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Not as bad as it seems

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God this place was a maze… Claire thought idly while calmly walking down a long corridor, flinching now and then to the zombies outside clawing at her through the barricaded windows and making all manner of grotesque groans. This place was a nightmare and she had only been around the police station for an hour! Okay maybe two at most and dealing with all manner of once human now turned mumbling zombie, to strange skinless, wall-crawling, long tongued, hearing sensitive monsters that screeched at the sound of any movement and some sort of trench-coat and fedora wearing hulking man-beast detective that was very much on her case.

It was a lot to take in in such a short amount of time.

But she was certain everything would turn out fine, that her and Leon would get out of this situation and she would figure out where her brother was. She just had to keep searching and something was bound to turn up, eventually. Being an optimist was a great trait to have, even during a zombie apocalypse. It also helped that she was naturally chipper, even in the most dire of situations like having a zombie trying to take a bite out of her…

“Hmm…” Claire hummed, pausing to look over her map then the area around to gauge her location, “Now the S.T.A.R.S. room is upstairs and in the west side of the building just gotta go through the library and the lounge and follow that hallway to a door on my right, easy enough… And with this badge dongle it should give some answers.”

She turned the badge over in her hand a few times before folding up the map, putting the badge away and proceeding on route, gun in hand and ready for anymore trouble to come her way. Though she felt bad for popping some of the zombies along the way, figuring they were once people that had a life before losing it and becoming some sort of crazed flesh-eating monsters. Others not so much as she would lay into them with round after round and still watch them get up, leaving her with very few bullets left as she entered the hallway leading to the S.T.A.R.S. office.

“Oh thank goodness, almost there.” The brunette sighed with relief while counting what bullets she had left on her.

Only to accidentally kick a stray can as she turned the corner and froze up at the tell-tale screech of a damned licker. She instantly brought her flashlight and gun up in defence and darted it around looking for the sneaky long clawed monster down the way but didn’t think to look up as the thing pounced at her like a wild cat. A shriek leaving the both of them as she hit the floor hard, firing off a wild shot out of reflex and earning herself another snarl from the beast as it reared back and slashed forward with one of its claws. Before it could strike, she struck first in thrusting a knife in the beast’s throat and stunning the creature long enough for her to kick it off her and shimmy back a few paces on her bum.

Through all the ruckus of the scuffle, her ears perked up to a certain heavy thumping sound coming their way that had her heart sinking with dread, as if a Licker was bad enough now Detective Stompy was coming. Wonderful. She had to either get away or kill the damned thing before he got here but her destination was still a few meters away and she was already hurting from the fall while the Licker looked pissed. Its tongue suddenly whipping out to strike at her and just narrowly missing as she dodged then lifted her gun to fire a few rounds into its bulbous brain. Though much like a good portion of the zombies around it seemed to absorb each shot like a sponge if only marginally slowing it down as it screeched at her once more and launched itself on top of her once again.Without a secondary knife it was free to slash viciously at her exposed front, tearing her burgundy jacket into her black tank top and giving her a nice diagonal wound across her chest.

“Arg!!” The brunette cried out in pain but with adrenaline kicking it up a notch she was leveling her gun with the Lickers head and unloading everything she had into it until it slumped over heavily on top of her with a final cry. Grunting at the heavyweight, she pushed the creature aside and breathed a deep sigh of relief before reaching for her knife and yanking it out with a squelch, making the monster twitch. She buried the knife a few more times into its head to be sure it was dead only to pause mind stab, her eyes focusing on a pair of very big black boots.


Awkward… She thought while trailing up to find the oversized detective patiently waiting for her to finish up what she was doing to take his own crack at her. So ever so slowly, she pulled the knife back out then moved to stand all while watching the other with a critical eye for any sort of movement. It was so strange how he always waited for her to finish up with a zombie first before going after her, like he wanted it to be just him and her. What a strange guy, too bad he was giving her too much time because the moment she was up she immediately moved to turn and run down the hall. Or so she thought as a sudden pain lanced up the back of her ankle and she was hitting the floor hard with a soft cry then grabbing the bleeding wound.

That damned Licker still wasn’t dead!?

It hissed weakly at her, half crawling and half dragging itself after her with deadly intent. Forcing herself to move, she kicked off the ground with her good foot to gain some distance from the thing while drawing her gun once again. Fortunately, but also unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be necessary as a huge booted foot came crashing down on the Lickers head hard enough to splatter the thing all over with a sickening crunch. Her face paling as Detective Stompy was more than earning his nickname as he seemed to have gotten tired of waiting his turn. She was quick to redirect her shaky gun at his face as he towered over her from the floor though the moment she pulled on the trigger it clicked, empty.

“Are you kidding me!?” Claire wanted to throw her gun in frustration but there was a chance she’d find more ammo, although that was only if she was able to actually escape this encounter…

But he was still just standing there, waiting. Did he have some sort of moral standing about hitting someone while they were down? For an oddly skin coloured man that could probably pop her skull in one hand he was just as strangely polite about going about things. Weird.

Maybe if I just sit here he’ll go away? She wondered idly while slowly holstering her gun but keeping her knife handy. All while staring at him who was staring at her, though she cocked a brow when it wasn’t her face he was staring at it was...lower. A quick glance down revealed that her tattered tank top was exposing more cleavage than she would have liked but it was apparently distracting the mountain of a man. It left her to sit awkwardly a few moments to see if he would do anything else. When nothing happened she took the opportunity to hesitantly pull out a batch of crushed green herbs and applied it to her ankle with a hiss then the long gash across her chest, both of which had her sighing in relief to the cooling pain relief.

Detective Stompy was watching her intently now, she noticed. His eyes following her fingers as she used the rest of the herbs to spread over her chest and she curiously did it in slow small circles then lower to the top of one her breasts. His facial expression never changed by his body language suggested interest as he rocked in place while opening and closing his gloved hands, likely itching to touch. And in all honesty, with only a knife to her name and nothing else, maybe letting Detective Stompy cop a feel would be better than having her skull caved in because there was no way she was downing him or even escaping with her ankle still healing up.

The only problem was how to broach the subject. She wasn’t much of flirt or really knew how to without it sounding forced, cheesy or even cringy. Guess she would just have to try and find out what tall dark and spooky would go for.

“So uh…” she coughed, nearly giggling at how cliche her next choice of words sounded, “See something you like, uh, handsome ?”

Okay maybe she was pushing it with the handsome part as she noticed the thin line of his mouth flatten further. He looked uncertain or confused about her words but at least he didn’t get offended or just come at her with deadly intent. But before she could open her mouth to correct herself, the big guy was lifting a hand up to tip his hat further over his eyes then turned on his heel and left. Leaving Claire to sit and stare dumbly at his hunched back as he thumped open the door, crouched down to fit through and was gone with heavy footsteps fading in the distance.

“...Was it something I said?”


