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Higekiri made his way towards the repair wing, long legs eating the distance up with ease even as numerous blades leapt out of his way. Gone was the air-headed look, the sunshine smile and cheerful humming. In its place was burning eyes and grim features, determination speeding the tachi through the halls like a white wraith.


When the pale tachi finally rounded the last corner overwhelming emotions froze him in place. Chanting could be heard from inside the repair room, two blades being attended by the saniwa themself even as Yagen could be seen directing his assistants to refresh water and hand him clean bandages for another two of their wounded companions. That only left two others residing outside on the porch, staining the wood a darker red with their blood.


It was to these two Higekiri made his way, sharp golden orbs taking in every detail. Four pale thighs, two bare chests, each crossed by still sluggishly bleeding wounds as numerous lacerations dared to mar beautiful faces and graceful limbs. The two blades were curled tightly into one another, fingers laced as they unconsciously sought the comfort and warmth of the other in their injured states. It was a positively heartbreaking sight, one which would make any soul cry out at the injustice of it all.


But all Higekiri felt was a bright, burning rage fill his heart at the sight. Making his way to their side the pale tachi knelt, paying no heed to the blood staining his white clothes a macabre red as he reached out to caress familiar locks. As gently as possible with hands shaking in rage he eased their heads into his lap, pillowing them with his thighs over the tattered remains of a familiar black jacket, one he clearly remembered helping to straighten just that morning before the other made his way to the front lines. Said jacket wouldn’t be useful even as rags by this point, so torn up was it.


These two slender blades were His. Only one other was allowed to so much as touch them. Said being’s form was visible standing behind the nearby column, a silent sentinel standing guard over the collapsed forms even as his own fists were clenched in clear anger. The instinct to go rip through time and destroy the Retrograde Agents who had injured such beloved ones a nearly overwhelming impulse within the heart of their guardian. It was only the need to stay near the injured pair that kept the silent figure stationary.

Higekiri felt his rage soar as a small whimper escaped the dearest of the two he was holding; the blade having made the mistake of shifting his most injured leg, torn skin pouring even more blood in protest of the action.


“Shhh, Hizamaru, shhh. It will all be okay. Aruji will be able to heal you soon, you and Uguisumaru both.” Higekiri crooned softly, curling his hand around his little brother’s shoulder to pull the shaking form closer. Even unconscious Uguisumaru had curled tighter around the pale hand he held, offering what small comfort to the other he could.
A bright red jacket was suddenly laid over the lightly shaking blades, trying to give some added comfort to their injured forms. Looking up, burning gold met enraged slate. Ookanehira settled at the edge of the porch from his previous guarding position now that Higekiri had arrived. His eyes never once left the injured pair even as one hand came to rest possessively on Uguisumaru’s calf to rub soothing circles on the twitching limb. Blood was running from a long cut near the bird-like tachi’s knee, adding even more of that vital liquid to pool on the wooden slats. Each minute that passed seemed to wind the pair’s anxiety even tighter while the smaller tachis grew paler by the minute.


A deep voice suddenly drew the pair’s attention from their injured loved ones. “Ah, Higekiri, Ookanehira, it’s good that you’re here.” Exhaustion was dragging at each word despite the determination filling the owner’s tone as Yagen emerged from the Repair Room. The two tachi focused burning gazes on the tantou as the small form stepped to the side to allow others to leave. Ichigo Hitofuri emerged with a sleeping Tsurumaru in his arms, followed closely by Tonbokiri with a half-conscious Sengo leaning heavily on his brother’s shoulder. The pair nodded at the two tachi before making their way towards their respective rooms to settle their newly repaired partners where they could have peace and quiet.
Yagen turned to the pair currently burning holes through his back with their burning gazes, a tired smile crossing his face as he motioned towards the door. “Bring them on in. Let’s get your boys repaired, shall we?”




When Hizamaru awoke it was to bright light and aching limbs. Even opening his eyes took an abnormal amount of effort, feeling like they were weighted down with cannons. Eventually he succeeded in getting them open, only to meet the sight of the Repair Room’s unfortunately familiar ceiling.


A rustle close to his ear drew the tachi’s attention. Rolling his aching head to the right the injured tachi met sleep-dazed forest green orbs, the exhaustion in the other’s gaze matching Hizamaru’s own. Lips curled slightly as he felt Uguisumaru lightly squeeze the hand closest to the tachi, eyes flashing fondly at the very familiar gesture. With a responding squeeze Hiza flashed a small smile at the other before he began the arduous task of rolling his head in the opposite direction, wanting to take stock of his environment.


Suddenly the hand not clasped with Uguisumaru registered a tightening hold, sending golden orbs opening wide as Hizamaru finally managed to look to his left…. And meet a burning pair of suns gazing downright hungrily at the injured tachi.


Staring back in wide-eyed wonder Hizamaru suddenly found himself carefully scooped into a pair of familiar arms, the steel bands inordinately gentle on the still-injured body as Higekiri pulled his brother, blankets and all, into his lap. A small squeak escaped Hiza and he flailed slightly only to be reminded of why escaping Higekiri was impossible. In short order the younger tachi found himself tucked as close to the elder as humanly possible while still breathing. Bandaged arms hesitantly lifted to loosely wrap around the trembling frame, one hand slowly running through pale blond locks buried in the injured tachi’s shoulder.


