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Prize of power

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Izuku Midoriya was having the best week of his life. He had recently learned what his quirk was and it was powerful enough to get recognition from his best friend Katsuki Bakugo also known as Kacchan (although the blonde refuses to stop using the nickname Deku) and now he and his mom was walking him from kindergarten eating ice cream. His quirk if anyone is curious is a mutation type where whenever a part of him broke or got damaged it would be much stronger once it healed. Like most human bodies but much better multiplying the effects of training since that is all about destroying your muscles and replacing them with new ones. Sure it was weak now but so were all quirks the kids his age had so he decided not to worry about and start training once he gets home. 


As the two Grenetes were passing a dark alley a man with a rough appearance ran up and stabbed the mother in the stomach and before the boy could react a syringe was pressed into his neck and he fell asleep. 


Time skip


Izuky woke in a dark room that looked like it was made for training. He looked down and noticed he was only wearing a pair of black spandex shorts before feeling something on his throat. After feeling it he felt that it was a collar of some sort and decided to leave for now. Suddenly the boy remembered the last thing that happened to him before getting here and what happened to his mother. The person who meant the most in the world for him. The picture of her with a knife in her stomach burned into his mind. 


Izuku was was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of footsteps. Not the footsteps a normal person would make these were uneven and clumsy like the one who made them were damaged. That’s when the boy saw it. It was truly the only word to describe what he saw, it only faintly reassembled a human but it’s skin was sickly yellow and it’s eyes empty and unfocused. Had two mouths next to each other both filled with rotting teeth. Both it’s legs and arms were to long for its body and the arms ended in sharp claws. The most disturbing thing about it though was the exposed brain on its head.


 He stared at it in a disgusted fascination as it walked closer before raising its right arm like it was waving at him. Before with a lot of force brought it down on the floor where Izuky stood seconds before. He only managed to dodge because a voice in the back of his head screamed at him to stay as far away from the thing as possible. Now looking at the cracked floor he was glad he listened. 


“The being in front of you is called a Noumu. Kill it before it kills you. Disobey and you will face grave punishment.” A dark voice said to him from some speakers Izuku couldn’t see. That was to only thing the male voice said. 


‘Noumu, kill, punishment? Those words were swimming through Izuku mind as he barely dodged another swipe. 


“L-listen m-m-mr... Noumu” Izuku started but the monster didn’t even seem to register his voice. “I really d-don’t want to fight y-you, c-can I please go home?” The response he got was another attack.


Unaware of it Izuku had started analyzing his opponents movements and quickly noticed that it only did overhead swipes propably because it’s long arms were to heavy for precise attacks and swiping sideways would make it loose balance. He also noted that his left shoulder moved a bit weirdly like it was hurt and that it had little control over its lanky legs. After dodging one more of the now extremely simple to dodge attacks he had come up with a plan to neutralize this thing.


quickly he ran against it and dodged an attack from its left arm running in between its legs and kicked its knees hard making it fall to the ground. Then he ran up behind it, grabbed its left arm with both his little hands before pulling with all his might and lucky him the left shoulder was broken and it dislocated nearly instantly. Now only its right arm were a threat and after pushing its body onto the ground and then grabbing the long appendage and holding it against the Noumu’s back. The Noumu was now completely immobilized and Izuku took a moment to wonder where that battle ability came from. 


From the speakers Izuku heard clapping before hearing a voice saying, “Splendid, now kill it.”


Izuku, even though the voice terrified him found some courage to say, “No, killing is not what a hero would do.” This act of bravery earned him a powerful shock coming from the collar. 


The mystery voice only said two words this time. “Kill. It.”


”N-no” was all the response Izuku could give after recovering from the powerful shock. It admittedly hurt like more than anything in his young life but he would not kill. 


Just like like last time he got a powerful shock but this time it was so powerful the young boy fainted.


Time skip


He woke up in a tube of some sort filled with green liquid. He was confused at first before the memories returned to him. He wanted to yell and trash around but neither was possible in the little space he was in and the breathing device on his face. Then he saw a strange man watching him. The man had dressed in a very expensive suit and the most noticeable feature on him was his powerful eyes which screamed superiority. They were there watching each other fore some time before the man moved.


”Allow me to introduce myself, my name is All for One and I will now explain how your life will be from now on. I will let you out of this tank whenever you are healed up. Then you will fight one of my Noumus, if you win you are going to kill it and if you refuse then I will use the shock collar on you and you will have to try again after waking up. This tank will provide you with rest and nutrients so you won’t have breaks to eat or sleep. Whenever you are being disobedient you will get punished. That is all for now,” the man said as he left Izuku with a feeling of dread and despair.


Time skip


It has been 5 years since Izuku was forced into this new training, not that he would know considering his perception of time is completely ruined. His life was wake up, fight Nomu, get unconscious either by being shocked, damaged to much or exhausted then just repeat everything again. He often came to the problem if he should kill it or not but it got rarer that he would spare them. The only thing remotely positive was that he had gotten lots stronger now having a muscular body no ten year old should possibly have. His mind was now also a mess not only because of his current lifestyle (which did play a huge part in everything) but also that All for One had given him some new quirks that instead of making him mindless only erased most of his already fleeting memories propably thanks to his adaptive quirk. The only thing different from his agenda was when All for One and Shigaraki gave him some free time to practice the new quirks he had gotten. Those trainings also served as obedience trainings where one of his two tormentors would show of a remote that controlled his collar and use it a lot around him creating a huge fear of that remote. More fear than anything else.


