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Don't Forget

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     Alphys had just returned from the science department when Sans met her outside her home. He asked her all these odd questions, about a man she didn't know, about a past she had no recollection of, and a life she didn't remember. But something inside her said she had to trust him. Alphys followed along with Sans’ plans to build this giant, dangerous, world-tearing machine to save this man Sans called “father.” Alphys tried her hardest to make sense of what Sans was telling her. All these alternate timelines and realities were caused by this…“W. D. Gaster”, he told her. A man with a complicated and dark history.


“Despite everything,” Sans said, “I still love him.”


She didn't need a better reason. Alphys knew all about bad decisions, giving in to temptation and taking things too far in the name of curiosity and science. She knew all too well. If this meant that much to Sans, she'd put everything aside to help. They were partners in the Dreemurr Royal Laboratory for a long time. On rough days, she'd spill her entire life story to Sans, and when he was feeling down, she'd offer him friendship and comfort. Someone to listen. If there's any monster she'd consider close to her, it was him. To her, they were best friends.


Sans needed Alphys to retrieve the last few pieces of the machine. He said they should be within her luggage from the Lab since he was unable to find them when he originally went to gather Gaster's things after he disappeared. Alphys sat down on her office floor and looked through her still partially unpacked bags and boxes, searching for anything unusual. She dug through every box and container in her office. Papers, folders, and office supplies were strone everywhere. Alphys asked Sans if anything looked familiar to him. She was beginning to lose hope. She knew he was, too. Whatever hope he had left, that is.


Alphys started to put the papers and folders back into the box.


“Wait!” Sans blurted aloud.


She paused. Sans quickly moved next to her. He took a large, clearly aged, white folder from out the box. It was written in some code, using symbols and shapes in the place of letters. Sans knew this code.


“This is it.” He whispered. “This right here.”


Alphys was puzzled. “I thought we were looking for parts?”


Sans chuckled as he flipped through the folder, studying each paper intently. “We are, and this is a key.” He stopped on a page that had rough sketches of a machine scratched onto it. Small notes were scribbled down beside sketch with tiny arrows pointing from the words to a specific part. Sans sighed, relieved at the discovery. Alphys stood up from the floor and stepped beside him.


“So what does this mean?” She asked. “Where are the parts?”


“Under Ebott, Alph.” He smiled, then laughed softly. “Grab a shovel. We're going excavating.”