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어둠 속을 밝혀줘

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They say alcohol can make a person do anything- cloud their judgement and bring out the beast. However, no amount of burning liquid courage can affect Jimin like the pulsing electric high he gets from a fantastic beat and loud bass. He lets the music seduce him, let's it take over and let's himself lose control. Jimin's a cute kid, he knows that- it doesn't take much for him to get what he wants if he plays up the aegyo and flashes a smile- but when he's dancing, he's anything and everything but cute.

Confidence is sexy. Jimin's sure of that. And frankly, Jimin is never more confident than when he's grinding on a stranger and can feel shaky breath on his neck, when he can practically feel the heat pulsing from the other person as they get increasingly more rules up. He loves being in control and having people under his finger, turning and shooting them a cheeky smirk, biting his lip and playing coy. It's more exciting when they play along.

When they grab him and go with the flow.

Which is exactly why when he spots a guy leaning up against the bar in an expensive looking outfit and a drink in his hand, Jimin can't help himself.

A pink tongue slides across his far from chapped lips as he makes his way over. It doesn't take long for the man to spot him, even before he's all the way over, and Jimin is thrilled. He delights in the way those cat-like eyes rake over his body like there are no clothes covering it.

"Lookin kinda lonely over here, hyung." He muses, mirroring the stranger's pose before smiling slyly. "Waiting on a hot date?"

"I could be." The man doesn't even bat an eyelash.

Hm. Not very talkative, but definitely snarky. Jimin wonders idly how talkative he'd be in bed.

"Whatcha mean by that?" Jimin presses, eyes flitting between the other's face  and his drink.

"What about you? Not that I really need to ask," the man takes a step closer, trailing his free hand along the arm Jimin's using to support himself against the bar with feather light touches. Hot breath skitters across Jimin's neck as he speaks again. "You aren't very subtle in your intentions, kid."

"I wasn't trying to be," the response rolls fluidly off of his tongue, but he can't help but shiver, heat tingling across his abdomen and stomach. No one'd ever really noticed that quickly before. "But you don't seem to mind either way, mister."

The man is grinning now, it's lazy and crooked and so fucking hot  that Jimin throws a greasy wink at him and starts to walk back out to the dance floor, giving his best 'come hither' look over his shoulder as he goes.

His body welcomes the music, drinking it in like he's parched for it, body rolling fluidly and easily. Jimin thinks the man's left him after a moment, until hands find his hips and a body is pressed up against his. Yes. He almost purrs in approval, placing his own hands on the back of the man's neck and turning his head slightly to allow himself a rather greedy glance at the man. He looks amazing. Jimin can't seem to find his words, however, and takes to rolling his hips back instead of trying to spit out an overused line- one that would be lost on someone who looks so experienced and, if Jimin is being honest, the first person to render him quite this speechless before even getting him into the bedroom.

"You look so good." The other speaks before Jimin can and the compliment has his brain buzzing. He grinds his hips back in response, licking his bottom lip before smiling again.

"Yeah? You really think so, hyung?" The word feels dirty in his mouth, exciting him further. Dancing like this against a man who's at least two years his senior is absolutely sinful- bit then again, so is how much Jimin's already found himself lusting after this stranger. The dude knows how to work his hips, and knows just when to apply pressure to Jimin's skin to make it burn electric. The slightest brush of lips against his neck when he talks. The younger bites back a groan just thinking about it.

"Min Yoongi." The stranger corrects without missing a beat, but Jimin notes with glee how much lower his voice sounded this time. There are hands sliding lower on his waist, teasing along his thighs and up under his shirt for a too brief moment before he's being pulled back harder and forced into a more personal rhythm.

"Alright, Yoongi hyung. I'm Park Jimin." An appreciative hum sounds from behind him, almost thoughtful and Jimin wonders what's on his hyung's mind.

He doesn't have to wonder too long, though.

There's a hand being removed from his hip and Jimin whines in the back of his throat for a moment until that hand finds his jaw and pushes him into a sloppy, heated kiss.

