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The Language of Gods and Sin

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What if it wasn’t the best night of her life?


Chapter #1


“Good Morning, Detective.” His body melded to my back in a way he would have never dared before last night. He whispered in my ear, “Something was noticeably missing from my bed this morning. In fact, the security system showed a departure precisely thirty minutes after I had succumbed to a much needed slumber.”

I didn’t respond to him. It was Lucifer. This wasn’t going to be easy. Moments like this flashed through my mind before I surrendered last night, but he was my only focus. His pain more important than the torture I’d endure from him.

His arousal pressed against my hip. He certainly hadn’t lied about stamina. “I guess you could say, Detective, we still haven’t slept together, with your early departure and all.” His lips caressed my ear.

I suppressed a shiver. I couldn’t let him get to me.

“Your scent is so delightful this morning.” His nose grazed the side of my neck. “You smell like me.” His finger played across my hip. “Let me put your mind at ease, Detective. I don’t carry any diseases, and I can’t get you pregnant. Last night was an unusual experience for me.  I’m usually a safety first kind of Devil, but not because it’s necessary. I like to set a good example and it makes for easy clean up, especially with multiple partners. But you… you made me lose control. I can’t remember that ever happening.”

I pulled away of his overheated embrace.  “Lucifer, we can’t do this now. We have to work.” I walked to the dead body that lay prone on the side walk. “Ella, what do you got?” I stared at the forensics expert, hoping engagement with her would save me from further contact with Lucifer.

From her crouched position, she glanced over at me and stated, “Thirty year-old male, blunt force trauma to the skull. Looks like maybe some kind of hammer.” She looked up at Lucifer. A silent exchange occurred between them, and then Ella grinned. “No way. Finally! She gave it up to the Devil.” She all but pounced with the enthusiastic high-five she gave him.

Turning to look at him, he smirked and nodded his head like a child who had just eaten his favorite ice cream.

“Oh, for Christ’s sake.” I turned my back on them.

“What’s his sake got to do with any of this? He wasn’t there last night. It wasn’t his name on your lips. It was mine.” His hand rested on my back and inhaled deeply. “Oh, I do love your scent, Detective. You wear me so well. I should make sure you smell this delectable every day.” His lips descended on my neck, but I dodged him, coaxing a frustrated sound from his throat.

“Would you focus?” I turned to face him full-on and with a strained whisper charged, “Look, we work together. You can’t go around telling everyone we slept together. It’s highly in appropriate.”

“But you were married to Dan. Surely, everyone knew you two had sex. You do have a child together. Your marriage was a public declaration of your sexual liaisons. An advertisement, if you will.” His sly grin and suggestive tone irritated me.

“But you and I aren’t married, are we, Lucifer?” My words erupted on a punctuated growl. 

“You don’t need to be married to do what we did last night. I think we’ve put that theory to rest.”

“Yes, but it’s not anyone else’s business.” His puzzled expression caused me to shake my head.

“Are you saying that you want to hide the fact that we had sex? Or is it a proposal you seek?” With a raised eyebrow, he awaited my response.

I gritted my teeth. His name erupting as a scold. “Lucifer…” I rubbed my temples, wishing I could will him away. “I’m saying what’s done is done. It’s time to move on.”

He cocked his head to the side. “But Detective…”

“Can we please talk about this later?”

Ella, who had been taking in the entire exchange, tapped Lucifer on the shoulder. “You know, she has a point, Luci. If you want it to happen again, you might want to keep it all on the down-low, if you know what I mean.” She winked at him.

“Good point, Miss Lopez.” He turned to me and bowed his head. “My sincere apologies, dear Detective. I’ll strive to be more discreet.”

“Thank you. But it’s not happening again.”

He straightened like an arrow. “What? You can’t be serious?”

I walked away.

His whine carried on the wind. “Detective…”