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Hot N Dumb

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Jyuto Iruma had a type.
To his embarrassment, the pattern was too clear to be ignored: hot and dumb men.

Maybe it was because he liked to be in control, and idiots were easier to manipulate.
Also, it was easier not to grow attached to them and just focus on the great sex.

It was probably because of it that he had started this convenient fuck-buddy thing with Samatoki.
Samatoki was still not over that Ichiro guy – but too stupid to acknowledge it by himself – and just needed to get his frustrations out.
Jyuto was so kind to help in that sense – and get some rough sex for his trouble. No risk to get feelings in the way.

Samatoki had charisma and a strong voice, he had to admit it.
Jyuto had made him the leader of the Mad Trigger Crew for those reasons, and because he didn’t want all the complications that came with the title.

So it wasn’t a surprise for Jyuto when he noticed he felt some attraction to Riou.
Handsome face, wide shoulders, a strong physique trained by real combat, a deep, sensual voice ... Of course, he would.
Jyuto hadn’t decided where to place Riou on his scale of stupidity yet ( where 1 was Jakurai and 10 Hifumi).
When he had met him, Riou was living in a fucking forest, making a 10-hour daily work out on a diet based on insects, so he was pretty high.


Jyuto let him live in his home for the moment – no way anyone would rent a place to some jobless half-foreigner.
Riou had thanked him over and over like Jyuto had done it out of the kindness of his heart.
Of course, it was just an excuse to have free eye-candy.
Also, it was a lot more difficult for Riou to find his “special ingredients” here in the city, so Jyuto was spared most of the time.
Jyuto always made sure to invite Samatoki to share his misery with when that wasn’t the case.

Things were getting strange lately.
He had seen Riou with Dice.
They were in a park, Dice was eating eagerly out of some storage bowl, while Riou looked at him like he was an adorable kitten. Dice.

He was on patrol at the time. He had felt an unsettling turn of his stomach at the sight.
When he had finished his turn, he had eaten in a restaurant and come home late.


When he finally came back home Riou was still up, doing some push-ups.

“Welcome home. I left you something to eat in the fridge, should I heat it up?”

“I already had dinner...”

“Oh, I’m glad”

Jyuto ignored him, setting his jacket on a chair and taking off his neck-tie, Riou’s eyes fixed on his back.

Jyuto had a hunch Riou wasn’t straight – in this world, that would have been a curse more than anything else, but that didn’t mean he had to like Jyuto, specifically. Yet, he had caught him staring before.

“Like what you see, Riou?”

Riou immediately lowered his gaze to the floor.

“I’m sorry”.

“I didn’t tell you to stop, you know”


Jyuto took both Riou and himself by surprise by asking:

“I wouldn’t mind a shower... wanna join in?”


Jyuto was curious about Riou’s reaction upon seeing the numerous bite marks left by Samatoki... when they were soaking in the bathtub, he finally asked.

“Was it Samatoki?”

“Yes. Does it bother you?”

“... Are you two..?”

Jyuto laughed at that.

“We just have fun sometimes, that’s all. Does it bother you?” he asked again.

“Not if we can do it too”



Jyuto hadn’t thought Riou would enjoy a good 69, but here he was, looking up at Riou’s ass while the man was sucking him off.
Really, he was so good it was getting dangerous.
So he chose to focus on Riou’s asshole instead, brushing his lubed finger on the sensitive skin.
More than hear it, Jyuto felt Riou’s grunt through his dick.

“You like it here?”

Riou took a moment to breathe before answering:


“Yes, what?” Jyuto kept teasing his asshole without entering him.

“Yes, Sir”


Jyuto made him sit on his back to get more comfortable.
He sank a finger in with little effort.
Riou was hiding his face with his arm, breath hectic.

“Don’t hide your face. Grab the headboard”

Riou obeyed immediately, his eyes searching his face.


Jyuto smiled, and another finger joined the first one.

“You play with this part a lot, uh? A pity I’ve never caught you in the act”

Three fingers in and Riou started to moan.
He twisted his fingers, studying his reactions, seeing what got him the best sounds.
Jyuto was getting quite into it himself.
It had been a while since he had got the chance to be on top.

Just when he felt Riou tense around him, he took all three fingers away.

“Ah, no... please...”

“would you like my cock inside, instead?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Then, the condoms are in the drawer next to you”

Riou turned to the drawer and took one, handing it to Jyuto.

“No way. You put the condom on” Jyuto ordered shaking his head.

“...Y-yes, Sir”

Riou put the condom on Jyuto’s cock with trembling fingers.

“Well done, Riou” Jyuto approved and patted his soft hair, before pulling it to make Riou meet his eyes.
“Now, turn around”.

Jyuto caressed his nice, firm ass, his thighs, his back.

He settled his hands on Riou’s hips and he brushed his cock between his ass cheeks.
A satisfied sigh came from Jyuto.

“You have a great body, Riou. I could come just like this”

Riou tried to meet his movements and got a slap on his ass.

“Don’t worry. I’ll gladly sink inside you instead”

Riou was ready, so Jyuto didn’t have to prepare him farther and sunk halfway in right from the start.

It was hot, and tight... he had missed this pressure.