The S.T.A.R.S room was a disappointment once Claire was back up and walking again, finding the weird note that definitely was not written by her Brother but at least there was a weapon, ammo and a healing spray for her to use as she wandered the halls once more. There had to be more to this weird zombie apocalypse than met the eye along with maybe another note left by Chris, a real note by him and not some awful attempt to impersonate him. She still had to get out of Racoon City too though her ticket out still needed a keycard and there was a door upstairs in the library that needed investigating. Good thing she was practically there and had most of its residents taken care of, it was just a matter of hobbling up a set of stairs on her sore leg but that would be right as rain soon enough as well. Much as she wished the herbs worked instantly life really wasn’t like that. Life was spontaneous, surprising! Much like the walkway she was on suddenly giving way beneath her feet and sending her to the floor below with a surprised shout followed by a groan then coughing to the dust as she laid on the ground in confusion. And pain. Can’t forget about that…

“Ow…” she moaned, glad she took out the zombies in the room before hand or they would have been all over her with the kind of ruckus she was causing.

Though another heard her as that familiar sound of heavy boots was heading her way, prompting her to sigh deeply. She didn’t move though, instead taking the time to recover and mull over her options on the matter since Detective Stompy had fled from her last time. Who knows why, though as she was thinking it over her nickname for him felt far to long and inconvenient. She would have to think of something easier. Shorter. Until then, maybe another cringey one liner would send him packing again.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

The door slammed open and in popped the man of the hour as he looked about the room, scanning for her she was sure with her head tilted back to watch his upside down form. He took a step forward to move away but paused when she was certain he had spotted her in his peripherals and turned his head to look at her. There was that confused look again, or what she thought was confused as he stared at her for a long moment. His brows scrunching down over his eyes and she was positive he was giving her an ‘Oh, it’s you again…’ look. Or maybe a ‘What the hell are you doing on the ground?’ either way he seemed to look up at the hole in the second floor then down at her again. His detective skills showing as he pieced together this puzzle.

Claire really wanted to wave at him, cheeky as she was she didn’t feel a hundred percent confident in teasing the monstrous man. Just in case whatever conundrum he was having with her abruptly ended and she was back to being chased and punched. Those punches hurt… She would have to put his punches and falling down a good ten to fifteen feet to be about the same in pain level right now. Not that she would want him to punch her just to find out.

Least he was still standing there, staring at her...cleavage. What a guy . This was twice now he had her pretty much incapacitated but was much more invested in the fleshy globes attached to her chest. She had to wonder what was going through his mind. His… zombie mind? Was this guy even a zombie? Seemed too smart and didn’t look too messed up asides his face having that strange spiral pattern and the gray skin. So what was he?

More questions and likely very little answers…

Either way, she was still on the floor and he was still staring so she may as well see if another corny one liner would send him running like last time. With a clearing of her throat that had him twitch out of his staring she cracked a grin and went with,

“It’s a good thing I have my library card, because I am totally checking you out.”

Claire nearly cracked up laughing, holding it in as she shook with mirth while she threw him some finger guns from her upside down position. She was super tempted to add in a wink to just top it all off.

Tall, dark and spooky did not look impressed at all, his frown deepening as he stood in place for a solid minute before taking a threatening step towards her. She squeaked in fear while using her arms to block her face, not that it would do much if he brought one of those heavy boots down on her head. When nothing came of the threat, she peeked out between her arms and either it was  the upside down view messing with her mind or the shadows but she could have sworn his face was looking darker than usual. But before she could flip around to get a positive on it, he was nearly shoving his hat over his face and walking towards the door, bumping into it first then slamming it open to leave.

“Huh…” she hummed, dropping her arms to the floor and turning her attention up to the hole she fell through. If she didn’t know any better, she would have guessed the big guy was blushing but that would be silly. A monstrous zombie giant hellbent on ending her life wouldn’t get a little pink in the ears… would he?

Maybe he was more human than she was giving him credit for…

More questions, that’s all he was bringing but Claire was certain he wouldn’t be spilling anything any time soon. Or at all considering he didn’t seem to talk. Either way, she wouldn’t be getting any answers laying around so with some effort she pushed herself up to stand with a grunt and carried on her way after brushing the dirt from her bum and back.


“Haven’t opened you yet.” She said to herself, eyeing up her key then the heart lock it opened. Just to be certain she was holding the right key since having two close to the same colour was a pain when it came down to rushing doors while being tailed by zombies. Once confirmed, she unlocked the door and entered.

Records room was what the map said this place was and considering all the rolls of film and boxes this had to be the place as she wandered in. There was a jack on the table to her immediate right and she knew exactly where to put it as she picked it up and tucked it away. Only for her head to snap up, eyes wide to rushed footsteps heading her way, the door behind her instantly slamming open to her favourite Detective coming in.

“Shit!” How did he know!? She had been so quiet, unlike the last few encounters. Had one of the other zombies ratted her out!?

Backing up, the brunette soon noticed her predicament of being trapped in the small room with only the little roundabout of the shelf in the middle. Her mind quickly working out a scenario for escape. Which seemed easy enough, just get him to chase her one way then dart out the door the other. What could go wrong? The moment she was at the back of the room behind the shelf waiting for Detective Stompy it was then clear what the flaw of her plan was as she peeked around the corner. He wasn’t stupid, like the zombies. He knew she was pinned and could stay in place to block the door. Okay so new plan, fluster the hell out of him again until he left. Easy, right?

“Y-you must be tired from running,” she says while peeking around the corner at the big guy, watching his eyes narrow at her, “You know, from running through my mind all night.”

She couldn’t help snorting, his face looked so pained but also so fed up with her corny one liners as he stomped forward. He wasn’t running away but coming at her which wasn’t bad either, she could possibly sneak around him and get out or-- Her eyes widened to saucers as he grabbed the middle shelf and sent it crashing to his right with little effort, effectively trapping her.

This was it, she was dead for sure as she backed up into the only bit of wall between two shelves and trembled in place as he approached. Bullets did nothing and her knife was in some zombie hobbling around the building, she was hooped. Done. Finito! But at least it had been fun while it lasted teasing the overgrown mountain of a zombie man as she raised her arms up defensively and closed her eyes.

“Ah!!” Claire squeaked out in surprise to her wrists being grabbed up in a single hand and slammed into the wall above her, forcing her eyes open to stare at that huge leather fist.

She turned her attention to the face above hers, noticing just how piercing and icy those eyes were as they seemed to stare into her very soul. It made her shiver just staring at them but was thankful they shifted lower, for once glad that her breasts were the main focus and not her as she heaved out a relief, if worry, filled sigh. It could have been worse, she could have been nothing but a splatter on the wall but she wasn’t. Her boobs were just being openly ogled and she was more than okay with it if it meant living, hell she was still alright with the idea of him touching if it meant getting out of here alive.

“So… do you wan--” She jumped at suddenly having her mouth covered by his other hand, the scent of leather filling her nostrils. Which was soon followed by a ‘Shhhhh’ hissed out between the gray man’s snarling lips as he gave her an annoyed and pointed look. Guess he was done with her silly quips, not that now was the time. She just wanted to know if he was interested in finally touching considering he ran off the first time around before she could correct herself. Since she couldn’t ask now, there was only one other way to offer and the moment his eyes drifted back down to her exposed rack she was pushing her chest towards him.