Recently All for One has been more silent than before and rarely ever speaking and when he does it sounds strained and hurt. That doesn’t mean break though since he has been letting his pupil Shigaraki be the one to oversee his training. Izuku had learned to be able to fool All for One and Shigaraki by acting like he is asleep when he is in the tank and the two and sometimes a weird man made of mist talk about some things that interests Izuku. Like the fact that some hero name All might recently got greatly injured and that Izuku would maybe have to fight him sooner than thought. 

It got obvious that they wanted to prepare him for some upcoming battle because they had raised the difficulty of the Nomus significantly and also started making more tricky ones and have Izuku fight multiple at once. Life had gotten more hellish for the green haired now preteen.


Time skip


It has been 10 years since Izuku Midoriya got kidnapped and he had changed dramatically. First of his hair had gotten much darker and completely straight down, it was now down to right below his shoulders. He had grown a lot now being 2 meters tall and a body that looked like it was made of only muscle. His freckles had gotten completely removed for some reason and all baby fat had gone. He had a scar in his face and a large one on his chest and a lot of minor once all over. Those were the few damaged the healing tank couldn’t heal completely. For a 15 year old he could easily be seen as 18 or more. 


He had recently finished his greatest challenge so far. A Nomu who was taller than Izuku with even greater musculature, it was black with several red scars, it had a form of beak and it was strong as hell. It had extreme strength, speed, great regeneration and an extremely powerful shock absorption (A/N yes this is the USJ Nomu in case you are wondering) and it took half a year of trial and error and continued attempts before Izuku could beat it and apparently they had run out of Nomus since they made him fight this one over and over seeing how fast he could break the limits of its shock absorption and always made Izuku spare it. 


Then one day Shigaraki opened his tank and threw him a pair of black spandex pants and something looking like a combination of a tank top and a sci fi armor. “Put this on, we are going on a trip.” Was all the blue haired man child said.







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The nineteen students of 1A were standing right inside the Unforseen Simulation Joint listening to the space hero 13 talking about dangerous quirks. There were supposed to be 20 students but the teacher Aizawa Shouta also known as Eraserhead had expelled a student on the first day for having (according to Aizawa) no potential at all. The inspiring speech made by the space hero were cut short by the yell of a red haired student named Ejiro Kirishima who noticed some black mist in the middle of the Joint. Out of the mist two humans walked out, one who was pale with light blue hair and disembodied hands all over his body and the other one a tall teen with black and slightly green hair who was wearing some type of armor. If it weren’t for the situation that just didn’t feel good at all the red head would have mentioned how manly he looked.


shigaraki could barely hold back his giddieness as he thought of all the chaos Izuku would bring upon them and the especially the so called symbol of peace. Anyway time for an introduction.


”Students of UA, we are the league of villains. We have come here today to make sure that All Might the “symbol of peace” will take his last breath. Unfortunately I do not see him here but that just means you will have to serve as a warmup for our All Might killer here,” he said gesturing at Izuku who walked forward still holding the emotionless face he’s been sporting the past few years. “Now Izuku, If you would be so kind to banish these kids and pro heroes from existence,” Shigaraki said.


As Izuku approached the heroes and heroes in training they all had different thoughts like, ‘he looks scary, is he supposed to be able to kill All Might, damn he’s hot, hope he is not as strong as he looks’. But no one had more thoughts about him than a certain explosive blonde who recognized the name of his childhood friend and while he had changed a lot there were still some recognizable traits in the boy he once called friend. He decided to approach the situation the most Katsuki Bakugou way possible.


”What the actual FUCK Deku, I tell you one time that your quirk is useful and now ten years later you are attempting to kill the strongest man alive. I am glad I didn’t give you more praise or you would probably try to find and kill god,” the boy yelled with all his lungs might.


”Ka-kacchan” the greenette stuttered as his approach quickly ended.


Shigaraki looked over at Kurogiri who had recently made himself more human shaped next to him and said, “seems like someone from Izuku’s past has reappeared. I’m surprised he still has any memories left after what we did to him and even more that he can still speak.”


This was meant for only Kurogiri to hear but Katsuki heard it clearly and was angered at whatever they did to his friend. He was about to scream at them before Shigaraki continued speaking, “well, it doesn’t matter now. Izuku take care of the blonde brat first then go for Eraserhead,” he said pointing at Aizawa.


After hearing that Izuku was looking at Shigaraki with bewilderment like he thought the villain had made an awful joke. Izuku had just remembered what a friend is, that he had one and now he was ordered to kill him. That’s crazy in the young man’s perspective.


”Are you disobeying ME?” Shigaraki asked sinisterly. He held up a familiar remote threateningly. “You remember what happens when you disobey me right?” Izuku’s frantic nodding was all the answer he needed, “so go kill that brat.”


Aizawa was ready to intervene at at first sign of danger and got a little surprised when they boy he would possibly end up fighting responded, “n-no.” Aizawa got more surprised and greatly disgusted as the villain leader pushed the button on his remote and the Izuku’s (he heard the name being said) collar released lots of lightning into the young man earning screams of pain ang anger from him. After the shocking display (A/N I swear to god I only noticed that pun after I wrote it) Izuku now looked angry enough to kill and with a roar capable of making the most hardened warrior falter he jumped towards Bakugou with speed no one but Izuku could follow.


Before anyone could react Izuku was next to Bakugou and punched the explosive teen in his side making him fly straight into the nearest wall.


During that short exchange Aizawa had gotten ready to fight as he had jumped up with his googles on and threw his scarf like weapon at Izuku. Izuku without any visible effort caught the weapon and pulled it towards him. Aizawa who was prepared for that used the momentum to aim a kick to Izuku’s head which backfired since Izuku caught his foot as well. Aizawa thinking quick planned to use his quirk on the tall teen to weaken his grip so he could kick himself free from the iron grip. Needless to say the plan didn’t work since the grip didn’t change at all and the kicks wasn’t even noticed. 


