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Friday March 18th 1996
My other half,

Oi! Can you believe that our River is turning TWENTY in just three days?! How has time flown by so fast??? It seems like just yesterday when you brought me to the hospital to meet the son you rescued, his tiny hand in ours as we brought him home...

And now 20?!

But to be fair, even though it feels like no time at all, I can vividly remember all the harrowing details - such as how many girls (and boys) he's snogged. How he's been downright broody for years and seems to be rebelling, but I have no idea against what. It's a bit like the time I walked in to find him fresh from losing his virginity. He was 17, so that was at least a bit of a relief in that he'd waited until he legally could consent, but he had been SO adamant for YEARS that he was going to wait for the right person, and then he just apparently said fuck that and got drunk and pulled a random stranger.

THANK MERLIN AND SALAZAR that they remembered to use protection!!!

But still, I stood there reeling in shock for probably a good ten minutes before I was able to gather my wits and shut the door to his hotel room so that I could go tell you what had happened and we could come up with a plan to deal with the situation. Meanwhile, he and his one off were passed out and had no idea that I was considering hexing them both!

Side note: I'm still rather surprised that with how very much River likes girls (and does his best to kiss every single one in the world, oi), he pulled a bloke. I wonder if he was simply going for a sure thing, or if he was actively trying to rebel in every way possible. Sigh...

WHY am I dwelling on this yet again??? I am *trying* to talk about how proud of River I am. How much I admire that he chose to learn his career from an early age and has been running his own successful business since he turned 17. And the fact that he personally goes to that safe haven park I created and volunteers his time to help kids with their homework or whatever else they might need.

He really is a diamond covered in gold and wrapped in a layer of angsty rebellion. And now he's going to be 20! I feel like I must be a hundred years old, sigh...

And despite the fact that he's been a challenge, at least we've got to 'keep' him. I still have no idea how we managed to make it through sending Viona, Eris, Orion, Hazel, Siri, AND Zwei to Hogwarts. Yeah sure, that still leaves Zaire, Jaz, Persephone, Lily, and Caelum at home with us, but it really feels like a huge part of my heart is missing having so many of them leave each September 1st.

Oh! I suppose I'm overjoyed we get to keep Shtara too. I'll never forget the day we first met her. We were in New York as you were having yet another book signing. She came into the book store looking and smelling like she's never bathed in her life, but her grin was SO brilliant as she rather engagingly told us all about how much she loves going to the library and reading your books. How she loves to imagine herself as part of our crazy life.

I'm dead certain you fell in love with her at first sight, but it took me probably five whole minutes to fall in love with her too. At first, we were just like: "Aww, she's precious, despite clearing having inattentive parents." But then her conversation turned to how she has had to temporarily steal a couple of your books from the library so that she could read them to her sick mum.

After a few strategic questions designed to NOT scare her off, we determined that she had no home (and thus no address to obtain a library card with), and that her mother has some form of cancer that is slowly killing her. Concerned, we naturally asked Shtara to stay in the bookstore and eat a sandwich and some biscuits while chatting with our Divas - as this was the last stop before they were going to be heading off to Hogwarts. Unsurprisingly, our Divas got along swimmingly with Shtara, despite the fact that they were 11 and she was only 9 at the time.

It was clear to all of us that our Shtara had a dynamic personality and that she would fit in like she was born to our family. I strongly feel like she was born to our family, she simply needed to take a bit of a detour before arriving.

As our Divas chatted with her and stuffed her full of food, they subtly cast cleaning charms on her to improve her smell and also repaired her tattered clothes. After a while, they asked if they could 'play with' her wildly curly black hair. I love her hair, and I know you hate when I go on and on about other people's hair, but her hair is just such a lovely riot that I think a person would have to be made out of stone to not like it.

By the time we were able to follow Shtara back to her hovel and meet her mother, Shtara looked like a shining angel. Everyone we passed on the streets clearly loved her, most saying hi, and quite a few expressing concern that she was being followed by two white men and a mob of children. I'm sure that the fact that some of the children didn't look like us made people wonder if we had nefarious intentions. Our support staff didn't seem to ease any concerns, strangely enough.

But of course we didn't have nefarious intentions.

We talked with Shtara's mother for a long time, learning that her illness made it hard for her to keep a job, and despite trying to utilize government programs, eventually, they'd been evicted and had nowhere to go. They'd tried to stay at women and children centers for a while, but those places are so crowded that it was too much for her to 'fight their way in' each day, and so they'd found a small patch of space under a bridge and made a bit of a nest.

You were definitely crying while listening to her, and I was damn close to crying as well. We told her who we were, proving it by showing her your picture on the back of your books, plus our IDs and a photo album of photos of us in Unity Houses around the world. We then asked if we could help them.

Shtara's mother looked so relieved to finally have a safe place and good people interested in helping them, that she... nearly died on the spot. We had to rush her to a hospital. But it was already far too late. The doctors said she was holding on by a very thin thread. She - more than likely through the power of sheer will - held on just long enough for us to have legal paperwork drawn up.

The moment the adoption papers were signed, poor Liz died. We gave her a lovely funeral, that was attended by a surprisingly large amount of people, and even though it *could* be claimed that it was all homeless people come to claim a free meal, it honestly was that they loved her and Shtara so much.

The only truly strange part of the whole thing was that a few people grumbled that if we were so rich that we could just adopt any old girl off the street, then why didn't we adopt or look after them ALL? I had to remind you that you've done more than your fair share of taking care of the less fortunate kids in the world.

That said, I immediately began work on plans to create a safe place for those kids - similar to the park I created in London.

Shortly after that, we brought our newest daughter home and put her in therapy.

Which was for the best, really, as she's now 13 and one of the happiest and most brilliant girls on the planet. She's muggle, so she stays home with us while the others are at Hogwarts, but that doesn't deter her in the slightest as she would much rather sing and dance at Elena's school.

Ugh! I'm clearly feeling nostalgic and overemotional because I've just blubbered on about our kids for over two hours. I think I need to sign off now and come find you so that we can snuggle up. Better yet, I should probably spank you.

River deep, mountain high,


Saturday March 19th
My Man,

You're surprised that an email that was going to be about how excited you are about our son turning twenty ended up being two hours of you blubbering on about our children? Have you met yourself? If anything, I'm surprised that you only went on for two hours. Did you have a pressing case you were working on or something? How did you manage to limit yourself? Inquiring minds want to know!

Alright, I will stop giving you a hard time. Merlin knows if I allow myself to wax poetic about any of our family members, I will either babble on endlessly for hours, or I will write nothing because my eyes will be too full of tears to be able to type. I actually had to stop partway through reading your own message to dry my eyes and calm myself. Thinking about where our sweet River was when we first found him, remembering the joys and drama of his teen years, and then his current victories? Oh my sweet little buddy can't be turning twenty! I won't allow it. Nope.

He has become such a wonderful man. His business is flourishing, he loves what he does and it shows. 'His' children at the Safe Haven are doing wonderfully. He has a wonderful relationship with his brothers and sisters. I want him to be less angsty for himself, because I think he'd be happier, but for myself there is nothing about him I am anything less than one hundred percent proud of. Being his Dad is one of the highlights of my life. Knowing I could have easily been nothing more than that guy who's married to his father makes every time he calls me "Dad" that much more meaningful.

When you talked about meeting him that first time at St. Mungo's and then went on to say you remember "all the harrowing details" I assumed you meant the details of his rescue and recovery. But no, you mean the harrowing details of his teenaged years. You, my love, are still most definitely the baby guy. Now that we have no babies, you're definitely the "little kid guy" and the "adult children guy" but you will never be the "teenager guy."

Honestly, your son who we spent his entire teen years chasing around to keep his mouth off every non-related teenager he could find, lost his virginity at seventeen years old. Which is older than you were I might add. And you still couldn't handle the knowledge. Stick to your lane sweetheart, leave the angsty teenagers to me.

I miss our angsty teenagers! I'm so glad our whole crew's coming home for River's birthday this weekend! We've got Elena, River, and Miles living on their own and six of our children off at Hogwarts, leaving most of our day to day life with only six kids at home. With Shtara, Zaire, and Jaz off at their day schools during the day, we end up with pretty much just the three littles at home. Our crazy crew of thirteen children has dwindled down to a trio of five-year-olds.

I suppose it's probably a good thing that these little almost triplets of ours are the feistiest of the family. I always knew our Persephone was going to be high maintenance. She's still the tiniest little thing, most people we meet assume she's about three years old, but her personality packs a punch. She was the first of the trio to walk, first to talk, and first to learn to wrap her Daddies around her fingers. She might be tiny but she will not get lost in the crowd.

Lily, on the other hand, was trickier. She spent her entire first year of life content to be held and fed, cooing and smiling at everyone, barely a fuss to be made. I thought we had another silently strong child like our Orion. No. Our Lissa was just learning all of our weaknesses to exploit them later. I'm making it sound like she's a monster. She's absolutely not. Her heart is enormous, but after the second time she emptied the Divas' closets in an attempt to donate all their clothes "to the poor children with no clothes, Daddies," I realized we probably needed to rein her in a bit.

Just as I knew Seph was going to be a handful, you were the first to realize that Caelum was going to keep us on our toes. He still keeps the oddest hours. When I go to check on him in the mornings, I never know which of his siblings beds he's going to be in. I'm glad we have the property warded to the teeth, because I've found him sleeping in the gardens three times in the last year.

The Troublesome Trio makes The Mischief Twins look like angels in comparison. It's probably a good thing we had these three last or we may not have had any more after them. Or perhaps they somehow knew they needed to be the spoiled babies of a large family and some higher power planned their births accordingly!

Although we did gain our Shtara after they were born, so they couldn't be all THAT much trouble! Or she's just that wonderful. You're absolutely right, it was love at first sight. It's funny because she's our only non-magical child, but when I try to think of words to describe her the first one that comes to mind is magic. Perhaps it's better for everyone that she doesn't have magic the way the rest of us do. All that charm and charisma, all that talent, the sheer joy that shines from her face … add magic to that and it would just be unfair to the rest of the world. She needs a little something to keep her a little humble!

