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Marvel Oneshots

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Prompt : After the events of Ant-man and the Wasp (au where Infinity War doesn't exist), Scott who is finally no longer under house arrest can finally enjoy his freedom in he did by spending the weekend outside with Cassie, but after a while, Scott loses sight of Cassie and that worries him enormously. On the T'Challa side, he is had just finished a meeting in San Francisco and at the idea of walking around with Shuri when suddenly, they discovered Cassie looking for her father so they going to help her find him and of course they are succeeding. And while they were about to leave each other in a good term, Shuri and Cassie really want to spend an excellent weekend together (because Shuri fell under the spell of Cassie and Cassie finds Shuri too cool) then Scott and T'Challa are forced to spend the weekend the four of them (Shuri and Cassie will take the opportunity to embarrass Scott and T'Challa, they could even finish together).

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Requests are: Open. I have: 8 prompts. I hope start this book up the right way and update regularly, but with college and work and my personal life, we will see how that goes.

Few rules:
1) no smut. I can reference it, but I won't go into detail or actually write any.
2) au's accepted
3) can be any relationship you want (romantic or not) as long as it's any of the characters listed below. Poly ships accepted!
4) please fill out the form or I will not accept your request
5) doesn't matter how many prompts you send in! just fill out a new form with a new number with each new ship/prompt
6) if a prompt is overly offensive, please let me know so I can take it down. I apologize in advance
7) be patient, sometimes I have writers block and can't write to save my life! I'm very spontaneous as far as writing goes.
8) I don't normally do continuations unless I feel like my ending was open enough or unless enough people ask for it.
9) No reader inserts.

to fill out the form, I need to know your username/preferred name, which number slot between 1-30, which ship you want, and I would like some kind of prompt. It can be detailed, or it can be one word (i.e. Cuddles! vs Can you have person A do XYZ to impress person B, while person B is oblivious). I will copy and paste your responses into the chapter summary. Please leave those request comments on this chapter so I don't have to hunt down your comment on other chapters.


I will accept prompts until 1-30 are chosen, I will try to keep things as updated as possible, but please try to see if someone has already chosen a number before you choose it. I will reply if your number is taken so you may chose another number. First come, first serve. Once I fill a prompt, I will delete their comment and clear out their slot so you can have their number.

Characters you can choose from (I put their superhero names along with their actual names in case you didn't know one or the other):


Antman/Scott Lang
Black Panther/T'Challa
Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff
Captain America/steve Rogers
Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers
Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange
Falcon/Sam Wilson
Hawkeye/Clint Barton
Hulk/Bruce banner
Ironman/Tony Stark
Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff
Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff
Spiderman/Peter Parker
Starlord/Peter Quill
War Machine/James Rhodes
Wasp/Hope Van Dyne
Winter Soldier/James "Bucky" Barnes

Side characters:

Darcy Lewis
Erik Selvig
Ian the Intern
Jane Foster
The Grandmaster

Colonel Chester Phillips
Dr. Abraham Erskine
Gabriel "Gabe" Jones
George Barnes
Howard Stark
Jacques Dernier
James Montgomery Falseworth
Jim Morita
Joseph Rogers
Peggy Carter
Rebecca Barnes
Sarah Rogers
Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan
Winifred Barnes

Aunt May
Aaron Davis/prowler
Gwen Stacy
Iron Fist/Daniel Thomas
Iron Spider/Amadeus Cho
Mary Jane
Michelle Jones
Miles Morales
Ned Leeds
Nova/Richard Rider
Power Man/Victor Alvarez
Uncle Ben
White Tiger/Angela Del Toro

Hank Pym
Janet Van Dyne

Jemma Simmons
Leopold "Leo" Fitz
Melinda May
Phil Coulson
Skye/Daisy Johnson

Queen Ramona

Laura Barton
Maria Hill
Nick Fury
Sharon Carter/Agent 13

Happy Hogun
Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Maria Stark


Elizabeth "Betty" Ross
Thadeus "Thunderbolt" Ross



Alexander Pierce (HYDRA)
Arnim Zola/ M.O.D.O.K (HYDRA) (Cabal)
Attuma (Cabal)
Ava Star
Baron Zemo
Cross Bones/Brock Rumlow (HYDRA)
Dark Elves
Dracula (Cabal)
Dr. Doom/Victor Vondoom (Cabal)
Doctor Octopus
Grant Ward (HYDRA)
Green Goblin
Hyperion (Cabal)
Ivan Vanko
Justin Hammer (Hammer Industries)
Red Skull/Johann Schmidt (HYDRA) (Cabal)
Super Adaptoid (Cabal)
The Abomination
The Lizard/Norman Osborne
The Mandarin/Aldrich Killian (AIM)
The Mandarin/Tevor Slattery
The Other
The Yellow Jacket/Darren Cross
Ulysses Klau
10 Rings

