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The Fire Within

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The Fire Within.
Sometimes you have to hit rockbottom before working your way back up again. And for Annabelle Greenwood that is exactly what happened.
Companion piece to The Kingdom Come.
Kyle O’Reilly/ OC.
Rated R for adult situations and language.
Chapter 1; Introduction
"Hello Mr. Greenwood this is Mamie Shelby, I work with Annabelle. She has been in an accident." That statement had brought Kyle Greenwoods happy world crashing down around him. " Is she okay? What happened? " He asked standing up on numb legs blindly trying to find his car keys. "She was walking across the street to go to the parking complex and was hit by a car." Kyle hissed under his breath, " what about the baby? Is the baby okay?" "I don't know either of their exact condition just yet. " Kyle muttered under his breath angrily hanging up the phone. He felt completely numb as he drove to the hospital. He couldn't lose Annabelle. He wouldn't lose her.
" Kristy!" He called seeing one of Annabelle's nurse friends standing outside of the hospital. "is she okay?"

"She's alert and talking. She is demanding to see you. " She answered.

"And the baby?"

"I'm so sorry Kyle."

He pulled at the collar of his shirt, "does she know?" He felt like his heart was going to explode out of his chest.

"No we haven't told her yet. We were waiting for you to come."

He nodded his head and stepped into the hospital, "did they catch the person that did this to her?"

Kristy nodded her head, " the girl is in jail. the officer thinks she was drunk. "

Kyle shook his head and tapped his fingers against his thighs fast and furious thoughts floating through his mind. Going from his poor wife to what he would do if he ever saw the woman that did this to her and their child.

"Anna is a little banged up some cuts and bruises. Her arm was broken."

He nodded his head and pressed the button on the elevator again.
"Come on. Come on." He muttered before going over to the stairwell and yanking the door open. Kristy shook her head and followed him up the stairs.
"Kyle you need to calm down before you go in there being upset like this isn't going to do you or her any sort of good."
“Don’t tell me to calm down!” He said slamming his hand against the wall by the door leading to the floor that Annabelle was on. “I could have lost my wife tonight, I lost my child. I have every right to be pissed off and upset about it.”
“And I know that, I do. But going in there guns blazing is going to upset her even more than she already is. She’s going to need you to be strong and be there for her. You need to be strong.” Kristy said gripping his shoulders treating him how she would treat any other of her patient’s husband, clear green eyes peered at him, “Do you understand? Save all this emotion for the ring and take it out one of your opponent's.”
Kyle nodded his head and took several deep breaths before reaching behind him and pulling open the door. “She’s in the first room on your right, by the nurses station.” He licked his lips and walked out of the stairwell towards the room.
“Hey Annie girl.” Kyle said softly stepping into the room and going over to the bed and sitting on the edge of it his fingers pushing back the matted blonde hair that was resting on her swollen cheek bone.
“Hi.” She returned rolling to her side blinking her eyes open. “Are you okay?” he asked trailing his fingers over some the cuts and bruises.
“I’ll be okay but they won’t tell me about our baby. I want to know about him.’
Kyle’s face fell, she hadn’t been far enough along in her pregnancy to know if it was a boy or girl. But she insisted that it was boy and he was going to be named after him.
“No, no, no.” She said repeatedly reading his facial expression. “I’m so sorry baby.” He said moving to sitting on the small bed with her. She curled against his chest her cries intensifying as the news sank in. “Shh.” he whispered pressing his lips against her head rocking her back and forth.
He lost track of how many hours he laid there cradling his wife listening to her cries. He didn't know how to help her or if he even could. Mamie Shelby came and left the room after whispering soft words of comfort to Annabelle and squeezing Kyle's hand. Several of Annabelle's friends came and went too only to be ushered out of the room by Bobby Fish who had shown up after receiving a phone call from his desperate sounding tag team partner.
"What can I do to help?" Jackie Bennett asked almost a month later standing in the Greenwoods living room, she and her fiancé Adam Cole had made down to Saint Louis from Boston.
Kyle folded her into a hug and looked at Adam.
"Go switch out Bobby he has been with Annie for awhile."

Jackie nodded her head and went up the stairs to the master bedroom. "Hey Bobby I am tagging in for awhile."

He looked up at her and smiled at her before sliding off of the bed and disappeared out of the room. She went over to the bed and crawled on it with her.

"Hey Annie girl." She said softly causing her to roll over and bury her face into her lap. She ran her fingers through the tangles combing them out.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered softly. Anna nodded her head before she sat up and ran her hands over her eyes looking at her friend.

She had met Jackie when she first met Kyle and the two girls clicked, Jackie had been her maid of honor when she and Kyle got married.

"I missed you."

"I missed you too, I should have come as soon I heard."

"You had to work I understand." She said softly, she did understand. She understood the life of being with a wrestler and being a wrestling wife.

"I do have something that could cheer you up." Jackie smiled holding her left hand up showing her the twinkling purple diamond engagement ring.

"Oh my god! He finally did it!" Annabelle squealed sitting straight up and taking her hand in hers and studying her ring.

"He did." Jackie bounced excitedly.

"Be my matron of honor? Maria is my maid of honor, I just know I can't do this without you with me." Annabelle nodded her head and threw her arms around her neck.
Bobby looked up at the ceiling and shook his head, "Jackie should have come a week ago." Kyle nodded his head sitting on the couch his head cradling in his hands a small tense laugh escaping his mouth.
"How are you holding up?" Adam asked sitting next to him, "I mean really. This tough guy act I am seeing right through. "
"It's been hard. Really hard. She is taking it so hard. I can't get her to talk to me or doing anything of a sort. She cries, barely eat or just lay as there like a bump on a log."

Adam nodded his head reaching his hand out and squeezing the back of his neck. Kyle rubbed the heels of his hands over his eyes fighting his tears away. Bobby moved over sitting on his other side.
"Fuck." He groaned rubbing his eyes. He had pushed this off and pushed this off for so long. But he needed to release the pent emotions before he returned back to work and seriously hurt one of his coworkers.
Two hours later Annabelle and Jackie came down the stairs the stairs the blonde fully dressed and showered.

"You Jacks are a lifesaver." Bobby said putting his arm around her and squeezing her.

"I know." Jackie smiled, "you would be amazed what a hot shower, clean outfit and good piece of news would do."

"Good news?" Kyle asked looking over at her from where he was standing with his wife and Adam. "Adam finally popped the question and Jackie asked me to her matron of honor." Annabelle informed.
"Hey!" Kyle exclaimed slapping his friend's arm, "you couldn't tell me."

"I figured she would." Adam laughed looking at Jackie who shrugged innocently.

"You told Mike and Maria and that creepy Hardy guy. So I told her." Adam rolled his eyes playfully at her.
"You're lucky I love you Cole." Jackie said sticking her tongue out at him. Annabelle pulled herself free from her husband and went over to Jackie, "come help me make dinner." She pulled her away from Bobby who laughed. "Definitely should have come sooner."