To heck with it, screw humble, she's amazing! Humble is an overrated virtue in my opinion. As long as you're not being a braggart or a sore winner, take your worth and own it!

See? Set me free with a computer and thoughts about my wonderful family, and I can prattle on at length too!

You set my soul aflame,


Sunday March 20th 2016
My dearest,

I love how you always call it working on cases whenever I go into the office, even when all I am doing is going over ALL the paperwork filed regarding the raid I led on Wednesday to make certain there are no discrepancies. I get paid for the work, not the time it takes to do it, so I had no qualms about taking a two hour lunch break and then wasting it reminiscing about our children.

Today, however, is the big family dinner. All the kids came back from Hogwarts Friday night for the weekend - Including Viper's kids - and spent all of yesterday running around the Manor dueling each other. If this is how they act at school, I'm honestly surprised that we don't get more letters from McGonagall!

"Dear Misters Malfoy, your hooligans are at it again, kindly come to school and embarrass them atrociously, sincerely, Minerva McGonagall, Headmistress."

Anyway, Miles, Colm, Sammy, and Charlotte arrived last night for a sleepover, and all day today, members of our circle have been arriving. Including Mike and Jackie all the way from Australia. I look forward to having a nice long chat with them, mostly checking up on Unity Australia, which they've been working at for the past couple of years since retirement apparently didn't suit them.

I feel like I'm forgetting people, but you're literally here somewhere, and so, you'd know who I was forgetting - OH! There goes Sebastian, brooding over to the table to glare at everyone as he's almost certainly wondering why he's required to attend this large family function. Don't get me wrong, Sebastian and River have always gotten along, but Sebastian still feels like he should never have to leave his lab longer than it takes to go to the loo, haha.

The only person I can think of that HASN'T arrived yet is Mahafsoun. I'm excited to finally see her. When she originally moved to America, your ward but in the care of Portia, I thought that the most likely scenario was that she'd work on that vampire show of hers for a couple of months, and then it would end and she'd be back in no time. But then her show did brilliantly and she was asked to stay in America permanently.

She and Portia had been living together for about six months at that point, and Portia decided that it just made the most sense to adopt Mahafsoun. Thus, she's been living continuously in California for the last several years and we haven't seen her at all because we've just been too busy with tours, our regular traveling, staying on our Island whenever we've needed a break, and my occasional Auror work.

River has complained at length that we've never made time to go visit her, but since they talk via Magi-Skype every single night, he must still feel as if they are good friends. Maybe now that her show has ended - they felt that the vampire trying to fit in at human high school storyline had reached its natural conclusion - she might be ready to move back permanently. That said, Portia hinted to me via Insta-owl that the Producers have been trying hard to get approval for a spinoff in which Mahafsoun will play her vampire character as she lived throughout the countless centuries of her life.

Knowing Mahafsoun, all she'll have to do is bat her pretty eyes at any person necessary, and they'll fall all over themselves to approve the new show for her.

OOO! She's here!


Well... that was... unexpected...

Mahafsoun told us that her mother had magic but that she didn't, and so far, that has been true. She's apparently tried a lot to use Portia's wand because she feels like it's part of her, but nothing ever worked, no matter how hard she tried. She was a bona fide squib - not that there's anything wrong with that.

But then she arrived in the Manor today and since I was the first to notice her arrival, I was the first to greet her. She is looking as lovely as ever. Actually, better than ever because she's a grown woman now and her inherent sensuality looks right, whereas before, it was weird to see on a child. Sort of mesmerizing, but still weird.

Here's the thing, and I suppose that it might explain why I fell for her at first sight...

So, after I'd greeted her hello with a nice squeezy hug and a kiss to the cheek, Eris spotted her and called out her name joyously (she always had gotten along rather well with our Divas), and THAT caught the attention of Orion and both Rivers. Orion looked very interested, but glanced nervously at his brother, because it's pretty well known that River has acted a bit territorial toward her in the past. OTHER River is very out and proud about being gay, so he was interested in her arrival solely because he's probably heard a LOT about her from our River.

In any case, I hadn't even had a chance to let Mahafsoun go yet when River ran over and tore her from my arms. "MAHAFSOUN!!!" He shouted in a tone that really sounded like he'd just found his long lost best friend or... lover... Considering that he (as expected) gave her an entirely WAY too passionate kiss of greeting, which she responded to rather possessively and with an animalistic growl, I'm going to assume that he considers her most definitely his lover.

The fact that she promptly sprouted wings and flew off with him means that there was a reason I always thought of her as very like Blaise. I *was* reacting to an unawakened Veela, I just didn't think it was truly possible considering the fact that she had no magic. I've never met a Veela that wasn't magical. More importantly, unlike with Blaise, I wasn't immune to her because I wasn't a possible soulmate candidate. So all those times when I confused everyone - even myself - by being creepily possessive of her, it really was my desire to be like a father to her coming in direct conflict with her *inherent* powers influencing me.

Speaking of Veelas and Blaise, he burst out in a roar of laughter and said: "Well, it looks like we won't be seeing the birthday boy anytime soon!"

And that's when the rather obvious actually hit me. Mahafsoun had transformed because she found (been reunited with, whatever) her soulmate and awakened. Hence, River is her soulmate. Oi, why is it always OUR family that has the weird shit happen to them???

So... I guess this has turned from a family birthday dinner to a circle dinner with the birthday part postponed until the lovebirds emerge from their nest, and AH!!! I just realized that it's probably either HIS room in the Manor, or hers!

Oi, my love, the very beat of my heart, the flame in my soul, since the kids are here until next Sunday for the Easter Hols, what say we abscond tonight? Right after dinner. Take off as a family to our Island in the Maldives to lay out and bask in the sun for the foreseeable future? River can Insta-owl us when it's safe to return. What do you think?

Sigh... I have to sign off now and go attempt to stop Elena from laughing her arse off at me. Apparently the look on my face was 'priceless' - which I don't appreciate at all.

Even if we can't find Heaven, I'll walk through hell with you, love you're not alone, 'cuz I'm gonna stand by you,

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Tuesday March 22, 2016

My Oblivious Love,

Greetings from sunny beautiful Maldives! Or from Malfoy Island as our brood has taken to calling it over the years. Coming out here was absolutely the right choice after the birthday party that ceased to be a birthday party.

Hindsight is twenty-twenty. Everyone's a Monday morning quarterback. Yadda yadda yadda. But in all seriousness, was this really an unexpected development? How did we not see this one coming? We both checked years ago to see if there was any latent Veela heritage in Rosalie's family background. We saw the way River flocked to Maha, the way she clung to "her River" and the completely creepy and inappropriate way you reacted to her. How did we all miss this?

Well, I suppose we see what we want to see. I have a feeling Mahafsoun will not be taking the spinoff telly deal now. I can see River being willing to move to California for her, but while I know I haven't seen her in person in years, Maha constantly went on about not wanting a flashy life. She wanted a quiet home, a husband who loves her, and a couple of children. Now that she has her River, and to be fair she's had him for years, I have a feeling there will be wedding bells and a couple of grandkids for us before we know it.

Maybe we should ask Greg to start drawing up some tentative plans for a home for them. We can have it be our wedding gift to them.

It's really a gift for everyone. If my memories of Blaise and Kisa's initial union can be trusted, then I think it's best that they have their own building. I know he has his little flat above his Spa, but that was definitely just a bachelor pad for him to sleep in, not a home.

I do think you're wrong when you say Maha doesn't have magic. True, she does not have a wizarding magical core and can't perform our traditional wand magic. But if she is a Veela, which is a magical creature, gives off the Veela allure, and sprouted wings? She has magic, it's just not what you're used to. You silly purebloods, always forgetting about magic that doesn't look like the kind you grew up on.

Anyway, I've had a blast so far today. I'm so glad Hogwarts', Traditions', and Durmstrang's spring hols synced up, it's been so nice having all of our kids, both of Pansy's, and the Quartet's together on his holiday. Minus our River of course. Even Elena has scheduled her school to have time off at the same time, so we have Lainie and Shtara with us as well. Not that we wouldn't have just pulled Shtara for the week anyway, but with classes off we get our Lainie-Girl as well.

You managed to get all of your paperwork done on Friday before the guests started showing up to the Manor. So all we have to focus on is enjoying the beach and keeping the children from destroying the island. Minnie's managed to keep them from destroying Hogwarts, so it shouldn't be too hard! I do think she breathed a sigh of relief when she found out the Russian portion of our circle was going to be sending theirs to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts though. The genetic mixtures of you three Slytherins and us three Gryffindors all being at Hogwarts at the same time was probably a terrifying prospect.

I was initially a bit disappointed that my kids wouldn't be going to school with Ron and 'Mione's kids, but we see them often enough that I suppose a bit of absence probably makes their hearts a bit fonder. Our own children love each other desperately, but you can always tell they like each other a bit more at the start of hols than they do at the end!

Eri and Haz, as well as Siri and Zwei are probably the exception to the rule. Eri and Haz may as well be conjoined twins for all that they would be fine never leaving each other's sides. And I think Siri needs a bit more separate time but not much, so him being in the second-year dorm at Gryffindor compared to Zwei's first-year dorm and their separate classes is probably just enough time for his introverted self to regroup.

My sweet Zaire though, he misses his big brothers something fierce. I am pretty sure he's already counting down the days before he can join them at Hogwarts and convince the sorting hat to send him to Gryffindor with them. His best friend Jaz is probably the only thing keeping him from stowing away in their luggage every time they head back to the castle. That and the fact that you tell my Hogwarts Stowaway story so often that he's afraid he'll have to stand up in front of the entire student body and answer embarrassing questions if he ever did something like that.

I imagine when he does head off to Hogwarts that he will then start counting down for when Jaz will join them.

I could lounge around in the sun on the beach all day, I may just ….

