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Glitched Webs

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The muscles in his arms quivered as the venom dug into him, the spider that was now crawling along the desk with it’s fat disgusting body having bit him several times over the veins in his forearm. With each pounding of his heartbeat the sound in his ears unrelenting, Chase felt himself slip, his feet sliding and hands losing their grip, the spider crushed under one of his hands as he tried in vain to get a hold on his balance and grip to keep from falling to the floor completely.


Then he felt the white hot fire surge through him, his blue eyes widening as he felt a scream claw up from his throat, the veins in his arms bulging out and sudden knowledge slamming into him that he never knew before, he felt as if his entire body was on fire. "S-Someone- H-Help-" He screamed, though his voice was merely a whisper in the dark back room of the Oscorp labs, a place he shouldn't have been in at all if he was honest, but it was a mistake, someone told him this was where the bathroom was. With another pulse of venom in him he felt himself falling into the abyss of darkness, the face of his girlfriend behind his eyes as well as his brothers... though he couldn't focus on anything else, his world went black. He was pretty sure when he woke up, passed out in the bathroom with his brothers standing over him, and Henrik’s concerned gaze regarding him as the green glow of his powers made the room brighter from where he was healing the injury to his head that he couldn’t remember even happening.

The last thing he saw before he passed out again was his brother, his twin Jack, looking at him like he was terrified and clutching his hand close to his heart.


That was nine months ago now, Chase realized with slight amusement though it was quickly wiped away as he narrowly avoided the the flock of birds that took to the air as he swung past, letting himself go to the highest arch he could before he let himself fall into a dive with ease, he could hear the pedestrians under him scream in horror, before it turned to cheers as he swung between the middle of traffic, coming within inches of the ground before once more soaring through the sky.

He was known as Spider-Man, yes with a hyphen, and while he wasn’t the most… known hero, he was pretty well liked as far as things went locally. His biceps trembled under his suit, the muscles he had bulging as he swung up and flipped through the air. Sure, it was overzealous of him but in the morning light the red and black was just an eye catcher and he couldn’t not show off his moves-

Then something else hit him, he was late. Very late to an important date he promised he wouldn’t be late to, oh Stacey was going to kill him.

“Great goin' Spidey, she’s gonna skin you alive if you’re late again.” He muttered, flipping up once more before he began to web zip himself to a little diner off of 4th street, of course landing behind it in an alley the same way his bus stop was located before he started to change, pulling off the mask to reveal soft blonde hair, the brown roots slowly taking hold once more after his last dye job and the nicely kept scruff of his chin.

He was Chase McLoughlin, or as most of his friends called him, Chase Brody, after the one unfortunate accident in high-school where he broke his right arm in a ditch. He still couldn’t believe the entire school learned one slang term in his home tongue just to call him ‘a ditch’. He started tugging his pants on as well as his shoes after a moment, wobbling from lack of balance for a moment before he threw his backpack with his suit up high on the wall and webbed it securely in place after managing to get his shirt and trademark hat on, then texted himself a picture of it with it set to send after his lunch with Stacey just so he wouldn’t lose another backpack, which he just now walked into the diner while looking down at his phone before his gaze lifted, his baby blues looking over everything before he spotted her.

She had always been pretty, with her long strawberry blonde hair and her green eyes that were sharp as ever, with either humor or venom, he couldn’t tell anymore. Ever since she was in high school she had always looked cunning like a fox, she had this little devilish grin she would give at times before she pursued something. The same one she gave him as she prowled down that hallway before asking him out on a date to homecoming.

As he slid into the both he smiled to her, his blue eyes soft and showing so much love before her green eyes snapped to his, he could see that she wasn’t pleased with him, but her lips still pulled into a smile as she leaned over to greet him with a kiss. He was expecting a lecture but when he wasn’t met with one he took it as a mini victory, he hated when they fought, he hated when they would argue but for now he felt as if he was in the good.

“Hi… you look beautiful as ever…” he murmured as she pulled away from the kiss, one of his hands going to hold hers as he tenderly stroked the pad of his thumb over her knuckles.  He had meant it, she was wearing her favorite green shirt, with ruffles on her sleeves and white embroidering around the neck in a pattern that reminded him of flowers. Even from where she was sitting… she looked so beautiful. Just like the first day he saw her, she was so fucking beautiful.

Sometimes he had to ask himself how he got so lucky.