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How did it come to this? A ruined date that had Dean reconsidering his love choices between the Blue-eyed girl sitting in their reserved booth, or the Blue-eyed boy who was passed out in the bathroom stall without evidence as to why he was there in the first place. This day was meant to be special, as Dean finally came to confess to the girl who he was going to settle with.

Little did he know...They were the same person.

It all started back, when the old Winchester volunteered to help this young librarian with her night shifts. She was a blonde girl named Claire, and Dean thought of her as a little sister, replacing Adam completely. Not that he was heartless about his little brother, but Claire seemed to have a more compatible spirit with Dean than Adam.

That's how he ended up staying with Claire on a stormy Thursday night. It was mandatory for the two to close the doors of the library together, seeing how the silence overtakes the whole place once the last usual costumer takes her leave with a new manga. Then, it was resting time. Dean would release a breath of relief at the calm and collected day, not too worried about any complications. Everyone in the library knows Dean too-well, but not the quiet dude named Alfie who stalks around the food books, then leaves without taking an actual book.

Moving that aside; Dean was happy to work with the blonde. She was fun to taunt at times, and a gullible person which caught the Winchester's interest. Pranks are his thing after all, second best thing besides his flirtatious skills. All the ladies that pass by him always cast him a certain type of look that would set Claire to gag in the back on how quickly they would start chatting too. It was gross, and if anything, she'd say Dean Winchester is an actual loser once you get to know him more.

"Bing-bong, the enchanted castle has closed, my princess,"The Winchester took a bow with a silly chuckle that made Claire roll her eyes in irritation at his expected line. She was currently placing back a few returned books with forgotten bookmarks in almost each page, and she hated how people are that forgetful to take them out.

"Why do you spend your day working here? I mean at night, really. Don't you have a boyfriend to go on a date with?"Dean was in the middle of slipping on his comfy jacket once he felt the cold from the outside sneak inside, and peck at his bones. Winter was truly a nightmare.

"Even if I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't tell you about him, and I'd never let him meet you since he'd just fall for you like all my new boyfriends who secretly come in the library every week..I mean, come on! What's so great about you?"Her tone grew more in annoyance at the memories of her boyfriends, all confessing and asking her about the guy she works with, and what his name was. That was worst thing she had to go through every time.

Dean on the other hand, he only shrugged his shoulders with ease at his malicious accomplishments that he doesn't seem to even know about. His charming looks only brought him the best of the best, and he would never be interested in teenage boys, that would be illegal and creepy. But, he was going to take that as a compliment, seeing how it pissed off Claire in an aggravating way that pleased him.

"My birth certificate never warned my parents about how I'd grow up to be a handsome devil,"And with a stiff wink, he earned no reaction from the blonde. That was her cue to get more angry and rage about her problems, but in all honesty, Dean hated how quiet she has gotten. Was she...Ignoring him?

He opened his lips to release another, unwanted insult; however, the sound of a creaking wood stopped the two in their spots like a bunch of snowmen. They both felt the exact shiver run down their spines as the source of the sound steadily moved in their direction, lessening the distance by each click of their heels.

Perhaps it was an intruder? But Dean made sure to lock the back door for safety reasons. Noway a human would sneak in.

"Claire, get behind me."

She raced around the counter and slipped behind Dean for protection, but as soon as she did that, she came back in the scenery with a pocket knife that made Dean hiss.

"Where did you get that from?!"

"A girl gotta protect herself.."

That wasn't the main concern of their risky situation. It was the figure from the shadows coming towards them with an umbrella in hand that gave her the look of a shady murderer. There was a flash of a tanned trench-coat in the tinted light at the corner, and she was finally in plain sight to them.

"I have never felt this fragile since the death of that nephilim...Female vessels are truly tough to handle."

Her non-sense of a speech sparked a look of confusion on the cautious two, but once her appearance radiated no threat whatsoever, their shoulders lowered the intensity that built inside of them.

"Who are you?"Claire spoke before the Winchester behind her could take the authority to speak since he was the oldest. He couldn't actually, he was too blinded by her absolute beauty that made his gravity pull him to her instead.

"Foolish humans like you shouldn't ask for my name. We have only just met, and I do remember the danger of giving out your name to random strangers,"She had a certain glare in her eyes that caused Dean's inside to twist at how attractive it was. Her eyes were the color of the sky, the ocean, and everything that was blue and pure. They had a prideful glint that represented her cold, unimpressed frown. Her tanned, trench-coat tipped roughly at the ground, and the buttons at the top weren't there to support her clothing, and Dean couldn't help but stare longer at that place.

"Why are you speaking like that anyways? What are you, a time traveler?"Claire blurted with obvious sarcasm, and nudged Dean out of his trance of thoughts. This guy is a playboy that can't be maintained or trusted, and that concerned her at times.

The woman in the trench-coat gave the most unpleasing look and the lights were starting to flicker. Moments before she could show her wings, Dean interrupted by forming a weird noise. She tilted her head at that sort of sound, and Claire wanted to smack him like the idiot he is.

"Listen angel, I mean, no offense. But could you step on me?"

