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Pictures of You (Only for Me)

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When Izuku opens his eyes, all he sees is himself.


His head is pounding, a terrible throbbing ache that’s gathered in his temples and behind his eyes. He’s glad for the dim light; it’s painful, but not as painful as it could be. He slowly sits up, stumbling to his feet and looking around.


There had been hands on him, gloved hands, rough and hot, grabbing, powerful-


It’s a bedroom, with the bed in one corner, a desk, a closet, a bookshelf. It’s windowless, with two doors. He thinks the walls are grey, but it’s hard to tell.


Near every inch of wall is covered in photographs of himself.


He’d only seen a glimpse in the pre-dawn light, someone wearing all black, a high collar up to their nose, piercing eyes-


Walking to school, jogging in the mornings, studying in the library. A cold tendril sinks into his gut at photos of him in bed at home, tucked under the covers; or worse, the blankets pulled off, his sleeping form splayed out in his simple pyjamas.


A hand in his hair. Close-ups of his face. One with his shorts pooled around his ankles.


Harsh voice in his ear, telling him not to struggle, that it was useless-


‘Pretty fucking impressive, huh?’


Izuku’s heart drops into his feet; they feel numb as he shuffles back into the wall, trying to hide in the shadow of the closet.


The door’s open, swung on silent hinges. The man fills the doorway, tall, broad shoulders. He steps further into the room, letting the steel swing shut behind him. In the low light parts of him glint dully, metal on his knees, his boots, in his hand…


He’s dressed in dark clothes, the collar still obscuring his jaw and mouth, eyes fixing Izuku in place. Shivers course down his spine in chilly waves, fright curling cold claws at the back of his neck.


Closer and closer, slow, deliberate footsteps. Izuku wants to look away, but he’s afraid to, afraid of what this man might do when he’s not looking.


He crouches, close enough for Izuku to see the deep red of his eyes.


Izuku flinches when a hand reaches for him, a terrified little whine escaping his throat. The hand stills. Blond brows furrow deeply.


‘You see where you are, Izuku?’ he asks, voice tight, ‘what I’ve done?’


He doesn’t want to look again. Not at his own face, his sleeping form, himself walking to school. Doesn’t want to see all the things he thought he had misplaced sitting on the desk.


The man seems to be waiting for his response, shifting on the balls of his feet. Izuku can feel the restless energy pouring into the room, the tension thickening between them.


With a thrill of black horror, Izuku sees the metal in his other hand is a short knife.


‘Y-y-yes,’ he finally whispers. The man stills, tilts his head. He notices him staring and slips the knife into a sheath at his belt. It doesn’t make Izuku feel much better.


‘Don’t know what it is about ya,’ his captor murmurs, eyes running up and down, ‘spent long enough trying to figure it the fuck out.’


A terrible nausea rises in him, eyes dragged back to the evidence. There was at least a year of time between some of the photos.


‘Thought maybe I was just fucking horny, you’re real cute,’ he continues, not seeming to care that the words make Izuku freeze, mind rocking back and forth on the terrible implications, ‘but a fuck didn’t get rid of it. Thought I had a shitty crush, on a fucking high schooler.’


He runs a hand through his hair, pushing back waves of spiked locks, a thin chuckle hissing from his lips.


‘Pathetic right?’ he says, shrugging, ‘thought time would fix that shit right up.’


Amusement falling away. Eyes narrowing, raking.


‘Only got worse,’ he murmurs, ‘started fucking dreaming about you. Everything I saw reminded me of you. First time I followed you… felt so fucking good.’


He smiles a little, a sardonic twist of his thin lips.


‘Soon, taking all these photos, getting time off just to learn about you, making fucking notes about what you did, where you went, what you liked…’


Izuku curls in on himself. He wants to be home. He wants his mom and he wants this horrible nightmare to be over.


‘But it wasn’t enough, the more I got the more I wanted,’ he says, ‘you and your mom never even noticed me breaking in, you know. Pretty shitty security.’


Let it be over. Let me wake up.


‘Wanted you saying my name- shit. It’s Katsuki, by the way. Call me Katsuki.’


Izuku thinks that maybe, if he gets him in a good mood, maybe he can be reasoned with. Other than the receding headache, he feels otherwise unharmed.


‘O-okay, K-Katsuki.’


The man visibly perks, grin stretching over his face.


‘Say it again.’


Izuku swallows thickly.




‘Damn,’ Katsuki breathes, ‘sounds so good, Izuku.’


He chuckles to himself.


‘Just can’t help but loving every little fucking thing about you. Even the shit that irritates me, I still love it. Everything you, I want. I fucking need…’


The cold terror sinks into Izuku’s bones. There was no reasoning with this man. Katsuki had been stalking him for who knows how long, knew everything he did, knew where he lived, had broken into his house.


