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True Friends

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True Friend’s: Chapter One: Crossed Lines


 They say friendship is a gift. It comes and goes. It grows and sometimes it withers like flowers in the cold. And like everything, friendship wasn’t perfect. Lines are crossed, feelings are hurt, and people their separate ways. Never admitting who was wrong or right. Too proud to admit fault or too ashamed with guilt.

Yes friendship is a double edged sword.

Because like it or not someone got hurt.


 Paris was not a normal place. It was always busy.

When akuma’s began popping up the city of lights became even more un-normal than before. Yet for all the unpredictability that arose, so did three heroes who helped preserve peace to the city and the people. But, sometimes there are things even heroes cannot prepare for. Things that changed them. Things that hurt them and made them see the things in a much different light. Along with many of the people around them.

And it all started with a simple statement...

Prove it

Two simple words created what some would call battle lines. Ridiculous, but true nonetheless. Appearing online, it sprouted torrents, upon torrents of emails, posts, and comments seemed to divide much of the city. Mostly the youth. Students from neighboring schools.

And at the head of the battlefront were two bloggers from the opposing schools.

Donny Morgans from College Voltaire and Alya Cesaire from Francois Dupont College.

What was once a critic and feature on one post spanned into a war of words. And with the internet egging one side more then the other, it escalated into a full blown war of who was right. Soon subscribers from both sites were leaving comments on each of the opposing blogs. Ranging from childish humor to what could be considered threats and harassment. Though nothing too serious, it didn’t help the situation.


And after weeks of back and forth between the two. A call was finally made.

“If LadybugQueen wants to have a war of words, then as a gentleman of entertainment, I’ll be happy to oblige.”, he said, “It seems Ms. LadybugQueen didn’t take fondly of my critic. Though, if she gets this upset, then she’s in the wrong business.”, the profession, novice or professional, wasn’t for those with soft skin. Even the most water downed fluff piece can get some dislikes. And sometimes you had to take it and move on.

“So I would like to formally invite the ‘reporter’ for a little chat on the net. Face to face, of course.”, he said, “If she’s so sure that her stories and her sources are up to snuff, then she’ll have no problem proving her case in front of you. The viewers.”, he pointed out, “Let’s see if the Queen can keep her crown.”, or if she was needing a little kick off her high horse, “I invite anyone to come and show your support for either side.”, and so with that invitation was set and the challenge had been given.

And of course, not even before the day was over, a day was set.


 When the day came for the showdown between the two bloggers, there was a surprising big turnout for what was thought to be a online debate. Student’s from College Francois and Voltaire had come to watch and cheer on their respective sides and friends. While they in the bleachers, both Donny and Alya were seated in the middle. With an announcer between them to spectate and provide commentary if necessary.

“This will be a showdown of facts. Both bloggers will be presented with topics and subjects from their blogs. And will have a set time to either prove or discredit the other.”, each given time and turns to show their work and prove which one held more merit over the other. Allowing to used any evidence, fact, or witnesses to prove their point. With the stipulation that they were verified and not made up. Which included sources and credit given. While each person was allowed to bring their own ‘groups’ to watch they could interfere with the actual debate in a way that harassed, intimidated, or sway the results in anyway.

“If someone cannot provide ample proof meeting the requirements of evidence they will intern forfeit the round. And the one with the most points at the end will win.”, the scores would be measured by a one hundred viewer point count. Viewers could move from one side to the other. Showing which side they believed over the other. Each round would start with Fifty viewers a piece. At the end, the winner of the round the blogger with the most viewer votes from all three rounds would be the winner. And the loser would have to not only admit defeat, but apologize before all those watching.

“Now I want a civil debate.”, which meant no trolling, spamming, blocking, or any form of intimidation from both parties and those watching, “That includes members of the audience.”, on both sides of the space being used for event both bloggers had a rather impressive amount of support from friends and fans who came to see the debate.

“Are both contestants ready?”

“Ready to go live!”, Donny smiled straightening his bow tie.

“Let’s do this!”, Alya said with a smirk.

And so the competition began.

“First question goes to Alya, LadybugQueen, of the Ladyblog.”, the announcer said, “Please explain the following questions brought up about your last post involving the band RVER and content surrounding events taking place backstage at their last concert.”, she showed the questions about the article.

“Well as I wrote a close fan of the band had talked about her experience with the band backstage.”, she said. Explaining how she knew of someone close to the band, who told her and her classmates of her experience with the band. And gave her an exclusive interview.

“And how would you confront the questions of the lack of evidence to this story? Including statements and comments from those who claim no such event took place.”

“Well there are people who have their own opinions. Though most of it are just people repeating what the last person says.”, adding it was the usual pick of people who wanted to start a discussion.

“Are you saying that the statements of those at the event are false?”, she asked, “Some of which were from those who worked the event. Including crew, staff, and even other fans who have photos with the singer.”, which were time stamped.

“Well that was only for Rain.”, she said, “I mean he isn’t the only one in the band. So obviously they were speaking of the other three band members.”, still making the story legitimate.

“Donny any comments?”, the announcer turned to Donny who had been quite throw out his opponents explanation. A calm smile on his face.

“A number actually.”, he nodded, “Even if this ‘fan’ was only hanging out with the other three members of the band. I point out that the article as well as the video posted references Rain.”, not just the three members, “Never is the singer not mentioned in the article. In fact his name and presence come up a number of 25 times.”, and he counted and brought the article for all to see on the screen. Rain’s name highlighted showing that he was involved in the story more then the author was trying to persuade.

“If LadybugQueen is suggesting differently, then either she forgot to edit her own article or she left that detail in on purpose.”, both of which would be embarrassing for any writer.

“LadybugQueen a rebuttal?”, she turned to the other blogger.

“Yes.”, she nodded, “While I do see how it could be confusing. My ‘source’ assures me it was just a slip of words.”, that she was so excited by hanging out with the band and sharing her story with her classmates she had forgot that Rain had left.

“Are you implying that your ‘source’ didn’t notice that Rain, the leader of the band and lead singer, wasn’t present?”, the very notion of that sounded odd. Without Rain it wouldn’t exactly be RVER and even so, the singer had a personality that would be missed if not around.

“It was an honest mistake.”, she replied back, “People can get make mistake when retelling a story.”

“How about if they make one up.”, Donny said, “With concern of this ‘close fan’ you quoted for information. Not once are we shown a picture or even a video or shred of evidence that shows this story is even close to what was written.”, showing that unlike the evidence against the story, the article offered nothing other then the words of an unnamed source. While also adding the fact that the story changes as often as it was told.

Some of the commenters watching online began posting in comments concerning the information in the article. Agreeing or alluding to the fact that there wasn’t much evidence to show validity. While also noticing how the story changed.

“So did you bring any proof to the story?”, he looked to the blogger who should or would have smart enough to bring some type of journalistic evidence for her story, “Like a photo.”

“Unfortunately she didn’t have her phone with her.”, meaning she couldn’t take any pictures. And while that was a plausible excuse, many didn’t see it as a strong story.

“Please. Anyone would be taking a dozen photos if they were there.”, it was human nature, “Not even one photo of the band and this so called close ‘fan’. Or how about a backstage pass from the concert.”, something that showed she actually went backstage and were with the band.

“Well no, but...”

“So you expect people to believe this person who have so loyally defended left and right, without any proof?”

“Yes. I mean no.”, she shook her head, “When she went backstage she promised the band not to take pictures. For personal reasons of the band.”

“But, didn’t you just say she didn’t have her phone?”, he reminded, while also emphasizing the fact she had just given up her sources gender, “And if this was about personal reasons like privacy or the wishes of the band, why would you she deliberately tell other people about it and even let it be posted online that she was even with them?”, which defeated the purpose of keeping it secret if she told everyone else.

“I believe you and this ‘fan’ made this story up.”, Donny stated to the shock of the audience and some of the people online.

“No I didn’t.”, she defended.

“Then why can’t you even defend the smallest detail for it?”, he questioned, “All you said is your opinion and nothing even remotely concrete that proves otherwise.”, just trying to make it seem reliable because this trusted sources said so.

“And I’m telling you I didn’t make anything up. My stories are a hundred percent true.”, she folded her arms, “I trust all my sources.”

“And what? You post content and write articles without even fact checking your source.”, even if she or anyone else trusted a specific source it still didn’t make it acceptable when the information was proven faulty.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that the reliability of your posts has drastically been going down.”, mentioning how most of her content offered only words with no content to back it up, “You offer no timeline or even any links to support yourself. Then when someone questions it you get all defensive and try to attack them. Or have your ‘friends’ jump in.”, he pointed out the fact that besides Alya herself commenting on Donny and other commenters essentially ‘attacking’ her and the Ladyblog. Her classmates and many of her own viewers were just as bad. Only adding fuel to a small ember they chose to turn into a forest fire.

