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Chaldea Academy

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"Did I hear that right? Everyone that gave a response has declined?!" A woman with white hair was in an office, looking extremely frustrated. "Da Vinci. Are you one hundred percent sure about this?"

The other lady, Leonardo Da Vinci offers a sad expression as she nods. "I'm sorry Principal Animusphere. The idea of being a master for servants seems too daunting of a task for normal people. I would honestly have been concerned if they all jumped in."

"... You're right. Being the master of a servant is a dangerous task. No one would willingly choose to risk their lives. It's insane." Olga Marie Animusphere, part of the Animusphere bloodline was faced with a task. Watching over a school full of servants while also looking out for mages to become masters. "Is there any chance left? There must be something."

"Yes. Two people have sent their response but we have no idea if they accepted either. They're our last hope for masters." Leonardo da Vinci takes out two files and hands it to Olga Marie. "The two are siblings so they'll most likely be together."

"Ritsuka and Gudako Fujimaru…" Olga Marie looks at the files as she grits her teeth. 'Overall both of them are mediocre at best… But if they're my last hope I have to bet that they'll come to this academy. If so, I have to make sure that they'll become the best masters the world has ever seen.'

Footsteps could be heard from outside the room and the door to the office slams open forcing Da Vinci and Animusphere to see an old man out of breath at the door.

"Vice Principal Lev Lainur Flauros. What's the meaning of this?" Olga Marie asks. Lev Lainur takes a deep breath before presenting a letter to Olga Marie. The letter was already opened which meant that he has read the contents already.

"Principal. The final two candidates. It would be best that you read it yourself." Lev Lainur said wiping the sweat off his face. The two woman look at the vice principal as Olga Marie opens the letter and takes out the piece of paper that was in it. She unfolds it and reads the contents before the piece of paper falls out of her hands onto the floor.

"Principal Animusphere? Is there a problem?" Da Vinci questions receiving a no from the principal. "Does that mean that they…"

"Yes. Both Ritsuka and Gudako Fujimaru have both accepted our invite to Chaldea Academy." Olga Marie looks at the two. "When those two arrive, I demand that they get the toughest training possible. We must assure that they'll be the best damn master in history."

(A week later)

"Alright. That's about it." A tall blacked haired boy wipes his forehead after going through all of his belongings. He looks around to see his room in which he is going to live in temporarily. "That about does it. It was nice of them to rent out this apartment until we got our school dorms. After that, Gudako and I will be in separate dorms for a long time. Speaking of which, how's she doing? Gudako! How's it going with you in your room?"

"It's going alright Ritsuka! Give me a second!" There are some noises and a few crashes before a dark orange haired girl comes to the door before saluting with a smile. "Done with my room! Everything is spick and span!"

"Then what was all that noise…" Ritsuka questions as Gudako just laughs it off. "In any case. I'll start dinner. Try not to mess up anything until it's ready."

"Yes, sir!" Gudako salutes once again making Ritsuka smile for a bit. He gets up and walks to the kitchen and prepares dinner for the two.

"Tomorrow is the big day, isn't it? Your first day of high school." Ritsuka said while chopping some veggies. "You must be pretty excited."

"You bet! I'm so excited that I can't sleep!" Gudako yelled out. "Aren't you excited as well? I mean, you're a second year but this is technically a new experience for you as well. Being part of the master program at a new school."

"Yeah, I'm excited. But I'm also nervous." Ritsuka brings a tray of food to a table and lays it in front of Gudako. "Like you said. A new experience. The unknown is something exciting for people but that's the thing. You don't know what exactly the unknown is."

Gudako was dumbfounded for a second. "You sounded really philosophical for a second. That was so not you."

"Oh haha. Let's just eat Gudako."

"Thank you for the food!"

(The next morning)

"So this is Chaldea Academy. It's quite nice." Ritsuka said dressed in the school's issued uniform. He looks at the academy before looking at his little sister who wasn't hiding her excitement at all as she runs straight in, leaving Ritsuka by himself. "Wait! Do you even know where you're going?! ...Great. Might as well."

"Is there a problem?" Ritsuka turns around to see a lilac-haired girl with glasses.

"Oh… My sister and I are transferring for the master's program and my sister just completely ditched me." Ritsuka sighs before chuckling. "I know that this is her first year as a high schooler but still. She has no idea where to go. But to be fair, I'm lost as well."

"If that's the case then can I show you where you need to go?" The girl offered.

"Oh, it's fine. I need to go to the teacher's office. I don't want it to be a hassle to you."

"It's no hassle at all. I need to go to the teacher's office anyways. Follow me. I'll take you there."

"Thank you. I'm Ritsuka Fujimaru, a second year." Ritsuka lets out a smile as he introduced himself.

"A second year? So you're my senpai. My name is Mashu Kyrielight, a first year. Nice to meet you, Senpai." Mashu said as the two starts walking into Chaldea Academy. "Wait. You're part of the master's program?"

"Yeah. Is there anything wrong with that?" Ritsuka asks.

"No. It's just that both you and your little sister are the only masters in this academy." Mashu said causing Ritsuka to come to a complete stop. "Is there something wrong Senpai?"

"Wait. You said the only masters at this academy are me and Gudako?" Mashu nods to Ritsuka's question. He catches up to Mashu before thinking about it. "I thought one hundred invites were sent out to people."

"There were. But it turns out that almost everyone declined the invitation." Mashu explains. "Most people see the task of being a master as daunting task filled with lots of challenges. Just accepting the task shows the level of bravery you have Senpai."

"T-Thank you." Ritsuka face turns a bit red in embarrassment as the two make it to the teacher's office.

"Here's the teacher's office." Mashu opens the door and walks over to Da Vinci who was working on some last minute paperwork. She walks over and takes out a packet of paper from her bag before handing it to the teacher. "Sensei. I brought the papers that you asked for me."

"Did you? Thank you Mashu. You should hurry. Class is starting in 10 minutes." Da Vinci said with a smile before looking over at Ritsuka. "And who is this?"

"I'm Ritsuka Fujimaru. I'm the new transfer student for the master's program." Ritsuka said with a bow of respect.

"Oh? So you're Ritsuka. I'm Leonardo da Vinci. Your little sister was just here a few minutes ago as she was taken to her class. I believe that you're in my homeroom but I need to finish something so you go to Class 2-B. It's the one right next over. You should have no trouble finding it." Da Vinci said. Ritsuka and Mashu bow at their teacher before leaving the office.

"Thank you for taking me to the teacher's office Mashu. It was a really big help." Ritsuka said with a bow in thanks causing Mashu's face to turn red.

"Ah! It's fine Senpai! I'm just glad that I was able to help you! I should get going!" Mashu said bowing trying to hide her embarrassment. She runs away to her class leaving Ritsuka by himself.

"Eh… What was that all about?" Ritsuka said with wonder before turning around. He sees the sign for "2 - B" and stares at it for a bit. 'I guess that this is my life for the next two years.'

Ritsuka walks to the door but before he could open it, there was a loud noise and then the door breaks out of the wall and slams into Ritsuka causing a loud crash.