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Clarity: Isshushipping Oneshots

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Touya H. Black woke up to the sun shining into the room, lying in the bed alongside three other bodies. One of them was his boyfriend, N Harmonia, lying on his right side with his arms wrapped around him. Lying on his left was a Zoroark, N's specifically, who was hanging off the bed somewhat, but still sound asleep. Finally, there was Touya's own Pokemon, a Serperior named Sir Hiss, and all ten feet of his long scaly leaf-covered body draped across the center of the bed.

Touya smiled over at his still sleeping beloved, who snuggled into his chest. The younger man leaned forward and gave N a kiss on the forehead.

"Come on, N," he said, "we gotta get up and do stuff."

"Mmh..." said N, clinging tighter to Touya, "heaters don't 'get up and do stuff'."

Touya chuckled as he moved his legs out from under Sir Hiss' body and prepared to get out of bed as the regal snake Pokemon started to stir.

"Well," said Touya, "I'll let you sleep in for a little while longer, but there's stuff I need to do today. Fortunately I'll be working close to home today. I'll wait for you downstairs. Love you."

" you too..."


Several years ago, Touya had announced to his parents that he was going to move out to live with N in Alola. His parents were a bit surprised to hear this, but it wasn't long before they confirmed that they were okay with it.

"It'll be a good opportunity for me," said Touya, smiling as he pet Sir Hiss' head, "an internship with a prolific professor like Kukui."

"I can imagine!" said Akiko, pulling Touya into a hug, "I'm so proud of you, honey!"

"Thanks mom," said Touya chuckling, "N and I will be going there together with our Pokemon, of course. N says that his sisters, Rood and Colress will be joining us as well."

"Well that's good then, son," said Angus, "nice that you and N won't be totally unsupervised!"

"Dad," groaned Touya, "N and I are not kids anymore! We're both adults!"

"Yeah, but N sure doesn't act like one."

"Excuse me?"

Touya and his parents turned to see N standing in the doorway, smiling.

"N!" said Touya, walking over to him and giving him a hug. N of course gave Touya a kiss on the forehead and the two turned to Touya's parents.

"I was just telling mom and dad about the fact that we're moving to Alola!"

"That's great," said N, smiling.

"Do you two have a house to move into?" asked Akiko.

"Professor Burnet paid for a large house for us. It has enough bedrooms for me and N, Anthea and Concordia, Rood and well as a lot of land for our Pokemon."

"I'm happy about that," said N.

"But how will you all going to fit in such a house?" asked Angus, "If you're all gonna live together, at least some of you are gonna have to share a room..."

N and Touya both blushed and smiled a little.

"Ohhhh..." said Angus while Akiko smiled at her son and his boyfriend.

"Well, Anthea and Concordia will be sharing one too," said N, chuckling, "Rood and Colress will be the ones getting their own rooms."

"We have pictures of the house, sent to us from the Professors themselves."

Touya held out the pictures, his parents looking at them.

"It's a lovely house, Touya!" said Akiko, smiling happily, "I'm sure you boys will be very happy!"

Touya smiled as he held N's hand.

"As long as we're together, then yes, I'd say we will be."


N had already essentially moved into Touya's house by this point anyway. He was over at their house every day, coming over for meals every day, sleeping there every night (Touya joining him, of course), talking with the parents, occasionally Touya's friends and on one occasion, his sister. By now, N was practically part of the family.

Every now and then, N brought his own family members over. Touya smiled as N introduced Anthea and Concordia to his parents, as they made small talk with Bianca during her visit. He laughed a little as he introduced Rood to them, and they were visibly surprised at the strange robes he was wearing. He cringed when N brought Colress over during a time when Hilda was visiting and couldn't stop her from flirting with the very clueless scientist.

When Touya thought about it, he made a realization he would eventually explain to N.

"Hey N, remember when you told me you didn't have a family outside of your Pokemon?" he asked.