Oh heck no you little monsters! I just got attacked by some devious little witches and wizards. This means war!

Love you Babe,


Wednesday March 23rd
My everything,

Speaking of Zaire, since we're relatively on the same side of the world, I've promised him a side trip to Africa, just him and me. Or well, I suppose him, me, and anyone else who wants to come. But the important part is that he wants to go visit some of the Zulu tribes and learn more about his heritage. We've had Leah learn everything she can about the Zulu people so that she could teach him about them, but he feels that an immersive environment is the best way to really learn things.

He's not wrong.

Considering that River sent us both an Insta-owl, I'm going to assume you already know this, but he apologizes profusely for flaking out on his own birthday celebration, and feels super embarrassed that every single person there knows exactly what he's been doing the past couple of days.

What you might not know is that I'd Insta-owled Portia to let her know what happened, and she says she feels a bit like a moron now. All these years, she's been doing her best to help Mahafsoun, but doing so through the rather narrow filter of the assumption that Mahafsoun must be damaged and acting out considering her past, BUT in the context of an unawakened Veela, her behavior is actually fairly normal.

Congratulations on winning the epic mini battle yesterday. Our kids may outnumber us enormously, but they're still only half trained and up against a war hero. They didn't stand a chance, hahaha! They don't need to know that I may or may not have been covertly helping you while pretending to take a nap in the sun.

The only other thing I wanted to mention before signing off is that while I was out shopping on one of the main islands last night with our Divas, two things happened. First, my friends the police spotted me, and apparently since I make quite the impression, they remembered me from five years ago, and came over to chat with me. It seems that they DID eventually solve the case of the boy in the box by finding the woman who more or less murdered him. She's now in prison and her daughter has been placed in a safe home. So… Justice served.

The second thing that happened was that Hazel mentioned that we were awfully close to Thailand - which just so happens to be THE place to go for gender reassignment surgery, and 'casually' mentioned that maybe it might be time to actually *have* said surgery. I know her hormone potions have been doing a beautiful job of helping her grow up more feminine than she otherwise would, but I'm not certain if it's even LEGAL for her to have the surgery at just 15. I, er... I basically deflected by saying that I would talk to you about it.

But here's my concern, even if she legally can have the surgery, what sort of consequences might there be for ALL of us if we let her have it before she's reached the age of majority? I know we're still very close with Unity House and the Department of Children and Families, so it's probably unlikely, but what if some ignorant malcontent reported us as terrible parents for letting our daughter 'mutilate' her body while she's still underage and under our jurisdiction. Even if we don't get in trouble with the DC&F, couldn't there still be some sort of legal repercussion if that theoretical malcontent protests hard enough?

Sigh... Parenting is hard enough without our children being wonderful people that inadvertently make it all that much harder. I look forward to snuggling with you tonight as we discuss this, before I take Zaire and anyone else who wants to come to Africa tomorrow.

I got you babe,

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Thursday March 24th

I will certainly miss you and Zaire when you head off to do his cultural heritage immersion, but I think it sounds so perfect and amazing. I hope the two of you have a ridiculously wonderful time together. And I think it's best if just the two of you go. It's nice that you'd think to invite anyone in the family that's willing, but this isn't a vacation, it's a cultural quest. It's a journey to Zaire learning about where he comes from. Not a vacation destination for our world travelers.

I have to admit though, and I trust you will understand and not judge my feelings on this matter, I'm a bit jealous that you're taking "my" Zaire. I love all of my children equally. I do not have favorites. There have been times during each of their lives where I have felt closer to one or the other, but I truly do not have favorites, not loving or even liking them more or less than each other. But for some reason, and it's possibly because of the trauma they had getting to our family, River and Zaire have always been a bit more "mine" for some reason. Just like Viona, the tiny light of my life, has always been much more "yours."

Maybe that's why Z wants you for this trip. I'm a bit protective of him. Sometimes treating him younger than he truly is. You are much more likely to treat him like the brilliant and mature nine, almost ten, year old he is. Will you at least promise me you will take a million pictures?

Can you wait to take off until I bring the older kids home to get back to Hogwarts? I certainly wouldn't stop you even if you guys wanted to leave today, and I think Zaire would go along with whenever you wanted to leave. But until summer hols he's not going to get a whole lot more time with his siblings and I want them to have every moment together that they can. What do you say if Sunday you guys head off to Africa when the rest of us head back home? I've got our support staff, the Quartet, and Pansy and Ivan to help me wrangle the rest of our crew so don't worry that you're leaving me with too many!

I am so excited for him to be able to immerse himself in the culture. Immersion is almost always the best way to learn about anything. As long as you're not placing your desire to learn over the needs of the culture you're immersing yourself in obviously. It will be so much fun to hear Z tell me all about your trip! He's so cute when he's all worked up and excited about something. Don't tell him I said that though, he doesn't like it when I call him cute or adorable. Maybe he should stop being so damn cute and adorable then huh?

You know who else is adorable? River. Seriously little boy, you're embarrassed that your entire family knows you spent the last how many days shagging? What family did you grow up in ya little weirdo? Which of his family is going to think it odd that a healthy twenty-year-old man who hadn't seen his soul mate in five years was going to spend days in bed for the reunion? His polyamorous set of Aunts and Uncles? His kinky grandparents Lucius and Narcissa? His grandparents Molly and Arthur who popped out seven babies? Our sweet little prude.

I do love that we can still get him embarrassed! Embarrassing our children is one of the highlights of my life and most of ours are pretty immune to it at this point.

While you were doing yoga on the beach this afternoon, I did some fairly extensive research on Hazel's request for gender reassignment surgery. I've tried to keep up on current laws and standards over the years, having a transgendered child kind of makes it a necessity in my mind. So, we won't need to go to Thailand to get her the surgery she desperately wants. We can bring her to trusted healers that she's known throughout her childhood and still get her surgery before she's eighteen.

For the most part, no country is going to actively allow surgical changes on a minor. But "Age of Majority" is an arbitrary number that can vary from country to country. Holland's is only sixteen. Wizarding Britain is seventeen. However, in the United States, in California where we still own a home and still have Muggle paperwork with United States dual citizenship, stage three transitioning (surgery) is allowable on minors if a certain set of parameters are met.

If she has a legitimate diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria (often requiring two separate health professionals' opinions) … check!
If she has lived as her chosen gender for at least twelve consecutive months … check!
If she has done hormone therapy for at least twelve consecutive months … check!
If her parents agree to the procedure … check!

By the time we really sit down to have this discussion, research surgeons, and speak with the doctors and healers that cared for her when we lived in the U.S., she will have turned sixteen as her birthday is less than two months away in May. One year from the actual Age of Majority in wizarding Britain, and well within legal parameters in California. So, if she's truly ready, and you and I are both on the same page. I see no reason why we couldn't plan a trip to California for shortly after she gets out on summer hols from Hogwarts.

It's scary, any medical choices are inherently pretty scary. But if she's bringing up going to Thailand so she can feel right in her own skin? It sounds like it's time to me.

I can do anything with your hand in mine,
Your Harry


Wednesday March 30th

Part of me wishes you were here with us, and part of me is fervently glad that you aren't.

So, following your advice, I postponed Zaire's and my journey until Sunday when we could say goodbye to the Hogwarts crew and part ways in a more natural fashion than me just jumping right into it. I can't help it, all these years later and Zaire's (yes adorable) pleading eyes get me every time. All he did was look at me and say: "I wonder what it would be like to be trained as a Zulu warrior for REAL," and suddenly I was promising to bring him anywhere in the world that he needed.

I have no regrets!

That said, I do have a tiny concern - stop panicking, my fluffy little mutt. See, Sunday afternoon and Monday were taken up with trying to locate the actual tribe Zaire descends from - with Pippa's long distance help. As it turns out, Pippa and Leah (who we've asked to keep abreast of Zulu culture for Zaire) have already done most of the legwork, and so, when I told her I needed specifics, it only took her a couple of hours to trace down Zaire's father's lineage to a tribe in KwaZulu-Natal.

Monday night, using a combination of train rides and broom flying, we arrived at the Wizarding Zulu community. It's interesting to note that they have chosen a fairly remote location, but that they have modernized the village a bit more than the surrounding traditional/modern hybrid Zulu villages. The reason for this is that apparently the Wizarding community finds no sense in forgoing luxuries such as cooling charms and stasis boxes.

Anyway, Monday night was peaceful enough. The village elders greeted us warmly. They were delighted to find that we both speak isiZulu - admittedly, Zaire more so than me, but I knew enough to understand the gist of almost everything. After explaining our situation and why we were there, they had a bit of a discussion, and then decided to perform a ceremony officially welcoming Zaire into the tribe.

Here's where things get a bit tricky.

After the welcoming ceremony, we both snuggled up and had disturbed sleep. Zaire said he had vague nightmares about his father, and I'm not surprised as I woke up to find his ghost staring at me. Apparently the ghost had been wandering the land for a while after he was 'murdered' (justifiably killed), and the welcoming ceremony for Zaire 'called him' to us.


I basically rolled my eyes and did not interact with him at all. Zaire was staring at him with wide eyes, and looked apprehensive as we joined those in the village who wanted to have a communal breakfast with us. He followed us.

"You are a murderer and a child stealer!"

I saw that the village was curious about this turn of events, and decided that I should probably refute the accusation, if only to set their minds at ease.

"You were a monster who sexually abused his THREE YEAR OLD son, and you were killed while trying to steal him back from us after he was justifiably removed from your care. NOW, you are a ghost and cannot harm us, so do us all a favor and kindly go back to the hell you must reside in."

I was a tiny bit spooked when it seemed like the entire village flinched at that, but I assumed that they were simply horrified by the fact that this so-called man had once abused his son.

"Is that so?" He asked with a mild tone that could be interpreted as amusement, or it could be interpreted as a soft but evil threat. "I am Nomzamo, descended from the Zulu Wizard tribe, and THIS MAN stole my son while he and his husband murdered me!"

