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Splatoon: A Fresh Spark

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“The light of freedom lies before me. I will use it to enact my revenge.”

It was dead into the late hours of the night… well, as far as the screens on the fake sky would say. Somehow, a dim light still managed to shine through a barred window which led into a small room. Lying underneath it was a lone Inkling. His purple hair was tied back, but one lock of hair on down on the side of his head.

A door slid open and two figures walked into the room and approached the boy on on the ground.

“Get up!” a harsh voice said, as the boy was awakened with a harsh kick to the chest. The Inkling squirmed, feeling the air get knocked out of him. He gasped for air while grabbing his chest and stared up at his captors… a pair of Octolings.

“Okay! Let’s go!” the Octoling boy said, walking out with his partner. “You’re being transferred to a new cell. Now, I don’t wanna clean squid guts off these walls, so you’d better get the heck out here!”

The boy grasped the wall, finding the strength to stand on his bare feet. He stumbled into the hallway and Octolings harshly grabbed him, dragging him down into another part of the facility. If the slowed down even a little, they’d harshly push him forward.

“This is the one,” the Octoling girl said, approaching the cell at the next cell block.

The boy’s new cell had a bed and even a table. He walked in and the Octolings slammed the door behind him. The sound of it made him jump and turn around. He could hear the soldiers chuckle a bit.

“I’ll admit, it’s a lot nicer than your old cell,” said the Octoling. “So enjoy it, but don’t get used to it! You’re being taken to a new place tomorrow, freak!”

The Octolings walked off, chatting with each other. The boy collapse onto the bed. He couldn’t think about anything, but how tired he was and immediately fell asleep. Even though there was a blanket, it was still freezing in the room, but that was still the least of his troubles…

An Inkling peeked from behind a crate. Her gray hair was covered with a hat and a mask covered her mouth and nose. She wore a green outfit and a pair of black boots. Through a scope she zoomed in on an Octoling patrolling in a tower.

“Agent 2, can you make the shot?” said a voice.

Agent 2 nearly dropped her Splat Charger at the sound. She turned to her partner, another Inkling girl. She had two black locks of hair that were long enough to almost reach the ground and was tipped with pink. A violet colored beanie was on her head with a matching outfit and black boots. She had a pair of shades to cover her eyes.

“Not when you’re talking so loud, Agent 1…” Agent 2 whispered.

“Oh! Sorry!” Agent 1 said, hiding back behind the box.

“We gotta stay quiet, remember?” Agent 2 took aim with the scope on her Splat Charger.

She held her breath, steadied her aim, and locked onto the Octoling. And she fired. It splatted the Octoling instantly.

“Got him,” Agent 2 said, quietly.

The Agents were now free to run around the perimeter of the building. They hid behind crates to hide from the guards on patrol and made their way to the back.

Agent 1 found a ladder and put it against the wall, so they could climb onto the roof. They could have just shot ink on the wall and swam up the wall, but they didn’t want to leave a trail that they were here. The two ran across the roof and busted in through a trapdoor.

Once they landed on the floor inside the building, they found themselves in an armory. Agent 2 ran up to the only Octoling in the room.

“Put your hands up!” Agent 2 said, harshly.

“What the?!” the Octoling said, raising his hands.

“Now hand over your keys!” said Agent 1.

The Octoling handed over his keys. Agent 1 happily took them. Then she bashed him over the head with a roller. He hit his head on a metal cabinet and was out cold.

“Thank-you!” Agent 1 said, cheerfully.

“My cod!” Agent 2 said, looking around. “The cap’n wasn’t joking!”

“They’re just weapons! That can’t-”

“This many, Agent 1?” She yanked Agent 1’s arm to make her partner face her. “This has to mean something! We gotta look around some more so we know where to set the charges.”

Agent 1 unlocked the door and they ran down the hallway. They checked every corner to avoid patrols. Octolings and Octarians were scattered around everywhere. They memorized the path they took and found themselves in a cellblock.

“What is this place?” Agent 1 whispered.

“Looks like a place for prisoners…” said Agent 2.

Suddenly, the two agents could see the whispers of prisoners as they approached the bars. To their horror, they were were fellow Inklings like them. The two agents backed up against each other, staring in horror.

“Okay… I guess the cap’n was right…” Agent 1 said, looking around.

“Forget blowing this place up,” said Agent 2. “We gotta help them.”

“This many?!”.

“It’s like ten prisoners,” said Agent 2. “And we could use the extra help. They can’t take us all. We just gotta stay quiet.”

“Okay,” said Agent 1. “Well, I’ve got the key…”

Agents 1 and 2 ran to every cell and unlocked them to free the Inklings. They grabbed whatever they could to use as a weapon, but they had to remind them to stay quiet.

Agent 1 opened the last cell and went in to find an Inkling boy asleep on a bed.

“Hey!” Agent 1, said tapping the boy on the shoulder.

The Inkling boy jolted up to a sitting position and tried swatting away Agent 1 in fear.

“Hey!” Agent 1 said, covering her face.

The boy pushed her away and made a run for the door. Luckily, Agent 2 rushed in and grabbed him before he got out. She pinned him against the wall, but he wouldn’t stop kicking and screaming. Agent 2 was forced to cover his mouth.

“Are you trying to get all of us splatted?!” she snapped.

The boy tried to break away but the Agent’s grip was too strong. As soon as calmed down, Agent 2 let him drop to the floor. He grabbed his chest and opened his purple eyes and saw the ones standing before him… were Inklings like him.

“We’re trying to help you,” said Agent 1. “Don’t you want to get out of here?”

The boy looked at them. Clearly he was still shaking, but he shrugged.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” said Agent 1.

“Agent 1… look at him!” said Agent 2.

The two took notice of all the scars and bruises he had. The boy stayed still, feeling scared and embarrassed.

“You’re scared, aren’t you?” said Agent 1.

The boy nodded, wiping his eyes.

“Well, don’t worry!” Agent 1 said, cheerfully. “We’ll make it! It’s that or my name isn’t-”

“Agent 1!” Agent 2 snapped.

“Um… Agent 1?” Agent 1 said, finishing her sentence.

“Oh… right…” said Agent 2. “Anyway, let’s get going!”

“Right!” Agent 1 put her hands on hips. “Let’s go, kid!”

Agent 1 grabbed the boy by his arm and pulled him outside without warning. The Inklings raced down the hallway and took out any Octarians that got in the way. After they set the charges in the armory, they made their way outside when the alarms started going off. The agents guided the Inklings towards a way back to Inkopolis.

“Get out of here!” Agent 1 yelled, as Octarians started rushing outside. “Run! We’ll hold them off!”