He stiffened then, she could feel it in his hands and see it in his posture as he froze up to her offering as she moved from side to side to get a little jiggle out of her breasts. His eyes darted back to hers while his hand slowly lifted from her mouth but hovered, ready to silence her if she spouted off anymore cringe-worthy material.

“So… like I was saying, do you want to touch?”

Ever so slowly, his hand moved from her face down to her breast though hovered just above it. His eyes flickered to her face then back down, then up again at her and Claire couldn’t help but find it amusing that he was actually asking if he could. A smile lighting up her features, warm and bubbly as she nodded her consent.

“Go ahead, Mister.”

It was all he needed to let his hand descend upon the squishy flesh and start palming it through her jacket with interest. He was a little rough when it came to squeezing her but it must have been his gentle, considering his strength, so she didn’t complain as she watched him squish and palm her breast around. His eyes never straying from his work apart from flickering to the exposed flesh to watch it move.

Claire couldn’t help moving her attention to his face, studying it as she noticed the usual intense stare he always carried around had softened considerably. Even his expression seemed to have calmed down from the extreme look he usual had. Huh, extreme… Mister Extreme…. Mister X? Yeah shorten it down to the shorter form and Mr. X seemed pretty fitting for the guy, though not right now as he looked like a curious child playing with a new toy.

She shifted in place to get more comfortable, or as comfortable as one could with arms trappped above their head and a hand that could crush their skull in was palming their breast. Chipper as she was about the whole situation there was still a bubble of worry and embarrassment coming to the surface. All the touches and rough squeezes felt nice after a long dry spell. Even with them coming from an unnaturally large, gray skinned, leather clad giant who had made his intentions of ending her known the moment they first locked eyes after he lifted a helicopter with one hand and moved it aside like it weighed nothing. Her face taking on a faint rosy warmth as she turned her head away from watching to look around the room, focus on something else while she waited for him to finish. Only to let out a squeak when he thumbed over her nipple, her hardened nipple that was just barely making itself known in poking through her jacket.

Mr. X was staring at her now, she could feel his gaze burning in her peripherals as she kept her attention on a box off to the side that was much more interesting than what was going on with her body. Yup, John Doe four dash five, whatever that meant, so much more interesting than the sudden flick across her nipple that had her inhaling quickly through her nose and squirming in place. Yessiree Bob! Way more interesting than the intense stare the behemoth of a man was giving her with a tilt of his fedora covered head, that totally wasn’t flustering her. Not at all, even when he leaned down to be eye level with her to watch her expression intently as he gently pinched the nub and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. The action resulting in her biting her lip and shutting her eyes tight to the pleasant feeling tingling all over her body but mostly heading south.

He continued on with tugging, squeezing and rolling her nipple while staring her down, making her squirm in place and huff out little sounds between her closed lips only to feel him pause. It had the brunette cracking open an eye, the other still squeezed shut, as she glanced over at the big guy curiously. She wasn’t the only one a little flushed and she had been correct in assuming he was blushing back in the library as there was a deepened purple-gray colour tinting his cheeks.

“I- uh, I thought you were more interested in my boobs?” She asked only to just now notice how out of breath she sounded.

Mr. X’s icy gaze drifted down to the breast he was still playing with, tugging on its nipple until it pulled taunt from her then let it go to bounce back in place. His eyes darting back up to watch her squirm and shiver with interest, liking the way she looked but also liking her boobs as he reached down to tug at the buttons of her jacket. The first one had been shredded by the licker she had encountered earlier while the second one popped right off to the big man’s insistent pulling.

“W-wait, wait, let me get it. This is my favourite jacket, please.” Claire struggled in Mr.X’s grasp, pleading with her eyes for him to let her undress herself. She nervously watched him pluck at the third button, considering her words for a moment then slowly let her go and straightened up to take a small step back to give her room.

“Thank you.” She murmured softly with a smile while reaching up to undo her jacket, shrugging it off then folding it up nicely and placing it on the shelf beside her before taking off her gear.

It left her in her partially shredded black tank top, the article of clothing to start it all as she moved to turn back into place only to freeze up to one large hand on her hip and the other groping at her neglected breast. It squeezed once then drifted higher up, thumbing over the healing gash across her chest gently. He seemed to linger over the reddened scratch, which still had a light stain of green around it before moving back down to her boob once more to play with. The hand on her hip was surprisingly gentle in holding her, gloved thumb rubbing up and down then slipping beneath the hem of her top followed by thick fingers curling to follow suit. He slowly dragged the material up, exposing her creamy belly before he suddenly took a knee before her and used both hands to lift up her top to rest above her breasts. His face perfectly level with her bra covered tits and since her hands weren’t really doing anything she took up the duty of holding her tank top up for him with a smile. Which he seemed to appreciate right up until her bra was ripped off and tossed to the ground without a care, setting her boobs to bounce free.

So much for saving all of her clothing… Least that wasn’t her favourite bra and she still had her jacket and top to cover up once this was all over. Until then, Mr. X seemed very pleased with her breasts, drinking in the rosy nipples pebbling to the cool air and rounded flesh just asking to be squeezed. His leather clad hands reached to take one in each hands and did just that before leaning in to press his face between both and inhaled deeply, making Claire jump.

Not from surprise, no, she had expected him to do as much but didn’t expect him to feel so cool against her heated flesh, setting her to shiver as he nosed deeper while squishing her boobs against his strangely textured face with his hands. Once content, he pulled away to focus on her nipples once more, thankfully going for the neglected one by running his slightly warmer but still cool tongue across it then latched on to suck it enthusiastically. Her other breast wasn’t left neglected for long with his hand still on it and massaging it languidly and flicking the sore nipple off and on while most of his attention was on the nipple in his mouth.

“Mmm--” Claire moaned softly, biting her lip once more to the pleasant feeling taking over and settling a nice warmth in her belly.

Mr. X seemed to be enjoying her sounds as well, his eyes back to staring up at her as he grazed his teeth over her perky nub then bit down on it to draw out a surprised grasp. He then tugged on it like he had done before to let it go and watch it bounce back into place before sucking back onto it with vigor. His roughness followed the hand groping her other boob tightly and toying with her nipple with as much enthusiasm as his mouth and making her nearly cry out at the attention. After giving the one side a quick nip he switched sides, lathing her breast with the same attention as the first though thankfully for not as long. Her girls were starting to ache when he finally pulled away with one last suck, moving to nuzzle them instead with a deep, happy sounding, exhale as he closed his eyes.

It was kind of cute to see such a powerful and unmoving monster of a man cuddling her cleavage, even going so far as to wrap both of his strong arms around her waist in a hug. It showed there was still some sort of human, person, inside of him that seeked comfort and simple pleasures and wasn’t just some sort of malicious killing machine that only knew violence. At least from what she could see as she hesitantly reached out to place a tiny hand on his wide shoulder, giving it a small pat.

