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Challenger Approaching!

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“When did this poster get put up?”

“Poster? What poster?!”

“Hey, move it, I wanna see too!”

Master Hand watched with bated breath from his office as the Smashers began to crowd around the fliers he had placed. Already, he was starting to get a dull headache at the prospect of the hell he had just begun, but it was too late to stop the coming downward spiral.

Several Smashers squished and batted at each other, trying to read the contents of the poster that had gotten those who read before them so excited…

“Attention fellow Smashers! This year for our last minute fighter selection, I’ve decided to try something new. I will be allowing you each to select one nominee of your individual choosing to participate in a drawing. Nominees selected must have an interesting skill set and fighting style in order to qualify. Other than that, all comers welcome. Big or small, short or tall, good or evil, currently dead or alive, it doesn’t matter in the slightest! The interviewing process to finalize the selection will begin in two days, so make haste! Four slots open!

-With love, Master Hand”

“Did ya hear that? A fighter drawing!”

“We’ll be able to bring our friends!”

“Only four slots, though… Competition’s gonna be a little tight, huh?”

Master sighed as the last few fighters read the message, finally making the mansion lobby devolve into excited chaos.

“Crazy, make sure you have whoever’s in charge of shopping today bring back some aspirin. I think I’m going to need it…” Master said, finally tearing himself away from the security camera screens. Crazy was covered in black polka dots and shaking like a rabid dalmatian, but really nothing surprised him anymore.

Crazy simply cackled at his older brother, floating off at high speeds into the halls.

“... Or not. That’s fine too…”