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Iida Tenya has added Midoriya Izuku, Uraraka Ochako, Todoroki Shouto, Aizawa Shouta, Yagi Toshinori, and 17 others to the sever Class 1-A.


Iida Tenya: Hello everyone! This chat was created as a means of keeping an open line of communication between us in class 1-A as well as our senseis! Here is a quick rundown of the navigation:


-#navigation - A channel to find where you need to go.

-#general - A general discussion channel

-#education - A channel for school work discussion and any study group events.

-#discourse - A civil discussion channel for any friendly arguments.


Hopefully this all helps and I’m excited to have you all here! Our current moderators are me, Yaoyorozu-san, Aizawa-sensei, and All Might-sensei. Feel free to get straight to discussion. :)


Iida Tenya has pinned a message to this channel.





Ashido Mina: if two guys went to the moon and one guy killed the other guy with a rock would that be fucked up or what?


Sero Hanta: more importantly... is it gay if it’s on the moon?


Kaminari Denki: it’s NOT gay if it’s on the moon.


Kaminari Denki: wait.





pika-pika: better.


Ashido Mina: oh fuck.


alien 2: electric boogaloo: perfect.


scotch tape: oh hell yeah @Kirishima Eijiro get over here!! me mina and denki are bored!!


Kirishima Eijiro: oh cool!! let me change my nickname!


hard headed: nice


Several people are typing...


mini might: :-)


defying gravity: this is cool thank you iida!!! <3


kermittea.jpg: kero


yaomomo: Thanks again for taking the time with me to create the server Iida-san!


king explodo-kill: fuckin’ nerds.


icyhot: says the guy with the name king expolodo-kill.... okay.


im babey,,,,,: (″ロ゛)


vanellope von schweetz: don’t fight in front of koda, he’s babey.......


sue storm: am i clever?


tigger: ofc


splatoon reject: cleverest


hot topic spokesbird: i have a feeling this will go either very very good or very very bad.


lady glitter sparkles: it will go swimmingly, mon ami!


bass boosted: yeah we’re all pretty chill, what’s the worst that could happen??


SexyLadiesMan6969: Send nudes.


defying gravity: i lied iida you can burn for this.

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Eraserhead: @SexyLadiesMan6969 Mineta, refrain from sending solicitous messages in the group chat. Consider this your first warning.


SexyLadiesMan6969: nofunallowed.jpg


king explodo-kill: go run in front of a bus you goddamned extra.


hard headed: BAKUGO


king explodo-kill: if the next word out of your mouth is apologize i’m gonna go to your room and blow up your phone.


hard headed: .....


hard headed: valid. 


All Might: @king explodi-kill Young Bakugo, I understand you have a very harsh way of addressing your peers, but telling them to commit suicide is a very unacceptable thing to do. Please do not do that again.


king explodo-kill: ...yes sensei


All Might: Thank you, Young Bakugo. :-)


mini might: shejsbwjshwjhaiw


alien 2: electric boogaloo: he wasn’t even talking to izuku and he broke him.


scotch tape: press f to pay respects.


defying gravity: f


hard headed: f


alien 2: electric boogaloo: f


splatoon reject: f


vanellope von schweetz: f


tigger: f


sue storm: f


bass boosted: f


lady glitter sparkles: f


hot topic spokesbird: f


kermittea.jpg: f


yaomomo: f


icyhot: f


im babey,,,,,: f


pika-pika: f


sanic.exe: f




sanic.exe: I thought I’d have some fun, too!!


defying gravity: wholesome,,,,,


mini might: i love my best friend 


sanic.exe: H—


kermittea.jpg: class rep machine broke.


icyhot: wait guys i’ve got some illuminati shit to share.... buckle up.




icyhot: okay not be all tinfoil hat but like... maybe all mights true quirk was never an emitter style strength augmentation quirk, but a TRANSFORMATION style strength augmentation quirk. like... think about it.


yaomomo: That WOULD explain the two All Might forms, which I’ve cleverly named All Might and Small Might. Assuming he uses telomeres and rapid mitosis, there’s only so much of that cells can take before they no longer work. My guess is that he ran out of power because he no longer had the telomeric length required to continue to shift between All Might and Small Might.


icyhot: SEE?


mini might: what is with you and conspiracy theories ahegeishejehue


sue storm: biggest conspiracy theory, do small might still got dat ass?


tigger: TORU


sue storm: WHAT he’s always wearing baggy clothes... the public needs to know!


king explodo-kill: cindy-this-is-a-skeleton-this-is-bones.gif


vanellope von schweetz: SKSHKSBSJSHOSHSISS


scotch tape: small might in booty shorts that say “menace to society”


alien 2: electric boogaloo: booty shorts that are patterned to with a picture of all might’s ass


hot topic spokesbird: shutupandtakemymoney.gif




All Might: I wish I were Jared, 19.




sanic.exe: I apologize for the crass conversation, I should’ve stopped it before it snowballed, All Might-sensei. I won’t allow it to happen again.


sue storm: yeah i’m sorry i was just running with the fact that i’m pretty sure everyone in this chat has had a crush on you at some point or another.


SexyLadiesMan6969: Not me, I’m not a fag lol.


All Might: Oh, absolutely not.


mini might: oooooh shit.


hard headed: i’m pressing f on the worlds smallest keyboard for mineta rn.


alien 2: electric boogaloo: ASUEGWJSHJS


bass boosted: *all might voice* electric chair *gavel pounds*


vanellope von schweetz: oh my god siegjsgejshsk


pika-pika: i’m gonna @ him


defying gravity: don’t


pika-pika: fine i won’t...


yaomomo: He must be privately messaging Mineta.


lady glitter sparkles: @All Might what’s tea sis?




hot topic spokesbird: yuga did #that


All Might: Mineta Minoru has been effectively banned from the Class 1-A server and I am currently taking action with Aizawa-san to have him expelled from U.A. If anyone has any complaints to level against him in order to bolster our case, please directly message either myself or Aizawa-san. As an aside, any student who uses that kind of language from here on out will face immediate expulsion. Don’t expect to be a hero if you don’t know how to respect others around you.


king explodo-kill: fuck yeah.


bass boosted: let’s pop the BIGGEST bottles in the dorms tonight.


im babey,,,,,: (๑˘︶˘๑)




sanic.exe: I should’ve known he would’ve made you all uncomfortable, I’m really sorry for not doing anything sooner.


Eraserhead: There’s nothing for you to be sorry for. It’s on me as a teacher to have seen that this one child was causing all these problems. I guess I thought I could mold and change him into a better hero and person but in my personal quest I neglected to care about my other students. And for that I am truly sorry.




sanic.exe: He’s crying, isn’t he?


defying gravity: he’s crying.


yaomomo: In all seriousness, Aizawa-sensei, we all forgive you. 


bass boosted: yeah, i already dmed you about the grape, hopefully it helps.


Eraserhead: It helps immensely, thank you.


hard headed: so which of you is bringing the bottles to pop @All Might @Eraserhead 


scotch tape: EIJIRO

Chapter Text

Direct Message between All Might and SexyLadiesMan6969


All Might: Would you care to explain to me what that was in the chat, Young Mineta?


SexyLadiesMan6969: It was a JOKE.


All Might: At the expense of who?


SexyLadiesMan6969: No one. It was a joke. It was funny. I don’t understand what I did wrong.


All Might: It seems as though you’re blind to the implications of your little “joke.” It was inappropriate, offensive, and contained a homophobic slur. I can’t see what’s funny about that.


SexyLadiesMan6969: Because they are! How can a dude be into dudes when there are so many hot chicks with big boobs everywhere? Have they SEEN Midnight? There’s no reason to be gay when there’s so many sexy chicks everywhere!


All Might: ...


All Might: Start packing your dorm because by this time tomorrow you will no longer be a student at U.A.


—You can no longer send messages in this chat—


U.A Teachers Lounge


All Might: I... am angry.


All Might: Screenshot_645.jpg


Midnight: Oh gross.


All Might: PLEASE tell me I can make good on this promise. 




Eraserhead: I feel like this is my fault.