Izuku then proceeded to slam Aizawa into the ground hard multiple times. After the fifth slam Izuku once again raised Aizawa high into the air to finish him off. That was stopped when Izuku’s entire body except for the hand that held Aizawa was frozen solid. 


Aizawa after freeing himself saw Todoroki standing in the middle of the class with his right hand outstretched with some ice on it. Still wearing his uninterested expression. 


“N-not s-s-so tough now w-when cowered in ice are you,” Minoru Mineta said with obvious fake bravado while looking at Izuku. That’s when Aizawa saw something, Izuku’s eyes glared at Todoroki with hatred before his face contorted into fury. The ice started to slowly crack before exploding into shards and chunks of ice flying everywhere in sight hurting some of the students but not knocking anyone out or killing them.


Looking angry and breathing slowly, Izuku Midoryia stood there in all his glory, anger filling his face and his posture. But it was his eyes that caught most’s attention, instead of being angry and hateful they looked sad, confused and desperate before returning to angry. Izuku looked ready to move and most of the students got prepared to fight.


What follows was the grandest beating in the history of UA. 


Izuku released another blood chilling roar before he jumped towards Todoroki and punched him in the gut. Just like Bakugou the dual haired teen flew straight into the nearest wall which were close to the USJ entrance. 


Izuku now standing in the middle of a group of UA students tilted his head slightly backwards to avoid a laser aimed  for his head before hearing someone complaining about his stomach. Then he proceeded to take a step back to avoid some tape coming for his upper body and some acid flying towards where his feet was.


He then felt himself being drawn towards something and when he looked he saw a spacesuit with a black hole coming out of its finger. Izuku jumped behind the spacesuit and ripped out its back and saw the nothingness inside. 


After the the initial shock of that he did to 13 Kirishima was the first to act by jumping towards Izuku preparing a punch but it was caught like nothing before the hardened teen was thrown into Ojiro who was jumping at him preparing an attack with his tail. 


Izuku the caugh a cannonbal with his left hand before crushing it like it was nothing. He then turned around to block a punch coming from a buff boy in a yellow jumpsuit. Izuku then pushed back the boy making him fly into a pink girl that was preparing to shoot acid again at him. He then noticed a bird like teen summoning a shadow like being which dispersed after taking one of Izuku’s punches. 


Izuku then took a step too the left avoiding a strong sound wave coming towards him while bbeing careful not to stepp into one of the many purple balls that was stuck to the ground. He then heard some chirping and saw some birds flying towards him but it actually only took one angry look from Izuku for the birds to fly away in terror. 


Putting his his right hand up he blocked a kick from a boy in armor. He then grabbed him before throwing him into a brown haired girl running towards him. The two of them flew away quite a bit from that. At the same time he did that he raised his left left to stomp on what looked like a long tounge trying to tie itself around his leg. A tall boy (still 13 centimeters shorter than Izuku) with multiple arms ran to punch Izuku from his left side while a presence he felt but couldn’t see came from his right. He stepped back grabbing the invisible one since she was closest and slammed her into the multi armed one making them fly into a girl with a spiky ponytail who was preparing another cannonball.


Izuku then brought his focus towards a blonde kid who got nervous under the greenettes gaze. Kaminari did what he did best, released a hell lot of lightning without aiming. That was not a smart plan since Izuku got a look of fear before more anger than ever before came to him. 


The next moment he held Kaminari’s head in his left hand squeezing tightly. His focus was now totally on the boy which generated lightning. Because of that he didn’t notice before it was to late when more tape surrounded him and the same laser he dodged before hit his head. While it didn’t hurt it distracted him from noticing the brown haired girl who was carried by the armor wearing one managing to touch him. The next moment he got punched in the stomach by the yellow wearing teen which made him fly away. The punch didn’t hurt at all but he still wouldn’t stop flying and the speed got enhanced by another cannonball which he managed to block but still sent him further above the center of the USJ. 


Right when he he was right in the middle of USJ he heard screaming and he saw Bakugou appearing above him yelling “DIEEE” before pulling a pin on one of his gauntlets making the mother of all explosions hit Izuku point blank. Izuku then hit the floor but because of his weightlessness he actually started bouncing up again. That was before he got tired of it. 


The students could see Izuku suddenly stop in mid air completely unharmed and upside down. He then proceeded to flipp around so he was head up again. He then caught Bakugou who was falling and threw him towards the students who caught him before they looked shocked at him no longer moving. 


“Somehow he must have learnt to move while in anti gravity, Uraraka release him,” Yaoyorozu yelled out. Uraraka who silently questioned how he stopped moving released him but to everyone’s surprise Izuku was as unmoving as before. 


They had no more time to question the phenomenon as Izuku flew down quickly right foot first with such speed and power that it was a crater where he landed. The crash created a dust cloud and made rocks of all different size and shapes flew around once hitting and scraping most students and Aizawa. Izuku walked out of the cloud unharmed before disappearing appearing above Aizawa kicking him in the face while remaining in the air. There he did a flip once again avoided the tape flying at him. That was before all of his senses detected danger. A giant chunk of ice flew towards him much bigger than the earlier one. All Izuku did as a response was to hold his open palm towards the incoming mass and released a giant beam of light green energy destroying the near glacier and slightly scorching Todoroki.


Before any time to process was given Izuku appears behind Todoroki grabbing his left wrist. To Izuku’s surprise the hand caught fire and because of the shock he dropped the boy who used the moment to send a torrent of flames toward Izuku. Izuku only had time to bring his hand in front of his face as a defense before being engulfed in the fire.


