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When He Sees Me

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Bakugou could only describe the photo shoot as one word. Boring.

It was boring. It seemed like every three seconds he was told to do something. Change poses. Straighten his shoulders. Tilt his head. Smile more. Smile less. Don’t look angry.

He hated being told what to do, but for his parents, he guessed he’d have to deal.

He looked over at his parents for a moment and away from the big stage lights burning his retinas. They stood by a clothing rack that was pushed against the wall, switching between the outfits they chose for him to wear during the shoot as they mumbled about what he’d wear next. He sighed, his reality slowly coming back to him as the photographer snapped at him.

“Hey, boy, cameras over here.” The middle-aged man glared at Bakugou, continuing to snap his fingers above the camera. “God it’s like I’m dealing with the puppy calendar again.” The man mumbled under his breath, adjusting the camera to unblur Bakugou and to catch how white the room was compared to the red of his eyes.

Bakugou growled under his breath, his eyes glaring daggers into the camera lens as he stood up from the uncomfortable white block he was sitting on.

Bakugou didn’t care for his completely white outfit. He didn’t care when he walked to the cameraman, yanking the camera from his grasp and exploding it in his hand. Bakugou grinned, closing his fist and sprinkling the ashes in front of the man's feet before walking to the sets door and slapping it behind him. His mind was very clear, but all he knew was he wanted out of this outfit. He didn’t like how tight his white jeans were. He didn’t like the white of his shirt or the white of his hoodie. He didn’t like the annoying wallet chain that kept smacking against his thigh. The only thing he liked in the outfit was that he was allowed to have a fake piercing, and even then he hated that it was fake.

“Katsuki get back here right now!” Mitsuki yelled at him from down the hall. He simply turned back at his mother, glaring at her before he saw his father's unsettling upset face from behind her before he groaned and turned back around to the studio.

He walked slowly before stopping in front of his parents, his eyebrows knitted together with both of his hands stuffed in his pockets. “What.” Bakugou gritted his teeth, his words coming out in an uttered rush.

“I want you to go pay for that mans camera. That was completely uncalled for.” Mitsuki pointed into the studio.

“He was treating me like a damn dog!” Bakugou shouted back at his mother, his hands leaving his pockets to let small explosions dance on his fingertips.


“Don’t fucking Katsuki me,” Bakugou growled. HIs eyes breathing the hate he wanted to spew from his mouth. “I’m not paying for shit.”

“Katsuki,” Masaru stepped in before his wife could, stepping in front of her as he placed a hand on his son's shoulder. “We know you don’t want to do this but Hero Work is much more dangerous. Modeling is safer for you so please go in there and apologize. We’ve had a hard enough time booking shoots for you because of stunts like this.”

“Safer?! My quirk―”

“I know your quirk, Katsuki, but we can’t have any more incidents like we did with the sludge villain and...the incident. You could have gotten a lot more injured if the ProHeroes didn’t get there in time.”

“I was doing just fine and if I was a Pro I could have done a shit ton better then they fucking did!” Bakugou shouted at his father.

“Katsuki, please. This is for your safety. We care too much about you to lose you again.” Masaru sighed, closing his eyes for a moment before looking at his son. “Please go give an apology so we can give him money for a new camera and continue the shoot with a different one.”

“Fuck! Fine!” Bakugou shouted as he threw his hands up in the air before stomping through his parents and into the studio.




Kirishima stretched his arms above his head as he slowly walked to the dorms with his classmates, stifling a yawn as he walked. “God today was tiring. To think we’re on our way to becoming heroes.” Kirishima chuckled as he pulled his arms down below his head and looked at his new friends in his class.

“Yeah, today was great!” Ashido grinned happily as the electric blonde and tall boy next to her nodded. “Aizawa ran us pretty hard for endurance training.”

“Its what to expect from such a fantastic school.” Iida bellowed from behind them, a grin on his face as Midoriya rubbed his bandaged are, a blank stare on his face.

“You good Midoriya? You got pretty beat up today when we had to battle class B.” Sero asked as they walked into the door hall, most of the students in their class spreading around the commons space as they did after classes.

“Y-Yes I’m fine. Just tired after today. Tokage took a lot out of me.” Midoriya gave a small smile as he shook his head, falling back onto the couch and relaxing into it.

No one wanted to retreat to their rooms yet, and as far as the system of the dorms coming into play they had to assume it was because of how hurt everyone got at the USJ attack.

Sero and Kaminari landed on the couch next to Jiro and Hagakure as they turned the TV on the watch something, the news immediately flashing on. Hagakure groaned at the channel, reaching for the remote from Jiro before an image of a boy flashed up. “Oh, he’s cute.” Hagakure giggled, ending her reach for the remote.

The boys rolled their eyes but continued to watch with the girls. The newswoman looked professional. Her navy suit making her red hair glow as her yellow eyes shown.

“Bakugou Katsuki is back on the job of his modeling career after being taken by villains only weeks prior. Some wonder if he was a target or an accidental taking but most are surprised to see his back at work already for going through such a horrifying experience to have to witness All Mights battle up and close.” The new woman stated. She fixed the papers in her hands before continuing. “Most are concerned for young Bakugou's mental state after going back to work so soon after an attack he went through, here, an interview with his agents, Bakugou Mitsuki, and Bakugou Masaru.”

“Katsuki is a tough boy. He knows how to handle himself and he knows how to save himself if needed,” Masaru started, sitting on a red couch next to his wife with their son nowhere to be seen.

“Are you worried for him?” Someone off camera asked.

“As his agents and his parents, we’re always looking at what's best for him. We chose this job for him so he wouldn’t be getting attacked and would always be around people so there would be less of a chance of a kidnapping like this happening again.” Mitsuki gave a small smile.

“Do you worry if he will get kidnapped again?”

“All the time.” Masaru gave a small pitiful laugh.

“But we are currently looking for a hero or officer to escort him in between shots and be with him out and about so he won’t get taken again. With his fame rising there's more of a chance of him being taken from us again.”

“Is Bakugou here with you now?”

“No. He’s currently at a photoshoot for our new fashion line coming out in a few weeks―”

The channel was muted and changed before Mitsuki could finish, a loud groan coming from the girls in the room. “Hey we were watching that!” Ashido whined as Midoriya put the remote down onto the coffee table.

“I...I know. I just can’t...” Midoriya silenced himself.

“Dude if you have a reason spit it out. At the end of our time here we’re gonna have to know everything about each other,” Kaminari chuckled as Kirishima looked at him worriedly.

“Yeah Midoriya, you’re safe here.” Kirishima smiled. “No judgment.”

Midoriya looked between his classmates before sighing. “I...I knew him. Before he went into modeling and got all famous.”

“You did! Can you introduce me?” Hagakure smiled, leaning over to Midoriya.

“We haven’t spoken since I got into UA. H-He wanted to go here actually,” Midoriya chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. “Kacchan actually used to call me Deku to make fun of me.”

“Kacchan?” Kaminari snickered, feeling a flick on the ear from Sero.

“Oh yeah, sorry. I uh, I’ve called him that since we were kids.”

“Why didn’t he go here?” Kirishima asked, tilting his head slightly.

“I don’t know. We both turned in the applications and passed the written exam but he never showed up to the entrance exam.” Midoriya nervously laughed. “I think he’s online schooled now because of his modeling.”

“It would make sense. With a schedule as jam-packed as his seems to be, he would have to do it all online,” Kirishima shook his head, glancing at the TV once more before yawning. “I’m going up to my room to do some homework. See you guys at dinner.”

The class waved Kirishima away as he stepped into the elevator and went up to his room, walking past the empty room before his.

He only shared the floor with Shoji, which was nice sometimes. He could work out and not have to care about who heard him because their rooms were so far apart. It was also nice because when Kirishima got lonely he went over to the tentacle man's room and played a small game with him to see how many mouth’s he could make before his voice turned into a demonic noise, but that was only on rare occasions.

Kirishima collapsed onto his bed, groaning as he dug his head into his pillow, his arms pulling onto it to hold it close to his face. The only thing that kept him from falling asleep was the ding of his computer. Kirishima turned his head to his desk, groaning as he stood up and swung his body into his desk chair before looking into the too brightly lit screen.

He didn’t know why he kept the account Ashido made for him on the stupid website. He must have forgotten about it.

A stupid website made to help people find friends when half the people on it are either pedophiles or bots asking for money for a company that doesn’t exist. Kirishima ran his hands up and down his face to keep his tired body awake a little bit longer. Kirishima stretched his fingers before he moved the mouse and clicked on the message left in his otherwise empty inbox.


KINGEXPLOSION: your profiles shit




Bakugou didn't know why he joined the website either. Maybe because he was lonely without that damn Deku to make fun of all the time. Otherwise, he was left in his parent's company which left him going crazy in under two minutes.

So he locked himself in his room, curled up in his bed with a tub of ice cream and his laptop, curled into a blanket as he sat in the dark with only the light of the screen illuminating his face. He didn’t know why he even decided to go through others profiles. No one was interesting enough for him.


Tracy Frander, 16, USA, No Sleep Quirk


Ethan Toskaf, 15, Russia, Flying Quirk


Tikki Sarchin, 17, Cuba, Mermaid Quirk


No one was interesting. Bakugou was about to give up when the sight of pink skin caught his attention. He clicked on the profile, going through the four photos, all of which had groups of people in them. He couldn’t tell who he was looking at, all he had was the same basic description everyone else had.


Eijiro Kirishima, 16, Tokyo, Hardening Quirk


Bakugou squinted his eyes at the description before he slowly scrolled to the chat icon by the description. Bakugou furrowed his brows as he slowly typed out a message.


KINGEXPLOSION: your profile is shit


Without thinking he sent it and reclined against the wall. A minute passed, then another and soon he was biting his lip worried if he fucked up his first message to a person he didn’t know, the only person he ever tried talking to since middle school ended.


REDRIOT: says you. You don’t have any pictures on yours.

KINGEXPLOSION: its better if i dont.

REDRIOT: and whys that?

KINGEXPLOSION: just trust me on it

REDRIOT: okay mister mystery but how am I going to know if you're real???

KINGEXPLOSION: Trust me, if i was fake i wouldn’t have clicked your lame ass profile

REDRIOT: you dont even have your name on yours!!!!

KINGEXPLOSION: so you went through my profile???

REDRIOT: well duh. I’m never on here

KINGEXPLOSION: Neither am i if I'm being fucking honest


Bakugou knew it was a lie. He was always on this dumb website but no one was cool enough to talk to.


REDRIOT: so what brought you to this lame website?

KINGEXPLOSION: nothing important to you

REDRIOT: geez mister mystery

KINGEXPLOSION: dont call me that

REDRIOT: too bad. Until i know your name imma call you mister mystery



REDRIOT: are you really not gonna tell me your name? You know mine

KINGEXPLOSION: its better you dont know mine. Safety reasons.


Bakugou watched the three typing bubbles pop up then disappear. His stomach fell slightly before he saw the bubbles again and he felt realized he didn't scare someone off.


REDRIOT: understandable. Its kinda why all of my pics are with people. So no one can know which one i am.

KINGEXPLOSION: but they can know your name?

REDRIOT: cant put a name to a face if you dont know the face


KINGEXPLOSION: why the fuck are you on here?

REDRIOT: my friend signed me up

REDRIOT:i forgot i had an account until you messaged me


REDRIOT: i told you im not on here

KINGEXPLOSION: im too busy to be on here


Bakugou knew it was a lie. He had five shots a day and in between them, he had enough time to get online and go through peoples accounts. He just didn’t want to was the problem, or was scared to? He couldn’t tell the difference.



REDRIOT: why king explosion?

KINGEXPLOSION: It would be my hero name. King Explosion Murder

REDRIOT: thats a little gruesome. why not something softer?

KINGEXPLOSION: like what? yours? as if

REDRIOT: Red Riot is my actual hero name...

KINGEXPLOSION: wait really?

REDRIOT: yeah. I'm a hero in training at UA


Bakugou couldn’t speak. His hand was held over the keyboard but nothing came into his mind to allow him to type. The idiot he messaged went to the school of his dreams. He had to be badass to go there. He had to be.

“Katsuki!” Mitsuki yelled.

“What!” Bakugou shouted back.

“Get your ass out here! We got company!”

“Tell them to fuck off! I’m busy!” Bakugou shouted at his mother, his eyes gluing back to the screen instead of the small light peaking through the bottom of his door.

“If you’re not out here in two minutes I’m taking away your outside privileges!”

“Fuck fine!” Bakugou shouted as he shoved the blanket off his head and shoulders. He slammed his laptop closed in frustration. He set the ice cream container down on his nightstand before ruffling his hair and shoving his hands in his pockets before leaving his room. He walked out into the living room, his eyes glaring into his mother and father before he looked across from them at the two people sitting across from them.

“Katsuki, this is Eraserhead and Shadowstar. They might be here for the hero job.” Masaru smiled at his son as Bakugou dragged his feet to sit down a chair separate from his parents and the heroes. He always sat in the seat because he was ignored in it while his parents did business transactions with him as the ‘goods’ being shown off.

“What hero job?” Katsuki lifted a brow as he shrugged down into the chair.

“We put a few ads out for a hero to watch you to make sure...that...doesn’t happen again.” Masaru smiled at his son, turning to the two heroes. “Now, should we start now that Katsuki is out here?”

“Yes.” Eraserhead cleared his throat.

Bakugou was stuck on looking at them. How they contrasted so much it astonished him. The scarf around the black haired guy's neck looked old and worn out. And the bright blonde hair on the girl was almost blinding.

“Now, where did you hear about this job?”

“My superior Best Jeanist recommended it to me.” Shadowstar smiled, her exterior different from what her hero name entailed. Her bright blonde hair looked brighter with her pink iris eyes. Her pink and black skin tight bodysuit wasn’t helping with the fact that Bakugou felt like she was lying.

“All Might.” Eraserhead answered.

“What are your specialties? Your quirks, the conditions you usually fight in and so on.” Masaru gave a small smile as his wife shifted with the notepad of who would get the job.

“I can erase quirks as long as my eyes are open. I usually fight at night on one on one battles.” Eraserhead answered.

“I usually fight during the day. I can turn myself into a black dust that can move around and do as I want,” Shadowstar gave a small smile as she turned her hand to dust. “My appearance is meant to throw off my enemies.” Bakugou watched as the black dust formed to a hand again.

“Why did you decide to apply for the job?” Mitsuki asked.

“I’ve been a pro-hero for a while and can point out when someone is in more danger than others. Due to your sons rising popularity and your growth in business, it will only be a matter of time until another villain takes him and asks for a ransom. I’m simply here to stop that from happening.” Eraserhead sat up slightly, his eyes darting to Bakugou for a moment.

“I want to help someone feel safer in their surroundings after going through such hardship.” Shadowstar smiled. Her smile made Bakugou uncomfortable in a good way. Like he was missing a smile like that.

Mitsuki wrote on her notepad before clearing her throat and showing the notepad to her husband. He nodded in agreement, giving a small huff before Mitsuki set the notepad on the coffee table.

“You’ll both be watching him. Since you both evenly split down the board you’ll have different hours. Shadowstar, you’ll start tomorrow morning, Masaru will email Best Jeanist the details. Eraserhead we’d prefer you start tonight since we’ve seen activity around the house and almost had a break in last week.” Mitsuki crossed her legs as both heros nodded. “You’ll both be paid for your services until you are no longer needed. We’ll discuss the prices while Katsuki does his chores.”

“Fuck that,” Bakugou scoffed, standing from the chair as he walked towards his room. “I’m going to my room.”

Katsuki walked into his room, slamming the door behind him before he collapsed onto his bed and groaning loudly. He sat up slowly before he flipped open his computer and coddled himself into his blanket again. His eyes widened at the messages left.


REDRIOT: yeah. I'm training to be a hero at UA.

REDRIOT: its a lot of work but its really fun. I have a lot of friends here and i get to use my quirk a lot more then other students

REDRIOT: my teacher is a hardass but its great because I dont get in trouble as much as my friends.

REDRIOT: sorry I'm probably rambling

REDRIOT: you still there?

KINGEXPLOSION: yeah sorry. Stupid parents called my away

REDRIOT: no its cool

KINGEXPLOSION: whats it like there?


Bakugou couldn’t stop from asking. He needed to know. He needed to know what his dream school was like. He had to, he knew he would never go there, so he had to ask.


REDRIOT: its better than i could have ever dreamed of. I dont know how to put it into words

KINGEXPLOSION: oh...that great huh?


REDRIOT: where do you go to school?

KINGEXPLOSION: I'm online schooled.

REDRIOT: thats always fun





Bakugou flinched at the loud knock on his door, glaring at the shadow blocking the light coming into his room. “Bakugou,” a voice nowhere close to his father’s. “Your parents don’t want you alone until you go to sleep tonight.”

“I don’t need a babysitter.” Bakugou barked at the man as he watched his door slowly open.

Bakugou glared at the tall man as he entered the room, switching the lights on and looking around the room as it sparked to light. Bakugou growled as he blinked the darkness out of his eyes and adjusted his eyes to the light.

Eraserhead studied the black of the room. The black band posters with small specks of red. The blackness of the sheets on the light wooden bed frame. The small specks of orange and dark greens littered the blacks of his clothes.

“Why is your room so dark?” Eraserhead asked as he walked into the room, sitting down in Bakugous desk chair.

“I like black. Get. Out.” Bakugou growled through his teeth as his computer dinged. He looked down at his screen and a small smile grew.


REDRIOT: whos your favorite hero?


REDRIOT: i like Crimson Riot. hes an old hero but hes my favorite. So manly!!

KINGEXPLOSION: hmmm. have to check him out

REDRIOT: you should! he’s so cool and strong!!!!

KINGEXPLOSION: if you like him ill have to check him out


“Who are you talking to?”

“None of your fucking business.” Bakugou growled as he glared up at Eraserhead. “Fuck off. I don’t need a babysitter.”

“It’s my job now to make sure you’re safe. Deal with it.” Eraserhead crossed his arms, the only thought in his head that if Bakugou was his student, he would have been expelled by now.

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REDRIOT: whatre you up to today?



REDRIOT: what do you do?

KINGEXPLOSION: model for my parents clothing line

REDRIOT: thats so cool. I used to work in my family's restaurant before the dorms were set in


REDRIOT: do you like working for them?

KINGEXPLOSION: not really. I wanted to be a prohero but my parents thought it was too fucking dangerous

REDRIOT: if you could, would you go to UA

KINGEXPLOSION: I was going to. I turned in the application and everything but my parents didnt let me go to the entrance exam

REDRIOT: oh that sucks. Im sorry

KINGEXPLOSION: its whatever

REDRIOT: well you clearly wanted to be a hero, but i still think King Explosion Murder is too intense. Maybe try something nicer

KINGEXPLOSION: like what? Fuckwad McGee?

REDRIOT: Maybe like… Jetpack?


REDRIOT: ...yeah

KINGEXPLOSION: youre a fucking idiot

REDRIOT: at least im trying! Cmon making hero names is fun

KINGEXPLOSION: I dont know what else id want my hero name to be. i should just give up on that dream since im never going to get it

REDRIOT: you never know, you could get into the course next year

KINGEXPLOSION: you dont fucking understand. My parents are so fucking overprotective that they got two heroes to watch me

REDRIOT: really?

KINGEXPLOSION: yep. I fucking hate it

REDRIOT: which heroes are they?

KINGEXPLOSION: fuck if i remember.

REDRIOT: well what are their quirks? I can probably find them by their quirks

KINGEXPLOSION: fuck fine whatever

KINGEXPLOSION: the girl can turn into black dust and the guy can erase peoples quirks for a short amount of time. Hes used it on me seven times already and he’s only watched me for two hours

REDRIOT: well the girl is ShadowStar. shes Best Jeanist newest sidekick and is already high up on the hero chain. The guy is Eraserhead...aka my homeroom teacher

KINGEXPLOSION: wait you’re taught by pro heroes

KINGEXPLOSION: and you weren’t going to tell me?


Bakugou slowly peeked up at the man sitting on his desk chair, his arms crossed as he seemed to slowly doze off. Bakugou cleared his throat and he looked up at him. “Yes?”

“Do you teach at UA?”

“Why do you ask?” Eraserhead lifted a brow, opening his eyes slightly as Bakugou slowly lowered his laptop to look at him.

“Curious. I heard some pro heroes teach there.”

“Yes, I do. I teach a hero course.”

“A hero course? You mean there’s more than one hero course?”

“There are two. Each class with eighteen or so students.” Eraserhead sat up slightly, looking at Bakugou. “I saw your entrance exam written response. It wasn’t half bad. Why didn’t you show up to the physical exam?”

“My parents think the hero business is too dangerous for me after everything that happened. I don’t fucking agree but here I fucking am.” Bakugou rested against his wall, groaning as his eyes scanned his computer screen at the new message.


REDRIOT: it’s not really that interesting. it’s like having normal teachers in middle school

REDRIOT: except they can legally beat you up

REDRIOT: and Midnight makes it distracting during Art History with her hero suit


“Who are you talking to?” Eraserhead asked.