Nedzu: For attempting to grow someone into a better person? Nonsense. Your faith, while misplaced, was noble. If we’re pointing fingers, we all gave him enough points to enter U.A.


Eraserhead: Yeah, but my misplaced faith made 19 other students feel uncomfortable in their own space.


All Might: Speaking of which, I instructed the children to level any complaints they had about Young Mineta to me or Aizawa to expedite this long overdue expulsion.


Blood King: I take it you’ll drop the screenshots here.


Eraserhead: I already have one.


Eraserhead: Screenshot_457.jpg


[Direct Message between bass boosted and Eraserhead


bass boosted: okay so there was this little? hole in the locker room that i wasn’t sure led all the way through the wall so i popped my earphone jack into the wall and listened and literally all i heard was how “glorious” the hole was and how now the boys could see all our breasts and bodies and shit  (followed by everyone telling whoever it was to cut it out) and i figured it was mineta but i couldn’t really tell. the light on the end of the hole blocked out and i heard someone say “i can see it all now” so i sent my other jack straight through the hole and into whoever it was eye. i realized it was mineta when we left the locker rooms and his eye was all puffy and red. 


Eraserhead: Thank you for telling me this. 


bass boosted: no problem. anything to get this dumb grape bitch out.]


Present Mic: disgusting! next!


Ectoplasm: How... unpleasant.


Cementoss: Are there any more?


All Might: Young Bakugo sent me one of his own.


All Might: Screenshot_689.jpg


[Direct Message between king explodo-kill and All Might


king explodo-kill: he insinuated i was fucking gay just because i wasn’t excited to fight uraraka and grope her while i did. like? there’s nothing wrong with being fucking gay but you’re gonna tell me to my face that it’s gay NOT to grope women without their consent???? what a fucking booger.


All Might: This is a very distressing story if this is how he views women. I will bring this before the teachers. Thank you very much, Young Bakugo.


king explodo-kill: yeah whatever now you know why i want him to go run in front of a bus.]


Eraserhead: God this is giving me a headache, I feel like such a shit teacher. Yaoyorozu told me he kept leering at her in costume, Hagakure told me that he tried to grope her, Asui said he DID grope her while they were escaping USJ.


All Might: Young Midoriya recalled that as well. He also spoke of how Young Mineta attempted to scale the wall of the bathhouse during the summer training in order to see the girls naked from atop the wall but got kicked off at the top by Kota-kun. And he also insinuated Midoriya engaged in sexual misconduct with a Shiketsu student and hammered him about it until Young Midoriya felt almost physically ill. 


Snipe: so he’s a turd is what you’re saying.


Thirteen: I remember him! He was incredibly scared the whole time and yelling about surrender. Sure, it’s okay to be afraid, but he was practically FORCED to help in order to save his life and the life of his classmates. On top of being wildly disliked, he exhibits none of the qualities of a good hero.


Eraserhead: Kaminari Denki just messaged me.


Eraserhead: Screenshot_328.jpg


[Direct Message between pika-pika and Eraserhead


pika-pika: I’m usually not this serious but I wanted to apologize. I was friends with Mineta. I went along with it when he was being a perv. I plotted schemes to see the girls in their bathing suits and... I was there when he was grilling Midoriya until he almost puked. I was a creep. And I didn’t know why. I still don’t know why. I feel so shitty that I went with it without questioning anything. If you want to expel me too I understand.


Eraserhead: Thank you for being so forthcoming. We’re not going to expel you because I know you actually feel remorse about your actions. Are you sure you have no idea why you went along with it?


pika-pika: I do... 


Eraserhead: It is a reasoning I can show to my colleagues?


pika-pika: It is... I was trying to convince myself I wasn’t gay. If I could... If I could be interested in women like Mineta is I’d be fine but... It didn’t get me anywhere and I could’ve lost a lot of people doing it. I know better now. I know I can be who I am. 


Eraserhead: If you need anything we are all here. Me, All Might, your classmates, and the U.A. staff. Thank you again.


pika-pika: No, thank you, sensei.


Eraserhead: No problem.]


Present Mic: babey...........


All Might: My heart found full in Miami. 


Snipe: is it settled? @Nedzu


Nedzu: From this moment forward, Mineta Minoru is no longer a student at U.A. Which means we must find a replacement for his space in Class 1-A.


Midnight: good riddance.


Midnight: anyone got any hats they wanna throw in the ring?


Eraserhead: Actually... I do.

Chapter Text

Class 1-A Chat



mini might: is everyone else shook that mineta isn’t here anymore?


yaomomo: Not to be rude but I’m extremely happy he’s gone.


king explodo-kill: yeah fuck that guy.


splatoon reject: you have such a way with words, bakugo.


scotch tape: LMAO


king explodo-kill: shut the fuck up you goddamned side character no one asked you.


icyhot: watch it before they make you the next person we get expelled.


mini might: todoroki...


mini might: bakugo may be rough around the edges but he’s still a hero.


mini might: so take it easy on him, he’s learning.


alien 2: electric boogaloo: oh worm???


kermittea.jpg: inter of esting kero


king explodo-kill: WHATS INTERESTING???




icyhot: honestly why does he even try to reason with you i swear to god you exist to be contrary like, do you enjoy this?


scotch tape: whohurtyou.jpg


mini might: both of you stop. i’m not gonna have my friends fighting for no reason.


hard headed: he’s so pure he thinks bakugo is his friend i need life alert


king explodo-kill: god deku would you shut the fuck up? i can’t fucking stand it when you do that shit.


mini might: what shit? CARE?


defying gravity: uh, guys...


king explodo-kill: no!!!! stick your fucking nose where it doesn’t goddamned belong!!!! i can take care of myself you shit


sanic.exe: Ummm....


icyhot: he’s trying to be a good fucking person and you yell at him like it’s an issue that he’s kind




Eraserhead: @king explodo-kill @mini might @icyhot ENOUGH. If you’re going to argue you do it in a private message or not at all! RIDICULOUS.


hot topic spokesbird: *eye emoji*


pika-pika: did anyone try the chicken i thought the chicken was lovely...


hard headed: ......


Direct Message between, king explodo-kill, icy hot, and mini might


mini might: kacchan we have to stop fighting like this...


king explodo-kill: like fucking what?! you KNOW how much i hate when you get on your goddamned high horse and treat me like i’m less than you but you do it ANYWAY. 


icyhot: except that’s not what he’s doing at all.


king explodo-kill: oh my god who fucking ASKED YOU?!!!!!


mini might: but he’s RIGHT bakugo. i don’t mean to make it sound like i think i’m better than you, i just don’t like to see you thinking that it’s you against the world when there’s a whole class full of people that care about you. i thought maybe after that fight we had you’d see that i’m not the enemy here but it’s like i’m taking one step forward and two steps back when it comes to you.


mini might: and todoroki i know you don’t like that bakugo treats me the way he does, who would? but sometimes when you antagonize him for a personality trait he clearly needs help with you only make things worse between me and him and between him and you. obviously there’s something going on between the two of you but it needs to stop. i don’t like it when my friends fight.


king explodo-kill: we’re not friends we’re RIVALS or did you forget that we’re all gunning for the same fucking spot?


mini might: dammit kacchan we can be BOTH. 


icyhot: if you think i’m gonna be friends with him you can forget it izuku, that’s not even ground i wanna tread.


king explodo-kill: oh BIG same.


mini might: can you at least try? for me? it would mean a lot.


king explodo-kill: ...




von schweetz: DID ANYONE HEAR THAT??????




hard headed: UM NO I DONT WANNA DIE.




splatoon reject: yeet

Chapter Text

Eraserhead: After much consideration between myself and the other teachers here at U.A., I am happy to announce we have found our replacement for Mineta Minoru in Class 1-A.


mini might: !!!!! who is it?!!!!!


kermittea.jpg: hmmm i have a feeling i know who it is but i’m not gonna ruin the surprise *frog emoji* *coffee emoji*


splatoon reject: wack.


Eraserhead: This is a student I’ve been training on my own for quite some time since I felt it was unfair that his incredible quirk was at a disadvantage during our entrance exam. I’m pleased to welcome him into our class and I hope you all get along well. 


