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Ten Things They Don't Tell You About Being Champion of Hoenn

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1: When people start calling you Champion, you will have no idea who they’re talking to.
(But when you do realise they’re talking to you, it’s the best feeling in the world.)

“Hey, Champ!”

Phoebe’s words have the opposite effect to what she intended; Drake looks up, and is halfway through saying, “Yeah?” when he realises that she’s not talking to him, and he somewhat awkwardly looks back at the paperwork he was doing and hopes nobody will mention his slip-up.

Meanwhile, Steven doesn’t even look up; years of being mocked in school for being surprised at every sound has trained him not to respond in any way unless he’s sure the person is talking to him. His mind is not equipped to adjust to change, especially not a major change like now being the Champion of Hoenn, and while his routine has adjusted, his mindset has not.

Phoebe chuckles. “Steven, that’s you.”

Steven has a slight delay in responding, as though the speed of sound has momentarily slowed down and her words take extra time to reach his ears. In reality, it’s just that his brain takes time to process it. “Sorry, I’m still getting used to being the Champion. What is it, Phoebe?”

“I need you to sign this paper.”

He stands up and walks over to her, taking the paper she’s holding. He reads through it quickly, to check that he’s not signing anything he’ll later regret. Normally he would read it more thoroughly, but he trusts Phoebe not to trick him, and so he’s only looking for something that would have slipped past her read-through.

Confident that it is safe to sign, he leans on the table, borrows Phoebe’s pen, and scrawls his signature.

“Thanks, Champ!” she says brightly. This time, he knows who she’s talking to.



The brown-haired girl doesn’t look up at Sidney’s call. He repeats it, then remembers that she only defeated Steven recently; she’s probably still adjusting to the position. “Champion May!”

Still nothing. Perhaps she’s still being thrown off by the Champion part? “May!”


“May Sapphire?”

Glacia stares at him. She’s smiling as though she’s making an effort not to laugh. He rolls his eyes. “Glace, did you plan something with her?”

She shakes her head. “No, but she’s requested that she only be referred to as Queen Champion Wise Elf May Marina Sapphire of Littleroot Town, First Of Her Name, Originally From Goldenrod City.”

“You’re kidding me.”

The look Glacia gives him tells him otherwise, and he sighs heavily. With a roll of his eyes, he says, “Queen Champion Wise Elf May Marina Sapphire of Littleroot Town, First Of Her Name, Originally From Goldenrod City!”

The girl looks up. “Yes?”

“What’s your favourite colour?”

May considers this. “Ooh, I think it’s blue! Wait, no, I don’t like blue. Like, I like how it looks, but I don’t like it in certain contexts, you know what I mean? Oh, and it reminds me of Lisia, so I like it because of that. Ooh, but I also like red! You know, like the Kantonese kid and the redinstead movement! Hehehe, my friend’s uncle’s boyfriend is autistic, so I guess I’m something of an autism expert. Oh, but I also like pink! It reminds me of my contest outfit! And my contest outfit also has some yellow, and that reminds me of my Pikachu! And I like red because it reminds me of Blaziken and Latias and blue because it reminds me of Kyogre! Oh, but I don’t like blue because of Team Aqua. Wait, I also like green --”

Sidney doesn’t listen to the rest of her rambling speech; he just makes a mental note that if he ever needs to make a birthday card or something for her, then the colour isn’t something that he should factor in.

Meanwhile, Glacia is trying to figure out how to break the news that her friend’s uncle’s autistic boyfriend doesn’t actually make her an autism expert.



Wallace, unlike the two Champions before them that took longer to adjust, already knows to look up at Glacia’s voice. Their heart is racing. She said Champion! And she’s referring to them! Because they’re the Champion! Oh Rayquaza, they never thought they’d be able to do it!

But Glacia using that word to refer to them confirms it. They’re the Pokémon League Champion of the Hoenn region. They’re the Pokémon League Champion of the Hoenn region!

“Uh, Walls?” asks Phoebe, voice tinged with concern. “You okay? Your face is all red.”

Oh Rayquaza, they didn’t realise their elation was that visible. “I’m fine. Just … overjoyed that I’ve made it to this position. It is a great honour.”

Drake chuckles. “That’s how I felt at first. You’ll get used to it.”

They know they will.

“So, Glacia, what was it you wanted?”


2: There will be people who will be upset when you become Champion.
(It has nothing to do with you. They just don’t like change.)