“None your fucking business.”

“It is if I want to do my job.”

“Doubt you’d know him, jackass.” Bakugou crossed his arms.

“Well, it has to be someone who goes to UA for you to have asked.” Eraserhead crossed his arms, giving a small smirk at Bakugou. “So just tell me.”

Bakugou glared at the man for a moment before he growled. “Not. Fucking. Telling.” Bakugous computer dinged and before he could look down to read it Eraserhead had rushed to his feet and snatched the computer from him.

“Red Riot?” Eraserhead mumbled, looking down at Bakugou as the boy growled. “He…”

“Who?” Bakugou growled, narrowing his eyes at the black haired man.

Eraserhead glared at Bakugou before handing him his computer, turning his back to the boy. “I think I read that name on the news. He said his teachers out and asked if you wanted to video chat.” Eraserhead waved his hand at Bakugou before he walked to Bakugous window and opened it. “I’m doing a quick perimeter check. Don’t leave this room.”

“Don’t tell me what to fucking do,” Bakugou mumbled as Eraserhead jumped for his window and started to check around the house. Bakugou rolled his eyes, looking down at the message.


REDRIOT: my teachers out. Maybe chat?

KINGEXPLOSION: im not comfortable with that

REDRIOT: why not?

KINGEXPLOSION: i cant tell you yet

REDRIOT: but you will tell me eventually


REDRIOT: thats not very convincing...

KINGEXPLOSION: i fucking will just not yet. I dont fucking know if i can trust your shitty ass yet

REDRIOT: … is typing…

REDRIOT: fair enough. but it i havent seen you after talking to you for a long time i dont think this can go on



REDRIOT: well it’s getting kind of late and i have hero training tomorrow so...


REDRIOT: night



Bakugou groaned, closing his computer before he smacked his head back against his wall before lying down in his bed, listening to the grunts outside his window of the so-called hero crawling back into his room.

“Find anything?” Bakugou muttered into his pillow.

“Just a lost dog.” Eraserhead shrugged his shoulders, looking at the teen after he closed the window. “Going to bed?”

“Yeah. So get the fuck out, you’re not watching me sleep.” Bakugou turned his head to glare at the man.

“I’ll be in the hall if you need anything,” Eraserhead spoke calmly before he left the room, turning off the lights as he did.




Bakugou was beyond tired. His mind kept him up with nightmares of the incident, and wouldn’t let him have his peace. When he was woken up in the morning by Eraserhead leaving and introducing him to Shadowstar, he almost cursed them out on the spot for waking him up.

He was always joyful that Shadowstar was more empathetic than that asshole he spent the night with because she let him sleep in a few hours longer.

When Bakugou finally got out of bed he stepped out of his room to the sound of small hums coming from his living room. Before he entered the kitchen he went to the living room, looking at Shadowstar as she sat on the couch reading and highlighting a piece of paper. Her eyes flickered to him for a moment before she turned her head to him and smile.

“I hope you slept well Sir Bakugou.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Bakugou mumbled, turning and entering then kitchen grabbing an apple from the bowl of fruits they had before plopping himself down into his designated chair. “What’s on my agenda for today blondie?”

“You have a two o’clock photo shoot at a studio in downtown Japan that’ll bleed into your four o’clock photo shoot at the new cat cafe down the road from UA. You’ll cut the ribbon opening the store and Eraserhead and I will be watching over the event since the cafe is just down the street from his day job.”

“That it?”

“In the evening, when Eraserhead and I will be switching out, you’ll be at a dinner with your parents to discuss a photo shoot that will hopefully be cataloging at of the new hero merchandise. They’ll be trying to set up the shoot the happen at UA.”

“Wait really?” Bakugou looked over at Shadowstar, his eyes slightly wide as she nodded.

“Your parents, you, and the principal of the high school will all be having dinner in the school itself so if it goes through you can be told where you can go for photos and when.” Shadowstar smiled brightly at Bakugou as she stood from the couch. “But we have four hours until your first photo shoot so we have a while. What do you wanna do?”


“Seriously?” Shadowstar groaned, falling back onto the couch. “I wanted to do something fun.” Bakugou noticed how she dropped her posh composer for a moment before she sat up straight.

“Well all the fun things I want to do are at night so you lucked out.” Bakugou stood up from his chair, walking into the kitchen and throwing the apple core away. Shadowstar followed him slightly as Bakugou walked to his room. “What the fuck do you want?” Bakugou turned around to her, glaring at her as he crossed his arms.

“This job is tamer than my last one…” Shadowstar mumbled, crossing her arms as she stomped her foot to the ground slightly. Bakugou rolled his eyes as he walked into his room, grabbing his laptop and sliding into his desk chair. He opened his computer, smiling at the message from his stranger friend.


REDRIOT: good morning mystery man. Hope you slept well

KINGEXPLOSION: i did. Thnx for asking

REDRIOT: np! Youre a new friend and as a man i have to check on my friends

KINGEXPLOSION: youve barely known me for a day



KINGEXPLOSION: fair enough i fucking guess

REDRIOT: so whatre your plans for today

KINGEXPLOSION: photo shoots and a business dinner

REDRIOT: oh cool

KINGEXPLOSION: i guess. i just sit there and do nothing

REDRIOT: at least you get to eat tho


KINGEXPLOSION: whatre your plans

REDRIOT: going to my classes and hero training

REDRIOT: my teacher asked me and my classmates to watch over this dinner happening tonight last week so i have that going for me

KINGEXPLOSION: so you get to beat people up?

REDRIOT: if a villain shows up yeah


REDRIOT: yep. Well im in class so i gotta go

KINGEXPLOSION: why the fuck would you text me in class you dumbass

REDRIOT: im chatty

KINGEXPLOSION: pay attention dumbass


Bakugou gave a small smile, as he changed to his online courses, his eyes darting to Shadowstar standing in his doorway. He groaned, turning his head to her. “You can sit on my bed. I have to do my online courses so I’ll be fucking quiet.”

“O-Okay Sir Bakugou.” Shadowstar smiled, walking into the room and sitting on Bakugou’s bed as the boy turned to his computer and started his courses.

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Bakugou stared blankly at the photographer as he posed for his pictures in another outfit he hated. He hated the color green, mostly because it reminded him of that damn Deku. That dumbass he hadn’t seen in almost a year, but he always saw him on the news saving someone new, like that Eri girl. He hated the green of his shirt and red of his shoes and the stupid damn saying on the back of his black hoodie written in green. HERO. Bakugou wondered if he would have been on that rescue team with that frog girl and floaty bitch and all the pros.

He was snapped out of his daze by a small tap on his shoulder. He furrowed his brows, turning his head to look up at Shadowstar as she gave him a small smile, holding the piece of paper with his schedule on it. “We’re done here Sir Bakugou.”

“Already? That was fucking quick.” Bakugou mumbled as he stood up from the couch on the small set. He dusted off the camo shorts he had on, looking at Shadowstar as she nodded.

“You only had one outfit to model, we have an hour until your next shoot at the cat cafe, what would you like to do Sir Bakugou?” She held her hand in front of her, giving a small smile to him as Bakugou walked to the small curtain they called a changing room.

It only covered him from his ankles to his collarbones, leaving his head and feet exposed. He shrugged his shoulders as he stepped behind the curtain and tore off his clothes, tossing them over the curtain and watching them land in clumps on the floor and eager interns pick them up and fold them.

“Fuck if I know.” He mumbled as he pulled on his favorite black tshirt―one with a skull on it―black sweatpants and black Adidas with white strips. He slid on the white hoodie he stole from the previous shoot where he destroyed the photographer's camera before he stepped out of the changing area. He followed Shadowstar as she led him out of the building and into the green Jeep waiting for them outside. Shadowstar took the backseat with Bakugou, going over his schedule once more as the driver went off, looking back at the two in the rearview mirror.

“Where to Bakuboy?” He asked. Bakugou didn’t answer, he simply looked out the window as people quickly passed them on the streets. The driver―León―looked at Bakugou before he looked at Shadowstar. “Shadowstar, where to? I can’t drive us around forever.”

“Go to―”

“Go to the cafe. I’m hungry.” Bakugou interrupted his gaze still outside the window. León nodded and drove towards the cat cafe.

Shadowstar looked at Bakugou.

She saw how his shoulders were tense, and could see in the reflection of the window that he had a large, sad scowl on his lips, his eyes watching the people they passed. She saw how the usual anger in his eyes was dulled. She saw how his posture spoke of how lonely he was.

“Sir Bakugou?” She spoke.

“What?” He turned his head towards her. He glared at her for a moment before he was surprised by the soft look she gave him.

“Do you have any friends?”

“Why the fuck would you ask that? Of course I―”

“Your driver doesn’t count.” Shadowstar sighed as Bakugou growled. “I’ve noticed that every time your phone went off it was your mom texting you, not a friend.”

“Who the fuck are you to tell me I have no fucking friends!” Bakugou shouted at her.

“Sir Bakugou―”

“Shut the fuck up! You don’t know a goddamn thing about me you shitty extra! I don’t’ need some lame ass smoke bitch to tell me how to live my fucking life―”

“You’re not happy,” Shadowstar spoke calmly even though she was being yelled at.

“Yo Shadow,” León chuckled nervously his eyes darting from them to the road. “I would stop if I were you. This kid will blow your ass up.”


She didn’t.


Shadowstar looked at her palm, turning her fingertips into its black dust but controlled it to not leave far from her physical body. “An advantage of my Quirk is even though I turn into smoke I still have my nerve endings, so when the smoke goes through someone, I can sense how they feel,” she let the smoke from her fingertips whisp around Bakugou, and he watched as it flew through his hair and tickled at his nose. “Sometimes I do it without realizing it, like when I’m relaxed and for a moment, it passed you when I let you into the car, and I could feel how sad you are. Do you like your job? Do you like your life?” Shadowstar connected the black dust to her body, her fingertips returning as she put her hand in her lap.

Bakugou was silent for a moment. He didn’t answer, and lucky, he didn’t have to. “W-We’re here.” Bakugou darted his eyes to his driver before he stepped out of the car and towards the cafe.

“W-Wait!” Shadowstar opened her door and closed it, running after Bakugou inside. “Sir Bakugou I―”

“Stop fucking calling me that,” Bakugou growled as he turned to Shadowstar at the door. “It’s Bakugou. Nothing else. Just Bakugou.”

“O-Okay.” Shadowstar stammered, bowing her head at him slightly. “I’m sorry if I hit a sore spot for you just now―”

“Whatever,” Bakugou mumbled as he walked into the cat cafe, finding the photo crew already setting up lights and positions for him to go into. He looked around for a moment as Shadowstar entered behind him. The cafe was bigger than the outside lead on to believe.

You entered in a hallway, and when you turned to your right you were met with a small shelving unit with cat cubbies. Each cat cubby had a bed, a bowl of water and a bowl of food, with a closed off cat cubby for a litter box. To your left when you passed the hallway was the reason for the hallway, the stairway upstairs.

There were two floors, and Bakugou could only assume the upstairs look around the same as the downstairs. There were small couches and coffee tables by the large front windows that had cat climbing trees. There was the small bar where you ordered across from you when you first entered, surrounded by cat toys, plants and scratching posts.

The walls were pastel pinks, the couches, and tables meeting the aesthetics of pastel with similar soft colors. Bakugou stuffed his hands into his pockets. His black and white outfit stuck out like a sore thumb.  He turned his head around the room, looking at the small hallway that was on the other side of the ordering counter, a sign hung on the walls saying that the hallway was the way to the bathrooms.

Below the sign though, his eyes got caught on the clothing rack pushed against the wall. It had one outfit, consisting of a pastel suit. It was a white button up, pastel pink dress pants, a matching tie, and white shoes. He saw the small accessories hung next to it―two pink hair clips, good cufflinks, a gold tie clip along with gold rings and fake piercings.

“Sir Bakugou? Are you really early for once?” He turned his head to an assistant he’s seen one too many times before.

“I just want a drink before the shoot.” Bakugou snarled back at her, smirking as she scoffed and walked off to her boss.

He turned to an intern, tapping their shoulder. He watched as they looked up at him, their eyes going huge before the intern bowed at him. “I-It’s an honor working with you Sir Bakugou!” The electric blonde intern yelled head and body kept at a ninety-degree angle.

“Hey, dumbass get up. People are staring.” Bakugou looked around the room at the professionals and cafe employees looking at them. The boy quickly stood up straight. He flashed a bright smile, holding a clipboard to his chest.

“W-What can I do for you, sir?” He smiled brightly.

“Just―fuck lose the smile. I can’t fucking take you seriously when you look like you’re gonna shit yourself.” Bakugou rubbed his hand down his face as the boy across from him tilted his head to the side in confusion before he straightened his back and let his smile drop slightly.

“What can I do for you Bakugou?”

Bakugou looked at him in surprise for a second. Whenever he entered a set he was always called Sir Bakugou, never once called just by his name. It felt nice. He cleared his throat before saying, “Get me the strongest fucking thing of coffee they have and the spiciest food they got.”

“A-Alright.” He smiled again, writing down Bakugou’s order before walking into the kitchen.

Bakugou sighed, turning his head to the designer as she eyes him up and down. Her black hair slicked back on her head as her dark first green suit made her splash against the light background. Her bright green eyes dug into Bakugou. “Street thug,” she spat out, crossing her arms. “Sir Bakugou, I must ask you to change...your attire.

“I require it must be something more suitable for this establishment. These photos are debuting a new pastel line I have been working on for months and to honor the style of this cafe. Please change into the outfit on the rack. If you need assistance call over my new intern Kaminari for help. Kaminari?!” She called out loudly in a yell. Bakugou watched as the blonde boy from before ran out to her, bowing his head for a moment to her.

“Yes, Madam?” He asked.

“Sir Bakugou needs assistance getting dressed into his outfit. Take him the bathrooms to get dressed and tidied for the shot.”

“Yes, Madam.” Kaminari bowed to her again for a moment before he grabbed the clothing and accessories from the rack, giving Bakugou a small smile and nodding his head down the hall before they walked into the bathroom.




Bakugou walked out of the bathroom stall, cuffing his sleeves with the tie loosely hung on his shoulders with the shirt buttoned down to his chest. He looked at Kaminari who was swinging his feet as he sat on the countertop of the sinks.

“Need any help?” Kaminari asked, a small grin on his face.

“Nope.” Bakugou looked in the mirror, grabbing onto the fake piercings and putting them in place― a cuff on his right ear leading to gold round piercings he had on both ears. He snapped the two onto his ears before he stretched out his arms, looking in the mirror and seeing that Kaminari was staring at him. “What blondie?” Bakugou crossed his arms, turning to him.

“Oh, uhm―A-Are you Kacchan?” Kaminari tilted his head and Bakugou growled, grabbing his collar.

“Where the fuck did you hear that name?” Bakugou spat out, anger fuming from him.

“M-Midoriya!” Kaminari shrunk slightly before pushing Bakugou’s hand off his collar. “We saw you on the news and he kept saying Kacchan instead of Bakugou.”

“Where did you see me on the news?” Bakugou balled his hands into fists to keep his explosions at bay.

“We were in the dorms common space―I go to UA.”

Bakugou was silent for a moment before he let his explosions burn at his calloused palms, squeezing his hands harder together. “Why the fuck is a kid from UA interning at a fucking fashion agency.” Bakugou spat the words out of his mouth.

“Its close by and I need to money so I can pay off my student loans for the uniforms I’ve zapped through. Besides, I like fashion.” Kaminari nervously smiled, adjusting the choke on his neck.

“How the fuck did Deku get into UA?” Bakugou let the smoke from his explosions leave through the small cracks in his fingers.

“H-He got the most rescue points.” Kaminari nervously smiled, stepping back slightly away from the blonde. “Do you need any more assistance or can I get you your coffee?”

“Go get my shit,” Bakugou mumbled quickly. He didn’t want to look at someone who was so close to Deku. He wanted away from that nerd, even if he somewhat missed him.

Bakugou slowly let his hands go, holding them to look at the sot covering his hands. He growled, washing his hands and drying them before he walked out of the bathroom.

“Kami!” He heard a girls high pitched squeal. Bakugou flinched, turning towards her and flinching at her pink skin and horns. Her white dress and shoes brought out the pink of her skin, and all Bakugou could do was stare for a moment. He looked away, shoving his hands into his pockets before Kaminari stood in front of him.

“They don’t serve spicy here but they do have strong coffee.” Kaminari smiled, handing the cup to the teen. Bakugou nodded, taking a sip from the cup and relaxing into the bitter taste. Kaminari turned to the pink girl, giving a smile before he walked over to them and stood next to the tall boy with large elbows beside her. “What’re you doing here? I’m working.”

“Aizawa told us to get you before the dinner so we could go over the rules and such.” The tall boy spoke, laughing slightly with his black hair falling over his shoulders.

“How long do I have?”

“About two hours until we go over everything. He just wants to know you’re on the school's premises.”

Bakugou recognized that voice.

He whipped his head towards the group, his eyes landing on the large green tuff and red shoes. Bakugou barely recognized him for a moment. The hair and shoes were a giveaway, but without those, all Bakugou had to go off of was his big green eyes and freckles.

And even then, he could never forget the warm noise that left his mouth when he said, “Kacchan?” Bakugou looked up from his daze, looking at Midoriya as he stood in front of him. “What’re you doing here?”

“I’m modeling for this dumb stores opening.” Bakugou straightened up, finding himself to still be taller than him even with all the hair.

“Oh, that explains the getup. You’d never willingly wear that,” Midoriya laughed, and Bakugou felt a small sense of relaxation run through him with a familiar face. Even if it was a face who was always trying to get ahead of him, it was a familiar one. The two fell silent like the would end up doing before the blonde beat him up, but he couldn’t do that.

He couldn’t find any anger in him to beat him up beside to start it by asking, “How’d a Quirkless loser like you get into UA?”

Midoriya nervously scratched the back of his neck before giving a small smile. “I...I actually had a Quirk manifest a few months ago. I guess I’m a really late bloomer.” He gave a small nervous smile before a hand was on Bakugou’s shoulder.

“Sir Bakugou, we’re ready for you.” The assistant from before gave a wicked smile and Bakugou rolled his eyes as he handed his coffee to her and buttoned up his shirt.

“Alright, thank you,” He spoke harshly, tying his tie quickly before stuffing his hands into his pockets.

“Sir?” Midoriya questioned quietly as Kaminari walked to Bakugou and smiled, bowing to him slightly.

“Do you need anything else Sir Bakugou?”

Bakugou felt a small tingle in his chest at the word in front of his name coming from the blonde in front of him. “Don’t fucking call me Sir. I’m not some fucking god.” Bakugou rolled his eyes before he walked to the couch and positioned himself into the most comfortable position.

“Do you need anything else before we start?” The photographer asked. Bakugous eyes darted to Shadowstar who gave him a sad smile.

“Let’s just get this fucking over with,” Bakugou spoke plainly as kittens were placed in his arms.




Bakugou exited the bathroom stall, flinching as he looked at Shadowstar sitting on the sink's counter. She gave a small smile at Bakugou as the blonde stood in the bathroom mirror and removed the piercings. “What do you want?” Bakugou muttered, turning his head to the girl on the counter. “You’re not even supposed to be in here.”

“Well your UA friends left and everyone else with a quirk here has it to do with photography or fashion so I have to protect you.” Shadowstar gave a small smile as she hopped off the counter and stood next to Bakugou. He didn’t notice until now that she stood two inches taller than him.

“They’re not my fucking friends.”

“They seemed pretty friendly.” Shadowstar gave a small laugh. “Well if they’re not your friends at least you have new acquaintances. Let’s get you to that dinner Sir Bakugou. There are clothes for you in the car for you to change into before we enter the school.”

“Stop calling me that,” Bakugou mumbled as he walked past Shadowstar and out of the bathroom. He hung the clothes up and walked out of the store, walking to the jeep across from the store.

He sat in the back seat, moments later having Shadowstar join him in the back. The car began to move and Bakugou watched the world go by as they drove to the UA campus.

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Kirishima stood in the hallway in front of the dining room where Principal Nezu was already waiting for the guests to arrive. Kirishima held his hands behind his back like the rest of his classmates, their hero outfits being replaced by black and white pants suits, their ties being the main color of their outfits.

His tie was red. Ashidos was sea green and pink. Kaminaris was white and yellow. Sero’s was yellow and black. Midoriya’s was the signature green color of his suit.

Kirishima kept his head up like he was told, listening to his classmate's conversations as they were lined down the hall. “I heard it’s a really powerful kid trying to get into UA,” Aoyama said, his voice dazzling.

“Well he can’t get in that easily, and if he’s so powerful why do they need us here?” Todoroki spoke softly. Kirishima turned his head to the boy next to him as Todoroki spoke. “We won’t know what it is until the dinner is over.”

“I guess so…” Kirishima spoke softly, turning his head down the corridor, his breath catching in his chest as he quickly turned his head forward as the people walked down the hallway.

