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When He Sees Me

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Bakugou could only describe the photo shoot as one word. Boring.

It was boring. It seemed like every three seconds he was told to do something. Change poses. Straighten his shoulders. Tilt his head. Smile more. Smile less. Don’t look angry.

He hated being told what to do, but for his parents, he guessed he’d have to deal.

He looked over at his parents for a moment and away from the big stage lights burning his retinas. They stood by a clothing rack that was pushed against the wall, switching between the outfits they chose for him to wear during the shoot as they mumbled about what he’d wear next. He sighed, his reality slowly coming back to him as the photographer snapped at him.

“Hey, boy, cameras over here.” The middle-aged man glared at Bakugou, continuing to snap his fingers above the camera. “God it’s like I’m dealing with the puppy calendar again.” The man mumbled under his breath, adjusting the camera to unblur Bakugou and to catch how white the room was compared to the red of his eyes.

Bakugou growled under his breath, his eyes glaring daggers into the camera lens as he stood up from the uncomfortable white block he was sitting on.

Bakugou didn’t care for his completely white outfit. He didn’t care when he walked to the cameraman, yanking the camera from his grasp and exploding it in his hand. Bakugou grinned, closing his fist and sprinkling the ashes in front of the man's feet before walking to the sets door and slapping it behind him. His mind was very clear, but all he knew was he wanted out of this outfit. He didn’t like how tight his white jeans were. He didn’t like the white of his shirt or the white of his hoodie. He didn’t like the annoying wallet chain that kept smacking against his thigh. The only thing he liked in the outfit was that he was allowed to have a fake piercing, and even then he hated that it was fake.

“Katsuki get back here right now!” Mitsuki yelled at him from down the hall. He simply turned back at his mother, glaring at her before he saw his father's unsettling upset face from behind her before he groaned and turned back around to the studio.

He walked slowly before stopping in front of his parents, his eyebrows knitted together with both of his hands stuffed in his pockets. “What.” Bakugou gritted his teeth, his words coming out in an uttered rush.

“I want you to go pay for that mans camera. That was completely uncalled for.” Mitsuki pointed into the studio.

“He was treating me like a damn dog!” Bakugou shouted back at his mother, his hands leaving his pockets to let small explosions dance on his fingertips.


“Don’t fucking Katsuki me,” Bakugou growled. HIs eyes breathing the hate he wanted to spew from his mouth. “I’m not paying for shit.”

“Katsuki,” Masaru stepped in before his wife could, stepping in front of her as he placed a hand on his son's shoulder. “We know you don’t want to do this but Hero Work is much more dangerous. Modeling is safer for you so please go in there and apologize. We’ve had a hard enough time booking shoots for you because of stunts like this.”

“Safer?! My quirk―”

“I know your quirk, Katsuki, but we can’t have any more incidents like we did with the sludge villain and...the incident. You could have gotten a lot more injured if the ProHeroes didn’t get there in time.”

“I was doing just fine and if I was a Pro I could have done a shit ton better then they fucking did!” Bakugou shouted at his father.

“Katsuki, please. This is for your safety. We care too much about you to lose you again.” Masaru sighed, closing his eyes for a moment before looking at his son. “Please go give an apology so we can give him money for a new camera and continue the shoot with a different one.”

“Fuck! Fine!” Bakugou shouted as he threw his hands up in the air before stomping through his parents and into the studio.




Kirishima stretched his arms above his head as he slowly walked to the dorms with his classmates, stifling a yawn as he walked. “God today was tiring. To think we’re on our way to becoming heroes.” Kirishima chuckled as he pulled his arms down below his head and looked at his new friends in his class.

“Yeah, today was great!” Ashido grinned happily as the electric blonde and tall boy next to her nodded. “Aizawa ran us pretty hard for endurance training.”

“Its what to expect from such a fantastic school.” Iida bellowed from behind them, a grin on his face as Midoriya rubbed his bandaged are, a blank stare on his face.

“You good Midoriya? You got pretty beat up today when we had to battle class B.” Sero asked as they walked into the door hall, most of the students in their class spreading around the commons space as they did after classes.

“Y-Yes I’m fine. Just tired after today. Tokage took a lot out of me.” Midoriya gave a small smile as he shook his head, falling back onto the couch and relaxing into it.

No one wanted to retreat to their rooms yet, and as far as the system of the dorms coming into play they had to assume it was because of how hurt everyone got at the USJ attack.

Sero and Kaminari landed on the couch next to Jiro and Hagakure as they turned the TV on the watch something, the news immediately flashing on. Hagakure groaned at the channel, reaching for the remote from Jiro before an image of a boy flashed up. “Oh, he’s cute.” Hagakure giggled, ending her reach for the remote.