Eraserhead has added Shinsou Hitoshi to the server Class 1-A


tigger: oh


ojeras: sup


bass boosted: what the fuck is that name aoshkagsuajsjhs


ojeras: i went on google translate and picked the stupidest name for eye bags i could find


hot topic spokesbird: what language even is that?


ojeras: spanish


vanellope von schweetz: ah, i speak spanish! ¡boi nose dis ass! ¿common estates?


Several people are typing...




alien 2: electric boogaloo: i can’t believe rikido killed the whole class aiegskehkshsj


Eraserhead: I’m sure Yamada will be pleased to know you’re using your English lessons, Satou.


vanellope von schweetz: grassy ass.


sue storm: hey @tigger you okay?


tigger: dm me maybe?


sue storm: ofc!


Direct Message between tigger and sue storm


sue storm: you wanna talk?


tigger: idk??? maybe??? i just feel... weird about him being in the class??? is that wrong???


sue storm: not at all!! he DID use his quirk on you without your permission to win...

tigger: and honestly i still haven’t?? really gotten over it...


tigger: which sounds stupid but it was scary... i didn’t have any control over myself who KNOWS what could happen and i know he wants to be a hero but the paranoid side in me thinks about all the bad you can do with a quirk like that. and then i feel bad for thinking about him like that.


sue storm: you’re totally allowed to feel that. i think it’d be better if you talked to him about it though so you guys can work out your differences. 


tigger: i guess...


tigger: hey wait omg


Direct message between ojeras and tigger


ojeras: i’m sorry.


tigger: that’s direct.


ojeras: i wanted to prove myself so badly at the sports festival that i didn’t even ask if you guys wanted to be used like that. this is where i’ve wanted to be so badly and i violated you prove that i should.


tigger: no no no it wasn’t a violation don’t call it that


ojeras: but it was and that’s what’s fucked. i took away your autonomy. without your consent.


ojeras: don’t lie to me, was it scary?


tigger: well, after the fact... yeah. i haven’t ever really gotten over it mainly bc i haven’t had the chance to talk to you.


ojeras: then this is us talking. i don’t want you to ever feel like you have to be afraid around me anymore. i don’t wanna be a villain and i don’t want everyone to think i’m one either.


tigger: i don’t i promise. your quirk just wasn’t introduced to me in the best way, is all.


tigger: i forgive you.


tigger: it’s gonna be hard to forget about what you did but knowing that you regret it and that you’re sorry is the first step to really trusting you. 


ojeras: thanks, that means a lot to me. 


tigger: how do you plan on using your quirk as a hero, if you don’t mind me asking?


ojeras: people can’t not respond to you forever, so if a villain responds to me all it takes is one word and they stop. and then i tie them up and call the police. low risk, high reward. i’ve been training my body too so that i can defend myself up until the point they allow me to activate my quirk.


tigger: that’s actually really smart! i wonder how many quirks like yours got overlooked by quirks like mine that allowed me to get into the hero course?


ojeras: a lot. but aizawa-sensei is working hard to see to it that everyone has a chance to get in with or without a flashy quirk. maybe even without a quirk at all.


tigger: wow. 


tigger: it was good talking to you. just... wanted to say that now. you’re not a bad person.


ojeras: i know ive said this before but that means a lot to me.


tigger: then i guess i’ll keep saying it, maybe i’ll get class 1-A in on it too :))


ojeras: wait




tigger: CLASS POLL: is shinsou a good person vote y or y on ur phones right now!


ojeras: ojiro—


mini might: Y!!!!!


sanic.exe: Y!


pika-pika: Y!


kermittea.jpg: Y!


lady glitter sparkles: Y~~~


bass boosted: Y


splatoon reject: y


hard headed: y! :)


alien 2: electric boogaloo: y!! 


defying gravity: Y!


yaomomo: Y!


icyhot: y!


hot topic spokesbird: y


scotch tape: Y!


im babey,,,,,: y uwu 


sue storm: Y!


hard headed: bakugo....


king explodo-kill: ugh fine


king explodo-kill: y


Eraserhead: I can confidently give Shinsou a very strong Y.


All Might: As can I! A very big Y on my end! 


vanellope von schweetz: Ÿ


ojeras: what the fuck is that? 


vanellope von schweetz: it’s a y. it’s got an accent cause it’s spanish.



Chapter Text

alien 2: electric boogaloo: heyyyyy everyone!!!! 


mini might: hello mina!!!


lady glitter sparkles: hello, mon ami~~~


pika-pika: hey


alien 2: electric boogaloo: how’s everyone?


kermittea.jpg: kaminari-kun has been acting strange today kero


pika-pika: TSUYU


kermittea.jpg: it’s true


pika-pika: could we not?


kermittea.jpg: we could not.


pika-pika: thank you.


kermittea.jpg: or we could ask you why you couldn’t stop stuttering and blushing around sero-kun and kirishima-kun kero 


pika-pika: tsuyu are you fucking kidding me?


alien 2: electric boogaloo: oh worm????


pika-pika: nope we’re not doing this. absolutely not.


scotch tape: doing what? 


alien 2: electric boogaloo: talking about kaminari’s crush on you and kirishima *eye emoji*


hard headed: huh?


pika-pika: goddammit


—pika-pika has left the chat—


kermittea.jpg: oh...


Direct Message between Eraserhead and pika-pika


Eraserhead: Would you like to talk?


pika-pika: not really....


Eraserhead: If you find yourself wanting to later, I’m always available.


pika-pika: okay.


Direct Message between alien 2: electric boogaloo and pika-pika


alien 2: electric boogaloo: i’m sorry


pika-pika: i really don’t want to talk right now. 


alien 2: electric boogaloo: okay...


alien 2: electric boogaloo: tsuyu says sorry too...


pika-pika: cool.


All Might has added pika-pika to the server Class 1-A.


All Might: @kermittea.jpg @alien 2: electric boogaloo Apologize. Now.


pika-pika: mina already apologized.


kermittea.jpg: i’m sorry as well kero.


pika-pika: if i can’t leave the chat i’m muting it


scotch tape: i’m really confused


hard headed: no cap, same


Direct Message between pika-pika and Eraserhead


pika-pika: okay but like why would they do that?


Eraserhead: I’m sure they didn’t mean any harm by it.


pika-pika: like yeah... everyone knows i’m like gay or whatever but like they didn’t have to make me out to be weird because i’m crushing on two boys when i’m not sure if they even like me back or like boys in general it’s just.... why?


Eraserhead: Believe me, you’re not weird.


pika-pika: how would you know?


Eraserhead: Because we both have been through something similar.


pika-pika: ???


Eraserhead: I’m telling you this in confidence in order to make you feel better but I would appreciate it greatly if it remains between the two of us. When I’m ready—and other parties as well—I’ll tell the rest of the class. But for now here’s my experience.


Eraserhead: When I was younger, I fell in love. He was perfect and I was head over heels for him. He felt the same way and we started dating and eventually got married in a country that allowed it. But then I met someone. He was... difficult at first but the more I got to know him the better my view became of him. He made me laugh, he was kind, and I liked him. A lot. But I was married. I felt sick to my stomach because this was like a betrayal. I was emotionally cheating, wasn’t I? I still loved my husband, just as much as I did when we first began seeing each other, but there was another man who made me feel just the same and I didn’t know that it was possible to have two people I was in love with.


Eraserhead: So after agonizing about it, making myself sick to my stomach with it, losing whatever little bit of sleep I got over it, I decided to confront my husband about it. I was scared, panicked, confused. But he said that it was okay to love more than one person. As long as we talked about it, as long as we agreed with each other, as long as he knew. So I told him about the man and let everything he made me feel out in the open. And the craziest thing? My husband felt the same way about the same man. That panic turned to excitement. 


Eraserhead: So one day after months of planning, my husband and I decided to ask him if he would like to date us. He was flustered of course but he smiled, and said yes. And the rest is history. The three of us are happy. We all love each other and we all support each other. 


