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Do You Have a Best Friend Too?

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Mina walked down the UA halls with the usual bounce in her step. Her friends were already seated in the canteen, waiting for her to join them after her meeting with Aizawa. Even though she got chewed out for accidentally burning one of Aizawa’s scarfs last period in training she still smiled at everyone walking past her. Her brain ran off into the clouds, thinking about how cool it would be to be a horse and when she finally came back to reality she was standing outside of the school’s co-ed bathrooms. ‘Might as well make the most of this opportunity!’ she thought as she walked in to wash her hands before eating.

There was no noise in the bathroom when she walked in, just her and her continuous humming of ‘Africa’ by Toto. As she turned the tap off she heard a muffled sob coming from one of the stalls. Mina froze, waited in case it happened again. It did. Louder this time, like they thought no one was in the bathroom with them. Mina slowly walked up to the stall the noise was coming from and knocked lightly.

“A-anyone in there? Are you okay?”

There was an audible gasp from the person in the stall. Whoever was in there didn’t want anyone knowing. Mina was backing away when the door aggressively swung open, reflecting the person inside.


He had tear streaks running down his face, his eyes were red and his shirt was crumbled.

“What do you want?”

His words sounded wet but his usual pissed off tone still showed through. Mina didn’t have much of an answer to his question.

“I, uh, wanted to see if you were okay. I guess you’re not huh?”

“Of course I’m okay you dim-witted loser.”

“Sure and that’s why you’re crying in the school bathroom right?”

There were a few seconds of silence before Bakugou answered.

“My mom just opened her bitching mouth again, not a big deal.”

Mina didn’t press it anymore, she knew there wasn’t much point. If Bakugou wanted to talk he would but to Mina’s surprise, apparently he did.

“She told me that I’m useless and an asshole and that I need to be more like stupid Deku, okay?! That’s why I’m crying like a bitch, cause my mom likes Deku more than-”

He gets cut off when Mina bolts forward and wraps her arms around his neck. She doesn’t know what came over her. His sad emotions got so intense in such a short amount of time, like he was holding it all in so tightly. Mina almost has a heart attack when Bakugou doesn’t react but a second later he reciprocates and pulls his arms up to loosely rest around her waist. They stayed like that for a while. Mina could physically feel the great friendship starting to appear between them.

“Hey Bakugou…”


“I just wanted to let you know that we’re best friends now.”


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“Hey new best friend!”


Bakugou turns to Mina and looks at her weirdly. He points a finger at himself.


“Are you fucking talking to me Pinky?”


“Yes! Of course! We’re best friends now, I told you last week!”


Bakugou didn’t say anything back after that, just furrowed his eyebrows and ‘ugh’ed at her.


“Anyway!” Mina continued, dragging out the ‘a’s. “I was wondering if you wanted to watch a movie in my room tonight?”


“No way in hell.”


Somehow Bakugou still found himself outside of Mina’s door. It seemed weird to him, that someone could make him actually want to spend time with them. It felt out of character, not how the story is supposed to be written. He knocks quietly, no one else should know that he’s about to be so stupidly docile. Mina looks so happy when she opened the door.


“Baku! You actually came!”


“Of course dingus! You invited me, didn’t you?!”


“Totally! Come in!”


Mina, the fucking idiot, had set up her room with fairy lights and enough cushions for the entirety of Japan to sleep VERY comfortably. Bakugou had to admit, it looked cozy. Mina beckoned him to sit against her bed, the computer on her desk. Bakugou awkwardly shuffled over and sat down. It felt weird to hang out with someone like this, it must have been a good few years since something like this had happened.




Curse his inability to interact with other human beings.


“Uh… what are we watching?”


“Mean Girls!”


“What? What the fuck is that?”




Well, there go Bakugou’s ear drums. Mina aggressively brings up the movie, grumbling about ‘how someone could have never watched Mean Girls?!’ and ‘where is early teen years were’.


Turns out, Mean Girls is not about some super badass females kicking bad guy’s asses but some boring chick-flick about some stupid school bullies with the intelligence of cockroaches. Bakugou could feel his brain cells being sucked out of his body. Right around the time Regina was hit by a bus was when Bakugou decided that he was done. He leaned forward to stand up and leave when Mina’s words replayed in his brain.


‘We’re best friends now, I told you last week!’


Bakugou froze. He had never had a best friend before, just lackeys that followed everything he did and praised his every move. He must admit that it sounded nice: having someone there to talk to and hang out with that wouldn’t let him act like an asshole all the time. Mina could actually be a real friend, a friend that Bakugou doesn’t scare away.


Mina was watching the movie intently and didn’t seem to notice Bakugou’s emotional revelations. Bakugou leaned back against Mina’s bed, a content grin spreading across his face.

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Mina was bored. I guess ‘The History of Heroism’ isn’t the most interesting thing in the world. She stared down at her lack of notes like the paper personally offended her. The more Aizawa talked the more Mina wanted to fall asleep. She had to think of something to keep her mind occupied. Looking up and around she spotted a certain blond hedgehog and her brain came up with the greatest idea ever. Suddenly Mina looked very interested in her notes.