The Inklings made a run for the teapot that led back to the surface. Agent 1 flicked her roller, launching ink at the enemy and Agent 2 was providing supporting fire.

The Inkling boy followed the others towards the exit, but turned around to see Agents 1 and 2 getting pinned down by incoming fire. They were running low on ink, but if they stopped shooting, they’d be splatted. Agent 2 managed to splat on of the Octolings. His weapon flew through the air and landed at the boy’s feet. He wanted to run. They had told him to… Finally, he felt a fire he had not felt in so long. He grabbed the gun and charged in. The Octarians were taken by surprise, getting shot from the side by a rallied up Inkling.

“What’s he doing?!” Agent 2 said, shocked.

“Saving us! That’s what!” said Agent 1. “Reload! Quick!

It had been so long since the boy last held a weapon. He felt so empowered. He ducked under a shot and beat down the shooter. A bomb flew towards his face, but he caught it and threw back his opponent. It hit the Octoling in the face and while he was distracted he shot him down. Agent 1 and 2 wondered what the heck made his mood do take a complete opposite turn.

Suddenly, the boy was shot down by a direct hit on his shoulder. He screamed out in pain and spun around before falling onto his knees and dropping his weapon. The Octoling who escorted him before came up and struck him in the chest with the back of his charger. The boy fell flat on his his back and rolled onto his side, clutching his shoulder and his chest.

“Well, isn’t this disappointing…” said the Octoling.

The boy coughed several times. He saw the weapon in front of him and reached for it, but the Octoling shot him in the leg. The boy screamed out in pain as tears came down his eyes.

“You were so well-behaved before…” said the Octoling. “I honestly thought I wouldn’t have to splat you, but… whatever…”

The Octoling raised his charger. The boy covered his face in fear. Suddenly, the Octoling was splatted by another charger.

“Kid!” Agent 2 yelled, as she and Agent 1 rushed over to him.

Ink was seeping out from his shoulder and leg. Agent 1 applied pressure to the boy’s wounds. The tried to pull away but Agent 2 held him still.

“Easy!” said Agent 1. “We’re trying to help you!”

“Forget it!” said Agent 2. “Let’s just take him with us! More could be coming!”

“O-Okay!” Agent 1 said, trying to stay calm. “Wait! What about-”

“I’ll explain it to the Cap’n!” said Agent. “Now, come on!”

“Alright! Alright!” said Agent 1.

Agent 1 one lifted the boy off the ground. He cried out in pain, but it was a bit quieter.

“Hang in there, alright?” said Agent 1. “You can scream all you want, but don’t pass out.”

Agent 1 got a head start on the way back. Agent 2 followed behind to cover them. Once they were far enough, Agent 2 pulled out a button and pressed it. The charges set off and an explosion occurred in the building before they ran back to the surface.

The boy was barely conscious by the time they got back to the base. Agent 2 opened the door and they ran into the main room and shut the door. Agent 1 set the boy on the floor and slapped him.

“Stay awake!” Agent 1 yelled. “Stay with me!”

The boy let out a soft moan his eyes were barely open. Agent 2 ran into the back and got the first aid kit. Once she got back, Agent 1 held the boy still while Agent 2 grabbed a needle and stitched his wounds shut. They boy gritted his teeth, trying to get up and break away, but Agent 1 held him down. He was muttering something they couldn’t quite understand while grabbing his chest.

Agent 2 let out a heavy sigh when she finished. Agent 1 gave the boy a pat on his wrist to let him know he was fine.

“Try not to move,” said Agent 1. “It’ll hurt less if you stay still.”

“Urgh… St… Stop… him…” the boy muttered softly through the pain.

Agent 1 and 2 exchanged glances.

“Who?!” said Agent 2.

The boy tried to reach out his hand, but then he limp. Agent 1 covered her mouth.

“He… He spoke…” she said, softly.

“Don’t worry,” said Agent 2. “I think he just passed out… So much for answers…”

Agent 1 stared down the hall and then also the couch.

“We should let him rest somewhere… I’ll tell the cap’n what happened.”

Agent 2 glanced around.

“Well… there’s always Agent 3’s room…” said Agent 2.

“But-” Agent 1 tried to say.

“What?!” said Agent 2. “It’s not like Agent 3 is using it… the jerk…”

Agent 2 bandaged the boy’s wounds before carrying him down the hall to Agent 3’s old room. Agent 1 watched them go, dancing with the emotions that had flared up in her heart.

The Octarian forces still at work… The squidnapping of Inklings… Agent 1 saw only one thing to do…

“I’ve gotta find Agent 3…” Agent 1 muttered. And she went into her room.

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“I walk the path of darkness to find the light of my dreams...”

The skies were covered in dark clouds. A slight chill hung over the Marooner’s Bay. Standing by the shore was one little Inkling with short orange hair. She made sure her rubber gloves and boots were on right, and adjusted her hat. Then she rebuckled her orange rubber overalls.

A charger hung on her back, and a Splattershot was on her side. She turned around to face the recruits. All three of them were wearing the same outfit as her, but they all had different weapons.

“Anemy?” said one of the recruits.

The leader turned to look at her.

“What is it, Coral?” said Anemy.

“O-Oh! S-Sorry!” said Coral. “I mean Captain Arowana?”

“Yes?” said Anemy.

She hesitated to say what was on her mind, but the fact that her Luna Blaster was shaking said it all.

“It’s okay to be nervous,” said Anemy. “Just remember your training and you’ll be fine.”

Gill gasped at the sight of something. Anemy turned around took notice of the incoming fog.

“The fog will impair our vision, so stay sharp,” I said.

Gill pulled out his Splattershot Jr. and Char had a Carbon Roller The group stood close with their back to each other, as the fog grew thicker.

Then, out of nowhere, a big Cohock jumped at them, the fog making it but a silhouette in the distance. The recruits gasped in surprise and fear, but Anemy did not falter. She raised her charger and took out in a single shot. The other Inklings watched as the Salmanoid died and orange ink fell on the ground.

More of the Salmonoid troops began to come from the shore.

“Get them!” Anemy ordered. “I’ll get them from the high ground.”

The recruits nodded and did as they were told. Char headed in first and crushed the common Chum. Then he noticed something at his feet, but he got out of the way, as Coral threw a bomb. The Maws emerged from the ink, devouring the bomb and making it explode. Char rolled out the way of a Scrapper and shot it down from behind. A three Inklings froze when the saw the enormous Steel Head making its way onto the shore. Steelheads were slow, but devastating if left unchecked. Luckily for them, Anemy had made it to a high point. She raised her charger as it summoned a bomb on it’s head and shot it down, the explosion splatting the Steelhead.