It surprises absolutely nobody.

Drake had been the Champion for thirty years running; there are adults who weren’t alive to see the Champion before him, and anyone who didn’t grow up knowing him as the Champion is officially able to be classified as old.

On top of that, the new Champion is Steven Stone, already well-known as the son of Joseph Stone, the owner of Devon Corporation. Which means that he’s rich. Not as rich as one would expect, since a large majority of Devon’s earnings are donated to various charities, but still rich.

Rich enough that everyone assumes that he brought his eight badges and bribed the Elite Four and Drake into letting him through.

This, of course, is completely impossible. They ran what feels like an infinite number of background checks after he gained the position, to ensure that he had obtained all eight badges legitimately. Even if he hadn’t, the badges aren’t technically a requirement; they’re necessary to get to Ever Grande, but the Champion is just the person who defeats the Elite Four, badges or no badges.

This is true, but it does nothing to stop the rumours.

And honestly, Steven doesn’t care. The amount of fucks he gives is exactly the same as the amount of Fire-type Pokémon he has -- none at all. He knows he won fairly, and so do those close to him. He knows he’ll always have haters; he’s used to them, and he knows how to not let them get to him.

So when he hears them yelling at a press conference, he knows they’ll probably think he’s deaf for all the response he gives.

He lets them think that.


For someone who literally saved the world from Kyogre and Team Aqua, and then saved it again from the meteor, May has a surprisingly large number of haters.

The haters mostly fall into four categories. First, the ex-Team Aqua members that are so deluded they still think having Kyogre flood the world would have been good. Then, the plain-old xenophobes asking why she’s not the Champion of Johto, despite the fact that both of the prior Champions had Kantonese blood because most Hoennians have Kantonese blood, thanks to a piece of history that everybody likes to sweep under the rug. Then there’s the people who think that Devon’s method of dealing with the meteor was the right one. And finally, the Lisia haters that dislike May for her friendship with the teal-haired girl.

Most people love her, of course, because she saved the world twice. Her haters are so few and far between that most people aren’t sure she even knows about them. She is pretty naive, after all, and she certainly hasn't mentioned any haters.

Lisia hopes she doesn’t know about them. She couldn’t bear to see her upset over such a silly thing.


“The Champion is into contests?!”

“Oh my gosh, is he gay or something?!”

“How did he beat May?!”

“I know! She had three Legendaries and he’s probably gay. I bet he cheated!”

“He must have cheated! Oh my gosh, how did he get away with that? Hehehe!”

“Hey, you know Walls can hear you, right?”

The group of girls immediately turn upon hearing Sidney’s voice, and with shock they realise that the very person they were talking about, along with the rest of the Elite Four, was right behind them the whole time.

One of them speaks up. “Whatcha doing here, Champ? Going to do some sort of gay contest?”

“I bet he’s having gay sex with Sidney and Drake!” says another.

Drake sighs. “Come on, guys, let’s go.”

He walks, and the others follow. Once confident that they’re out of the group’s earshot, Phoebe puts an arm around Wallace’s shoulder. “Hey, don’t listen to ‘em, okay?”

“I won’t…” Wallace mumbles uneasily.

“They’re just jerks, don’t worry about them. Liking contests and whatever other “girly” stuff you’re into doesn’t make you any less of a man, y’know?”

“Hmm,” says Wallace.

They’re sure she means well.


3: The Elite Four aren’t your employees, they’re your family.
(And family accepts you, no matter what)

Families often have arguments.

It’s not out of a genuine dislike, it’s really not. It’s just that Glacia is old enough to be a mother (as a matter of fact, she does have two kids, but that’s beside the point), and Phoebe is young enough to be a rebellious teenager. They’re still getting used to each other. They’ll get over it eventually.

The fact that they will get over eventually doesn’t help much with the fact that right now, they’re yelling at the top of their voices, Drake is yelling louder than them in an attempt to get them to stop arguing, and Sidney is trying to drown the three of them out by playing heavy metal music at max volume on his speaker.

“SO,” yells Sidney, over all of the other noise. “HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE NEW TOUGHNESS CONTEST IN LILYCOVE?!!!!!”

Steven tries to figure out what the Dark-type user is trying to say, then shrugs silently. Sidney frowns. “HEY, YOU OKAY, BOSS?!!!”

He shrugs again, because he doesn’t know what else to do.