“No I don’t. Plus my friends were defending me. Especially when people like you try to attack me, my friends, and my blog.”

“Why? Because me and everyone else actually used our brains and fact check work before posting it?”, he scoffed, “Also drama queen, I never attacked anything. I pride myself on actually looking into stories, so people don’t start spreading gossip.”

“Plus, who died and made you Queen of the blog world? You think because you post on the heroes of Paris that it suddenly makes you the only one who can have an opinion.”, it was becoming a pattern. If someone posted something and she didn’t like it or it went against her own opinion in some way it was instantly commented back.

“Now your being stubborn because people found fault in your functions. Oh, poor you.”, he fined sadness, “Unlike you, who jumps on any story like some overly excited dog, I actually take time to look into all points.”

“So do I.”

“Like this story of a backstage adventure. It’s basically been picked apart at this point.”, considering he had provided ample proof to show, “Even Rain, who you claimed in your own article to be close friends with this ‘fan’, denied the events.”, along with the other band members, “Are you saying they lied too?”, some people online jumped in claiming that Rain wouldn’t lie something like that.

“No.”, she dismissed.

“Even your last stories have been lackluster when it comes to the facts.”, just a bunch of words, “You painted a pretty picture, but it seems you couldn’t quite sell it.”

“LadybugQueen do you have any rebuttal to your opponent?”, all eyes turned to Alya who had become silent in her seat.

“And that’s the end of the first round.”, the announcer said, “Looking to the scores from the beginning of the round.”, as the levels came up it showed a significant change in viewer favorship.

Donny: 62 Alya: 38

Nearly half her audience, her own viewers and fans, had switched over to her opponent's side. Even the comments showed more in Donny’s favor as she countered every point she brought.

“With the current score, Donny has won the first round.”, the announcer stated. While Donny’s section cheered, Alya’s half was than happy with the results.

“We will now take a short intermission. Don’t go anywhere.”, with that they went to break. At that both bloggers were able to return to their respective corners in order to prepare for the next round.

“Babe, breathe, breathe.”, Nino said trying to console his girlfriend who looked rather dejected having lost the first round.

“That was more intense then I thought.”, most of them thought it would just be a short debate about videos and blogs.

“I hate to admit it, but guy lived up to his name.”, truly he was the king of facts.

“There’s still about two more rounds.”

“Just hang in there Al’s, you got this.”, her friends tried to encourage her.

“No. No I don’t.”, Alya stammered a bit.

“Don’t say that.”

“Your just a little nervous. Just take a deep breathe and get him in the next round.”, her boyfriend said.

“I am so roasted. Burnt.”, she groaned, “I can’t go back out there.”, not like this. She barely got through the first round with only a minimal amount of people on her side. By the end of the second round she wouldn’t even see the third round.

“Two minutes!”, someone announced.

“Don’t worry. I’m right here. Everyone is.”, Nino said, “You can do this.”

After a quick pep talk everyone was called back as intermission ended.

“Donny viewers have called into question your last post when you brought on a special guest, Kitsi Inari, for a segment talking about her older brother’s. Including their days at school. Would you like to comment?”

“With much pleasure.”, he smiled, “As many of you know Kitsi is one particular name in Paris. She’s been in the news a number of times. But, the reason I invited her onto my show was because I saw something special about her.”, he brought up, “She even got Rain to make a video appearance. Along with her brother who offered some interesting banter between the two.”, many commented on some of her feats, leaving remarks to the subject.

“And about the comments that the video of Rain himself was, um, doctured in a way.”, the announcer brought up.

“I think it would be really hard to doctor a live video chat.”, Donny pointed, “Plus these so called comments only came about after this little tiff between me and LadybugQueen started. So I’m sure we can all guess where they came from.”, most eyes fell on the Alya and her classmates seated on the opposite bleachers, “I give them credit for standing up for their friend, commending their loyalty, but don’t came looking for a fight when you have no reason.”

“So the comments have no merit?”

“Basically their pretty childish.”, calling him out for reasons of jealousy and being petty or mean, “Is it my fault for doing my job? My blog is based on finding, correcting, as well as defending facts.”, not just one side, “I may give my opinion. But, it’s up to the viewers to make the final call.”, all from the facts their given, “Though there will always be those who wish to go down with their ships.”, or in this case theories.

“Also if anyone is being petty would the Ladyblog. Whose only interaction with Rain is the fact he shut down the very article she claims I was jealous of.”, posting on his own page that dismissed the entire story as false, “Not to mention that song she had looped on her sight had to be taken down for legal reasons.”, there was a murmur in among the people watching and comments on the online chat section.

“LadybugQueen would you care to make a statement?”

“Well there were some technical issues with the last post.”, she said.

“If by technical you mean a ‘cease and desist’ order by the band’s manager.”, Don said.

“It was a misunderstanding.”

“How is ‘you had no permission to post this. Take it down or will sue,’ a misunderstanding?”, he questioned back, “Because it sounds to me like fabricating stories and violating personal boundaries aren’t your only offense.”

“Hold on. I thought this was about your video.”, how was it turning on her?

“You mean the one currently trending faster than your credibility is falling.”, he quipped, “I’ve proven my point. I was literally live when Rain called in and he even answered questions from fans in real time.” , bringing up screen shots of viewers calling in and texting which were all time stamped. No one could fake a live chat, especially with a celebrity.

“It could happen. I mean it would be easy to put on a fake clips and fake comments.”, people online had been caught doing it to goose subscribers and viewer count, “That clip of Rain could have been from anywhere. Plus, Rain has a very busy schedule.”

“Apparently not when it comes to Kitsi.”, adding the close bound the two seemed to share and how they could talk so casually to each other, “Would you be saying the same thing if your ‘close friend’ to the band got Rain to actually appear on your blog?”

“We’ll no, but I’m sure she could.”, if she wanted to, “She just doesn’t want to bother people, especially with their schedules.”

“Well if that isn’t hypocrisy I don’t know what is.”, Don gave a short laugh, “Carefully, LadybugQueen, I don’t think they’ve made censors big enough to cover your nepotism.”

“What’s that’s supposed to mean?”

“It means that your playing favorites.”, he simplified, “If this close friend of yours had actually gotten Rain or anyone famous on your blog you would find no problem with it. But, because someone else did and called you out on it, you found the need to retaliate and slander those who questioned you.”, creating a double standard.

“That is so not true.”, she dismissed.

“We wouldn’t even be on this show if you had admitted your fault and corrected yourself. But, like a stubborn mule you just kicked anyone who said otherwise.”, never once trying to admit she had made a mistake, just blaming those who thought otherwise and being unapologetic, “Then you had your classmates flood my comment section and attack me and my blog because I found actually mistakes in your work.”, for which he had proof, “You even tried to get your own viewers to do your dirty work because you couldn’t handle the facts.”, and instead tried throwing dirt on his work.

“Because you were attacking my blog and my work.”

“There’s no law against giving an opinion. I can discredit each of your blog posts piece by piece myself. But, unlike other people, I gave you more than enough time to make your case and answer the questions yourself. And all you’ve done is throw around names and try to make everyone else who didn’t side with you like their out to get you.”, creating more drama then was even needed or worth at that point.

“I was defending myself and my blog. You and your followers were leaving all sorts of comments.”

“You mean asking questions, like you should have done.”, he pointed back, “Is it their fault if they can find something you missed? Like asking for a date? A time? To clear up something that is completely absent in your own work.”

“Instead of answering them in a calm and simple manner.”, which would save people time and trouble, “You try to make them out as wrong. Blame them for having an opinion and then as a final act you block them from your site because they ‘asked a question’.”

“I was only...they were...”

“Every person, no matter, what will always have people commenting either for or against them. I’ve even gotten bad comments when it comes to my work. But, the difference is I don’t snap at every person who doesn’t agree with me.”, at least not those who make a valid point and don’t come in arguing like children, “Instead I make my case or if I’m wrong I apologize for any misinformation I might have given and correct it.”

“You went on tirade about how everyone is out to make you look bad or hurt this so ‘called’ friend of yours feelings, who you’ve been more than willing to believe every little word of, because everyone is jealous of her or trying to give you a bad rap.”, which again was ridiculous.

“Because that’s what friends do.”, she said, “Unlike you and other people who are constantly attacking her.”

“And there you go again. Making yourself out to be the victim.”, everyone was wrong except those who didn’t agree with her and her friends, “It’s not wrong to want physical proof when you constantly make claims. But, because no one believes them you try to villainize them. Especially when you can’t win an argument.”

“And for someone who claims to follow Ladybug’s example of truth and helping others, you sure have a funny way of showing.”, that was a burn and everyone could feel it.

