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“Do you have everything you need, Kirishima?” Taishiro Toyomitsu older man standing at 8’2” with short wild blond and kind yellow eyes wearing a large yellow jacket with black pants standing over a younger man with undercut haircut with the top a bright red with the bottom black with a black four door car right behind him.

“Yeah, I have everything. I even double check to make sure my medicine in my satchel.” Kirishima told Toyomitsu knowing how worried the Alpha is about him going back to his old home. In truth Kirishima didn’t want to go back to his prior hometown but his mother was gravely ill and need him.

“You have my phone number, yes? And Amajiki?” Toyomitsu asked to bring his hands up waving them around in apprehension.

Kirishima nodded, “Yes, I have Amajiki-senpai number as well. Don’t worry, Toyomitsu-san. If anything happens or if…I start feeling down. I’ll call you or Amajiki.” Kirishima glance down at the sidewalk for a passing moment feeling dread momentarily take hold.

Toyomitsu seeing the dreaded look in the Omega eyes reach out placing his large hands on Kirishima shoulders then, “Hey, everything will be alright. If you feel like you are being overwhelm or anything. I’ll drive down myself to be with you.”

Kirishima nose couldn’t pick up the scent of concerned and caring Alpha letting him know Toyomitsu is serious about this being the one main person to actually care about him and his wellbeing especially after being in a dark and tainted place for a time. Toyomitsu and Amajiki had rescue him from that unspeaking able place helping him better himself. Even so Kirishima pick up the hints though his body language. Stepping forward his arms circle around the Alpha letting his nose pressing against Toyomitsu chest taking in a deep breath but could not smell his scent.

The medicine kept his Omega and primal part of his brain suppress made it impossible to smell people scents and mood along with the fact himself did not have a scent either. It was a pain at times unable to know what other person was feeling and responded right away but it was a price Kirishima was willingly pay as long as his Omega was silence with Crimson Riot wristband on his left arm covering the name and scars. He let a small hum as Toyomitsu petted his hair getting his body to relax now as the tension building up the pass weeks come undone.

“You better get on the road, Kiri. You don’t want your mother to worry when you don’t show up on time.” Toyomitsu commented pushing himself away but keep his hands on the red hair Omega.

“Yeah, I’ll call you when I get there.” Kirishima grinned turning to his car placing his satchel in the passenger side closing the door.

He give a final wave to Toyomitsu as he sat in the driver seat turning on the car turning the car pulling away and onto the street. He give one last look into the review mirror to see Toyomitsu still waving at him it sent a wave content and relief come over him knowing he could call the large Alpha to his side in moments he become distress and anxious. The drive back to his hometown would at least take half the day giving him a chance not to see anyone till tomorrow that would give him enough time to build up his courage to face everyone whom he hadn’t spoke with since high school.

Kirishima knew he couldn’t nor, would he tell them completely what happen to him after he left their former hometown to Tokyo. His therapist Kendo Itsuka had told him it was fine if he didn’t want to share what happen to him in Tokyo as it was up to him personally to tell his story or not. He had thought about it before his mother doctor had called him telling him about her illness, fantasizing at times of him going back home seeing everyone again telling them why he hadn’t been in contact with them. Sometimes his mind played with everyone crying and tell him he was okay other times it went dark thoughts ending with Kirishima cuddling up to Toyomitsu or Amajiki.

But now on the drive back to old town Kirishima tried to keep a up beat attitude listening to his favorite music band singing along. He stop only twice for snack and bathroom break getting closer and closer to prior town. He could feel the happy boldness slowly drain away his fingers held a death grip on the steering wheel with his heart beat going up. His breathing grew faster and heavier with his teeth grit against one other Kirishima pull to the side of the road trying to his breathing and emotional state under control. A part of him was grateful his Omega was silence as having it would have made this much worst.