The boys rolled their eyes but continued to watch with the girls. The newswoman looked professional. Her navy suit making her red hair glow as her yellow eyes shown.

“Bakugou Katsuki is back on the job of his modeling career after being taken by villains only weeks prior. Some wonder if he was a target or an accidental taking but most are surprised to see his back at work already for going through such a horrifying experience to have to witness All Mights battle up and close.” The new woman stated. She fixed the papers in her hands before continuing. “Most are concerned for young Bakugou's mental state after going back to work so soon after an attack he went through, here, an interview with his agents, Bakugou Mitsuki, and Bakugou Masaru.”

“Katsuki is a tough boy. He knows how to handle himself and he knows how to save himself if needed,” Masaru started, sitting on a red couch next to his wife with their son nowhere to be seen.

“Are you worried for him?” Someone off camera asked.

“As his agents and his parents, we’re always looking at what's best for him. We chose this job for him so he wouldn’t be getting attacked and would always be around people so there would be less of a chance of a kidnapping like this happening again.” Mitsuki gave a small smile.

“Do you worry if he will get kidnapped again?”

“All the time.” Masaru gave a small pitiful laugh.

“But we are currently looking for a hero or officer to escort him in between shots and be with him out and about so he won’t get taken again. With his fame rising there's more of a chance of him being taken from us again.”

“Is Bakugou here with you now?”

“No. He’s currently at a photoshoot for our new fashion line coming out in a few weeks―”

The channel was muted and changed before Mitsuki could finish, a loud groan coming from the girls in the room. “Hey we were watching that!” Ashido whined as Midoriya put the remote down onto the coffee table.

“I...I know. I just can’t...” Midoriya silenced himself.

“Dude if you have a reason spit it out. At the end of our time here we’re gonna have to know everything about each other,” Kaminari chuckled as Kirishima looked at him worriedly.

“Yeah Midoriya, you’re safe here.” Kirishima smiled. “No judgment.”

Midoriya looked between his classmates before sighing. “I...I knew him. Before he went into modeling and got all famous.”

“You did! Can you introduce me?” Hagakure smiled, leaning over to Midoriya.

“We haven’t spoken since I got into UA. H-He wanted to go here actually,” Midoriya chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. “Kacchan actually used to call me Deku to make fun of me.”

“Kacchan?” Kaminari snickered, feeling a flick on the ear from Sero.

“Oh yeah, sorry. I uh, I’ve called him that since we were kids.”

“Why didn’t he go here?” Kirishima asked, tilting his head slightly.

“I don’t know. We both turned in the applications and passed the written exam but he never showed up to the entrance exam.” Midoriya nervously laughed. “I think he’s online schooled now because of his modeling.”

“It would make sense. With a schedule as jam-packed as his seems to be, he would have to do it all online,” Kirishima shook his head, glancing at the TV once more before yawning. “I’m going up to my room to do some homework. See you guys at dinner.”

The class waved Kirishima away as he stepped into the elevator and went up to his room, walking past the empty room before his.

He only shared the floor with Shoji, which was nice sometimes. He could work out and not have to care about who heard him because their rooms were so far apart. It was also nice because when Kirishima got lonely he went over to the tentacle man's room and played a small game with him to see how many mouth’s he could make before his voice turned into a demonic noise, but that was only on rare occasions.

Kirishima collapsed onto his bed, groaning as he dug his head into his pillow, his arms pulling onto it to hold it close to his face. The only thing that kept him from falling asleep was the ding of his computer. Kirishima turned his head to his desk, groaning as he stood up and swung his body into his desk chair before looking into the too brightly lit screen.

He didn’t know why he kept the account Ashido made for him on the stupid website. He must have forgotten about it.

A stupid website made to help people find friends when half the people on it are either pedophiles or bots asking for money for a company that doesn’t exist. Kirishima ran his hands up and down his face to keep his tired body awake a little bit longer. Kirishima stretched his fingers before he moved the mouse and clicked on the message left in his otherwise empty inbox.


KINGEXPLOSION: your profiles shit




Bakugou didn't know why he joined the website either. Maybe because he was lonely without that damn Deku to make fun of all the time. Otherwise, he was left in his parent's company which left him going crazy in under two minutes.

So he locked himself in his room, curled up in his bed with a tub of ice cream and his laptop, curled into a blanket as he sat in the dark with only the light of the screen illuminating his face. He didn’t know why he even decided to go through others profiles. No one was interesting enough for him.


