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Turn That Frown Upside Down - Yang Seungbae/Reader

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The street was quiet as you jogged and stumbled towards the police station. The cold air bit at your face and dried your throat, causing every breath to burn the inside of your nose and the roof of your mouth. As you adjusted your duffle bag, you stumbled over a crack in the street.

A passing couple stepped out of your way quickly and you heard one of them tell you off. It didn’t matter, though. Nothing mattered except getting to the police station. You had to talk to that man: The man who arrested Sangwoo.

The door whipped open and you took a hoarse breath. A couple of heads turned your way; concerned.

You took long strides towards the front desk and planted your hands firmly on it, “H-Hello,” your voice was scratchy.

The man gave you an odd look, “Is everything alright, ma’am?”

“I need… I need to talk to someone,” you wiped your nose, “He’s a cop… I saw him, uh, a month or so ago.”

Other cops started to pay attention, but tried to make it look inconspicuous, “You’ll have to be more specific, ma’am.”

You groaned in frustration and put your head in your hand; think, think, think…

“He wore glasses! And, uh, I don’t know how to describe… he looked really serious. Shoot, that’s not a good description… wait! Maybe, you know the guy he took in? He arrested Oh Sangwoo. Please, is he here?”

He rose his eyebrows slightly and glanced at the other officers sitting at their desks, “Officer Yang?” The others gave you a funny look but nodded, “Ma’am, he’s no longer working here.”

You bit your lip, “Where is he?! Please, I need to speak with him!”

The man seemed to chuckle slightly, “Well, to put it lightly; he was fired… for assaulting Oh Sangwoo.”

Nausea filled your stomach: You remember that day. Sangwoo had come back, you had been waiting on his steps since you saw him get arrested in the morning. He came up with some bullshit about how he was wrongly accused…

“Do you know where I can find him?”

Someone grabbed your shoulder gently and you jumped, panting as if someone had just knocked the wind out of you.


He interrupted you, “C’mon, miss… I’m sure I can help,” he started to walk you towards the entrance and you began to protest but he shot you the dirtiest look you had ever seen.

Once you were both outside, you took a deep breath of the cold air. It felt better than before, not as achy for your throat.

“I can help you… why do you need to see him, though?”

No way in hell were you revealing anything to anyone but this Yang guy. “How do you know him?”

He sighed, “Look, he’s a friend,” he lowered his voice, “What do you want with him, though?”

“I just… I need to ask him something.”

“About Oh Sangwoo?”

You glanced at your shoulder, noticing how he was still gripping it. You shrugged his hand off, “I need to talk to him.”

Obviously conflicted, he pinched the bridge of his nose. You were about to ask him again but he held a hand up as you began to open your mouth, “Okay, okay. I’ll give you his address-”

Finally, there was a glimmer of hope, “Thank you! Thank you so-”

“Wait a sec. Listen, he’s not… doing well.”

You wetted your chapped lips, “What do you mean?”

“Since the whole thing with Oh Sangwoo. When he got fired,” he tapped his foot on the concrete, “Just, don’t push too hard, alright?”

“Okay…” You agreed, though, you were unsure of what he meant.