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Dissida Sitcom AU

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They say that hindsight is 20/20 and normally Spiritus would mock those that couldn’t have seen the disaster of something coming much sooner. Disasters like putting off fixing some stuff in favor of cost and that coming to bite him in the ass. Or maybe even something like having a couple purchase an apartment together knowing that it wasn’t going to last and that he would get the brunt of it. Because for some reason, all break ups happen during the hours of the night when anyone with a sense of reason would be asleep in bed. Although, given his current situation, it seems that they are some things in life one cannot predict. Sometimes that uncontrolled variable can be one chaotic energetic person.

Materia always liked to brag that she had the better sense of the two. And, right now, he was proven correct that she wasn’t Miss Perfect. He had let it slide when Materia had allowed Zidane Tribal and Vaan Vagrant to live together. Thanks to Vaan, the entire 12th floor had been flooded and was currently in the process of being renovated. But now he’s on floor nine, with one of the other notorious troublemakers.

But now, Materia had made an even bigger mistake, despite it being several years too late to do anything about it. With the new school year coming in, there was also going to be an influx of younger people in the city for the new school years. With that influx, came the teenagers looking for new places to live and that included the Dissidia Complex. The apartment had a reputation of being one of the better complexes out there, and also had a negotiable price range when it came to rooming arrangements. When it came to open rooms in the complex, it was a first come first serve situation and usually there was stockpiles in line.

However, there was one rule when it came to claim a room in the apartment complex. You had to stay in the apartment complex for at least four years. Normally, college students would be in these apartments and if you were serious about being on your own, then you would be locked down into this deal. Although there were some high school aged students within the building. Materia had become acquainted with some of them and has a soft spot for them. Spiritus didn’t really care much for them if they had the proper paperwork to be here on their own, then he could care less.

Other than that, the other rules like being civil with neighbors was implied as well as part of the contracts. Things were normal in the complex…until one day, when he came to live in the complex. As if the celestial being of trickery had arrived himself and fellow tricksters knew that they had to band together to make life hell for Spiritus and his fellow associates. His arrival wasn’t just a call to other troublemakers that lived throughout the building. It was almost like a ripple effect. Residents from different floors that never interacted with each other suddenly were close friends. Alliances on the various floors were made and this also had the effect of causing enemies to be made on the various floors. Whether it be simple squabbling or an all-out nerf gun war that may or may not end with someone getting thrown out a window while screaming “YEET!”.

What was merely a few problems with some noises and the occasional phone call to the desk about plumbing, suddenly became ways to try and hide evidence of anything chaotic happening to the police. The absolutely insanity and chaos that ensued at the Dissidia complex started about three years ago, when Zack Fair moved in.

Things have never been the same since then.