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Creeps Dealing With The Wonders of (Male) Pregnancy

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These are the basic rules/ information that I have for now which may change sooner or later down the road depending

1) You can pick the characters which can be up to one or as many as you want though I won't do Readers or people's Ocs cause I don't think I'll do any good justice at them

2) You can choose the which one of the characters will be the sire and the one that conceives

3) I'm not picky or whatsoever the story be about so you can just sprang at me with your ideas for it

4) The story doesn't need to always involve smut though I'm perfectly fine with it and try my best with it,  I can do other things to which you prefer like for example, friendship and many others

5) Story can be at least one long part or three slightly smaller more detailed parts   

6) No bashing at others ships and or people's choices in their ideas for what they want so be nice and know what your mother says, if you have nothing nice to say. Don't say anything at all

7) This will be a ship war free zone as I hopefully don't want this to be a harmful experience for anyone involved so be nice to everyone and the story they asked for me to do for them