The angle is weird, but not uncomfortable and Jimin likes the press of Yoongi's fingers on his neck and jaw much more than he likes it on his thighs. His hyung tastes like expensive liquor and cinnamon. It's absolutely intoxicating and Jimin wants to take all he can get. He wants to taste more, to see if his skin tastes like that too. He tightens his grip on the back of Yoongi's neck, fingers carding into the short hair there and tugging, earning him a growl that goes straight to his dick.

"Watch yourself," Jimin dedicates the rough feeling of Yoongi's voice to memory. 

"Doesn't sound like you don't like it, hyung- why should I?"

Yoongi bites down hard on Jimin's lip and he's so fucking glad he sassed his hyung because god it hurts so good and he wants more, even if he can taste the iron tang of blood prickling on his tongue.

"Listen to your hyung you cheeky fuck."

Jimin definitely likes the way that curse sounds rolling off of his hyung's tongue. He could listen to that if nothing else his hyung said.

"Yes, Yoongi hyung." He untangles himself then, turning to face Yoongi. It's one of the better decisions Jimin's made, for sure. His hyung looks absolutely amazing, his eyes are blown with lust and his hair is mussed in just the right way- from Jimin's hands -and Jimin wants him. He wants him so badly it makes Jimin's body burn with desire, and if he wasn't aware of the uncomfortable tightness in his pants, he sure as hell was then.

His mouth is back on Yoongi's before he really registers what he's doing. It's all teeth and tongue, needy whines mixing with growled out curses and promises that leave Jimin shaking.

"I should fuck you right here in the club, Jiminnie," He whines, low and breathy, at the pet name, causing the older to smirk a bit. "You already sound so obscene. I bet you'd like that, huh? Did you think you could go around seducing people on the dance floor, riling them up and then leaving them, without someone catching you?" Yoongi's words are punctuated by bites and sucks on Jimin's skin and he prays there are bruises blooming there, groaning softly.

"No, I was wondering how long I could get away with it." Jimin manages a grin.

"So this is what you want? Someone playing along with you instead of being played?" There's an almost sinister chuckle against his skin and Jimin stifles a keen. "You kinky shit." And lips are back on Jimin's with bruising force, Yoongi's tongue licking into his mouth and along the back of his teeth, pulling a low groan out of the younger boy.

He's vaguely aware of three things over the next few minutes.

Firstly, he's being backed up into something.

Second, that something is a wall.

Third, Yoongi's thigh is between his legs and he can't stop himself from grinding down into it. It's a pretty nice accomplishment when he realizes he's at least grinding along with the beat of the music still. Yoongi's groping his ass now, using it as leverage to guide Jimin's desperate movements and to keep them under relative control, because as daring as Yoongi is, they are still in a public venue and he has a reputation to uphold- one that Jimin won't find out about until much later. 

"Let's get out of here," Jimin barely registers his hyung's voice through the haze in his mind, but he wastes no time in replying.

"God, yes." Yoongi's smirking as soon as the words are out, and Jimin feels like he should be blushing under such an intense gaze. Maybe he is- it's too hot to tell.

And there's already a hand tugging him towards the exit. 

The inside of Yoongi's car is nice, it's all leather and smells great (because it smells like Yoongi). He noticed the license plate briefly- it said SUGA- and the lack of decoration or... Anything really inside. He noticed until a hand rested itself idly against his thigh, fingers tapping an unfamiliar beat. Every once in a while, Yoongi's fingernail would slide along the fabric of Jimin's pants and it would be so close to being enough, but would fall short and leave the boy unsatisfied and squirming in his seat.

"Hyung, what are you doing?" His voice didn't crack, but it did raise in pitch as Yoongi's grip tightened slightly.

"Driving, Jiminnie. Are you that impatient?"

Jimin could've choked on the tension crackling in the air between them, and frankly, he wouldn't have had it any other way.