“Why the fuck do I have to wear this―”

“Don’t curse. You have to make a good first impression.” A man voice responded. Kirishima closed his eyes, holding his breath as he heard the footsteps passed him. His heart was pounding in his chest with every footstep he heard. For a moment Kirishima dared to open his eyes, catching a glimpse of blonde hair with a black suit.

He heard the doors open and close to the dining hall, and Kirishima let his breath go before he dared to open his eyes fully and looked at Ashido across from him.

“Was that―”

“It couldn’t be. He’s a model for crying out loud. Why would he―”

“No, it had to be!”

“Who was it?” Sero chuckled, turning his head to his female classmates.

“It was him . That guy we saw on the news.” Uraraka giggled happily, her hands clasped on Iidas arm.

“That model guy that was kidnapped?” Sero asked with a laugh, crossing his arms as he leaned against the wall.

“He might be here for a bodyguard so he isn’t kidnapped again,” Tokoyami spoke softly.

“If so I vote myself!” Hagakure giggle happily jumping up and down in her spot.

Kirishima rolled his eyes with a chuckle, pulling out his phone and smiling at the message on his phone.


KINGEXPLOSION: sup bitch, im at my dumb dinner rn hbu

REDRIOT: doing my hero job

KINGEXPLOSION: is it boring?

REDRIOT: im just standing in a hallway so yes it is very boring

REDRIOT: is your dinner boring?

KINGEXPLOSION: extremely. my family is talking and all im doing it eating

REDRIOT: sounds extremely boring

KINGEXPLOSION: it fucking is

REDRIOT: hey i have a question


REDRIOT: whats your dinner for

KINGEXPLOSION: if i could do a photoshoot in a high security building to make the clothes match the aesthetic

REDRIOT: lol sounds festive

KINGEXPLOSION: its really not. every time i go to eat my mother glares at me and so does my security

REDRIOT: security?

KINGEXPLOSION: the heroes assigned to me

REDRIOT: oh. do they change out often?

KINGEXPLOSION: why do you ask?

KINGEXPLOSION: wanna be my bodyguard?

REDRIOT: kinda… i am training to save lives here. yours would just be another one i could protect


KINGEXPLOSION: but no. my bodyguards are sticking to two fuckwads who don’t know what to do when a teenager jokes about wanting some coke to snort to take me out of my misery



Kirishima smiled softly at his phone, quickly stuffing it into his pocket as he heard a loud explosion at the end of the hall. He ran ahead of his classmates, stopping and hardening his body as he stopped the blue fire from reaching anyone else.




Bakugou slowly stirred the soup in front of him, his streak pushed to the side by mouth because he was apparently eating too loud. He groaned slightly as he ignored his parent's murmurs. He stopped stirring his soup, resting his head on his hand as he kept his eyes on the orange-red liquid, watching as the parsley in it was jungled around by the waves moving from the center to the side of the bowl.

He lifted his brow, watching as the waves formed faster and bigger, the sounds of bombs hitting his ears louder than the sound of his parents talking. He turned his head to the door, watching as Shadowstar and Eraserhead looked at Bakugou.

“You okay Sir Bakugou?” Shadowstar asked, placing her hand on his shoulder.

“I-I’m fine. Hearing stuff…” he mumbled as he looked back down at his soup and watching as the waves splashed over the edge of the bowl and splashing on the white table cloth. He quickly turned his head to the door as it burst up with blue flames engulfing the doors.

“Bakugou.” A voice taunted him. His voice. The voice of that man that singed the back of his neck leaving that small burn scar.

Bakugou felt the scar burn as the blue flames slowly inched closer to him.

“We’ve searched so long for you. Would you like to join us willing or do we have to do it by force again?” Dabi chuckled as he crossed he walked closer to Bakugou, the blonde frozen in his seat, his eyes wide/

“Do not come any closer,” Eraserhead growled as he stepped in front of Bakugou.

“Like I’d listen to you.” Dabi chuckled as a small girl ran from behind him, a smirk on his face as she slashed a knife in front of the man and girl meant to watch Bakugou. The boy was frozen.

He couldn’t move. His body was frozen in shock and he was stuck in his seat. The heat in the room was killing him and he couldn’t dare to move in case…

He just couldn’t.

“Kacchan!” Bakugou’s eyes moved the doorway as the fire was pushed down and he saw green hair pop up through the blue. Bakugou felt arms lift him up and a body pressed against his side. He didn’t recognize that he had wrapped his arms around the man’s neck as he took one hand to shove a few sweets into his mouth. He smirked as he ran through the fire. “Sato! Over here quickly! We need everyone out before Todoroki can put out the fire.”

“W-Wait! My parents!” Bakugou shouted as he turned his head, ready to jump out of the boy's arms to rush to his parent's side.

“Tokoyami and Shoji have them! We need to get you out of here!” Deku spoke as Katsuki attempted to climb over the boy's shoulder to go back to his parents but he was held down by his hips on his shoulder.

“Mom! Dad!” Bakugou shouted through his fits of coughs as he was ran out of the burning room. Bakugou coughed hard, holding his fist to his mouth as Sato ran him through the hall and stopped to lie him down outside. Bakugou cough loudly, his head reeling as he tried to cough off the smoke filling his lungs.

“Kacchan it’s going to be okay. The ambulance is coming―Can anyone help him right now! We have to get the smoke out of his lungs!”

“Midoriya move!” A female voice shouted. Bakugou looked up, his eyes on the black hair of the girl in front of him as a green tank sat next to her. “I’m lifting your head okay? I’m putting an oxygen mask on.” Bakugou nodded as the mask was placed over his nose and mouth.

He took deep breaths as he could feel the heat from the building. Before the girl could move he touched her hand. “M-My parents―”

“They’re alright. I already put masks on them.”

“A-and the―”

“Rest Bakugou-kun. If you tire yourself out you’ll suffocate. Rest and breathe.” She smiled at him, placing a hand on his shoulder as she slowly started to stand up. He gripped her hand on his shoulder, his hand shaking.


“I need to check on Principal Nezu―Midoriya. Please stay with him.” She squeezed Bakugou’s hand, smiling softly at him. “Midoriya will stay with you until help arrives. I need to go check on everyone else.” She slowly walked off before rushing to her principal's side. Deku nealt at his friend's side, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m here Kacchan. The ambulance will arrive soon, just stay awake.” Bakugou looked at him, noticing how he coughed. Bakugou slowly sat up, ignoring the green-haired boys pleads to lie down as he took off the oxygen mask and placed it in Dekus hands.

“Breath. I have to check on my parents.” Bakugou coughed slightly before he stood up completely, turning his head slightly before he spotted his mother and ran to her, his knees buckling as he slid down to the ground. He landed by her side, grabbing her arms as tears built in his eyes. “M-Mom.”

“Katsuki. I-I’m alright―where’s you’re oxygen mask? You got smoke in your lungs―” She placed her hand on his cheek, wiping away the tears on his cheek.

“I’m fine. I-I’m glad you’re okay a-and I’m just glad you’re okay.” Bakugou collapsed at his mother’s side, curling his head into her chest as she wrapped an arm around him. “I’m glad you’re alive.” Bakugou was quiet as he cried into his mother’s chest.

“I...I am too.” Mitsuki gave a small laugh before running her hand through Bakugou’s hair and kissing his sot covered forehead.

“W-Where’s dad?” Bakugou stammered, sitting up and looking around, spotting his father farther away then he wanted.

“I-Is Masaru okay?” Mitsuki asked, sitting up frantically as she looked for her husband. She spotted him, across the bundle of teens who had been there to protect them. Tears pushed down the sot on his face, leaving streaks as the red and blue lights illuminated his face and burnt suit. “Katsuki, we’re okay. We’re alive, you’re here, we’re okay.” She held his head to her chest as men in paramedic suits holding red cases ran to them. She ran her hand through his hair as the paramedics ran up to them, immediately taking their vitals.

Bakugou stared blankly, his vision going blurry. He zoned out as the paramedics took care of him, his eyes on the burning building as ice crystals burst through the windows.

He felt his phone buzz and he quickly looked at it, his eyes trying to focus on the message on his cracked screen.


REDRIOT: hey there was this crazy attack at my hero thing and I got pretty beat up. nothing major just a concussion and a few bruises but I won’t be online for a few days or weeks based on my concussion. I’ll talk to you later.

KINGEXPLOSION: I hope you feel better. my night was crazy too.

Chapter Text

Bakugou sat at his computer at his desk, scratching at the bandages on his arms as he continued his online courses. He answered the questions his instructors assigned to him and read the articles given to him. He sighed, leaning back in his chair. He switched websites, going to his long unanswered list of messages.


KINGEXPLOSION: hey. how are you dumby

KINGEXPLOSION: i hope your concussion is better

KINGEXPLOSION: that night we both had something crazy happen, how was yours insane?

KINGEXPLOSION: hey fuckwad dont leave me without saying something

KINGEXPLOSION: you doing better?

KINGEXPLOSION: I thought of a better hero name then KINGEXPLOSION MURDER

KINGEXPLOSION: wanna hear it?


Bakugou sighed as he wiggled his fingers and began to type another message to the cluster that wasn’t responded to.


KINGEXPLOSION: its a name you wouldn’t have guessed for me


Bakugou ran his hands down his face, sitting up quickly at the ding of his computer. He fell out of his chair, quickly standing up and gripping the edges of his desk as he looked at the message.


REDRIOT: my concussions a lot better. i can go back to my hero training now. whats your new and improved hero name?


KINGEXPLOSION: didn’t think you’d answer bc you haven’t answered in fucking forever

REDRIOT: blame that on a head injury. whats your hero name?


REDRIOT: interesting. why?

KINGEXPLOSION: when explosions happen it pushes gravity to make everything want to go down to ground zero

REDRIOT: i like it


REDRIOT: yeah! So manly!

KINGEXPLOSION: thanks fuckwad


Bakugou sat back down in his chair, holding his knees up to his chest as he watched the text bubbles appear.


REDRIOT: would you be upset if i asked to see you?

KINGEXPLOSION: i’m not comfortable with that. Personal reasons

REDRIOT: its not like ill kill you. i just wanna see

REDRIOT: ill send a pic of me back if it makes you more comfortable

KINGEXPLOSION: im still not comfortable with it. its more to protect you then me

REDRIOT: can i at least show you who i am?

KINGEXPLOSION: if you feel like you need to

REDRIOT: okay...


Bakugou picked up his computer, lying down on his bed as he moved back to his lesson, a small notification popping up in the corner of his screen.


REDRIOT sent an image


Bakugou felt his heart skip a beat before he sat up slowly and cleared his throat. This wasn’t anything big, it was just a picture of the stranger he knew the name of.

He slowly moved his cursor to the websites tab. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he clicked on the tab. He took deep breaths, counting the seconds he held his breath before he opened his eyes and looked at the image.

He was in a UA uniform, a small half smile on his lips as he looked off to the side, his arm reaching up to his neck. It was obvious someone else took the photo. But what Bakugou was focusing on was the red of his hair and eyes and the small scar on his eyelid. How his hair was spiked up almost identically matched the color of his eyes.

The topper was the flower tucked behind his ear.


REDRIOT: my friend insisted on taking it while placing a flower behind my ear

KINGEXPLOSION: your friend has nice taste

REDRIOT: guess so...are you disappointed?

KINGEXPLOSION: no not really

REDRIOT: okay good…



“Fuck!” Bakugou shouted as he slammed his computer closed and threw it to the edge of his bed. He gripped at his hair as he fell back against his bed, his bedroom door slamming open.

“What happened? Are you hurt?” Shadowstar asked as she rushed to his side.

“What? No. Get out!” Bakugou looked at her, pushing on her shoulders to leave his room. The computer buzzed and Bakugou flinched, his face lighting up red.

Shadowstar looked at Bakugou then the computer, a small smile on her face. “Is it about your internet friend?”

“I said get out you dusty fuck!” Bakugou shouted as he pushed her. She giggled slightly, sitting on Bakugous bed as he groaned at her persistence.

She gave him a small smile as she reached for computer, tempting to open it with the pads of her fingers before Bakugou stole it from her grasp and held the laptop to his chest.

“Don’t go through my shit!”

“I just want to know what’s got you so flustered,” Shadowstar giggled as Bakugou turned to a darker shade of red that spread from his chest to the tips of his ears. Bakugou hid his face behind his computer. Shadowstar tilted her head, moving closer to him until she placed her hand on his thigh. “Hey,” her voice was soft, leading Bakugou to peak his eyes out to her. “What’s going on? You can tell me.”

“Like you’d understand. You’re in your thirties.” Bakugou scoffed, brushing her hand off of his thigh.

“I’m actually twenty-two. I graduated a few years ago and Best Jeanist was very impressed with me so he took me in.” Shadowstar leaned back against the wall. “He chose my hero name and made me an outfit to throw everyone off. I actually quite enjoy it all.” Shadowstar gave a small smile.

“What’s your real name?”

Shadowstar gave a small smile. “Just...Just call me Sui.”

“Okay…” Bakugou whispered. He looked at his lap before he looked at her. She hadn’t worn her hero costume the last few times she came. She was simply in a blue sweater, cuffed jeans, black flats with her blonde hair bundled in a ponytail with silver-rimmed round glasses. He knew her arms were banged because the bandages stretched to her palms. He could see the tape that was on her cheek that was holding a cut close.

He hated that she got her because of him.

“So,” She smiled, crossing her legs as she slowly removed the laptop from Bakugou’s grasp. “What’s got you so flustered?”

“The guy I’ve been talking to sent me a picture of himself.”


“And…” Bakugou looked at his bedspread before meeting her eyes. “He’s a lot cuter than I expected.” He shook his head, groaning as he lifted his pillow up to his head and screamed into it.

Shadowstar gave a small giggle before she opened Bakugou’s computer, the screen flickering with messages he had sent after the picture.


REDRIOT: i think i look really cheesy

REDRIOT: but im glad youre not disappointed

REDRIOT: right? Youre thinking im hideous right?

REDRIOT: hello?


“You should answer him, he’s getting insecure.” Shadowstar turned the computer to Bakugou who looked at the screen. He read through the messages before he grabbed the computer and started to type a response.


KINGEXPLOSION: youre a lot better looking than the others in your pictures


Bakugou sent the message before groaning loudly and punching his pillow across the room, watching it hit his door and slide down to the floor. Shadowstar rolled her eyes before she looked at what Bakugou said. She snorted. “You’re really bad at hiding when you like someone.”

“I don’t like him!” Bakugou shouted as he glared at Shadowstar.

“You called him attractive.”

“I stated the obvious!”

“Whatever you say, lover boy,” Shadowstar laughed as she stood up from the bed and stretched her arms above her head. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” She gave a small smile before she left the room.

Bakugou groaned, falling back on his bed as his computer dinged again. He sighed, flipping onto his stomach as he continued the conversation.


REDRIOT: that's a complete lie. Ashido and Kaminari are getting phone numbers all the time

KINGEXPLOSION: doesn't mean their attractive

REDRIOT: well they have to be in order for people to give them their number

KINGEXPLOSION: not necessarily. you just have to be good at conversation

REDRIOT: and how would you know???

KINGEXPLOSION: I get numbers. half the time I'm an asshole and half the time im not.

REDRIOT: so you get numbers because your bad boy?

KINGEXPLOSION: im not that much of a bad boy

REDRIOT: I can be the judge of that



REDRIOT: give me your name. I bet that i can find something about you that says, bad boy

KINGEXPLOSION: im not giving you my name

REDRIOT: why noooooooooooooooooot

KINGEXPLOSION: bc then you'll be a weirdo and google me



REDRIOT: it is so bad i want to know who my mystery man is?


Bakugou stared at his computer screen, his hand hovering over the keyboard. He couldn’t type. He couldn’t think of anything to type. His mind went blank, and before he knew his hand was moving to the top right corner of their chat. He moved the mouse passed the settings and video call buttons, and instead clicked the small phone icon. He watched as a small screen with the boys profile picture pop up as a calling tone filled his room. He watched as the typing bubbles appeared underneath the small screen.


REDRIOT: what’re you doing?

KINGEXPLOSION: pick up the call

REDRIOT: why should i?

KINGEXPLOSION: fucking pick up the call or im blocking you


Bakugou watched as the dialing stopped and was replaced by a small gasp and the sound of motionless air. Bakugou bit his lip as he looked down at the text.


REDRIOT: What now


Bakugou was about to type a response when yelling filled his ears. “Eraserhead is here!” Shadowstar shouted. Bakugou flinched, looking at his window at the darkness outside. He turned his head to the door as he watched it slowly open and the tired man looked at him, his computer and the blush on his face.

“What’re you doing?” Eraserhead furrowed his brows. “Watching something you shouldn’t?”

“What?! No! Get the fuck out of my room!” Bakugou shouted, muting his head of the conversation before rushing from his bed to his door. He began to push Eraserhead out of his room. Eraserhead grabbed Bakugous shoulders, lifting a brow.

“Why? What’re you doing that I can’t be in here?” Eraserhead crossed his arms, letting go of Bakugou.

Before Bakugou could speak his computer spoke. “E-Eraserhead is there? Geez, maybe I should go.”

Bakugou rushed to his computer and unmuted his end, holding his computer up. “No, you’re fine. He’s gone now.” Bakugou glared at the man as he shrugged his shoulders and sat down at Bakugou’s desk, silently going through his bag before pulling out a stack of papers. Bakugou assumed they were tests that needed grading.

Chapter Text

Bakugou held his computer in his hands, glaring at the man that sat at his desk. “If you say so. I just don’t want him talking to me tomorrow for being online so late.” the voice in his computer said.

“What do you mean?” Bakugou asked, moving his computer into his lap and resting his back against the wall.

“He’s my homeroom teacher, remember? He told us he got a night job but I didn’t think it would be with you.” The voice laughed.

Bakugou cursed himself mentally for forgetting this guys name. He quickly went to his profile and looked at his name.

Kirishima Eijiro.

“Is it a bad thing?” Bakugou asked. “That he’s not there at night?”

“For some, no. My class prez usually clears out the common space at about nine so we call all get some sleep or do homework. But there’s this one kid in our class that has taken advantage of him not being there.”

“Oh yeah?” Bakugou chuckled, looking at Eraserhead as he seemed to be listening.

“Yeah. This kid Mineta―a total perv. He sneaks out of his room at night to try to go into the girls' rooms or the girls' bathhouse. But we found a solution for it,” Kirishima chuckled. “My friend Sero, tapes his door shut every night with his quirk. Balcony and room door. There’s no way he gets out until we let him out in the morning.”

“But it’s tape.” Bakugou deadpanned.

“Sero’s tape is really strong and manly. Can hold up his body weight and more.” Kirishima laughed. “It comes from his elbows―you’d be surprised by the number of times he’s wrapped up Mineta for being a perv.”

Bakugou was silent for a moment, looking at Eraserhead, pleading him to leave with his eyes. Eraserhead shook his head. He wasn’t going to leave, but instead pulled out earbuds and started to play music through them.

Bakugou was glad that was the least he got.

“How did a fucking douche like him get into UA?”

“So his quirk is Pop-Off. His hair is basically these sticky purple balls that stick to people but he can bounce off of. During the physical entrance exam, he stuck a bunch of ‘em to the robots sticking them all together until they blew up and he got the points.” Kirishima explained. Bakugou hummed, his eyes going to Eraserhead who held up a test with the boys' name on it. A 45 out of 100, on a math test.

“You suck at math,” Bakugou mumbled.

“What?” Kirishima nervously laughed.

“U-Uhm…” Bakugou cleared his throat, looking back at his screen. “Eraserhead is grading tests and I saw yours and―Jesus fuck 45 out of 100! These problems are easy!”

“Says you, mystery man,” Kirishima laughed back in a yell. “I’ve just never been good at math. My friends try to help me but they suck at math too.” Bakugou hummed. The two fell silent for a moment until Kirishima cleared out his throat. “So, can you explain what you look like?”

Bakugou gave a small smile, rubbing the back of his neck. “F-Fuck I don’t know.”

“It doesn’t need to be in detail. Just like, your hair color and stuff.”

“Okay,” Bakugou sighed, the blush on his cheeks turning slightly darker. “I’m really blonde, I-I think it’s called ash blonde. My hairs spiky and goes in every different direction. I have a small nose and red eyes and slightly tanned skin. I’m five seven, kind of muscle. I-I’m lean.”

“You sound...awesome,” Kirishima said after a moment of silence.

“Awesome?” Bakugou scoffed. “You sound like a fucking school girl trying to hide her crush.” He chuckled as he looked over at Eraserhead who had long taken out his earbuds.

“Like you would say anything different if I described what I looked like.” Kirishima laughed.

Bakugou rolled his eyes, even though the boy on the other end couldn’t see him. “Anyway,” Bakugou grunted softly. “What’s your homeroom teacher’s name?”