Todoroki was near disqusted of what he had done but it got worse when he saw Izuku barely affected by the flames. Extremely fast, ridiculously strong, can tank any attack, seemingly endless stamina, ability to fly and can shoot powerful energy beams, this teen could maybe beat All Might and that though terrified Todoroki. 


Izuku now annoyed at the sudden heat was about to engage the dual haired boy in front of him when the door to the USJ blew open. 


”Do not fear, I am here” All Might said as he entered the USJ with an angry frown on his face. At the sight he immediately grabbed every kid and placed them near the entrance which he blew up. 


(A/N it will be explained later but in this version All Might has not used up his three hours that day so you don’t have to question it and you will know that he is fighting at the best he possibly could with his injury)


“I don’t know who you are but for you to come here and hurt my students. There is a special place in hell for people like you.” All might said. 


Shigaraki looked excited to see the symbol of peace in person. He decided to do some monologuing, “so the greatest hero can finally graze us with his presence. Izuku here was propably getting tired of beating arond your students.,” this statement got All Might madder and Shigaraki knew it as he kept going. “At least you came before he killed anyone, it seems you are the only one who has to die today,” Shigaraki said. “Izuku, attack.” 


And attack he did. Izuku flew towards All Might headfirst with a punch the #1 hero barely blocked. Izuku then flipped forward with and ax kick that All Might countered with a punch. The shock wave from the attacks caused the whole place to shake.


The two began exchange rapid punches and from Izuku kicks as Izuku flew around him and All Might kept up. 1A and Aizawa looked at the fight in astonishment where the two fighters matched each other move for move. Aizawa then made a decision as he turned towards his students. 


“I will be honest with you, I’m not sure if All Might will win this,” he started to the shock of his students. “In case of All Might loosing we need a plan B and I need you to help me with it,” he continued now having his students full attention. “I want you to help me get that control to Izuku’s collar hopefully he will stop once he realizes that he doesn’t have to fight or in worst case we have to use it on him,” he said making his student surprised that he would say something like that but also understanding why. “I can’t force you to do this but I am asking if you are in?” Aizawa asked his students and he felt proud of them when everyone nodded at him with determined faces.


Meanwhile Izuku and All Might was duking it out and All Might turned out to have the strength advantage and just a lifetime more battle experience. Sure Izuku have fought many opponents but they were all either mindless or to easy to beat so he had started of the fight moving quite awkwardly but as the battle progressed he adapted fiercely quick but that did not stand up to All Might’s superior (although not by that much) power. After a good couple attack exchanges All Might managed to break Izuku’s defense and get an clean but devastating hit to his opponents face and from there he got in a lot of hits on his opponent who tried to gain some distance by flying but All Might didn’t let him. 


“Texas smash” the symbol of peace yelled out hitting Izuku with a blast of air so powerful Izuku was knocked down from the air.


Izuku proceeded to stand up before bringing his arms to his sides and screaming his heart out. As that happened he got surrounded by green energy, his eyes changed from green to animalistic yellow, his teeth sharpened slightly, his hair got started defying gravity and he grew in muscle mass and height until he was the same height and body shape as his opponent. He then proceeded to bring one of his hands forward releasing a blast onto the hero who was still mesmerized by the transformation. 


The blast was powerful sending All Might flying backwards rapidly. Izuku quickly flew after and grabbed the symbol of peace by the throat and kept flying with All Might’s head being pushed through the floor. After getting close to a wall Izuku threw the #1 hero into it before flying forward kneeing All Might in his stomach wound. 


Meanwhile class 1A had gotten in position to try and steal the control. They started with Sero aiming for it with his tape while Mineta reduces their movements. Shigaraki dodged the tape but stepped into one of Mineta’s grapes. Meanwhile Iida jumped behind the blue haired man kicking him in the back making him drop the controller that flew through the air. Unfortunately a portal open up before it but the portal closed before the controller could reach it thanks to Aizawa. A tounge caught the controller and threw it to Bakugo who flew towards the intense battle going on. 


Izuku was now holding a beaten and bloodied All Might by his neck and prepared a punch through his face. That was the moment he slightly returned to his senses because he was about to kill a human, not a Nomu a human. With his anger temporarily receding his new transformation started to disappeared but All Might was to damaged to use that to his advantage.


All Might looked at the boy who had just beaten him. When they first started fighting all he had seen in his eyes was fear and confusion hidden as anger but when the transformation began he only saw a wild animal that killed everything without question. Now thought all he saw was a boy about to do something he really didn’t want to do, scared and alone not knowing what to do. At that moment All Might realized that the boy in front of him was just as much a victim as himself and the students. He had seen enough villains to know when someone is innocent. He decided to make this easier for the boy by not shoving fear, a last smile to ease someone’s worry even though it’s a villain. As he accepted his incoming death he heard a loud scream. “DEKUUU,” 


Izuku heard Kacchan yell out the name he remembered having for some reason. Looking over his shoulder to see what the boy wanted he saw something that scared him, his old friend held the scary remote in his hand. 


“Drop All Might now,” Bakugo said and luckily Izuku obeyed without hesitation. 


“Good, just because you obeyed so well I’ll give you a reward,” Bakugo said with a grin as he but the remote in his open palm. The moment it was on an explosion engulfed the machine and it was no more. Izuku Midoryia was finally free. 