Yoongi had an expensive condo, that much he gleaned from the exterior. He was vaguely distracted by thoughts of what could possibly be inside. Was Yoongi a tidy person? Messy? Secret sex dungeon owner?

As it turns out, Jimin doesn't have much time to notice before he's shoved up against the hastily closed door.

"Last chance to back out, kid." It's a serious offer, Jimin knows that, but he has no intention of leaving just yet and makes that as apparent as possible. He grips Yoongi by his collar and pulls him into a kiss, savoring the startled noise his actions earn him, and storing that sound away in his precious precious memories.

"Good." And Jimin understands that his hyung means good, I'm glad you're not leaving and probably thank you because he can feel the man's erection pressing insistently against his thigh and he shifts oh so slightly so that it's pressing against his own. He can feel an uncomfortable dampness in his pants and Jimin groans softly because they've done next to nothing and he's already dripping pre-cum.

Yoongi doesn't keep him pinned for long, stripping Jimin and himself hastily as he moves them to his bedroom. Jimin notes that the pants are the last to go and nearly drools when he sees the impressive tent in Yoongi's underwear.

"So fuckin' gorgeous." The other's hands are on Jimin's chest, tracing over every inch of skin, every bit of muscle. He allows himself to be pushed onto the bed and scoots back as Yoongi crawls up, hovering over him and staring.

Jimin feels vaguely like some type of woodland creature at the hands- paws- of a panther, because the look Yoongi is giving him is absolutely predatory.

In a rare moment of boldness, he tugs Yoongi down into a kiss- hands in his hair- getting himself nails scratching down his back and a low moan that makes his dick twitch with interest. So his hyung might like being dominated too, huh? He makes a mental note to test that out at a later date, because there's no way in hell he's letting this be a one time thing if it's already this good. 

Teeth and tongue graze over Jimin's chest and he tries hard not to squirm or whine, and fails at both. He fails particularly hard when Yoongi's tongue is circling his nipple and he sucks on it and Jimin's back is arching. The other takes it as an opportunity to slide a hand underneath Jimin and grope at his ass once more without his pants in the way, eliciting another harsh whine from the boy, breath hitching in a mixture of pleasure and excitement.

"Hyung," a shuddery breath. "Hyung, please."

"Hyung please what, Jiminnie?"

Jimin moans and struggles to think up a good response, but it's hard when Yoongi is lazily tracing his abs with his tongue and he's so fucking close to Jimin's crotch, dammit.

"I want you to say it. I want you to tell me with that pretty mouth of yours." Yoongi starts to kiss lower, sucking hickeys onto the skin in his path. "I want to hear you come undone so don't even think about trying to be quiet."

"Please suck me off, fu-" he groans when fingers skitter along the ridge of his underwear, making his muscles jump. "Fuck me. Fuck me so hard I can't remember my name let alone walk. Please. Please Yoongi hyung."

Yoongi seems to be satisfied, if the way he's pulling down Jimin's boxers is any indication. He watches with interest at how Jimin's cock twitches without even being touched as it rests hot and heavy against his stomach. The boy squirms and wiggles his hips, attempting to will his hyung into touching him already god fucking dammit.

A hand wraps around his length finally, finally, and tugs up a couple times with barely enough pressure, drawing a frustrated groan out of Jimin.


Yoongi just keeps his eyes on his hand, tightening his grip and pumping for real. He twists his hand just below the head before sliding his thumb along the crown, his movements are certain yet laid-back in a way that makes Jimin's vision blur with need.

"Yoongi hyung, hurry up."

The aforementioned hyung looks up at Jimin then, eyes locking as he swirls his tongue languidly around the head of Jimin's dick.

"Drop the formalities and I'll consider it."

Jimin is shaking already, nodding fervently and panting out his hyung's name as he feels the wet heat of the man's mouth finally slide all the way down to his base. He knows better than to buck his hips up, but there's a cautionary hand on his hips regardless, the other hand busying itself by tracing shapes on the inside of Jimin's thigh with his nails.