“Aizawa. Why―oh god don’t use his name against him―”

“I won’t calm your shit. I just don’t like calling him that dumb name.” Bakugou chuckled.

Kirishima laughed. “Well, that's good.” He cleared his throat. “I uhm…”

“Yeah?” Bakugou cocked a brow, looking at his computer screen.

“I have training to do in the morning, so I have to go.” Kirishima nervously chuckled. Bakugou hummed, sitting up on his bed.

“Oh, okay.” Bakugou cleared his throat.

“B-But I can call you tomorrow after school, I just don’t want to be exhausted tomorrow.”

“No, it’s okay. Upcoming heroes need their sleep right?” Bakugou gave a nervous laugh.

The two fell silent before Kirishima spoke. “You would be a great hero. Night.”

Kirishima hung up.




“Kiri!” Ashido shouted as she opened his door, causing the door to flinch as he opened his computer. He hadn’t talked to his mystery boy all day, and he was excited to hear his voice again, to say the least. He wanted to hear it again. It had something about it that made him happy.

He turned his head to his pink friend as she jumped onto him as he sat at his desk, a smile on her face as she held her arms on his shoulders. “Y-Yeah?” Kirishima chuckled as Ashido hugged him in her position. Both of them had just left the showers, leaving their hair wet and down and to let them relax in their pajamas and bandages from hero training.

“Oh~” She pointed at Kirishima’s computer at the conversation that showed on the screen, the website she set an account up for him on saying he had 4 different pictures sent to him. “Looks like someone made a friend.”

“Shut up,” Kirishima laughed, shrugging her off of him. Ashido laughed dryly and fell back on Kirishima’s bed, sitting on the duvet as the boy opened the messages.

The first image was of a small garden with beautiful flowers filling the frame. The walkway was covered in beautiful gray and light brownstones. There was a small white table and chair with a nice baby blue umbrella with a drink and plate of food sitting on the table. There was a woman sitting at the table. She was in a nice baby blue dress, her blonde hair held in a high ponytail. She had on thigh high socks, black flats and black-rimmed glasses, a small on her face as she held a peace sign at the camera.

He read the small message underneath.


KINGEXPLOSION: my shooting space for today. the female model canceled so theyre using my security. everyone is saying we look related


The second image was of a blue tie and white button up. The blue tie has a black clip with a small lightning bolt on it. Just before the edge of the image cut, it showed a baby blue belt with a lightning bolt buckle holding up a pair of black slacks.


KINGEXPLOSION: my outfit for the shoot. all of my shoots have been pastel lately. i hate it bc i dont wanna steal it


The third image showed a male's tanned hand with two rings on holding up a round glass cup holding a light pink liquid in it, a small orange umbrella in it. It was held up against another cup similar, the girl from before holding up the other cup with a smile.

The fourth image was of a black tank top with a skull on it, the overly long arm holes extending to almost the waistband, only showing the slightest amount of muscles.


KINGEXPLOSION: back into my casual clothes. a day in the life of a fucking boring photo shoot. upside, my security got to keep the dress, i got to keep the rings


Kirishima gave a small smile. Even if he didn’t get a face, he at least got to see some of him. Kirishima had to admit, his mystery boy lied when he said he was lean. He wasn’t lean, he was muscular, maybe more than himself.

Kirishima started typing, a smile growing on his lips but before he hit send he felt breathing on his neck. “Do you mind?” He whipped his head around to Ashido, his eyes boring into her as she nervously smiled, scratching the back of her neck.

“I just wanna know who your friend is Kiri. You tell me everything.”

Kirishima sighed, lowering his head slightly before crossing his arms and turning in his chair. “He’s from here, his Quirk lets him make explosions and he’s an up and coming model. He wanted to go here but his parents wouldn’t let him. Happy?”

“How long ago did you meet him?”

“A few weeks ago.”

“Have you video chatted yet?”

“No, but we’ve voice called.” Kirishima sighed, cranking his neck slightly before lifting a brow. “What is this really about?”

“I...I just want to make sure you’re safe.” Ashido gave a small smile. “You’ve been running off to your room so much lately, I want to make sure you’re not getting hurt.”

“Ashido,” Kirishima sighed, standing up and placing his hands on her shoulders. She looked up at him slightly as Kirishima gave a soft smile. “I’m okay. If I’m in trouble, I’ll tell you.”

“Promise?” Ashido slowly held up her pinky. Kirishima chuckled, linking his pinky with hers.

“Pinky.” He grinned before letting his hand drop from hers and grabbing her shoulders, pushing her out of his room. “Now get out!” He laughed. Ashido rolled her eyes, walking out of the room.

“Fine! I’ll get you when we’re heading to dinner.” Ashido flashed a smile before she closed the door.

Kirishima sighed before he sat back down in his desk chair and relaxed into it. He stared back at the message he had typed out, blush creeping onto his face. He leaned forward, resting his head on his palm while he tapped the fingers on his other hand on the edge of his keyboard.


REDRIOT: you look good in a suit. ill be sure 2 look out for that background to see what you look like


Kirishima sighed, deleting the message before he moved his computer out of the way and banged his head against his desk. “God just talk to him, Eijiro. You can do it just don’t be so goddamn creepy!” Kirishima cursed at himself as he softly banged his head against his desk. He heard his computer ding, quickly bringing his head up and looking at the new image and message that appeared.

It was of a white suit. A hand with three silver rings was holding the collar, the black shirt underneath showing off the red of the tie, the silver clip on it having the smallest detail of a rose. He looked at the cufflink on the hand holding the collar and saw a rose. His mystery man's head was cut off, but he saw the smallest sliver of his neck and saw the peaking of lighter skin coming from the back of his neck. Maybe a scar , Kirishima thought.

He took in the photo before his eyes darted to look at the message, scared it would ruin the beauty of the photo.


KINGEXPLOSION: dont leave me on read Kirishima. anyway, heading to a dinner with Hawks and Endeavor to try to come up with some designs for their merch with my parents. kudos for your teacher for dressing me. he says its Red Riot inspired.


Kirishima felt the blush on his cheeks spread up to the tips of his ears to his chest. He felt his heart beat faster and faster against his ribcage. The feeling of pure glee numbed his feet and buckled his knees into keeping him into the chair he was in. He felt his body twitch at another ding of his computer, the soft sound of bubbles popping filling his ears as his eyes light upon the image of himself, red hero suit that was mangled in his ultimate form, Red Riot Unbreakable. Kirishima felt his heart flutter at the sound again, his eyes quickly darting to the message.


KINGEXPLOSION: your quirk is kinda badass

REDRIOT: it doesnt do that all the time

REDRIOT: this is just my ultimate move but i can only hold it for like 30 seconds


Kirishimas palms were sweating. Aizawa, the teacher who threatened to expel him if he dared to fight one of Ectoplasms copies using Red Riot Unbreakable. The teacher who yelled at him for getting so mangled designed an outfit for the boy he was talking to.

This felt too good to be true.

His teacher knew something he didn’t, and he hated it. He hated that his teacher who slept half the day was able to see his mystery mans face. He felt his heart pounding in his chest, but couldn’t tell if it was for anger, love or envy.

He heard the ding again, his mind going numb as he looked at the picture of his teacher in a pink suit, a white button-up almost being covered by his scarf as his black hair was held up in a bun.


KINGEXPLOSION: my mom didnt want him to look threatening so she made him wear pink. Have some blackmail if you need it

REDRIOT: ill be sure to use it if he threatens to expel me again

KINGEXPLOSION: with a quirk like yours, i doubt he actually would

REDRIOT: youd be surprised by the amount of times hes said im expelled  but didnt have me move out of the dorms

KINGEXPLOSION: thats a fucking lie

REDRIOT: would i ever lie to you???


Kirishima flinched as he watched the top part of his screen go black, only to be replaced with an animated phone tilting back and forth with the gray default profile picture in the background. Slowly, Kirishima joined the call.

“H-Hey,” Kirishimas voice cracked. He mentally cursed himself.

“Hey.” the boy replied. Kirishima felt himself relax slightly, his body releasing. He felt his muscles loosen, letting him lie back in his chair. “What’re you up to?”

“I was just about to start my workout then play some video games with Sero afterward.” Kirishima grinned, before he heard the small huff on the other end, his smile slowly falling. “I have a question.”

“Go ahead.”

“How badly do you want to go to UA?” Kirishima asked, pulling his knees up to his chest.

The line went quiet, filled with the background noise of a car moving and the rustle of movement against leather seating. “More than anything. It’s...It’s my fucking dream school. I could have become a hero, a better hero then All Might and Endeavor combined!” Kirishima softly smiled at the excitement in his voice before hearing it deflate by a single sigh. “But instead, I’m a fucking model who needs security.”

“Do...Do you think you could apply next year?”

“I doubt it.” The boy scoffed. “Have you read UAs handbook?”

“Not recently,” Kirishima nervously laughed.

The boy gave a small, sorrowful scoff. “In order to apply you need to be fresh out of Junior High. No year skips being a fucking hippy to figure shit out. So it’s either I get fucking lucky now and get to to a private physical exam and get in, or I’m stuck doing this bullshit for the rest of my life.”

“Do you like modeling?” Kirishima asked, his eyes tracing the edge of his desk, like he was avoiding eye contact with a person he had never seen.

“Not really, but it makes my parents happy.” The boy on the other end sighed.

And then the line was quiet.

The ticking of Kirishimas clock filled his ears, minutes feeling like eons passing. It was excruciatingly exhausting, leaving Kirishimas thighs and calves burning for oxygen to run through them and to the let the muscles relax.

“Kirishima,” A voice he knew all too well in a tone he had heard one too many times before said. “Do your homework. I know Present Mic assigned a lot of assignments you’re still behind on.”

“Y-Yes Aizawa Sensei.” Kirishima stammered out before he watched the line disconnect. Kirishima bit his lip, letting his legs fall to the floor, feeling his veins pump blood from his hips to his numb feet. Kirishima banged his head against his desk, cursing under his breath before he closed his eyes.

He thought for a moment, then another.

He slowly opened his eyes, opening his desk drawer and pulling out the small blue covered book he was given with his letter of acceptance, a book he had only read the section that applied to him.

He ran his fingertips over the cover, tracing the gold letters with his fingers before they nibbled at the edge and opened the book. Kirishima ran his hand over the first page before he knitted his eyebrows together and flipped to the table of contents, his eyes landing on what he needed to find before he flipped to the page he needed and began to read.

Chapter Text

Bakugou didn’t know why, but the bandages under his suit bothered him. They burned and itched, leaving him with wrinkles in his suit by the end of the night and red lines on his skin underneath all the fabric. He was happy that Eraserhead―Aizawa, decided to stand in the halls instead of eating with them, so he wouldn’t notice the number of times Bakugou brought his arms under the table to scratch at the bandages bugging him. He was glad his parents didn’t notice either, nor did the heroes across from them.

By the end of the dinner, Hawks had a tracksuit, hoodie, t-shirt line and headphones designed for himself and Endeavor had a hoodie, mask, costume and dressed designed. Although Bakugou didn’t speak―at all during the dinner―he was excited to at least be near heroes that far up in the hero charts.

It was better than the alternative memory that was burned into his eyelids.

When he got home, he burned his skin off in the shower, his skin flushing from the heat of the water. Bakugou ignored it, scrubbing away at the burn marks left on his arms from the other dinner he had. They were small, less significant than the one that was on the back of his neck. That one bothered him. 

It was the size of a hand― his hand―that had turned the hairs at the nape his neck white but went unnoticeable with how blonde his hair was. The fingers mushed together leaving a giant mark on his shoulder, the thumb marking on his neck almost peaking around in front. He was glad it was such a weird grip because he didn’t show much in pictures unless he was turned around. 

Bakugou shook his head, running his hand through his wet hair. He pushed that memory down. A memory he didn’t need right now.

When he left the shower he pulled on gray sweatpants and ruffled his wet hair in a towel, listening to his computer ding as he sat on his bed, pulling it closer to him. He smiled softly at the incoming call from Kirishima. He answered it.

“Hey,” Kirishima spoke softly like if he talked any louder he would be caught.

“Hey, Kirishima.”

“You can call me Kiri. My friends call me Kiri.”

“Okay dumbass,” Bakugou laughed lightly, trying to match Kirishimas volume. Bakugou stood up from his bed, turning off his lights before returning and crawling under the covers, resting his computer at his side as he lied down on his right side. “Shouldn’t you be going to bed?”

“Yeah, but I wanted to talk to you again before I did.”


Kirishima was quiet before he spoke. “I read the handbook. There’s another way you can get in.”

“Really?” Bakugou perked up slightly, his eyes moving the screen that illuminated his otherwise dark room. “W-What is it?”

“If you’re recommended by a hero and a student drops out or gets expelled from the course you want to be in you can enter with the need of a physical exam,” Kirishima spoke softly. Bakugou softly hummed, a smile on his lips as he rested his head on his pillow. “You can get in.”

“How?” Bakugou softly laughed, sleepiness encasing his body.

“My class could get Mineta expelled. I don’t think anyone would―”

“You all got in the course fair and square even if all your quirks seem to suck ass,” Bakugou yawned, closing his eyes. “I don’t wanna steal someone's spot.”

“Well...Well, class 1-B has 20 students and my class―class 1-A only has 19. Maybe we could convince Principal Nezu to let you in to even out the numbers.”

“Maybe…” Bakugou yawned before sleep collected him.

But like always, it was less than peaceful.




His body was hot. Burning. Sweat was seeping into his sweatpants and all he could think was that he was being burned alive. By blue. Something blue. He couldn’t see a face, or a door or anything for that matter. Only blue flames and a despicable laugh that tormented him.

“Bakugou.” The voice snickered. He turned his head quickly, his body burning at the feeling of the fire growing closer. “Join us Bakugou. You know no one will want an explosive ass like you protecting them, so why don’t you hurt them.”

His throat was too dry to respond. His mouth felt like sandpaper, and any word he tried to utter left his legs feeling weak and his throat to close. He held his hands at his neck, feeling the scars on his arms and the back of his neck burn as the blue flames touched them as if he was gaining them again.

Bakugou could hear something. Something that wasn’t that lunatic's voice. Something that wasn’t shouting at him that he was evil. He looked around himself before he felt his eyes snap open.

And he was met with the coldness of his sweat drenching his bed, the light of his laptop lighting up his wall and his bed torn apart by him. Bakugou let his chest heave, his mind rambling as he tried to collect himself, just like he always did. He felt the air enter and leave his lungs, his chest burning by the amount of oxygen entering his lungs. 

He slowly turned his head to his computer, looking at the time. It was two in the morning. He groaned softly before noticing that he was still on the call with Kirishima.

“Shit did you―” Before Bakugou could finish he watched as his camera turned on, Kirishima insisting on a voice call turned video call. “W―What’re you doing?” His voice was raspy, his mouth in desperate need of water.

“I have to know you’re okay. Answer the call damn it.” Kirishima muttered back in a worried semi yell.

Bakugou bit his lip, lowering his camera to only show his sweat glistened chest before he gulped down the rest of the fear down his throat. Handshaking and lighted, he answered the call.

He was met with red hair covering his forehead and red piercing eyes screaming worry. Bakugou watched as his eyes widened to the sight of his chest, and practically every muscle Bakugou had trained for―still trained for.

Neither spoke for a moment.

“A-Are you okay? What happened?” Kirishima asked, worry lacing his voice. Bakugou moved his hand to bite at the nail on his thumb, his arm, uncovered, showing on the camera. “Holy shit, what happened to you?”

“I…” Bakugou couldn’t speak. His throat was too dry. 

“Dude tell me!” Kirishimas practically shouted.

“I―I don’t know why you’re so fucking worked up. Not like I died.” Bakugou forced the words out his mouth like he was spitting sand. 

“Worked up!” Kirishima shouted. Bakugou watched as the boy flinched, his eyes going to the side before he sighed, collecting himself before looking at the screen again. “You were mumbling don’t touch me and fuck off. It sounded so bad. Please tell me what happened.”

Bakugou bit his lip. He looked around the room, his eyes finding a half-full water bottle on his desk. Without uttering a word, he stood and walked to his desk, opening the bottle and chugging down the contents. He heaved for air afterward before settling back down on his bed, making sure his face wasn’t seen and any mention of his name was nowhere to be seen. 

“Dude, after that you owe me. I was terrified just listening.” Kirishima voice gave out at the end of his sentence. 

Bakugou watched the boy shift to be sitting up, at a desk he assumed. He looked at the room from where the light touched, looking at the flames of bedsheets and hero posters covering the walls along with a workout regime. Bakugou looked back at the redhead, at the calmness of his expression and worry and understanding pacing around his pupils. He gave a small smile, showing the smallest amount of teeth but all Bakugou could say was, “Your teeth are fucking sharp.”

“Off-topic. What happened to trigger this. That was not a reaction to a nightmare.” Kirishima spoke calmly. Bakugou held his breath, feeling his lungs ache. “You can trust me.”

And somehow, those four words made Bakugou unwind, pushing holden back tears down his cheeks. All Kirishima could see was the tears falling from his chin.

“A-A while ago I was kidnapped by villains, really fucking bad ones. One of them had a flame quirk―blue flames. He held me by the back of my neck and burned it a little, taking me straight from my house right in front of my parents. I...I was the reason All Might fought and had to step down.” Bakugou swallowed down the guilt building upon his tongue, words that he would never utter to another living person, but yet the kindness in Kirishima’s eyes made him through up the guilt. Bakugou shook his head, holding his hands over his mouth to stop him from saying more.

“Go on,” Kirishima gave a soft smile. “I won’t judge you, keep going.”

Bakugou collected a shaky breath, lowering his hands slowly into his lap. He was glad Kirishima couldn’t see his face, so he couldn’t see how much of a blubbering mess he was.

“I…” Bakugou swallowed down the shakiness of his voice. He couldn’t sound weak. “God I sound weak as shit.” He cried out in a pitiful laugh, gripping at his hair.

“You don’t. It’s not good to hold stuff in like this. Trust me, I know,” Kirishima spoke softly, either because he didn’t want to scare a frightened child or because it was two in the fucking morning. “If...If I tell you something that gives me really bad nightmares, will you keep going?”

Bakugou was silent for a moment. “Yes.”

He watched Kirishima give a warm smile before he a sense of nervousness washed over him. “A while ago my class went to this training center called the USJ. It was supposed to help us with rescues but instead... instead we got attacked by villains and got separated by a teleporter. I was teleported to the disaster zone all by myself, barely made it out alive.”

“That’s... fucking rough.” Bakugou hissed.

“It scarred me more than my classmates. They were all put with someone or were put into a safer zone with fewer villains. Now and again I dream of it and… and the fear sets back in but I have to remember that it’s in the past, and I’m training to stop attacks like that from happening.”

Bakugou hummed, wiping away his tears that stained his cheeks with his wrists. He took a deep breath before he started talking. “After I was kidnapped and witnessed All Mights downfall, my parents had a therapist come in every day to talk to me. When I kept insisting I was okay they let go and let me get back to work. It… it was a good distraction for a while before those assholes came back for me.” Bakugou clenched his fists, letting his explosions dance on his palms, letting smoke leave the open spaces. 

“When did that happen?”

“You know when we both had a crazy night?” Bakugou nervously laughed. “You got a concussion.”

“I remember."

“When I was at that dinner, they came back for me. I froze and...and I had to be rescued by the students assigned to watch the venue. My parents were almost killed and… and the flames burned my arms.” Bakugou instantly reached for his arm, rubbing the bumps and wrinkled skin on his arm. “My doctor says it should heal over with time, that my skin should be back to normal but I don’t think it will.”

Kirishima was quiet. Bakugou watched him knit his eyebrows together, eyes darting back and forth before looking at the screen. “Blue flames?”

“Yeah. What about it?” Bakugou watched Kirishima, making sure to keep his head out of the frame.

“I think our crazy night was in the same place,” Kirishima spoke, his voice falling to a whisper. “The night I got my concussion I was forced back against a wall by this really strong girl and I had to hard my entire body for a while to keep myself from burning. I passed out from smoke inhalation and apparently when I lost consciousness I smacked my head to the floor hard. My classmate Shoji carried me out with two fashion designers.”

Bakugou was silent before he started laughing hysterically, tears streaming down his face. “God that night was such a fucking mess huh?” Bakugou felt a smile grow on his face, but not one of happiness. “Fuck…” Bakugou mumbled, moving his hands to his mouth to muffle his sobs.

But they were still loud. Loud and audible, crushing Kirishima's soul. “Hey, mystery man. It’s okay. We both made it out alive, didn’t we? We just… we just have to keep our heads up.”

“Easy for you to fucking say,” Bakugou growled out. “You can do it and beat anyone up. I do and I get fucking kidnapped and burned.”

They both were quiet, the only sound heard being Bakugous sobs.

The silence was broken by Bakugous door opening. Bakugous eyes widened as he watched the light fill his room, watching as it was covered by Aizawas shadow.

Aizawa eyed Bakugou. He noticed how one hand was in his hair, one covering his mouth, his body covered in sweat with his eyes rimmed in red. His computer screen illuminating his body. “What happened,” Aizawa demanded.