The recruits had to get the eggs they dropped back to the basket. The golden ones, dropped by the boss Salmonoids, that shined even in the fog, were the top priority. Anemy stayed on the abandoned ship, providing covering fire, while they got the eggs to the basket. It seemed to be going well, but Anemy refused to let her guard down.

Cohocks began to come from the shore in armies. They were coming from all sides.

“Coral! Char!” Anemy yelled. “Take the cannons!”

As Coral and Char swam in their ink to rush to the turrents, Anemy took a deep breath, trying to keep her fear at bay. Then, with her Splattershot, she dove into the into and swam towards the fray to help Gill. She jumped out right in front of a Cohock and splatted it right in the face and dashed around, splatting any that got close. Missile shot from the turrents, providing support. Gill shot around in a circle, but they were getting closer. When they were to close, Anemy jumped into the air, and slammed into the ground with Splash Down. The Cohocks were taken out in the explosion of ink.

The battlefield grew silent. As Anemy caught her breath, the others made haste to bring the golden eggs back to the basket. Though, she could tell the others were on edge, too.

It happened suddenly! A flurry of missiles shot through the air, forcing everyone to scatter. Armies of Salmonoids and bosses came onto the shore, overwhelming the team. Anemy found herself dodging Scrappers and narrowly escaping an explosion from a Steelhead that caused her to drop her weapon and fall to the ground. She then froze as she saw the mothership approaching.

“Anemy!” Char yelled from afar.

“I need help!” Coral cried.

“Help us!” Gill yelled.

The cries of her comrades grew faint as what she saw were no longer Salmonoids and their weapons, but the sight of her worst nightmare. Nightmares she thought she left behind… Her right hand reached around, enemy ink stinging her like acid. She couldn’t surrender! She couldn’t be weak! She can’t!

Anemy reached for her charger and immediately sprang to her feet. Hair glowing, she held out her special weapon at the mothership.

“NO!” Anemy yelled, as she open fired with a stingray. The firepower was enough to cause an explosion, big enough to wipe out the remaining Salmonoids.

The shore was once again silent, covered in orange ink. The Mothership had been sent flying towards the horizon. Anemy was on her knees. Her arms felt like jelly.

“Anemy!” said a voice.

Anemy quickly stood onto her feet as the recruits caught up with her. The world was spinning, making her stumble, but she tried her best to hide it.

“Why didn’t you use your specials?!” Anemy said, angrily. “We have them for a reason! If I hadn’t pulled out my Stingray, we’d all be splatted! You know how Mr. Grizz feels about crew wipes.”

The recruits took Anemy’s words like a slap to the face.

“W-We’re sorry…” Coral said, sadly. “We’ll get better.”

Anemy gazed at the empty battleground. Golden eggs were lying around for the taking.

“...Just… get those eggs to the basket,” I said. “The boat should be here soon.”

“Yes, sir…” the recruits said.

Anemy’s crew swam off in their ink to get the eggs. Anemy retrieved her Splattershot and walked alone in the rain towards the shore, trying to let the sound of it falling sooth her fear. Luckily for her, the boat was drawing close to the shore. As soon as it docked for them, they loaded the eggs onto the ship and were on their way back.

Salmonoids tended to try and attack ships sometimes to steal the eggs back, so Anemy and her crew took turns keeping watch through the night.

Anemy was feeling better by the next morning. She was finally heading back to Inkopolis after a lot of time at sea. She awoke in her hammock, in the employee quarters to the sound of the radio..

“And that’s it for today’s weather,” Anemy heard on the radio. “Now onto today’s news. Inklings that have been reported missing have suddenly been found, as mysteriously as they disappeared. Sources say that each recovered Inkling has reported the same thing regarding what happened to them, but authorities have declined to say anything until they have put all the Inklings under psychological evaluation.”

Anemy looked out the window and saw Inkopolis in the distance. The sight of it made her mouth drop a little, and let out a heavy sigh…

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“My anger guides me… but it is also my enemy.”

An Inkling boy awoke with a start. The memories of his dream lingered in his mind. He took a minute to let the scenery around him calm him down. The leaves on every tree were a pure dark green signifying the end of a long summer, and soon, the start of fall. He sat under one of the trees, wearing a striped t-shirt, and pair of brown shorts with many pockets, with matching colored sandals.

“Bass!” said a voice.

Bass turned around and his hazel eyes looked on to the Inkling girl nearby. Her hair was mostly short except for one lock that hung down to the left. She wore a flowered skirt and her eyes were colored purple.

“Did you have that dream again?” she said, concerned. Her voice was gentle.

“Don’t worry about it,” Bass said, adjusting his boater hat. “Why didn’t you wake me up, Cici?”

“It seemed like you were tired, so I let you be,” said Cici. “Don’t worry I finished the work for today.” She gestured to the many fruit baskets near her. “And all the Zapfish have been fed. You can make up for it by helping load everything on the truck.”

“Oh, okay…” Bass said, rising to his feet.

Bass got all the baskets of produce over to the truck and loaded them in the back. The sun was already setting, but Bass hoped they would get everything to the warehouse before it got dark.

Cici decided to take the wheel, so Bass just sat in the passenger seat. He just saw the scenery as she drove through Ceviché. They went past the neighborhood, the plaza where people liked to hang out, and the many small shops. At least Bass could wave to the other villagers as they drove by. Then he became distracted by something on the radio.

“Blushing faces covered in pink! Rushing bombs, exploding ink!”

Bass grimaced at the music.

“Ugh, can I change the station?” Bass said, reaching for the dial.

“What?!” said Cici. “That’s that single from the Squid Sister! I think it was Calle?”

“Sorry…” said Bass. His hands gathered in his laps and they balled up into fists. “I’m just… more of a Wet Floor fan.”

“Fine...” Cici said, sighing. “Have at it! It’s not like I can get distracted about what’s on the radio right now.”

“I’m glad the orchards managed to give us one more harvest before summer ends,” sai Cici.

“...I think fall is gonna be easy,” said Bass. “It’s gonna start getting cooler! Air conditioners aren’t gonna break down everywhere anymore and no more of that stupid curfew telling us when we can turn them on.”

“Well, we’ve gotta save power,” said Cici. “All those Zapfishes can only power so much… At least there’s those fall festivals to look forward to!”

Bass lean back on his seat. A smile grew on his face. It was one of things he like about living all the way out in sleepy, peaceful village.

“I guess…” he said, with a sigh.

“Well, we’re almost at the warehouse,” said Cici. “Once we get everything there and we can go home, maybe we can figure out what to dress up as for Splat-o-ween.”

