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The Past Is Ever Present

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There's always human traffickers on the docks. The successive falls of the Ranshakov brothers and Fisk didn't change that. There's always human traffickers, and they keep locking people into containers.

Matt is locked in a container. How it happened doesn't matter. What matter is that he's caged.

Matt is curled up in the cage, so hungry he doesn't feel it anymore, and he knows he can't escape.

Matt throws himself at the door. It doesn't bulge.

Matt throws himself at the bars. They don't bulge, no matter how long and how hard he hits them, and he cannot get out!

Matt made a mistake, a stupid little mistake, and Father locked him in a cage with a woman Lola killed earlier, and no matter how much Matt throws himself at the door, no matter how hard he hits the bars, no matter how long he begs, he can't win and he can't escape and no one will ever come to save him


There's something banging in a container. Frank carefully gets closer, and opens the door.

It's Red, and something is wrong.

It's like he didn't notice that Frank is there. He just keeps hitting the walls, again and again.

There's blood on his hands. He's hurting himself.


Calling doesn't have any effect, and he's hurting himself.

(Frank knows he shouldn't do it this way, but he doesn't know how to do it, and Red is hurting himself.)

Frank grabs Red's wrists to stop him, and the Devil goes limp against his chest.

(His fingers are caked with blood, notes Frank, and at least one is broken. Three of his nails are torn out.)

"I'm sorry, Father, I'm sorry, please let me out, Father, please..."

Red is begging, Frank realizes, begging his father to be let out, and something in Frank's stomach twists.

But in the end, there's nothing Frank can do but hold Red and waits until he comes to his senses.

(He removes the mask, hoping the feeling of fresh air will helps, without results. And if the Devil's face is a familiar one,

"...please, Father, I'm sorry, I won't do it again, Father, please, let me out..."