After a few moments, Mr. X seemed to regain his composure as he pulled away, standing up to his full frightening height over her while staring down at her. As if he hadn’t just spent the last few minutes lathing her breasts with loving attention to the point of a pleasant achy soreness. Back to business, Claire had to guess though he seemed to linger as she pushed her tank top back down over herself with a small flinch to how tender she felt against the material.

“All better then?” She couldn’t help asking, a shy smile working over her lips, “Got that out of your system so you can go back to being all big and scary, stomping around the place?”

Something was coming at her face faster than she was expecting, making her flinch and close her eyes only to feel soft leather cupping her cheek. She slowly opened her eyes, feeling the thumb of that gloved hand stroking her cheek tenderly before turning her gaze up to his. He looked so lost, uncertain...conflicted. Before all this there was only murderous intent in those steely cold eyes but it was gone now, replaced with something else.

“Was… was there something else you wanted?”

Mr. X tilted his head then, his expression almost pained looking like he was so unsure but slowly he leaned down closer to her face. His hat brushing against her hair and forehead, pushing it up and out of the way showing more of his strangely textured and flushed face. Their eyes met and she knew what he wanted without words. He leaned in, hesitated then pulled back while averting his gaze.

Well if he wasn’t going to do it…

Claire reached up to remove his hat, startling him to the removal then widened his eyes to her thin arms wrapping around his neck and feeling pretty pink lips press to his. He was so stunned he didn’t move for a few seconds which she didn’t mind until she felt his hand move to grip the material of her tank top at her lower back. The hand that had been on her cheek shifting to the back of her head as he pushed her back against the wall with the force of his return kissing, putting in as much enthusiasm into it as he had her breasts. Strangely the large man didn’t taste like much of anything asides clean.

When they pulled away, she was panting for breath and noticed that Mr. X was breathing mostly through his nose and frowning. His brows knitting together as he stared at her then suddenly removed her arms from around his neck and took a big step back. The look in his eyes were unreadable as he balled his hands into fists, gazing at her for a long moment before turning on his heel and heading for the door. Running away again.

“W-wait!” She called out, rushing to catch him before he could get through the doorway by grabbing his huge wrist. His head whipping around to glare at her, nearly making her back off from his scowl alone but she stood firm and gripped him tighter, “You don’t have to leave…”

The creak of leather was near deafening in the silent room, making her swallow nervously as she glanced down at his hand clenching tight while the other one was at the top of the door frame squeezed. The wood creaking, threatening to splitter in his hold. It would have been so easy for him to just tug his arm from her hand, or even just rip her arm off but he didn’t.

“But if you have to go…” Claire released his wrist and used both hands to lift up his fedora to him, “Don’t forget your spiffy hat.”

Mr. X stared at her then his hat, slowly reaching out to take it back while turning to face her with an unreadable expression as he stared down at it. There must have been a lot going on in that bald head of his as he stayed rooted in place before placing his hat back on his head then lowering the brim nearly over his eyes. Hiding away and she couldn’t help smiling sadly.

“Don’t like feeling vulnerable, do you?” His head jerked up, staring at her with a wide eyed stare, “It’s not weakness if that’s what you’re worried about, it just means you’re… well human or still have some human left inside of you?”

He didn’t like that.

He didn’t like that one bit as his eyes narrowed, nostrils flaring and showing teeth which had her immediately backing away only to be followed as his left hand was at her throat, lifting her into the air and slamming her down on the table hard enough to knock the breath from her lungs. She gasped and wheezed like a fish out of water to get her breath back, tears prickling in her fearful eyes while Mr. X’s face loomed menacingly over her. It was so full of frustrated anger but somehow it wasn’t at her or she was certain she wouldn’t be breathing at all with his large hand still at her throat.

Though the sound of her landing on the, somehow, still standing table seemed to have attracted some unwanted guests as a couple of geared officer zombies came stumbling through the open doorway. Their grunts and moans giving away their presence as they came shambling in, setting Claire to a panic as she couldn’t move with that big hand still holding her down.

Was he going to let them feast on her arms and legs while holding her down?! Watch her get eaten alive?! She had no clue but struggled all the same by kicking out and grasping at that thick leather covered arm to try and push Mr. X away enough for her to slip out. He didn’t budge, still staring down hard at her the closer the two zombies got.

“Pl-please, let me go! They’re going to eat me, please!” She begged, eyes growing wide and teary as decrepit hands reaching out for her were only a feet away, “Please!! Let me go!!”

Less than a foot away and he still wasn’t budging, not even when one of the zombies was bumping up against his arm and clawing at her exposed thigh with a stiff, cold hand. Claire shrieked, scared to tears at being so helpless and cried out her nickname for the hulking man-beast in desperation.

“Mister X!!!”

Something snapped then, whether it was the zombie touching her or her calling him out but Mr. X whipped his arm out so hard and fast it sent the first zombie flying into the second and launched them both through the door with a sickening crunch the moment they collided with the ground. If they weren’t more dead than they already were from that, then he seemed to want to make damned sure as he stomped after them into the next room.

Claire couldn’t see what was going on from her trembling spot on the table but she could sure hear it, and was glad zombies didn’t scream while being horribly dismembered. The silence to follow was unnerving as she swallowed nervously, staring up at the ceiling tiles as a few tears slipped out and she hoped that Mr. X would take that moment to leave like he had intended to in the first place. When his heavy footsteps finally started to move it wasn’t away like she had hoped but coming back to the room, prompting her to slowly sit up and wince at the scratches on her thigh. She lightly touched the bleeding wound with a small frown as her other hand wiped at her eyes, she was nowhere near her gear to grab a herb or med spray for it. But before she could get up to get it, she jumped to a bigger hand on her thigh, the cool leather fingers tracing around the damage. She watched him as he examined the scratches, glad that he wasn’t angry anymore but still had a solemn look on his face even while he kneeled down to get a closer look. Then leaned in to brush chilly lips against the flesh, startling her to the coolness of the touch before settling in to how nice it actually felt. Cold on hot, stinging flesh.

“Aw, thanks. That feels nice and all but without a herb it’s not really going to heal from a kiss.”

Mr. X gazed at the wound for a moment, still running his fingers around the reddened skin before standing up and turning to disappear into the other room. He came back soon after with a green herb tightly clenched in his fist, stunning her that he had found one at all. Guess she was going to need to be more thorough in her explorations of rooms from now on, but the moment she went to reach for the herb he pushed her hand aside and kneeled before her again. Between her thighs this time.

She curiously watched him break the herb in half and popped the top half into his mouth while setting the other half aside on the table, far away from her, as he chewed on the green plant. Realization dawning on her to what he was doing the moment he leaned towards her thigh again, kissing the top once more where most of the damage was then pressing a cool slimy feeling tongue against the wound. She almost couldn’t believe he went out of his way to prove her wrong… Though it left behind a green trail that would have freaked her out if she hadn’t known he had just chewed on a herb but still had her shivering and twitching to pull away from the gross touch. A hand was suddenly underneath her thigh, beneath the knee, holding tight to keep her still as he worked on pushing around the green mess.