Drake, in his frustration at Glacia and Phoebe’s continued arguments, slams his hands down on the table to get their attention, loudly. Steven, Rayquaza forbid, whimpers at the sudden pain in his head caused by this noise.

Sidney notices this. “Boss, what’s wrong?!” he asks, his voice still louder than normal, but quiet enough to be barely audible above the sound of the arguments and of his music.

Steven, by some miracle of Rayquaza, hears him. It takes a few seconds for the silver-haired Champion to respond. “I’m … fine.” he mumbles through gritted teeth.

Sidney raises an eyebrow. “Uh, you sure?!”

“I’m … fine…” he tries to say again, but midway through the second word he hears Drake yelling again, and he can’t resist the urge to cup his hands over his ears.

Sidney stares at him. “Uh, you don’t like noise, do you?” His voice is as quiet as normal now, and he doesn’t really expect Steven to hear him, but by some miracle, the Champion nods.

Within moments, Sidney’s music has been paused. Phoebe, Glacia, and Drake notice this change in environment and turn to stare at the Dark-type user with confusion, and as response he gestures to Steven, who still has his hands cupped over his ears. “Are you lot trying to send ‘im into a meltdown?!” says Sidney in an annoyed tone.

Phoebe frowns. “We weren’t being that loud.”

Steven finally removes his hands from his ears, and the now-quiet environment allows him to finally find words to form sentences properly. “Oh my Rayquaza,” he says, voice dripping with sarcasm. “You’re right! I can’t believe it! You’ve enlightened me with the knowledge that it wasn’t actually that loud! Thank you, Phoebe, you’ve cured my autism!”

She chuckles at his comment. “Sorry, Steven, we’ll try not to be so loud.”

“Thanks,” he mutters gratefully.


May is used to doing stupid things late at night.

They say the early Pidgey gets the Caterpie, but she never seems to be able to get up before nine AM, and so she opts to do things “early” by waking up at two AM. The idea that this is why she can never get up early isn’t one that occurs to her.

So she considers it totally normal when, having decided to sleep in Ever Grande for the night with the Elite Four, she announces that she’s going for a walk.

Nobody else considers it totally normal, not even in their half-asleep states.

“Wha?” chokes Phoebe blankly. “It’s two in the morning…”

“Yeah, I always go for a walk at two AM,” explains May.

It’s Drake who’s first to stand up. “Just wait for me to get dressed. I’m coming with you.”

May blushes. “You don’t really need to --”

“You might get hurt on your own,” says Glacia, rubbing her eyes. “Someone should go with you.”

“Ugh, fine. But be quick!”

They’re her family. And nobody would let a twelve-year-old girl that’s part of their family risk their life just for fun.


“I keep telling you, Walls,” says Phoebe, sighing as she sorts through a stack of paperwork. “You just have to ignore what those jerks say.”

“I’m trying to ignore them,” Wallace mutters, somewhat defensively. “What they’re saying hurts.”

“I understand that, Walls, but there’s nothing you can say that’ll make them stop. You’ve just gotta learn to deal with it.”

“I’m trying to,” Wallace repeats. “It’s just hard sometimes.”

“You know what they’re saying is complete bullshit, right?” she asks, looking the teal-haired Champion dead in the eye. “Like I keep saying, being into contests doesn’t make you any less of a man. You know that.”

Wallace’s reply is a low mutter, almost inaudible, and Phoebe frowns. “What did you say, Walls?”

Walls is avoiding eye contact as they repeat what they said. “I’m not a man.”

The other three members of the Elite Four look up in surprise. Wallace can’t bear to look at their faces, not when they don’t know what their reactions will be. There’s a heavy silence amongst the group. Sidney is the first to break it.
“So are you, like, trans or something?”

Wallace finally looks up. “Nonbinary,” they mutter with none of their previous anxiety.

Phoebe pauses. “Should we change pronouns or something?”

“Uh, I’d prefer if you used they,” they mumble. “But you don’t really have to --”

“Oh, calm down,” says Phoebe. “I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t going to respect your answer.”

They feel their face going red. “Sorry--”

“Stop being so sorry about everything! Yeesh, show some self-respect, you dolt."

They’re even more sure she means well this time.


4: The Gym Leaders aren’t your family, they’re your employees.
(It’s easy to get confused sometimes, I know.)

Steven’s on first name terms with many of the Gym Leaders.