Voice still rusty from disuse Hizamaru dared to voice a soft, “Anija?” This merely had arms tightening around the injured form for several moments before the elder took a deep breath and loosened his hold just enough to sit upright once more and meet the inquisitive gaze. Higekiri’s gaze was fiery but even in Hiza’s addled state he could still read the clear fear lurking behind the worry in those familiar orbs. One of his brother’s hands rose to cradle Hiza’s pale face, a thumb gently caressing the green-haired blades cheek bone even as it’s owner gently pressed his forehead against Hiza’s.


The pair stayed like this for several long moments, the elder Genji just drinking in the sight of his little brother with his eyes open. He had been so scared when the news of Hiza’s condition had reached him. These long hours by his side unable to do anything while the Saniwa and Yagen fluttered about not helping to sooth the beast within his soul that had been screaming in rage.


Taking a deep breath the demon slayer whispered, “I thought I might lose you. You bled so much, I-” a soft pair of lips pressed against Higekiri’s, silencing the blonde who couldn’t help the way his lids fluttered shut at the contact. It was only when Hiza pulled back that golden orbs reopened to observe the world once more, taking in the shy smile curling across the younger’s face as a small flush colored pale cheeks at his own daring.


Sneaking another quick peck for courage the younger Genji couldn’t help the small, helpless little half smile at his brother’s still stunned look before softly declaring, “I had a reason to hold on. As long as that reason still exists, I’ll keep fighting.”


Apparently, those words were the final straw for Higekiri’s control as he swore under his breath before diving in for a fierce kiss, devouring Hizamaru as if he could steal his other half’s soul and guard it from the world this way. It was only soft laughter from across the room that broke the pair apart, golden orbs widening as they were reminded that that Genji were not alone in the room.


A twinkling pair of emeralds flashed merrily at the two entwined on the bed from his own perch in Ookanehira’s lap, legs swinging cheerfully to the side as Uguisumaru’s comforting laugh filled the room once more. Especially as the nightingale reached up to poke his vibrantly blushing partner in the cheek. “Oh, don’t stop on our account. I’m enjoying the view~. So is Ookanehira as I can attest~.”


“UGUISUMARU!!” If Ookanehira had been flushed before, it had nothing on the shade he turned at his partner’s words as he flailed about. Anyone else would have fallen but Uguisumaru just slid his arms more securely around broad shoulders and laid his head against the firm chest, smiling softly at the pair across from them.


Hizamaru himself was also currently burring his face in Higekiri’s shoulder, the red creeping down his face and into his shoulders. At the soft whine escaping the younger Higekiri felt his own laughter bubble up and promptly escape him, adding his own joy and relief to fill the room.


It was to this rather amusing scene Yagen walked in on as he brought new bandages, his own mate following close behind with extra medical supplies. One dark brow rose before the deep voice stated “I probably don’t want to know. But remember, keep the hanky panky to a minimum. You tear any stiches and you WONT like where my needles go.”


The horrified looks that gained earned an unexpected laugh from Souza, which was promptly hid behind a pink sleeve. Yagen glanced up fondly at his partner before returning his attention to his victims patients. “Alright boys, let’s get this over with. I want to go to bed. And you want this over as quickly as possible. Who’s first?”




A pale pair of hands were just zipping up a black jacket when a black gloved pair slid around the trim waist, pulling the lithe form back against a strong body. A chin propped itself on the younger’s shoulder, making turning impossible as Hizamaru whined. “Anijaaaaa! I can’t finish getting dressed with you like this!”


“Hmm, I see no problem with that~”


“Oh, for the love of-! Get a ROOM!” Ookanehira exploded from his position by the door, waiting on Uguisumaru to defeat his red pants so the pair could leave themselves. The red jacket for his nightingale was clutched tightly in his hands, as if a lifeline to getting out of the close confines with the other pair of tachi that had been the past little while. Said nightingale was turned away from his larger partner, facing the Genji and allowing them to see the mirth lighting up pale features. A wink from their friend was the only warning had before that familiar voice crooned out, “But Ookanehira~ They have a room right here, as do we! Why don’t we all just-” A large hand was placed over the bird-like tachi’s mouth, halting whatever suggestion the smaller was about to make.


The Nightingale was promptly scooped over a broad shoulder as Ookanehira made for the door. “No. I’m done. WE are going to OUR room. THEY are going to THEIRS. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!” The pair were gone quickly, trailed only by the laughter of Uguisumaru as matching golden orbs followed the pair in amusement.


Higekiri hummed before lightly stating, “You know, Oofunimaru had an idea~.” One hand slowly began to drift down, following the trail of the zipper before a strong hand wrapped long fingers around the wrist tightly.


Hiza turned his head just enough to brush his lips against the other’s cheek as he responded equally as lightly. “In particular the room suggestion was nice. It would allow for more privacy. For other discussions.” At the widening of Higekiri’s eyes Hiza flashed a smile, fangs glinting in the sun as he stole his chance as the slackening the surprise statement caused and escaping those clinging arms.


Pausing at the door the younger glanced back to where Higekiri stood, arms still partially out as the blonde stared in shock at the other. “Well, are you coming?”

Shaking his head to clear the cobwebs fangs flashed in an answering smile as golden orbs took on a wild edge. “Not quite yet but soon if I have any say~”

Needless to say, neither pair were seen by the general populace until the next day.