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Sugar Smack Dat Ass

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The Trix Rabit walked through the front door of his apartment and sat down on the couch, hanging his head. His roommate, Dig 'Em the Frog entered and saw him sitting there.

“Why the long face?” asked Dig 'Em.

“Oh, I just had a rough day at work. The kids are always telling me that Trix are for kids, and maybe they're right. I'm a middle-aged rabbit, I shouldn't be hanging out with kids. But I don't even know what adults do!” said the Rabbit.

Dig 'Em's ears perked up at this.

“ you want to know what adults do?”

“Yeah, I mean, I guess.”

“Well, Trix are for kids. But how about turning some tricks with the adults?”

“What does that mean?” the Rabbit asked.

“How about I invite some adult friends over and we can show you?”

“Making adult friends? That sounds fun!”

“Oh, it'll be a lot of fun,” Dig 'Em said with a wink.

About an hour later there was a knock at the door. Dig 'Em opened it and welcomed in Tony the Tiger and Lucky the Lucky Charm's Leprechaun. Cap'n Crunch and Sonny the Cocoa Puffs bird arrived shortly thereafter.

“Well I think that's everyone,” Dig 'Em said.

Just then the front door opened and in walked Snap, Crackle, & Pop.

“Hey, don't forget everyone's favorite subs!” Crackle said.

“Subs?” the Rabbit asked.

“Oh, we're gonna have a lot of fun with this one,” said Sonny.

“As you all know, the Rabbit wants to learn what adults do, so being the good roommate that I am I thought we could let him join in on a good ol' fashioned gangbang. But let's go easy on him, eh? First timer here!”

“I call first dibs!” Lucky the Leprechaun said. “Once you're finished with me you'll always be after me Lucky Charms!”

Lucky paused. “By Lucky Charms I mean me cock and balls.”

“Okay.” said the Rabbit.
Lucky pulled his pants down and his cock was already rock hard. It was only a few inches, but it stood proudly, confidently.

“Go on, give me cock a lick,” Lucky said.

The Rabbit hesitated for a moment before getting down on his knees in front of Lucky. He gave his cock a lick down it's short shaft before taking the entire 2.5 inches into his mouth.

“Would ye look at that? Rabbit's a natural!”

“Hey, I want to get in on this too!” Cap'n Crunch said, undoing his pants as he walked over. “You can keep on sucking Lucky off, but I think you're gonna like what I've got in store here.

Cap'n Crunch spit on his palms and lubed up his dick with his saliva. “I'm gonna go easy, let me know if this hurts at all.”

The Rabbit let out a deep moan with his mouth still around Lucky's cock. Cap'n Crunch began thrusting slowly, eventually increasing his speed.

“All of this action has got me cuckoo for cock! Who wants to plow my ass tonight?”

Tony the Tiger let out a hearty laugh. “You don't have to ask me twice!” Tony was already rock hard. He carefully stroked his enormous, pulsing 12 inch cock while Sonny eagerly bent over in front of him.

“Tear apart my asshole with your giant tiger dick!” Sonny pleaded.

With that, Tony rammed his cock into Sonny's ass, letting out a deep guttural moan.

“Well, looks like everyone's paired off and we're the only ones left.” Dig 'Em said to Snap, Crackle, and Pop.

“Then today's your lucky day!” Pop said. “Three for the price of one!”

“But I've only got one dick!” Dig 'Em laughed.

“But you've still got two hands!” Snap said.

“You've got me there!”

Snap, Crackle, and Pop all pulled down their pants and braced themselves against the couch.

Dig 'Em took a look at the three tight little asses in front of him and said “Not only do I love Honey Smacks, I also love smakin' dat ass!” He gave everyone's ass a slap before penetrating them, his dick in Crackle's asshole and his right index and middle finger in Pop, his left in Snap. The three creepily moaned together in unison as Dig 'Em thrust in and out.

The Trix Rabbit was starting lose stamina. After starting slow and gentle Cap'n Crunch had picked up speed, his balls slapping rhythmically on the Rabbit's ass.

“Oh me stars! Me rainbow's about to reach it's pot o' gold!” Lucky said. Despite feeling tired, the Rabbit had not slowed the pace of his sucking, proving himself to be quite skilled in the art of blowing micro penises.

Lucky shot off down the Rabbit's throat mere seconds later.

“Ooh, I think I feel a tightening in my crunch berries! Any second now!” With that Cap'n Crunch busted his nut inside the Rabbit's asshole.

Sonny moaned, “Oh, that's it! I want you to DESTROY my asshole with your enormous cock!”

“Oh, you've got it!” Tony increased his already vigorous pace until he was almost ready to cum. He quickly pulled his ungodly-sized dick out of Sonny's ass and made Sonny turn over. He shot his thick, ropy cum all over Sonny's face, letting out a deep, guttural GRRREEEEAAAAATTTT!!! as he did so. Sonny licked some of the cum on his face.

“Mmm, tastes like Frosted Flakes!”

“It's an important part of anyone's diet!”

Dig 'Em kept simultaneously fucking Snap, Crackle, and Pop and was almost getting tired of all the work. “Smack our asses again!” Pop cried. Dig 'Em did and felt his dick twitch inside of Crackle's ass, he wasn't too far away.

“Oh god, we're about to snap, crackle, POP!” Snap said. Seconds later Snap, Crackle, and Pop came together in unison, each letting out an identical high-pitched moan. Dig 'Em came a moment later and collapsed on the couch when he was done, his wad dribbling out of Crackle's asshole.

“Wow, having adult friends is way more fun than having kid friends!” The Rabbit said after everyone had had a moment to catch their breath.

“See! Didn't I tell you?” Dig 'Em said.

“So can we do this again soon?”

“Of course! This is what adult friends do!” Tony said with a laugh.

“Do you share cereals too?”