The longer Claire watched Mr. X work the more her mind started to drift to naughtier ideas on where he could put that cool tongue. Her body was still riled up from his previous groping and the adrenaline from nearly getting eaten alive had her heart racing. Both combined to create a potent horniness she couldn’t ignore while watching the massive man-zombie work. Though the moment he pulled away, content with a job well done, she could just see that dark gray tongue barely peeking between his lips with a string of saliva connecting them for a split second before it broke. A shiver running up her spine to the idea of putting it to better use elsewhere, and he was already in the right place…

After only a few seconds of contemplation, she was hesitantly reaching down towards her shorts and unfastening the button only to briefly glance up to a heated gaze watching her. Hot shame flushed her face and she faltered in unzipping herself, her nerves starting to give but her horniness was winning out as she continued. Am I really this desperate? Claire wondered idly while tucking her thumbs into the top of her shorts and pushed them down a little ways. She would have to lift her bum to slip them off but paused in doing so to look at the inhuman monster of a man watching her intently.

Am I really going to let Mr. X…

Was this even a good idea?

There was really no going back now as bigger hands reached up to help her slide her shorts and underwear off the rest of the way, pulling it down her legs and off her booted feet to toss aside. She was feeling nervous now, the muscles in her legs tensing up to squeeze her thighs together but she held back on the feeling to shyly spread them out willingly, showing Mr. X just the sort of state he had her in. From her swollen lips to her barely peeking clit, she was soaked through to the core and more than ready for some attention.

And it would seem Mr. X was more than ready to give her some as his hands grasped underneath her thighs, pulling her closer to the edge of the table then using them to spread her out further, almost uncomfortably so as he leaned in. He was mere inches away from her sex, drinking her in with an appreciation she couldn’t see with the brim of his hat blocking her view but could hear as he hummed low and deep. Like the rumble of boulder tumbling down a hill and she had to wonder if he could make any other vocal sounds but lost that train of thought to a large, cool tongue running from the bottom of her pussy to the very top of her clit in one smooth pass. It dragged out a startled gasp from her that had her reaching out to grab his hat covered head, pulling on him for more and wasn’t denied as he did it again. Quicker this time to then drag around her lips going from the outside to the inside to lap up her slickness before going to the source of it all. The contrast between his cold tongue and her hot core was a bit of a shocker once he pressed inside after circling her hole a few times, causing her to clench up on it.

“Nnngh…” The brunette whimpered when he only pushed in further, undeterred by her tight fluttering muscles to taste as much of her as possible. His tongue swirling, poking and prodding around for a few moments before pulling out much to her whimpers and small hands trying, and failing, to push him back. He had other plans though, trailing up her lips, nipping them along the way to lick her sensitive bud a couple of times before sucking on it. Her moans were picking up, growing louder all while a gloved finger was prodding at her hole, teasing her with a few passes then finally pushing a little in. Testing her bodies willingness to take his thick leather encased finger as it inched in slowly to her tight muscles squeezing down.

“Ahh, oh, that’s- it… it’s been awhile..” She mumbled, mostly to herself as her eyes fluttered closed. Unable to watch but feeling the leathered digit sink deeper and deeper until it was all the way in to the last knuckle , the soft burn of the stretch and slight dryness being soothed by his tongue playing with her clit. For the longest time he didn’t move his finger at all. Instead he teased her clit with lips, tongue and teeth and left it there for her inner muscles to squeeze on while her slick built up around it, dripping down the back of his gloved hand.

The minute that finger so much as twitched inside of Claire, she couldn’t sit up any longer and with little grace flopped back on the table with a tremble. Barely noticing she had taken Mr. X’s hat with her to hold and hug. He didn’t seem to mind. More focused on her as he kissed her little bud one last time then moved his attention to where his finger was buried deep and gave it a wiggle, earning himself a whine from the brunette. It curled then to touch her wet walls before swirling around much like his tongue had done, riling her up to a heated state as she twitched and moaned to each motion. Hardly noticing when he slowly stood up and was looming over her with interest. The vibration of something heavy by her head had her finally opening her eyes to see Mr. X watching her, leaning on his hand by her head. That was the moment he seemed to choose to drag his finger out of her slowly, much to the protest of her inner muscles squeezing down to keep him there and her whining at the loss but she wasn’t whining for long. Her voice rising in a choked gasp when he roughly pushed it back in, only to do the motions again. Slow drag out and rough push in. Repeating the action over and over, thrusting in and out until he was picking up speed and drinking in her flushed state of bliss.

“Mmm, Mr. X…” She whimpered out with a breathy moan.

The giant detective gave pause then, his head tilting to her words as his brows furrowed. The confusion on his face made Claire laugh breathlessly, even though she was left hot and wanting, as she set his hat aside then reached out with both arms for him to come closer. He seemed dubious but leaned down on his elbow so she could wrap her arms around his neck to pull him right in with a flushed smile, brushing her lips to his she said it again,

“Mister X.”

Then kissed him tenderly, humming against his lips when he finally seemed to clue in that that was what she was calling him and kissed her back with equal passion. Their makeout session soon picking up to Claire’s neediness by nipping and licking at his lower lip for entry, only for her to open up with a gasp to him resuming where he had left off with his hand. His own tongue snaking in easily to tangle with hers while she trembled and moaned into his mouth as she clung to him desperately. He tasted of mint now thanks to the herb he had chewed on, giving him a pleasing taste as she sucked on his tongue while squirming on his curling finger. She learned quickly which finger, his index, he had in her, feeling it twist into position for when his thumb was throw into the mix of nudging her clit on every thrust in, drawing her closer to her sweet release. Her thighs tensing and trembling, she rocked for more while her inner muscles were squeezing down tighter with each pass and she couldn’t help closing her eyes once more, whining loudly into his mouth as she clawed at his leather clad neck. He didn’t slow down or stop when he knew she was getting close, like some of her old flings, instead he worked harder to get her there, curling his finger while thrusting faster and reaping the rewards by swallowing down her cries of ecstasy.

He was still going even after she had started, albeit gentler to draw out her orgasm to the fullest while she pulled away to bury her face in his wide shoulder to pant and whimper softly into. Her body and mind awash with endorphins but still functioning enough for her to mull over the fact that this big brute of a monster knew more about sex than most of her previous boyfriends. Sparking many questions such as who, or what he was and where he had even come from but for now she was content to just sag limply back to the table in a boneless heap. She bit her lip to the feeling of Mr. X removing his finger from her, which had felt like a small dick on its own or even a dildo and she couldn’t help wriggling her hips to the empty feeling it left behind.

Slowly she cracked her eyes open, noticing that he wasn’t looming over her anymore and was now standing upright and looking over his gloved hand curiously. She could just see the shine of her slick glinting off his finger and the back of his hand and almost couldn’t believe what a mess she had made. It had been awhile but she wasn’t that pent up, or was she? The moment he slipped that finger into his mouth to suck off her juices she shivered, feeling the heat in her core fluttered at the very sight.