“Now hold up. Ladybug is my hero. She protects the city and everyone.”, she declared, “My blog keeps record of all their heroics. It allows people to see what great work they do. And also helps the heroes keep in touch with their fans and let them know their safe.”

“Help them? You’ve been making it your personal mission to find out the heroes identities.”, especially Ladybug’s, “Even though she has directly said that she wanted her identity as well as her partners to remain secret.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being curious. Almost everyone wants to know.”, she defended.

“But she doesn’t.”, he said, “Because of your constant snooping you’ve invaded people’s privacy and possibly put targets on young teens, male and female, because you refuse to respect people’s boundaries.”

“Again it’s not wrong to be curious.”

“It is when you put your obsession over everyone else's privacy. Like the time you thought Chloe Bourgeois, the number one cause of akuma’s at your school to date, was Ladybug.”, going as far as to stalk her and snoop in her locker. Which lead to the whole LadyWifi situation.

“How did you know that?”

“A magical thing called talking.”, he just asked around the school and asked students. They were pretty open about it, “But, apparently you missed that because you tried and failed to get photographic proof because you were so sure Ladybug was the mayor’s daughter.”, by using her boyfriend as a distraction, while she took photos of her classmates locker.

“She could have been.”

“Let’s you forget during the first attack on Paris where Ladybug saved her after the akuma, Stoneheart, tossed her clear from the Eiffel Tower.”, a video was shown showing the rescue in progress. Ladybug catching the heiress before she became acquainted with the ground, “That should have been a huge red and black dotted flag there.”, if Ladybug saved Chloe, there was no way she could possibly be the heroine.

“Okay, it was a mistake.”, she could admit that, “But, there was proof that she might have been Ladybug.”, bringing up how she saw her with a yo-yo and polka dotted fabric. Which turned out to be a costume she wore when she...role played as the heroine in her spare time.

“Not only was the proof substantial at best. You still made a decision to violate people’s privacy and claimed because you had a hunch it made it okay.”, then posted about it with little to no proof.

“Again an honest mistake.”, she defended, “Plus what does that have to do with anything?”

“By invading her personal space and right to privacy. By making claims about her without any proof. Or by not even trying to get her opinion, but using her heroics and the heroics of the other heroes as justification of your disrespect of the basic principles of not only reporting, but writing in general.”

“To further prove my point I brought in some witnesses.”, he said as three people appeared on screen, “Each of these people are subscribers to both my blog and the Ladyblog.”

ManyFacesLoveMe: Has logged on

“Hello ManyFacesLoveMe, you participated in the live chat with Rain on my blog correct?”

“Yeah ,it was so amazing! Rain has the most beautiful silver eyes.”, she blushed, “I was so happy I got through.”

“Then can you tell us about your incident on the Ladyblog?”, he asked.

“Oh.”, she looked at Alya for a moment, “I was on the Ladyblog when the story about RVER got posted and I was super excited.”, she admitted, “But, then I started reading people’s comments about how something was wrong. So I emailed the author about it and she told me it was just some people trying make a fuss over nothing.”, and as a fan of the blog she took her at her word, “But, then my friend who was at the concert that night said she saw Rain leaving the concert hall when all this was trying to take place.”, even sending her a picture she had managed to snap of the singer.

“I sent it to the author and was asking her about it.”, not trying to make too much of a fuss, just finding the timing between the photo and the story a bit off, “The next thing I know people are telling me that I’m wrong and I’m trying to make the blog look bad or that my friend made a fake photo for attention.”, which she brushed off at first, until eventually she just got off the blog because of how people were treating a simple question.

DomingoFlamingo: Has logged on

“DomingoFlamingo, you had a similar experience.”

“Close.”, he said, “I asked a simple question about that girl the author was getting all excited about.”, he brought up, “In that interview she said Ladybug saved her life, but when I asked how and when, I got no reply. Seriously when any of the heroes do anything the news covers it.”, especially if it was something heroic, “Chat Noir saved a cat from a tree and you can find tons of videos of it.”, from various people who recorded it, “But this one girl is supposedly saved by Ladybug one time and there’s no proof of it. I mean that’s pretty weird.”, especially being in Paris.

“Well according the blog and it’s author, the girl she interviewed is a close friend of Ladybugs.”, he twisted his fingers together.

“Yeah and I’m the King of Sweden.”, the boy scoffed, “People get saved by Ladybug all the times. All the heroes save people and the city from supervillains all the time. But, this girl is so special because she claimed to be close to Ladybug, but offered no proof to even the fact she was even saved.”, what even was that?

“And did you bring this up?”

“A few times. I just wanted more information and then the next thing I know I get blocked.”, he logged in one day and found he couldn’t.

“You were blocked? Why?”

“Apparently for stalking.”, which was ridiculous, “I just wanted more information or at least some proof to this story. Which apparently in QueenDictators world means I get blocked for what she calls harassment and bullying.”, which prompted the young man to just delete his account and telling some of his friends to do the same, “Even now there’s no proof about it. But, more stories with this Italian girl being posted.”

“Did you try to explain yourself or give your side of the story?”, Donny asked.

“Nope.”, he shook his head, “A couple of my friends tried to email the admin, the so called ‘reporter’, and she refused to even try to answer back.”, which lead to their accounts being blocked.

ChatNoirsFutureWife: Has logged on

“And finally ChatNoirsFutureWife.”, he turned to the last person, “Interesting username.”, he complimented.

“Love you Chat!”, she beamed making a heart with her hands, “I’m a huge fan.”

“So as a avid lover of Chat Noir you must be a big fan of the Ladyblog.”

“Oh I am. I love all those videos and pictures of the heroes saving the day. Especially when Chat Noir comes in like a prince and saves the day. But, in leather instead of armor.”, she giggled, “I’ve been a member since the blog first started.”

“I see. So is it fair to say you still believe in the blog?”, Alya seemed hopeful at this. This girl looked like a real fan of the heroes and her blog. Maybe she wasn’t dead yet.

“Well I do love the blog. But, it does seem rather...hostile now.”, she said rather sadly.

“Care to explain?”

“Well, I don’t want to picky, but recently the people on the blog have been tense.”, especially when all this about videos came up, “I was also disappointed in one of the last posting when the author interviewed this girl, the one whose close to Ladybug, and was talking to her about what I guess was the heroes.”

“And you didn’t like it?”

“Well not really. I mean I guess it’s interesting to learn more about them, but it wasn’t anything really relevant.”, she replied, “Also if they are friends she shouldn’t be telling Ladybug’s personal information.”, especially for strangers online. Even to fans, “Also in the same interview she said Ladybug referred to Chat Noir as her sidekick.”

“Ladybug always says that Chat Noir are partners.”, and would correct anyone who said otherwise, “She would never call him a sidekick and not once did the one giving the interview correct her on it.”

“Good point. Ladybug values all her teammates equally.”, and wouldn’t think less of them in terms of how they work as a team, “And when you brought this up, how did the Ladyblog respond?”

“Well at first nothing happened. I just suggested that maybe she shouldn’t call Chat Noir a common sidekick in Ladybug’s words.”, since he was just as important as the other heroes who protected the city, “Then for some reason I got comments saying I was being biased to Ladybug because I was fanatic who was in love in Chat Noir.”

“Ouch, a bit on the nose. But still harsh.”

“I admit I do have a soft spot for Chat Noir. He’s just so adorable like a real cat.”, only a human, “But, I’m also a fan of the other heroes.”, she just had a preference for one over the others, “There have been people on the blog who always talk about Ladybug and not the other heroes, but I’m being singled out because I thought one girl was being unfair and wrong for putting another person’s information in an interview.”, it was offensive, “I wasn’t trying to bully anyone or even make a big fuss. But, the comments said otherwise and before I knew I was being blocked from most of the chatting logs and blog spaces. I lost entire Chat Noir online collage from my account.”, something she spent weeks making from the photos she got online, “I told the author, but she sided with this girl and didn’t even try to apologize me or even reinstate my account so I could finish my pages.”, they had been completely over run and become old.

“Join the club.”, DoflamingoFlamingo huffed, “Everytime someone questions anything to do with this ‘one girl’ their either flooded with comments calling them bullies or blocked from the site.”

“We’re allowed to make our own opinions.”, ManyFacesLoveMe added.

“But, when we did, we got turned into piranhas!”, ChatNoirsFutureWife commented sadly.

“You mean pariahs.”, Donny seemed to correct.

“It still wasn’t nice.”, just mean, “After I got constantly blocked I had to unsubscribe from the site because I couldn’t update my pages.”, The stress was too much, “But, I did find a group dedicated to Chat Noir. So, it wasn’t so bad.”

“So LadybugQueen, as someone who prides herself on her content and fans, what do you have to say to them? People who used to be your viewers until they were told to leave the blog or had to leave?”, all eyes turned to blogger and admin of the sight.