Bakugou felt a tap on his shoulder, he whipped his head around wearing his usual scowl, ready to yell at whoever was there but all he saw was a piece of paper. Holding the paper, Bakugou realized, was one of Jirou’s earphone jacks. He must of looked confused because Jirou spoke up.


“Take it.”


“Why the fuck should I?”


“Just take it idiot.”


With reluctance Bakugou took the paper. He looked at it for a second: debating whether he should simply throw it out or not. He probably should have listened to his instincts because when he opened it he lost a few brain cells.


‘Is coffee a soup? - Mina’


Bakugou sighed, then picked up his pen.

Mina was a bit more than excited when Kaminari handed her the note. Even though the answer she got was exactly what she expected she still giggled a bit.


‘Fuck off you idiot. - Bakugou’


‘What about tea? Isn’t it just leave juice? - Mina’


‘No, I don’t think it is. - Bakugou’


‘Come on, you have to have a question just as stupid! - Mina’


‘If you cut off your leg, where would it hurt? Not in your leg, cause it’s gone. - Bakugou’


‘Holy shit! You’re right! - Mina’


“Guys can you please just stop, my arm hurts.”


“Kami! Shut up! Aizawa will find out!”


“What will I find out Mina?”


“Nothing teach! Nothing at all!”


Aizawa didn’t look impressed, Mina knew that she and Bakugou were busted but she wouldn’t let Bakugou go down with her.


“Fine, I was trying to pass notes to Kaminari but he wouldn’t take them.”


“Mina, detention at break and if I catch you passing notes in class again there will be hell to pay.”


Mina was a dejected, now she couldn’t even hang out with her friends at lunch! It must have been clear that she was upset because when Bakugou walked past her on the way out to break she could have sworn she saw him mouth a quick ‘thanks’.

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Chapter 4: Breakfast (not) in Bed

A couple months later (filled with pink girl) Bakugou is silently grateful to have a friend and he wants to show Mina that he cares, but how?

It’s morning. Early morning. It’s 6am and Bakugou’s alarm is blaring. 1 hour earlier than normal he’s up and doing his morning routine. Why is he doing this again? Oh yeah, so he can make Pinky breakfast. Saying that in his head sounds so weird. Him! Making someone else food out of the kindness of his heart! He reminds himself why he’s doing this, it’s because he wants to be closer to Mina and show her that the friendship isn’t one sided.


An hour later, after his workout and shower, Bakugou is walking through the common room to the kitchen. It’s still so early, no one else is there. Just Bakugou and his thoughts and currently his thoughts are occupied by Mina. Not in a weird way, he reminds himself, he’s just thinking about how honestly nice it is to have someone there for him. He’s been thinking about this a lot, since the beginning of their friendship in the school’s bathroom, but he can’t get it out of his head. Mina is someone who he actually cares about getting along with. His relationship with her is different from anyone else. Even with Kirishima he doesn’t need to get along with him, Kirishima will hang out with Bakugou anyway. But with Mina he feels the need to put in effort, to be nice and show her that he cares. It’s not like Mina will stop calling Bakugou a friend if he doesn’t make her breakfast but somehow he’s scared of that. As he whisks eggs he thinks back to all of the sappy, cliche, best friend things they had done together. They went out shopping regularly, went on a road trip, Mina even convinced Bakugou to get a manicure with her for fucks sake. Try as he might to ignore it, Mina meant something to him, Mina meant a lot to him actually.


He’s serving up scrambled eggs with rice for the two of them when Iida walks out.


“Good morning Bakugou! What have you made?”


“None of your business four eyes, go away.”


Bakugou now believes that Iida has the ability to summon the entire class to where he is because, gradually, his classmates are joining him in the common room, all wondering, a), what he has made and , b), why there are two plates. Kaminari, that asshole, tries to steal some food from one of the plates. They should be able to figure out who else it’s for! Bakugou doesn’t understand how they’ve completely missed his friendship with Mina developing but they sure have.


“Hey Bakubro! Who’s the other plate for?”


Fucking finally, it’s Mina.


“You, dingus.”


“Really?! Thanks!”


Mina grabbed the plate, sat down and started eating like it was the end of the world.


“This is so good Baku!”


“Course it is, I made it didn’t I?”


“Haha, guess you’re right! You are good at everything, that’s what you always say!”

“Shut up and eat, Ashido.”


“Okay, Mom!”


Bakugou just sighed as he started cleaning dishes. He was happy, he felt like he had successfully shown Mina that he cared about her. Bakugou knows he’s not good at being friendly to people, it’s been a fact of his life since he was born. His parent’s never seemed touchy or particularly kind to each other at all, especially his mom, and he’s never been sure of how to show affection. He just hopes that Mina got his message of reciprocated friendship. It’s safe to say she did.

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When Mina declined Momo’s proposal for girl’s night, all the other girls were shocked. Mina was the one to decide these things more often than not, and she was always the most excited to hang out and talk about boys but today she seemed totally preoccupied with something. As 1-A’s girls were walking away from her she yelled out a short apology before rushing off again.