Eraserhead: What I mean to say is that you’re not weird for feeling the way you do about more than one person. And to know if you’re going to be shot down you have to shoot your shot in the first place. 


pika-pika: i’m sobbing into my covers right now do you really think i can do this?


Eraserhead: I know you can because I did.


pika-pika: can you at least tell me who?


Eraserhead: No.


pika-pika: boo you whore.


Eraserhead: Don’t make me expel you.


pika-pika: YIKES SORRY


Eraserhead: >:3c


pika-pika: SCREENSHOT


Eraserhead: Expulsion.


pika-pika: DELETED


pika-pika: thanks eraserdad <3


Direct Message between kermittea.jpg, alien 2: electric boogaloo, and pika-pika


alien 2: electric boogaloo: i feel like trash kaminari i’m sorry


kermittea.jpg: me too, kero... i hope you can forgive us...


pika-pika: i do


pika-pika: but don’t do that shit again


kermittea.jpg: oh no we would never 


alien 2: electric boogaloo: i’m sorry i just... want to be in on people’s relationships and then i just... blab about everything because it excites me and i know that it’s gonna end bad one day... i’m sorry


pika-pika: you’re right it will. 


pika-pika: just.... don’t do things like that i don’t want you to get hurt.


kermittea.jpg: i am very blunt and i want to apologize for making you uncomfortable.


pika-pika: i forgive you i swear.


pika-pika: now time to do something important.


Direct Message between hard headed, scotch tape, and pika-pika


pika-pika: hey guys


scotch tape: !!! kaminari!!


hard headed: hey!


pika-pika: i’m sorry about what happened in the chat, i was just a little freaked out lol


scotch tape: it’s okay i was confused so i rly didn’t feel any type of way abt your reaction


hard headed: BIG same


pika-pika: so i wanted to tell you guys something


pika-pika: pls don’t interrupt me i’ll lose my nerves


pika-pika: i felt really weird about this but then a friend of mine told me an experience they had with this same situation and it filled me with a lot of hope. it doesn’t have to be the same as their story though so please be truthful with me i can handle it. either way i have a stupid big crush on the both of you... like... at the same time. and i don’t want to have to choose between you two.


scotch tape: oh... 


hard headed: is it weird of me to say i’m blushing Very Hard right now


scotch tape: i am literally the color of your hair kirishima


pika-pika: it’s okay if you don’t like me back i just thought you should know


hard headed: no no no it’s not that!!! i swear it isn’t! i do really like you but i see sero more as a friend and i don’t know if like?? i have to like him and you at the same time or something???


scotch tape: yeah like kirishima is my bro


pika-pika: we can work anything out if you’d like


pika-pika: maybe in my dorm? in a little?


scotch tape: sure yeah we can do that sure


hard headed: <3






king explodo-kill: it’s probably kaminari dumb deku


icyhot: it’s probably kaminari, also don’t call midoriya dumb you fuck


mini might: both of yall.....i swear


pika-pika: chat: unmuted


scotch tape: heart: full


hard headed: dick: out




Direct Message between Eraserhead, Present Mic, and All Might


Eraserhead: I just helped 1/3 of a baby gay triad and he called me Eraserdad.


All Might: Awww, kitten, that’s so sweet!!!


Present Mic: that’s so cute i’m gonna cry i love my husband


All Might: Funny how I also love your husband, what a co in sea dents.


Eraserhead: Both if you stop I’m melting.


Present Mic: i love you biiiiitch.


Eraserhead: Oh my god...


All Might: I ain’t gon’ ever stop loving you...


Present Mic: biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch.


Eraserhead: God I love you both so much.


Present Mic: so when are you gonna tell the kids?


Eraserhead: Hmmm, maybe soon. If you guys are okay with it.


All Might: I’m perfectly okay with it. :-)


Present Mic: dad mic, eraserdad, and dad might... i like it.


Eraserhead: Then maybe sooner than I think.

Chapter Text

mini might: parent teacher conference days are always uhhh, how do you say, the worst.


All Might: Last semester I had to go to the hospital after speaking with Young Todoroki’s father.


icyhot: are you serious? what’d he do and why didn’t anyone tell me???


All Might: He didn’t do anything, I just broke my back carrying the whole conversation.




icyhot: don’t do that again i was deadass worried alshskhsoshskshsjs


mini might: that was a good joke you have to admit todoroki-kun


icyhot: i guess


mini might: glad we agree :) <3


icy hot: ...


icyhot: i’ve gotta gay


icyhot: go


icyhot: i’ve gotta go


lady glitter sparkles: inch resting......


alien 2: electric boogaloo: oh hell no i’m not doing this shit again


splatoon reject: *ashido voice* MY DICK FELL OFF


alien 2: electric boogaloo: SKSBKSBSKSBSJSB SHUT UP SHOUJI


splatoon reject: ya motha


ojeras: @yaomomo are they always like this


yaomomo: Pretty much!


ojeras: now-we-don’t-have-time-to-unpack-all-that.jpg


Direct Message between icyhot and yaomomo


icyhot: momo ummmmm


yaomomo: You have a crush on Midoriya.


icyhot: you’re so smart what would i do without you


yaomomo: Die.


icyhot: what if i decide i don’t need you anymore?


yaomomo: thenperish.jpg


icyhot: WOW


icyhot: but for real like... how do i? tell him? should i tell him? will i tell him? what if i tell him and then it turns out i don’t like him i just admire him? do i just sit on these feelings??? what do i DO???


yaomomo: You’re panicking pretty heavy, Shouto, you should just breathe.


yaomomo: As for confronting Midoriya, I suggest you sort your feelings out before going anywhere near the idea of telling him you’re interested. There’s a lot to sort through.


icyhot: UGH you’re right and i hate it


icyhot: i guess i’ll just wait it out ://




king explodo-kill: why the fuck do we have to do the parent teacher conferences at our fucking house why don’t we just goddamned do it in the dorms?


Eraserhead: Because it poses a threat. Having everyone’s parents in a single building is too risky especially given our history of villain attacks.


king explodo-kill: fucking UGH you guys goddamned fucking SUCK.


mini might: if you’d like me and my mom could come over that day? say it totally slipped our minds that it was parent teacher conference day? i’m sure all might will tell us it’s okay to stick around! you know your mom always calms down around mine, so you won’t have to worry about fighting with her in front of the teachers.


king explodo-kill: goddammit deku there you go again with that goddamned savior complex


king explodo-kill: but if you wanna be there i’m not gonna fuckin stop you. far be it from me to be the one that tells my mom i didn’t let the midoriyas over, that’ll just put her in a worse mood


mini might: don’t worry at all kacchan, you’ll be just fine when i’m there! you won’t regret it!!! <3 :)))


king explodo-kill: tch... whatever deku


king explodo-kill: thanks.


Direct Message between hard headed and king explodo-kill

hard headed: dude


king explodo-kill: what?


hard headed: you THANKED midoriya


king explodo-kill: and?






hard headed: what is it then?


king explodo-kill: i fucking appreciated the offer, that’s it


king explodo-kill: not that you’d know since i have a habit of keeping people away from my house but my mom is kind of a bitch


king explodo-kill: and not in the white kid way like in the actual physically and verbally abusive way. 


hard headed: how bad are we talking here?


king explodo-kill: you know how i treat deku?


hard headed: yeah...


king explodo-kill: take that, amp it by five, then imagine me also hitting deku on top of it all


hard headed: yikes. 


hard headed: but... you know just cause she treats you like that you don’t have to treat others that way? 


king explodo-kill: easy for you to say. you should see how she treats my dad and he’s the nicest goddamned person on the fucking planet. being nice doesn’t work in that fucking house so being nice doesn’t work anywhere fucking else. 


hard headed: that’s not how that works bakugo and you know it.


hard headed: i know you appreciate midoriya


hard headed: just tell him. 


hard headed: try the being nice thing for a solid second of your life OUTSIDE your house and you’ll see that it’s not all bad.


king explodo-kill: i hate when you make even a little bit of sense you spiky haired fuck


hard headed: i don’t see a denial of feelings here bakugo


king explodo-kill: make no mistake i will blast you till your quirk doesn’t work anymore


hard headed: you’re STILL not denying it


king explodo-kill: shut the FUCK up


hard headed: :3c




ojeras: what the shit was that


defying gravity: bakugo got pissed


sanic.exe: Or flustered.