He started with the breathing exercise taking in a long slow breath through his nose filling his lungs with air. Then he held his breath to the count of three letting it out slowly through his lips as he relax the muscles in his face, jaw, shoulders and stomach. He repeated the exercise a few more times till his mind and heart became clear and calmer. For a moment he thought to call Amajiki and tell him what happen yet held off seeing the sun beginning to set his crimson eyes look over at the dash clock to see what time it was. He was about five minutes pass when he should have reached his mother house.

Kirishima Niko had been a force of nature who had come to Tokyo to look for her son whom would call her very other day to tell her how he was doing had come less and less till he had stop completely. Mrs. Kirishima had gone to the police station to fill out a missing person report where she had meet Toyomitsu and Amajiki whom had taken over the case. Mrs. Kirishima had refused to return home worried and fearful for her son life till Toyomitsu and Amajiki had found him bring Kirishima back to his mother. She had stayed by his side for a whole month returning home once she certain Toyomitsu would take care and watch over him.

Doing one last breathing exercise Kirishima hit the emergency blinkers gradually getting back on the road. The radio volume turn up in hopes the louder music could keep those feeling at bay. Finally reaching his hometown Kirishima taking in deep breath holding it in then letting it out slowly as he drove down the main road seeing all the old shops and restaurants he had visited as kid with his childhood friends talking, joking and playing around after school. Turning left to see old movie theater had an upgrade now bigger with new stone walls and paint and clear doors to see right in. Across from it the small arcade was still in business with bookstore getting him to smile.

Another turn lead the car down two-way road with houses on both side taking him further away from town doing one more turn that brought him to his home street. His eyes look around to see what changes had been done to the block. There where a few changes some houses a new lawn ornaments other had completely change telling him new families had moved in. Leisurely he came to a stop as pull his car to the side of the road stopping in front a house with brush fence with a wooden gate. Stepping out of his car with his satchel toss over his shoulder shutting the car door behind him walking to the wooden gate opening it seeing the familiar stone steps leading him up to the front door.

Reaching into his back pocket he pulled out the house key his mother had sent him unlocking the door. The hallway dark with the only light coming from the down the hallway from the living room. He was a little concerned his mother hadn’t come out to welcome he home hoping she hadn’t push herself or work herself up because he hadn’t show up in time. Fearing the worst, Kirishima toss his satchel down hurrying taking his shoe off as powerwalk down the hallway to the living room. Mouth open to call his mother to ask if she was okay coming right into the living room doorway.


Kirishima jerk back as his heart shot out of his chest as strangers greeted him with his mother right in the middle of them. His body held still not moving a single muscle busy hearing his heart thumb in his ears with eyes darting around unable to think or speak though a part of him was grateful his mother came to his side placing a soft hand on his shoulder getting him to look at her.

“Eijiro, I’m so glad you made it. I was getting a little worried when you didn’t show up on time.” Mrs. Kirishima said as she lean closer to her son, “I’m sorry, I told Asami-san you were coming back who told her daughter Mina and well…”

Kirishima shoulders drop at hearing this, “Of course, she would throw a surprise welcome home party.”

“Oi! Kirishima,” shouted a short blond hair Omega his hair parted to the right with a lighting black streak on the left of his side fringe angle slight over his left eye it didn’t take a moment to know who this is coming up to him.

“Kaminari?” Kirishima taking the sight of his old friend grinning at him a purple-yellor collar around his neck with mate mark between his right shoulder and neck.

“Sure is! Dude, you completely change your look!” Kaminari elaborated remembering Kirishima from high school with black hair to his jawline rather then red dye hair with undercut.

“Ah, yeah, I…change my look.” Kirishima nervously explain raising a hand rubbing the back of his neck eyes turning away, “But that collar. Did you meet your Alpha?”

“He sure did!” Blurted out a fluffy and unruly pink hair Beta woman with sun tan skin yet her square eyes had their sclera black with irises bright yellow a black-white pink collar on her.