Other characters (Next Avengers and OC's):

James Rogers
Torunn Thordottir
Francis Barton
Grace Weller (OC)

I tried to get down as many of the characters as I'm familiar with, even if it's just from shows I've seen. Sorry there are no Daredevil, Punisher, or Jessica Jones, I haven't watched them yet. I've only seen up to the end of season two on AOS, so no spoilers. Also why the lack of AOS characters, I apologize.

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It was just a normal elevator ride down, or so the two thought until the elevator stopped suddenly, causing Bruce to stumble and fall into Steve. Steve tried to hide his blush as he helped stablize the man, holding onto his upper arms as Bruce looked up at him.

"S-sorry," Bruce stutters as he tried to stand upright.

"It's okay," Steve replied with a small quirky smile back.

God if only Steve knew what he was doing to Bruce. It was driving him nuts. His golden hair matched perfect with his light, fair skin and those baby blue eyes that just melted you down to the core... Ah it was irresistible. He wondered how Steve didn't have a partner already.

He wasn't intending to voice his thoughts aloud, but he must have said something because Steve smiled again and blushed at Bruce, shifting a bit bashfully. "Well, I can't help my looks. Just got good genes I guess," he says with a small nervous laugh at Bruce.

"That indeed," Bruce nodded, not noticing how close they still were since he had rightened himself from before. He was inches away from those perfect lips...

He wasn't sure what was happening until it happened, when he felt Steve's hand at his lower back pulling him closer as their eyes closed as they both pressed into the kiss willingly. It just felt so... Perfect. Fireworks were going off it seemed.

It wasn't until the elevator dinged, signalling it was going to start moving again from whatever made it stop, that they broke the kiss and Bruce looked up to those baby blues again.

"Well, this is new," a voice quirked when the doors opened on the ground floor. The two men looked like deer caught in headlights as they let go of each other and looked at the spoken person.

"It's uh- er-" Steve tried to explain, blushing madly as Natasha stepped onto the elevator with her cup of coffee and some paperwork.

"Don't worry, I won't tell. That's your business," she says with a small smile as she sipped her coffee and Bruce cleared his throat. "Right... Well uh, I gotta go now. See you two around," he says as he stepped out, blushing still slightly as he waved at Steve, who smiled and waved back as he waited for the doors to close again so he could go to the basement.

Bruce couldn't wait for the next time he got to see Steve, but was careful the next time they were on the elevator again together.

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The atmosphere was lulling, sleepy almost as Steve curled up on the couch and into the warm body next to him. Bruce smiled sadly as he put his arm around Steve, the bigger man attempting to be as small as he could.

Steve had gone on a mission, and it went south fast as soon as Steve had been drenched in freezing cold water. He had a bad flashback during the mission, and was now still suffering aftereffects.

When he came home, he looked worse for wear, and Bruce immediately went into Doctor-boyfriend mode. He immediately looked the super soldier over and assessed any damage he had, bandaged and cleaned him up and now they were currently watching movies on the giant lovesack in the screening room.

Bruce understood what Steve had gone through, there were days he was the same way. They both had their days, but the other always helped. In the off chance they both had bad days, they would stay together until they started feeling even a little better. They both understood each other's pasts, maybe not as much as they should, but as much as the other was comfortable sharing, and they respected boundaries.

Steve sighed softly as he closed his eyes, feeling exhausted but not wanting to sleep. He knew he would have nightmares.

"You need to rest, Steve," Bruce said softly as he ran a hand through Steve's hair. "I'll be here if anything happens." He added before pressing his lips to Steve's forehead. Steve gave a shaky sigh as he nuzzled closer to Bruce. He hated being huge sometimes, made him feel like more of a burden to take care of than when he was small.

"I don't want to..." Steve said softly as he slightly clutched Bruce's shirt before burying his face into his shoulder. "It's okay, Steve, I promise. You know I wouldn't lie to you?" Bruce replied softly as he continued to run a hand through his hair. "And the other guy would always have your back if I couldn't handle it," he says half jokingly, in an attempt to cheer him up.

"Thank you, Bruce. Really." He says softly as he closed his eyes, slowly getting lulled the sleep watching tv with his best man. It may have been a bad day to start, but he was feeling better now. Much better.