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Idol Hero: DEKIRU

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♥♥♥ (Love, love, love)…

Bakugou Katsuki was currently doing bench presses as he listened to a song by his childhood friend. Hard to believe they were already in high school. It was just yesterday that he and that nerd were proclaiming their dreams and now look at them. Katsuki was attending the most prestigious courses of U.A. academy, the heroics course. Izuku, his beloved childhood friend, was in addition to being a singing sensation, was  being tutored by Principal Nedzu himself, after advanced schooling- Izuku had taken all of his high-school courses during Middle School and had graduated from Shiketsu Academy Though that wasn’t to say Izuku was a small time singer. No. Izuku was an idol. An idol working with a prestigious agency and he couldn’t be prouder of that nerd!

Hi, hi, hello, how's it going?
Yes, today will surely be fun, fun, fun
When you listen to this sparkling killer tune
La-la-la-la-la, the town starts to sing

A red beat on beat meter
Raising rainbow-colored fader
Radio waves are candy flavored
Never say goodbye
Because I'll always be by your side
La-la-la-la-la, hey, let's go on a journey

He heard his band of idiots, the self-proclaimed Bakusquad, come into the weights room. “What do you fuckers want? Can’t you see I’m fuckin’ workin’ out?” The redhead, self-proclaimed manly man, Kirishima Eijirou went over to him. Leading the band of idiots over to him.

“Aw don’t be like that Bakugou, you like our company.” He smiled brightly. The discount pikachu (Kaminari Denki) next to him laughed.

“Yeah, so what are you listening to my guy?” The blonde raised an eyebrow.

“Radio Happy.” He said simply, doing another repetition of bench presses.

The whole town's a seven-colored speaker
The colorful surround is spreading
Tuning in
I've got a feeling
Na-na-na-na-na, listen and sing-along now

“Radio Happy?” A pink alien-like girl said, as she put her hands on her hips, “That isn’t your genre, you usually listen to punk or metal.”

“You fucking heard me, Pinky. Don’t like it, get the fuck out of my sight.”

“Bro calm down.” Kirishima tried to break the tension, “Mina was just curious, after all, you don’t usually listen to that sort of stuff.”

You are listening to radio happy
I'll always be by your side in sleepy mornings and gloomy nights
Na-na-na-na-na, listen and sing-along now
Stay tune for singing and dancing
You can do this, say hoo!
The greatest music started echoing
Na-na-na-na-na, listen and sing-along now

“Yeah, well, I do now. Got a problem?” He finished his bench presses. They could notice his foot moving to the rhythm of the song.

“Nah man.” He shook his hands a bit. “Just still surprised, but hey you know if you’re down we could all go out to a live show this weekend. Heard there was one going on.”

“That would be cool, it’d get Mr. Stick in the ass to actually have some fun with the rest of us.” Kaminari smiled.

Look, you & I are super high
Yes, the wave frequency is ♥♥♥ (love, love, love)
I always come to where you are
Because I can reach to my beloved you

Calling you during sad times
On air is OK at anytime
You start dancing and reach for the Top 10
The sparkling blue tears
Melt into the colors of that rainbow

Katsuki paused, thinking about his next words wisely. He didn’t want to reveal his friend’s position as the idol of the show, so he said simply, “I’m already going, and no, I don’t have a fuckin’ date. If you pry fuckin’ further, I’ll make you eat gravel next time we have a city spar.”

Mina was about to pry, but she knew Katsuki’s threat was to be taken seriously. If they pissed him off further than usual, it wouldn’t be pretty. The group asked him if they could tag along since they wanted to hang out with him still. They asked him what time he was going and that they can meet up with him at the place.

“5:30. The front hall of the concert center.” Katsuki bit out, “I’ll be there earlier but I’m not telling you extras where to find me.”

You are listening to radio happy
Look, it's the future's beginnings
C'mon, it's prime time
Cue the rainbow
A pastel-colored parade
The sky filled tweeters are diamonds
My swaying heart is a white gold woofer
This sweet love song is like candy
Na-na-na-na-na, listen and sing-along now

“Alright sounds good to me.” Kirishima smiled, “We’ll wait for you there.” After that, the group just asked him when he got into that type of music anyways.

You are listening to radio happy
I'll take you to where the sky, seas, and the dazzling future are
Na-na-na-na-na, listen and sing-along now
The past laughs at us in the present
Surrender yourself to the music sounds, yay!
The greatest music is like a dream
Na-na-na-na-na, listen and sing-along now

I want to reach to my beloved you
I want to reach to my beloved you!

“A friend of mine.” He said simply. He smirked, “Now get the fuck out, you’re ruining my fuckin’ workout vibes!”