He burbles obscene variations of his hyung's name and curse words and 'please' as that magic tongue slides easily under and along the sides of his dick, sliding along the slit when he pulls almost all the way off before taking him back in like a champ.

He's almost certain he's in heaven until he feels the head hit the back of Yoongi's throat and thinks he might explode because no one's ever done that to him before, it's always been the other way around. Jimin doesn't notice that he's practically drooling because he can't manage to keep his mouth closed, but Yoongi does and mumbles something about 'cute' around his dick and Jimin would try his hardest to remember what words are if the vibrations didn't have his eyes threatening to roll back into his head.

"I can't- I need more- Hyu- Yoongi-ah."

And there's already a cold finger pressing itself against his entrance, teasing momentarily before slipping in while Yoongi gives a particularly hard suck- masking some of the discomfort. It doesn't, however, keep Jimin from moaning loud enough that he feels the need to cover his mouth, blush deepening along his cheeks and chest.

"The fuck did I say about trying to keep quiet?" Yoongi growls, biting down hard on the inside of Jimin's thigh, making the heat in Jimin's stomach burn hotter as he keens out a high pitched whine. "Are you worried about the neighbors hearing? They'd be so lucky."

There's a thoughtful pause.

"I think you'd enjoy it, anyways. Having other people hear you, having them know exactly what's being done to you and who's doing it because you're so damn fond of saying my name, I don't think they'd be able to miss it." He licks along the spot he'd bitten, peppering soft kisses on occasion.

A second finger is added as Yoongi speaks, and scissors roughly, stretching and curling but never giving enough. Never quite applying enough pressure to Jimin's prostate. He's about to give a frustrated complaint about it after the third finger has been added and the teasing hasn't ceased, when Yoongi's fingers fuck into him particularly hard and he sees stars.

Jimin finds out that Yoongi is more than into orgasm denial. It's like foreplay to the guy. 

Yoongi brought him to the edge three times, abusing his prostate without mercy (those long fingers were such a blessing), then refusing him the release he so desperately craved. Jimin wonders if there's a real reason, or if his hyung just likes the control, but every time he feels himself getting ready to bitch about it, or at least give an unhappy growl, those fingers start moving again and frankly, Jimin loses his train of thought.

By the time Yoongi's prepped to enter him, Jimin is already drenched in sweat and his thighs are slick with pre-cum and sweat, much to his chagrin. He's laying with his ass in the air on his knees and elbows, looking back impatiently. It takes Jimin a moment to adjust, spitting curses through gritted teeth and digging his nails into his hyung's arm when he moves too far too soon. More quickly than not, however, he's moaning out a pathetic "Yoongi-ah, move, please." And Yoongi doesn't have to be told twice.

He pulls out almost entirely before rolling his hips agonizingly slowly back in, biting his bottom lip and furrowing his eyebrows. It's almost painfully slow and Jimin's moans are drawn out, voice breaking every time Yoongi hits just right. He begs and babbles for Yoongi to speed up, to give him something more because this is too overstimulating, too drawn out and it's leaving him with a prickling tightness in his gut and nowhere near enough aggression. He thinks Yoongi doesn't comply right away simply because he wants to see how desperate Jimin can get. It almost disgusts him how much he enjoys that. For a while, Yoongi keeps up the pace he's set, dragging his nails along Jimin's back just as slowly before kissing over the angry red marks. It feels amazing- but it's not enough. It's dancing along the line of just right and just barely not enough and the feeling is a horrible mixture of good and bad that makes Jimin whine.

However, no good begging goes unrewarded with Yoongi, because even though he pulls out (hyung, what the fuck?), Jimin is promptly flipped onto his back. He's got hands on either side of his head, a forehead pressed against his, and hips slamming into him so hard he's arching off the bed and choking on his moan. Jimin desperately kisses wherever he can reach, a shoulder, a cheek, a jaw, or if he's lucky- Yoongi's mouth. It's always sloppy and open-mouthed, but Jimin likes it better that way. Desperation and lust and pure neediness that he swears he can taste. 

