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Why can't I sleep on my own damn bed?

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Jimin was angrily making his way down the stairs when a sudden question made him stop dead on his track.

“Why should I be the one to sleep on the couch just because I’m mad at him? Why should I be the one to wake up with a back pain? Why can’t I sleep on my own damn bed?”

Getting even more furious, he stomped his way up the stairs and back to their room.

Jungkook, who had finished changing from his work clothes for something more comfortable, stared with wide eyes as his boyfriend walked inside the room. For a second he thought that maybe he was back to either apologize or to try and solve this, which would’ve been weird given that Jimin was just as stubborn as he was, with both of them taking it as far as making it a competition on who would back down first. That is until their friends decided they had enough of their bullshit and took the matter in their hands, which pretty much involved Seokjin kicking their asses and telling them to get their shit together.

Jungkook stood there, frozen on his side of the bed, watching his boyfriend’s every move. Jimin, from the moment he had walked in, hadn’t spared a single glance at him, the scowl on his face still present from the moment they started fighting about an hour ago. Jimin was purely focused on his task of searching his night clothes and changing into them. He knew Jungkook was staring at him but he couldn’t care less at the moment. The only thing Jimin wanted right now was a good night of sleep and he would be damned if he let anyone, even his dear boyfriend, get in the way of it.

Jungkook blinked in disbelief when Jimin, as he predicted, wasn’t here to mend things. He simply climbed to bed and made himself comfortable, turning right to avoid facing Jungkook, of course.
But, what had made him change his mind? He is sure he heard him just moments ago say something about “not staying in the same room with him if he was going to be such a brat”. Wasn’t he going to sleep on the couch? Wasn’t that how it goes? A couple fights and one of them sleeps on the couch to prove how mad they were at each other. At least, that’s how it goes in the movies he’d seen. Were movies lying to him? Or…

His eyes widened at the sudden realization.

Was Jimin subtly telling him he should be the one to sleep on the couch?

For some reason, for Jungkook, sleeping on the couch meant he would lose the discussion and he wouldn’t be Jeon Jungkook if he let that happen, hell no.

Brows furrowed, he climbed to bed turning his back from Jimin and muttered under his breath “I am not sleeping on the couch”.

In the silence of the room, the almost whispered words that came from Jungkook were loud enough for Jimin to hear, a Jimin that was trying his best to sleep. He heard as his boyfriend kept mumbling something else about not losing. Well of course, Jimin thought, of course his lovely boyfriend would take him sleeping on the bed as a sign that it was a competition and, to be honest, Jimin did thought about sleeping on the couch as a form of losing but he wasn’t going to say that out loud, instead he simply hissed a “Shut up and go to sleep, brat.”

“Well, if I’m so annoying you should go to sleep elsewhere, hyung,” he bit back, accentuating the last word.
“As far as I remember I am the one that bought this bed so I am not sleeping elsewhere, dongsaeng,” he hissed back, tightly closing his eyes and repeating himself to just ignore him so he could sleep. Ignore and sleep. Ignore and sl-

“Well, I bought the sheets so you shouldn’t use them.”
Oh, he can’t be serious. “Really Jungkook? Are you serious right now?”
“What? You started it,” Jungkook replied with a slight pout.

Fine, two can play at this game, Jimin thought. “Then don’t use any electronic devices since I pay the electricity bills.”

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows. No using phone? No gaming? No using the AC with the current heat wave they’re facing? He will absolutely not let that happen. “You can’t do that. You need electricity as well!”
“Watch me brat.”
“Alright. Then don’t use water because I pay for that.”
This rascal, thinking he can win. “Then don’t eat since I buy most of the food.”
“Th-Then I’ll go to Jin-hyung’s, he’ll feed me!”
Jimin scoffed at that. “Are you willing to listen to hours of lecture just to get free food?”

Jungkook scrunched his nose because no, he rather avoid that. “Then I’ll ask Yoongi-hyung-”

“You know he’s gonna tell you to fuck off when he hears why you're there. That is assuming he’s home because he practically lives on the studio.”

That’s true, he thought. And he’s not going to Namjoon-hyung for obvious reasons and Hobi-hyung is out of the country. Well, one choice left. “I’ll go to Tae-hyung’s apartment then.”

“Nope, I’ll be going to TaeTae’s place.”
“Huh? No, I’ll go to his place. Go to Jin hyung’s or someone else.”
“Tae’s my best friend and soulmate Jungkook-ah,” Jimin said with a smile.
“Then maybe you should’ve dated him instead.”
“He already has someone but it’s okay. We will always be platonic soulmates,” he said with a pretended sigh knowing how it had irritated Jungkook during his first year at college to see Jimin and Taehyung glued to each other 24/7, always being touchy. It had took him several months of spending time with the boys in question to understand that they had known each other their whole lives, they had gone through everything together, it had always been just the two of them so their actions were normal to them but not to poor Jungkook who was struggling with the fact that he had a crush on an angel such as Jimin, an angel he couldn’t talk to without fumbling with words. It had been hard for Jimin not to coo over how cute he looked like that.

Jungkook huffed but kept his mouth shut. He knew nothing good was going to come out if he continued talking.

But he hates losing.

God, does he hates losing.

“Just go ask TaeTae for comfort. I’m sure he’ll gladly do it,” he mumbled through gritted teeths.

Maybe it was the silence of the night, so quiet that you could hear the swaying of the leaves in the backyard, maybe it was the exhaustion of a long day that had made his anger zimmer down enough to hear the hurt under Jungkook’s snarl. He sighed as he closed his eyes, taking time to organize his thoughts. In any other occasion he would’ve found Jungkook’s jealousy cute with his pout and possessiveness in the form of back hugs leaving clear that Park Jimin is his, daring anyone to so much as look at him with anything beyond friendliness, but not tonight.

