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Why hate me when you can love me instead?

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Changbin finally arrived at the school grounds which stretched for acres and acres of grassy land, filled with deadly creatures and secrets not really waiting to be unveiled. The edifice alone seemed to take up a huge amount of land with peculiar plants, herbs and exotic flowers around it. A swarm of students, new and old, were chattering in the school ground, each in their own world. The students of aristocratic and rich families were sticking together, gossiping, some even belittling the 'lower class' students. Changbin really paid them no mind.

The boy in question walked towards the big door, on which was cast a charm to welcome students. He made his way to his locker and muttered the password. As it opened on its own accord, there was a letter there specifying which homerooms were assigned to them. He checked the classroom and vanished the letter before closing the locker and heading, once again, to the homeroom before the bell rings.

When he arrived, he sat at one of the tables in the back since most other tables seemed to already be taken. He must've been a little late.

After a few minutes of tapping his finger relentlessly against the wooden desk, the teacher finally showed up, books were floating above his head as he stumbled clumsily. He put the books on his desk before clearing his throat, trying to grab the attention of all students.

"Why hello everyone!" He said, a wide smile on his face "I hope you all had a wonderful summer vacation." He cleared his throat once again. "A new student will be joining us this year, please welcome him warmly."

At his words, some students seemed to perk up. It wasn't very common for students to join in at this year specifically, so it was decidedly a bit of a surprise. Everyone's eyes were looking towards the door, awaiting the arrival of this newcomer. After a few seconds, he finally came in, head down and face hiding behind his bangs.

Then he stopped and looked up, and boy was Changbin baffled! The boy was all blonde bleached hair, full lips and piercing eyes. Changbin could only describe him in one word.


Ethereal was the only word that could capture him whole. Changbin had to blink a few times to ensure that the male in front of him wasn't a figment of his imagination. The beauty in front of him raked his eyes over the classroom, a slight frown etched onto his features, and when he locked eyes with Changbin, the latter could swear that he felt goosebumps all over his skin. His heart rate sped up alarmingly when the male's gaze lingered and his lips parted.

Then he finally spoke "Hi, my name is Felix Lee." Was all he said but Changbin almost melted on the spot. His voice, warm and so deep that it could rival all the oceans combined.

He then moved through the rows, and everyone was silent, not even daring to breathe too hard as they tried to admire the boy even for a few seconds more. Some gazes held adoration, others admiration and even lust as they all appreciatively took in his appearance.

Just as Changbin thought the boy couldn't get even more perfect, he sat next to him and the raven haired male could see just how his eyes were a charming deep blue, adorned with long dark eyelashes.

Damn this Felix and his good looks.

After a few minutes of the teacher doing his yearly speech, he snapped his fingers and their timetables and assigned dorm room keys were in front of them. Changbin grabbed his before speeding to the door to get out.

The first day they had no classes since it was only for familiarizing with the school for newcomers and socializing with students.

Changbin marched towards their usual spot and waited until three figures came into view. It was Chan, Hyunjin and Jisung.

They all hugged each other warmly but briefly. Changbin really missed them.

They chattered for a bit, laughing at each others' jokes until Hyunjin brought up a topic to tease the eldest.

"So Chan. How's it going with Woojin?" At that Chan's resolve broke as his cheeks bloomed into a light pink color.

"Uh, well. I think he's still a little bit oblivious." He sighed.

All three of the boys knew how long Chan was pining for Woojin. It was honestly hopeless how these two kept tiptoeing around each other.

"Hyung!" Exclaimed Jisung "You two are like, perfect for each other. You should really ask him out, you two would make such great dads. And as you said, he has a LOT going for him, he's not gonna stay off the market forever."

"Right." Added Changbin "Not to make you mad or anything but I've actually seen a few boys flirting with him earlier."

At that Chan's eyes darkened "It's just the beginning of the school year and yet he's already attracting attention to himself." He sighed "Ugh. Why is this so hard!"

Changbin really felt bad for Chan. He was one of the sweetest, most supportive people he knew yet he struggled so much with Woojin. He must really care for him since he always was cautious about their relationship. Changbin just wishes they'd just get together already.

Jisung gave Chan a sympathetic pat on the back before saying "Well, I still need to unpack so I'll see you guys at dinner?"

They nodded at him and parted ways after saying their goodbyes.

Changbin clutched his keys and started twirling them around whilst heading to the dormitories to try and find his room. After a while of walking through the hallways, he finally found his dorm room, inserted his keys in the keyhole and opened the door. He won't be needing the keys anymore since his room will now be able to recognize him. He entered the room, looking around, why does the dorm room look different from other years? It looks more sumptuous and spacious with a bathroom connected to it. Huh, weird.

He shrugged and made his suitcase appear with a flick of his hand, he then proceeded to get his things out and started arranging them around. The room was mostly furnished so he really didn't need to do much.

Suddenly, what he supposed was a bathroom door, opened revealing the last person he would've thought of meeting in his dorm room. His eyes widened as Felix Lee whipped his head up to look at him with those eyes of his.

And oh dear did Changbin's heart race even faster at the sight displayed in front of him. Was this even real?

"Uh hi." Said Changbin, trying to break the silence that threatened to stretch on.

The boy just looked at him, almost uninterested before saying "I don't intend on becoming friends with the likes of you, or anybody really for that matter. So keep your distance."