"How does it feel?" Yoongi likes to talk, likes to ask questions that he knows Jimin isn't able to answer.

Jimin whines incoherently this time and Yoongi bites along his jawline, intrigued.

"What was that?"

"S-So good, fuck, Yoongi."

Yoongi has a thing for people saying his name. Jimin knows this because every time he manages to say it, Yoongi's hips stutter and he moans harshly, cursing or muffling whatever he might be attempting to say against Jimin's lips, tongue and teeth messily compensating for his lack of self-control as he continues to fuck into Jimin like he's some kind of ragdoll instead of another human being. 

"Fuckin' gorgeous," Yoongi's voice is laced with lust and Jimin can't look away from him. "Do you even have any idea how incredible you look?"

Jimin knows he doesn't have to answer, but he makes a pathetic noise in the back of his throat and scores his nails down his hyung's back, hoping that his message gets across effectively- whatever that message may have been. 

It doesn't take him long to finally get to the edge again, thighs shaking and breath hitching because he's so fucking ready and it almost hurts how badly he needs this. His cock is blushing a deep red where it rests on his stomach and he can't take it anymore. 

"Don't. You're gonna cum without touching yourself, Jiminnie."

Jimin wants to cry. 

"Hyung, I can't- Yoongi- Please- I can't."

"Yes, you can." And this time he can feel the tears pricking at the corners of his eyes because he can't, he really can't he needs this so badly.

Yoongi places his hands over Jimin's and presses burning kisses to his skin, muttering filthy praises and sweet insults that are just enough to finally push Jimin to the edge. He's almost certain he blacked out for a moment, because when he manages to force his eyes open, Yoongi is jerking himself off and it only takes a moment for him to climax as well, cum landing messily on Jimin's stomach and a little bit on his cheek, which his hyung actually licks off before pressing a chaste kiss to Jimin's lips. 

He doesn't think he can move his body, and he also doesn't think he really wants to. Luckily, the other has a readily available bathroom and therefore readily available hand towels to clean up the both of them. Jimin has to say, he's surprised when the towel is warm and damp because apparently Yoongi doesn't half ass anything, and he ends up wiping the mess with the wet towel and then drying off Jimin with a towel that's definitely not intended to be used for something so small, because it's fluffy and soft and it feels expensive

When he opens his eyes again, there's a robe on him... backwards. He quirks an eyebrow to see that while Yoongi was caring he seemed to be incredibly lazy. Couldn't he have just picked Jimin up and put it on him properly? (He was only vaguely aware of how spoiled that thought was). The next thing to register is the comfortable weight of an arm slung across his chest and warm breath on his hair. Jimin can't help but smile. What an old man. He goes one round then goes to bed? Maybe it was a bigger age gap than Jimin thought. 

Stifling a giggle, he allows himself to snuggle closer to Yoongi, nuzzling his nose into the crook of the man's neck and kissing the skin he could reach. 

"Yah, watch it. That's sensitive." 

Jimin thinks Yoongi's like a bear. Even if his voice is tired, the grumpy threat underneath the roughness is real- yet he's still being cuddled and still being tolerated, so Jimin takes it as a win-win.


Morning finds him alone in an only vaguely familiar bedroom, and somehow strangely at ease.

It might have something to do with the smell of food wafting from somewhere in the condo.

Or maybe with the fact that that food is definitely from some street vendor and that's kinda cute.

But Jimin knows that the easiness comes from what originally lulled him out of sleep.

"HEY! My punk-ass Jiminnie, did you die? Are you ever going to get out of my bed? Will I have to have you air-lifted? Oh woe is me... The hardships I face. Kids these days. You bring them home for a nice time and they think nice time includes a bed to sleep in for a damn week."

Bitching that was only endearing to someone who was probably a little too smitten a little too soon, but he wasn't one to complain. Especially when the smile he was greeted with- however grudgingly- took all the sting out of his words.