Tracy Frander, 16, USA, No Sleep Quirk


Ethan Toskaf, 15, Russia, Flying Quirk


Tikki Sarchin, 17, Cuba, Mermaid Quirk


No one was interesting. Bakugou was about to give up when the sight of pink skin caught his attention. He clicked on the profile, going through the four photos, all of which had groups of people in them. He couldn’t tell who he was looking at, all he had was the same basic description everyone else had.


Eijiro Kirishima, 16, Tokyo, Hardening Quirk


Bakugou squinted his eyes at the description before he slowly scrolled to the chat icon by the description. Bakugou furrowed his brows as he slowly typed out a message.


KINGEXPLOSION: your profile is shit


Without thinking he sent it and reclined against the wall. A minute passed, then another and soon he was biting his lip worried if he fucked up his first message to a person he didn’t know, the only person he ever tried talking to since middle school ended.


REDRIOT: says you. You don’t have any pictures on yours.

KINGEXPLOSION: its better if i dont.

REDRIOT: and whys that?

KINGEXPLOSION: just trust me on it

REDRIOT: okay mister mystery but how am I going to know if you're real???

KINGEXPLOSION: Trust me, if i was fake i wouldn’t have clicked your lame ass profile

REDRIOT: you dont even have your name on yours!!!!

KINGEXPLOSION: so you went through my profile???

REDRIOT: well duh. I’m never on here

KINGEXPLOSION: Neither am i if I'm being fucking honest


Bakugou knew it was a lie. He was always on this dumb website but no one was cool enough to talk to.


REDRIOT: so what brought you to this lame website?

KINGEXPLOSION: nothing important to you

REDRIOT: geez mister mystery

KINGEXPLOSION: dont call me that

REDRIOT: too bad. Until i know your name imma call you mister mystery



REDRIOT: are you really not gonna tell me your name? You know mine

KINGEXPLOSION: its better you dont know mine. Safety reasons.


Bakugou watched the three typing bubbles pop up then disappear. His stomach fell slightly before he saw the bubbles again and he felt realized he didn't scare someone off.


REDRIOT: understandable. Its kinda why all of my pics are with people. So no one can know which one i am.

KINGEXPLOSION: but they can know your name?

REDRIOT: cant put a name to a face if you dont know the face


KINGEXPLOSION: why the fuck are you on here?

REDRIOT: my friend signed me up

REDRIOT:i forgot i had an account until you messaged me


REDRIOT: i told you im not on here

KINGEXPLOSION: im too busy to be on here


Bakugou knew it was a lie. He had five shots a day and in between them, he had enough time to get online and go through peoples accounts. He just didn’t want to was the problem, or was scared to? He couldn’t tell the difference.



REDRIOT: why king explosion?

KINGEXPLOSION: It would be my hero name. King Explosion Murder

REDRIOT: thats a little gruesome. why not something softer?

KINGEXPLOSION: like what? yours? as if

REDRIOT: Red Riot is my actual hero name...

KINGEXPLOSION: wait really?

REDRIOT: yeah. I'm a hero in training at UA


Bakugou couldn’t speak. His hand was held over the keyboard but nothing came into his mind to allow him to type. The idiot he messaged went to the school of his dreams. He had to be badass to go there. He had to be.

“Katsuki!” Mitsuki yelled.

“What!” Bakugou shouted back.

“Get your ass out here! We got company!”

“Tell them to fuck off! I’m busy!” Bakugou shouted at his mother, his eyes gluing back to the screen instead of the small light peaking through the bottom of his door.

“If you’re not out here in two minutes I’m taking away your outside privileges!”

“Fuck fine!” Bakugou shouted as he shoved the blanket off his head and shoulders. He slammed his laptop closed in frustration. He set the ice cream container down on his nightstand before ruffling his hair and shoving his hands in his pockets before leaving his room. He walked out into the living room, his eyes glaring into his mother and father before he looked across from them at the two people sitting across from them.

“Katsuki, this is Eraserhead and Shadowstar. They might be here for the hero job.” Masaru smiled at his son as Bakugou dragged his feet to sit down a chair separate from his parents and the heroes. He always sat in the seat because he was ignored in it while his parents did business transactions with him as the ‘goods’ being shown off.

“What hero job?” Katsuki lifted a brow as he shrugged down into the chair.

“We put a few ads out for a hero to watch you to make sure...that...doesn’t happen again.” Masaru smiled at his son, turning to the two heroes. “Now, should we start now that Katsuki is out here?”

“Yes.” Eraserhead cleared his throat.

Bakugou was stuck on looking at them. How they contrasted so much it astonished him. The scarf around the black haired guy's neck looked old and worn out. And the bright blonde hair on the girl was almost blinding.

“Now, where did you hear about this job?”