What. Was he being serious? All that Changbin tried to say was hi. The raven haired boy suddenly felt so angry, a frown etched onto his forehead. So much for trying to be nice.

"Whatever. I don't intend on befriending you either."

The blond haired boy just looked at him once again, giving him a once over which made him shudder for some unknown reason.

"You know." Started Felix "I didn't even want a roommate but it's mandatory. Be glad that you get to room with me. Because of me you get to have a nice room so at least be thankful."

Oh the audacity of this boy. He really HAD to room with one of the rich, snobby, self-centered kids didn't he? He cursed his luck before giving the male in question a fake smile dripping with sarcasm.

"Why thank you. I am really grateful for this opportunity, princess." Felix just looked at him some more, a less than pleased look on his face before turning back to his own suitcase and starting to unpack his stuff.

Changbin rolled his eyes, pulling bedcovers on his bed. He was still mad that he has to spend the whole year or more in the company of this spoiled rich kid. What did Changbin do to deserve this?

After finishing his unpacking, he looked around the room appreciatively. Ok, maybe Felix had a point, this room is far better than last year's but that doesn't give him the right to be rude about it.

He looked over at Felix's side where lay a huge bed. He was sitting on his stomach, face contorted into one of concentration as he read some kind of book. His face was as pretty as ever. Such a rude person with a pretty face.

Changbin sighed and headed to the door. Just as he was about to get out, he gave one one last look to the room and his eyes locked with Felix's.

They stayed like that, just looking at each other for a few seconds that somehow seemed like hours before Changbin closed the door and broke the moment. It was getting uncomfortable really fast.

The raven haired boy met his friends to have lunch and this time they were joined by Woojin who seemed to cling to Chan's side. The latter seemed really fidgety and embarrassed as Woojin casually hugged his arms and lay his head on his shoulder.

Changbin, Hyunjin and Jisung all shot each other silent knowing looks. Those two poor souls really loved to make themselves suffer, didn't they?

"So, uhm. How are everyone's roommates?" Asked Chan, trying to compose his flustered self.

Jisung answered around a mouthful of dessert "Mine is fine."

Hyunjin answered "Mine is really nice too. He is the dance club president. His name is Jung Hoseok, I think. He's very sunshine-y and really likes bright colors. So you can image how the room looks." He swished his spoon in the air "I just hope he doesn't bring his boyfriend into the dorm very often. You know how scary Yoongi hyung can be." He shuddered.

It was a very weird relationship indeed. One of them is the sun itself and the other is dark and gloomy, but that's what makes them compatible, he supposes.

"Lucky you." Interjected Changbin "I'd rather room with anyone else but my current roommate."

"Who did you get as your roommate?" Asked Woojin.

"Ugh, only the most spoiled, selfish, pretentious piece of-" He stopped abruptly as he remembered that his two 'dads' were still here "His name is Felix Lee."

At that everyone's eyes widened.

Jisung asked "You mean Felix Lee? THE Felix Lee?"

Chan wondered for a second before saying "That's rather... strange." His tone was that of a very confused person "I do know that he comes from a very rich family but." He stopped for a second "I heard that he was a very bright and sweet child. Unless something happened." He shrugged.

Woojin nodded at his words.

"Well whatever happened isn't good enough of a reason for him to be this rude." Frowned Changbin "The wealth and all the spoiling must've gotten to his head and inflated his ego. That's what happens to all rich kids."

Jisung looked at him, suspiciously defensive "Not all rich kids are like that! Don't overgeneralise."

Changbin cocked an eyebrow at him "And what makes you say that? Care to elaborate, hm?"

Jisung stuttered out "W-well, uh... It's just n-not good to generalise, ya know?" 

Changbin gave him a suspicious look, not really believing him in the slightest but he let it slip for now because he wasn't in the mood for arguing, really.

After dinner, he headed back to his dorm room strangely exhausted after the almost uneventful day. He opened the door and headed straight into the bathroom where he took a quick shower, dried himself and put his clothes on.

He then headed back to the room, dizzy and plopped himself on his bed before a voice said "That's my bed, you know?"

He stood up faster than he ever had in his entire life which just increased his dizziness making him clutch his head.

"Right. My mistake." He answered heading back to his own bed, his cheeks red with embarrassment.

As he plopped himself down onto his own bed he whipped his head to look at Felix which was on his phone this time doing whatever the hell he was doing.

Changbin absentmindedly raked his eyes over the other's form. He was clad in pastel pink pajamas with little bunnies over them.

'What's he so cute for.' Accidentally muttered Changbin.

His soft features and adorable outfit in the dim lighting really contrasted radically with his shitty excuse of a personality. Changbin snorted at the absurdity of it all which made Felix turn around to look at him.

"What are you looking at me for, and why are you laughing like an idiot?"

"I am just laughing at how an annoying brat like yourself was blessed with the looks of an angel." He really didn't mean to say that but his stupid sleep addled brain thought otherwise.

He really screwed up.

Surprisingly, Felix's face seemed to heat up and his phone almost slipped out of his grip at the compliment. He shyly averted his gaze, hiding his face once again from the other male's field of view.

"S-shut up." He weakly muttered before covering his head with the blanket.

So Felix is apparently weak to compliments? Good to know. Not that he'll be complimenting him or anything.

'That's a win for me' Thought Changbin while smirking to himself. Oh he will be sleeping well tonight.