defying gravity: or both


yaomomo: My money is on both.


bass boosted: her lesbian senses were tingling


sue storm: its true lesbians have esp


ojeras: i feel like i’ll never understand you people


Direct Message between king explodo-kill and mini might


king explodo-kill: hey


king explodo-kill: thanks... back there... for the offer


king explodo-kill: i really... appreciated it. 


mini might: awww bakugo it was nothing!! 


king explodo-kill: tch. yeah. whatever.


mini might: i’m still here if you want to talk. since we’ve been living in the dorms i know you feel a lot better but i can tell when you’re about to go back home because you turn into an extra dick. it’s not okay to bottle up how she makes you feel if you don’t have to.


king explodo-kill: i think i’ve had enough feelings talk for a while


king explodo-kill: but in the interest of not being a total piece of shit all the time, i’ll consider it


king explodo-kill: but let me ask you this


king explodo-kill: why? why do you still treat me like a friend when all i do is yell at you and cuss at you and fucking... why??? i treat you like my mother treats me and you still care about me. why?


mini might: because i know that’s not you. somewhere underneath all that bravado and forced confidence there's a hero. i know because after all these years you were always mine. before all might, before our quirks and lack thereof, i knew. sure all might was the number one hero but to me that was always you. and i know he’s in there somewhere, and i want to bring him out. that’s why. you don’t have to be your mother, kacchan, you can be my hero.


mini might: i know i’ve said this before... but i think you’re probably more receptive to it now :) <3


king explodo-kill: goddammit shut up you nerd fuck


mini might: you’re welcome kacchan


Direct Message between king explodo-kill and hard headed


king explodo-kill: fuck.

Chapter Text

lady glitter sparkles: you ever wake up in the morning and say fuck gender?


sue storm: BIG FUCKIN MOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kermittea.jpg: wow aoyama you’ve become literally the most relatable person in this chat


lady glitter sparkles: i try~~~


All Might: What gender are we fucking today?


All Might: Wait no.


lady glitter sparkles: AJSHSKHSKSHSKSKSSJKS


lady glitter sparkles: the fucked gender of today is *spins a wheel* male


sue storm: i support men’s rights...




Eraserhead: Cheers, bro, I’ll drink to that.




mini might: wow i’m the first person posting here i’m shook


mini might: anyway did anyone write down the homework i was up late training last night and dozed when aizawa-sensei was speaking ahshshsgsj


king explodo-kill: four page report on the history of quirk licensing laws in the early 2000s. that’s like on page like... 237? in our textbooks. mic-sensei’s homework was pretty easy, find a song, poem, or piece of english language writing that you believe best describes you. both due friday.


mini might: thank you kacchan!!!


king explodo-kill: yeah whatever shitty deku you’re welcome.


alien 2: electric boogaloo: you have no idea how loud i am screaming internally right now. 


icyhot: never thought this day would come but same.




lady glitter sparkles: someone: what’s your gender me: glitter them: what are your pronouns me: shimmer and shine.


sue storm: aosSksnskheksj a fellow trans, how art thou *tips fedora* m’sparkle?


lady glitter sparkles: NEW NICKNAME ALERT


m’sparkle: bam~~~


kermittea.jpg: someone said trans and i ran as fast as i could kero


m’sparkle: more trans?? oui merci~~


m’sparkle: i’m nonbinary and completely open to any and all pronouns :)


kermittea.jpg: i’m a trans girl, she/her kero


sue storm: same!!!


tigger: look at my best friend killing the whole fucking game i love her


sue storm: ahshsjshkss stopppp


mini might: look at MY best friend killing the whole game tho 


mini might: and then aoyama???? did that and more


m’sparkle: don’t worry about me i’m just incredibly happy


m’sparkle: OH


m’sparkle: OH!!!


m’sparkle: @ERASERHEAD OHHHHHH!!!!!!


Eraserhead: What happened Aoyama?


m’sparkle: MY LASER??? IT? IT EXPANDED???


Eraserhead: Oh?




m’sparkle: unrelated i need a new bed but!!!


mini might: congratulations aoyama!!! 


kermittea.jpg: good job aoyama!!!


sanic.exe: What a wonderful turn of events, I am incredibly happy! 


yaomomo: Congratulations, Aoyama!


m’sparkle: thank you all so much. i never knew that my laser could?? Do That???


m’sparkle: except i did because i’m special and beautiful~


All Might: I am incredibly proud of you for discovering this new facet to your quirk and wish for your continued growth in the hero course! If I were there I would give you the mightiest of hugs!  :-)


mini might: ajshsjhshshhshsh


defying gravity: you 100% broke him again.


All Might: *McDonald’s drive-thru employee voice* Deku machine broke.


Direct Message between m’sparkle, sue storm, and kermittea.jpg


m’sparkle: i know i didn’t seem it but i was really scared to come out thank you guys for being tre supportive~~


sue storm: it was nothing!


kermittea.jpg: yeah don’t worry about it kero


kermittea.jpg: we both know how scary it can be to come out


kermittea.jpg: so we knew you’d probably want someone to support you


sue storm: coming out is scary and you did it in such a fun way i’m so proud of you!! 


m’sparkle: merci beaucoup~~ i couldn’t ask for better classmates and friends


kermittea.jpg: we’ll always be there for you, kero, no matter what!


sue storm: yeah count on the trans squad to have your back.




sue storm: the bakugang and the izukrew better watch the fuck out there’s a new sheriff in town


scotch tape: oh TEA???


defying gravity: HMMM....


sue storm: the fuckin!!!!!  transquad has entered the fuckin fight my dudes!!!!!!!


tigger: who all in there?


kermittea.jpg: me, aoyama, and hagakure!! 


vanellope von schweetz: wait can i too?


sue storm: wait real shit you’re trans?


vanellope von schweetz: yeah........ i never really wanted to talk about it bc i didn’t know how everyone would react but when i saw you, aoyama, and tsuyu talk so openly about it i decided i’d just come right out an say it.


vanellope von schweetz: i’m also a trans girl :)


sue storm: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sue storm: SISTER!! 


Eraserhead: I will change my pronouns when referring to you accordingly. 


All Might: Do you have a name you wish to be called?


Eraserhead: A valid question.


vanellope von schweetz: ashshsjjsh my last name is fine for now but if that changes i’ll let you all know :)))


Eraserhead: Noted.


Eraserhead: Thank you for feeling comfortable enough with us to share.


All Might: If I weren’t laying in bed right now with my lung attempting to kill itself I would be running over to the U.A dorms to give you a congratulatory hug!!! 


vanellope von schweetz: ajshsjahejshhshhhhhh


vanellope von schweetz: honestly not to mention the devil but if you guys hadn’t gotten rid of mineta i would’ve never come out tb fuckin h 


sue storm: OH MOOD


kermittea.jpg: rt 


m’sparkle: OUI!!!!


vanellope von schweetz: ill work on my hero name later but... im actually so happy right now i’m not kidding


vanellope von schweetz: i won’t break my bed like aoyama tho


m’sparkle: an attack


m’sparkle: speaking of which can we have like a sleepover? because i actually have no bed.


vanellope von schweetz: ooh mine! i’ll make macarons!! 


im babey,,,,,: i know i don’t talk much in the chat... but i love this chat i’m happy to say you all are my friends. these interactions fill my heart with joy and happiness. congratulations aoyama and sato. 


vanellope von schweetz: oh wow i love my shy best friend.....


All Might: Call 911 all the sweetness in this chat gave me severe dumping syndrome.



Chapter Text

Direct Message between Eraserhead and Present Mic


Eraserhead: Hey, would you like to be added to the 1-A group chat? I think having you there will make telling everyone about us easier.


Present Mic: of course love <3


Eraserhead: ...