Claire had the advantage of gutting Dean as she was still in front of him, holding on to the pocket knife that never left her hand. For a second, he could've swore he saw black feathers shadowing on the wall before the woman, but his imagination was running low on fuel, since he was exhausted.

"Thank you for recognizing who I am. An angel I am."Her frown was replaced by a light smile and Dean never realized how a smile could have a huge impact on his heart.

"Whatever! It's late and you broke in. So, I'm calling the police,"Claire had no intention of chatting too much with the Black-haired, and she definitely needed to get home to her father.

Dean's brows furrowed at the Blonde's bitter tone, but also preceded the silence. She had a point, and it was against the law, so Claire had the right. Yet again, this beautiful angel can't bust in here out of oblivion, and claim to be clueless to her surroundings.

"Fine. I'll explain myself and why I'm here..."She retorted to her old method of escaping. She hasn't used it in new years since her last time on earth, but it will have to cover for her. After all, humans are stupid enough to believe anything,"Look over there!"She pointed her finger in the direction of the door, right as the loud sound of lighting struck like an angry mob.

Dean flinched and Claire glanced to the door in time to see nothing. That was the plan. Right when the two looked back to throw a stupid remark about the woman's false vision, she was gone. She was nowhere in sight.

Being the man and all, Dean was supposedly the strong one here to check and see if the woman was truly gone. He wandered to the back of the library to confirm that she hadn't run off and hid between the book shelves or aisles. His theory was somehow adding up, and the possibilities of magical beings were somehow connecting. But, that can't be possible. She was probably a magician..

"What was that?"

"I-I-I-I want to go home...Dean can you drop me off?"


They both went home that night with the an odd feeling of fright, but then again the heavy atmosphere was too overwhelming to break in the car. He dropped her off and made sure someone was at the house to welcome her, and once the lights outside came to life, he waved and left in the direction of his house.

"Damn it...You're tired...You need sleep...You need to watch the four hours long marathon of Dr. Sexy then you can sleep..."He convinced himself to think of it like it was nothing, and it never happened. Her looks did have an affect on his feelings, if he had to stubbornly admit. Feelings weren't much of his thing, even if he was a single twenty-four year old man living with his siblings. Their parents were both under dirt, and he was handed the responsibilities of the two dimwits.

Sam, being the young nerd in the house, and Adam being the youngest sassy boy who no one could get a hold of. He wasn't really a Winchester, and back then Mary took him out of pity. It made her feel guilty a bit, knowing that he'll be an orphan if no one took him in.

So, she added a new idiot to the family which completed the pact with the other two. Then she left them. That wasn't the plan.

In this moment, Dean didn't want to think about these type of memories when he just finished encountering a weird woman at the library. He needs to clear his mind and thoughts, but they were gone once the door of their neighbor's house slammed shut.

Dean gave her a glance in the dark, and he could've swore he saw his neighbor's eyes morph into the color of the night, and then they returned to their original. Or so if he could tell.


Her name was Meg Masters. She was a college student, and had met Dean when they moved in. She was a shut-in person, only in the morning, but at night, she's sneaking around doing her unknown job that Dean didn't even bother to know.

"Uh, hey, Meg. How is it hangin?"He wasn't sure whether to strike a conversation, or end it with a 'bye,' so he could go inside and not have to deal with anything else at the moment.

"None much. Have a goodnight."

In the end, it was her that ended this awkward conversation, but she did stare at him for a good few seconds, recognizing a scent on him. She couldn't quite put her finger on it and she'll have to check to see what it reminded her of.

Dean swung his hand at her and preceded to the door. He heard a few commotions from the inside, hinting at the eerie lights coming from behind the blinds as the TV was turned on to some Looney-Tunes in action. He entered the house and threw his keys at the chair near the door, somehow it was called the chair of support.

"How was your day?"

Dean stopped in the middle of the hall to the sound of his second-younger brother, direction a question that he didn't expect to hear, specifically from him, too.

"And the mime speaks."There wasn't any sort of reaction coming from the one behind the couch that had it's back facing Dean. Only the crunching of the popcorn was chirped and then a drink getting sipped by force.

"Get a job and pay for the rent,"Adam's voice sounded lazy under the cover that washed away any whispering insults afterwards. Calling Dean a slacker in the house was very usual, and he did own up to that nickname. He works at a library that has a low-budget of payments; it only tips Dean the extra money they receive. Just like his working buddy, Claire.

"You're a tenth grade who acts like a ten year old, I think it should be you who get's a job, oh, oh, and a girlfriend."

After that, the living room fell into a state of quietness, only the sound of the TV was there to echo and break the thick tension in the air. Mostly for the oldest Winchester, who kept throwing a fit of glares at his brothers. They are going to be the end of him.

He went upstairs to switch to his pajamas, and then joined his brothers on the longer couch that was passionately claimed by him. It wasn't a problem since Adam and Sam fall on the same small couch, leaning on each other for support. At times, their rooms are empty as no one sleeps in them. The Winchesters had a weird thing for couches and sleep.

And thus; the night was still young.