“Well when users are harassing other members and leaving unreasonable comments it is the discretion of the admins to either block them or provide reasonable punishment for the violation of website rules.”, she said.

“True.”, he would disagree, “But, that only applies when someone has actually broken some kind of rule of the site.”, and from what he and everyone else have been told these three users had to leave not because they did something wrong, but because they were told they did, “From what’s been said the only thing each person did was ask questions. Simple questions they could have been easily answered. Or offered a suggestion because something made them uncomfortable.”, not badly, but still enough to give an opinion, “But, somehow you found it necessary to not only have them blocked, but blocked with no reason other then you believe they had been wrong.”, and that wasn’t fair.

“Well technically they were.”, she said carefully, “One user was continuously commenting about the girl I interviewed. And she found it uncomfortable.”, which was grounds of harassment, “And as her friend, she came to me and asked me to intervene.”

“Actually it wasn’t harassment.”, Donny corrected, “Also these so called harassing comments were only about the nature by which this person was saved.”, when did it happen and how did it happen?, “They’re the basic forms of questions for any story. One’s I’m sure you as a journalist should well understand and could have easily answered.”, since she was the one who did the interview and posted the story, “A simple back check would have sufficed. You could have told the user you would talk to this girl and answer those two simple questions in a respectable time. Instead of having him blocked for questioning that only amounted to 20 texts in a span of a three weeks.”, he pulled them up on screen so everyone could see them. Parts were highlighted to show just common questions and few comments on the subject.

“It also shows that he didn’t ask this girl directly or even reference her in anyway. Instead he made a small blog area within the website and asked ‘Does anyone have any information on when this happened?”, he read off the blog space that had since been taken down, but snapped in a screenshot, “As you can see not only did he not reference this girl once or at all, but he wasn’t the only person who questioned about when this supposed rescue and becoming best friends scenario happened.”

“Thank you.”, the user said with a semi-dramatic sigh, “Seriously guy asks one question and he gets blocked. If the so called reporter actually asks these questions outright I wouldn’t have had too.”

“Fair enough.”, Donny said, “But, a simple answer can fix anything. There was no need to escalate to blocking an account or demeaning them with unchecked claims.”

“Yeah and I don’t appreciate being labeled a bully because I posted one photo.”, it wasn’t her fault if it contradicted someone else's story, “I don’t even know this ‘fan’, but even I wouldn’t be this upset.”

“And I don’t like being called a stalker because I’m one of hundreds of people in Paris who has a crush on Chat Noir.”, who wouldn’t, “Plus people also have crushes on the other heroes. But, most of them didn’t get blocked and their collages showing the brilliance of Chat Noir nearly ruined.”

“I didn’t mean to upset you guys and I’m sorry you got a bit offended.”, she began, “But, I was just doing what was best for my blog. All those comments and questions were making people uncomfortable.”

“Well that’s a joke.”

“You weren’t thinking about anyone, especially not your viewers.”

“You were just trying to make that one girl you keep yapping about happy because you think she’s Ladybug’s best friend.”

“That’s not true.”, she defended.

“Isn’t it? It was only when someone talked about or commented on those interviews you did with did you suddenly go agro on everyone else.”, and made them seem wrong.

“While the rest of us got treated like dirt because you made it seem like we were bullying some poor girl who apparently gets special treatment because she claims to be so special.”

“I was just defending my friend.”

“Yeah, by making everyone else seem like they had some kind of vendetta against her.” he said, “When all we did was ask questions because you didn’t do your job and instead kept trying to make this girl seem like she’s the best thing that ever came to Paris.”

“We didn’t even know this girl. But, you and all your friends treat her like she’s the Queen of the city because she’s traveled and says she knows all these famous people.”, but not everyone was impressed. Most people had commented before on the relevance the girl brought to the sight. Besides a bunch of stories that seemed amazing at first, but when really looked at didn’t seem all to straight.

“I’ve met Chat Noir before.”, the fan said, “He signed my favorite black cat plushie. But, no one makes a big deal about it. What makes this girl so special?”, she even showed a picture of her with Chat Noir that she had framed.

“Just because someone claims to be best friends with a superhero doesn’t mean it’s true. And even if it was you shouldn’t get special treatment for it.”

“I wasn’t giving her special treatment. I trust her.”

“Please you trust anyone if it means getting views on your blog.”, ManyFacesLoveMe said, “Well news flash you're not the only one in this city who posts about the heroes. The only reason you get so much credibility was you were the first blog and because the heroes reference the site.”

“But that doesn’t give you the right to pass your self proclaimed power over anyone else with a different opinion.”, and the other commenters seemed to agree.

“Especially over a picture.”

“Or a question.”

“And for wanting more Chat content. Chat’s are people too!”, the fan exclaimed.

“But, you guys said you were fans of my blog.”, yet now they seemed more hostile.

“Fans who you mistreated because we commented about posts you thought were negative.”

“Just so you can make one person, who you had just met and probably haven’t known long, feel special because apparently she’s your new Goddess.”, Doflamingo-Flamingo commented. And many commenters jumped in on the joke proclaiming the students new religion of worship to the Italian girl.

“We liked your site because you showed the heroes at their best!”, Chat’s fan said, “Not, some random girl going on and on and on and on...about how great she is because she was supposedly saved by Ladybug and the two became best friends because...why?”

“Why?”, the blogger looked rather taken aback.

“I mean yeah what makes her so special that she needs to be treated special?”

“Well she’s best friends with Ladybug. A civilian is best friends with the heroine of Paris.”

Yeah and...?”, they still didn’t get the hype, “Ladybug saves people and protects the city almost every other day.”, that’s what heroes do, “Yet you found all this so amazing you had to talk about her like she’s been the only one saved the heroes.”

“And how do you even know she’s even friends with her?”

“Well because she knows, I mean she’s told me all about how they’ve talked and hung out.”

“Yeah, like how yesterday I shared an ice cream with Hawkmoth on the Eiffel Tower.”, they weren’t buying it.

“Anyone can say they know anyone, but a ‘smart’ person would ask for something. You know proof.”, like pictures or videos. Something concrete.

“I sooner believe that girl who got dropped over the hotel would be friends with the heroes then this bo account girl who can’t even provide one solid piece of evidence to one thing she’s ever said.”, but still expected people to follow her every word and be defended all the same when people actually called her out.

“Speaking of which, is she going to be on your blog again?”, the Chat fan asked Donny.

“Fingers crossed.”, Donny smiled, “You know she’s a bit of a Chat fan herself. In fact she’s made bracelets for all the heroes.”, he brought up.

“I know. I saw the glasses she made for Rain. The one’s designed after Chat Noir.”, she squealed when she saw them, “She even captured his eye color perfectly.”, she gushed.

“See that’s what I mean. I believe the heroes were friends with her or she was close friends with Rain and RVER.”, she actually had proof and merit to her words. Having been seen with not only the heroes, being saved by Kitsune and the other heroes when she fought those two akuma’s. Even celebrities like Rain and Jagged Stone talked well about her, “Why doesn’t the Ladyblog do more stuff on her?”

“Weren’t there videos about her on the blog?”, they could of sworn there were videos talking about her battles with the akuma or being rescued by Kitsune.

“You would be correct.”, Donny answered, “But, after looking through the archives, it would appear the admin found that her special interviews were more popular. And so she moved Kitsi’s down.”, or just plain removed them focusing more on her other stories.

“Seriously? Girl faced three akuma’s. How is that not popular.”, he knew people that watched footage of the incidents with the akuma’s constantly on the blog.

“Why were they taken down?”, all eyes fell on Alya who been getting integrated continuously.

“Well the videos weren’t very popular.”, she tried to explain.

“How? She kicked butt.”, who wouldn’t find something like a civilian combating super villains not popular? Even when she lost it was still something to watch her fighting skills and her stand up to actual supervillains.

“I liked them. Especially the ones when she showed all her cute charms.”, some people had even commented for purchasing a couple or even advice on how she made them.

“I know I loved the bracelet she made for Chat Noir. It was purr-fect~”, she happily.

“So why were they taken down?”

“Well she was...asking for special favors and trying to manipulate people to do things for her.”, Alya commented, much to the surprise of many, including Donny who seemed impressed by the claim.

“So it’s fine for this girl who’s only claim to fame is that a superhero saved her to get special treatment. But, a girl who clearly deserves a medal for facing three akuma’s, helping people, and being dropped off a building can’t.”, something seemed wrong with that.

“I don’t see the problem. I mean how exactly was she misusing her popularity?”, again all eyes turned to Alya. Who began listing a number of instances where Kitsi had asked for special treatment and used her feats to gain attention from others.

“That doesn’t sound like something Kitsi would do.”