As he said: THIS MAN - he first pointed at me, and then stuck his ghostly hand into my chest. I was unimpressed, thinking that the most he could do was give me a chill. To my surprise, my heart started to hurt so badly that it really felt like a hand was squeezing it. I gasped out in surprise and pain, and may well have died if one of the elders - who clearly knows more about ghosts in Africa than I do - cast a spell to fling him back and - in essence - eject him from my body.

"Stupid foreigners," the elder muttered with an amused shake of his head. "You know nothing of our culture, and yet confidently insult spirits seeking vengeance?" He then sighed heavily. "If Nomzamo were still alive, he would be within his right to challenge you to a duel in which the two of you would fight with staves until one of you bled. NOT that we support child abusers, but all we know at the moment is that he claims you murdered him and stole his son, and you claim he abused his son and you rescued him. If that is true, we admire you."

Then he pointed at Nomzamo. "That said, the fact that his spirit is able to enter our wards means that he is legitimately descended from our tribe - despite the fact that he was not born and raised here."

I held up my hands respectfully. "I understand that I am a stranger to you and I have arrived with what appears to be a child stolen from your tribe, but I had anticipated having to prove the truth to you in order for you to accept Zaire as a legitimate descendant of your tribe. So, I have all the documentation with me. Zaire's original birth certificate, the file created when he was removed from his biological father's care, and Nomzamo's death certificate and the case file that states the police cleared us of murder as he clearly attacked us in our own home and forced us to defend ourselves and our family. I also have the Healer's report from the emergency magi-surgery that Zaire had to have because Nomzamo had damaged him so badly."

"LIES!!!" Nomzamo roared in outrage. "I was a loving father, and you RIPPED my son from my arms!"

I snorted derisively. "Oh sure you were, you loved him altogether TOO much."

Meanwhile, Zaire was doing his best to seem unaffected by the ghost, but was betraying his emotional state by standing in front of me, facing me rather than look at the ghost, and allowing me to wrap my arms around him and stroke his hair.

The elders collectively looked through the paperwork I'd brought and very shortly came to the decision that I was telling the truth, and that in his vengeful state, Nomzamo was misremembering things. Specifically, he was forgetting his own bad actions and focusing almost completely on what he perceived to be the wrong done to him.

Mlungisi - a sort of shaman? It's weird actually in that this is a Wizarding community full of magic, and in non-magical communities, a shaman is a person with spiritual power bordering on magic. Here, I suppose what I interpret as shaman doesn't denote a magical person so much as their spiritual leader. They of course have a completely different word for him, but it escapes me at the moment.

Anyway, Mlungisi stepped forward to explain things to me.

"As our honored elder - Londisizwe - already said, if Nomzamo were still alive - and his grievance were far less severe - he would be entitled to challenge you to a duel. As it is, he is a vengeful spirit clearly in the wrong, and now that he KNOWS where his son is, he will never stop haunting him and trying to exact his revenge."

I swallowed as this sounded rather serious now that I knew that Nomzamo could - in fact - hurt me.

"But not all hope is lost," Mlungisi continued. "There is something fairly simple we can try. See, in Zulu, we *always* give our people a proper burial. Once this is performed, a spirit can rest, and if it is not, he might wander until he is laid to rest. I will make it MY responsibility to track down whatever may remain of his body and of his most important possessions, and I will bring them back here to give them a proper burial. This MIGHT (with some strong encouragement) help him to be at rest."

"While he is gone, I will teach you those spells and other measures you will need to know to protect yourself from Nomzamo until he is put to rest," Londisizwe added, only mildly setting my mind at ease.

"And... what if he's not... put to rest?" I asked, glancing a bit hesitantly at Nomzamo, who looked ready to burst into flames and slam into me with the force of his rage.

"Then we have other - far less easy and definitely not as pleasant - measures we can try," Mlungisi informed me with a grin that really didn't reassure me either. I was most definitely tempted to take Zaire and Apparate all the way back home, but not only am I not powerful enough to do that in just one jump (or even a series), BUT they had already told me that this arsehole ghost would be able to follow Zaire. So... I guess we're staying here as planned, only now, we have to try to protect ourselves from malevolence while learning about Zulu culture AND exorcise (?) a ghost once everything is ready.

Erm... wish me luck?

With every beat of my heart,

Chapter Text

Thursday March 31st
My Insane Husband,

Stop panicking? Seriously, you want me to stop panicking? Are you completely out of your mind? Some malevolent ghost that already caused extreme trauma to my family when he was alive is now targeting my son and my husband, I'm not going to be able to stop panicking. This creature has the spiritual balls to act as if we somehow stole his son from him.

First of all, Zaire is his own person in separate from others. He belongs to no one but himself. He owes nothing to anyone. It really shouldn't surprise me that this monster considers Zaire a belonging that he can own and then have stolen from him. Zaire might be sweet and kind but he also is magically powerful, probably his warrior heritage coming out, if he hadn't wanted us there is no way anyone could have forced him to stay with us.

This village wants to give him a proper burial? I am all for honoring cultural traditions but this piece of garbage doesn't deserve a proper burial. The only thing keeping me from apparating to you two and stopping this sham is the fact that it could keep you both safe from his power.

Speaking of power, if he is powerful enough to damage you while in spirit form then it would stand to reason that he can be damaged as well wouldn't you think? There has to be enough substance to his form that he can physically hurt a living being so that substance should theoretically be damageable right? If that's the case maybe I do need to get out there so I can exorcise this piece of garbage. I've spent years wishing I'd made his end worse, maybe this is my chance. Monster got off lightly the first time, we shouldn't throw away this opportunity.

Alright fine, I don't want to alienate this village that has seemingly accepted our Zaire and is willing to teach him about his history. I suppose I will let them try their way first. But if this Nomzamo doesn't go away after they try it their way then nothing is going to stop me from coming there and trying it my way!

He loved his son? Ha! He destroyed his son. That's not love, that's a psychopathic narcissist seeing people as belongings he can use for his own twisted desires. When I remember the pain our sweet boy was in when he came home to us I see red.

Okay, I have to get my mind off of this before I really do end up apparating out there, splinching myself, and then ending up infuriating the people we are hoping will teach Zaire about his heritage.

Things are going well here at home. Everyone's back to school. Leah and Jaz have been working all day at training Jaz's muscles and vocal chords to attempt speech. Her first few years of life it was easy enough to just have everyone around her learn BSL. It just made sense to make sure everyone could speak the same language. And our clever girl taught herself to read lips so when she goes out in public, as long as people look at her when they speak to her she can understand almost everyone. But up until now, if she wanted to be heard she either had to hope people were able to speak BSL, have an interpreter with her at all times (easy enough while she's seven but at some point she will want to go out alone), or write out everything she wants to say.

Leah is hopeful that she will be able to, but I'm a bit worried. It's not like Jaz is incapable of making noises, but even as an infant she almost never screamed or cried. I worry that she is as incapable of speech as she is of hearing and it will affect her self confidence. Ugh, I have to stop thinking that way. This is the baby that figured out apparition before a year old, she can do anything she sets her mind to.

Anyway, I had better run, I'm off to Dinner. River and Maha have mentioned they'll be joining us so I look forward to embarrassing and interrogating them! What are dads for?

Your Panicky Husband,


Monday April 4th
My much missed panicky husband,

Wow! Wizards in Africa apparently know how to get things done! Mlungisi left here on Thursday with a copy of all the paperwork I brought. He apparated straight to Cape Town, perhaps breaking it into smaller trips, and discussed with the police there how he was looking for a tribesman who hadn't had a proper burial.

The lovely thing about South Africa is that they respect a wide variety of traditions. So, once they were able to ascertain exactly which person Mlungisi was referring to, they told him exactly what had happened. Apparently, whenever a person is either unknown or unclaimed, they have a choice between a plain grave in the police area of a particular cemetery, or they can have the body cremated and store it in their evidence warehouse. Nomzamo was the latter.

Thus, they were able to fairly easily go into their warehouse and locate his box of ashes. All Mlungisi had to do at that point was prove that he was the shaman of their tribe - and that Nomzamo was a descendent of their tribe - and the ashes were released into his care.

That took fairly little time. What took longer was that Mlungisi then had to track down where Nomzamo lived and who might have some of his belongings. It took him a couple of days to track down Nomzamo's brother, but then the hard part wasn't finding belongings, it was building enough of a rapport with his brother to be given the ones that might appease his spirit when he's buried.

Here's what Mlungisi learned. Nomzamo had more than one child. That said, Zaire no longer has any biological siblings. Bheka had always thought that Nomzamo's children died of regular illnesses. It seems that when Nomzamo had them buried, he always listed something like Ebola as the cause of death, and apparently, this was plausible enough that the authorities didn't question it too hard. When Mlungisi showed Bheka the medical report on Zaire, Bheka reportedly cried in anguish that such things had happened practically under his nose and he never even suspected.

So, he not only gave Mlungisi the things that Nomzamo considered his most precious belongings, but ALSO decided to come back to the tribe to meet with and apologize to Zaire. That happened yesterday.

At first, Zaire was a bit freaked out to see a person that looks so much like his biological father - who he was very familiar with at this point since the bastard had been haunting us relentlessly those days Mlungisi was gone. That said, Bheka is much older than Nomzamo was when he died, and so, once it was explained who he was, inadvertently confirmed by Nomzamo - who accused Bheka of being a traitor by siding with us against him - Zaire was able to relax and chat a bit with Bheka.

So, those days that Mlungisi was gone, Londisizwe had upheld his promise to teach us to protect ourselves from Nomzamo. He taught us a variety of spells to repel spirits and actually harm them if they get too feisty. Plus things like shields - small specific ones to prevent a spirit from entering any part of our bodies.

All in all, I'm feeling rather confident that if I ever come up against any other malevolent ghost, I'll be able to kick its arse until someone has a chance to exorcise it.