“None of your―”

“If you don’t tell me what happened I am obligated to tell the authorities so they can shake it out of you,” Aizawa said through gritted teeth. “What. Happened.”

“PTSD is a fucking bitch,” Bakugou muttered, his eyes going to the screen. Kirishimas eyes were kind, tired and rimmed in red. Since when had he been crying. He watched as Kirishima typed a message before giving a small salute and ending the video call.


REDRIOT: i’m glad we didnt meet in person that night. wouldnt want to meet a boy as great as you on a night as bad as that. btw, i think youre beautiful, scars and all




The class silently packed away their hero uniforms into their cubbies hidden in the wall. There was a small buzz of chatter, but it was quiet enough not to bother anyway. Kirishimas had been helping his mystery boy for weeks now, helping him with his nightmares. As everyone began to leave, Aizawa looked up, shuffling the papers into order in his hands. “Kirishima, stay here.”

The redhead gulped, looking at his friends as they all gave him a worried eye. Kaminari patted his shoulder as Ashido gave a warm smile. Sero was the least helpful, sliding his finger across his neck. It only worsened Kirishimas nerves. Kirishima sat in his seat, bag in his hand as he watched his classmates leave the classroom in a hurry like a dog whistle was pushing them away.

“Come here,” Aizawa spoke. Kirishima slowly stood from his desk, hands shaking as he pulled his bag over his shoulder and walked to his homeroom teacher. Every bone in his body was screaming expulsion, but his mind knew he couldn’t have been expelled unless it was for his mathematics grade. Kirishima stood in front of his teacher, trying his best not to shake.

“Y-Yes, sir?” Kirishima stammered, mentally cursing at himself for stammering. "Sir?"

Aizawa eyed him before setting the papers down and meeting his eyes. “Every night the teachers go around the dorms to see who is awake at an inappropriate time. Midnight and Cementos have both informed me that there's been a light in your room for multiple nights a week. I have to ask you what you’re doing that keeping you up so late?”


“And if you lie I will have to inform Nezu,” Aizawa spoke.

Kirishima opened and closed his mouth, trying to think of what to say. He took a small silent sigh before speaking. “A few months ago I made this online friend. He gets really bad nightmares and I help him through ‘em.” Kirishima nervously smiled, scratching the back of his neck.

Aizawa sighed, crossing his arms as Kirishima hesitantly took a step back. “It's good you help him but you need to understand it’s not your job to take care of him.”

“You don’t understand. His nightmares are really bad, he starts screaming and it’s terrible to listen to.”

“Then end the call.”

“But that's not what heroes do. We help people.” Kirishima stood his ground, a glare in his eyes that Aizawa had never seen before. “He...He's been hurt a lot and...and I understand that. I know what it's like to feel like the world hates you, to have memories that scare the hell out of you.”


“I’m helping him,” Kirishima, looked up at Aizawa, clenching his fist. “I won’t stop helping him until the nightmares are gone.”

Aizawa was silent, watching the redhead as his chest heaved slightly. “Alright.”

“A-Alright? That's it?” Kirishima stammered.

“You can help him but understand that if your grades suffer I’ll have to ask you to stop and contact the authorities so they can handle it. I assume you know his name?”

“Well, no, but I do know he’s a model. A-And that you’re his night time security.” Kirishima flashed a small smile. Aizawa thought for a moment before he grimaced at the sight he had seen only a few weeks prior. He hated that sight. The sight of a teenage boy so full of guilt and fear. He felt his heart tear at the sight of a boy so broken, his heart tearing again as he thought back to it. 

Maybe it was okay for Kirishima to help Bakugou, even if it kept them both up until ungodly hours of the night.

“But you don’t know his name ?” Aizawa lifted a brow, watching as Kirishima sheepishly nodded his head. 

“He says it’s to protect me if it gets out I can talk to him.” Kirishima rubbed his arm nervously.

Aizawa sighed, pinching his bridge with one hand and motioning for Kirishima to leave with the other. “Go to the dorms. You have assignments to do.” Kirishima nodded before rushing out of the room and towards the dorm buildings.

He rushed into his dorm building minutes later, ripping off his shoes and dashing to the elevator and pressing the button until the silver doors open. He never looked at his classmate's eyes, he only pushed himself to continue going until he was in his room when he finally let his body collapse against his desk chair.

He heard his computer ding, a joy rushing through his body as a smile cursed his lips. He opened his computer, his smile not leaving his lips at the message left for him.



GROUNDZERO: thanks for helping me that last couple of nights dickbag

GROUNDZERO: anything you want so i can repay your ass? money? expensive clothes?


Kirishima bit his lip before he smiled and responded.


REDRIOT: can i see you?




“Sui get your ass in here!” Bakugou shouted, his hands gripping his hair as he paced his room back and forth, his heart pounding in his chest. He stopped pacing when Shadowstar walked in, her eyes wide as she took in his appearance. His cheeks were flushed, his hands raking through his already messy hair. 

“What happened? Are you in danger?” She asked, rushing to his side and gently guiding him to his bed, sitting him down and settling next to him. “Baku I need you to tell me what happened?”

“H-He… FUCK!” Bakugou shouted, his hands curling into fists in his hair, his skin growing warmer.

“Bakugou, tell me what happened? He who?”

Bakugou snapped up, his hands motioning to his computer that sat on his desk, closed with a small singe burn on his desk chair from pushing it away. “Fucking him! He asked to see me!”

Shadowstar was frozen for a moment before a small giggle left her lips. “That’s what this is about? A boy wanting to see you?”

“It’s not that! He’s never fucking seen me before!” Bakugou rushed the words out in a fast slur before he curled into himself again, his hands grabbing at his shoulders.

“This seems like a conversation you’d have with your mother. Let me go get her―”

“No don’t!” Bakugous eyes widened, keeping Shadowstar in her position. “She...She wouldn’t understand. She met my dad at work and practically forced herself onto him. She wouldn’t understand something like this.”

“Okay, I won’t tell her,” Shadowstar sighed. Shadowstar watched Bakugou before she hummed, lifting the boys head up and forcing him to look at her. She took in the redness of his face that went from the tips of his ears to the depths of his chest. She held her finger below his chin to keep his head up, her other hand holding his hand. “What’s the problem with a boy wanting to see you?”

“What if...What if he doesn’t like me?”

Shadowstar giggled lightly, squeezing Bakugou’s hand. “What do you mean?”

“What if he sees me and he doesn’t like what he sees. O-Or I show him me and he runs away. What he’s disappointed?”

“Who would be disappointed in such a great boy like you?” Shadowstar softly smiled, her hand moving from Bakugou’s chin to his cheek, watching as he leaned into the touch. 

Him, ” Bakugou stressed. He wanted his head down, but it was forced up by kindness and support. “I showed so much of myself to him, what if I don’t get anything back and he just...fucking leaves. I couldn’t live with that.”

“Bakugou,” Shadowstar sighed, tutting softly as she moved her hand from his and swiped his bangs away from his eyes before holding his hand again. “It’s not like he’s a criminal who stalked you down. He wouldn’t have asked to see you unless he really wanted to know.”

“H-He could be so much worse!”

“How?” She giggled.

“What if he’s untrustworthy and unkind?” Bakugou furrowed his brows slightly, anger slowly settling into his bones.

“What if his eyes light up your day and he makes you laugh to a point where you know you’re okay to be vulnerable?” Shadowstar gave a warm smile, a smile that relaxed him. “What are you really scared of?”

Bakugou looked at their hands for a moment before he felt himself blush more than he already was. “What if he sees me I like him more than I do now and he can fucking tell. He...He's so fucking kind that he’s stayed up nights with me just to make sure I’m not having a fucking breakdown.”


“What if he sees me and he opens up a door of myself I didn’t want to be opened. What happens then, huh? I meet him and my…well that’s already fucking happened.” Bakugou mumbled the last part, his eyes looking anywhere but the woman across from him.

“Bakugou look at me,” Shadowstars voice was soft, leading him to look at her even if he didn’t want to. “What’s already happened?”

“What if I meet him and my hearts just, pushed into motion. Just beating like fucking crazy for him! I can’t handle that! I-I’ll fucking break open!”

“And what’s so wrong with that?” Shadowstar gave a soft warm smile, a soft chuckle leaving her lips. “You can still hope. Hope he likes you and hope that he’s the one who likes you the way you are. If and when he meets you, he’ll want to again. You’ve talked to him for months without a face and he’s stayed around, maybe it’s time to add one to the equation so he can know who owns that beautiful mind of yours.”

“I don’t want to scare him off with who I am.” Bakugou sighed.

“I doubt he’d be scared off, but if you don’t want to show your face, give him a name.”

“But then he can just search me―”

“Make him promise not to search for you.” Shadowstar softly smiled. She slowly moved her hands away from Bakugou, standing from the bed and handing him his computer. Bakugou slowly took it from her, his heart pounding as she opened it in his hands, watching as the chat opened up.

He looked at the message he had smashed his computer closed for, the blush on his cheeks returning to a harder pink color. He looked at Shadowstar for a moment who nodded her head, sitting back down next to him. 


REDRIOT: can i see you?


REDRIOT: why not? i dont know anything about you besides youre a model

GROUNDZERO: ill give you my name if you promise not to search me up

REDRIOT: typing...

REDRIOT: okay. i promise


Bakugou bit his lip before he slowly types out his name, hitting send before he regretted it.


GROUNDZERO: Bakugou Katsuki

Chapter Text

Bakugou slid down in his chair, his head resting in his palm as he looked out the window of the office he was forced to be in, his leg jittering as he watched some girl with pink hair test robots on a kid with engines on his calves.

“I’m glad to be seeing you again in a much safer environment,” Nezu spoke, sitting down at his desk as Mitsuki and Masaru greeted his back, Bakugou being as uninterested as he could be.

“Us as well,” Mitsuki smiled.

“How are your sons' arms? I saw quite the burns on them when he was carried out.”

“They’re fine,” Bakugou mumbled, pulling his free arm closer to his stomach, his eyes out the window. He smirked when the girl's tech exploded on the boy and he went flying in the air.

Nezu’s eyes followed Bakugous gaze before he smiled. “That’s Hatsume Mei, the best student in our department of support by far. Every day she creates at least five new inventions.” Bakugou hummed as he smirked at the kid with engines falling from the sky and into a pond. “That's Iida Tenya, class president of class 1-A in our Hero Course.”

“Wait, what?” Bakugou sat up quickly, turning his head to Nezu.

Nezu nodded. “He holds the second-highest grades in the class underneath Yaoyorozu Momo. They’re both quite intelligent.” The white mammal gave Bakugou a small smile before offering the parents tea. 

Bakugou looked at Nezu before his gaze went outside again, watching as the guy with engines was pulled out of the pong by a brown-haired girl and...Deku? He knew he went to UA, but he never knew if he was lying about it or not. And a part of him wanted him to be lying, so he knew he wasn’t as weak as he was.

Bakugou rested his head back onto his palm, sliding down in the chair, ignoring Shadowstars worried looks. Nezu looked at the boy before he hummed, turning to Bakugou again. “Would you like to meet them?”

“Who?” Bakugou mumbled, side-eyeing Nezu.

“Ms.Yaoyorozu and Mr.Iida. You’re a wonderful student and I’m sure they’d be glad to show you around to your shooting spots while your parents and I work out the financials.”

“He’s fine right here,” Mitsuki smiled, patting her son's shoulder. “We don’t want him going missing again. It’s more of our concern then a concern about the safety of your school.”

“Is that why you didn’t allow him to attend the entrance exams?” Nezu asked, sipping his tea. Bakugou slumped father into his chair, a grimace falling on his face. “I graded his written exam myself as I do with all my students, his was one of the more impressive ones.”

“Even if he could learn to protect himself, he could still be killed. I would rather him do this.” Mitsuki gave a nervous smile, reaching her hand to Bakugous, watching as he pulled his hands away from hers and moved it closer to himself.

“I understand that, but you must understand that protecting a child for too long can lead to some dependency issues,” Nezu informed them. He cleared his throat before pulling a map of the school out, small red X’s dotting the map in various places. “These are the places you’re allowed to shoot in. I assume you have a certain day you would like to do this?”

“In a week, roughly.” Masaru smiled. 

Bakugou zoned out after that, not bothering to listen to his parent's rambles of money and talking about which spots they were allowed at during certain times.

Bakugou ignored it, instead, he focused on the ding of his phone. He pulled it out, ignoring his mothers glare at him as he smiled at the notification for the website. He opened it, smiling at Kirishima’s message to him. He couldn’t help but smile, even if it meant that Shadowstar would nudge him.




REDRIOT: whatre you doing?

GROUNDZERO: sitting in a meeting


GROUNDZERO: so my parents can know where i can model or not

REDRIOT: in that high security building?


REDRIOT: you mean my high security building?

GROUNDZERO: the fuck you mean?

REDRIOT: theres a rumor a model is comin to UA to do a photo shoot for some hero merchandise

GROUNDZERO: well yeah

REDRIOT: so wheres your meeting at?

GROUNDZERO: in your principals office

REDRIOT: wait youre in my school

REDRIOT: and i cant see you at all

GROUNDZERO: youre in fucking class


GROUNDZERO: well dont come barging in here

REDRIOT: why nooooooooooooooooooooooot

GROUNDZERO: my parents will fuckin kill ya

REDRIOT: ugh. but i wanna meet ya

GROUNDZERO: too fuckin bad

GROUNDZERO: will have to come another day

REDRIOT: but youre right here!

GROUNDZERO: youre a bitch

REDRIOT: am not


REDRIOT: am not


REDRIOT: am not


REDRIOT: fuck you

GROUNDZERO: the bitch can curse?

REDRIOT: shut up. I'm not a bitch for wanting to meet you when youre so close

GROUNDZERO: like i said

GROUNDZERO: will have to wait another day

REDRIOT: ugh fine

GROUNDZERO: now stop lying and being a bitch and pay attention in class

GROUNDZERO: i may be online schooled by no one has lunch at nine in the morning


A small knock on the door brought Bakugou out of his phone and to look back behind him, watching as the door slowly opened and a bushel of green hair bowed down and up, a small smile by freckles cheeks.

“Principal Nezu,” Deku bowed slightly, a worried smile on his lips. “Aizawa sent me.”

“What’s the issue Midoriya?”

“One of Hatsume’s inventions exploded in the room below us. Kaminari electrocuted Sero, Ashido, and Iida because it scared him. He dunced out and the other three are twitching.”

“I see,” Nezu sighed, mumbling to himself for a moment before he looked at Deku again. “Get Iida, Sero, and Ashido to the infirmary and have Kirishima recharge Kaminari.”

“Thank you,” Deku smiled before looking at Bakugou and waving. “Hi, Kacchan.”

“You know him, Midoriya?” Nezu asked, shifting in his seat.

“We were childhood friends, sir,” Deku answered.

“Very well. Return to class.” Deku bowed before leaving the room, and for the first time in a long time, he wished that that damn Deku would have stayed.





The scream filled Kirishimas ears as he watched a spark of explosions propel someone through the air and towards the dorms.




“Thank you for your time. We’ll be back in a week to start the shooting process.” Mitsuki smiled, standing up and shaking Nezus hand.

“Could we possibly start sooner? Friday perhaps?” Mitsuki looked to her side to her husband who gave a small nod. She nodded back to Nezu who grinned. “Excellent! The school days over so I’ll have to hold you for a few moments while the children collect their belongings and return to the dorms.”

“A-Actually, could I go to Deku―Midoriyas dorm. I need to speak to him.” Bakugou butted in, standing from his seat to stand with his parents.

Nezu eyed him before nodding. “I suppose so. His dorm is labeled 1-A on the outside, but I recommend you blend in, so leave your security behind.” 

Bakugou nodded, overly happy that he got to be alone for the first time in months. He rushed out of the office and down the halls, walking with the students, trying to blend in as best as he could. He pulled his hood up over his head, stuffing his hands into his pockets in hopes he didn’t get recognized from the various magazines he was seeing with his face on them. He held his head slightly down, hoping no one would scream―

“Bakugou!” He flinched, standing still, slowly turning to the two girls holding magazines with his face on them. He watched their giddy smiles before they started to rush towards him, other girls gaining their attention towards him. He growled, furrowing his brows before he held his palms open towards the ground.

Then he was in the sky.

Bakugou went through the air, looking down and watching as the crowd of students were frozen watching him. He cursed himself loudly, quickly forcing his explosions to push him down towards the ground. He heard the screams of people screaming his name, and as quickly as he could he hide in the courtyard of one of the dorms.

He hid behind a tree, holding his breath as he heard the conversations of the people inside from the open windows.

“I can’t believe the Bakugou was here! It’s crazy!” A girl squealed.

“I thought I’d never see him in person!” Another responded. “It must have been great growing up with him, huh Deku?”

Bakugou brought his head around towards the window, his eyes widening on seeing the green hair. “I-It kind of was,” Deku said. “He was kind of mean to me though, but everyone flocked around him. He was a star before he was on magazines.” Bakugou watched as the green-haired boy awkwardly shuffled away from his classmates. “I-If you excuse me, I have homework I need to get done.”

Bakugou took the opening he had. As everyone was turned away from the courtyard, he snuck inside, running to the elevators and jumping in right before the doors closed. He slammed his body in, pushing against the only other person in the elevator before he stepped back, his eyes taking in his childhood companion.

“Kacchan?” Deku questions, rubbing his eyes as if he was dreaming. “W-What’re you doing here?”

“I…” He hadn’t thought it through. He needed help with something, something from someone who knew what he was talking about. And this was the only person he thought would know. Bakugou took a deep breath before he looked Deku in the eyes. “Listen, nerd, you know Kirishima right?”

“Yes, what about him?”

“I...fuck I don’t wanna ask you but,” Bakugou shook his limbs loose. It was ripping off a bandaid. He just needed to say it. “IneedyoutohelpmedecideifIshouldmeethimornot.”

“What?” Deku lifted a brow, confused on what he said.

“I’m not fucking repeating.” Bakugou clenched his jaw, watching as Deku slowly nodded, the elevator doors opening onto Deku’s floor. The smaller boy led them to a room three doors down from the elevator, slowly opening it to reveal everything All Might. “Seriously? You’re still fucking obsessing over him?”

“L-Like you aren’t?” Deku scoffed, throwing his bag to the ground as he sat on his bed, turning to Bakugou as he took in the room.

Bakugou wondered what his room would be designed like. Most likely black with a few reds, grays, oranges and whites mixed in. His old records on the walls, a few of his favorite band posters. He wondered what he’d score in the grades setting. He’d have to imagine he’d be one of the best three, hopefully, the best. He wished he could have participated in the Sports Festival, but even being able to see it in person meant everything to him.

He couldn’t believe that icy-hot guy won, but he was Endeavors son. It made some sense. 

Bakugou stayed standing, holding his arm that was bandaged underneath all the clothing covering his arms. They had long since healed, but he was scared they would break open again into agonizing scars. His eyes slowly traced to his old friends’ hand and arm. He lifted a brow. “When did you get those?” Bakugou nodded his head to the smaller’s arm.

“Oh uhm,” Deku looked at his arm, closing and opening his hand. “Well my hand was at the sports festival and my shoulder and arm were at a training camp where we were attacked as a decoy for… well, you know.” Deku nervously laughed, scratching the back of his neck.

“Yeah…” Bakugou mumbled, looking away for a moment. Deku cleared his throat.

“So, why do you need help with Kiri-Kun? How do you know him?” Deku asked as he offered his desk chair. Bakugou stayed standing. 

“We met on this lame ass website and just kept...talking? Fuck―” Bakugou ran his hands up and down his face before glaring into Deku. “Listen closely fucker because I’m not repeating.” Deku nodded quickly, prompting Bakugou to start. “I haven’t shown him myself because of how fucking famous I am, like what happened out there. I...I want to meet him but―FUCK!” Bakugou shouted, cutting himself off as he grabbed at his hair, blush covering his face. “Why the fuck am I asking you about this!”
“Because I know him and you,” Deku gave a soft chuckle, standing from his bed and walking to Bakugou, placing a hesitant hand on the blond's shoulder as his hands fell from his hair revealing his pink flushed cheeks. “But I won’t help you much. You need to love experts.”

“Like who?” Bakugou growled. 

“I’ll show you.” Deku flashed a smile before he grabbed his phone and texted someone before grinning and grabbing Bakugou’s hand and pulling him out of his room and to another one.

Chapter Text

Bakugou was uncomfortable with where he was, overly conscious over who surrounded him and the eyes on him. Normally, he’d be okay being the center of attention, but right now he couldn’t stand being eye candy for six girls he didn’t know.

“Deku, what the fuck is this?” Bakugou quickly turned around to the smaller boy behind him, a growl in his tone.

“They’re the best people to go to for relationship advice.” Deku smiled, turning the blonde around and introducing each other girls. Bakugou blanked out, only being able to make up names for each of the girls. Ponytail, Round-face, Pinky, Frog, Ears, and Invisible. “Girls, this is Kacchan, b-but you probably already knew that.”