“You’re right!” Bass said, jolting up. He started laughing at the thought.

“What?” Cici raised a brow, briefly glancing at her friend.

“It’s just… this is gonna be my first Splat-o-ween… regularly,” said Bass. “Or are going to parties?”

“A little of both.” Cici tapped her fingers at the wheel. “Hopefully, Vichay will be back to celebrate with us…” She frowned a little, but then shook her head. “But, what do you mean, you’ve never celebrated regularly?”

Bass leaned his head against the window, a hand on his arm.

“Well, back in Inkopolis, I-”

Bass and Cici both jumped at the sound of a loud of booming noise. Suddenly, the truck began to swerve. Cici harshly turned the wheel the opposite direction and slammed the brakes, but the truck crashed into the warehouse wall and everything went black for the two Inklings.

Bass awoke a few minutes later. It seemed the air bag managed to save them. As he sat up, he felt a painful sting in his right arm. The windows had shattered, making him realize that the glass must have done the job. He glanced over at Cici and saw she was out cold.

“Cici!” Bass said, trying to shake her awake. Then he saw a shadow zip past on the roof of the warehouses. So he reached under his seat, pulled out a Blaster and kicked the door open. He stepped out and pointed his weapon as he walked around.

“Hello?” he said. “Who’s there?! If you’re trying to rob us, I have a Blaster and I know how to use it!”

Bass ran to the nearest corner in the direction he saw the shadow go. The sound of footsteps entered his ears… and it got louder. Once it got too loud, Bass immediately turned the corner and open fired. Bass couldn’t believe who it he splatted.

“Was that… an Octarian?” he said. “Gah!”

Bass narrowly dodged a shot from a sniper. He shot a path for himself and swam back to the truck in squid form.

It was there that he saw what happened. The front right tire had been shot. He shut the car door to protect Cici and climbed onto the roof, before turning on his ink armor. He could see the Octarians and Octolings swimming in their own ink and open fired before they got close.

Suddenly, a sniper shot landed a hit on Bass. It shattered his armor and he hit his back on the roof end before falling off and hitting the ground. His hat fell off, revealing his green spiky hair, which was brushed back.

“It’s him!” said a voice.

Bass raised head and reached for his weapon with his right hand, but and Octoling kicked it away.

“Get up!” the Octoling said, harshly.

Bass stumbled to his feet as the three Octolings surrounded him. Then his hair glowed and he showed what was in his left hand… which was a Splat Bomb. The Octolings screamed and ran and one got caught in the explosion. Bass soared into the air on an Inkjet and fired away on the remaining forces, before it overheated and sent Bass into the sky and back down.

One remaining Octoling grabbed his charger and and aimed it up as he fell. Bass was ready, though. He got out Splashdown and pierced through the blast catching the Octoling in the blast.

As soon as he landed on his feet, Bass grabbed his blaster and closed in on the motionless Octoling.

“Tell me who sent you!” Bass said, angrily, while pointing the blaster at the Octoling’s face.

“You… You’ll never stop us…” the Octoling said.

“Stop squidding me!” Bass yelled.

“What?” said the Octoling. “You… You know that it’s true. Inkopolis… and the rest will fall…”

Bass’s right eye began to twitch.

“Shut. Up!” he said.

“He won’t stop until you’re all wiped out…” the Octoling said with a weak smile. “And your precious Agent 3 won’t be there to save y-”

“DON’T SAY THAT NAME!” Bass yelled.

Bass yelled out as loud as possible as he splatted the Octoling by shooting him in the face. He stepped back trying to catch his breath. His face and clothes were covered in ink that was not his. He was lucky they were all linked to Spawn Points, but he was trembling. It had been a long time since he had gotten so angry and hearing his own voice like that was horrifying to himself.

“No…” he said, leaning against the car. “N-Not again!” He put his hands on his face, but was met with the sting of the cuts on his face from falling onto the ground earlier.

“Cici!” Bass realized. He got up and ran over to the driver seat. She was still out cold, but she only had a few bruises and cuts. Bass ran over and changed the wheel with the spare. Then pushed Cici to the passenger side and got in the driver seat. He reversed out of the parking lot and made a mad drive back to the house. He wanted to get home fast, so hopefully, the villagers had already went inside for the night and wouldn’t notice the damage to the truck.

Cici began to wake up as they were almost home. After half an hour of driving, Bass’s hands were still shaking.

“Ugh… Bass?” Cici said, rubbing her head and sitting up.

Bass teared up, but wiped them immediately to see the road.

“Aw, thank cod! Are you okay?”

“I… I think so…” said Cici. “I…” She then gasped, as she what happened to the truck. “B-Bass! What happened to the car?!”

Bass’s arms were still shaking at the wheel.

“It crashed,” he said, shortly. “Don’t worry about it. I’m taking us home.”

“Bass! Your arm!” said Cici. “And your face! Why are you covered in ink?!”

“Cici, we need to get home.”

“Bass, you need a doctor!

“What I need is for you to SHUT THE SHELL UP AND LET ME DRIVE!” Bass yelled.

Cici winced back in horror and grew silent after that. Bass hated having to act like this to someone like Cici, but if he went to a hospital, they would only demand to know what happened. He stared at road, once again wanting punch himself for getting angry again.

As soon as he pulled up by the house, he parked the truck in it’s usual spot and headed inside with Cici following him. Bass stormed ahead, opened the door and walked past the living room. The couch facing the TV was covered with a cloth. On the side was fireplace, with a family photo over the mantle. More photos were along the walls.

“How long until your grandfather gets back?” said Bass.

“I think he won’t be back until morning…” Cici said, shyly.

Bass walked into the bathroom, grabbed a towel and wiped the ink off himself. Cici stepped in with him.

“Let me,” Cici said, grabbing his arm. Bass tried to pull away, but she seemed serious, so he conceded.

Bass winced as she disinfected his arm, but it wasn’t so bad. He had gotten plenty of scrapes before, so this was nothing. Once it was bandaged up, Cici turned to the door.

“Cici, patch yourself, too,” said Bass.

Cici gasped, looking at herself in the mirror. “O-Okay,” she said. “Go relax in your room.”

Bass walked towards the door, but then laid his hand on the doorway.

“I’m sorry I yelled…” he muttered, softly.

Bass walked into his bedroom. He had been given one rule since he moved in to work with Cici’s grandfather: To not change anything in there. So, he could only assume someone else lived here before him. He did decide to organize a little, even though he didn’t care about cleaning up all that much. The books were in their bookshelf, which was also a nightstand, a bunch of sweaters and shirts were on hangers in the closet. The walls were decorated with posters of various bands and about the city of Inkopolis. The one with the Squid Sisters always annoyed him, but he never took it down out of respect.