Speaking of exorcise, tonight is the night that Mlungisi has prepared the burial ritual for. It's actually rather nice, there's going to be a feast featuring goat. Zaire is actually very excited to see and eat the traditional feast food here. Plus beer. But don't worry, it's a simple and not very alcoholic beer.

But before I sign off and join in - Zaire is currently being taught warrior dances - I just wanted to say that you've reminded me of something. Remember a long time ago when I was trying to work on contacts that Jaz could wear to translate talking for her if needed? Well I'd basically never had the time to *focus* on them until they worked, BUT that I DID work on them from time to time when I had nothing else to do, and so now, I do actually have a few prototypes that work. Better yet, it also occurred to me that she might need something to speak for her at times, and so, I also made a program for the magi-tablets so that all she has to do is type something and the program will say it for her.

But don't tell her that yet. Let her try to learn this skill without assuming that if she fails, she can just rely on a program. Also, I should probably apologize when I do give it to her since after finishing it, she had already learned to sign so well that she could communicate with ease, but she wasn't very good at writing yet, so I didn't feel like it would have been very helpful to her at that point. That said, I basically forgot about it and therefore didn't give it to her when she actually did know how to type.


I'm just saying that maybe it's for the best as she will have a proper incentive to learn this new skill on her own.

You are my strength when I am weak, you give me faith 'cause you believe (in me),
P.S. Because I know you're probably still worrying and constantly reminding yourself that we're fine and you need to stay with our other kids (and nearly failing to do so anyway), let me just take a moment to reassure you. Aside from Nomzamo trying his best to get in Zaire's mind (which all of Zaire's therapy over the years has helped him to have a rather strong and impenetrable mind), Zaire is having a blast. He's been led through basic sparring skills and the like. And the thing that seems to really give him confidence - not to mention rather impresses the Zulu Warrior Wizards - is that I have been by his side every step of the way, learning all the skills with him so that he has someone of a similar skill level to practice with.

P.P.S. Note: Staff sparring is not too different than Krav Maga, so Zaire's actually better than they expected him to be.

P.P.P.S. The best part is all the Warrior dances! I look rather spiffy in these scanty warrior costumes, if I do say so myself. And Zaire is looking stronger and more confident than ever. He misses you and Jaz (and all the others) like crazy, but he's really flourishing here.

P.P.P.P.S. He and his uncle are getting along rather well. Bheka suggested an extended visit - or maybe a regular summer visit (summer for us, it would technically be 'winter' here). I said we'd think about it. You'll be happy to know that when Bheka also suggested that Zaire might do better in his care (being biological family able to raise him in their culture), Zaire said: "Oh hell no! There's no way in bloody hell that I'm giving up my dads, my sister Jaz, and all my other brothers and sisters! I'll visit, but I'm bloody well staying in Malfoy Manor!" To which I raised an eyebrow over his language, but basically didn't say anything because I was so very proud of him that a hug seemed far more appropriate than a scolding.

Chapter Text

Monday April 4, 2016

My Heart,

I am really hoping everything goes well tonight. I thought we were well done with that thing years ago and I am ready to know he's officially gone in every capacity. Please let me know the outcome as soon as you have the chance. I know I won't be sleeping tonight, wishing I were with my boys, but I'd rather be awake because I'm too wound up and happy about its success than up worrying about its potential failure.

I'm glad finding his ashes was easily accomplished. And it's quite lucky that some of his possessions were still around so the burial could go off as needed. And the fact that it had the happy coincidence of connecting Zaire with someone in his family (that isn't a monster) is great. Although I will admit when I read that he asked for a visit my first thought was, "Not without me!" because I wasn't going to chance someone taking my Z away from me. And then to find out he thought he would be a better option to continue raising my son? Yeah, I saw red again and as there was no one in the room with me I can't exactly ask anyone but I'm pretty sure I had one of my rage halos.

My sweet boy telling him in no uncertain terms that he is happy and content with his life the way it is has calmed me down quite a bit. I am going to try giving Bheka the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was asking that as a test and gauging Zaire's happiness levels to make sure he's happy in his life with us. Kind of like when I immediately was thrilled at the prospect of leaving the Dursley's to live with someone I didn't know who'd spent the last twelve years in Azkaban should have been a red flag as to my real home life. Yeah, I think I am going to pretend that was his plan all along. But I'm still not letting Zaire visit out of my sight.

It's not like we don't love the excuse to travel anyway!

Once I got over the rage at the idea of our son being taken from us, and my worry about tonight's burial going well, I can't get over how sad I am for the poor children who weren't saved like our Zaire was. To think that he would have had even more siblings, more children we could have saved, more beautiful little souls that had a terrible ending to a too-short life, it just kills me inside Draco.

It's taken me a few years to really become comfortable with your work with the Aurors and with your cases you consult on with Hannah, but I really can see why you do what you do. Knowing that you have the potential to save children like those babies, and bring closure to parents and family worried about what happened to their loved ones? I would still throw a bit of a party if you decided to retire, but I'm also just full of pride for you and everything you do.

I'm also full of lust thinking about you in that barely there Warrior regalia. All that skin, and those tattoos of yours that make me drool. Your lithe muscles bunching and flexing, a sheen of sweat while you contort your body to create art with dance. I could be watching you dance, maybe around a fire while the light plays with the shadows from the muscle definition. And then you'd saunter over to me and ….

Whoa! I've got plans with our babies tonight, I don't have time to fall down the rabbit hole of fantasizing about you. Stop it Harry, control yourself!

I, Shtara, Jaz, and the Troublesome Trio decided to fill our time with fun plans instead of sitting around missing you two. So tonight we're going to have a camp-out in the gardens. It's still a bit chilly but with warming charms and a bonfire we'll be just fine. We're going to have s'mores and tell spooky stories. I'm actually a bit terrified, you know what a performer our Shtara is and she says she's crafted a doozy of a story to tell tonight. Wish me luck!

I can't believe I forgot all about the tech you made for Jaz years ago! I suppose you're the one who made it and you managed to forget as well so I don't feel too terrible. I do think even if we had remembered the tech, this would be a good skill to see if Jaz is capable of anyway. You never know when a piece of tech is going to go down for some reason or what if she lost it or had it stolen. If she's just not physically capable of speech then we make do and life goes on, but if she can gain a new skill it's worth the try. Leah seems to be quite happy with her progress so far. She thinks it will work, Jaz has already made a handful of purposeful sounds. But it could take months before she's making understandable speech patterns even if it does work.

Well since starting this email I've now fielded six different inquiries about when I will be ready to start the camping. I'd better be off before one of the Trio decides to take matters into their own hands and accidentally lights my garden on fire. Narcissa would have my bollocks for that!

Give Zaire my love, I miss you both so much!


P.S. Are you planning to be home by Saturday to celebrate Eri and Ori's birthdays? Or should I postpone the family celebration for when you both get back?


Tuesday April 5th
The fire in my soul,

You are THE MOST perfect man in the world. For me that is. I'm dead certain anyone else on the planet would have gotten upset with you, but I was just so damn happy to see you.

But let me start at the beginning.

The Zulu have very specific rituals for funerals. First of all, they believe that a body should be buried, and after a period of waiting, the person's spirit should respectfully be invited back into the family home. Obviously, none of that is going to apply here, and everyone understood that.

To that end, Mlungisi decided to change things a bit. We were still going to follow most of the traditions, such as sacrificing a goat and offering the meat to the ancestors for a bit before preparing it for feasting. Mlungisi also made a point to invite a lot of notable ancestors of the tribe, plus as many of Nomzamo's ancestors as necessary until they had one that was known to actually be a resident of this tribe. It seems Nomzamo's grandmother married an outsider and left the tribe before having Nomzamo's father. She was also the one who ensured they knew their magic before she died.

Alright, once everyone was invited, we danced and chanted until the feast was ready. In Zulu culture, unmarried women and men wear basically the exact same thing. Our Divas would probably call it a mini skirt, but it's two separate pieces. The back is made from animal hide, and the front can be made out of grass or animal hide. There's furry covering for the shins and arms, and each person *can* add other decorations as they like, but that's basically it.

The older a MAN gets, the longer the back part of his iBeshu gets, so mine is to my knees (whereas Zaire is wearing the shortest version) as I am still an active man and could participate in fights and battles if I wanted. Also, as a married man, I wear a headband. My father, being past the warrior phase in life, would wear an iBeshu down to his ankles.

The older a woman gets, the more likely she is to be engaged or married. Once she's engaged, a woman begins to wear a breast covering - which in this modern age usually means a plain or beaded bra. But it could also be an animal skin. Once she is married, a woman wears fully covering clothing to announce for the world to see that she is taken.

I suppose this only SOUNDS strange to me because in our culture, it would probably be the other way around. Young girls would be expected to keep everything covered and married women would be allowed to take things off - should our culture actually embrace nudity, that is. But you know how I feel about nudity, so I don't particularly care who is naked and who isn't.

Side note, that actually surprised our Zulu Wizard friends here. The first day, after we explained who we were and why we were there, they grinned at us and told us that we needed to strip off and don their attire for the welcoming ceremony (and it was obvious that they expected us to try to respectfully decline, being from Britain and all), but the two of us were already stripping before they even finished speaking, hahaha.

Then as Zaire is learning the traditional dances, he's just in a group of kids for the most part, and he really does look like he was born here (which he was, just not HERE here). He dances next to the girls like he's been living with naked girls all his life, and so one of the elders - who has traveled abroad and knows that most cultures feel nudity is sinful, especially in mixed company - asked us why Zaire didn't seem shy or embarrassed.

Zaire laughed, shook his head, and said: "I have EIGHT sisters! We often bath together as a family, and my dad (he jabbed his thumb at me) would never wear a stitch of clothes in his life if he didn't have to."

"That much is true," I confirmed with a grin. I then went on to explain how you and I had created a Unity House in South Africa, and surprise surprise, the MOMENT I mentioned my husband Harry in conjunction with Unity House, SUDDENLY they knew exactly who we were and had a lot of questions to ask about you, hahaha.