“Ashido?! What happen to your eyes?!” Kirishima shouted at seeing another one his high school friend freaking out a bit at seeing her eyes.

“Oh, I got them tattoo! Kaminari Alpha is the one to did it. That how they meet actually.” Ashido enlightened smiling widely at him then throwing her arms around him, “I’m glad your back.”

“Ah, yeah, me too,” Kirishima faltered a bit but return the hug not looking at Ashido as she pulled back feeling her eyes on him attempted to read his mood.

He search around trying to find place now familiar faces when he came to one he didn’t recognize at all. At first, he figured it probably how tired looking he was with dark bags under his eyes with a grimace lips with messy indigo hair flaring out in large tufts around his head eyes matching his hair color. He also had a purple-yellow collar around his own neck with a bite mark on his right shoulder and neck area.

“Sorry but I don’t think we met? I’m Kirishima Eijiro,” Kirishima admitted walking a bit more into the living to stand in front of stranger bring a hand out.

“Shinso Hitoshi. I’m Denki Alpha.” Shinso replied taking Kirishima hand his nose twitch lips during further downward when he didn’t pick up Kirishima scent.

“I’m an Omega if you’re wondering.” Kirishima informed knowing how some people become uncomfortable when they could smell his secondary gender.

“I wasn’t. Figure you might be sick or something. I own a tattoo shop in town, had a few clients that didn’t have scent due to the medication or treatment they were under going at the time.” Hitoshi said drawing his hand back body having been completely relax during their small conversation.

“I can tell, you body langue said so.” Kirishima grin feeling a bit comfortable around Shinso as he kind remind him of Amajiki.

“Are you okay, Kirishima? Your wearing long sleeves shirt during summer.”  asked a lean man with short black hair spiked back almond-shaped eyes with a rather plain face Kirishima knew that plain face and grin a matching collar to Ashido.  

“Sero? Dude, I’m fine and it not that hot, really it not! But anyway, look you and Ashido! When did you guys get mated?” Kirishima asked feeling disappointed and repulsive with himself for not being there for them or for Kaminari own Mate Day.

“Well we are not mated yet as we haven’t set date for it, but we did get the collars made.” Sero clarified doing his famous hand to chin move Ashido coming over to other Beta side. Her arms wrap around his own arm.

“Forget about that for a minute. Kirishima, seriously man, we haven’t seen you in like forever! What happen to you? After high school you went to Tokyo and then just drop off the face of earth. I…” Kaminari started off but Shinso stop him.

“Denki…” Shinso step in placing a hand on the shorter man shoulder stopping him seeing a flash of hurt and pain in Kirishima eyes.

“Sorry, I really I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you guys worry about me when I went to Tokyo.” Kirishima started hearing a knock at the front door seeing his mother leave the living room to answer, “But when I got there and started collage I…just become overwhelmed with everything. The moving, starting collage right away, dealing with the professors and other students.”

“Kirishima, bro, I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.” Kaminari apologized hearing the waver in Kirishima voice.

“But seriously Kiri, are you okay?  Taking this kind of medication means…” Sero asked this time around with a serious look in his eyes with Ashido and Kaminari have the same expression.

“Kacchan, I-I-I don’t want…a unknow Alpha to be my Alpha! I want you to be my Alpha!”

“Then I’ll be your Alpha. Fuck the name that is written on your wrist.”

“But…what if when your mate name comes, you’ll change your mind?”

“I won’t. I decide long ago you would be my Omega. Fuck fate and this soulmate bullshit.”

 On the other side of the classroom door left open slightly Kirishima stood just behind it his heart shatter as a deep dark hole replace his stomach now. His teeth grit against one other as his hands clenched at his side. Mind running at the speed of light at hearing his best friend, Bakugo Katsuki, whom name had appeared on his left wrist which told him that Bakugo was his Alpha and mate. His soulmate.

“I know, and its alright. I came to terms with what it means and so did my Alpha.” Kirishima told his friends fingers rubbing the arm band on his left wrist, “He been really kind and supportive.”