He sucked every drop off and even licked what was between his fingers and down the back of his hand while keeping his eyes firmly set on her, telling her without words that he wasn’t done with her yet. His hands moved to the tie around his trenchcoat to undo and then reached up to pop the buttons to expose the skin tight leather with vertical grooves clinging to his wide chest. Claire couldn’t keep her eyes off the expanse of rising and falling muscles as she felt herself salvate, she had thought the coat was just bulky but that didn’t seem to be the case as she stared. The moment she heard a zipper though she froze up to a hand on her uninjured thigh and Mr. X positioning himself between her legs.

“Whoa whoa whoa, wait!!” Claire lurched up, grabbing at the loosely hanging coat fearfully, “Th-there’s no way I’m ready for you! You’re a really big guy and big as your finger was there’s no way in hell you’d… you’d… what..?”

During her little freak out, Mr. X had pulled himself out and she couldn’t help but notice the motion and looked down at him only to be flabbergasted by what she saw. He was...average and by average she meant average for a human. At least from what she could tell with it all wrapped up and straining in some sort of criss crossing leather harness. Compared to the hand holding it, it looked woefully small and she almost couldn’t wrap her mind around something so big having something so…


That’s all she could think about, this monster used to be a man. He had to be, there was no two ways about it. Something happened to this man to make him into this hulking giant and somewhere along the way his penis just didn’t follow suit or was somehow stunted by that leather thing on him. It really didn’t look too comfortable either, looking far too tight and restrictive with how dark purple-gray his penis looked with the mushroom shaped head being the darkest. That or he was just that hard…

She glanced up to see how he was feeling about her reaction and Mr. X looked more or less indifferent to the situation, mostly focused on unclasping the leather belts around his dick. His small, on his body, dick… He didn’t even look embarrassed or upset about the size, just stoic as ever apart from the slight look of relief when the last snap popped off. A deep sigh leaving him as he set the leather aside and stroked himself.

“Guess I was worried for nothing…”

He looked up at her, brow raised.

“I mean, you’ve been so kind and thoughtful this whole time. Course you wouldn’t have been so inconsiderate about well, you know… It’s just surprising is all. I figured it would match.”

Mr. X snorted at that, the hand on her thigh giving it a squeeze before lifting up to push her back down on the table, holding her there a moment then moving to grope a breast. He settled back into the space between her thighs then removed his hand from his dick to let the shaft settle against her pussy. That hand was moved to the underside of her thigh to lift up as he started to rock against her folds, sparking a gasp out of Claire as it dragged against her clit and felt just as cool as his tongue had. The rutting continued for a few more moments, warming him and her up to the feeling as well as coating him in her abundant slickness before he pulled back to line up. The hand on her thigh pushed it further to the side to open her up, squeezing it once to keep her in place right before pushing in straight to the hilt in one go.

Gasping in surprise, Claire was quick to cling onto the hand groping and squeezing at her breast just so she had something to hold to at the sudden entry of his cock. Which, she wasn’t complaining, was a little thicker and longer than his finger so it didn’t cause too much pain to the quick motion but still startled her all the same. She couldn’t really fault his eagerness. His poor dick did look pretty swollen, veins all but popping with it all bound up and right now he looked more than relieved to have warm, wet, twitching walls hugging him than that piece of leather. She could even see his lips slightly parted as he panted with eyes closed in bliss, unmoving to just savour her warmth.

The hand on her boob shifted down to her hip to grasp tightly, forcing her to place her hands elsewhere as she noticed the moment he opened his eyes they were heated, hungry. It left her little time to grab at the edge of the table above her before he was pulling out and snapping back in with a loud smack, setting a quick and hard pace right away that jostled the table with each thrust.

“Ahh! Nngnn..! Fuck--!” She groaned, holding onto the edge of the table for dear life as the contents at the other end started to get shaken off. Books and boxes of papers clattered and thumped to the ground to scatter about and make a mess but that was the least of her worries.

Her hips were starting to feel battered with each rough push in accompanied by the bruising grip but she hardly expected any less. Hell, she had expected this sort of tact at the beginning from the giant but as sore as she was feeling, pleasure was already blossoming through the pain. Even spiking up when his thumbs was able to reach her little clit and rub it with every pump of his hips.

Still considerate even while taking his pleasure...

It was any wonder she was letting him do this at all as she threw her head back with a cry to a particularly pleasant thrust that just grinded her walls in all the right ways. And of course he took notice, of course he liked that sound because he slipped his hands beneath her to grasp her ass and lift her up just to angle himself enough to do it again and again. All still at that same brutal pace that had her seeing stars and screaming loud enough for the whole damned building to hear.

The brunette desperately hoped no zombies or lickers would try to come in to all the lewd sounds she was making, not to mention the wet sopping slaps below she was nearly drowning out with her voice. Though as more objects tumbled off the table one such item hitting the floor struck her with a flash of fear, recognising the sound right away. A metallic clink, that bounced twice then settled followed by something else faintly ticking across the floor, she wasn’t the only one to hear it as she was suddenly whisked off the table in thick arms and hugged to a wide chest. Mr. X was turning and kneeling in time for the explosion to go off against his back, hardly moving him as the table was instantly destroyed with debris bouncing harmlessly off him.

Never had she felt more safe in her life cradled in the arms of a monstrous creature and buried in the safety of his trenchcoat as burning bits fluttered by, which also included his hat as it settled by them. Shit, she had forgotten his hat was left on the table but it seemed to have survived mostly unscathed as he picked it up and looked it over before placing it back on his head. Though used his thumb and forefinger to snuff out the smouldering embers on the brim. He was then turning his attention to the brunette, pulling her away from his body to check her over for injuries.

“I’m alright but boy was that surprising,” she reassured, only to hum thoughtfully, “You could almost say we nearly ended our little session with a bang.”

Mr. X groaned in annoyance, narrowing his eyes at her and looking just about ready to drop her but she knew he wouldn’t. She could still feel his dick hot and throbbing against her inner thigh, ready to resume where they left off and she honestly felt the same. A shiver going up and down her spine at feeling her slickness dripping down her thigh but before she could say anything, she was being flipped around and settled on the floor on her hands and knees. There was barely any time to get comfortable with him already behind her and pushing in with his open coat bordering her on both sides, creating a nice little private curtain as his size nearly made her disappear beneath his bulk. She wiggled her hips once he was all the way in, cooing at the gentle stretch and the way he twitched inside of her.

There wasn’t much time to enjoy the heavy heat filling her up before he was back to his rough pace, likely wanting to get his fill done and over with before anything else decided it wanted to interrupt them. He only had one hand bracing himself on the floor while the other was sneaking beneath her tank top to play with her swaying breasts, pinching and pulling at her sore nipples until she was whimpering with overstimulation. Then moving to the other one to do the same.

