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We're given the chance (don't lose it)

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The guards walked though the streets of the isle. Then had be told to go find a group of kids 10 exactly, "ok we have diego de vil, clandine frollo, and gil who else is there" one of the guards asked, "seven other kids, i'm not bothering with names" the other guard grumbled.

(Paris's pov)

Paris sat on a broken chair, randomly flipping through magazine. He glanced up when the door opened, "wanna give me a reason why your here" Paris asked putting his feet on the counter, the other guard snorted and shoved the scroll into Paris chest, "just read it" the guard snapped. Paris eyes scrolled through the piece of paper "is this some kind of joke" he asked "seriously" he thought " they better not be screwing with me"

After some talking Paris walked into the back room, "guys guess what" paris yelled "Whats up" Rosa asked before anyone else could. "Read it" he smiled handing it to her "king benjamin of auradon humbly invites you to attend auradon prep. Here are the vks who will leave the isle of the lost on September 23 at 8:00 am. Diego de vil, claudine frollo, gil, hannah westergaard, storm thremaine, Paris gothel, Jake hearts, hadie, c.j. Hook, and Rosa thremaine westergaard." Rosa said a smile tugged at her lips. " oh hades" c.j. Squealed "we're going to auradon.

(In auradon)

Mal paced around her dorm room angrily. "How do we know they'll say anything" jay said trying to calm mal down.

" i killed the kid's sister for hades sake of course he'll be out for revenge" mal yelled at jay, she laid down on her bed. If there was anything she was nervous about it was Paris, i mean yes there was the possibility that he regained his sanity, but that was unlikely considering his mental state when they left, mal thought

"i mean seriously those kids are crazy" Evie said to carlos who was nodding

" well maybe thats why you don't murder people cause there siblings will try to ruin your life years later" carlos said, mal sighed she knew carlos was right, she had killed many people but now she wanted to be good but being good won't change the fact the many people she hurt/killed will never forget or forgive her for what she did.