“You said you’d never introduce us!” Hagakure stood up excitedly, shuffling past Deku through Ashido’s slightly crowded room before stopping in front of him. “Hi! I’m Hagakure―”

“I don’t give a shit,” Bakugou growled, watching as the clothes on her moved back next to the bed in between Ashido and Tsuyu as Uraraka, Yaoyorozu and Jiro sit against the wall. He slowly sat down on the desk chair while Deku sat on the floor by the balcony. He eyed the six girls before growling again. “What the fuck , Deku.”

“I told you. If you want to know what to do about Kiri-Kun, you need to ask them.” Deku grinned, Bakugou flinching as the pink one squealed.

You’re the model he’s been talking to!”

“H-He told you!”

“Well, he didn’t say a name, just that he was talking to a model.” Ashido giggled happily, clapping her hands together in excitement. “But does he know it's you?”

“He knows my name but he promised not to search me up.” Bakugou held his arm, clutching onto the fabric in fear. He didn’t know these girls, why should he trust them.

“So, what’s your issue?” Jiro scoffed, Bakugou glaring at her.

“What’s your dilemma? Maybe we could offer some advice.” Yaoyorozu gave a small smile.

Bakugou growled before he sighed, rubbing his face before he stretched his arms out, letting small explosions dance on his palms for the girls to view. He brought his arms back in slowly, subconsciously holding himself the more he spoke. “We… I messaged him a few months ago on this stupid website and we kept talking. We kept talking and talking and talking and then the night I was almost taken I could have met him. After that, we kept talking and then we did a voice call a couple of times. We did one video call. He didn’t see my face and your fucking shitty teacher walked in while checking on me. I gave him my name but he’s never seen me.”

“So what do you want us to do?” Jiro asked, cocking a brow up as she twisted one of her earlobes around her finger.

Bakugou glared at her before he shut his eyes tightly, blush boiling on his cheeks before he blurted in a slurred rush, “I want to meet him but I don’t want to put him in danger."

He slowly peeked his eyes open, looking at the girls as they all had giddy smiles on their face. “How would you be putting him in danger?” Yaoyorozu asked, ignoring her classmate's giggles.

“Everyone would see him and try to fucking use him to get to him. And since he’s training to be a hero he’ll just be targeted more with how much money my shitty family has.” Bakugou growled, leaning his forearms onto his thighs.

“Well that is an issue,” Ashido mumbled, then smiling at him. “But Kiri is strong he can protect himself, and we can protect him too.”

Bakugou was about to speak when the door slammed opened, yelling coming from the door. “Yo Ashido!” Bakugou looked at the door, noticing the blonde hair on the smaller boy and the large elbow form the taller boy almost immediately from photos Kirishima sent.

“Oh uh, sorry. You guys doing something?” Sero nervously laughed.

“No come in we need male perspectives,” Ashido grinned, standing from her bed and pulling the two into her room and sitting them down at the side of her bed on the floor. Bakugou gulped the air down his throat before he stood up, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Nope, not doing this!”


“No! Fuck this!” Bakugou shouted, growling out his anger. “You are making a fucking spectacle of this! Fuck this! I’m out.” Bakugou turned towards the door, stopping in his tracks when Ponytail spoke.

“You’re worried about how Kirishima-Kun will perceive you, aren’t you?” Bakugou pulled his hands into fists, refusing to turn around. “That once he sees you it won’t match the personality you showed him?” Bakugou was silent, slowly nodding his head once. “Why? Kirishima-kun is the most understanding person in the world.”

“Because I like him okay?” Bakugou growled, refusing to turn around as smoke left the spaces in his fists. “I don’t want him to look at me and see the fucking angry shit that didn’t get to go to UA.”

“He won’t,” Kaminari spoke. “If Kirishima sees you as someone he tends to keep that view. If he sees you as the best person in the world, he’ll continue to think that.”

“Yeah,” Sero smiled. “He doesn’t change his mind often, he’s just like his Quirk. Stubborn and hardheaded. It takes a lot for anyone to change his mind.”

“Do you want our help in a good way to meet him?” Uraraka asked, watching as Bakugou slowly turned around and nodded. “Great! Sit down and we can start planning!”

Bakugou reluctantly did. He watched as Ponytail pulled a notebook and pen out of her arm before she opened it to the first page and clicked the pen. “Alright, what are your ideas?”

Bakugou groaned, scratching the back of his neck. “I have a photoshoot around campus on Friday and all next week.”

“Two days isn’t a lot of time to plan.”

“It’s enough time,” Ashido grinned happily, and the team of 10 started to plan how Bakugou would meet Kirishima.

An hour past of brainstorming before there was a knock on Ashidos door. “Ashido, are you in there?” Kirishima’s voice sounded urgent, and Bakugou flinched at it. 

“Yeah, why?”

“Can I come in?” He said quickly. 

“Uh―Yeah gimme a sec!” She quickly slapped Uraraka’s shoulder, pointing at Bakugou. She whispered a small apology before she touched Bakugou’s arm and grabbed him, pulling him into the small closet Ashido had. He heard the door open and held his breath as he floated to the top of the closet.

Kirishima barely looked around the room before he asked his question. “Have you seen my computer or my phone?” Kirishima’s voice was quickly, hardly able to be heard as words.

“No, why?”

“They’re gone and I really, really, really need them.” Kirishima rushed, his eyes screaming for how urgent it was.

“Why? To flirt with your boy toy?” Kaminari chuckled. Bakugou had to hold back his growl.

“He’s not my boy toy. Just―Have you seen them or not?” Kirishima uttered quickly.

“No, I haven’t.” Ashido flashed a small grin before Sero spoke.

“Why do you need them so badly? It’s not the end of the world if you don’t talk to him.”

“You don’t understand, Sero,” Kirishima stressed, pulling at his hair in anger. “Everyday after school we voice call. It’s the only part of my day that manages to destress me from getting beat up.”

“But dude, do you need to?” Kaminari asked, lifting a brow. 

Kirishima groaned. “Yes, I do!”

“But why ?”

“He…” Kirishima blushed before he furrowed his brows and said, “He understands me in a way none of you do. He...He makes me happy. Like really stupid happy that I feel like my brains melted so have any of you seen my goddamn computer and phone!”

Before any of Kirishimas friends could pull him into a further frustration, Yaoyorozu spoke. “Where have you looked?”

“All over my room and the dorms.” Kirishima groaned.

“Maybe you put them in your backpack or left them in the locker room.”

“I already checked there. I wouldn’t be asking unless I needed help finding them.” Kirishimas ran his hands up and down his face in frustration.

“Maybe Tokoyami’s room? Dark shadow thinks its a game when he takes something and the other person goes crazy. Usually, Tokoyami returns it but maybe he hasn’t noticed it yet,” Midoriya spoke. 

“Or maybe Mineta. He takes electronics to search up some perverted stuff.” Kaminari grunted out, shuddering at the end of his statement.

Kirishima nodded quickly. “Okay, thanks.”

“Also check in with Hatsume. She takes electronics for parts.” Uraraka smiled and Kirishima nodded and ran out of the room.

As soon as the door shut Uraraka jumped off the bed and pulled the explosive blonde out of the closet, releasing her quirk and letting him catch his feet on the floor. He furrowed his brows before he pushed on Urarakas shoulders. 

“Why the fuck would you shove me in a closet!”

“To keep him from seeing you!” Uraraka responded.

Bakugou rolled his eyes before he started walking to the door. “Where are you going? We’re not done with the planning!” Ashido stressed. Bakugou looked back at her, a scowl on his face.

“When he finds his shit I’d rather be in the street than having you fucks be heard in the background. You can finish planning later.”

“But we need your input―”

“Have Deku text me,” Bakugou said before he opened the door and shut it. He sighed, looking out the window into the courtyard, watching on the floor below as the redhead ran through the second-floor hall, frantically knocking on someone’s door.

A small smile came on his lips.

He was excited for his call later.

Chapter Text

Bakugou sat in the jeep, staring out the window and ignoring Shadowstars stares at him. He felt his phone buzz, a small smile gathering as he pulled out his phone, looking at the screen and seeing a call coming in from the redhead. He softly smiled, pulling out his earbuds and plugging them into his ears and phone before answering.

“Hey.” Kirishima breathed out, seeming out of breath.

“Why the fuck are you breathing so hard?” Bakugou asked.

“Someone stole my phone and computer. I’m―” Kirishima stopped, Bakugou only being able to hear his breath before he heard a slam and a sigh. “I’m running from her.”


“This girl Hatsume took them to use as parts for one of her tech thingies. I barely got them back before she pulled them apart.” Kirishimas took in deep breaths after he spoke to catch his breath before he collected himself. “Anyway, how are you?”

“I’m fucking tired as shit.” Bakugou sighed, leaning his head against the window as he started at Kirishima’s profile picture on his phone that was slightly blurred out by the focus on the call time.

“Oh. Was it because you were chased down at my school?”

“How do you―”

“I heard some girls scream your name and saw explosions in the air. We… We were so close to meeting again.” Kirishimas voice was soft and gentle, relaxing Bakugous tensed position.

“Guess we were.” Bakugou softly smiled, scowling slightly as the sight of a text from Deku popping up on his screen.


Shit nerd: When where and time is your first photoshoot?

Bakugou: fuck if i know. Ill get back to you on that


Bakugou sighed, “Hey I’ll be right back.”

“O-Okay.” Kirishimas stammered before Bakugou pulled out his earbuds and faced Shadowstar.

“When, where and what time is my first shoot?”

“Oh uhm,” he watched as she flipped through a small booklet. “In the walkway in between the dorms and the school on Friday at about seven so we can get some students in the background.”

Bakugou hummed. “The next one?” He asked, typing on his phone.

“In the Beta testing grounds with his students at around one.”

“And the next?”

“In the Eraserheads classroom at about four in the afternoon when his class is returning from their training.”

Bakugou nodded, typing in each three before he sent the text and put his earbuds back in. “I’m back.” He spoke into the earbuds mic.

“Oh cool, why’d you leave?”

“To ask about my modeling spots.”

“Can I know them?”



“No buts. Fuck off and do your homework.” Bakugou softly smiled, as he heard the boy whine, watching as Deku responded to his text.


Shit nerd: Thnx!! I’ll tell you what they come up with. He’s going to love it, I know it

Bakugou: I hope so


Bakugou sighed loudly, leaning back further into his seat. “Is something wrong?”

“Just stressed.” Bakugou sighed again.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“I’m around people so no.” Bakugou crossed his arms, giving a soft smile. 

“Well later then?”

“Yeah sure.” Bakugou breathed out. He continued talking to Kirishimas, slowly becoming less tense as the drove went on. When the jeep pulled up to his house he quickly jumped out of his seat and dashed to his door, mumbling fuck offs to his parents before he entered his room and took his earbuds out of his phone. He groaned slightly, sitting on his bed and kicking off his shoes before he lied down on his bed, his phone resting on his chest.

“You alone now?”

“Yeah, I am.” Bakugou breathed out, staring at his ceiling.

“Do wanna talk about why you’re stressed now?”

“Yeah,” Bakugou sighed, a smile on his lips as he turned to his side, placing his phone on his pillow. He took a breath before speaking. “It’s not stressing, more so anger. I… I don’t want to do a photoshoot in a school that I wanted to go―deserved to go to.”

Kirishima was quiet for a moment before responding. “I know it’ll make you angry, but can’t you just bask in the moment of being on the campus.”

“I can try.” Bakugou sighed. Kirishima hummed in approval before the two went quiet.

Kirishima let out a shaky breath. “H-Hey Bakugou, can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” Bakugou sat up, blush spreading across his face as he leaned his head against the wall.

“When you do your photoshoots, and if I happen to meet you, I want to take you on a date.” Bakugou felt his blush spread further, his heart pounding in his chest. “If...If that’s okay.” Bakugou didn’t know his to respond. He felt his heart beating out of his chest, his body was frozen in shock that someone wanted to go on a date with him. “Bakugou?”


Before he could respond Kirishimas giggled softly. “You’re stuttering.”

“Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Did I?” Bakugou mentally cursed himself.

“Yes, you di-di-did.” Kirishimas softly laughed before clearing his throat. “Can I take you on a date?”

Bakugou bit his lip, looking side to side before he growled to himself. He looked at his phone before he bit into his lip hard enough it bleed slightly before answering. “Yes!” He blurted out before he hung up the call, tossing his phone to the edge of his bed as he pressed one hand to his chest and the other gripping at his hair.

His heart wasn’t slowing down, and nothing could prepare him to have Aizawa walking in while his heart was beating so rapidly he thought it was a heart attack. Aizawa stared at Bakugou, whose face was flushed red, knuckles white as they gripped his shirt and hair, his phone discarded to the side.

“What did he do?”

“He asked me on a fucking date!” Bakugou blurted out quickly, the blush spreading further on his cheeks, his reaction being to hide it as he lifted his hood on his head and pulled the drawstrings to trap his face in it, tying it closed as he tucked his knees into the hoodie. Aizawa rolled his eyes.

“You’re acting like a child.”

“Fuck off old man.”

“Show me some respect ya little annoying zit,” Aizawa mumbled before groaning. “God I’m too old to babysit.”

Bakugou growled before he emerged from his hoodie, glaring at the man before he stood up from his bed and slid his shoes back on grabbing his phone from his bed. “Then go home.” Bakugou walked to his window, opening it and starting to climb out of it.

“Where are you going?” Aizawa asked, worry in his voice.

Bakugou glared at him before responding, “Out.”

Bakugou hopped out of the window, facing his hands up and pushing himself down to the ground with his explosions. He touched the ground and took off running, lifting his hood and smirking as he heard Aizawa shout, “Bakugou!”

Bakugou smiled as he ran as fast as he could. He felt free with the wind pushing past him as he ran through the streets and alleyways. His only misfortune was he didn’t have a plan of action of where to go besides UA or maybe Deku’s. But instead, he kept running, running until he reached the beach. The beach Deku cleaned, supposedly. 

He slowed down when he reached the small railing. He grabbed onto it, looking onto the reflecting water with a large grin before he vaulted himself over the railing and the stairs leading down to the beach. He felt his feet land in the sand before he decided to let his body rest.

And he just noticed things around him. 

It was quiet. The air was filled with the smell of saltwater and the small sounds of the ocean flowing against the sand. The beach, for the most part, was empty. He watched the soft movement of the waves as they reflected the moonlight. It was calm. Relaxing, even. Bakugou found his muscles lose their tension from all his running as he stood still. He caught his breath noticing the very few people around him.

A gazebo to his right by the water held a couple that was gazing at the same view he was watching. To his left was the only other person here, a tall man sitting on a bench, looking old with exhaustion but the bright yellow color of his hair rebutted the claims of his skin.

Bakugou widened his eyes at the sight before he found himself walking closer to him, his feet moving before his brain could tell him what to do. He stood still to the side of the bench, his lips held tightly together as the man didn’t seem to notice him yet.

Bakugou gather courage before he found himself choking out, “All Might?”

The man slowly looked over to Bakugou, his small scowl turning into a semi grin. “Ah, Young Bakugou, it’s you. Please, have a seat.” He moved over, patting the bench. “And please, call me Yagi in this form. I trust you with that name.” Bakugou sat, nodding slightly as he held his hands in fists on his lap, his foot bouncing up and down as they looked out onto the sea. 

They were quiet. They sat there, watching the waves before either decided to speak. 

“Isn’t Eraserhead supposed to watch you?”

“I uhm… I ditched the old guy, came here.” Bakugou mumbled, his eyes refusing to move to the man next to him.

“Then I have to return you home since you don’t have supervision,” Yagi sighed, starting to stand. Bakugou grabbed onto his sleeve, pulling him back down onto the bench.

“Can we just watch this a little longer?” Bakugou’s eyes pleaded for it, so Yagi allowed it. They both watch the sea. Taking in the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore and the nearby rocks. Taking in the small mist flowing in from the ocean. Taking in the darkness of it all being illuminated by the water and the light source in the sky.

“You deserve to go to UA,” Yagi said, gaining Bakugou to look at him while the former hero looked out onto the ocean. “I read your entrance essay, quite possibly the best in the bunch. If it counts for anything, I would recommend you.”

“R-Really?” Bakugou choked on his words, or rather, word.

“Yes. The way you fought in Kamino before we arrived, we could feel the heat of your explosions a mile away. They were loud, lead us right to you. Strong too. You were able to propel yourself into the air with one hand while the other did an attack. In my eyes, you’re hero material.” Yagi turned his head to the explosive blonde, flashing a large smile before standing up. “Now let’s get you home. Running off isn’t very Plus Ultra.”

Bakugou lowered his head slightly before he followed Yagi off the beach and towards his home, having the older walk next to him as he led the way. “All Might I―” Bakugou lost his voice, his head down as he stuffed his hands into his pockets.

“Yes, Young Bakugou?” Yagi asked, looking down at the boy slightly.

“There’s a way to get into UA this late in the year, right?”

“I believe so, yes.”

“Could you recommend me for the Hero Course?” The taller stopped in his tracks, Bakugou slowly following and turning around to him. 

“Now I said you’re hero material but―”

“I’ve wanted to go to UA since I was a kid. When that slime villain came it ruined every chance I had to get to go because of my overprotective parents. I know that if I get a heroes recommendation they’ll give me a physical exam to see if I can go.” Bakugous eyes pleaded for it. Yagi pursed his lips, sighing as he reached out to him and placed his hands on his shoulders.

“The hero course is extremely hard, and the late entry physical exam is much, much harder than the normal entry. You understand this correct?”


“And you understand that if you get into the course you’ll be well behind your classmates. While you’re finding your techniques, they’ll be perfecting them. You’ll be well behind in physical training as well.”

“I’ll catch up. I’m determined to be a hero―The best hero!” Bakugou, grabbed at the front of his hoodie, his eyes starting to brim with tears. “I have to prove myself! I’m the reason for your downfall! I have to make it have a meaning!” Bakugou didn’t allow a single tear to fall, letting the hand on his chest fall to his side and be clenched in a fist. “I will be a hero! I’ll surpass everyone in that class―Even that shitty Deku! I can do this!” Yagi was silent for a moment, a smile forming on his lips. “W-What?”

“You remind me of someone.” Yagi smiled, tilting his head to the side slightly before he removed his hands from Bakugou’s shoulders. “If I recommend you, you’ll have to prove yourself. They won’t go simply off my word.”

“I know.” Bakugou was determined. He didn’t want to be a model. He’d rather be a hero. Someone who protected the helpless.

“Then I’ll consider it. For now, I need to focus on getting you home.” Bakugou knew that was the most he would get, so he simply nodded and walked next to the man until they got within four blocks of his house.

A white fabric wrapped around Bakugou from behind, his body being pulled backwards towards the ground. He growled in anger, looking up at Aizawa as he sat on the concrete sidewalk.

“Don’t you ever do that again. Ever.” Aizawa growled, his eyes glowing red as his hair lifted. “When I get you home I’m telling your parents and they can figure out what to do with you.”

“Aizawa,” Yagi said, the black0haired man looking up at the tall blonde with a small astounded look on his face. “I was just about to return Young Bakugou home. He only ran to the beach.”

While Aizawa was distracted, Bakugou untied himself from the fabric and held his hands down, preparing to propel himself into the air. When he tried to activate his Quirk, it didn’t work.

“No use of Quirks outside,” Aizawa growled, his hair standing as he glared at Bakugou.

“Just let him fly home, I need to speak with you, anyhow.” Yagi grinned at him. Aizawa grumbled for a moment before he sighed, closing his eyes. He felt heat and heard an explosion, opening his eyes to see Bakugou flying through the sky to his home. Aizawa crossed his arms, turning to his fellow teacher. 


“Young Bakugou has a wonderful Quirk. I’m recommending him to the empty spot in your class.” Yagi furrowed his brows slightly.

“He’ll be extremely behind.”

“You’ve seen him in ways I haven’t.”

Aizawa thought for a moment. He remembered the countless morning he woke up to Bakugou returning from an early morning run or having to supervise his extremely late at night workout regimes at 24/7 gyms. Aizawa knew physically he wouldn’t be that far behind, but in the Quirk training realm, it seemed he would.

“In your opinion, how far behind do you think he’ll be?” Yagi asked, crossing his arms.

“Physically, not very fair. He trains about the same amount as Midoriya, Iida, and Todoroki combined. But Quirk wise, he’d be behind. He would start from scratch on how to properly do moves―”

“I’ve seen him in battle, Aizawa. He was doing moves only pro heroes would do with a Quirk like his.” Yagi interrupted. Aizawa was silent for a while, Yagi sighing and looking at Aizawa with a small determined glare in his eyes. “I”m recommending him to Nezu, and I have a no doubt that he would be allowed to do a physical exam. Will you back me?” Yagi held his hand out to Aizawa, waiting for him to respond.