“What do you all think?”, as the question was turned over to the viewers the comment section blew up. Many people coming to not only to reply, but to actually defend Kitsi. Many were students from both schools who didn’t seem convinced on the rumors around Kitsi. Many finding them to be nothing but ideal gossip. While others who had barely known her believed she was a noble soul. And hadn’t heard or seen her once use her feats to get special treatment. And even if she did, she would have been warranted to do so.

It looked like the majority of people seemed to side with Kitsi. Claiming all the accusations were nothing but baseless rumors with no proof.

“Looks like we have someone writing in.”, Donny pointed out.

“Yeah. I was actually at the park during that time where she had got a bunch of ice cream from on the vendors.”, he brought up, “She did buy a bunch of ice cream, but it wasn’t all for herself. She purchased it for a group of young school kids who had been visiting the park for a field trip.”, some kids wanted to get ice cream, but a few kids didn’t have enough money. So Kitsi, with permission of the teacher, purchased ice cream for the whole class.

The person even sent in a short clip of Kisi actually buying the ice cream and handing them out to the children. Even the teacher thanked her for her generosity along with the children. People looked in awe at the photos of Kitsi giving ice cream to the happy young children.

“She dove into the fountain where a woman lost her engagement ring.”, the commenter wrote in how Kitsi searched for nearly fifteen minutes before finding the ring a bride-to-be had lost while she had been out. It had slipped off her finger and fallen into the fountain water. Kitsi had retrieved it and even had it cleaned. Officer Roger, who was going to ticket her for the stunt, even thanked her for her selflessness when he got the full story of what happened.

The viewer showed a picture of Kitsi actually emerging from the fountain with the ring in question. Along with another of the relieved and happy bride-to-be hugging Kitsi for saving her ring.

“I saw her carry an old lady after she missed her bus.”, another person wrote in about how Kitsi noticed the old woman looking saddened and took her all the way to the store and even paid for a cab to take her home after helping her shopping.

A photo was pulled up with Kitsi literally carrying the older woman on her back and carrying down the streets of the city. The boards were going crazy with comments. Praising the girl for her modern day heroics of helping others.

“Buying ice cream for kids. Saving rings from fountains. And even carrying old ladies to the market.”, Don read off, “Your right she’s simply the worst. And if you couldn’t tell, I was being sarcastic.”, and by the looks of his opponent who looked just as shocked the new pieces of information.

“As you, me, and everyone else can see Kitsi has been nothing, but the definition of a good person.”, he would go so far as to call her a hero. And many had agreed, “And again it seems your facts are half baked at best.”, at this point it seemed Alya had been backed into a corner again. However when it seemed to look bleak someone from the bleachers spoke it. And to suprise, or not, it was Nino who spoke. At first, people were calling that he wasn’t supposed to be speaking out of turn. But, still jumped in to defend his girlfriend. Claiming that people didn’t know Kitsi like they did and even added unneeded fuel of how the other student who resort to violence or lash out at others. And some of their classmates jumped in that they had witnessed it all first hand.

“Would you like to repeat that?”, a voice spoke suddenly. People looked around before suddenly a familiar face appeared on the screen.


“Oh please keep going.”, she insisted, “I believe you were all just about finish telling people how I’m a overly aggressive bully, a stalker, no, maybe it was just being a beast was it?”, her maroon eyes narrowed.

“Busted.”, someone whispered.

“...Your here?”

“Well considering all the grief I was being given about not being supportive enough and being basically guilted because I didn’t jump on this bandwagon off a cliff. I thought I tune in and see how the debate was going.”, reluctant as it was, “But, it looks like I was just in time for the dragging portion of the debate.”, and she was not impressed.

“So please continue.”, she blatantly welcomed them to continue their conversation.

“Yes finish your statement.”, Donny added, though uneedly, returning the stage back to Alya.

“Um...LadybugQueen the podium is still yours.”, the announcer said carefully. Even if she wasn’t in the direct line of fire at the moment, even she felt the energy Kitsi was putting out, “I think I’m going to stand back a bit.”, she moved to the left, closer to Donny who had been watching quietly seeing Kitsi was obviously upset and didn’t want to be caught in the crosshairs.

“So continue. Tell everyone what a terrible person I am. Regal them with all the stories you heard. Not the actions you’ve seen.”, her voice was icy, clashing with her fiery temper that radiate through the monitor, “Tell them all about the time I carried all the heavy boxes of new textbooks from the first to the second level of the school because everyone seemed to have forgot we were all supposed to do it together. But, somehow I got stuck carrying several boxes up a flight of stairs because apparently there was one student who couldn’t.”, which meant she needed to be pampered by their classmates.

“Or maybe it was the time half the class forgot their lunch money so I paid for everyone because they wanted to spoil one girl who forgot her lunch at home.”, which came out to over fifty euros and a majority of food she didn’t even eat, “I mean I didn’t get a thank you, but I did get a nice apple to the back of the head.”, she looked at Kim, who sank down under her gaze.

“No, it must be the time when we were at the museum and couple of people were messing around and nearly broke a priceless statue from the Mayan era because they decided it was a smart idea to go racing in a museum.”, and Kitsi had to dive and catch the nearly 70 pound statue and hold it until security came to help lift the statue back on it’s pedestal. While also having to apologize.

“So what is everyone waiting around for? Let’s get this started.”, and she was waiting very patiently for the end.

“And yes Marc did take notes for me. But, not because I forced him or stole his notebook as leverage. My right hand is still healing after being cut. Marc saw this and volunteered to take notes for me.”, him being one of the only people to actually offer her help, “Plus who could hurt Marc of all people?”, he was such a sweet little roll.

“But what about the claims that you were heard threatening people to stay away from him?”, Donny brought up.

“Again taken out of context.”, Kitsi shook her head, “Those guys were the ones picking on Marc. Stealing his notebook and refusing to return it. I told them that if they ever did it again, no one would find their bodies.”, while she detested bullying, she would use it if it meant protecting her friends. It was easy to say they got the message.

“What about using your popularity to make people do stuff for you or give you special treatment?”, he brought up some of the claims against her character.

“What popularity are you talking about? I’m constantly having to deal with rumors made about me, then the actual things I do.”, with no help except the old song and dance of ignoring it or being the bigger person, “And special treatment. I sit in the back of almost all my classes. My locker isn’t even in the same place as the other students. And even when I’m out sick, I can’t get notes from my classmates half the time.”, if that’s popularity then she was the most popular in the school.

“Oh, and by the way, thanks for bringing me my assignments Nath.”, she leered at the red haired artist, who seemed to be trying to hide behind a sign after figuring out he had forgotten to deliver Kitsi’s homework/notes when she was out sick and had put her back, “Though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean it’s not like I don’t have trouble with math or didn’t come to school late in the school year, so asking for help from a classmate should be simple. But wait, I do. And somehow no one has time to help me study for a test I wasn’t even aware of or offer their notes. But, they have time to finish another person’s homework and classwork because she came to school late in the year and apparently can’t catch up to the work.”, her eyes went to Max who shrank down in his seat, “Meanwhile, I myself, sprained my ankle having to make up a team run time because someone magically had a migraine even though she didn’t before and had to sit out because it was unfair. Then I bruised my back after getting slammed by a door and spilling hot chocolate all over my clothes. And lest we forget, I had to do a three person group project all by myself when my partners lied to me, ditched me, made no effort to help, and still wanted credit when they didn't’ even study the basic research.”, and that didn’t even scratch the surface of problems she had to put up with.

“You claim how you’re all defending your friend and all that, but that isn’t even close to what you’re doing. The only reason you even talked to this girl is because she gave you a story. That’s it. You only befriended her because you believed all her amazing stories of travel and being best friends with Ladybug. That’s is the flatline.”, half the time she was practically begging her for another interview and praising the girl about how her blog got so many views.

“Well news flash for you, it’s all lies!”, she practically yelled, “Ladybug never saved her life. She’s never even met her aside from that half-check, ego stroking interview you let be posted on the blog. Do you even know how upset Ladybug was after she saw that?”

“She was upset?”

“Let’s see, she constantly states how much she dislikes lairs. Then she looks on a blog and notices some random girl telling people about how their best friends. I don’t know, does the word livid work?”, because she had more words to use, “I had to talk her not into strangely her ‘so called best friend’. And trust me I’ve regretted it to this day.”, and continues to do.

“But, if it wasn’t true why didn’t she just tell people the story was false?”

“Even if she did, you put the video on the blog without even asking her about the information.”, let alone checking it,, “Regardless if she said something or not, you should have known better not to post it without any proof or without checking with Ladybug first to validate the information.”, that was a critical mistake.

“It wasn’t like I could just call her up.”