“Hopefully, the stains will come out…” Bass muttered. Now if only he could fix the car as easily as Cici fixed his arm.

Bass sat on his bed quietly, with his hands on his head. The Octarians were really back… and the worst part of it was that Octoling was right… Agent 3 was gone… and not coming back. They knew where he was, but… how? If they knew where he was… then that meant…

“Angel!” Bass suddenly realized.

Fear coursed through him as the thought of her came to mind. Was she really in danger? Or was this a trick? Either way, he had to protect her! The Inkling trembled, wondering if he should, or should not. He glared at the poster of the Squid Sisters.

Splat it! he thought.

He grabbed a backpack and filled it with whatever he could. Then he ran towards the front door and took one last glance around the living room, before he opened the door.

“Bass?” Cici said, from down the hall. Bass had already headed out by the time she had spoken.

“...I’m sorry, Cici…” Bass said, before heading out.

Bass hopped into the truck, and with the key, turned the gas on. Cici ran outside, just then.

“What are you doing?!” Cici yelled, as Bass pulled out from the dirt driveway. “Grandpa’s gonna be mad at you?!”

“Sorry, Cici…” Bass said, softly, as he drove away.

The Inkling drove back into town, past the residential district, through the plaza and to the other side of town. Once in the parking lot he ran down into the train station. The clerk at the front desk was giving Bass a funny look due to his injuries and the flustered look on his face.

“Oh! Um… hello,” said the clerk. “Can I help you?”

Bass needed a minute to catch his breath.

“When… When’s the next train to Inkopolis?”

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“Our dreams now lie in pieces. Yet, I will carry on for you…”

The streets were filled with Inklings and Jellyfish, despite the fact of how late it was. Lights, green and pink, shot into the sky from the roofs of the Galleria and the Shoal, shining the attention towards Deca Tower at the center.

The staff had spent hours getting all the equipment onto the stage, and making sure everything was working properly. A stage had been set up by Deca Tower. In fact, it was just below the giant screen, but it was high enough, so that it didn’t block the entrance inside.

“Angel!” the manager called. A Inkling girl with a white skirt, pink hair that reached just past her shoulders, and gray eyes glanced over. “Test the mics, will ya?”

“Right away, sir,” said Angel.

Angel ran over onto the stage and adjusted the mics hanging over.

“U-Um…” Angel stammered, trying to come up with something.

At that moment they eyes of everyone in the square fell onto her, filling the Inkling with rush of excitement.

“T-Testing…” said Angel. “Testing… One, two three…”

“Good job, Angel,” the manager said from the back. “Everything sounds perfect!”

Angel smiled at that.

“Why don’t you go ahead and announce our stars?” the manager then said.

Angel sighed.

“R-Right…” she said. “A-hem! Now presenting tonight’s performance. The rap duo taking Inkopolis by Inkstorm! Off the Hook!”

The audience cheered as Angel stepped off stage and an Inkling with white hair with pink tips in a white skirt, pink legging and white shoes, came on stage with an Octoling with a black top that showed most of her mid-section. She had black shorts, green leggings and black shoes.

A bass rhythm started playing as the two idols took their positions. Once they were ready, they went live and the music started playing.

“Y’all feeling fresh out there?” the Inkling said, raising her fist into the air.

“We’re Off the Hook coming at you live from the middle of Inkopolis Square!” said the Octoling.

The audience let out another round of cheering as the screen on Deca Tower turned on. It showed a funny picture of a cake and an ice cream cone.

“Which is better: cake or ice cream?” said the Inkling.

“Head over to the Splatfest Terminal and pick a side!” said the Octoling.

“And the Splatfest stages are… BLAM!” the Inkling announced and the screen changed to show one of tonight’s stages: Starfish Mainstage. “Night concerts at Starfish Mainstage are the best!” she commented.

And I love the track they spin during Splatfests,” said the Octoling.

The next stage was shown to be Inkblot Art Academy.

“Marina! Marina! The statues’ eyes glow at night!” said the Inkling. “I SWEAR I SAW THEM GLOW!”

“Preeeeeetty sure those are just Judd’s and Li’l Judd’s eyes, Pearl…” said Marina.

“Until next time…” said Pearl.

“Don’t get cooked… Stay off the hook!” the duo said together.

The music started playing, echoing throughout the square. Inklings and Jellyfish wearing t-shirts of the team they had chosen were dancing away, as Off the Hook sang their songs.

Some of the other staff members came up to Angel. She was sitting alone at a table, staring at the performers, while everyone else was getting into the groove.

“Hey, Angel!” said an Inkling boy. “We’re gonna go battle. You in?”

“No, thanks…” said Angel.

“Aw, come on!” said his friend. “Tonight’s a night to party!”

“I… uh… I’m not really… feeling too great…” Angel said, lowering her head. “Maybe later…?” she said, glancing up a little.

“The two Inklings looked at each other.

“Well.. alright…” said the first. And they walked away. Angel took the opportunity to get away and go someplace else.

Angel made her way back to the studio. Even there, she could still the music going. She wandered to the back and it led her outside to a few warehouses. There was an Inkling still patrolling around.

“Angel? What are you doing here?” she said.

“I need to… check on something, Vichay,” said Angel.

“Well, okay…” said Vichay. “Just be careful. The manager will splat me if anything gets damaged.”

“Okay,” said Angel.

Angel wandered into warehouse D-2. Nothing in there had been touched in ages. They only time someone would come in was only to check if everything was still there.

Angel found the lever and switched on the lights. Everything from the Splatfests of the Squid Sisters era was still around: Cats versus dogs, roller coasters versus waterslides, art versus science… all of them.

Angel closed the door and wander to the center of it all. Then she fell onto her knees and stared up as tears began to fill her eyes. She was on the verge of weeping, when she heard a noise from outside.

“H-Hello?” Angel said, wiping her eyes. “Vichay? Is that you?”

“This way!” said a deep voice. “I saw her go in here.”

Angel gasped and quickly searched for a place to hide. The door was forced open with a crowbar and a group of Octolings made their way into the warehouse. They closed the door and started searching through everything inside.

“What is all this junk?” said an Octoling boy.

“Splatfest crap…” an Octoling girl grumbled.

The Octoling girl continued to look around the back, when a hand emerged from the shadows and grabbed her. Angel threw the girl across the room and she crashed into music player.

Everyone’s attention turned to Angel, as the broken music player began to play Bomb Rush Blush.