Aizawa sighed, shaking his head as he reached forward and held his hand with Yagis. “Fine. But if it turns out badly I get to expel him before he enters my course.”

“Okay.” Yagi laughed, shaking his head.

“And I will be pushing him harder than the rest of my students,” Aizawa said as the two released hands, both men looking up in the sky to see the trail of smoke still vibrant from Bakugou’s explosions. “He has a passion in him, I’ll admit that.”

Chapter Text

Bakugou licked his lips as his alarm blared in his ears. He slowly opened his eyes, stretching up in his bed as he blinked away the sleep. He looked out his window at the darkness outside, groaning as he looked at his clock to turn off the alarm, groaning at it being four in the morning on a Friday morning.

He had three hours until the actual shoot but he was going to the school with Aizawa when he usually ended his shift. Bakugou groaned, sliding out of bed and pulling a hoodie on over his tank top, stuffing his hands into his sweat pants as he slid on shoes. He stifled a yawn, grabbing his computer and phone and their chargers before he walked out of his room.

He looked at Aizawa who was standing in his living room, examining the pictures on the bookshelf. Bakugou ignored him, walking into the kitchen and starting the coffee machine. He leaned himself onto the counter, grabbing an apple from the bowl of fruits and biting into it with a semi loud crunk.

Aizawa didn’t flinch, only turning around with a picture frame in his hands that Bakugou knew all too well. He spent weeks just staring at it when he found out Deku got into UA.

“Is this you and Midoriya?” Aizawa asked, walking to the kitchen and propping the picture up on the counter.

It was of the two at the park when they were kids. They were on the swings, smiles on their faces as their mothers pushed them on the swings behind them. It was before Bakugou developed his Quirk and he got all the praise he deserved. Bakugou nodded his head once. Aizawa hummed as he looked at the photo on the counter.

“You look happy together.”

“Yeah,” Bakugou mumbled after he swallowed down the last bite of an apple and threw the core away. “We were four, a few months before I developed my Quirk.”

“Are you still close?” Aizawa asked, watching Bakugou as he took a to-go cup form his kitchen and poured in coffee. 

“No.” Bakugou put the coffee pot down, closing the to-go cup and taking a small sip of coffee. “Everyone praised me as a kid for my Quirk, saying I was real hero material. It went to my head and when we turned five and Deku didn’t have his Quirk… Basically, I was a dick to him.” Bakugou grabbed his belongings from the counter, turning to Aizawa and boring his sleepy eyes into him. “Can we go now.”

Aizawa sighed, nodding his head. They two walked to the door and left the home. Bakugou yawned as he climbed into Aizawas car, mumbling how angry he had to be up this early for a damn photoshoot. Aizawa ignored it. He only had an hour more with him before he had to go to a before school-teachers-meeting and hand him off to Shadowstar.

Aizawa and Bakugou stayed in silence for a few minutes. He darted his eyes at the blonde before clearing his throat. Bakugou looked over at him, a tired glare in his eye. “Have you seen Kirishima?”

“Yeah,” Bakugou mumbled.

“Has he seen you?”

Bakugou was quiet for a moment before mumbling, “No. But I gave him my name a few days ago.” Bakugou leaned his head against the window, his eyes slowly shutting in the silence of the roads.

“Do you want to see him?”

“Kind of.” Bakugou yawned again, pulling his hand up to his mouth slowly. “He said if he meets me he’s taking me on a date."

“Do you not want to go on a date?”

“I want to go on a date with him more than fucking anything,” Bakugou mumbled in his sleepiness, his body going limp against the side of the car, his chest slowly rising and falling as the boy slept.

Aizawa softly smiled, shaking his head as he drove up the large hill to UA. He stayed quiet in the car for Bakugous sake. He knew the boy was used to waking up early, but not at four in the morning. When he pulled up to UA’s gates he parked in the teacher's lot, stepping out of the car quietly, watching as Shadowstar walked up to him with a small smile.

She wore her civilian clothes. Blue jeans, gray sweater, and converse with her hair held in a loose braid with her silver-rimmed glasses. She wore a matching cream scarf and cardigan, smiling as she handed Aizawa a cup of coffee like she did every morning. The two sat on the hood of the car, staring at the school building as they drank their coffee silently.

“They’re still setting up the shooting space,” Shadowstar whispered in the quiet of the morning. “It’ll be an hour or two until Bakugou needs to change.” Aizawa hummed, taking a sip of his coffee as Shadowstar scratched the edge of her cup, looking at her small lipstick marking on the rim of the cup's lid. “Do… Do you agree with what his parents are doing? Making him a model?”

“Not my job to judge.” Aizawa looked at the building in front of him. A building Bakugou would hopefully be apart of. “But no. If he has a dream, no one should get in the way of it.” Shadowstar hummed and slightly nodded. “It’s cruel to let a dream die halfway through.”

The two, like they did every morning and every night, watched the sun run its course. They watched as it lights up the sky, pulling over the glass building and lighting up on the dorms behind them. Shadowstar looked at the watch on her wrist, shifting slightly on the edge of the car. “It’s six.”

“I’m aware.”

“Should we wake him?”

Aizawa looked back at Bakugou peacefully sleeping for a moment, looking at Shadowstar before he stared at the building again. “Let him sleep. He has a stressful day ahead of him.”




Bakugou rubbed his eyes as he and Shadowstar walked to the first shoot. He was too tired to even try to complain that he had to change his hoodie and pants, but nonetheless, he walked into the small curtain where he was supposed to change and slid on the Best Jeanist sweatshirt and blue jeans. From what he was aware of, this shoot would only for from his knees up.

Bakugou walked out of the changing area and picked up his coffee from Shadowstar, taking a long gulp from it as he walked over to the small shooting area. He stood where he was told, positioning himself where too. Hands in pockets, drink coffee, hand on the hip head to the side. He had become numb to people commanding him to do things since he blew up that photographers camera. He had to be numb to get a job done.

“Alright. Go change into the All Might long sleeve.” Bakugou nodded slightly, walking to the changing room and changing into the long sleeve, adding his own accessory of a yellow and blue beanie to tie it all together.

He walked out of the changing room at the same time a few students started walking to the school. He recognized the purple flurry of hair from the sports festival. The guy that Deku wrecked. He saw the pink-haired girl and Iida walking together talking of a way to make her inventions better. He sighed as he was snapped back to his reality and posed for the camera. Left-arm over neck, roll-up sleeves, left hand on hip, adjust your hips, head higher. 

Bakugou heard people whistling at him, hearing them holler for him to get undressed in their rooms. He ignored them for the most part. When he was told to change into the All Might Crop Top he almost lost it, but he complied. When he exited the dressing area he got more whistles directed at him and a crowd of people watching him. He bit his lip as he posed. He didn’t like this attention. If he wanted attention he wanted it to be because of how awesome of a hero he was, not for this. 

He heard a whistle and shouting from a voice that seemed slightly familiar. “Lookin’ noice!” He turned his head slightly, his eyes catching onto the pink girl who was standing next to spark plug and tape. He walked to them subconsciously, ignoring the shouts of his photographer to come back.

“What.” Bakugou spat out.

“Kiri is walking with Yaomomo and Jiro. They’ll be coming by soon so be ready to meet the love of your life!” Ashido grinned widely and Bakugou couldn’t help the blush spreading across his face. He shook his head to push it away, turning on his heel to return to his shoot.

He didn’t want to be seen yet, not yet at least. He needed at least a little more time, and from what he knew, he would be allowed lunch in the cafeteria with the other students.




Kirishima walked awkwardly next to the two girls. It wasn’t that he was nervous around them, it was simply because he hadn’t talked to either of them that much. 

“Did you sleep well, Kiri?” Jiro asked, taking a bit of the muffin she took from Sato that morning.

“Well, kind of.”

“Why kind of?” Yaoyorozu asked, turned head to Kirishima slightly.

“My internet friend is doing a photoshoot here. I’m nervous if I get the chance to meet him.” Kirishima nervously smiled at the two as they came upon a small crowd. Kirishimas lifted a brow as Jiro guided them into the crowd with a small smile. 

When they broke through the edge of the semi-circle, Kirishima taking in the sight of the photoshoot. He took in the sight of his schoolmates hollering at the model to take it all off. Kirishima furrowed his brows at the sounds his classmates were making at the poor blonde.

“Hey! Stop being dicks!” Kirishima shouted, walking towards the model as he started to unbutton his jacket, slinging it over the model's shoulders to hide him. He turned around to his classmates in anger as they stared at him in shock. “He’s doing his job! Stop mocking him for it!”

“Ain’t like we’re hurting him.” A kid from another class laughed. Kirishima growled in anger, his fists slowly hardening.

“I’ll hurt you if you keep goin’!” Kirishima shouted. He didn’t regret his words as three boys from other departments ran towards him.

He felt a hand on his shoulder before he could react, watching as he was pulled back and his blazer was pushed away and fluttered to the ground. A large flash of explosions appeared in the hand of the boy in front of him. Kirishima’s felt the heat, his eyes widening on the silhouetted figure as he stood proudly, hand out.

The explosion died out, and Kirishima noticed the three on the ground, clothes only slightly burned. He watched the blonde turn around, eyes narrowing in on Kirishima before he froze.

Kirishima had a memory flash into his mind of what his mystery man said to him. “I’m really blonde, I-I think it’s called ash blonde. My hairs spiky and goes in every different direction. I have a small nose and red eyes and slightly tanned skin. I’m five-seven, kind of muscle. I-I’m lean.”

Kirishima swallowed hard as the blonde unfroze, taking the jacket from the ground and stuffing it into Kirishimas chest.

“I can take care of myself.” He mumbled, pushing past Kirishima.

The blonde tore off the burned crop top and pulled on an Endeavor themed hoodie. “B-Bakugou.” Kirishima croaked out making the boy freeze in his tracks. “Is… Is that you?” Bakugou bit his lip for a second as he turned around to the redhead slowly. Bakugou crossed his arms when he faced him, glaring into him. Kirishimas eyes widened as he laid eyes on him, slowly taking in the sight in front of him. “It―It is you,” Kirishima spoke softly, a smile forming on his face as he tried his best to keep back his tears of joy.

“God don’t go crying. Ruin the merch.” Bakugou rolled his eyes as Kirishima gave a half-laugh.

“Says the guy who burned a shirt.” Kirishima chuckled softly. Bakugou was silent as he watched Ashido creep up behind Kirishima, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

“Surprise!” Ashido yelled in Kirishima’s ear.

The redhead flinched slightly at it, turning his head to his friend. “You knew?”

“Of course, we planned it.” Ashido giggled, hopping off Kirishima’s back with a grin. “Now c’mon! We can’t be late or else Aizawa will punish us!”

“Okay okay,” Kirishima turned to Bakugou, a soft smile growing on his face. “Is lunch okay?”

“For what?”

“Our date.” Kirishima grinned. “I can take you to the dorms and make you some ramen.”

Bakugou shook his head. “You can take me to the dorms but you’re not making me some damn ramen. I’ll make you something better.”

Kirishima nodded once with happiness. “Then it’s a date. Meet me here and we can walk to the dorms together.” Kirishima gave a small wave as Ashido tugged on his arm to walk towards the school. “Later!”

“B-Bye.” Bakugou stammered as he gave a small wave goodbye. Bakugou blinked once, then twice.

That boy was brighter in person.

Chapter Text

When it was eight Bakugou was told that his photoshoot was over. He had changed shirts a total of 24 times. Each shirt either having a design based off of Best Jeanist, All Might, Endeavor, Mount. Lady or Hawks. He was exhausted, but that didn’t stop him from asking if he could go inside the school and bother Aizawa.

Shadowstar said no, but Bakugou was persistent. He kept pushing as they sat in the teacher's lounge waiting for his next shoot. “No, Bakugou. I’ve said it enough that you can’t go bother him while he’s teaching a class.” Shadowstar groaned. Bakugou groaned back, sliding down on the couch.

“Young Bakugou,” he turned his head slightly, eyes widening on the tall man in a yellow suit. “What are you doing here?”

“Photoshoot―you teach here!” Bakugou sat up immediately.

“Yes I do, but only in the afternoons.” The man chuckled, scratching the back of his head. “I was about to go ask Aizawa his plan for this afternoon course training while you’re doing your shoot at the same time. Would you like to join me on the photoshoot part?”

“Uh―” he turned his head to Shadowstar he pinched the bridge of her nose, moving her other hand for him to go. He grinned happily before nodding once and hopping off the couch. 

All Might smiled, walking with Bakugou towards the classroom. Bakugou held his breath, having to control his mind that he wasn’t going to go here. That it was maybe you can go here, and a maybe meant nothing. The two were quiet until All Might spoke after taking a sip of his tea. “I spoke with Nezu, about your possible enrollment.”

“W-What did he say?” Bakugou mentally cursed himself for stammering.

“He said if you can prove yourself in a physical exam, you can.” All Might softly grinned, turning his head to look at Bakugou. “I believe he scheduled it to be after your photoshoots here. He’ll send a letter.”

Bakugou contained his excitement as All Might opened the door to a room and slowly walked in. Bakugou walked in after him, holding his breath as the eyes of the kids in the class stayed glued on the two.

All Might gave the class a small wave before he turned to Aizawa. They spoke in a quiet hush before Aizawa turned to the class and told them to be quiet but do as they pleased.

Bakugou stood behind All Might, eyes down as he put on the act his parents made for him. “Bakugou.” He lifted his head, looking at Kirishima’s who waved his hand at him to come over. Slowly, he did. Bakugou stood at the redhead's desk, smiling at how stupid his smile was. “Hey.”

Bakugou laughed slightly. “Hey dumbass.”

“Do you like UA so far?” Ashido asked. “I know you don’t go here, but do you like the view?”

“Yeah, I do.” Bakugou stuffed his hands into his pockets, looking at Kirishima a moment too long.

“So, what’ll you make this ball of sunshine for lunch?” Sero asked as he swung his arm over Kirishimas shoulders while Ashido sat on the edge of the desk, Kaminari leaning his arms onto Kirishimas desk from his own chair. “Nothing too spicy, he can’t take it.”

“Spicy is all I’m good for. Nearly killed Deku.”

“He did,” Midoriya said, keeping his eyes on his textbook. “I couldn’t go to school for three days.”

“Well, I can take my spice!” Kirishima smiled proudly. Bakugou rolled his eyes.

“Doubtful.” Bakugou chuckled slightly. “I’ll make you something good.”


“Yeah yeah promise.” Bakugou rolled his eyes. 

“C’Mon I don’t wanna die from someone’s cooking!”
Before Bakugou could speak Midoriya did. “His cooking is very good, spicy or not.” Bakugou glared back at Midoriya who simply looked up slightly, winked, and looked back down to his textbook. Bakugou felt his cheeks flush slightly as he turned back to Kirishima.

Kirishima blushed as Bakugou looked down at him. “It’ll be a surprise. You’ll like it.” Bakugou muttered as he crossed his arms.

“O-Okay.” Kirishima stammered, his blush spreading as All Might called Bakugou over.

Bakugou walked over to All Might and Aizawa reluctantly, joining in their conversation. Kirishima was frozen watching Bakugou’s back as it flexed, relaxed and moved. Why he was so entertained by him, he had no clue. Ashido nudged Kirishima, causing the boy to look up at her as she sat on his desk, crossing her legs. “Stop staring.”

“I-I-I-I’m not staring.”

“You’re stuttering dude.” Sero laughed as Kirishimas face grew as red as his hair.

The boy whined slightly, crossing his arms over his face. “This is bullying…” Kirishimas muttered as his friends laughed. Kirishimas looked up through his arms, watching Bakugou for a moment as the boy winked with a half-smirk on his lips before turning back around to the adults. Kirishima blushed more.

“Dude you’re getting redder by the minute!” Kaminari laughed loudly, Kirishima whining slightly louder as he felt the heat on his fast spread down to his chest and the tips of his ears.

“A-A-Am not.”

“You’re stuttering again Kiri.” Ashido giggled.

“Di-Di-Di-Di-Di-Did I?” Kirishima stuttered as he brought his head out of his arms, crossing his arms and slouching to only allow his friends to see his face.

“Yes you di-di-did,” Sero chuckled, patting Kirishimas back. “You got bad. If you’re acting like this now, there’s no way you’re making it through lunch.”

Kirishima looked over at Bakugou and his mouth opened slightly Sero was right. With a guy like that, he’d be a mess before they even reached the dorms.




Bakugou held his arms behind his head, walking next to Shadowstar as a few students walked to the dorms for lunch. They walked silently, even through the whistled directed at Bakugou mostly. Shadowstar didn’t question him on why they weren’t inside eating until she saw the spike of red hair standing by where their previous shoot had been. 

“So I’m guessing you won’t need me.” Shadowstar gave a small laugh as she leaned down to Bakugous ear to speak. She watched as his cheeks were caressed in a small blush before his neutral face turned into one of annoyance. 

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.”

Shadowstar rolled her eyes as they walked to Kirishima. They stopped at him, the boy looking up from his phone, blush pulling over his face as he stuffed his phone away and gave Bakugou a small wave. “H-Hey.” Kirishima stammered.

“Sup,” Bakugou muttered back, his arms retreating to his pants pockets as he slightly brought his head down. Shadowstar held in her giggle of adorableness. Even if one was an asshole and one was working to be a hero, they were both still teenagers. Teenagers who fall in love and get awkward in front of their crushes.

“Well since you’re a hero in training I’ll leave Bakugou’s safety in your hands.” Shadowstar smiled at Kirishima.

“I have my provisional license! I’ll be sure to make sure no harm comes to ‘im!” Kirishima grinned at Shadowstar. The woman nodded at Kirishima, looking down at Bakugou who didn’t seem to be protesting. She smiled at the two before turning around and starting to walk back to the school.

She waved goodbye saying, “Enjoy your date .”

The word lingered in the air longer than either boy liked. They’re faces turning bright red at the word causing Bakugou to hunch into himself, small explosions burning in his pants pockets while Kirishima turned his head to the side away from Bakugou, holding his hand up to his mouth.

Both were quiet for longer than a minute before Bakugou grabbed Kirishimas hand and started marching him to the dorms. Kirishima felt his face heat up more as he was dragged towards the dorms by the boy he found himself having a faster heartbeat for. “Let’s get this fucking over with. I have two more shoots today.” Bakugou growled, stopping as they reached the mass of dorms. “Where’s yours.”

“M-My what?” Kirishima stammered.

“You’re dorm.” Bakugou barked.

“Oh uhm, follow me.” Kirishima began walking to it, neither letting go of the others hand. 

Kirishima walked to his dorm and opened the door, letting Bakugou’s hand sadly fall out of his hand so he could close the door behind them. They both took off their shoes before entering the main building. Kirishima flashed bakugou a small smile before he guided him to the kitchen, setting his belongings down at one of the tables. Bakugou walked past Kirishima and into the kitchen, taking in everything the teenagers had in the kitchen.

To his surprise, it was actually quite packed with food―healthy food nonetheless. Bakugou began grabbing at food, his mind sparking with what to make as Kirishima walked over to the kitchen, taking off his blazer and leaving it on a chair and rolling up his sleeves. 

“Let me help you―”

“I got it,” Bakugou said over him, grabbing a pan and turning on the stove flame. He began to cook and Kirishima was frozen watching him. 

“You sure?” Kirishima asked. Bakugou nodded silently. “O-Okay.” Kirishima slowly walked to the edge of the counter, sitting down at one of the bar stools and watching Bakugou work. He couldn’t tell what he was making, but by the way, it smelled he knew it would be good. They basked in silence and the sounds of sizzling of meat and the cutting of vegetables. “Wanna tell me about yourself?”

“Like?” Bakugou prompted, his back turned to the boy as he spread his hoodie and tossed it at the table Kirishimas belongings were on, exposing his arms and his barely on a tank top.

“How long have you been cooking?”

“Forever. I’ve helped my dad in the kitchen for years and then I was suddenly making every family meal.”

“What’s the first thing you learned to make by yourself?”

“Katsudon. Deku’s favorite, made it for his birthday when we were four. I thought it was shit but he said it was good.”

Kirishima hummed, leaning his head against his palm. “How long have you known Midoriya?”

“We grew up near each other,” Bakugou answered as he turned the stove off, finding plates and arranging the food onto it.

He turned towards the tables, placing the plates down and turning to Kirishima, nodding his head to the food. Kirishima stood from the counter and walked to the table, sitting down across from Bakugou. They both were quiet when they began to eat before Kirishima began to ask more questions.

“What do you like to do?” Kirishima asked, taking a bit of the steak Bakugou prepared.

“Cook, hike.” Bakugou shrugged, taking the brunt of Kirishima’s questions. “What about you?” The least he could do was ask a few back.

“Oh, uhm,” Kirishima blushed, lifting his free hand to scratch the back of his neck as Bakugou’s red eyes looked up at him. “I-I like to hang out with my friends, work out, manly stuff, ya know?”