“Are you joking? You could have waited until the next akuma attack.”, they happened almost everyday. “Or, here's an idea, you could have acted like a competent reporter and actually asked for proof before believing every word this girl said.”

“That’s what I was saying!”, one of the accounts said, “Finally someone said it.”

“What’s worse is that when people actually did make these points on why it couldn’t have been true, you ignored any instinct to look into their points and instead bought the crocodile tears of a snake salesman and threw dirt on people.”, which included blocking them from the site or playing down the questions of people being mean.

“Even now as people are proving left and right that all these stories aren’t true. With valid proof I might add. You want to sit there and try to avoid even the slightest acknowledgement that you, a so called seeker of the truth, were wrong.”, and that was just insulting, “But, to go so low as to try to use proven rumors as a smoke cloud.”, that wasn’t going to fly. Not anymore, “That doesn’t even scratch the surface of why I’m pissed off at you and them!”, her voice boomed.

“I actually was coming back to the school to call everyone one of you out.”, she was running on pure anger and adrenaline. She didn’t care how it made her look, but she wanted blood. But, on her way to the school she saw it. A butterfly, black, just fluttering around. A part of her assumed it was for her. But, she was quickly proven wrong when she saw it fly into the bakery. Marinette's house. Fear overrode her anger and she ran into the bakery. And without even permission she went upstairs and saw it. The butterfly flying over it’s next victim.

“Marinette was crying her eyes out.”, she had never seen her so hurt before, “She was nearly akumatized because her so called friends chose to believe the words of some attention seeking liar. Over someone who had been nothing been kind and faithful everyone. Many of whom she’s known since elementary.”, when Marinette finally was able to tell her what happened and she ended up in tears in her room. Kitsi saw red. She had never been so angry in her life.

“So don’t you dare sit there and claim how your such a good friend for defending someone who had done nothing but lie, manipulate, and hurt people just to keep up a facade! Not when you so mercilessly and without one shred of sympathy turned your back on someone you dare to call your best friend!”, if the room wasn’t tense before, it was deadly quiet now. Even Donny dared not make a remark.

“Even for all her faults Marinette’s one of the best people I have ever met. Sure we’ve had our ups and downs. What friends haven’t.”, that was life, “But, even if I’ve barely known her as long of anyone of you. I know enough about Marinette to know she’s too good for anyone of you. None of you deserve her friendship and she doesn’t deserve your two-faced attitudes that cause you to believe the utter crap that comes from that witches mouth.”

“So call me a monster. Call me a beast. An animal.”, she dared them, “But, don’t ever for a second think that I would ever turn my back on my friends or the people I care about.”, she challenged anyone to say otherwise, “People like that aren’t even fit to be called scum!”, she exclaimed honestly for all to hear her. To feel her voice resonating to their very soul and forever be burned and branded in the deepest parts of themselves. She could have sworn she even saw tears from some of her classmates.

“You don’t get to cry. You don’t get to feel bad.”, she gritted her teeth, “Not when you just sat there trying to save yourself and your blog. While Marinette, your ‘best friend’, was crying her eyes out after you yelled at her because she was one of the only people trying to stop you from making a fool outta yourself.”

“You want to say how great of a friend you are. You didn’t even go check to make sure Marinette was okay.”, instead leaving her to cry to her eyes out and nearly become Hawkmoths supervillain, “So do not insult me or anyone else by trying to paint yourself as someone who defends her friends when you don’t even know the definition of the word.”

“The only thing you are is a self-serving, opportunistic, hypocritical, nosey enabler who needs to shut her mouth and stop pretending to be anything close to a good friend. Let alone a decent human being.”, she hissed, “So if you want to drag people then fine. Let’s go into the mud.”, because she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

“Donny I’m taking over.”, that wasn’t a question, that was a statement. Pure and simple.

“All yours.”, Donny didn’t argue. He had proven his point and stepped aside to offer Kitsi the floor to face down Alya in the last argument.

“...I guess this will be the final round.”, and things were about to get ugly.

“I’ll start.”, Kitsi began without hesitation, “I’ll make this brief as possible. Just looking at you, let alone talking to you, is ticking me off.”, and she was on screen, “So you want the truth, well here it is for all to see. You’ve been claiming up and down these stories are true and you trust the source. But, in fact none of the stories are true.”, she stated plain and simple.

“First off, Ladybug never saved this girl, let alone knows her enough to even be called a friend.”, she didn’t even like her, “But, since you don’t believe me, I have audio of Ladybug flat out saying that she doesn't know her. Let alone likes her.”, because Ladybug hates liars and would never associate with anyone who would do it so casually and to trick others.

“Second, Jagged Stone never wrote a song for her. She claimed he did after she saved his cat at an airport which caused her to injure her ear.”, she pointed to her own ear for example, “Well guess what, there was no cat. Jagged Stone, who I talked to personally, stated flat out that he’s never owned a cat.”, adding that while he liked cats, he wouldn’t own them as pets because of a bad interaction with one years prior that scratched his hands. Still having the scars, “So there’s no way she could have damaged her ears like that. Which still wouldn’t justify all of you deciding to put Marinette in the back of class.”

“They put her in the back of class?”, of the members of the audience asked.

Kitsi nodded, “Just moved her without asking her first. Even her so called best friend didn’t even offer her seat because she wanted to sit next to her boyfriend.”, the audience gasped. Talking among themselves about the situation, “They didn’t even ask her, but expected her to sit by herself, while everyone else got to choose their own seats.”

“That’s pretty lame.”

“I mean granted I sit in the back, but that’s because the seating was already chosen when I got there.”, so there wasn’t much space, “But, guess who got a special seat because she faked having an ear injury.”

“She faked an ear injury?”

“Of course. Like I proved before she never had a hearing problem because Jagged never had a cat so there was no way she could have gotten injured.”, it was all false, “I also talked to people who've closely worked with planes and even they said that in order to get that kind of injury, let alone from a private plane or commercial, this girl would have had to stuck her head in the turbines.”, the literal engines of the planes, “I also checked security and air traffic charts dating back years and there have been no incidents of anything remotely related to the story she gave.”, she pulled up papers, reports, files dating back at least five years. And no reports showed anything close to Jagged Stone having his cat saved, “Plus when you ask about this so called ‘personal song’ there's not even a track. Even Penny, Jagged Stone’s personal assistant, has no record of the song.”, not that Jagged could make it. The media would scur him for making one lyric about an underage girl for any reason.

“Even if she had an injury like that, that does not give justification to special treat a person by making a person give up their seat without permission of the one who seat was being taken.”, and many people of the audience agreed, “This isn’t even the only ‘affliction’ she claimed to have. She claimed to have arthritis in her hand so she couldn’t participate in most activities in gym. But, brags about how she had taken special fencing lessons and how she has family members who have been champions of various competitions.”, but again there was no proof and even then there were records that showed it couldn’t be true, Not even during her first days in school did she claim this, only when she got called out for her feats of playing with world class ranked players in tennis or being trained by champion swimmers and track runners and even having a family member who created a special form of fencing.”

“There’s a girl named Kagami who goes to our school whose family are world class ranked champions in fencing.”, and none of them even know about this and hold records of those specific dates, “I even have two uncles who hold ranks in those competitions.”, and she could sure check with the committees to prove it and even get the records.”

I checked with the school nurse and even she didn’t even know what I was talking about.”, which included her claims of an ear injury, “Her medical history is blank. She doesn’t have any allergies, injuries, or any kind of disabilities that the school is aware of.”, her parents would have filled out the papers if she did. But, as she suspected, the forms were blank. Other than vaccinations.

“Only when she’s called out she makes up wild excuses before crying like child until people give her sympathy.”, listing a number of instances to the letter of her behavior and how her classmates had jumped in because they failed to even check the stories, but vilify the person calling her out, “She claims to have traveled over the world, but provides no proof. Just some information anyone could pull off the internet.”, which she was positive she did, “She claimed to be friends with movie stars, hollywood directors, musicians, and even members of royal families. When in fact she doesn’t know any of them. Not one person!”, no pictures, numbers, or any evidence to back up her claims. Just stories anyone with a functioning brain cell and common sense should be able to find something fishy with.

“Yet you and those behind you, sit their swearing with all your hearts and souls that she does when she has offered no proof. Not one piece of evidence for anything she’s said or claim.”, but she and everyone else continues to defend her, “Tell me, Ms. Reporter, did you ever once question any of her claims? Ask for any visible evidence to her claims?”, all eyes were on Alya had set stone cold silent in her seat.

She looked like she wanted to speak, opening her mouth slightly, but nothing came out.

“No you didn’t.”, Kitsi answered, “You and everyone else swallowed her fake story and crocodile tears. You blinded yourselves with all those amazing stories that you couldn’t even see what jerks you being or rationalize even the basic form of common sense.”, and then turning against anyone who said differently.