Interestingly, where more modern parts of Africa have adopted anti gay hate (remember how careful we had to be when we moved to South Africa and why?), the rural tribes that try to remain true to their culture remember that being gay has been a valid (even if not huge) part of their culture for ages. It seems that the Zulu people actually had a practice where younger men could be considered wives to older men until they reached an age where they might like to dissolve the marriage and take on boy-wives of their own.

Which means that while they may or may not have true acceptance, they at least respected the fact that I am married to a man. I suppose after that, it probably didn't seem so odd that we'd adopted an army of children. Oh alright, we only adopted half the army. We physically gave birth to the other half, hahaha!

But back to the funeral. Regular traditional clothing is typically shades of brown, green, and white from the animals and dried grasses. For funerals, they have special clothes that are more or less the same, but died black with bits of red for contrast.

We wore these special clothes and participated in the dancing and chanting until it was time to feast. During the feast, Bheka - being the only one there that actually knew Nomzamo - talked about him. He spoke of their childhood together. How Nomzamo was the younger son, and how their parents - despite being poor and struggling to provide for their family, had desperately wanted a daughter. Traditionally, children are named even before they are born, and children can actually have several names that talk about their parents' and family's hopes and expectations for them. Seeing as how their parents wanted a girl and were struggling in general in life, the chose a girl's name that meant struggle.

Now this might seem like an insult to you and me, but it's not meant to be so. It was meant to symbolize rising above the struggle and persevering. But then Bheka went on to say that things never seemed to get better for their family and Nomzamo himself eventually came to believe that he was a curse on his family. He vowed to do better for his own children when the time came.

Bheka never had children because he just didn't want the responsibility of providing for them in hard times, but he said he was always there to help Nomzamo. He felt close to all his nieces and nephews (there'd been three girls and two boys), and struggled to cope with their deaths when they died. They never talked about it directly, but Bheka strongly believed that his curse on the family had gotten stronger, resulting in the deaths of all his children.

When Zaire was born, he was given a name that meant River as it was their hope that he would be as strong as the Nile and able to overcome anything - even Nomzamo's curse.

It was at this point in the narrative that Nomzamo himself burst out angrily, denying that he was ever a curse on his family. Proclaiming that even though his life was a struggle, he had managed to overcome all odds and provide well for his family. Things like that.

A look crossed Bheka's face that suggested that he could now clearly see that his brother was not sane, and that he probably hadn't been entirely sane while still alive. This was a bit heartbreaking as I cannot imagine how I would feel if Sebastian or Gavin suddenly acted in a way that forced me to see how mentally imbalanced they were. Well... Gavin more so than Sebastian. As much as I love that prickly bastard, he DEFINITELY comes across as a bit, erm… eccentric at the very least.

Anyway, there was a lull in which we were all eating and the next part of the ritual had to wait until we were done. It was at this point that Londisizwe asked if I was the husband or the wife. I could tell by the sparkle in his eyes that he was joking. Others laughed and called out their guesses of: "Injonga!" (Masculine gay men, aka the husband), or: "Skesana!" (Effeminate man, aka the wife.)

One of the girls seemed to be asking Zaire which it was before guessing (by whispering in his ear), and he responded by shaking his head. "Neither."

This seemed to confuse Londisizwe. I chuckled, winked at him, and said: "Both!" Which actually seemed to make sense to almost everyone as they simply nodded in understanding.

At this point, if Nomzamo hadn't been pacing angrily around the 'bubble' we'd trapped his spirit in, I'd have called this a rather good time.

Eventually, the feast was done, the ancestors were honored, the grave was dug, and it was time to get on with the burial. The box of ashes and all of Nomzamo's possessions - things like his blanket, his favorite shirt, and his personal fork (apparently they like to keep things hygienic by giving each person their own set of utensils to eat with), plus his prized cow tail (it's a Zulu thing as far as I can tell) - were set in the grave.

Everything seemed to be going well until Mlungisi began chanting spells to seal the spirit into the grave. That's when Nomzamo started to fight, and all of the strength he was saving came out in full force now. He possessed Bheka before the man had a chance to cast a shield. Once inside Bheka, Nomzamo tried his best to get to Zaire and - I dunno. Take him??? Not sure he had a plan to be honest.

This is where things devolved into very NOT traditional territory at all. I'm not sure which culture it is, actually - Chinese maybe? - but there's a culture that believes that if a malevolent being kills someone, their spirit is trapped in that being's service until freed. It's NOT a Zulu belief, but I suppose that's not the thing that matters here.

What matters is that it seems that Nomzamo had a couple of women and his other children (their spirits anyway), bound to his. I learned this later, but apparently the mothers of his children always died 'in childbirth.' I don't know if you ever mentioned what happened to Zaire's mother, but if you did, that's probably what you said. Seeing the rest of them and the way they angrily fought under Nomzamo's command, I'm inclined to believe he murdered them somehow just after giving birth to his children, and then claimed it to be during the event.

I am sorely tempted to have a chat with the Authorities he dealt with to see if he had somehow bribed them to look the other way. Threatened maybe? I simply CANNOT believe they wouldn't noticed all these deaths of 'natural' causes happened to his wives and children. Sigh...

Anyway, as I was saying, suddenly there was a small army of ghosts - powerful and angry spirits possessing equally as powerful witches and wizards in an attempt to destroy me and keep Zaire at their side. I'm going to go ahead and interpret that as keeping his spirit in service to Nomzamo like the others - meaning murder him too.

But of course I was NOT about to let that happen!

And here is where that Auror training I had came in handy. I am used to commanding raids. I am used to assessing tactical situations and coming up with plans to deal with them. Thus, I had no problem at all defending myself and Zaire - and probably impressing the tribesmen, not that that's the important part. It took a bit of doing because I didn't want to hurt any of the bodies being possessed as they are actually innocent people. But basically, without any real communication, I decided to play the bait while Mlungisi and Londisizwe gathered up what they needed to perform a much less pleasant ritual that basically exorcises a malevolent spirit. It involves trance work and blood magic, and so, even if I was paying full attention to what they were doing enough TO describe it in exact detail, probably best if I don't.

It took a few hours and was well past midnight by the time that we defeated Nomzamo and forced his spirit to forever rest in his grave. The beautiful part was that we freed the women and children in the process and were able to give their spirits a lovely sendoff to the afterlife. So... that's that. Sorted!

Which naturally was when my perfect and most definitely panicky husband decided that it had been far too long with no word. You'd promised to stay up and wait for me to give the all clear, but considering that KwaZulu-Natal is 2 hours ahead of Britain, you must have assumed as it neared midnight that something must have gone wrong, and in your panic and worry, you burst forth a glorious rage halo and Apparated an insane distance to be by my side.

Still panting from a fairly rough spiritual battle, the tribe was in fight mode and considered you a threat. They cast spells at you that seemed to evaporate when they hit your halo. Fortunately, you didn't retaliate, instead looking around for me and Zaire. Zaire was extraordinarily happy to see you, basically abandoning the strong warrior mask he had been cultivating since we arrived so that he could run over and hug you.

"DAD!!!" He shouted giddily, even galloping (or so it looked) as he ran. He hugged you so hard I bet you wouldn't have been able to breathe.

"Harry!" I cried out in delight, not having to run to you since you had used me as a focus, and thus, Apparated to my side. I had not reacted to the first sight of you because I had to get my brain to shift from commanding a battle mode to: everything's fine and I have to calm my adorably furious husband mode.

As Zaire hugged the bloody hell out of you, I pulled you both into my arms and gave you a joyous kiss, ending by resting my forehead against yours. "I missed the fuck out of you!"

It had taken a moment, but the fact that we were hugging and kissing you turned off your rage halo and you gasped out in relief. "You're safe! I was so worried!"

"I know," I murmured in sympathy, stroking your hair.

Before you could say another word, the fact that you'd just expended a MASSIVE amount of magic caught up with you and you swayed a bit before fainting into my waiting arms. I kissed you again and carried you to the hut, erm… lovely house - that we're staying in. Luckily, the elders were smart enough to realize that you were you and not a threat, and so, let me carry you off without protest.

But I'll tell you this, you're still sleeping (it's coming up on noon here, so 10 am back home), and the tribewizards are having a lot of fun taking the mickey out of you for showing up clearly ready for a hard battle, just AFTER it had finished, haha.

But I don't care. I levitated your sleeping body out into the sunshine so that I can have your head in my lap as we eat our midday meal. I'm carding my hand through your hair and quite looking forward to giving you a kiss the moment you wake up. And don't worry, I'm shading you from the sun.

All my love, forever and always,
P.S. The Zulu have a large bet going on as to how long it'll take me to burn as red as a lobster, but I've already thwarted them by remembering to cast my basic skin healing spell every couple of hours so that I tan a nice golden color rather than burn. I'm looking rather gorgeous, if I do say so myself :-D

P.P.S. Zaire - the little stinker - decided to wind his uncle up by casually mentioning that his dad Harry does not take kindly to people not noticing child abuse going on under their noses. I don't think Zaire was trying to be an arsehole, just, erm, making it clear that he doesn't fully trust a man that couldn't figure out what feels (in retrospect) like it should have been rather blatant. So now, Bheka is a bit apprehensive of what you might do once you wake up. I'm secretly betting you'll be too preoccupied with my amorous attention to care that the rest of the world exists, heh heh heh!

Chapter Text

Tuesday April 5


If I never leave this building again I can avoid all the embarrassment I put myself into right? I just cannot believe I allowed myself to act like a ridiculous, over-emotional, temperamental teenager. I know it's certainly not the first time I've allowed myself to let my power and my temper take over. But there's usually some sort of justification. I was obviously distressed and worried for the two of you, but I was supposed to be home caring for our children and instead I just apparated across the planet to put myself in the thick of things.