"I think you were wrong," said Touya, smiling, "you had a family. Anthea, Concordia, even was small, but it was still a family. And now you have me and my parents, and Hilda...and all of our Pokemon."

N looked at Touya and smiled.

"You know...I never thought of it like that..."

N embraced Touya and kissed the top of his head, before going on to say ", our family has grown so much, hasn't it. It'll be sad to say goodbye to your parents."

"They'll come and visit us," said Touya, smiling, "and we can go visit them."

"And what about Hilda?"

"Who cares?"


When Touya and N had finished packing, they prepared to leave for Alola at last. Cheren, Bianca and Juliet had arrived at the airport to see them off along with Touya's parents and Hilda.

"Tell us all about all the interesting new Pokemon you see while you're there!" said Bianca, hugging Touya, "Professor Juniper really wants to hear about Alola's strange Pokemon variants!"

"I will, Bianca," said Touya, smiling, "where is Professor Juniper, anyway?"

"She had work to do, sadly," said Bianca, "but I promised her that I'd send her the photos we took together!"

"That's good then," said Touya before turning to Cheren, "good luck with training for the Elite Four, Cheren!"

"Thanks, Touya," said Cheren, shaking Touya's hand, "I may need it..."

"Ah shut up Cheren," said Juliet, smirking, "you tought us so well, it'll be your time to teach them that you deserve a spot among them!"

She then turned to Touya and said, "Have fun in paradise, Touya! My parents are sooooo jealous."

Touya chuckled as he gave Juliet a hug, before standing up to look at his parents and sister.

"Well, looks like it's time to go..." he said.

"We're so proud of you kiddo," said his father as he patted his son on the shoulder, "good luck out there!"

"Thanks dad."

"Tell everyone that you learned everything from me, okay Touya?" asked Hilda.

"No, you suck."

Touya turned to his mother, who smiled at him through a face streaming with tears.

"Mom, please," said Touya, feeling himself get a little choked up, "don't cry, you're gonna make me cry."

"I'm just so proud of you, Touya," said his mother, pulling him into a hug, "but I'm gonna miss you too."

"I'll miss you too, mom," said Touya, returning his mother's hug, "but I'll come back every now and then, I promise. My first appointment isn't for another few weeks, since Professor Kukui wants me to get settled first. I'll at least call you within that time!"

"I look forward to it, honey," said his mother, separating from him, "Goodbye and good luck!"

"Goodbye!" said Touya.

"Farewell!" called out N.

"Come on, guys!" called out a voice and Touya and N turned to see Skyla, standing in front of the loading dock, "The flight's not gonna wait for you all day!"

"Right, coming Skyla!" called out Touya, before giving one last wave to his family and leaving with N.


The plane landed in Alola's airport and Touya and N got off.

"Is there anyone we're looking for?" asked N.

"Professor Kukui," said Touya, smiling, "he should be holding a sign that says 'Black & Harmonia'."

Touya looked around, and sure enough saw the sign being held by a tall, muscular man wearing a labcoat, shorts...and not much else, from the looks of it, his bare, tanned, muscular chest being visible under his white labcoat. Touya chuckled in amusement at N for looking so surprised. Touya had been studying under Professor Kukui before this and had plenty of time to get used to Kukui's strange choice of attire, but N had never seen him before. The two walked over to the Professor who proceeded to smile and hold out his arms.

"Touya Black!" said Professor Kukui, grabbing Touya's hand and shaking it enthusiastically, "It's good to finally see you in person!"

"Good to see you too," said Touya grinning, before gesturing to N "oh, this is N Harmonia, my boyfriend."

"Why hello there, N!" said Kukui, switching to shake N's hand, "Touya told me a lot about you!"

"...Is that safe laboratory attire?" asked N.

Kukui just laughed heartily before saying "Come on, let's go take you guys to your new house!"

"He didn't answer my question." whispered N, looking confused.

"He didn't answer when I asked too," said Touya, stifling a chuckle.

To be continued...