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Just Heathers

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Heather Duke hated going to these Remington parties. Loud music, strong smells of sweat and alcohol, teenagers making out in corners, guys not knowing when to back off-the list could go on. Personally, Heather would rather be at home in her bed reading a book about to fall asleep, but she had to come here. Heather Chandler insisted they have to keep up their "reputation", which Duke thought was stupid. They're already as high up in the social ladder as they can be. What's the point in trying to go higher? Duke will never understand.

"Heather," someone calls out.

Duke turns around to see it's Heather McNamara. She smelled like ninety percent of the teenagers in here. Her hair was a bit damp and a big smile was plastered onto her face. 

"Hey, Mac," Duke greeted. "What have you been doing all night?"

"The usual," Mac shrugged her shoulders. "Getting wasted, dancing, making out with people, dancing…What about you?"

"Just been standing here avoiding any interaction with anyone, more or less so men."

"Ugh, c'mon Duke. Just one time can you at least cooperate a little bit at these parties. Or at least pretend you're enjoying yourself."

"No can do. It would go against my code," Duke responded.

"Your code?"

"Yes, my code."

Mac looked Duke up and down in a shady way. "Fuck your code!" She stated firmly.

Duke looked mildly offended.

"Look, I'm sorry I offended you but for one night, please, go against your code. Let's go have some fun!" Mac exclaimed grabbing Duke's hands and dragging her to the dance floor. Well, she attempted to drag Duke to the dance floor. Duke just would not budge.

"No, rather not," Duke stated ripping her hands out of Mac's grasp.

"Please?" Mac pleaded.

"No! Why don't you ask Chandler to go dance with you?"

"Because Chandler went off somewhere to give a blow job to some college dude."

Duke should've expected that. It wouldn't be like Chandler to not have at least one sexual interaction with a guy before they leave.

She closed her eyes in frustration. Couldn't she have one night to herself, just one night is all she asks. That could still happen. She could ignore Mac and walk straight to her car and head home. If she did that though, then she would feel Chandler's wrath on Monday about her leaving early and she would rather not have to deal with that.

Duke opened her eyes and sighed. "Fine. Guess one dance can't hurt."

This answer caused Mac to squeal jumping up and down clapping her hands together. Mac roughly tugged Duke's arm leading her to the dance floor.

When they got there, Mac immediately started to dance, hands above her head with her hips shaking from side to side. Meanwhile, Duke stood there arms folded across her chest and watched. 

Mac looked up and saw Duke wasn't dancing and let out a loud groan. "Duke, please! Dance a little," she said.

Duke reluctantly started to move. She didn't know what to do so she did a weird hip swaying thing. Her hands in her skirt pockets moving from side to side not keeping in time with the beat. It looked awkward. Mac never looked awkward because she has some experience with dance, she cheerleads for goodness sake! Duke doesn't know shit on even how to hip sway correctly. She seemed so out of place. 

Because of Duke feeling self conscious, she tried to slyly walk off the dance floor but, Mac grabbed the end of her jacket and pulled her back in. Mac stepped into Duke's personal space bubble loosely wrapping her arms around Duke's shoulders. Mac still kept dancing, swaying her hips methodically. On the other hand, Duke stood there frozen, not knowing what to do.

"It's okay to move a little," Mac whispered in Duke's ear.

Duke looked down and saw that Mac was smirking at her a little bit. This made Duke's heart beat faster than it already was. She finally got the courage to move slightly, bobbing her head up and down to the beat.

"That's it," Mac encouraged.

Duke smiled in return.

This dance went on for a few minutes, but now Duke was full on dancing shaking her hips and snapping along with the beat while Mac went to go get herself a drink. Mac came back smelling more like alcohol and resumed her dancing. They both were talking and laughing, overall having a good time. For once, Duke will admit she having a pleasant time here. 

Mac closed her eyes from laughing at a joke that Duke told, then when she opened her eyes she saw Duke dancing and froze. Duke was dancing dorkily and you could tell she didn't know what the hell she was doing, but to Mac it was...endearing to say the least. She rarely ever saw this fun, outgoing, awkward side of Duke. Mac still just stood there looking at her in awe.

"Mac? Mac?" Duke snapped her fingers in front of Mac's face.

Mac snapped out of her trance and looked up at Duke.

"Hey, you ok-" Duke started but was instantly cut off by Mac...kissing her?

Why would Mac be kissing her? Isn't she straight? Maybe it was the alcohol running through her veins that caused her to do this. Duke will never know. Just as the kiss started, it ended. Mac stepped back looking at Duke with wide eyes. Duke, certainly shocked, stood there with her mouth hanging open. Before Duke could get a word out of her mouth, Mac ran off at lightning speed. 

Duke stared in the direction Mac went. Not the first time Mac has done that.