Angel ran at them and the Octolings open fired. She roll out of the way to dodge the shots and made way closer. Then she jumped into the air jumped into the middle of the group with a Splat Bomb. The group was taken out and the remaining ones without weapons came at her.

A fist flew at her face. Angel grabbed the Octoling by the wrist and Splatted her with a bomb. She dodged three swings thrown by another before she kicked him in the chest, sending him flying back. Just as she turned around, the Octoling she threw into the music player jumped into the air to try and strike her down.

“Eat this!” Angel yelled, throwing a burst bomb at her. As she was sent flying back she pulled out a weapon she shot her down.

Angel ran in and kicked down the remaining Octolings. Just when they were all taken out, the warehouse door opened and then came an Octoling wielding and Octobrush. He rushed in and swung at her splashing Ink on the floor as he did.

Angel tried blocking with her Ink Armor, but she was knocked back. She ran in, trying to shoot him, but he ran at her too. The Octoling swung horizontally, so she slide under the swing and turned around, but he did, as well. He refused to leave Angel an opening or give her space to attack. The Octoling launched her into the air with one swing and back to the ground with another.

Angel managed to land on her feet, but the vibration of the landing hurt her knees. The Octoling wasn’t finished, though. He open fired with a Stingray. Angel defended herself the best she could, but the armor eventually shattered and she crashed into the same music player.

“End of the line…” the Octoling said, flinging a wave of ink at her.

Suddenly, Angel held out her weapon and it unfolded into an umbrella and shielded her from the ink. She stepped back onto her feet, as Tide Goes Out began to play.

Angel and the Octoling ran at each other once again. She dodged the Octoling’s swing and kicked back, giving her space to shoot back. Before he got too close, she jumped and twirled around his Octobrush swing and landed behind him. The Octoing recieved a direct hit from behind and flew towards the door. Angel threw a suction bomb at and splatted him in the explosion, but it also made a hole in the door.

The Inkling jumped through the hole in the door and saw the remaining Octolings running at her. Angel threw something at the ground and it created a puff of smoke. It went upward and it was as if the girl had disappeared. A cloud formed above and unleashed a harsh downpour on the Octolings. Any who weren’t splatted beat a hasty retreat.

Angel arose from the puddles of pink ink and held umbrella of weapon over her head as the rain fell and the song ended.

“Angel!” yelled a voice.

Vichay came running from Angel’s right.

“What the heck happened?!” Vichay yelled.

“Um…” said Angel. “...Oops.”

Chapter Text

Agent 2

Well… that happened… I thought.

I’ll be honest. I was actually pretty freaked out for a moment there. Good thing I stayed fresh through that whole ordeal. Agent 1 did a good job, too, but now she’s shut herself in her room for some reason… Great. What did I say, now? Guess I’m on my own right now.

The kid was dead weight on my back, but I knew he was still alive. He breathing was really heavy. Maybe he was still in pain and feeling it in his unconscious state. I couldn’t just turn him into a squid to make him lighter. It’s really dangerous for an Inkling to transform when they’re seriously injured.

Agent 3’s room hadn’t been entered much, since the stupid jerk left. Dust had settled on pretty much everything, and a musty smell was everywhere, but it’ll have to do. I set the boy down next to Agent 3’s bed and checked on him. There were ink stains on his clothes and there was a huge tear from wear I had patched up his shoulder.

“Yep, it’s ruined,” I said. “Wait here. I’ll get something else… Not that you can hear me…”

I ran to the closet and found a white long-cuff sweater. Sure, it was probably Agent 3’s, but Agent 3 wasn’t here. Then I ran back and quickly changed his shirt. His shorts were pretty messed up, too, but it wasn’t as bad as his shoulder. I put some new sheets on the bed, gently set him down on it, and pulled the blanket over him.

“Ce… Vi…” the boy muttered, softly. “Che…”

The squid was he saying?

Suddenly, the door swung open and Agent 1 came into the room.

“Oh! There you are!” she said.

“Me?” I said. “What were you doing? You locked yourself in your room! I could’ve used some help here!” I held out my hand towards our little guest in the bed.

“Oh, come on!” said Agent 1. “He couldn’t have been heavy!”

“It’s different when he’s unconscious!” I said. “He was dead-weight.”

“Look, that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about!”

“Then what is it?” I said, hands on my hips.

“The cap’n is back,” said Agent 1.

“Dang it!” I said. “Already?!”

“And you said you’d explain everything to the cap’n…” said Agent 1. “So…”

“Oh, come on!” I said, grabbing her hand before she could run off.

“You said!” Agent 1 taunted.

“I was in the moment!” I said. “And what were we gonna do? Leave him there?”

“Okay, okay!” said Agent 1. “I’ll go with you! I just joking!”

“You better be…” I said.

Agent 1 and I headed out of the room and closed the door. I wasn’t sure about leaving the kid alone, but I knew it would only be for a few minutes. Then we went down the hall and met with the Cap’n at the entrance of the house… I mean, base!

“Hey, Cap’n Cuttlefish!” Agent 1 said, cheerfully. “We’re back from our mission!”

“It seems ya are!” said the Cap’n. “How’d it go.”

“Um… Great!” said Agent 1.

“No, it didn’t!” I said. “You were right, gramps! The Octarians are at it again! We had to blow up all weapons we found in their armory.”

“Sink me! Is that true?” said the Cap’n.

“Yeah…” said Agent 1. “What’s even weirder was that some of them looked like the new Dualies Inkopolis started making…”

“But how would they get their weapons from the surface so quickly?” said the Cap’n.

“So, you gonna tell him?” said Agent 1.

“Tell me what?” said the Cap’n.

“We… brought an extra Squid back with us…” I said.

“What?!” said the Cap’n. “I thought I told ya girls-”

“I know, I know!” I said. “We’re not suppose to bring outsiders, but he saved us and we couldn’t just leave him there!”

“What was he doing there?” said the Cap’n.

“We found him the facility,” I said, as the memory began to scare me. “The Octarians were keeping Inklings prisoner…”

“What?!” Cap’n Cuttlefish yelled. “But why?!”

“We don’t know,” said Agent 1, “but we managed help them all escape.”

“Then why did ya bring one of them here?” said the Cap’n.

“An Octarian shot him down when he was trying to save us,” I said. “So, we brought him here to help him.”

“Alright… Alright…” said the Cap’n. “Where is he?”

“This way,” I said, walking ahead.

We led the Cap’n down the hall into Agent 3’s room. The boy was still safely in bed, but he was clearly still in pain, even in his sleep. His eyelids kept twitching and his teeth were held tight.

“How long has he been out?” said the Cap’n.

