he also knew that by the time he managed to do so, the attack would be worthless. It would just result in him having low stamina, low energy for his forcefields, and another wave of agents arriving as backup. His options seemed limited, so he thought ‘ what the hell?’ .

And jumped.