It made her squeal and cry out to the attention as he kept going back and forth between her breasts then eased up to just palming them as he breathed heavily just above her. She felt so small beneath him, glad that he wasn’t putting too much of his weight on her with his chest to her back. The only leather she could feel was what was against the back of her thighs and butt every time he thrusted in but it was always brief. He honestly didn’t have too much exposed skin asides his head and he seemed to choose to keep it that way in not even taking off his gloves. Her pleasure addled mind wondered about it for a few moments before losing focus altogether at missing said gloved hand trailing down her stomach and rubbing at her clit again.

There was no holding back her sounds now, she collapsed onto her elbows and muffled them the best that she could in her arms. The white hot coil in her belly was growing tighter by the second with each swift rub and harsh pounding to her core or even the all encompassing feeling of having Mr. X above her. He followed her down to his own elbow just to be closer to her as he breathed out the barest of deep groans right in her ear.

It was all she needed to feel that hot coil snap, sending her to a bliss filled nirvana as she trembled and cried into her arms. Muffling herself the best that she could as he continued slower for her benefit while she sagged limply once more. Only kept up by his hand on her stomach that soon moved to her hip as he picked up the pace for a couple more beats only to pause, which she was certain he was about to finally get his own release as she felt him breathing hard against the back of her head and stiffening. It lasted a few seconds, then he was thrusting again. Hard and sloppy, making her grit her teeth to the rough overstimulation before relaxing as he paused again. This time she could feel his thick thighs trembling and him put a little more weight on her as his head thumped to the floor, bending the brim of his hat. He was throbbing inside her, she could feel it but he wasn’t coming or she would have felt that too.

“M-mister--” Oh damn, my voice is wrecked… She cleared her throat the best she could then tried again, “Mr. X? You okay big guy?”

The giant of a man rumbled out a noise like thunder, the sound vibrating against her back through his chest had her shivering. Glad he didn’t make any sort of vocal sounds while chasing her but something had to be up as she tried to look at his face. Which was tilting down to look at her with mild discomfort.

“Can… Are you able to..?”

Mr. X grit his teeth as he pulled out a few inches then hammered back into her, going for short bursts instead of full on thrusts that had her gasping and wanting to pull away but unable to with the bruising grip on her hip. It didn’t last long, like before thankfully, as he squeezed his eyes shut and pushed as deeply into her womanhood as possible but still nothing. Something was up.

“Do you want to pull out? See if we can’t-- ACK!”

He had both arms around her middle and was pulling her tight against his groin to keep her in place, likely thinking he would die without her sweet little snatch around him at this point.

“Okay okay! Ease up, you’re going to crush me!” She huffed out a breath when he eased up on her though kept his arms possessively wrapped around her waist as he panted.

Guess I’ll just have to figure this out on my own. Claire sighed while blindly reaching down below, feeling her damp pubic hair then further to bump against him and something soft-ish behind leather. Testicles. Fairly large ones too if she had to go by her groping feel alone but what she needed was being blocked off by their bodies and the moment she tried to pull away to make space he was pulling her right back.

“H-hey, I need to get in there. You want to finish don’t you?”

It was his dick to agree as it twitch inside of her, more than ready to finish as he conceded to allow for her to pull away from him enough to fit her hand between them. Her fingers touching to his shaft which was coated in a viscous layer of her, and likely some of his, slick that clung to her fingers as she followed along his length to the buried root. She found his zipper and gave it a tug to see if it was down all the way before slipping her hand in and immediately finding the problem. The leather harness thing that had been on his dick wasn’t alone, there was something else made of leather wrapped around the base of his shaft and it was all but strangling it.

“Damn, no wonder you’re not coming. You’ve got a cock ring on you.”

She heard him huff and relinquish a hand from her waist to reach in and touch for himself but couldn’t fit into the small space in his pants without pushing them down.

“Relax, I’ll figure out how to get it off.” She reassured, pushing his probing hand away to feel around the leather binding him and finding one lonely strap at the bottom. There was something else connecting to it down further but since she couldn’t see she figured it wasn’t important and that the strap was what loosened the ring. Though feeling along it there wasn’t much else to it other than some kind of metal that felt like a belt but without the prong and with nothing else to go on she gave a small tug.


She tugged a little harder which still did nothing then sharply pulled and Mr.X suddenly lurched forward, her hand just barely getting out of the way of being crushed between them as he desperately ground his hips against her. Her insides instantly lighting up to the sensations grinding in her as she exhaled out a few shaky breaths so she wouldn’t lose focus. Two orgasms in a row was plenty fine and Mr.X was literally hurting for his though she was pretty certain she had accidentally tightened his ring rather than loosened it. Whoops . She felt  bad about it though couldn’t really see what she had been doing either but before she could coax him into backing up for her to try again she felt something… Strange.

“W-what?” Claire blinked in confusion, uncertain of what she was feeling going on with his cock.

It was twitching, sure, but not in the way she had felt before as it was more of a rapid pulsing compared to the slow throbbing she felt earlier. Almost like it had a life of its own. Then came the shocker as something popped loudly behind her but she was more focused on something else. Something that had her jaw drop and eyes widen, stealing her breath away as she collapsed back into her arms.

Breath! Breath!!

Her mind yelled at her as she took in her first choked breath and then tried to gasp in the rest, feeling like he had slammed her down on the table once more. With tears in her eyes, her mind was also trying to wrap itself around what had just happened but couldn’t get past the fact that Mr. X’s dick had suddenly swelled up inside her like a balloon. His girth feeling doubled inside her stretched hole and she didn’t care much about its length with the pain of the sudden expansion. Thankfully he wasn’t moving just yet as she could hear him breathing heavily above her with a mix of low groans, guessing he was finally free. His hands were soon moving to stroke over her sides lazily, just petting and stroking her up and down her body then down to her stomach to hold and feel before moving down to her thighs to massage.

It was relaxing as she shakily breathed out a few more pained breaths, soothing her tense muscles and strained core. One of his huge hands was between her legs rubbing through the moist pubic hair of her mons then drifting down to split his fingers into a V shape to stroke her wide open lips before drifting back up to settle on her stomach to carefully knead. She could feel herself slowly being coaxed into unwinding from her tense state, loosening up from the outside in. That had to be his plan and it was working. Nicely, she had to add as she closed her teary eyes and sighed softly, almost forgetting there was a large cock settled deep inside of her twitching off and on.

Once she was thoroughly relaxed, Mr. X moved a hand to her thigh to hold then placed the other on the floor by her head as he lifted himself up. He shifted his hips and started to withdraw only for Claire to gasp and cinch up, forcing him to stop or possibly injury her. There were a few moments of stillness as he seemed to try to figure out what would be needed to be done to make this work before he was moving again. His gloved hand moved to her chest and pushed her against him as he sat up straight, bringing her with him then he shifted to sit down making her whimper at the sudden jostle to her insides. She was in his lap now but the burning ache in her pussy wasn’t feeling any better in this position, making her squirm with discomfort before feeling herself fall back. It was a slow drop so it didn’t spook her too much as she panted for breath and felt her head settle on his slowly rising and falling leather clad chest with his hand still expanding her front.