“Since we brought him here,” I said. “So, I guess like half an hour or so…”

“He was hit on his left shoulder and his left leg,” said Agent 1. “And… Wait. Is he wearing Agent 3’s sweater?”

“His shirt was ruined!” I said.

The cap’n walked over and got a good look at him.

“Did ya get his name?” he said.

“No,” said Agent 1. “He didn’t really speak. Maybe the Octarians scared him into silence… until we got him here…”

“What did he say?” said the Cap’n.

“‘Stop him’,” I recalled.

“That so?” said the Cap’n. “He could have been talking about their leader.”

“What are we going to do with him?” said Agent 1. “I know we shouldn’t have brought him here, but-”

“No, no,” said the Cap’n. “What choice did ya have? He saved you both, so it’s only fair that you saved him in return.”

“Ci… Vi… Che…” the boy muttered through the pain.

“Wait,” said Agent 1. “Did he just say ceviché?”

“What could that mean?” I said.

“Hmm… There a village a few hours away if you take a train,” said the Cap’n. “It’s known as Ceviche Village, a small town on the countryside.”

“Maybe that’s his home?” said Agent 1.

“It’s a bit far-fetched, but I guess it’s not impossible,” I said.

“Well, maybe this boy can help us, after all,” said the Cap’n. “He may be able to tell us what those Octo-jerks are up to.”

“Hey, you’re right!” said Agent 1.

“Let’s just keep a close eye on him until he comes around,” said the cap’n. “We gotta let him know he’s in safe hands. One of you watch over him for now. I’ll be in my room.”

The cap’n left us alone with the kid. I wished there was something we could do make him sleep a little more peacefully, but we didn’t really have anything that could help dull the pain. I know Octarians harmed Inklings in the Great Turf War, but seeing it first-hand made me wanna fry those Octo-slobs!

“Well, that went better than I thought!” said Agent 1.

“Can you watch him for little while?” I said. “I know it’ll be morning soon, but I want to at least take a small nap before then.”

“Okay,” said Agent 1. “I still can’t believe you just used one of those shirts like that! Agent 3’s gonna be so mad when-”

Okay, that was the last straw...

“Agent 3’s gone!” I said. “Geez, when will you get that?!”

“But-” said Agent 1.

“It’s been two years!” I said. “Isn’t that a bigger sign than anything?!”

Agent 1’s usually smiling face turned sad and her eyes filled to the brim with tears.

“Get out,” she said.

“Cal-” I said.

“GET OUT!” she yelled.

“WILL YOU JUST LISTEN?!” I said. “FORGET ABOUT AGENT 3!” And I stormed out of the room before I got a chance to calm down. I turned around a little to look at Agent 1 again. “...This is hard on me, too…” I said to her, softly.

And Agent 1 slammed the door shut.

I let out a sigh and wandered into my room. Then I took off my mask and face-planted onto the bed. Then I made my head face to the side. A few tears built up in my eyes. We were working so well together back there, then as soon as left, we were back in reality… It had been a while since Agent 1 and I hung out at the cap’n’s base. The tears in my eyes escaped as my sadness drifted me off to sleep.

Probably wasn’t a good idea to sleep the way I did... My neck was killing me when I woke up and shoulders kind of ached, too. Great. Now I get to deal with that all day… I thought about just lying down correctly and getting a little more shut eye.


Octarian base.

Almost got splatted.

The kid!

Well, dang!

I forced myself to sit up and I just sat there while I let myself look around so my body could wake up a little. There was note on the floor that looked like it was slid in from the bottom of the door.

After stretching a bit I got up and picked up the note. This cute handwriting could only be Agent 1’s.

The kid’s fine. It’s your turn to watch him… And don’t touch anything in Agent 3’s room!

Agent 1 didn’t leave a greeting. Great, she’s really mad at me now… Ugh… Well, better hurry up. I headed out of my room.

Down the hall, I saw the door to Agent 1’s room slightly open. She was at her desk with the communication radio, setting it to some frequency. My cousin took a deep breath and began to speak into the mic.

“Agent 3…?” she said. My jaw dropped when she said that. “Agent 3? Can you hear me? Listen… I know it’s been two years… and we’ve had our differences, but… we need you back more than ever! DJ Octavio’s forces are at it again!”

There was no answer.

“Agent 3, I know this may be hard to hear, but… we found a bunch of Inklings being held prisoner. We managed to rescue them, but one almost got splatted. He’s safe now, but he’s hurt real bad. Please! We need your help! We can’t do it without you!”

There was nothing. I had expected this, but... somehow it still hurt.

Agent 1 stared down at her desk and let out a sigh.

“Agent 3… I know you’re listening…” she said, sadly.

I kept walking down the hall after that. Why did I allow myself to watch my cousin torture herself like this? Agent 3 has been gone forever and has done a good job of staying hidden… We taught that jerk too well…

Seriously, what the heck has gotten into her? Why would she want to find Agent 3? Honestly, I can’t keep track of that girl anymore… even here... I guess the least I could do was just let her be hopeful. It wasn’t my fault we were like this. It’s Agent 3’s!

I knew those Octarians didn’t give two splats about the truce between the them and the Squids, but to kidnap them? For what reason?! That was what the Cap’n hoped to get out of the Inkling we brought in. Hopefully, he’ll comply in exchange for rescuing him.

That musty smell enter my nose when I came in again… It actually made me kinda sad… Made I should dust in here a little...

The kid was still out cold, but it looked like he stopped talking and stirring in his sleep. That was probably a good sign. Since we couldn’t trust this kid yet, I had to come into the room wearing the full uniform. Good thing I fell asleep in it. I grabbed the chair by Agent 3’s desk and sat by the bed.

“St… Stop… him…” I recalled the boy saying.

Questions filled my mind when that boy said that back there. How were they so organized and why did they have so much weaponry? Who would approve the imprisoning and possibly the splatting of Inklings? Only one name came to mind when I thought of this… and his name was Octavio. Only problem was… he was behind glass. Agent 3 defeated him two years ago.

Leading the charge against the Octarians was really stressful sometimes… Could more Inklings be imprisoned underground? Agent 1 asked me about it, too? She even explained it to Agent 3. Is that jerk really going to ignore it?!

Alright! Calm down, Agent 2! At least this kid is safe!

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I glanced at the boy. It looked like he was finally coming around.

“Urghh…” the boy moaned.

I stood up from the chair and walked over to the bed.

“Hey,” I said. “You alive?”

“My leg…” the boy said, moving his left arm. “Argh!” He jolted up and grabbed his left shoulder with his right hand.

I walked over to help, but he tried to pull away and yelled.