“What on earth could she be up to without us?”


Momo’s question was left unanswered. To them, Mina’s one true priority was to a) train to be a hero obviously, and b) act as the girl’s gang leader.


Without Mina’s room to use, they resorted to using the common room. It seemed so much quieter without her dramatic storytelling abilities and they were left to think of something to do on their own.


“We could watch a movie?” Jirou offered.


“We did that last week,” Hagakure reminded her “Besides, Kaminari is borrowing the class DVD player to watch a movie with Sero and Kirishima.”


As if on cue, all three boys walked out into the common room, arguing over which snacks would be the best to grab from the kitchen.


“Pop rocks are so much better dude, we should just get those and go back to your room!”


“Yeah, they are better, until you can’t hear the movie over the sound of explosions in your mouth!”

Sero looked exasperated and rolled his eyes at the two boys. That’s how his eyes landed on a certain group of females.


“Oh, hey guys. What’s up?”


He only got bored shrugs in reply. Kirishima, decidedly ignoring Kaminari’s angry retorts, turned to the girls as well.


“Haha, you all look bored, where’s Mina? Isn’t she usually you’re leader?”


“She is. But she told us she wouldn’t be able to make it!”


Even the boys knew that was odd behavior.


“She did look like she was excited about something this morning, maybe that has something to do with it.”


Kaminari was right, for the whole day Mina had been running around on 5x her usual energy, and that meant she was practically bouncing off the walls.


“I heard her mumble something about having to pick up some ‘concealer’ from the shops, whatever that means. But I swear she also mentioned something about Bakugou!”


“Makeup and Bakugou? What is that girl planning?”


All of the girls turned around and ignored the mumbled confusions coming from the boys about what the heck concealer is and how on earth it’s a makeup thing.


“You don’t think that Mina blew us off to hang out with Bakugou, right?”


“Nooooo, there’s no way in hell.”


On the sound of the elevator doors opening and voices coming closer, all of them turned around and stared blankly, it took them a moment to even realise who it was they were looking at.


Frantic and shocked gasps of “Bakugou?!” and “Dude?!” were heard all throughout the common room. Mina laughed beside him and Bakugou just barely caught himself from laughing too.


“What the fuck is your problem, idiots?”


“Nothing! Nothing at all Bakugou, you look extremely beautiful!”


Bakugou huffed happily.


“I know that ponytail.”


Momo’s praised spurred all of the other girls to crowd around him and compliment him as well. The boys tried their best to join in, saying things like “I like your eye paint” and “Your lips are a different color! That’s cool”. Bakugou seemed very delighted to be receiving all of these words of awe.


“Yeah, you morons, I know I look good, Mina knows what she’s damn doing!”


It all clicked into place. Mina had indeed blown off the girls to hang out with Bakugou instead but Bakugou looked so good that they weren’t even mad.

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After the debacle of last girl’s night, Hagakure had made Mina promise never to miss one again.


“But how can I hang out with Bakugou now?”


“God, Mina! Just invite him! He can come to girl’s night!”


“Really?!” Mina looked around the other girls, no one seemed too opposed to that idea. “Thanks guys!”


When Momo voiced her concerns about whether or not Bakugou would even want to attend but Mina brushed her off, saying something along the lines of: “Of course he will!”

“Fuck no.”


“Please! Come on bebe!”


“I’m not going to some prissy pink girl’s night.”


“Oh, come on! We’ll let you pick the movie!”


Bakugou thought about this for a second before his face broke into a wide, sneering grin.


“Okay, I’ll pick the movie.”


Mina audibly gulped. Now she’d have to tell the girls what she’s done.

Tension ran high as Bakugou walked up to the TV with the movie. He made sure to hold the case just so, meaning no one could tell what it was. They didn’t really need to see the cover anyway, they all knew what kind of film it would be.


There was silence while Bakugou pressed play, then:


‘What a night! What a storm!’


‘You’ve got that right’


Barbie As The Island Princess. Bakugou had put in Barbie As The Island Princess. Does that mean he likes this movie? Or did he just think that this was the kind of thing that the girls enjoyed? Bakugou turned around and said nothing, just sat down and started watching intently. He must have sensed the confusion in the air because he turned around.


“My Mom always made me watch these movies when I was a kid, I think she wanted a super feminine daughter. Somehow, I actually really like them now. You idiots just have to shut up and watch. And if you tell anyone about this, I’ll rip out your voice boxes and use them as tennis balls.” Bakugou smiled at them, maybe more sinister than genuine.


Turns out that Bakugou knows all the lyrics to all the songs, and so does Mina. If you asked any of the girls how good the performance was, they would say it was the greatest thing they have ever seen. By the end of the movie, they were all sobbing from pure laughter, and Mina have a final flourish as the credits started to roll.


“Bakugou needs to pick the movie every girl’s night!”


“Who said I’m coming back?”




Bakugou may be brave and strong but the force of all of the girls smiling happily at them proved to powerful. Kirishima would forever wonder where his best friend ran off to ever Saturday night.