“What?! You mean you meet your Alpha?” Ashido and Kaminari asked at the same time.

 Kirishima open his mouth to tell them that wasn’t the case that Tashiro took that role when his own Alpha rejected him, but it was working, and the medicine kept his Omega silent. Kirishima hope he be able to stop taking the medicine one day and on that day his Omega would accept Tashiro as his Alpha.

“Eijiro, look who came to see you.” Mrs. Kirishima called out giving him a minute of warning as she enter the room with two other people.

Kirishima turn his head to see last two people he didn’t want to see for the day till he could build himself up. To put on a forged smile for them as he made sure he had a happy personality around them. But as his eyes told him they were here right next to his mother Kirishima felt his throat tighten eyes flicker up to see his mother concerned eyes. His throat tighten even more at seeing the look on her face the worry he was causing his mother making guilt raise it head eat away at his stomach and heart.

Taking a deep breath through his nose missing the pheromones coming off the newcomers and his friends yet he could tell from the way Midoriya was hanging onto Bakugo side glancing at him every five seconds told him the snarl on Bakugo wasn’t his normal temperament. He didn’t get the chance to look over them and see how time had change them as he tried to put on a smile with cheerful attitude raising his arms ready to greet the two of them when Bakugo step forward disregarding Midoriya plea of his name.

“Hey, Midoriya, Bakugo…” Kirishima greeted just to fall down slapping his hand on his nose mind going blank a means to not feel the pain.

 “Kacchan!” Midoriya cried out watching as Bakugo stood over Kirishima seeing blood slip between his fingers.

“So, after years of no calls, texts, emails from you. It takes you mother becoming serious ill for you to come home, hah?! Fuck you asshole!” Bakugo shouted out at Kirishima glaring down at him who sat there looking up at Bakugo.

All at once everyone except his mother who rush to his side kneeing down began yelling at Bakugo. Hearing all the fighting and shouting Kirishima could feel himself beginning to be detached from the event happing around him. It was nothing new he did this all the time when He came to his room with His friends. To keep the pain and distress Kirishima would disconnected from reality but now even as he felt himself slipping away. He tried to stop it to stay in the here and now.

“Eijiro, you okay?” Mrs. Kirishima called out to him kneeing at his side just to seeing the distance glance forming in her son eyes a look she hated seeing it remind her to much of day Tashiro brought Kirishima back.

Hearing his mother Kirishima closed his eyes following the advice from Kendo to bring himself back. Slow breaths repeating his mantra quietly till he could stand somewhat to what was happing. Carefully he stood up then help his mother up hearing everyone become quiet with his back to Bakugo. He saw the troubled expression on her face, but he squeezed her hand gently then turn around to face Bakugo.

“Sorry about that, Bakugo. A lot of stuff happen, and it didn’t really give me a chance to talk to you guys. But if you excuse me, I need to take care of this bloody nose. I’ll be right back, guys!” Kirishima told Bakugo smiling at him brightly Bakugo jerk himself back not expecting this reaction.

Kirishima pass by Bakugo and Midoriya powerwalking to his old bedroom opening the door then closing it quickly. He could hear his mother scowling Bakugo, yet he tried not to let that distract him as he reach into his back pocket bring out his phone. His hand shaking as he held it for a moment thumb hitting the icon for call contact seeing Tashiro number swiping it then bring the phone up to his ear.

“Please, please, please, Tashiro, answer…” Kirishima whispers desperately into the speaker listening as it ringed.

“Hello, chick, I’m happy that you call! I was getting a little worried…Kirishima, what wrong?” Tashiro voice reach out concern tone warmed Kirishima.

“I…I…I just need to talk and…. he here….my soulmate is here and…I…I can’t face him right now…what do I do?” Kirishima told Tashiro his voice breaking a little.

“Its okay, Eijiro. We talk it through how ever long it takes. Okay?”