Jyuto started slow, searching for the place he had already found with his fingers before.
Riou inhaled deeply and sank a bit on the mattress.

“Ah, it’s here, uh?”

Jyuto quickened his pace then, bringing Riou close, stopping, then starting again twice before finally letting Riou come.


Usually, Jyuto slept in his room and Riou in the sofa bed in the living room.
One night Jyuto was reading a book when Riou knocked on his door.
“What is it?” he asked without tearing his eyes off the page.

“...May I sleep next to you?”

Jyuto was so surprised by the request he put the book down and actually looked up a Riou.

“Did you hit your head or something?”


“Then what? Having nightmares like a child?”

It was hard reading Riou’s nearly non-existing expressions, but the slight flinch was enough for Jyuto.

“Tsk. Well, I’m a bit cold, a hot guy next to me would be helpful ”


Riou’s smile was sweet when he joined him in the bed.
He didn’t stay on the other half of the bed though and invaded his side instead without touching him, but close enough for his heat to reach him.


When Riou had nightmares, he always asked if he could sleep with him and it was awkward every time.
So, one night Jyuto pretended to be asleep just to see what Riou would do.
Jyuto heard the familiar, gentle knock on his door.
After a while, Riou opened the door slightly.


Jyuto heard Riou’s footsteps approaching the bed, then stopping.
Riou turning around, almost closing the door again, then turning again and going back inside, covering himself with the sheets and staying on the other side of the bed, far away from him.
Jyuto had fallen asleep for real then.

Jyuto had woken up with the man pressed against his back, a strong arm keeping him in place.
It was too warm to be comfortable, but he stayed like this until he heard the annoying sound of the alarm.


One day Jyuto came back home and found out Samatoki with Riou.

Riou was blowing on a spoon before feeding its contents to Samatoki.

“I don’t want to know what this is, but it’s great! Jyuto, come here!”

Riou stood in from of Jyuto, blowing softly on the spoon for him too.
Jyuto glared at him and took the spoon in his hand.

“Tsk. What am I, a child?”

“Do you like it? It’s -”


“Aren’t you curious? A friend give it to me as a present, it’s pretty rare to find this time of yea-”

It was indeed pretty good, even if it was a strange purple soup.

It was unsettling, hearing so much noise, he was used to his silent home and yet... it wasn’t bad.
And then Samatoki spoke and ruined everything:

“So, you aren’t up for it anymore? It’s been a while since the last time we fucked”.

Jyuto’s chopsticks hang in mid air.
Out of the corner of his eye he could see Riou’s surprised expression.

“... You didn’t ask” Jyuto response was just to take some time. It wasn’t like he had never been the one to initiate things before.

“Well, you started doing it with Riou too, and he rejected me saying I wasn’t his type... ”

“How did you even know we’re fucking?”

Samatoki glared at him.

“Riou told me. And I wasn’t the one that made that hickey on your neck” Samatoki put a finger on a place near Jyuto’s ear, where he couldn’t see. “..So what, are you two together?”

Jyuto laughed nervously at that.

“Together! The fuck..?”

“Oh? So what about a three-way then?”




Samatoki couldn’t have left faster after that. Jyuto was cleaning the dishes and would have gladly pretended nothing had happened but Riou didn’t let him.

“I do have a type, you know” Riou said. “Beautiful, smart... Bossy... Kind”

“Kind!” Jyuto rolled his eyes.

“You are. You let me stay here with you”.

“It was unpractical looking for you in the forest every time we needed you!”

“You’re good to me”

“That’s just your cock that’s talking... the sex is great, don’t ruin it...”

“ Then why aren’t you fucking Samatoki anymore?”

“Because he’s a wimp that never lets me top!”

"Why you didn't want me to fuck him?"

Jyuto kept cleaning the dishes in silence. He hadn't an answer for it.
The thought alone made him mad. Also, that scene with Dice had the same effect.
He was petty, but he had never been jealous of his toys.

“why you let me sleep with you when I have nightmares?” Riou continued

“That’s... pity...”

“Why you never tease me about it then?”

“what's this, a fucking interrogatory? I'm the cop, you know"

“I like you”

Jyuto just singhed at that.

“It’s true. It’s okay if you don’t feel the same. It’s okay if you want to sleep around”

Jyuto bit his lip, looking for an explanation that wasn’t there.
He turned to him, taking the gloves off.

“I don’t."

Riou's face actually looked hurt for a moment.

"I don't want to sleep around”

Not anymore.
He had felt this way before... when he was naive and younger.
What was the point for a corrupted cop like him to feel this way?
This romantic shit was for someone idealistic and nice and better.
Someone like Riou.
Riou was dumb and hot and gentle, and Jyuto liked the feeling of his too warm body pressed on his... even his disgusting meals were good too.
It was wrong to keep him for himself...
But yet, Jyuto was a selfish, egocentric man.

“You and I are enough”

Riou looked actually shocked for once.

"That's a very strange expression on your face, Riou"

Jyuto had started falling and he hadn’t even found out by himself.
He needed the help of fucking Samatoki to finally get it.

“Stop smiling, Riou. I never said I liked you".
Jyuto protested but kissed Riou back regardless.