The thought of this horrible man standing over his bed while he slept was almost enough to make him throw up.


‘So listen up, you adorable little shit,’ Katsuki says, face settling into something more serious, but no less heated, ‘for all those reasons, and… whatever the fuck you’ve done to me, you need to stay here.’


Izuku swallows the lump in his throat.


‘B-but my, my mom-’


‘You’re 18, she was gonna have to deal with you leaving soon enough,’ Katsuki says, and it’s his dismissive tone more than anything that makes Izuku’s blood boil.


‘I didn’t leave her, you kidnapped me!’


Katsuki goes very still. His jaw works, muscles bulging in his face and neck. Izuku is suddenly aware of how skinny his own is. It would be snapped like a twig. Tears sting his eyelids.


‘Yeah, I fucking did,’ Katsuki finally grounds out, hand clamping on the back of Izuku’s too-thin neck, ‘I kidnapped you, Izuku. I locked you up, and I’m gonna keep it that way.’


Izuku’s mouth is so dry, everything is dry, he can’t speak, he can’t swallow. Katsuki’s teeth grind.


‘You think I fucking wanted to? You think I like this? How you’ve wormed your way into my fucking brain?’


‘I didn’t- I didn’t mean to-’ Izuku chokes, tears spilling over. The grip on him softens.


Katsuki shuffles closer, draws him into a stiff hug.


‘I know, Izuku, I know. I’m not- not blaming you, just, fuck-’


Izuku remains frozen as he’s pressed into an embrace, tears soaking into Katsuki’s shirt as his arms cage him close.


‘This is all fucking new to me, Izu,’ he murmurs, the rough vibration of his voice crawling over Izuku’s shoulders, ‘I feel like- fuck-’


His chest shudders, and Izuku whimpers as Katsuki starts nosing his neck, mouth pressing short kisses to his shivering skin.


‘Felt like I was gonna fucking die without you,’ he breathes, nuzzling, ‘needed to see you, needed to- argh- I needed you. I need you.’


His fingers are clenching at Izuku’s shirt, one hand travels up his spine and pushes into his thick curls.


‘Saw you with others, ’ Katsuki rasps, spitting the word out like acid, ‘drove me fucking insane, Izu. Nothing was enough. Knew then- knew I needed you with me-’


He draws back, clutching Izuku’s wet, sticky face in two burning hands. His own face is flushed, eyes wide and skimming all over. Quivering with madness.


‘Needed you fucking safe, away from anyone else, got it?’ Katsuki’s panting, thumbs dragging along Izuku’s skin. He surges forward and presses their mouths together. Izuku’s kissed a few times, but nothing like this, nothing with lips and tongue forcing him open, lapping at him, groans vibrating into him. He draws back, turning his face forcibly away.


‘K-Katsuki- please- let me g-’


It’s dragged back by fingers of steel. Katsuki’s face is contorted with rage, turning Izuku’s insides to icewater.


‘You’re staying here. You will fucking stay, Izuku.’


He breathes hard, screwing his eyes shut. Deep, steadying breaths.


‘I don’t wanna hurt you, I really fucking don’t,’ he hisses, tipping his head back. His hair flops over his eyes, dripping sweat, neck tense and corded. His hands squeeze painfully.


‘But if you- if you really try to run away- I will. I’ll hurt you.’


He makes eye contact, just to show how serious he is.


‘I’ll slice the tendons in your ankles,’ he growls, ‘so don’t try.’  


Something shatters in Izuku’s mind; he can’t stop himself from shaking violently, can’t stop the begging sobs that struggle up from his chest, can’t think straight, all his senses distant, like he’s wrapped in cotton wool.


‘It’s gonna be okay, everything’s gonna be okay,’ Katsuki’s muttering, stroking and cradling his convulsing form, ‘just as long as you stay here. I’ll look after you.’


Izuku is dimly aware of being picked up, carried over to the bed- covered in his favourite bedspread- his head petted, soothing shushes filling his ears.


‘I promise, Izu, my little tree, won’t let anything happen to you- you’ll be so fucking safe here- anyone tries to hurt you, take you away, I’ll fucking kill them, I’ll kill them-’


Kisses, rained down on his face and neck, hands dipping below his shirt for a few seconds, withdrawn when Izuku whimpers in protest. He coos, shuffling close so their bodies press together. Cold metal digs into him, but Katsuki doesn’t notice, pulling him flush.


Voice crooning in his ear, blanketing him with unwavering heat and conviction.


‘Just stay here, Izu. Let me love you.’