Chapter Text

It had been a day since the USJ and there was currently a discussion where most of Japans high ranking government members where discussing what to do with Izuku Midoriya. Even though the boy had nothing forcing him obeyed when they asked him to come along with them. He is currently sitting in a comfortable room in UA, the same building where the meeting deciding his fate is taking place. They had quickly with use of his DNA and an explanation from Bakugo learned the identity of the greenette.


Nedzu who was there as a representative of UA, All Might as the symbol of peace and Aizawa the only adult witness who was conscious the whole time where quick to vote for the freedom of Izuku Midoriya while most others argued that such a power the boy possessed should be locked away, some even wanted to put him down. But the worst suggestions came from a general known for his cruel tactics that suggested that they build a new shock collar (they had quickly removed the old one) and use Izuku as a weapon.


After half an hour mostly discussing safest way to contain Izuku All Might has enough. 


“I can’t believe that you are planning to take a boy who has only known suffering and just lock him up like it is nothing. We wouldn’t be any better than the villains who made him that way in the first place,” All Might yelled out. Some of the people there looked ashamed but a lot of them looked unaffected. 


“All Might, you if any must understand that someone with this much power and instability can’t be walking around free. He was successfully made to be able to kill you, the strongest man alive. He is simply to dangerous,” a random senator said with dissinterest.


“Fine, if your argument is that my presence as the symbol of peace is the reason he was made this way and you can’t find a humane way to solve the situation I am not fit tho longer be the symbol of peace,” All Might said seriously. 


It it took a short while for everyone there to register the threat and after some short contemplation and checking if there was any sign of lying on All Might’s face, they saw none. The decision was near unanimous to let Izuku Midoriya free but they still didn’t know where he would go, his mother had been in a coma since the day he was captured and his father had abandoned the family so they didn’t know where he would live. That is until Nedzu came with a suggestion. 


“I propose we enroll the boy in UA, thanks to Eraserhead here class 1A has an empty spot so there won’t be any issues,” Nedzu said.


”I don’t mean to offend you but why do you think that would be a good idea and I seriously doubt the villain gave him any education so he should be at the level of a five year old if not less, how could he possibly enter UA,” the chief of police asked.


”Good question Kenji and the reason is that I think that spending time with people his age will be good for him and specifically UA since he already has a friend there capable of reminding him of his past. Also if there is one thing he doesn’t lack its battle training. Then about the education from the one conversation I had with him I noticed the boy had an astounding intellect and I believe that within half a year he should be mostly in phase with the other students,” Nedzu said with his ever present unreadable smile.


That combined with the threat of loosing the symbol of peace convinced everyone that it was the right thing to do.


1 hour later


Izuku Midoriya was sitting in front three men, one was All Might who had turned skinny for some reason, the other was the man in black he fought earlier and the third was a man with a bland face and a trench coat.


First All Might asked him a question, “do you know any names within this league of villains from your time with them,” he asked. 


Izuku thought about and only remembered one name, “The one who gave me my extra quirks and was in charge of my training before Shigaraki took over was named All for One,” Izuku said his monotone voice with hints of sadness and confusion not changing. He then saw All Might looking terrified and he decided to check on him, “mr All Might, are you okay,” Izuku asked innocently.


”I’m fine my boy, just remembered some bad things,” he answered before realizing that they boy knew his identity. “How did you know I was All Might,” he asked shocked. 


“Your wound smells rotten,” Izuku answered not changing his tone in the slightest. He did tilt his head to the side while looking confused like he wondered why All Might’s identity was even a question. 


The three men men decided to leave it at that especially after the man in a trench coat nodded at them, they seemed to trust his judgment. They then proceeded to move on with the questions. “What quirks were you given exactly?” The man in black asked.


”a quirk that allows me to feel people’s presence called “sixth sense”, a quirk which strengthens all my senses including sixth sense called “perfect senser”, a quirk that makes me capable of flying by deciding my own gravity called “flight”, a quirk that lets me make and use green energy called “hidden power”, a quirk that slightly speeds up my body’s healing called “weak regeneration”, and a quirk that enhance my power but I get lost in rage, the quirk is called “berserker””. Izuku said. 


6 quirks, 7 including his original, the three men who knew of All for One was shocked since 2-3 quirks usually left their targets mindless. They did not expect Izuku to know the reason behind his apparent immunity so they decided to hold that question for later. 


“You said he trained you, what type of training did you have to do?” Aizawa asked. 


Izuku then proceeded to tell the men in front of him what he was forced to do during his ten years of torture. Needless to say the men where shocked and disgusted by what All for One put a child through. And judging by Naomasa’s expression none of that was a lie. 


“You said you lost most of your memories, care to tell us what you remember?” All Might asked.


“It’s not much but I remember a kind looking woman named mom, some yellow spikes named Kacchan who I know now is Katsuki Bakugo, an inspiring smile, my name and a will to be a hero whatever that is,” Izuku answered still as honest as he could.


After a brief explanation of what a hero is and to their relief an Izuku who seemed to have the interest reawakened they decided to bring up Nedzu’s offer. 


“You are currently within UA, a place where you learn how to be a hero and lots of other things. The leader here or the principal as we call him have decided to let you go here if you want to become a hero in the future but he and everyone else here will also help you learn the things you missed out on during these ten years you were kidnapped. Will you accept?” All Might asked the boy who Looked interested. 


“And if I won’t,” Izuku asked more out of curiosity than anything. 


“Then we will let you go out but you will need an education if you want to be able to live in this world,” Naomasa said to the boy who nodded. 


“What’s ed-ocate-on,” Izuku asked again with his head tilted and confusion written all over his face. 


Aizawa and All Might asked themselves how someone so terrifying on the battle field can look so much like a lost puppy. Truly a mystery of the world.