This position didn’t feel much better, if anything she felt more exposed and vulnerable to the open air with her thighs being spread open by his free hand for the world to see them connected. She looked down over his hand could actually see his new girth stuffed inside of her, both horrifying and arousing her at the same time. The hand on her chest started to move as she stared, drifting up and over her breast, giving it a squeeze along the way then glided down her body to were they were locked. His fingers feeling where they were coupled and following her stretched rim to collect her wetness and bringing it back up with his middle and index finger to gently rub her clit once more. His go to for when she was in any discomfort.

It was almost calculated, the way he would just pause then moved after a few moments. His mind processing then executing the best course of action. Like he was a computer or programmed to do things, such as murder her in the beginning but something changed. If she had to guess it was likely that human part of him that was the cause or she would have been a red smear somewhere by now. But for now, Claire was squirming, biting back whines and feelin a few tears slip free at the overstimulation to her sore little bud, even if it was relaxing her insides it was still achy after two releases in a row. She was feeling the exhaustion and soreness creep in and just wanted to relax but definitely couldn’t with Mr. X still ready to go. Ready to let loose.

“H-hey,” she called out as loudly as her weak voice would allow while reaching down to still his hand, “I’m too tired to go again, so just get it over with. Okay? Don’t… don’t worry about me.”

Looking back at Mr.X, upside down, she could see he didn’t seem all that convinced as his frown deepened, he kept his fingers on her clit then moved to plant his booted feet on the floor. His eyes still on her as he pulled out an inch and watched her grimace.

“J-j-just do it. I’ll… I’ll use something later to heal, please. You deserve this, you were so cl- AHNN!”

He pulled out until only his thick head was buried inside of her but was also attacking her clit once more though not directly as his fingers rubbed up and down along her hood instead. Which was still pleasing to feel and not as intense as stroking the sore nub all while slowly coaxing his girth back inside. It was a tight fit and her muscles were fighting the invasion, bodily trembling to the stinging pain but he didn’t push all the way back in. He seemed to take it in increments of pulling out once it was too much for her then pushing gradually back in, stretching her out inch by slow inch. Right up until he was seated back in his original position with only the barest of aches going through her core. Even after getting her to open up to him, he was still slow and methodical about his thrusts. Once again putting her first as the first bubbly moan filtered through her pained whimpers.

Claire almost couldn’t believe it. Here she thought he would have to rough her up to get his release but instead was using some of that infinite patience he seemed to have to entice her and her body into enjoying his newfound size. And she was just now realizing the significance of the position he had her in as it didn’t force his full length in and at this angle his dick was perfectly rubbing her sweet spot on every thrust. Though she couldn’t muffle herself or hide away. Which wasn’t awful considering things could have gone so much worse.

Mr. X was a goddamn genius.

One that was steadily picking up the pace on every thrust in and pulling the same loud moans and cries of pleasure out of her like before. She didn’t think she had it in her but he was going to make her cum again and if she didn’t know any better, he was going to be a damned gentleman about it and get her to go first.

Fuck, if he wasn’t some sort of undead monster... She would have been asking him out.

As it was, he was rocking his hips into her as hard and fast as possible in this position and moved his fingers back in to viciously rubbing her clit in quick circles that had her squeezing him tight. It almost hurt but was bordering on the pain/pleasure side of it as she wailed out her third orgasm to the world, trembling and tossing her head from side to side with more tears slipping free as she clawed at his coat while he kept going. The usual consideration wasn’t there as he hammered into her quivering hole with little tact, powering towards his own sweet release. Though the suddenness of him stopping had her squeaking in surprise as he froze up, the room suddenly going far too silent and she worried that he was still having some issue in getting off. Only to hear him give out the deepest, loudest, self indulgent groan as of yet right before the floodgates were opened and he was releasing his load into her with one hearty thrust.

“Nnngn…” She groaned, feeling the hot liquid quickly fill her to the brim then spill over. It made her squirm at the thick wet feeling dripping out around his pulsing shaft and it still kept going. A never ending deluge that confirmed what she felt earlier about his testicle size though she had to wonder if it would have been the same before his sudden upsize.

It was one of the few thoughts left in her exhausted mind as she lay on Mr. X with panting breaths, eyes barely focusing on the ceiling far above only to glance down when she felt him move his hand to her hip. He was slowly pulling out, dragging a whine from her as it wetly popped free with a trail of cum to follow suit along with her pussy suddenly getting drenched. The guy was still cumming! And was making a mess of her sore womanhood before moving the hand on her hip to his much bigger dick, stroking it as a few more thick ribbons of off-white burst from the tip to land on her pubic hair and stomach. It made her grimace at the sort of mess she would have to clean up but that was for later as she settled her head back on his chest and closed her tired eyes, letting the seeping darkness finally take her away.


Waking up, Claire felt groggy and sore as she stared blearily up at the ceiling, blinking as she tried to recall what had happened before falling asleep only to feel her face heat up. She had let Detective Stompy, aka Mr. X have his way with her...and she had enjoyed every moment of it.

I’m so fucked up…

 She brought up her hands to groan defeatedly into. On the bright side she wasn’t dead, that was something but still… Still… Honestly she didn’t feel too terribly about it, he didn’t get too rough with her asides what was necessary and was actually a big sweetheart under all that leather and tough facade. One that apparently had taken the time to clean her up and redress her while she was out as she sat up and looked herself over, even her gear was beside her.

“Aw, what a guy.” She smiled, though huffed the moment she tried to stand up. Her legs wobbled with weakness while her lady bits felt pleasantly achy and sore, no complaint there as it reminded her of their time together. Wistfully sighing, she geared up and wondered how their next encounter would go. Whether he would be soft and kind or back to trying to end her existence, though he had the perfect opportunity to do so while she was out and didn’t take it. Which made her heart skip a beat to what it could mean in the future.

For now, it was back to looking for clues about her Brother, escaping the police station and then the city! Right after she got more strength in her legs. Nearly collapsing after one step, she sat back down on the floor with a small wince. She sighed softly, rubbing her sore thighs while glancing about the room for anything possibly left behind by Mr. X, like a note or a memento to their time together… Not that he seemed like the romantic type but in staring at the destroyed table she knew he was protective, though after a few moments of looking at the debris something caught her eye. Something she immediately recognised and couldn’t help giggling like a schoolgirl over as she crawled towards the item and picked it up with an amused smile.

Guess someone forgot their penis glove. Penis ring? Penis harness? Who knew what it was as she giggled and put it in one of her pouches to give back to Mr. X later, that is if it still fit him. Now that she had time to think about it... Maybe it had been put on him for a reason and that reason had inflated to twice its size inside of her but now he was wandering around without it…

Either way, she would return it when they ran into each other again because she knew they would. The police station wasn’t that big and there were other pressing matters that needed addressing, such as the sudden slick slide she could feel inside of thick liquid trying to drip free. She squeezed down to keep it from slipping out as she moved to stand on shaky legs, blushing all the brighter but still feeling happy and chipper as she awkwardly made her way out of the room.

Somehow this nightmare of a world wasn’t as bad as it seemed.