He’s known Roxanne since he was six and he’s been babysitting Tate and Liza since he moved to Mossdeep. He can’t possibly imagine treating them as anything other than friends.

So it’s no wonder he’s surprised when his words seem to cause Roxanne so much agitation.

It was a simple greeting -- the “Hi, Roxy” script he’s been using since he first met her, but she frowns. “Steven, this is a professional environment! Call me Miss Stein.”

He doesn’t want to call her Miss Stein, because she’s a teacher and that’s probably what her students call her and it feels oddly infantilising to refer to her in the same way her students do. So the next time he wants her attention, he just says her name -- “Roxanne?”

She seems to be okay with this, so he keeps calling her Roxanne in formal meetings.

Before long, he’s forgotten he ever had a nickname for her.


May’s not exactly known for her professional attitude.

“Hi, Dad!”

Norman groans. “May, we’re trying to be professional.”

“What are you going to do, ban me from my computer?” says May with a chuckle. “Who cares, I’m the Champion of Hoenn!”

Norman sighs in defeat. “May, we have a meeting to get on with.”

“Oh, right. Thank you for the reminder.” In an instant she’s acting professional. “I believe I emailed you a link to a google doc containing the meeting agenda.”

Norman, though skeptical, takes out his PokéNav Plus to check his emails. Surprisingly, she actually remembered to send it to her. He clicks the link, and --

“Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna--”

He groans. “May, this is meant to be professional!”

She pouts. “Sorry, Dad.”


It’s hard to figure out what to call Juan, exactly.

Master Juan? No, too overly formal, too much of a relic from when they were his student. Mr. Alpha? That feels weird, since Alpha is also Wallace’s surname. Juan? It seems fine on paper, but it feels too informal.

Juan himself doesn’t seem to care, so they go with Master Juan, even if it does prompt some strange looks from the other Gym Leaders -- after all, they are now his superior. At first they begin to worry that their unprofessional attitude is unacceptable, and that the others will judge them for it.

Then, while sitting next to Winona, they accidentally see her contacts list on her PokéNav Plus. They see their own number under the name Ex, Steven’s under the name Jolene, and Brawly’s under the name Why is fighting weak to flying? Duh because this loser can’t beat me in a fight.

They’re considerably less self-conscious after seeing that.


5: You will lose to the person you never expected to lose to.
(And it will hurt.)

She’s twelve, for Rayquaza’s sake!

Sure, she did save the world from Kyogre and Team Aqua, but she’s still a child.

It doesn’t matter that she had two Legendary Pokémon on her side. It doesn’t matter that her starter Pokémon was a Mega Blaziken. What matters is that Steven just lost to a child.

It takes a lot to emotionally wound Steven, but when he finally falls, he hits the ground hard.

He lost to a child. A child! Fuck, how is he going to face his family after this?

Between the trauma of dealing with the Kyogre incident, the loss of losing to May, and the stress of dealing with the meteor, Steven Stone feels like he’s falling apart.

But Wallace is here to pick up the pieces and put them back together.

At their suggestion, he takes a break. When his burnout leads to a lack of impulse control, which in turn leads to him impulse buying a villa in Sinnoh, Wallace doesn’t scold him for his inability to control the urge to buy real estate, but rather encourages him to go there on holiday, assures him that he’ll be able to give it to someone else when he wants to come back.

By the time he’s returned from his holiday, he’s accepted the loss, and he’s glad to hear the news of Wallace being the new Champion.

In a way, he prefers not being the Champion. This way he has more time to go spelunking.


May’s surprised when Wallace beats her.

Not sad, just shocked. She has three Legendary Pokémon on her side; she long ago accepted that she would eventually give up the Champion role in favour of taking over her father’s Gym, or perhaps joining Brendan in his quest to become a Pokémon professor. She never actually thought anyone could beat her, with Kyogre, Latias, and Rayquaza on her side.

When she does lose, though, she takes it in stride. She’s learned a lot as Champion, but now its time for her to try something else. Perhaps she’ll go back to Johto for a while.


6: Even if you’re sure you’re alone, the cameras and creepy fans are everywhere.
(And they know everything you don’t want them to know.)


“We all know this man -- He’s Steven Stone, heir to Devon and Champion of Hoenn. But who is he really?”

Steven looks at the video with a frown, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Well,” says Phoebe hopefully. “It was so long ago it does not really look like you.”