Izuke then got asked a few more questions that was more required to be asked than the answer being interesting and Izuku asked some questions which they were more than happy to answer. Izuku has later accepted the request and was officially a member of class 1A.


Time skip


It was Monday and the students were now back in class after a long break because of the villain attack. The attack was at Tuesday and they got the rest of the week of. They were catching up with each other before Kirishima asked something that had been on most people’s minds since the attack. 


“Bakugo, do or did you know that guy who we fought in the USJ, it seemed like you had a history and you even had a nickname for him and he for you?” Bakugou stiffened at the question hoping it wouldn’t have been asked. He decided to answer anyway.


”We used to be friends back in kindergarten, name Izuku Midoriya. At the age of 5 he had suddenly disappeared and his mother had been found with a stab wound and is now in a coma. He called me Kacchan since he at first didn’t know how to pronounce my name and it just stuck. I called him Deku since if you read his name Izuku in kanji then you could read it as Deku. I called him that name since he used to be a weak crybaby,” Bakugou answered. 


The class didn’t know what was more shocked, that Bakugou was apparently so close to the guy or that the same beast that beat everyone of them used to be a weak crybaby. They did not have much time to ponder on that since right then Aizawa walked into the classroom after he had (even though he would never admit it) eavesdropped to hear what Bakugo said. He shocked his class with the opening statement he gave. 


“Quiet down, today we have a new student joining us so be nice,” Aizawa said and letting the news sink in. After a short while the class started mumbling some wondering why a new student joined so early, if the student was recommended or just the 37th place in the entrance exam, if the student was a good fighter and one kept mumbling “please let it be a hot girl that likes short guys,” it was not a problem to figure out who that was. 


“Shut up you all. You can come in now,” Aizawa said, the first sentence to the students and the second one to the door. 


In walked a recognizable 2 meter tall figure looking at everything in wonder. He was wearing a UA uniform which only confirmed that he was the new student. It was a big surprise for the whole class that he was there. They did not have much time to think about that as the new student started talking. 


“My name is Izuku Midoriya, I am sorry for attacking you and almost killed some of you, I hope we will get along these upcoming years,” he said while bowing. 


“If anyone of you have any questions to Midoriya ask now. It’s either a question to him which he will answer or about him which I will answer,” Aizawa said. 


One by one about half the students raised their hands. 


“Iida,” Aizawa said as he knew the boy would have the most serious question.


”With all due respect sir, why are we having a villain joining us as a student,” he asked while chopping with his arm.


Some hands lovered since since they had similar questions.


“Midoriya here is joining us for the reasons that Nezu has come to the conclusion that this will be the best way for him to rehabilitate and that becoming a hero is the best way to use his extreme power,” Aizawa answered.


“Thank you for your answers,” Iida said while bowing deeply.


“Bakugo,” Aizawa called out.


“How much does he remember?” Katsuki asked with some level of concern. 


“Basically just his mother and your childhood nickname,” was the immediate reply. 


Katsuki looked sad at hearing that but that quickly turned into a frown when he thought of the bastards who did this to his friend. 


“Yaoyorozu,” Aizawa said. 


“I don’t mean to sound offensive but do Midoriya here actually have the education necessary to be a part of this class?” Momo asked. 


“Currently, no. But from a test made by the principal we have learned that Midoriya here has a near perfect memory and is good at most logical subjects like math and science. Even though he started with less education than a five year old he will after half a year reach about the level of this class,” Aizawa said like it was no big deal.


”Kaminari,” Aizawa called out. 


“Is it really safe to have him here?” Denki asked with a hint of fear in his voice. 


Aizawa sighed knowing that Denki would likely fear Izuku after their battle. Except All Might Denki was the closest to getting killed and in difference from All Might he was not experienced with people trying to kill him. “I can assure you that without his shock collar and a villain forcing him he is a 100% pacifist,” Aizawa said in a slightly warmer tone than usual and it seemed to work a little. There is still work to be done about his fears but it’s getting better.


”Now I have two more announcements, first the sports festival is coming up and I want you all to be giving it your all,” Aizawa started. 


Izuku got a little shocked at hearing how his now classmates reacted to hearing that they were doing what they called a normal school thing. Then some got shocked when they heard that is was important for their future and to be seen by the pro heroes. Then they said a word ‘internship’ that Izuku got curious over and decided to ask. 


Aizawa felt his shoulder being being poked and saw Izuku looking at him with his tilted head and curious eyes or what he had dubbed it, ‘the lost puppy expression’ before the boy said, “In-ter-ship?” Aizawa was going to tell him later to not interrupt his lessons but for now he would just answer the question.


”In-tern-ship, (he said extre clearly) is like working but you won’t get paid and you do it just so that you can get experience in that type of work. Like the students in this class will intern with some heroes so they can learn how it is to be a hero,” Aizawa said getting an understanding nodd from Izuku. 


“Now for the second announcement, since Midoriya here has a strong lack of life experience principal Nezu came up with the idea that each of you students will spend an afternoon with him after school is over just to show him how people your age should be living. Most expenses on his part will be covered so you will only need to pay for yourselves just don’t do anything ridiculous. The order you will go in is according to seatings so Aoyama will be first and Yaoyrozu will be last. If anyone doesn’t want or wishes to change day because of a problem with schedule tell me after class. Now I want everyone to introduce yourselves to Midoriya here before I let the lou... Present Mic take over and start your English lesson,” Aizawa said. 


The class got a little surprised after hearing that but moved on when it was their time to introduce themselves. Then everyone stopped thinking about it when Present Mic went into class screaming not understandable sentences. 