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Who cares about this stupid competition on who gives up first anymore?

Jimin sighs again and turns around. “Jungkook?” No response but Jimin knows he’s not asleep yet so he continues. “Listen… I’m sorry I snapped at you… I should’ve… I should’ve asked you instead of just screaming at you without letting you explain… I was stressed all day and I know it’s no excuse but… I’m sorry….”

Seconds went by that felt like minutes without any answer from Jungkook and Jimin wondered just angry his boyfriend was. Or how hurt…

Jimin has no excuses, he knows Jungkook loves him as much as Jimin loves him, he can see it in his eyes, in the way he looks at Jimin like he is the most important thing in the world but sometimes Jimin can’t really help himself. Jungkook was really cute when he entered college but now he is cute and handsome, if the stares and obvious flirting he gets aren’t enough of an indication. Jimin can’t help to see the people that hit on his boyfriend and compare them to himself, thinking how Jungkook can just leave him for someone prettier or better in the blink of an eye. So when he saw Jungkook laughing at something one of his co-workers said while said co-worker was being a bit too touchy (and it was not the first time Jimin had witnessed this particular woman being way too comfortable with his boyfriend) combined with stress he had gone through the whole week and the knowledge that he still had a shit ton of things to do… he snapped and took it out on Jungkook.

Luckily for both of them, Jimin waited until they were at home to vent out his anger. Jungkook taking the opportunity to protest about how unfair it was for him to complain when he hadn’t said one word about the many times he had seen Jimin on the receiving end of flirtatious looks and comments and “that’s what I get for dating someone with a flirtatious personality, right?!”

He didn’t meant to say that. He regretted saying it the moment the words left his mouth. He regretted it even more when he saw the flash of hurt cross Jimin’s face, immediately replaced by anger.
He can’t help it. He’s always been insecure when it comes to Jimin. He knows that he’s always been Jimin’s favorite, that Jimin adores him, that Jimin loves him with all his might but other people don’t care about that and try to get close to him but Jimin doesn’t push them away because he’s that nice, much to Jungkook’s annoyance. But still…

“I’m sorry… too…” Jimin got startled when Jungkook started talking but he felt a bit of relief that they were talking again. “I shouldn’t have said any of those things… I didn’t mean them,” Jungkook turns around and looks at Jimin in the eyes. “You know I don’t mean it, right?”

Jimin takes his hand and smiles at him. “I know Jungkookie, we were just mad at each other and said things we didn’t mean to. You know I love you with all my heart…”
Jungkook used his free hand to cup Jimin’s cheek. “I love you too Jiminie,” he beams at him as he approaches for a kiss, Jimin meeting him halfway. They pull back, still smiling while enjoying each other’s presence in a warm embrace but they wouldn’t be them if the moment wasn’t ruined.

“You gave up first, I win,” Jungkook whispered into Jimin’s ear like the brat he is.
“Well, Jungkookie,” he pushes him slightly to look at him with an innocent smile. “Because I gave in first we made up so, it’s my win.”

Jungkook’s face fell at that. Jimin couldn’t help to laugh at his boyfriend’s shocked expression. Jungkook huffed as he turned around. “Good night hyung.”
“No good night kiss?”
“No kisses for a while,” Jimin gasped and turned around.
“Then I’ll ask TaeTae for kisses.”
“Fine, go then,” Jungkook scoffed but there was no hurt on his tone this time, just their usual playful banter. “And you can stay there to use the water or sleep.”
“And you’ll have to move in with Jin-hyung to use the electricity and eat.”
“Guess we’ll just sell the house then.”
“Fine by me.”


“... Who takes Butter-?”
“Definitely me since I brought her from-”
“But she likes me more!”
“Only because you’ve done nothing but spoil the retriever while I try to teach her manners!” Jimin sat up to glare at his boyfriend who turned around to do the same.

They stared at each other for what seemed to be minutes until Jungkook broke the silence. “Maybe you should keep her…”
Jimin raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend’s sudden change of mind. “And why is that?”
“That way I have an excuse to visit you…” he mumbled as he looked away.

Jimin blushed as he felt his heart beating faster. After four years of relationship, Jungkook still managed to make him feel all jittery with just a few words.

“I’m sure she would miss you…”
“And… the owner?”
“Well…” Jimin looks down and starts fiddling with his fingers. “I’ve heard he’s quite fond of you…”

Jungkook slowly turned to look back at Jimin who was still blushing and couldn’t help to grab one of his arms and pull him until Jimin was on top of him. Jimin gasped at the sudden movement and was about to ask what was that about but his question died as he felt soft lips pressing against his own.

“I would miss him too,” Jungkook said as they separated, his lips ghosting over Jimin’s.
“Maybe the moving would stress her, don’t you think?”
“They shouldn’t put her through that.”
Jimin shook his head as he pushed a few strands of hair out of Jungkook’s forehead. “What do you think they should do?”
“I think,” Jungkook whispered as he placed his free hand on Jimin’s neck. “they should kiss.”
“I was thinking the same…” Jimin smiled as he closed the distance between them with a soft kiss.

They both pulled away and Jungkook stared at Jimin for a moment before he chuckled. “I guess we’re kinda stupid, huh?”
“Speak for yourself, brat.”
“Anyway, we’re tied now,” he grinned.
“Oh god, Jeon Jungkook, are you serious now? You really are a brat.”
Jungkook hummed before kissing Jimin’s forehead. “But you love this brat.”
Jimin sighed and smiled. “With all my heart.”