I'm so glad that you and Zaire were both happy to see me but I don't understand how you possibly could be. I treated Zaire like the baby he insists I still think of him as. He must be so embarrassed to have had his father storm in and embarrass him in front of this tribe of people he's trying to learn from. You even said so yourself, you love me through my nonsense but anyone else on the planet would have been upset with me.

And after all of that I didn't even show up in time to help. And since I fainted as soon as I let go of the rage, even if I had gotten there in time I probably would have been useless! I would have been a liability, someone else you had to shield instead of worrying about your own safety. Will I ever be a mature, responsible adult? I'm thirty-five years old for Merlin's sake. When the emotional fifteen-year-old blows up Dumbledore's office after his Godfather (kind of) dies, you give him a bit of leeway and don't judge him too harshly. The middle-aged man not giving you so much as a four hour window before charging in like a bull in a china shop? Ridiculous.

What's even worse? I think you all expected it. You were happy enough to see me but didn't seem all that surprised. Zaire ran himself over to me and greeted me like he'd missed me, but he certainly didn't ask me "what are you doing here?" And in case you were thinking to yourself "Wow, Harry just left the five kids alone during their campout" that's not the case. Because your mum showed up shortly before I took off and told me she'd finish out the campout for me! She knew I wouldn't be able to keep myself from leaving!

So it's just like all those times when the Aurors have "allowed" me to help out with something, I ended up charging in and refusing to follow their orders, and then I find out they assumed I'd do exactly what I did!

As embarrassed as I am I suppose I should relax and enjoy the rest of our time here before I drag you boys home! Your message and the complete lack of malevolent spirits tell me the burial was a success. It would have been great if the only thing accomplished was sending that creature on his way to his earned afterlife, but to know that the souls of his children's mothers and the children themselves were able to be separated from him and find their own peace? That is such a relief to hear. I'm so thankful that Zaire's brothers and sisters, likely his own mum, and his siblings' mums can go to their own earned afterlife.

I should probably have a bit of a conversation with Bheka as well. It sounds like he truly wants to have a good relationship with his nephew. You know how I feel about extended family and the families we choose. Unless he turned out to be as dangerous as his brother or Zaire wanted nothing to do with him, I would never keep them from each other. As much as I would like to blame him for not seeing the abuse (and my subconscious still does, I don't have power over that!) he certainly wouldn't be the first well-intentioned person to miss something like that. I know more than anyone possibly that it's hard to see people we love for their flaws. It's almost as though we're hard wired to only see the best in them.

It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I could love my Father and Godfather, think they're good people, and still be angry with them for their bullying behavior. To allow myself to feel love for the Dumbledore that I truly was close to, while hating him for using him as a pawn in his war. It's easy to love someone when you ignore their flaws or when their flaws are easy to ignore. But it's human nature to put blinders on so you can't see your loved one causing damage.

Dudley had to come to terms with these feelings as well. I know he hates what his parents put me through. What they taught him to put me through. I know he would have been willing to completely walk away from them if his own children had ended up with magic and his parents hadn't been able to handle it. But he still loved them. I would never tell him this, and I will call you a liar if you ever tell him this, but I'm so glad those two died before we found out all three Dursley kids had magic. He'll never have to find out if his parents would have loved him or them enough to live through having magical grandchildren.

Hell, your mum and Andi had to deal with their own feelings about loving a monster. If they found out Bellatrix had somehow survived, they would be the first people to put her down, but they still love her. Somewhere in their hearts holds all the love they ever felt for their sister. That kind of love doesn't go away.

I mean, I'd be willing to bet Lucius will still love you even though you insinuated that he's an elder, well past his warrior years, who wouldn't be able to do battle and may as well wear the long iBeshu down to his ankles. You do like to have all the knowledge you can though, so I should probably tell him you said that just to make sure he would still love you through that information. Yep. For science.

I am obviously kidding, before I left, when he and Narcissa came out to the tent, Lucius even told me to send you both his love. Right before he started complaining about how camping in a muggle tent should really be beneath him, and the things he does for his grandchildren.


Lucius AND Narcissa came to cover for me while camping. They knew I'd come after you, but they also knew I had promised the kids to camp. So they must have wanted me to go just as much as I wanted to. And you know what else? When Kingsley or Bletchley or Robards have pulled me into things and I end up charging in, they say they expected it right? Then they wouldn't have pulled me in at all if they didn't want that. Do they WANT me to charge in but they only make it seem like they don't because it's against their Auror protocol?


And if that's the case, then you telling me all about the burial and the potential danger even though you know it would probably trigger my temper could have been on purpose. You even gave me a time it "should" have been over and I surpassed that by a few hours. Were you expecting and WANTING me to show up? Have you been secretly hoping to get me worked up enough to join you guys? Even poking me about Bheka's wanting to take Zaire into his own custody?

All of you people have purposefully been manipulating my temper to get what you want haven't you? And I'm such a naïve Gryffindork that I've never noticed you Slytherins playing me like a damn fiddle!

Although you probably knew I'd eventually figure this out and then you know I'd also realize it means you love me just as I am temper and all. Then I'd be pleased because it meant I hadn't embarrassed you or made you upset, but that you'd just be happy that your cunning plan worked out exactly like you hoped it would. Sneaky Snake.

Well, just for tricking me I am going to sign off, call you back into this room, and have you carry me out again. I might even pretend I'm injured for however much longer we stay just so I can force my hot Warrior to carry me around bridal style!

Your Tempestuous Gryffindor,

P.S. You should hurry up because I have a few arguments with the tribe I want to have. Which of us is the husband and which is the wife indeed. There's no wife, that's the whole point of our marriage. It would be like asking which chopstick is the fork!


Friday April 8th
The beat of my heart,

You and Zaire are taking ages to say goodbye to everyone before we return home, so I'm going to use the time to email you.

First of all, you are as popular here as everywhere. The Zulu Wizarding community actually swelled a bit while you were here these last few days so that others that don't normally stay in the village could meet you too. They all had so many questions, and not necessarily all about the War. Some - actually most - wanted to know what parts of your books were true. You even had a bit of a signing session here, hahaha.

Meanwhile, Zaire - who is already tall for his age and so strong and proud of his heritage (a far cry from the tiny little thing we adopted) - looked a bit like a peacock as he strutted around bragging that his dad was THE HARRY POTTER. But somehow, he managed to be humble about it too.

While you were signing and chatting away, Zaire and I were busy learning more dances, or just generally sparring. To my profound relief, our son is still too young to care about girls in the sense that they are a separate gender with interesting differences, thus, he was completely oblivious as a good half dozen girls his age did their best to flirt with him and capture his interest. They were actually doing this even before you arrived, so it wasn't something like him being extra special because he has a famous dad.

He's just bloody gorgeous, according to them.

Side note, before you arrived, a couple of fathers of daughters interested in Zaire asked me if our family would be interested in coming back to the village when he is older. I was a little confused at first, but apparently girls here are allowed to decide *when* they are ready to get married, anytime after age 16. There are elaborate ceremonies girls can go through if they can wait until they are 21 and still virgins before marriage. Also, a Zulu man can marry more than one woman, and since Zaire would have quite a bit of status in their village (being the son of a famous man and more than likely having quite a bit of wealth of his own when he comes of age), he would be able to marry as many women as he wants.

BEFORE either of us protest what sounds to be a very unfair system. The point they were getting at is that their daughters have already expressed interest in marrying him someday, and thus, our son is quite popular. NOT that he needs to be thinking about marriage for at least 10 more years.

But getting back to the original topic.

Zaire learned quite a bit about his cultural heritage in the not quite two weeks that we've been here. He seems to really like and respect his culture, and I won't be surprised if he refuses to wear anything other than the traditional Zulu clothing - at least at home and wherever he can get away with it.

So... remember once upon a time ago when you suggested that Elena would murder someone to have me teach alternative dances at her school? Well, I've decided that it might actually be a good idea. I would have to get permission from the students' parents, but I think a once a week class taught by me and Zaire in which we pass on traditional Zulu dancing, well... I think it would be interesting, no?

I know Elena would agree almost instantly because she's always loved the traditional African dances and never shied away from a bit of nudity. But I can also see the majority of parents not understanding the underlying point of the class, which is to pass on respect for a proud culture.

Of course, I would naturally come back to learn more about the culture and their dances throughout the years. I can actually see Shtara being excited to take the class. I think she comes from - well I KNOW she comes from New York, but I mean that I think she thinks her heritage is from a different part of Africa, and if she's ever interested, we'll try to track it down for her to learn about. But more importantly, I know she's interested in all cultures and would love this class.

In related news, I really think she will be the perfect one to take over the Potter Wizarding Cultural Center when she's older. Every time we go there, she's always so excited, looking fairly close to rapturous. I'm willing to bet she secretly has a ton of plans for what she could add if she had her druthers, hahaha!

Hmm... I keep rambling on about different things. No matter, it seems that you are finally ready to go. You look so good in traditional Zulu garb. I'm thinking we might have to make the most of our flight back home, heh heh. Probably a good thing for Zaire that Mr. Lott brought the rest of our non-Hogwarts kids and support staff with him on his way to pick us up. Thus, Zaire will have plenty of time to tell them all about his cultural education, and well have plenty of time to work each other up completely.

Oh! You just looked over and noticed me smirking at you. That seems to have given you proper incentive to say a final last goodbye and rush us away to the airport. Best sign off then!

Love, lust, and all the other emotions,

Chapter Text

Saturday April 9, 2016

My Best Friend,

Whew, we made it back in time for me to make Eri and Ori their birthday breakfasts. I was really worried it wouldn't happen. When that storm over Northern Africa came seemingly out of nowhere and we had to stop over in Morocco I thought this might be their first birthday I wouldn't be able to see them.

Even when they've been at Hogwarts I've been able to go visit the morning of their birthdays. When they were First Years their birthday landed on a Monday and we just kept them home for a three-day weekend. Then Second, Third, and Fourth Years you and I went and had breakfast with them in the Great Hall. You, of course, sat with Eris at the Slytherin table and I sat with Orion at the Ravenclaw table. We probably would have switched it up a bit, but once we sat that way their Second Year they seemed to think it was the tradition to do it that way.