Eraserhead: <3




hot topic spokesbird: you obviously have no taste jirou if you think doll$boxx is better than babymetal


bass boosted: are you on crack? is that what you smoke?? crack??? fukis vocals fucking kill and hana’s got the sickest period screams period ever period.


hot topic spokesbird: okay continue to have your wrong opinions while i jam the fuck out to veritable greatest fucking metal song created ever: megitsune





Eraserhead has added Present Mic to the server Class 1-A




Present Mic: my favorite screamo band is probably big time rush


bass boosted: MIC-SENSEI


Present Mic: yes?


bass boosted: can you PLEASE tell tokoyami he’s WRONG


Present Mic: okay. let me break it down.


Present Mic: babymetal slaps, okay?


hot topic spokesbird: THANK YOU.


Present Mic: but overall vocals and instrumentation? that’s all doll$boxx... take my chance scalped me. fuki’s vocals will ALWAYS blow me away. and that’s that on that.


bass boosted: FINALLY someone with TASTE.


hot topic spokesbird: wow i can’t believe i’m surrounded by fakes.


hot topic spokesbird: what a mad banquet of darkness.




im babey,,,,,: who knew name romanization was so fun?

im babey,,,,,: my initials are kk! (ノ>ω<)ノ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆


im babey,,,,,: like an ‘okay’ text in english!


defying gravity: mine don’t really mean anything :(


king explodo-kill: feel lucky, round face


king explodo-kill: mine are bk 


sanic.exe: I’m afraid I don’t understand?


king explodo-kill: really glasses? think with your brain and not your motors for once


sanic.exe: ?


sanic.exe: OH.


sanic.exe: HAHA.


king explodo-kill: shut the fuck up


defying gravity: i don’t get—OH LMAO


defying gravity: king explodo-kill more like burger king albskshsjhjssjhhhhh


sanic.exe: Forgive me, Bakugo, but I am about to abuse my moderator privileges.


king explodo-kill: don’t you dare glasses 


sanic.exe: Done. Please keep it, it’s very funny.


burger king: i fucking HATE you


hot topic spokesbird: tf 


Direct Message between Present Mic, Eraserhead, and All Might


Present Mic: shou-chan, toshi, i love these kids they’re so funny and full of energy can we adopt them? 


Eraserhead: I’m sure they all have parents.


Present Mic: okay fine we adopt the ones with bad parents.


All Might: You and your soft spot for kids is one of the many reasons I fell in love with you. <3


Present Mic: stoppppp aksbksbsjs


Present Mic: you should tell them, shou-chan, i’m sure they’ll be happy about it!!


Eraserhead: Today?


All Might: If I’ve learned anything from my experiences it’s that there is no time like the present.


Eraserhead: Then alright.




Eraserhead: @everyone Since everyone has been so forthcoming and honest here in the chat I feel it’s my duty as a teacher to be just as honest with you. If I want you to trust me, I shouldn’t hide things — especially something as important as this — from you. I would like to introduce you all to my husband and our boyfriend.


tigger: husband AND boyfriend???? *eye emojis*




ojeras: you’re gonna add non-UA people into the chat?


All Might: Nope! We’re already here! :)


Present Mic: since we both work here


alien 2: electric boogaloo: wait a minute... 


alien 2: electric boogaloo: floatingequations.gif


alien 2: electric boogaloo: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


yaomomo: Oh! Which one is the husband and which one is the boyfriend, though?


yaomomo: My guess would be that Mic-sensei is the husband and All Might-sensei is the boyfriend given the history between Aizawl-sensei and Mic-sensei but I could be wrong!


Present Mic: you’re not, yo. i am the husband in this scenario!


All Might: Which makes me the very happy boyfriend. :-) No one said very happy but I am. 




icyhot: i can hear midoriya wailing from my room what happened?


icyhot: oh!


icyhot: what an unexpected turn of events.




kermittea.jpg: i saw it coming a mile away kero


kermittea.jpg: you’re not as sneaky as you think mister ‘the skin around the base of my ring finger is lighter than the rest of me’


Eraserhead: I am literally the color of paper, how did you even NOTICE that?


kermittea.jpg: i looked with my special eyes.


All Might: Well, mark me down as both terrified AND proud!


Direct Message between Present Mic, All Might, and Eraserhead


Present Mic: what about her? does she have parents? can we adopt HER?


Eraserhead: HIZASHI.

Chapter Text



sanic.exe: I just created this channel because I really don’t want to be dropping this all in the middle of the general chat so...


sanic.exe: I’m just so...


sanic.exe: Frustrated.


sanic.exe: Everything is one step forward and two steps back with my brother’s recovery and I’m trying to keep up hope that he’ll even walk again but it’s like the progress won’t come.


sanic.exe: I know it’s late.


sanic.exe: And everyone is probably asleep.


sanic.exe: But I just got off the phone with my mom and she told me Tensei wasn’t reacting to stimulants on his left leg even though he WAS the last two times I visited.


sanic.exe: I want to be there for him... I want to tell him he’s gonna be okay... But how am I gonna do that if it’s all a lie?


sanic.exe: I don’t know... I’m going to bed.




mini might: morning everyone!!! 


mini might: OH new channel!! 




mini might: :((( iida-kun do you wanna talk about it?


sanic.exe: Maybe? I don’t know? I slept on it but I’m still angry.


sanic.exe: I just hate that he has to go through this. He was a wonderful hero, why did he have to get attacked like that? Why did STAIN of all people get to be judge and jury on the merit of my brother’s heroics?


mini might: he didn’t get to be, he CHOSE to be. 


mini might: and sadly he chose to be that to your brother.


mini might: but the best thing you can do now is support and encourage your brother no matter how hard it is.


mini might: even if you think it’s a lie.


sanic.exe: You’re right, Midoriya-kun.


sanic.exe: It... feels rude of me to give up on my brother when he hasn’t given up yet.


sanic.exe: So I will give it as much as he’s giving to make sure he knows I’m supporting him 100% of the way!!


mini might: GO IIDA!!! 


mini might: and don’t feel bad if you ever feel like this again. someone really important told me that recovery isn’t and won’t ever be a straight line, be it mental or physical recovery or both.


sanic.exe: I know. I’ll make sure I’ll always talk to someone if it ever feels like too much.


mini might: yeah i’m pretty sure we both learned our lesson on that one.


burger king: okay if both of y’all are done with this fucking feelings talk can y’all shut the fuck up? because it is 6:30 in the morning on a goddamned sunday. i wanna SLEEP.


mini might: sorry kacchan i’ll just go to his room to talk!


burger king: yeah yeah whatever deku


burger king: go be a good friend in person or whatever it is you normally do


alien 2: electric boogaloo: my character development senses started tingling and i came as fast as i could!


burger king: oh my god i’m going back to bed fuck all of you


Direct Message between Present Mic and All Might


Present Mic: i’m messaging you because i know that of the two of you, you’re most likely the one to be awake but i wanted to let you know your protégée is one hell of a kid and i’m pretty sure he quoted you on that recovery quote


Present Mic: which i’m sure you copied from your therapist.


Present Mic: which is fine!!


Present Mic: toshi?


Present Mic: hmm, you must still be asleep. which is ALSO totally fine.


Present Mic: i’d love it if you lived with us, toshi. that would make waking up even harder to do though, i imagine, because i’d just want to stare at the both of you all morning until you woke up.


Present Mic: well i’m on in 5 minutes, hopefully you’ll be able to listen.


Present Mic: love you <333


Direct Message between Eraserhead and Present Mic


Eraserhead: Have you heard from Toshi?


Present Mic: no and i’m kind of worried.


Present Mic: he doesn’t just go radio silent for no reason.


Present Mic: should we go check on him?


Eraserhead: I think we should give him just a little more time and then check on him.


Eraserhead: I don’t want him to think that we think he’s gotta be monitored 24/7 even if that’s how I feel.


Eraserhead: I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate feeling like he can’t even take a day for himself without getting checked on by us.


Present Mic: you’re right! 


Present Mic: i love you <333


Eraserhead: I love you, too, Hizashi. 