“Hey! Hey!” I said. “It’s me! The agent!”

“Huh?” the boy said. He stayed still for a moment and opened his eyes.

“Yeah, Agent 2,” I said. “Remember me?”

“Uh… Uh-huh…” the boy said, holding his teeth together tightly.

“Don’t worry,” I said, holding out my hands to show that I had no weapon. “No one’s trying to splat you. You’re safe.”

The boy stayed still and grew silent. I walked over slowly and gently pushed him back down.

“No sudden movements, okay?” I said. “You could injure yourself.”

“...O… Okay…” the boy said, softly. Good. Actual words. Now that he calmed down, he actually still sounded pretty weak.

“You okay?” I said. “Don’t worry. You can talk here. No Octarians for miles!”

“O-Oh… Okay…” said the boy. “Um… C-Can you t-tell what this p-place is…?”

“It’s our base,” I said, sitting down in the chair. “We brought you here after our little fight with the Octolings. “You’ve been out all night.”

“Octolings?” said the boy. “I don’t…” Then gasped and grabbed shoulder. “I… I was sh-shot…”

“Twice…” I said.

The boy began to tear up.

“Hey, don’t worry…” I said, patting his unwounded shoulder. “You’re safe now and your wounds look like they’re gonna heal up nicely. Just… no walking around for a while, okay?”

The boy nodded.

“Anyway, you were pretty out of it once we got here,” I said, sitting back in the chair. “So, it’s okay if your memory of last night is a bit fuzzy.”

“Y-Yeah…” the boy said, softly. He started rubbing his chest. Maybe it was still sore from that Octo boy hitting him. I did see a bruise when I changed his shirt. “S-So… Is this… Am I-I… Am I on the s-surface?”

“Um… yeah…” I said.

“O-Okay…” said the boy. He breathed a sigh of relief and the tears in his eyes escaped. As he wiped them away, it made me wonder how long this poor guy was down there.

“Alright,” I said. “I’m gonna go tell the cap’n you’re awake. You stay here and rest some more.

The boy gave soft nod and began to close his eyes. Another batch of tears escaped them as he did. I began to walk out, then I realized that I had almost forgotten something.

“Wait,” I said. “ Before I go… one more thing.”

“Wh-What?” the boy said, looking at me once more.

“Do you have a name?” I said.

The boy held his hands together trying to collect warmth.

“...Erray,” said the boy. “Erray Trow…”

“Okay, Erray,” I said. “Sit tight. Or, I guess lay tight… I’ll be back soon.”

I stepped out of the room and closed the door gently. The cap’n was probably still the hou… I mean... Okay, you know what? It’s a house. Anyway, I passed by Agent 1’s room and I saw her just sulking on her bed. I doubt I could make her mood any better if I came in so I just left her to it.

The cap’n was in the kitchen. Probably up all night baking crabby cakes.

“Hey, gramps,” I said.

“Ahoy!” said the cap’n. “How’s things?”

“Great…” I said, cracking a smile… even though I was pretty miserable right now.

“Now, Marie, I heard yelling last night,” said the cap’n. “Don’t lie to yer cap’n.”

“We… yelled a little last night…” I said.

“We can’t have that right now,” said the cap’n, “especially, when the Octarians are back, and it would make us look unprofessional in front of that kid when wakes up. How is that bucko, anyway?”

“Oh, he finally woke up a little bit ago,” I said. “I think he’s still shaken from it and a bit tired. Other than that, I think he’s okay.”

“At least that’s some good news,” said the cap’n. “Just let him rest a little more before we question him. He might might have something useful for us. Where’s your cousin?”

“She’s in her room,” I said. “I think this whole thing is getting to her…”

“Really?” said the cap’n. “What do ya mean?”

“I caught her trying to contact… Agent 3…” I said.

“Oh…” he said, solemnly. “That again…”

“But… Agent 3 isn’t coming back,” I said. “It’s been two years.”

“Marie… try to have a little faith,” said the cap’n. “I just have this feeling that something is about to change…”

“For better or for worse?” I said.

“I can’t really say… said the cap’n, “but I’m not giving up on that bucko like you have. Agent 3 can’t ignore how bad things are now.”

“Yeah… I guess…” I said, trying not to sound as doubtful as I really was. “I’ll go look after the kid now. Oh! And he said his name is Erray. Erray Trow.”

I walked back into the living room and heard the TV on. The news was on. Two girls were on the screen. It was Off the Hook.

“Y’all know what time it is?” said Pearl.

“It’s Off the Hook coming to you live from Inkopolis Square!” said Marina.

It seemed like everything today was out to make me sentimental. I still remember when my cousin and I did news shows. It felt so long ago…

The streets were quiet after a whole night of partying and battles. Green and pink ink were staining the battlegrounds. Surprisingly enough, I was still full of energy, and I think my cousin was, too…

“Okay, girls,” said the camera squid. “We’re live in 3… 2… 1…”

“Hold onto your tentacles…” my cousin said, cheerfully.

“It’s Inkopolis News time!” I said, as usual.

“Before we reveal the stages, some special news!” said my cousin>

“Huh? Really?” I said.

“The Splatfest results are in!” my cousin cheered, as the screen behind us showed the teams.

“Ooohhh!” I said.

“First, we’ll reveal which team was the most popular!” said my cousin.

“Come on,” I said.

The numbers started adding up.

“Bada-bada-bada-bada…” my cousin said along with sound.

“Wait for iiiiiit…” I said.

“Boom!” we said at the same time. We looked at the screen. It was 46% to 54%.

“Awww… We lost…” my cousin pouted.

“Yay!” I said.

“Next up…” my cousin said, quickly regain her happy smile.

“Quickly! Quickly!” I said.

“Time to see which team won the most battles!” said my cousin.

“Bring it on!” I said.

The next was super close. It was 49% to 51% percent.

“Noooooo…” my cousin said.

“Heheheh!” I cackled.

“No hard feelings either way, yeah?” said my cousin. “And finally…”

“The final results!” I said.

“That’s right!” said my cousin. “The winning team of this Splatfest is…”

“Come on, come on…!” I said.

It was really close… but my team had won by twenty points.

“HOLY CARP!” I yelled. “I… WON?” It took a moment for it to sink in. “I WON! Thanks for believing in me, Team Marie!” I gave the camera a smile.

“I’d also like to thank Judd, Gramps, and most of all…” said my cousin.

“Thank-you, Callie, for being my best friend,” I said.

“Congrats, Marie,” said Callie. “You earned it. SQUID SISTERS FOREVER!”

Why, Agent 3? Why did you leave us all behind…?