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Hitoshi heard her walk into their home, before she said anything, and tried his best to hurry. Sadly

as soon as he heard her call out to them it was too late. The five year old who he was trying to

scrub clean, howled while jumping out of the tub, throwing water everywhere. The only thing on

him was the few bubbles that stubbornly stayed on. As he ran out the door, and down the hall to

his mother, sighing Hitoshi shook his head to get some of the water out of his purple locks.

Pulling the plug on the tub, he got up and slowly walked out, heading in the direction his son

Went. He leaned against the door frame, and smiled. Watching his wife run her hands through

their sons purple hair. He got equal parts of his parents, they both had thick hair, their son just

ended up with his fathers color. He did get his mother's sky blue eyes, that could turn into a

storm when angered. He was also pale like both parents, it caused them some trouble during the

summer, since the small ball of energy hated sunscreen. He would fight them, and yell, wiggling

around trying to pull away. With him acting like he did, they couldn’t use the spray on, so the

sunscreen just turned him into a little greased pig, that neither one could keep a hold on.

“Alpha? You there?”

Shaking out of his memories, he smiled at his wife.” Yeah, I’m here Bunny. How did things go?”

She grinned and walked over, kissing him on the lips. Feeling squished their son started to

wiggle, trying to get away. Looking down, they both smiled.”How about we get him dressed and ready for bed first?”

Nodding the family walked down the hall towards a bright green room. Turning the lights on, both

parents set to work on getting things done and their son to bed, so that they could have a little bit

of time to themselves. While Bunny was pulling a shirt over her sons head, he looked at her.

“Why do you call daddy alpha?”

Hitoshi rolled his eyes hearing his wife laugh. “Have I not told you that story yet, sweetness?”

Shaking his head no, he watched his mom set him on his bed. While she sat in the floor cross

legged in front of him. “Well me and your dad went to school together, and because of his quirk he was a bit of a loner. I never understood why back then, I just thought he was cute, and wanted him to notice me.”

Giggling she watched her son make a ugly face,”Mooooom!, I don’t want to know you thought daddy was cute. That’s so gross!”

Hitoshi smirked at his son,” Oh really, so thinking people are cute, is gross now? Then why did we go out to the store, and let you pick out a rose for Valentines day, to give to Lili, huh?”

His son glared,”That’s different.”

“Ok, ok, let's get back to the story, shall we.”

Hitoshi sat behind his wife, and wrapped his arms around her, placing his head on her shoulder.

He nodded,”Continue, please.”

Shaking her head, she began again.” As I was saying, I wanted your dad to notice me. So I started picking him to pair up with during class projects and study sessions. He never really asked me why, so I just kept doing it. Soon we were hanging out outside of school, and we were talking about random things, till it somehow came up to what we thought of the other before we got to know each other. I explained to him how I saw him as a lone wolf, and that I wanted to change to for some reason. When we began dating, I started calling him alpha.”

Both males watched her look down and give a soft smile thinking of that time.” He had asked me why I’d give him that nickname, and I simple told him. He wasn’t a lone wolf anymore, that he had me, and that he was my alpha.That we’d make our own pack…...and then later on we had you.”

They both watched their son nod while he was soaking up this new information.”I get it, we’re a pack. Right?”

Smiling nodded,”now are you ready for bed?”

“One more question,and then I will.” They both nodded, giving him the ok to ask one more.

“Why does dad call you bunny, if we’re a pack?” Hitoshi fell back laughing his ass off, while his

wife sat there ridged, and blushing so hard her whole face turned red.
“T-t-that, I will tell you later. Now it’s time for bed, you have a big day tomorrow, and we both are off for the next few days.” Lucky that got her son thinking about other things instead of that

dreaded question. They both kissed their sons head, turned on his space night light, and walked

out leaving the door slightly cracked. After a bit they both sat down to watch a movie, and talk

about their days to one another. Soon it was time for bed for both adults too.

Hitoshi turned the light off, and snuggled close to his wife. He chuckled thinking about his sons

question. The thing about that story is one that was way too mature for their son to know,

hopefully he would never know, unless one of their stupid friends blurted it out. He sighed thinking

about it, really it was a short thing. When they started dating, and they both saw it was getting

serious. They began doing things that their parents wouldn’t be too pleased about them doing,

They were…..well lake of a better term, where like rabbits. That’s not how his wife got her

nickname though, it was something she did during sex that caused him to call her bunny. She

loved riding him, and she bounced a lot, when she wasn’t paying attention to what she was

doing. He was fine with it, he liked taking control, but they were partners so they changed out. He

started calling her bunny, when he noticed she did it all the time, and that what she reminded

him of. She was his bouncing bunny, he could help but chuckle, but also groan yeah it was

funny thinking about it, but it also caused him to think about her during the act. He felt her roll

over to face him, and she raised a brow.”What’s made you so noisy tonight?” He looked over at

her, and smirked.”You, and thinking about you riding me.”
She rolled her eyes, but purred.” So does that mean you’re in the mood alpha?”

Growling,”I’m always in the mood, for my bouncing bunny.” Throwing a leg over him and sitting

on his hips, she rotated a bit, and smiled.”Well let's get started then alpha.” She didn’t have to

him twice, and then he lunged at her.