“My superior Best Jeanist recommended it to me.” Shadowstar smiled, her exterior different from what her hero name entailed. Her bright blonde hair looked brighter with her pink iris eyes. Her pink and black skin tight bodysuit wasn’t helping with the fact that Bakugou felt like she was lying.

“All Might.” Eraserhead answered.

“What are your specialties? Your quirks, the conditions you usually fight in and so on.” Masaru gave a small smile as his wife shifted with the notepad of who would get the job.

“I can erase quirks as long as my eyes are open. I usually fight at night on one on one battles.” Eraserhead answered.

“I usually fight during the day. I can turn myself into a black dust that can move around and do as I want,” Shadowstar gave a small smile as she turned her hand to dust. “My appearance is meant to throw off my enemies.” Bakugou watched as the black dust formed to a hand again.

“Why did you decide to apply for the job?” Mitsuki asked.

“I’ve been a pro-hero for a while and can point out when someone is in more danger than others. Due to your sons rising popularity and your growth in business, it will only be a matter of time until another villain takes him and asks for a ransom. I’m simply here to stop that from happening.” Eraserhead sat up slightly, his eyes darting to Bakugou for a moment.

“I want to help someone feel safer in their surroundings after going through such hardship.” Shadowstar smiled. Her smile made Bakugou uncomfortable in a good way. Like he was missing a smile like that.

Mitsuki wrote on her notepad before clearing her throat and showing the notepad to her husband. He nodded in agreement, giving a small huff before Mitsuki set the notepad on the coffee table.

“You’ll both be watching him. Since you both evenly split down the board you’ll have different hours. Shadowstar, you’ll start tomorrow morning, Masaru will email Best Jeanist the details. Eraserhead we’d prefer you start tonight since we’ve seen activity around the house and almost had a break in last week.” Mitsuki crossed her legs as both heros nodded. “You’ll both be paid for your services until you are no longer needed. We’ll discuss the prices while Katsuki does his chores.”

“Fuck that,” Bakugou scoffed, standing from the chair as he walked towards his room. “I’m going to my room.”

Katsuki walked into his room, slamming the door behind him before he collapsed onto his bed and groaning loudly. He sat up slowly before he flipped open his computer and coddled himself into his blanket again. His eyes widened at the messages left.


REDRIOT: yeah. I'm training to be a hero at UA.

REDRIOT: its a lot of work but its really fun. I have a lot of friends here and i get to use my quirk a lot more then other students

REDRIOT: my teacher is a hardass but its great because I dont get in trouble as much as my friends.

REDRIOT: sorry I'm probably rambling

REDRIOT: you still there?

KINGEXPLOSION: yeah sorry. Stupid parents called my away

REDRIOT: no its cool

KINGEXPLOSION: whats it like there?


Bakugou couldn’t stop from asking. He needed to know. He needed to know what his dream school was like. He had to, he knew he would never go there, so he had to ask.


REDRIOT: its better than i could have ever dreamed of. I dont know how to put it into words

KINGEXPLOSION: oh...that great huh?


REDRIOT: where do you go to school?

KINGEXPLOSION: I'm online schooled.

REDRIOT: thats always fun





Bakugou flinched at the loud knock on his door, glaring at the shadow blocking the light coming into his room. “Bakugou,” a voice nowhere close to his father’s. “Your parents don’t want you alone until you go to sleep tonight.”

“I don’t need a babysitter.” Bakugou barked at the man as he watched his door slowly open.

Bakugou glared at the tall man as he entered the room, switching the lights on and looking around the room as it sparked to light. Bakugou growled as he blinked the darkness out of his eyes and adjusted his eyes to the light.

Eraserhead studied the black of the room. The black band posters with small specks of red. The blackness of the sheets on the light wooden bed frame. The small specks of orange and dark greens littered the blacks of his clothes.

“Why is your room so dark?” Eraserhead asked as he walked into the room, sitting down in Bakugous desk chair.

“I like black. Get. Out.” Bakugou growled through his teeth as his computer dinged. He looked down at his screen and a small smile grew.


REDRIOT: whos your favorite hero?


REDRIOT: i like Crimson Riot. hes an old hero but hes my favorite. So manly!!

KINGEXPLOSION: hmmm. have to check him out

REDRIOT: you should! he’s so cool and strong!!!!

KINGEXPLOSION: if you like him ill have to check him out


“Who are you talking to?”

“None of your fucking business.” Bakugou growled as he glared up at Eraserhead. “Fuck off. I don’t need a babysitter.”

“It’s my job now to make sure you’re safe. Deal with it.” Eraserhead crossed his arms, the only thought in his head that if Bakugou was his student, he would have been expelled by now.