It also turns Izuku had some knowledge in English since he could answer some of the questions Present Mic asked but the more interesting thing was that when he read English out loud he read it in Scottish accent. The reason behind that was that all his English knowledge came from watching Braveheart the day before. Also the one with most trouble with the lesson was Momo who was having problems with the giant of a boy in front of her since she had hard time looking past him.


Lessons over and lunch started. Izuku took a tray and got his food from Lunch Rush who had served all his meals these past five days and apriciated Izuku’s liking for his food. What he didn’t know was that the food he served was the first actual food Izuku had eaten since he was five. The chamber where he was healed filled his body with all the necessary nutrients his growing body needed and also kept him healthy as one could get. 


With a tray in his hands Izuku looked for nearest empty seat. That search got interrupted by a voice yelling, “Midori, over here.” 


Even though that wasn’t his name it was close enough to get his attention and he saw the pink skinned girl, Mina, wave in his direction looking at him. “Over here,” she yelled getting many people’s attention. Izuku wanted to make sure so he pointed at himself and when she nodded happily he started moving towards the table she was at. There he saw the red haired guy named Ejiro looking at him with a welcoming expression. 


“Wow! Are you really going to eat all of that,” Mina exclaimed pointing at his overflowing food tray. 


“Yes?” Izuku answered giving his confused expression which both the people in front of him thought looked adorable. ‘Like a lost puppy,’ they both thought at the same time. 


“If you eat that much you must have a really manly appetite,” Kirishima said with a smile. 


Izuku who had started eating looked confused so Mina decided to help, “he uses the word manly instead of words like good or big, it’s just his way of speaking don’t mind it,”. 


Izuku still a little confused decided decided not to question it and instead say, “thanks Mina.”


At hearing that the pink girl did a spit take luckily not hitting anyone before both she and Ejiro looked at Izuku shocked. Izuku having no idea why they were looking at him like that just gave his now signature puppy expression (A/N don’t want to overuse it but still love writing it, what to do?). 


“Dude what did you just call her?” Kirishima asked shock reseeding slightly. 


“Mina, that’s her name isn’t it?” Izuku asked. 


It took 15 minutes for them to explain to him why he wasn’t supposed to be on first name basis instantly but he countered with the argument that he preferred to use first names and there was really no good argument against that.


The rest of the lunch went on quite good. Kirishima shared his wisdom of what being a man meant while Ashido shared random conversation subjects without much context and simply kept talking without many breaks. While Izuku didn’t add much to the conversation more than some questions that both the people he ate with happily answer he was a great listener and took in everything they said with great interest. The two had quickly gotten some attachment to the tall male and the small fear and uncomfortability they had from the USJ had disappeared completely. 


After lunch it it was time for heroics class. They even an entire hallway heard. I am here once again, coming through the door like a normal person.” The voice came from the number one hero who barged into the classroom. The hero hadn’t planned on using that intro again but he wanted Izuku to experience it. 


Izuku himself looked at his neighbor Hanta with his confused look and Hanta managed to guess what it was about. “No that is not how most normal people enter a door,” he said with a hint of amusement. 


All Might who felt a little embarrassed after seeing that exchange coughed to get everyone’s attention. “Now everyone change into your hero suits and head to gym gamma where we will have some special combat training,” All Might said.


Everyone curious about the training did what he said and followed. They were in for a very tough lesson. 

Chapter Text

1A were now changing into their hero costumes and Izuku was using the armor he got from the villains. It might be related to a darker episode of his life but damn was it comfortable. 


What wasn’t comfortable was how he made every other male in the room jealous of his physique. Well except for Minoru who was checking the wall for something nobody knew of. Some could guess what it was considered it was the wall that split the male and female changing rooms. 


Izuku curious as ever decided to ask and maybe help. “Minoru, what are you looking for.” 


“Oh Midoriya, I was just looking for a possible hole in the wall that I could look through,” the grape haired teen answered shamelessly. 


Izuku innocent as a child though that Minoru was a gentleman who cared about the girls safety and didn’t want to let them out of sight. Only the second part was right. Fueled by his belief he decided to help his fellow classmate and hopefully soon to be friend,”want some help.” 


Minoru was almost tearing up hearing that. Finally someone wanted to help him with his interest,”yes I would be glad to receive some help. But please consider a hole I can look through as well, you are like twice my height.” 


Izuku was happy to help and decided to make it as efficient as possible. How you may ask, well that’s simple... he punched his fist through the wall at Minoru’s height and after taking the fist out placed Minoru’s face (the same size as the hole by the way) into the hole. Easy and effective and everyone is happy. That was at least how it was planned. Some screaming was heard, some in anger, some in embarrassment and one in pain. He took out Minoru’s head through the hole and saw that he was damaged like he had come out of a war zone. But what made Izuku proud of himself was the big goofy smile plastered on the short boys face.


Izuku took notice of the hole getting sealed by a sheet of metal but decided to not think about it to much. 


Everyone met up outside the changing rooms with Izuku and Minoru out last because that incident took some time. Mina and Ejiro has just retelled their interactions in the cafeteria to everyone’s great interest. 


When the two walked out Aizawa who was there decided to start speaking. “You students have just survived a battle against a villain with intent to kill. It’s in moments like these your shortcomings are the most obvious and that is what we will be working on today,” Aizawa said. The whole class was a bit shocked at the news but Iida was mentally screaming praises of UA’s ability to turn such a traumatic event into a learning experience. 


“After some discussing and watching the video tapes at the USJ we found at least 1 thing for each of you to improve on,” Aizawa said bored. 


“Aoyama, you are using to much movement with your attacks making them ineffective and easy to read,” Aizawa said to the now sulking boy.