“That’s kinda negated by the fact that the announcer says it’s ‘im,” says Sidney. “And it’s in the title of the video.”

Steven groans. “I was only six, for Rayquaza’s sake! What kind of six-year-old hasn’t thrown a tantrum in Mauville Food Court?!”

“What were you so upset about?” Drake asks cautiously.

“The lights were too bright,” he explains. “So I suppose it was really more of a meltdown than a tantrum. But the point still stands! I was six, and people are using this to make it seem like I can’t be Champion now, nineteen years later.”

Glacia frowns. “Who made this video?”

“Some stranger on the Internet. He lives in Kanto, so I probably don’t know him in person.”

“Then how exactly,” asks Glacia. “Did this person acquire this footage?”

Steven blinks, and suddenly his knuckles are white with fury. He stands up.

“Where are you going?” Sidney asks him.

“To Slateport,” he explains. “For some heavily delayed revenge.”


“Oh my fucking Rayquaza! ...Well, I suppose It’s your Rayquaza.”

Lisia had hoped her quip would lighten the mood, but May merely sighs. “I’ve been trying to train It up, but it’s really hard because every time I send It out, I get a crowd of Hoennians worshipping It.”

Lisia can see why. Rayquaza is a major part of many indigenous Hoennian religions, including her own, and she’s still adjusting to May having caught It. She can’t imagine how shocking it must be to people who don’t know May in person. May, of course, is ethnically Johtonese, and having been born and raised in Johto, she knows next to nothing about the culture.

“We should go to the Gym,” suggests Lisia. “Master Juan is out at the moment, so he won’t see it, and it’s a nice enclosed space for training.”

“Good idea!”

The two go into the Gym, and they make use of the pool so that Kyogre can battle Rayquaza. They’re so excited they lose track of time.

The door opens. “Hello, Lisia, I --”

Juan’s eyes catch the two Legendary Pokémon and his skin loses most of its colour. He leans against the doorframe of the Gym for support. “Ahem, c-could you perhaps return those two to their Poké Balls?”


They’re not precisely sure who got the news out, or how it had spread. They’re not sure when the information was first revealed. But they can pinpoint the exact moment when they realised it was common knowledge.

They received a Sylveon as an anonymous gift, which they gave to Lisia, since they have no need for it. They heard fans and strangers referring to them with the correct pronouns. Their sex marker on their official Champion profile for the PWT was changed. Suddenly people on social media are hailing them as a nonbinary icon.

The reception is more positive than they thought it would be, honestly.

They weren’t planning to come out to the public, but they can’t deny that this is a positive change.


7: The paperwork. Oh Rayquaza, the paperwork.
(You’ll drown in it.)

It’s a good thing Steven is a fast reader, because otherwise he would never be able to sort through all of the things he is expected to sign without making the mistake of signing something he didn’t read properly.

Unlike most Hoennian Champions before him, he has free time, enough of it to go caving when he so wishes. He completes his paperwork fast, almost scarily so. It reminds him of his time in the Pokémon Trainers’ School in Rustboro City, when he would get through all of his schoolwork within minutes and spend the rest of the lesson sketching interesting rocks.

The Elite Four are grateful. It lessens their workload.


“Yeah, yeah, I’ll get on with it!”

Glacia shakes her head. This child is far too young to be in charge of this paperwork.

She glances over at the stack of papers, and it’s larger than any book she’s read in her lifetime.

She feels sorry for whoever is Champion after May.


It was always going to be a group effort.

May had done next to nothing in her three months of Championship, so when Wallace took over, they had been greeted with a mountain of work. Somehow, they make it work.

First, they get a custom-made stamp with their signature, to save those precious seconds in signing the pages. Then, they divide the papers up into five groups and give on to each member of the Elite Four. They have to skim through them at the end, of course, but having someone else summarise it shortens the process considerably.

In two weeks they’re done. Burnt out and exhausted and desperately needing to rest, but done.

They take a short break to recover, spending some time with Lisia and Juan and Steven.

If they ever again find themself stressed with the sheer magnitude of the work they’re given, they at least remember that they’re better than May.


8: It takes a toll on you.
(Self-care is more important than ever.)

If there’s one thing that Steven, May, and Wallace can agree on, it’s that being in charge of a region is exhausting.

Steven, surprisingly, handles it. The paperwork comes naturally to him, and he has a good relationship with most of the Gym Leaders. But asking him to come to a meeting when he does not feel ready for it? That’s a mistake, and it took a meltdown for Drake to learn this.