Present Mic: you didn’t do the thing... *eye emojis*


Eraserhead: <3


Present Mic: <3!!!!!!!




im babey,,,,,: bird chirps can be translated.... they say such sweet things. (/▽\*)。o○♡


hot topic spokesbird: bird: *tweets* koda: *nodding* a tweeka tweeka


im babey,,,,,: that is very me! haha!! ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ


im babey,,,,,: the bird outside my window starting singing about how warm and nice it is today and i sang back (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡


vanellope von schweetz: so that’s what the sweet little tune was this morning!! 


vanellope von schweetz: your voice is very nice koda <3


im babey,,,,,: thank you sato-chan!! ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu


hot topic spokesbird: oh my god please i’m gonna cry


ojeras: finally some wholesome content in this hell server


ojeras: lisa-simpson-me-this-typa-shit.jpg


Direct Message between mini might and All Might


mini might: all might!!! 


mini might: you were supposed to be here two hours ago where are you?? >:(

mini might: i guess i’ll start without you or something but like??? give me a heads up next time you decide you’re not gonna show for training sessions :((( 


mini might: or maybe i’ll invite my friends to the beach. who knows?


mini might: not you bc ur not here :’(




mini might: hey i was supposed to meet someone at dagobah beach but they were a no show, y’all wanna come down? we can have a 1-A beach day!!


sue storm: ooh count me in!! i got this adorable new swimsuit and i’m finally able to wear it without a certain welch’s fuck looking at me


yaomomo: I would LOVE to go to the beach.


icyhot: count me in. dad’s being a nightmare and i wanna go.


pika-pika: count the bakugang in


defying gravity: and the rest of the izukrew too!!


vanellope von schweetz: transquad, transform and roll out


splatoon reject: good time to catch up on the chat. count me in.


hot topic spokesbird: catching up??? where have you been?


splatoon reject: my charger broke and i didn’t wanna go buy a new one.


yaomomo: We... live together. I could’ve made you one...


splatoon reject: hmmmmm i see


tigger: see what oahsksjsjs


splatoon reject: i may have forgotten everyone’s quirks for a minute.


ojeras: oh my god how are you all in class 1-A? how do you guys think you’re gonna get anywhere like this...


hot topic spokesbird: bold of you to assume i think


tigger: how dare you assume i think


burger king: PLEASE assume i think


defying gravity: alignment chart.


ojeras: i’m coming on this beach trip just to see if you guys really are this unhinged off campus like... do you even know how to swim???


scotch tape: i’ve got built in floaties babeyyyyyy!!!!!


hard headed: i’m rock


pika-pika: if y’all want dinner i can shoot my quirk off in the water


Several people are typing...


bass boosted: and then drown because you have the IQ of a mushroom that’s just barely achieved sentience. 


pika-pika: i’m in this photo and i don’t like it. 


sanic.exe: I’d come but I’m going to go visit my brother. I’ll swing by later if I’m not there too long.


defying gravity: okay iida, stay safe!!! we’ll all be sending speedy recovery vibes your brothers way!! 


mini might: i’ll see you later iida!! 


Direct Message between Present Mic and Eraserhead


Present Mic: he’s still not answering shou-chan it’s been all day, the kids are back from the beach and everything


Eraserhead: I’m worried now, too. 


Present Mic: i’m going over there.


Present Mic: i’ll fly if i have to.


Eraserhead: I won’t stop you. 


Present Mic: i’m headed out now


Present Mic: wait... never mind.


Direct Message between All Might, Present Mic, and Eraserhead


All Might: im sorry to have worried you guys.


All Might: today hasn’t been my best day.


Present Mic: want to talk?


Present Mic: i’m a listening ear




yaomomo: Thank you so much for making this channel, Iida, I’ve had some frustrations of my own that I’ve been meaning to vent but I never found a way I was comfortable with.


All Might: i woke up this morning and when i looked in the mirror the hate that i felt was so deep that i just crawled into bed and turned off my phone and when i got up to eat the thought of eating that stupid flavorless bullshit mushed rice again sent me into a panic attack and i’ve just been stuck in a stupid limbo between hating the man who made me like this and hating myself for letting it happen in the first place and just.... my mental health took a nosedive today and i’m trying to pick it back up i swear but i feel like i need to break every single mirror in my house to do that. or blind myself. or go back in time and listen to nighteye. and then i start hating myself for being so selfish and vain like a vicious cycle that never ends. on days like this i really don’t know what you see in me, ‘zashi, shou-chan, i really don’t. 


mini might: oh...


All Might: oh my god this wasn’t the direct messages...


—All Might has deleted a message—


—All Might has deleted a message—


—All Might has deleted a message—


mini might: no no no you can’t do that you—i—we


All Might: I have no idea what you’re talking about, Midoriya my boy. :-)


mini might: recovery isn’t and never will be a straight line. all might


All Might: Well said! You are wise beyond your years, Young Midoriya!


Direct Message between mini might and All Might


mini might: why don’t you trust me with this


All Might: With what?


mini might: how you’re feeling. 


All Might: You’re a kid. You don’t need to shoulder my burden.


mini might: if that’s how you feel then i guess i’ll leave you to it.


All Might: Midoriya...


mini might: no it’s perfectly alright. :)


mini might: i just thought you could talk to me, is all.


Direct Message between All Might, Present Mic, and Eraserhead


Eraserhead: I read what you posted.


Eraserhead: It also isn’t good to lie to Midoriya’s face like that, Toshi. We all talk about how it’s so important to talk to people you love and trust about things that are hurting you but how are they supposed to believe us if we never trust them enough to let them know how we truly feel?


All Might: i get that.


All Might: but do i really need to cement into his brain that the hero he looks up to more than anyone else i actually just this useless husk of a man? i mean god he knew i was injured and skinny and that didn’t change anything because under all of that i was still all might. but what if he realizes that i’m not even that anymore?


Eraserhead: You’re a lot denser than you look, Toshinori. A lot.


Present Mic: shou-chan!


Eraserhead: I love him but it’s true and you know it, ‘Zashi. 


Eraserhead: You hang the moon and stars to that kid, Toshi, as far as he’s concerned you wake up in the morning and drag the sun across the sky. 


Eraserhead: He basically didn’t have a father and he filled that gap with a hero named All Might and it was something out of a goddamned daydream when you actually DID fill that gap later on his life.


All Might: i don’t get what you’re trying to say...


Present Mic: he sees you as his father, toshi. the only people i look at with such pure happiness and love and admiration are my parents and i’ve seen him look at his mother with that childlike wonder and joy but i’ve also seen him look at YOU like that.


Present Mic: nothing you could say or do would change that.


Eraserhead: Well there are some things he could say or do to change that but that’s beside the point.


Eraserhead: Talk to the kid, please. He’s probably heartbroken for you right now.


All Might: alright...


Direct Message between All Might and mini might


All Might: I can talk to you. And I will. Just not right now, okay?


mini might: whenever you feel comfortable is fine with me.


All Might: I don’t think I’ll ever feel comfortable with my situation, but that’s not important right now. How about tomorrow? Lunch in the Teacher’s Lounge like old times? 


mini might: sounds good. 


mini might: i love you... you know that right?