“Iida, you only see what is in front of you and forget the bigger picture making you miss crucial details,” the tired teacher said to the tall boy who looked thoughtful.


”Kirishima you are simply to reckless for your own good. While being able to act quick is good for a hero acting without thinking can lead to more problem than help,” Aizawa said to the read head making the boy look bashful. 


“Kouda the moment your birds fled you gave up, that is not how a hero should act,” the man said to the boy who looked really ashamed of his actions. 


“Asui, while your tounge is your best weapon it is also a sensitive spot , be more careful with it,” the pro hero said to the frog girl who looked as emotionless as usual. 


“Sato, your power is very straightforward so you need to learn some proper fighting to make up for it,” Aizawa said. Sato looked like he thought it over.


“Kaminari, you didn’t think your attack through and ended up attacking wildly, you could have hurt someone on your side. You also froze when faced by a powerful opponent that can cost you your life,” the teacher said to the blonde making the young man sulk. 


“Uraraka, while you didn’t do anything specifically wrong your ability to fight is decent at best,” Eraserhead said to the ashamed girl. 


“Mineta, you attacked wildly and could have been as much of a problem for your allies as your opponent. You froze up whenever Midoriya looked your way, you hid during most of the battle and you were very distracted by the female students,” Aizawa said making the purple midget crawl to a ball and everyone looked at him disgusted, disappointed, disinterested or maybe some fourth word that starts with dis.


“Yaoyorozu, a random piece of rubble while not as effective would have been more effective to use than the time and resources that it took to make a new cannonball,” Aizawa said to the tall girl who looked thoughtful and a little ashamed. 


“Ashido, you need to work on your aiming,” the tired man said and got a tired nod in response. 


“Todoroki, you instantly thought that your opponent were defeated and took no extra measures. Also you refused to use your fire until the situation got extremely dire,” Aizawa said to Shoto who looked at his left hand deep in thought. 


“Ojiro, you had the mindset of a sparring match and not a fight. You need to break that habit villains won’t just stop when one of you is on the ground, the teacher said to his now determined student. 


“Tokoyami, you rely far to much on your quirk,” Aizawa said and the bird headed student looked a bit offended. 


“Hagakure, you did not have a plan B if your opponent had a way to notice your invisibility. You also didn’t seem to have a plan for what you would do once you reached Midorya. You need to learn to plan during battle and how to fight properly,” Eraserhead said to his invisible student who had her gloves hanging as har down as possible. 


“Shoji, you got easily distracted when you got hit by Hagakure and that lead to your loss,” Aizawa said to the octopus like student. 


“Jiro, you need to learn to cancel out to loud noise, whenever Midoriya roared you flinched,” the half asleep man said to his student. 


“Sero, you need to think beyond get the opponent inside my tape,” the teacher scolded his tape shooting student who looked slightly insulted.


“Bakugo... calm down, don’t be so loud, don’t be distracted by personal issues, don’t aim your gauntlets point blank and stop underestimating your opponent’s,” Aizawa said to Katsuki who looked pissed at getting more pointers than Minoru. 


“Wow did you really get all that from just one fight,” Mina asked. 


“Actually it was Midoriya who came up with most of the improvement points,” Aizawa said bored. 


The class yelled out in shock at hearing that. 


“Let’s begin,” Aizawa said with a sinister smile. 


2 grueling hours later.


Everyone of class 1A (except Izuku) were tired beyond belief. After the lesson had begun Ectoplasm and Cementoss had joined in to help every student and they were harsh teachers. Izuku helped with most of the fight training as if there was one thing he knew it was how to fight with the intent to finish the fight quickly. 


They were walking home as the lesson had ended and Izuku and Yuga were going together as it was Yuga’s day to be with him. The sparkly blonde had no idea what to do but decided to start up a conversation about one of his favorite subjects. Fashion. 


“So Midoirya, what type of clothing do you like?” Yuga asked. 


“I don’t know I only have three pairs of clothes, my school uniform, my armor and some clothes to sleep in,” Izuku answer. 


That made Yuga freeze up. He could not let such a thing be “Come with me my big friend,” he said seriously making Izuku follow. 


They went to a clothing store where they sold most type of clothing. Instantly Yuga knew where they were supposed to go to get the right clothes and brought Izuku with him. There the twinkling boy started picking out outfits for most occasions. Some casual clothes, some workout clothes, some made for all seasons, clothes for all types of outings and a pair of swimming trunks that made every girl in the store blush looking at him testing them out. 


When all that was done an hour had passed and the two had gotten more friendly with each other. Izuku had learned a lot about style and fashion and Yuga was just happy someone understood his genius. Some seemed to think that he only thought that glittery clothes were the only ones that looked good. That was stupid, those types clothes only looked good at a select few like him, he knew very well what style fitted everyone after only a look at them. 


They were walking back to UA with lots of bags mostly carried by Izuku and were just talking about random subjects. Unconsciously Yuga had started to refer to Izuku by his first name but no one pointed it out or complained. When they reached UA Yuga had one last thing to say. 


“Izuku, my big friend. Before we depart I want to give you one last gift to remind you of my fabulous self,” Yuga said to his new friend. 


The blonde reached into his bag and pulled out a small mirror with a golden colored metal frame.


“I ordered a set of mirrors for my room but I didn’t have space for this one,” he said handing it over.


Izuku knowing it was rude to not accept it took it before thanking the shorter boy properly. 


They then went separate ways and when Izuku got to his room he immediately placed the mirror on his desk before going to sleep. 


He was sad that he could not remember anything but if all his days would be like this one from now on then he had could definitely be happy with that.