Somehow, he makes time for spelunking. He’s grateful for this; he couldn’t survive without the hobby.

May is relatively okay, if only because she neglects her duties to an extreme. Even so, she is tired a majority of the time, as much as she chalks that up to a lack of sleep caused by her frequent midnight walks. The meetings with Gym Leaders are tiring, but Petalburg is always fun to visit.

But if she thinks she can turn neglecting her duties into an art form with no consequences, she’s wrong. Wallace beats her and is hit hard with a massive workload that, by all logic, should have been hers.

(To be fair, she is twelve.)

Maybe it’s fear of being yelled at for not completing it, or maybe it’s just because they know it will only increase with time, but either way they’re determined to finish it as quickly as possible.

It’s two weeks of solid work -- two weeks of all-nighters, two weeks of near constant meetings with Gym Leaders, two weeks of this Rayquaza-damned headache that never seems to go away. By the end of it they’re exhausted.

They try to take a break to look after themself, but they can’t take too long off, not when the workload keeps multiplying.

They know they’re at least better than May, and they try to keep on top of it, but sometimes it’s all just a bit too much.


9: It can be traumatising.
(Not the job itself, but the things that you’re expected to deal with.)

He’s the Champion; it’s his job to keep Hoenn safe. So everyone turns to him when a group of horribly misguided environmental activists threaten to drown Hoenn.

By some miracle, he holds himself together through the pouring rain and the imminent danger and the terror of it all. Once May’s dealt with it, he barely has the energy to take himself back to his home in Mossdeep before the inevitable meltdown happens.

He’s paradoxically distraught and relieved when she beats him and becomes Champion; he’s glad he can step away from the workload to recover, but the loss shatters him emotionally. The incident involving the meteor is a careful balance, a game of finding out when to pull himself together and when to let himself melt down in the peace of his own home. He hates meltdowns and he hates the way they’re getting more common, but the longer he tries to hold it off, the worse it is when it finally strikes him down.

On Wallace’s advice, he takes some time off in the name of self-care. He goes to Sinnoh on vacation and stays there until he feels ready to return.

He’s okay now.

If anything, he’s better than previously at coping with the sound of rain.


May is more upset than she lets on about the incident with the meteor.

She’s scared that her world is going to be destroyed and she’s angry that she has to deal with it just because she’s the Champion. She watches the Litleonids afterwards with Brendan and can’t help but think it’s ironic that she’s watching rocks falling through the sky now, when so recently she was convinced one would kill her.

She can’t help but worry about Zinnia; she hasn’t seen the woman since Rayquaza destroyed the meteor. But she knows that Zinnia can take care of herself, and so she does not pursue the matter.

She’s relieved when the Champion position is taken from her, if surprised. She looks through the money she’s gained throughout her journey through Hoenn.

She’s overjoyed when she realises she has more than enough to take a vacation to Johto.

(Maybe she’ll catch Celebi and use it to stop Team Aqua and the meteor before they became threats.)


When a Gym Leader suddenly becomes a Champion, a new Gym Leader needs to be appointed.

Of course, the choice is obvious -- Juan was the Gym Leader of Sootopolis City before Wallace was, and he already volunteered to take over if they succeeded. But the League does not care about prior arrangements; the League wants tests to be undertaken and paperwork to be signed.

Of course, he passes with flying colours. But the League requires that, to prove his ability to defend the city, he recounts his memory of the Kyogre incident and his role in ensuring the safety of the citizens.

Wallace can’t even bring themself to read it; they just get Phoebe to read through it and tell them if any clarifications are necessary. Just thinking about the incident gets them pale and shaky.

It wasn’t until a fortnight after the incident that they could even bring themself to shower; they had tried several times before then, but the sensation had been too close to the rain, bringing back too many memories. They still feel uneasy about showering sometimes.

They wouldn't dare tell a soul, but they still cry every time it rains.


10: You wouldn’t give it up for the world.
(Even if it is stressful sometimes. This is your life, and even after you’re defeated, the experiences that you live through while Champion stay with you forever.)


There’s a saying that originated in the Indigo League: Once a Champion, always a Champion.

Steven is still friends with the Elite four long after losing the title. May still has the Legendary Rayquaza that she caught while she was in charge of the region. Wallace will never forget what they’ve learned and experienced so far.

They all agree that this saying is true.