All Might: I love you, too, son.




burger king: can someone please go check on deku before i do, i want to sleep and his stupid wailing is keeping me up.


alien 2: electric boogaloo: i am in physical pain not commenting on this

Chapter Text



hot topic spokesbird: who the fuck is running the washer at 3 am im gonna kill you


splatoon reject: did bakugo’s unconscious just possess tokoyami


kermittea.jpg: well now i’m up and someone has to explain some things kero


vanellope von schweetz: i wish not to speak or be spoken to for the duration of the day


hot topic spokesbird: so it was YOU


vanellope von schweetz: listen... i wanna be in this situation about as little as you want me to


kermittea.jpg: what happened?? 


von schweetz: i was KNOCKED the fuck out and i mean KNOCKED. i got woken up by liquid splashing on my face.


splatoon reject: someone came in your room and spilled something on you?


vanellope von schweetz: i wish that were the case


vanellope von schweetz: i had juice on my table and at some point during the night i got up, grabbed the juice, laid back down, and then proceeded to douse myself in juice. in bed.


hot topic spokesbird: THE NOISE I LET OUT WAS INHUMAN


splatoon reject: i know. i heard it.


bass boosted: me too what the fuck is going on???? 


bass boosted: SATO.... GIRL.... REALLY??? 


vanellope von schweetz: I WISH NOT TO SPEAK OR BE SPOKEN TO.


bass boosted: how and why did you manage to come to the unconscious decision to douse yourself in JUICE in your own bed?






vanellope von schweetz: AND NOW!!!! IM ON THE COMMON AREA COUCH MAD AND TIRED.


im babey,,,,,: the vibrations of the chat on my windowsill woke me up (。T ω T。)


im babey,,,,,: you can sleep in my room, sato-chan! i wouldn’t mind i promise 


vanellope von schweetz: you sure?


im babey,,,,,: positive 


im babey,,,,,:   (っ´ω`)ノ(╥ω╥)


vanellope von schweetz: i’m bringing the sailor moon covers from the common room and since bakugo isn’t here he can’t stop me


hot topic spokesbird: unbelievable 


bass boosted: idc abt the sailor moon blanket but if you touch the black panther blanket you’re dead


vanellope von schweetz: noted. goodnight!


hot topic spokesbird: since dark shadow physically won’t let me sleep now that i’m up this late, i’ll put your stuff to dry sato


vanellope von schweetz: sick thanks tokoyami


hot topic spokesbird: don’t mention it




vanellope von schweetz: @Eraserhead i forgot my quirk laws homework in my room in the wake of this whole juice incident, can i run to the dorms real quick to pick it up? i know it’s lunch but i would like to have permission before i run off lol


splatoon reject: kim n collin run in here and come get y’all juice

vanellope von schweetz: STOP AUSHKAJSJA

Eraserhead: Go ahead, Sato, you have my permission. Just be quick


vanellope von schweetz: thanks!




burger king: @vanellope von schweetz WHY IS THE SAILOR MOON BLANKET NOT IN THE COMMON AREA??


vanellope von schweetz: i have to go now all of a sudden


mini might: don’t worry bakugo i’ll bring you the all might one from my room! the soft fuzzy one with him doing the peace sign on it!


burger king: .... fine. but i still want my sailor moon cover back sato


icyhot: hey midoriya do you have any extra blankets? i was thinking i’d head down to the common room myself but i’m pretty sure the only blanket left there is the black panther one and i’m 100% certain jirou would rip my head off if i touched it.


bass boosted: you are 100% correct 


burger king: that all might one is like fucking huge we can just share


icyhot: oh okay


icyhot: okay yeah


burger king: don’t read into it peppermint i’m just making sure deku doesn’t get all his blankets taken from his room because you KNOW he’s too pussy to ask for his things back


alien 2: electric boogaloo: i’m dying i’m literally dying


pika-pika: BREATHE ASHIDO!!


scotch tape: she’s rly losing her mind, ain’t she?


defying gravity: hey!! kaminari!! sero!!! where have you guys been lately?


hard headed: hanging out :)


alien 2: electric boogaloo: oh my god finally ur gonna say ittttt


defying gravity: wait together?


pika-pika: oh! uh yeah... together together.


burger king: really?


pika-pika: yeah. all three of us are uh kinda dating each other??? 


defying gravity: oh awwwww!!!


burger king: when did this happen?


scotch tape: well at first it wasn’t so much us dating each other as much as it was me and kiri being super into denki and kinda just... floating around each other but recently i kinda realized i was into both of them and kiri was feeling the same way so now we’re dating each other rather than the two of us dating denki, u know?


alien 2: electric boogaloo: when they told me they made me promise not to say anything and i’ve been fully losing it the whole time


burger king: that’s cool i guess.


hard headed: are you okay, bakubro??


burger king: i’m fine i’m happy for you guys. 


burger king: i’m putting my phone down now. watching tidying up. you guys have fun.


scotch tape: bakugo...


Direct Message between icyhot and burger king


icyhot: um, like i said i was on my way down... so i can watch tidying up with you if you want?


burger king: whatever.


icyhot: it sucks when you’re left out of a loop. i’m sorry that happened.

burger king: it’s whatever.


icyhot: we can talk about it if you want


burger king: i don’t. if i do? not with you.


icyhot: i’m trying to be nice here bakugo.


burger king: thanks but no thanks peppermint. watch if you want. but don’t think of anything i say as me inviting you to do anything else.


icyhot: you invited me to share a blanket


burger king: for dekus sake


icyhot: i thought you didn’t like him


burger king: i don’t


icyhot: bullshit


burger king: stop badgering me goddammit i’m trying to watch a nice fucking show about cleaning and this conversation is currently NOT sparking joy so i will absolutely get rid of it


icyhot: don’t hurt him.


burger king: what?


burger king: what the fuck are you talking about?


icyhot: he likes you. i can tell. if he picks you don’t hurt him.


burger king: picks me???? are you on fucking drugs or did you get hit too hard during fundamental hero studies or some shit??


icyhot: i’m trying to be nice to you because he wants us to be friends but i can tell he likes you and in the end all i want is for him to be happy. that’s it.


burger king: you really are stupid if you think he likes me. he has to try doubly hard to get the same response out of me that he gets out of you for less than half the effort. he smiles when you talk to him or stand near him or fucking breathe in his vicinity and you’re dumb enough to think he likes ME.


icyhot: he does, bakugo. i’m sure of it. and if that’s what he wants i’ll support him. 


icyhot: i’m almost at the common room, i won’t bother you once i’m there.


burger king: whatever.




alien 2: electric boogaloo: GUYS HUYS GUSY GUYS 


alien 2: electric boogaloo: IMG_2302.jpg (7.28MB)

[ID: Bakugo laying on the couch horizontally, Todoroki laying with his head pointing the opposite direction on Bakugo’s side, his arm on Bakugo’s waist. They are asleep with the All Might blanket draped strategically over them.]


ojeras: who knew two demons could be so sweet looking. it almost makes me think they’re wholesome.


ojeras: almost.


mini might: should we wake them up?


defying gravity: nah they’ll wake up on their own.


kermittea.jpg: this is a very revealing image kero


kermittea.jpg: the gears have been set in motion...


kermittea.jpg: now to see where they turn.


ojeras: ominous.


ojeras: i like it.


Direct Message between hard headed and burger king


hard headed: hey bakugo


hard headed: are you still mad about yesterday?


burger king: i’m not mad and i wasn’t mad


hard headed: why are you lying to me?


hard headed: obviously it pissed you off enough that you didn’t even RESPOND to that picture ashido sent in the chat. 


hard headed: normal bakugo would’ve blown up over that picture


burger king: so i wasn’t mad so fucking what why does it fucking MATTER? i said i wasn’t pissed but now you’re pissing me off.


hard headed: then just tell me what you’re feeling if you’re not PISSED OFF.


burger king: HURT. 


burger king: i feel hurt okay is that what you want to hear?


burger king: i actually think of you dumb fucks as friends and you didn’t even trust me enough to tell me something that clearly means a lot to you?


burger king: it hurt.


hard headed: bakugo...


burger king: forget about it i’m fine it’s fine just go back to doing whatever it is you guys were doing i’m FINE.


hard headed: it’s not. we fucked up.


hard headed: there’s no excuse, i’m sorry i didn’t confide in you. 


hard headed: it just felt so fragile that i was worried your reaction would be bad and i just didn’t want to chance it and listening to my logic i sound like the worlds shittiest friend...


burger king: no it’s me who’s shitty if the way i act made you afraid that i’d ruin your relationship.


burger king: but i’m working on it.


burger king: motherfucker wait a goddamned minute






splatoon reject: *shoving breadsticks in my purse* suddenly i have to leave right now immediately

Chapter Text

sorry for the radio silence. i usually hate when authors do this kinda shit but i figured you guys should know what’s been going on that i haven’t updated this fic. on march 27th they admitted my grandmother to the hospital and by april 4th she was dead. i’ve been completely unable to interact with anyone or anything these past couple of weeks and that’s why i haven’t updated

that being said i hope i get back into it soon but i can’t really know for sure how i’ll process this loss time wise.

sorry for the delay. i’ll see y’all when the fog has lifted.