“Manly?” Bakugou scoffed with a soft smile that made Kirishima’s chest explode. He nodded silently, scared that the next word out of his mouth would make him a fool. Quickly, Kirishima looked down at his food and silently mumbled to himself about how much of an idiot he was acting like. “Oi, shitty hair, you alright?”

Kirishima looked up at Bakugou, his eyes grazing over the blonde's face that looked mostly annoyed but slightly concerned. “Y-Yeah I’m fine. I just… don’t wanna make a complete fool out of myself around you.”

“You’ve already done that. Five fucking times. Get over it.” Bakugou looked down at his food and continued to eat. Kirishima slightly nodded before he finished his food with Bakugou. Kirishima cleaned their plates before they grabbed their belongings and returned to the school, walking slowly next to each other.

Every time their hands touched in the slightly, Kirishima’s face burned and Bakugou looked away. They were both a complete mess.

When their hands grazed for what seemed to be the umpteenth time, Bakugou growled in anger, turning his head away as quickly as he could while grabbing Kirishima’s hand in his. The redhead stopped in his tracks to look at their hands, blush spreading across his cheeks quickly as he darted his eyes up to an equally red Bakugou.

“B-Bakugou?” Kirishima croaked out, deciding it was best to keep his mouth shut.

“I’m fed up with our hands touching. Just fucking hold it alright?” Bakugou cursed out before he began walking again to the beat of his extremely fast heartbeat, pulling Kirishima along with him.

A moment of silence passed before Kirishima spoke. “I think you can be a hero.”

Bakugou looked at him before looking ahead, muttering, “Thanks.”

Neither spoke actual words for the most part. Well, they did, just not audible ones that would be understood by normal functioning humans.

When they reached the school, they tried their best to ignore the staring of Kirishima’s classmates who had nothing better to do then look and point it out. Bakugou tried not to start a fight over it. 

When Aizawa and Shadowstar spotted the two on the way to Kirishima’s class it was the first thing they noticed. Shadowstar giggled, wrapping her arms around Bakugou’s shoulders and squeezing him. “You’ve already hit the second base with him? Things are moving fast!”

“Shut up you old blonde!” Bakugou shouted at her, his hand not moving from Kirishimas as the redhead looked at his feet as Aizawa spoke to the two. 

“I hope you two didn’t do anything inappropriate in the dorms. Wouldn’t want to have to check the security cameras.”

“I-It’s nothing like that Sensei. Bakugou just made me lunch.” Kirishima nervously brought his head up to look at his teacher. Aizawa hummed. 

“Get into your suit. If you’re even a second late, I will expel you.” Aizawa pushed his hands into his pockets as the redhead quickly nodded and ran into the classroom, grabbing his hero suit from the wall and running out. He stopped, giving Bakugou a small wave before he ran towards the locker room.

Bakugou closed his hand, missing the heat of Kirishima’s hand.

Bakugou glared at Aizawa before Shadowstar squeezed him again, a small squeal of excitement. “Ugh! I’m so happy for you Baku! Was he gentleman? If he wasn’t I’ll kick his―”

“Shut up!” Bakugou shouted, his face turning red. “Just let me go get ready for this damn photo shoot so I can go home.”

“But you have one more after this, so no.” Shadowstar giggled as she let go of Bakugou, skipping slightly as she walked away. “Follow me and we can get you ready.”

Bakugou glared at a smirking Aizawa before he followed the annoying blonde.




Bakugou was tired when he walked to the training battlefield. It was a city, but half of it was a forest. It must have been why his parents chose it.

But he was tired.


When he saw Kirishima in his hero suit every ounce of blood in his body went downstairs, and it took every piece of strength in him to hide it from the onlookers who were around him.

He forced himself to look away and focus on something else, so he chose Round-face. He watched as she would talk to Deku and softly touch him, making sure her pinky was high in the air before her eyes grew dark. He watched as she grabbed his shoulder and wrist and tried to force him down. But Deku was just as fast. Bakugou watched as Deku flew up in the air and used his Quirk to shoot down some floating rocks down to her. 

Bakugou couldn’t help but smile at how strong they were. But his eyes drifted to Kirishima, and how his suit seemed to show his body off in unintentional ways.

“Whatcha smiling at?” Bakugou flinched at the voice behind him, turning to Shadowstar as she held a soft smile on her lips as she straightened her back.

“Fuck off!” Bakugou shouted, blush starting to cover his cheeks.

“Don’t yell,” Shadowstar sighed, grabbing Bakugous wrist and starting to drag him towards the photographer and where the class had decided to gather with Ectoplasm and Aizawa.

Bakugou was pulled to the front of the group next to the photographer and Aizawa. And that was where he froze. 

Because he realized that this could be him .

It could be him that was in a hero outfit showing off his power to this group of people that was at least somewhat equal to him. This could be him, but instead, he was standing away from them instead of with them. Where he should have been.

“Class,” Aizawa addressed the future heroes. “This is Bakugou Katsuki. He will be doing a photoshoot in our training base while we train around him. When we’re running our Hero vs Villain teams please try to keep damage to the city and forest a minimum.”

“Hero vs Villain?” Bakugou questioned, the handprint on the back of his neck tingling.

“The class is split into teams where one team is villains and one is heroes,” Ectoplasm explained. “Aizawa and I will be around you to protect you from possible debris and damage―”

“Could I join?” Bakugou interrupted. “Doesn’t have to be long. Just one round.” Bakugou crossed his arms, leaning on his left side as he slightly cocked his head.

“Mr.Bakugou I don’t think that would be wise,” Ectoplasm spoke through his mask. “You do not have the training these students do.”

“It would even out teams though,” Deku nervously smiled, stepping forward. “We only have nineteen students, and with him, there wouldn’t be an unfair advantage of people.”

Bakugou looked over to Aizawa for a moment before he started to deflate. He could tell by the blankness in the man's eyes that it wouldn’t be allowed. But Bakugou wanted to this, he needed to. To show that stupid Deku and All Might and his idiot parents that he didn’t need protection. That he could do this. That he could be a hero. 

“One Match,” Aizawa mumbled.

“What?” Ectoplasm looked at his colleague in astonishment.

Aizawa ignored him and turned to Bakugou. “One match. If you get hurt it’s not my problem. My students are far more advanced than you in combat and Quirk training so if you get hurt or beaten down don’t come crying about it.”

Bakugou smirked as he moved his arms across his chest to lighting small explosions across his hands as they both were held up slightly. “Don’t worry about me. Worry for them crying home to mommy.”




Aizawa had decided on making four teams of five. Each team would go against each other in battle and whichever team came out victorious was allowed to see Recovery Girl first to treat their injuries. The teams were seemed to put together randomly, and yet Bakugou had seemed to be placed around idiots.

He was stuck with Spark plug, Tape, Iida, and Ears. 

He looked over at Kirishima as the boy smiled at his team of great assets. Kirishima was with Arms, Deku, Round Face, and Ponytail. With those Quirks, they were going to win.

But he ignored it and looked at Aizawa as he walked over the bundle of students he would be stuck with this afternoon. “After this round, you need to do your photoshoot.” Aizawa deadpanned to him before looking at the four around him. “You’re group is the Villians. You four will be in charge of making sure he doesn’t get hurt.”

“You can trust us Aizawa Sensei.” Iida bowed to him repeatedly and Bakugou scoffed, walking towards a tall building.

“I can take care of myself. Let's just fight already!” Bakugou unzipped his hoodie and left it to rest on a fencepost before he stretched his arms above his head. He glared at his teammates before he walked into the building. The four students sighed before running into the building after him.

Bakugou stood at the staircase in the building when they walked in. He rolled his eyes before he started walking up the stairs to the building. “What is your plan here?” Jiro growled as she ran up to him.

“I demand you stop! You do not know how to plan an attack on a group and have no formal―”

Bakugou turned around to Iida quickly, his hand sparking with explosions. “Ears will plug into the wall when we get to the third floor. They’ll expect us to go all the way up and send roundface to make Arms go and grab us while Deku blocks the bottom off on the fifth floor. They’ll send Ponytail and Kirishima in to fight us off on the top floor.

“We’ll have Tape block off the fifth floor when Deku goes through. Elevator, stairs, everything. Dunce will zap the tape so they’ll be electrocuted if they touch it and have Ears listen in on them. Once they all come together you run us all out of the building and I blow up the fourth floor trapping them. Got it?”

Iida was silent as Bakugou glared at him before he continued walking up the stairs. “How do you know they’ll make that play!” Iida shouted. “They’re all incredibly smart―”

“I know Deku and those idiots. They’ll have him make the plan.” Bakugou entered the third floor and pushed them all into the maintenance closet. He kept the door open a peak, watching as Deku stopped near it, holding up a walkie talkie.

“The third floor clear,” Deku muttered. “Send Shoji to the top.”

“Are you sure this plan will work Midoriya?” Youyorozu asked.

“Yes. are you two in position?”

“The cannons on the sixth are aimed,” Kirishima answered. “Once they go off Yaoyorozu can set the ladder up and get up there.”

“Perfect. I’ll check fourth and fifth than have you guys go off.” Bakugou watched as Deku ran ahead up the stairs. Bakugou smirked as they left the closet, turning to Iida with a smirk. 

“Told you.” Bakugou crossed his arms, turning to Jiro. “Now listen.”

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Just as Bakugou had planned, everything went accordingly. The other team got trapped on the fourth floor and Bakugou got into position. As soon as he saw Iida out of the building with the others he broke a window on the fourth floor to escape out of. He smirked as he raised his hands up, letting massive amounts of sweat pool in his palms. But before Bakugou could let an explosion go off, fear went through his body freezing him.

He heard a chuckle behind him. A familiar chuckle. One that burned the scar on his neck. “So you’re a hero now.” Dabi chuckled as he walked to Bakugou, placing his hand over the scar on the blonde’s neck. “Perfect fit.” He chuckled as he walked around the blonde and met his red eyes. “Scared yet, pest?”

“I-I don’t get scared,” Bakugou growled, glaring into him as he slowly clutched his fists.

“Sure about that? You stammered.” Dabi chuckled, lifting his hands and lighting it on fire. He watched as Bakugou flinched at it. Dabi tutted, a small laugh behind his voice. “You will be coming with me this time.”

Dabi stopped his motions as he heard talking behind him. “Maybe we missed something downstairs. I also think this building has a basement. How long has this tape been here?”

“Don’t touch it Kirishima! Kaminari touched it! Look!” A female voice said. “We have to find another way down.”

Bakugou gulped, flinching as Dabi let the flames leave his hand and touched Bakugou’s hair. “Too bad you can’t be a hero to stop me. Not even these heroes can.”


“I think you can be a hero.”


“I am a hero.” Bakugou glared at Dabi before he opened his hands, sending off large explosions of power up towards the ceiling and to Dabi, sending the villain to the wall as the ceiling crumbled to the ground. Bakugou let his lungs fill with air before he unfroze his legs, walking to Dabi and grabbing his collar. “I will never be a villain.” Bakugou growled before he sent Dabi flying with an explosion towards the wall.

Dabi chuckled as he brought himself to his feet, glaring at Bakugou before he sent flames towards him. “You will always be a villain.”

Bakugou dodged the flames, running towards Dabi and punching him in the jaw. He grabbed the man’s head, sending explosions off on his cheeks. Dabi shouted, grabbing Bakugou by the arms and slamming him to the wall, punching him in the eye and gut before throwing him to the opposite side of the room.

The force of Bakugous body hitting the wall was enough to send the building down for good.

“The buildings crumbling! Kirishima use your quirk to break the tape!” Deku shouted. 

Dabi laughed as he walked to Bakugous body lying on the floor, curled up in pain. “You could never win against me.” Dabi laughed. “Now come with me brat.”

“Never!” Bakugou screamed, kicking at Dabis legs before he jumped up and sent an explosion off to the ceiling creating a hole large enough to make the building begin to fall. 

“You brat!” Dabi screamed as he stood up and tackled Bakugou to the ground and punched him hard enough to knock him out. Dabi chuckled as he lifted Bakugou off the ground and picked up the blonde bridal style. “Now come on.”

“Put Bakugou down.” Dabi turned around to a red head with his arms hardened like rock. Dabi rolled his eyes as he started running towards him. “Give him back!”
“Like I’ll listen to you!” Dabi laughed.

“You won’t be taking him!” Kirishima shouted as he began attacking. Dabi laughed, running towards the broken window and jumping out before the building collapsed completely. Dabi chuckled as he ran off with Bakugou in his arms, a smirk on his lips.

He ducked around a building, a smirk on his lips as he set Bakugou down on the ground and pulled out his phone. He dialed and held the phone to his ear. “I got the brat.”

Dabi turned his back to Bakugou, looking out of the alleyway as Bakugou slowly blinked his eyes open. He froze for a moment, looking at Dabi, realizing they were still at UA. Bakugou quietly lifted himself up, before aiming his hands to the ground and sending himself up into the air. Bakugou screamed as he sent himself down with a kick directed to Dabi, missing as the man ran out of the alleyway to avoid it. Bakugou ran out of the alleyway and towards Dabi, throwing punch after punch at him. 

“I won’t be a villain!” Bakugou shouted as he sent off explosions to defeat him.

“Oh you will!” Dabi laughed maniacally as he sent flames around Bakugou. “I will always be coming after you. You will be a villain. You’re perfect for it!”

“Fuck off!” Bakugou shouted as he sent himself into the air and down to Dabi. Bakugou ignored the heroes in training surrounding the area as he attacked the villain in front of him. “I will never be like you! I am a hero!” Bakugou shouted as he grabbed Dabi’s collar, sending explosions off on his face before he threw the man to the ground. Bakugou turned his back to him as Ectoplasm’s copies surrounded Dabi.

He only stopped walking when he was side by side to Aizawa. “I told you I could take care of myself.” Bakugou lifted his head, his eyes meeting Kirishima’s red ones.

And like that everything around him was quiet. The yelling of staff and police on how a villain got in. The yells of Deku and Iida for Kirishima to go see Recovery Girl. All of it was quiet. Bakugou took two steps forward before his knees buckled and he began to fall to the ground, but he was met with arms around his body. He looked around himself to Aizawa and Shadowstar holding him. 

“Iida, take Kirishima to Recovery Girl. We’ll be right behind you.” Aizawa demanded, turning to his class. “Class is over for the day. Head to the classroom and stay there. I’ll send Present Mic.”

And that’s all Bakugou remembered before he passed out.




Bakugou winced as he opened his eyes, the light outside burning his iris as he tried to sit up, groaning at the pain in his sides. “Bakugou,” a soft voice spoke. He turned his head slightly as he tried to sit up again, looking at Kirishima as he walked into the doorway, a tray of food in his hands. They both stayed quiet as Kirishima slowly walked into the room, setting the tray down at Bakugou’s bedside. 

“Where am I?” Bakugou asked, rubbing his eyes.

“UA’s infermery. Recovery Girl fixed me up but you were passed out and...and really hurt. She did as much as she could.” Kirishima’s voice was mostly quiet. “You’ve been out for three hours.”

“Three? I-I have photoshoots to do―”

“Shadowstar, Aizawa and your parents arranged for them to be made up next week.” Kirishima spoke softly, turning to Bakugou. “I’m glad you’re awake.”

“I look like shit… feel like shit.” Bakugou sighed as he sat up in his bed, looking at the food on his bedside. Two bowls of ramen.

“You look pretty.”

“What?” Bakugou looked at Kirishima.

“I-I mean you look shitty!” Kirishima muttered, his eyes growing before he began stammering. “I-I mean―”

“You look shitty too,” Bakugou gave a soft smile before pointing to the bowls. “Dinner?”

“Uh, yeah. I tried to make it but it came out really bad so Uraraka made it with Deku.” Bakugou nodded as he looked around the room, noticing the pillow and blanket folded and sitting on a chair next to his bed. 

“Am I staying overnight?” Bakugou asked as he picked up a bowl and began to eat. Kirishima looked at the chair before shaking his head.

“It’s on every chair here in case someone gets injured enough for a student to have to be in a medically induced coma. It’s to comfort the family and friends who come to visit.” Kirishima spoke softly. “You’re staying overnight, but not here.”

“Than where?” Bakugou scoffed, finishing his bowl of ramen and setting it down. 

“My dorm,” Kirishima blushed as he stacked the bowls up. “Nezu convinced your parents it would be safer for you to stay on the grounds of the school for the week of your photoshoots and you get to stay with my class since Aizawa and all of your photoshoots are around us.”

“Will I be in your room?” Bakugou chuckled as he turned his body to draped his legs over the side. He looked at Kirishima as he stood up and walked to his clothes.

“You’ll be in the room next to mine. Shadowstar put some clothes and some decorations in it for you so you don’t get homesick here.” Kirishima smiled as he picked up the tray. “My floor has the only empty rooms on the boy’s side.”

Bakugou hummed, reaching for the edge of his hospital outfit before looking over to Kirishima, the redheads eyes glued on him. “Wanna turn around dumbass?”

“Uh, sorry.” Kirishima muttered as he quickly turned around from Bakugou. The blonde blushed and quickly changed before standing next to Kirishima. The two gave a small glance to each other before they made it out of the infirmary and down the hall where Shadowstar had been walking.

“Bakugou you’re awake!” Shadowstar smiled, running and stopping in front of them. “Where are you going? You―”

“I’m going to sleep in what I’m gonna figure is a more comfortable bed than that.” Bakugou crossed his arms as Kirishima lowered his head, his hands gripping the tray harder.

“W-Well alright but I thought I’d tell you this myself,” Shadowstar looked over at Kirishima before sighing. “You’re parents fired me for failing to protect you during an attack I was hired for.” Shadowstar gave a small smile that held sadness. “They’ll be rehiring a new hero to protect you during the day.”

“What they can’t―”


“No! They can’t fucking do that! I am fine on my own and if I wanted someone to protect me I’d want it to be an airhead that I can make fun of!” Bakugou growled as Shadowstar gave a small smile, placing her hand on his shoulder. 

“You’ll be fine, Bakugou. I’ll still be around.”

“It’s not fair.” Bakugou growled, pushing her hand off his shoulder and walking away from the two he left behind. He didn’t bother to turn around as he heard footsteps chase after him, the clanking of a tray and the smash of pottery hitting the ground. 

“Bakugou!” Kirishima called out as the blonde walked outside of the UA building and towards the front gates, his arms crossed to protect himself from the cold. He felt a hand on his shoulder, pulling him to a stop and turning him in his spot. Kirishima grabbed his arms and held him in his spot. “Don’t go running off. I know this hurts for you, but you can talk to your parents.”

“They don’t listen to me,” Bakugou growled. “Let go of me. I’m going home."

“You’re not supposed to.” Kirishima hooked his arm around Bakugou’s neck, watching as the boy flinched away, holding his hand to the back of his neck. “I-I’m sorry. I forgot.”

“It’s whatever. Just take me to my room so I can get some fucking sleep.” Bakugou muttered.

Kirishima nodded silently before he and Bakugou began walking towards the 1-A dorm house. When they approached the building Bakugou stopped outside of it, looking up at it with sad eyes. He looked over at Kirishima before he slowly entered the building with him. They were quiet when they walked into the common space, watching as everyone’s head turned to the two.

Bakugou glared at the group before growling loudly, closing his hands to stop any explosions that wanted to leave him. “The fuck are you looking at?” Bakugou growled.

“You’re okay.” Jiro spoke softly. “For someone who's never trained like us, you’re okay―alive, even. You even went up against a villian and came out alive.”

“Told you, I can take care of myself.” Bakugou growled, walking towards the elevators. “What floor is my room. I’m tired.”

“Top floor, first door.” Kirishima answered, slowly walking towards him. No one questioned why Kirishima was following him, or why Bakugou was staying. They all already knew.

Both boys stayed quiet as they went up into the elevator and walked through the hallways to their rooms. Bakugou bit his lip when he stopped outside his room. “This feels, surreal.” Bakugou muttered, turning his head to Kirishima. “Like I’m dreaming and then wake up and be in my fucking room again and―”

“And what?” Kirishima stepped forward, softly taking Bakugou’s hand.

Bakuguou took a deep breath before looking Kirishima in the eyes. “And… And I would have never met you.”

Kirishima blushed before giving Bakugou’s hand a small squeeze. “No matter what happens, I’ll always find a way to you.” Bakugou hummed, a small amount of blush forming on his cheeks. “Hey Bakugou, I have a question.” He hummed for him to continue. “Would you consider us… dating now?” Kirishima bit his lip, refusing to look Bakugou in the eyes.

“I don’t know yet.” Bakugou looked to the door, sighing before looking at Kirishima, watching as the redhead looked up at him. “But another date wouldn’t hurt to figure it out.”

“R-Really?” Kirishima smiled, squeezing Bakugou’s hand. “O-Okay how about we go down to the common room later and watch a movie together and play some video games.”

“I don’t want to be around those idiots.”

“That’s why I said later,” Kirishima chuckled. “So most people will be asleep. I’ll pick you up around 11?”

Bakugou rolled his eyes, a small chuckle leaving his lips. “Sounds like a date.”