“Even now neither you or them have shown even the smallest form of reaction after being played like a bunch of cheap fiddles.”, she banged her hand against the table to grab their attention, “Which doesn’t even make up for the fact how what jerks you’ve all been acting to not only me, Marinette, but everyone else just to placate a proven liar.”

“We were just...”

“I swear if you say defending a friend as an excuse one more time I’m going to come throw this screen.”, she warned, “And no you weren’t.”, she dismissed, “You weren’t defending anyone. Because what you believed was being a good friend, wasn’t even close. You were defending a story. And bad ones at that.”, believing every little word that came out of her mouth, even if it didn’t make sense, “Then when things got really bad, you let yourself get conned into making others look like villains because apparently everyone is out to get this one girl.”, and if that was the case the whole world was just so unfair because no one can be wrong or just lie for no reason other then beable.

“I admit I got in her face.”, she wouldn’t lie about that, but that because she got into mine first.”, Kitsi never moved first. Assessment was key for anything and running in blind only lead to bad moves.

“She wouldn’t do something like that.”, she defended.

Kitsi didn’t budge. Instead leaning over before returning to view. Without a word she lifted up something, what looked like a compact, and clicked the top of it. It turned out to be a recorder disguised as a compact. A project Kitsi had been working on as part of her accessory line. A bit much, but it came in handy.

“I recorded it. My last run ins with her. ”, she said sadly, having to come to this, “Because as a friend I wanted to make sure Marinette was okay.”, because that’s what friends do. Unlike them, Kitsi took notice of things. So when Marinette seemed more upset, sadder than usual, she decided to actually investigate, “I was so angry.”

“Do you know what level of control I had to use not to go in there and ram that girls head threw the wall?”, she faced akuma’s and people far worse when it came to attitude, “I put up with a lot of things, but I will not put up with anyone who threatens the people I care about.” , and Marinette was on the top of the list, “So tell me, Ms. I defend my friends, what do you think of your special friend right now? How do you justify her not only threatening another student, your classmate, your ‘best friend’, with such malicious vile and intent to not only ruin her life and take her friends anyway? I want you to justify this for me now that you’ve heard what your amazing friend is really like?”

“T-That has to be a fake.”, Alya spoke.

“Wanna repeat that?”, Kitsi challenged.

“That recording has to be a fake. She...she would never say something like that.”, she refuted the offentisity of the recording and how it must have been doctored.

“But, she isn’t wrong.”, it was Marc who spoke up.

“Marc?”, most of his classmate were shocked to see the usually quite student had spoken up. And surprised again to find he was sitting on Donny side with other students from College Voltaire.

“Ever since this girl transferred into the school you guys have been acting pretty well...mean.”, he said, “Half the time your crowded around this girl and following her around. Then you go around spreading everything she said.”, he recounted after to hear them all talking about various stories the girl had said, “Which includes all the gossip she makes up about everyone else.”

“What gossip?”, the students tried to defend. But Marc didn’t back down.

“You picked on Giovanni because she told you all he was insulting her ‘artistic’ skills.”, Marc brought up the sob story the girl had told the students about how she was being picked on, “Giovanni never even spoke one word to her. But, he did comment after she claimed to be connected to Matris Lovern because she was friends with her daughter.”, a famous and influential critic in the art community and art buyer, “Matris doesn’t even have a daughter. She has one son.”

“Wait, she doesn’t have a daughter?”

“Giovanni’s last name is Grayson. Ms. Lavern is his step-mother.”, his father and her had married when Giovanni was around eight. Meeting at a small art show in the states. The two seemed to come together over his artwork and married.

“Marc, why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“How could I? Anyone who tries to say a comment or refute any piece of information get shut down.”, it was basically like be sicked on by a pack of dogs, “Plus Giovanni asked me not to mention it.”, for privacy and personal reasons, “But, that doesn’t change the fact you were all jerks to him. You even messed with his belongings and took advantage of his color blindness.”

“Hold up.”, one of the guest accounts spoke, “Did I hear right? They picked on a kid with color blindness.”

“That is messed up.”

“We didn’t pick on him.”

“You switched the labels on his notebooks.”, the ones he used to organize all his work, “He nearly lost a month's worth of drawings and almost missed the deadlines for his classes because you all thought it would be funny and payback for what you thought he did.”, all because of some rumor, “And none of you even apologized for it.”

“Again, that is messed up.”, what kind of person picked on a blind person. Not fully blind, but still. The chat room lit up with people voicing their disgust the students behavior.

“It’s also wrong that you all listening to rumors about other people and judge them for that.”, a new voice spoke up.

“Odine?”, the red haired stood on the opposite bleacher. Kim seemed the most shocked seeing, who he believed, was on of his closest friends.

“Ever since that girl transferred to the school every day it’s some kind of drama.”, and the majority of time she was the start of it, “Like how she spread a rumor that Kitsi threw a tray at her for no reason at the ice cream parlor.”

“I was at the ice cream shop when this so called incident happen. I was meeting up with Lei to return the jacket he leant me.”, she explained how Kitsi had come along for morale support. Being seated at the booth with the view of Odine’s table, “It was all going pretty well.”, the next thing she knows there’s a rumor going around that Kitsi threw a tray for no reason and caused a scene, “Kitsi never threw anything at anyone. That girl was the one causing problems when she poured ice cream in my swim bag.”, getting hot fudge and caramel all over her swim uniform after she told the girl she didn’t believe any of the rumors she knew the other girl had been spreading. Kitsi was going to retaliate, but Odine had talked her down. However, the owner of the shop saw this, and had told the other girl she had to leave. Not tolerating any kind of harassment in her shop.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”, Kim asked.

“And what would you have done? You and everyone else were acting like she could do no wrong. And it didn’t help you were being upset with me because I was hanging out with Lei.”, she added.

“I wasn’t upset.”, he defended.

“Yes you were. Which is really funny because you missed three of our planned meetups. Including our weekend secret dive practices.”, and folded her arms, “Which still doesn’t make up the fact you took the words of another person instead of asking me up front.”

“If you had told me...”

“What? What would you have done? You didn’t believe me when I told you about the rumors the girl was spreading about me or anyone else. You didn’t even defend me when you thought I was having secret meet-ups with Lei.”, it was embarrassing, “I’ve known you since the first year of school and you chose to believe a baseless rumor over me.” , that was even more hurtful.

“Kitsi was kind to Markov.”, she gave him a choice, “Other girl is bad liar. Very bad.”, the little robots face turned red, “Everyone else believed her and called me a piece of junk. Markov is insulted.”, he scoffed angrily, “But, when Markov told his so called friends, they didn’t believe him. Only words of evil girl.”

“You can’t claim to be defending a friend if your just going to throw everyone else under the bus.”, which a number of people could attest to.

“A show of hands.”, Kitsi began, “If you’ve been threatened personally or had your character questioned by Rossi and we’re refuted without question by her classmates raise your hands.”, Kitsi was the first to raise her hand. And to their surprise a number of people began raising their hands. From Marc, Donny, Markov, Odine, May, Perci, and even more people from both sides raised their hands. Even people online, including those in the chat, commented how they had basically been mobbed into silence.

“Now raise your hand if you made a simple comment or question on the Ladyblog. And afterwards you either dismissed, harassed, bullied, or had your account blocked by either the Cesaire or any one sitting behind her. Especially when it came to the videoes involving one Lila Rossi.”, again a number of people raised their hand and commented in.

“And raise your hand if you’ve ever seen Marinette or believe that she could ever harm anyone.”, no one dared raise their hand. Not one person could remember a time of Marinette doing anything wrong or harming anyone. Many knowing her as the sweet, helpful, and caring girl who would occasionally trip over herself. Most people believed she was a danger to herself comically, not anyone else. But, never denying what a kind and considerate person.

“And how many of you believe she deserved to be unfairly suspended from school without evidence. But, because her ‘classmates’ wouldn’t speak on her behalf.”, again no students raised their raised their hands.

“And yet for one reason or another Rossi has stories of Marinette being ‘two-faced’ and being the only witness to this wrong doing.”, she sneered, “And her ‘friends’ did their duties by believing it and turning their backs on a girl who would give you the shirt off her back and believing Rossi.”, the glares bombarded the group of students who looked down in shame.

“So congratulations you’re all a pack sheep. Baaing to the call a snake in the grass.”, Kitsi tsked in disgust, “So in conclusion, you all suck. And if your the kind of people that turns their back so easily, then in my opinion, Rossi can have you.”, because Marinette deserved better. She deserved better.

“Your not friends. Your fake. Every last one of you didn’t even blink before you jumped ship like rats. You want to pretend to be all loyal and having each others back, when in fact you would abandon them without a moment's waste, while also leeching off their good nature to satisfy your own desire for self preservation.”, she narrowed her eyes, “In other words your all nothing but parasytes.”, and that was her honest opinion. A degrading title befitting the lowest of the low.

“On a final note people have been asking questions, or rather commenting, about some damage in a classroom that resulted from an akumatization.”, she began, “People seemed to believe I bullied some poor student and they were turned into a supervillain.”, something she quietly put up with and ignored for the most part, “It has been one of many rumors I’ve had to deal with. Alone mind you, because apparently I’m not worth the trouble of a fair judgement.”, as if she hadn’t earned it.

“To put it simple, it’s all false.”, plain and simple, “The only people who even know what actually happens are the heroes, two classmates, and a teacher who witnessed the whole thing.”, the other parts were just made up. Gravely made up, “I’ve never bullied anyone.”, and she had people to attest to that.

“Then how do explain my opponents points? About your behavior and how you refused to answer on the subject?”, adding how she would snap at people who would continue to pester her about it or even comment how she hurt some poor innocent person.

“Asking questions is one thing, but being interrogated like that was just insulting.”, she shook her head, “Plus, since this is about facts and proof, I want to know how someone can be vilified so much without any proof of doing anything wrong? If I caused this akumatization then why wasn’t I punished or at least confronted with actual proof on that matter? Plus some random student accuses someone of almost turning them into a super villian, but no one knows who this person is.”, not one person could identify this student or had any idea of who they might be.

“According the LadubugQueens sources, or source at this point, the student was so ‘traumatized’ they transferred schools.”

But Kitsi didn’t look phased, “That’s the thing. In case everyone forget the majority of the students at that school have been akumatized.”, many by the same person and some over the pettiest of reasons, but none of them transferred, “Plus there was no mystery student.”

“Interesting and do you have proof of this?”

Kitsi took a deep breath, “Yes. Because the person who caused all that damage in the room and was nearly akumatized was me.”, the gave a collective gasp.

“Plot Twist.”, Donny said.

“Y-You?”, Alya seemed to stammer.

“I was having a bad day at school. Well maybe a bad week would be a better way to put it.”, she had been putting up with a lot and didn’t have much time to catch her breath before she ended up crying in an empty classroom.

“This is my proof.”, she held up her bandaged hand, “I’ve been telling people that I got injured working on my charms. But, I lied.”, she admitted, “I...I still remember about that day. I was so frustrated. So angry. So hurt.”, she clutched her hand at the memory.

“Before I was akumatized I punched the window.”, cutting her hand in the process, “I think the pain had overridden the transformation and the akuma just left.”, after that she managed to get out of the school and make her way to her brother’s apartment. Where she spent the better half of two days being taken care of by her older brothers. Only to come back to all this.

“And you didn’t tell anyone else about it?”

“I didn’t see a point.”, she shook her head, “Even if I had said something, a part of me, didn’t want to be pitied. I didn’t want to give those who hurt me a pass because they wouldn’t have learned their lesson.”, only when things reached the breaking point would someone notice the pain or the pain of others. And sometimes it didn’t make the pain hurt any less, “To know that I could fight for them, to risk my life for people, my own classmates, and still be abandoned so easily.”, she let a few tears leak out, “Hurt me more than being flung into a wall. Pummeled into the ground. Or falling off a building.”, with scars they would linger with her and on her for time to come, “It’s knowing the people I was once called my friends can easily toss someone away without any remorse.”, without reason or cause. Just because.

There was a silence in the room. Many looking to Kitsi with a sympathetic look as she bore her heart and her pain to those watching and listening. Comments flooded the sites of crying emojis, hearts, and sentiments to what she had to go through. For what many had experienced, but no one could remember.

Even the announcer had teared up herself.

Kitsi exhaled, “I’m just relieved to be able to set the record straight.”, and for someone to listen and take her seriously.

“And as for the rest of you.”, she looked at her classmates who feared another lashing from the girl, fear present in their faces mixed with anticipation.

“Remember this.”, she took a deep breathe, “Everything I’ve ever done. All those fights. I did them for you.”, for the ones she cared about.

“So don’t worry. I’ll never do it again.”, because now she had no reason to.

MiraculousKW9; has log off

After Kitsi left the chat, a bitter tension was left.


“That was...”, how would they even describe that.

“I know I said I liked drama.”, but that was something even Donny wasn’t expecting. When May told him, mentioned to him, that Kitsi was having trouble at school he didn’t picture anything like this, “I think I’m done for today.”, he said which drew Alya’s attention.


“I’m done.”, he repeated. Uncrossing his legs he began to stand up, “There’s no reason to continue.”

“...So your just leaving?”, she sounded surprised.

“And this proves my point.”, Donny began, “That was someone showing genuine emotion and baring her soul for people to see. She doesn’t want people to feel bad for, but she wants people to notice that she has emotions. She was hurt by unchecked gossip that not was not only made against her, but was so easily accepted by her so called ‘friends’ who only added to the situation because they didn’t even try to correct it.”, just let it go on and pretend like it wasn’t hurting her or anyone else.

All attention fell on Alya and her group. Many of which were her classmates who were still shocked by Kitsi’s admission. And most of the audience weren’t happy about what they heard. Comments again flooding in from noticeably upset viewers.

“...I didn’t know.”

“No matter what you did or didn’t know, the fact remains that you still allowed it to happen.”, even if you didn’t start a fire, pouring gasoline to make it grow faster wasn’t helping anyone, “Your her classmate. Who you’ve seen first hand the limits Kitsi will go through to protect not only you, but anyone else.”, he reminded, “But, unlike the heroes and supervillains you give attention to, Kitsi doesn’t have superpowers or a indestructible suit of magic to protect her when she takes a blow.”, meaning when she took damage she felt every bit of it and had to deal with it until the akuma was defeated.

“And you treated her like that. Calling her a monster? A beast? After she put her life on the line for you.”, just to prove a point.

“Tell me, Ceasire, when you were doing your investigation in trying to smear my sources, did you even once take a step back and actually consider the feelings of those you were trying to discredit?”

“Or when you were trying to throw dirt on Kitsi,did you ever try to reach out and talk to her? Instead of trying to restart ugly rumors for which you again brought no proof of.”, just to save her own skin and not like an even bigger tool then she and friends were already proven to be.

“You weren’t thinking about her or anyone else. You just wanted to make everyone else out to be the bad guy and make one girl feel special because you valued pretty words and your ego over the actions of a true friend.”, while being the bad guy, “Even these witnesses brought in have said nothing but kind things about Kitsi and given their side of the story of how you mistreated them.”, something she failed to do, “All you did was ask them did Kitsi do this and nothing else. Not the cause of the effect or even the events leading up.”, just validation that Kitsi did those actions just to prove she did them. And not if she was guilty or innocent.

“In fact a majority of the incidents were caused by you and your group.”, and Kitsi was just cleaning up the mess and aftermath, “Yet, all you’ve done is say what a bad friend Kitsi is. Why? Because she doesn’t brag about all the amazing things she does or want to let you interview her because maybe she just doesn’t want to talk about it.”, or just didn’t want the attention like other people would or believe ridiculous stories of a proven story, “But, who you have been trying to paint as some manipulative person who wants everyone to do everything for her.”, which was proven to be nothing but rumors, “Even your supposedly solid point about her bullying some random student, who turns out doesn’t exist, into nearly being akumatized. When in fact it was her being akumatized because she was being bullied by all of you.”

“Kitsi has done enough that the word ‘bad friend’ shouldn’t even be in anyone’s vocabulary.”

“I could discredit your stories every which way to Sunday, but even I can’t fix your stubborn attitude that allows you to sacrifice common morals just for a story.”, he stood up, “I’ve made my point. So keep posting what you want, for me this whole thing would be nothing more than a hollow victory.”, and francially wasn’t even worth it.

“I’m out too.”, ManyFacesLoveMe me spoke, “You seriously need an attitude adjustment.”, were her finally words before she logged off.

“That was painful to watch. But, I’m going to remember that look on your face.”, DoflamingoFlamingo commented, “Later LadyDictator. Have fun with your new fake goddess and the mindless sheep.”, with that he was gone to.

The Chat Noir fan girl only shook her head, before saying, “The heroes would be so ashamed of you. Ashamed I say!”, she pointed, “Also Chat Noir if your watching follow me!”, she said excitedly before logging off as well. And one by one people in the studio space and on the chat account began to leave. Some passing hard glances to the otherside, while those on the web left emoticons or small statements until finally the last account signed off.

“And...that concludes the debate.”, were the announcers final words before leaving with the rest. Until finally only Alya and her classmates remained in the hollow room.

To Be Continued...

 A/N: This story is linked to my story Fox Tails. Takes place into mid 3rd season and references past episodes. Please enjoy this sweet and salty fic. Until next time.