I know Minnie wouldn't turn down any parent that wanted to join their child for meals, but I never would have thought to even ask if we weren't close with the Headmistress. I think my favorite part of us being in and out of Hogwarts so often with so many of our kids going to school there, meeting their friends when they bring them for visits while on hols, and attending all of the rituals again, is we're not celebrities there. When Viona was a First Year and Minnie embarrassed me in front of the entire student body, they treated me like a celebrity or an oddity. Now I'm just the dorky dad who volunteers at the school too much.

I honestly just love that when we go there I'm ____'s Dad. It just depends on the kid saying it for whose Dad they think I am. Most of the Gryffindors call me Sirius or Draco's Dad (it is so weird to hear people call him by his actual name and not Zwei!), the Ravenclaws all call me Orion's Dad, while most of the Hufflepuffs and Slytherins call me either Hazel's or Eris' Dad. I get the occasional Viona's Dad from Vivi's friends but I think the fact that Eris and Hazel might as well be my clones make it easiest for them to think of me as belonging to one of them.

I'm pretty sure that with at least half the student body owning at least one piece of Hazeris fashion they tend to be the Malfoy kids their non-friends remember. The fact that they're both outgoing little mouthy things helps as well.

All I could think about when we were sitting in Morocco was them arriving at home after Friday classes to an empty Manor (well, as empty as the Manor ever gets), Eri and Ori both going to bed at night not knowing if I'd be there to wake them up with their birthday breakfasts.

Thankfully we only had to wait out the storm for about an hour and a half and managed to get ourselves home around two in the morning. We dragged a sleepy Shtara, Zaire, and Jaz to their rooms and let the house elves levitate the sleeping trio to theirs. It was certainly no surprise that I was the first and only one up this morning to get breakfast ready. I was a bit surprised to see both Eris and Orion had brought friends home for the weekend. I know we gave them permission, but they hadn't told me they were.

Also, I was running on less than four hours of sleep so I was probably a little brain fogged. Orion and his friend Evan woke up happy enough, we chatted a bit about what they'd done the night before. I guess they spent most of the evening playing board games, and if Evan's smirking was to be believed, Orion spent much of his evening losing badly at the games because his eyes kept wandering to Eri's friend Natalie.

Eris and Natalie (And Haz obviously since she was in the same room) were less pleasant to wake up. I guess they stayed up quite late watching movies, snacking, and talking crushes. Apparently Natalie is a much better friend than Eri or Haz because she refused to give up any information on crushes our girls may have mentioned but Haz blurted out that Natalie might want to take her crush hunting. Not subtle ladies, perhaps don't reference your friend's crush's name-meaning when one of the people who named him is standing right there and is very aware of what his son's name means.

Ah, young love. It's adorable. I'm not going to say a word. I'm just going to sit back and watch the two shy little weirdos stare at each other longingly when they think the other isn't looking! I already have my hands full thinking about what's going on with River and Mahafsoun. Normally I wouldn't push or assume a relationship is headed in any direction. I learned my lesson the first time Elena brought home a boyfriend and I started picturing what our future grandchildren would look like only to have them break up the next week and then Lainie telling me in no uncertain terms that she is nowhere near ready to settle down with anyone.

But with the Veela thing, the Soulmate thing, and the fact that they've essentially been waiting years to be together, River and Maha likely won't be doing the slow-build relationship. And at the risk of pushing them into things they may not be ready for …. they WILL be making us the prettiest grandchildren!

Eventually. No rush.

No rush indeed, weirdo fathers already putting in offers for Zaire to marry their daughters in the future. He may be tall, but my little boy won't even be ten until next month. He's got at least a decade before he should start worrying about marriage. I hope you shut them down in no uncertain terms. Although, at least those girls have good taste. He IS gorgeous! He was gorgeous even when he was a malnourished, undersized tiny child. But seeing how he's been able to healthily grow into his best self is breathtaking. But there's a chance I may be a bit biased!

I like the idea of you and Z teaching a class at Lainie's school. And while I know you love the entire costuming and pageantry and any excuse to wear as few clothes as possible, even if the parents or Lainie herself don't give permission for the barely-there traditional dress, you can still teach them the dances in full clothing. Especially when it's in a performance school where most of their clothes are specifically designed to not inhibit movement.

And I am sure Shtara would love to take the class as well. Is there really any form of performance she wouldn't want to learn? Maybe Mime? Yeah, a type of performance where she wouldn't be able to use her amazing voice in any way is probably the only thing I can think of.

I should sign off though, everyone is finally awake, dressed, and starving. Let's head out to Café Exquis for a birthday meal with the whole crew!



Sunday April 10th
My co-parent of the horde,

You think with how well known it must be that I am NOT the one comfortable with teenagers, they'd stop coming to me for advice. I will admit that having most of them in Hogwarts HAS helped me get through the teenage years with less angst on my part, but it's still not the easiest. That said, I must give fantastic advice or something because they still come to me when they want to know things I'd really prefer they never learned.

So earlier today, while Orion, Evan, Eris, and Natalie were playing a game of hide and hex out in the garden, Hazel came up to me and wanted a nice chat. And by chat, I mean advice on relationships. So, apparently she's REALLY interested in Natalie, but there's the problem of Natalie being interested in Orion, and Orion being interested in her in return. Hazel doesn't want to basically ruin everything for them and push them both away, but she also doesn't think that she should just give up before at least trying.

So, I sighed, ran a hand through my hair, and decided to be honest.

"You should really ask your dad this. HE'S a bloody Gryffindor and could tell you some fluffy shite about supporting them. Me, I'm a Slytherin, as are you, so all I can tell you is what a Slytherin would do. Here's what a Slytherin would do: First, arrange things so that they get together. Remember to be subtle, you want them to think this was ALL their idea, and since they are interested in each other, that part won't be hard. Once they are together, let them enjoy some time together, wait patiently until the initial glow of the relationship starts to fade. Eventually they'll start to bicker about little things, and that's when you make logical comments about how those little things aren't so little. Gently point out ALL their relationship flaws. DON'T be the wedge that drives them apart, but rather be the supportive friend/sister that makes sure that wedge is as big as it can get. Then when they break up, do your absolute best to comfort and console Natalie. That way, when she's ready for a relationship again, she'll already have you in mind."

I then smirked at Hazel and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Of course, that's assuming that she has even the slightest interest in girls."

Hazel looked down to her hands in her lap. She's so beautiful that whenever I look at her, I can't help but see exactly how you would look if you were a girl - all delicate and petite and perfect. But don't take that the wrong way, you're perfect no matter what, I'm just saying you'd look good as either gender.

"See, that's the thing..." Hazel murmured, and since she's usually so confident and clear spoken, I was a little taken aback by her demeanor. "Somehow, word got around the school that I'm trans. So absolutely NO ONE is interested in me. I myself don't really like boys, but if I did, none of them would date me because I'm that pretty bird with a prick, and while girls are usually happy enough to chat with me about fashion and the like, if I start hinting I might like them, they never fail to tell me one of two things, and very often both. First, that they don't like girls like that. I personally NEVER said anything to imply that I'm anything less than a girl, but like I said, they all seem to know, so the second thing they'll tell me is that even though I am a boy who likes to dress up as a girl, I'm too girly and weird for them. I think they really just mean weird, because even girls who've been caught snogging other girls tell me exactly that."

Oh, my poor baby girl! My heart was just about breaking for her. I pulled her into my arms and rubbed her back, trying my best not to be happy that her love life was going to be postponed until she was old enough to find a mature person who can accept her for her.

"Oh love, it's not the end of the world. I know it SEEMS like the worst thing ever that no one is interested in having a relationship with you, but that just means that you will know when you find the right person that it was meant to be. I imagine it'll be when you least expect it, you'll realize that someone is interested in you, and it'll shock you but you'll be happy."

"Maybe..." She sounded unconvinced. "But... won't it just be easier once I'm fully transitioned. That way, if people try to claim I'm not a real girl - or some shite like that - I can just prove that I am and shut them up."

"As much as I find the idea of you flashing the entire Great Hall at breakfast one morning so very amusing, I really must point out that's the worst thing you could do. Doing so isn't going to stop people from believing what they want, and it'll probably just make them tease you. Or worse. Kids are arseholes! Wait until you're old enough that those you're interested in have grown up and matured."

She gave me a shrewd look. "You're just saying that because you don't like thinking any of us are old enough to be interested in relationships."

"I can't deny that, but I'm not telling you to wait for that reason. I really do think it's your best option."

"I should ask River for advice," she grumbled.

"Salazar no!!!" I protested in alarm. "The only thing he'd be able to tell you is how to chat a girl up and snog the bloody hell out of her!"

Hazel gave me a look that announced clear as day: That's exactly what I want.

I sighed heavily and rubbed my hand over my face. "Look... I'm not certain, but if Pansy is to be believed, then girls will sometimes ask other girls to practice kissing with them - so they know they aren't bad at it when they are with someone they like. If that's true, then perhaps Natalie will ask you or Eris to do so with her. If she does, take advantage of it. Who knows, maybe if you two practice enough, she'll really like it. And then, when you're comforting her later on, she'll remember and want to do it some more."

This seemed to make Hazel smile genuinely. "That's brilliant!"

I actually had to disagree. It's SLYTHERIN, which as a father, doesn't feel quite right. Yeah, sure, if this was Eris or Viona dominating their Yearmates and getting exactly what they want from them, I'd probably just shrug and walk away, but this is my baby who always seemed more like a Hufflepuff than a Slytherin to me.

"I'm serious, go talk to your dad about this. I'm willing to bet he has even better advice to give, and there's nothing wrong with more advice. It's always best to gather all your options and weigh them carefully," I advised her. Cheerfully, she seemed to bounce off in your direction.

I'm not certain I want to know the results of your chat with her. That said, upon reflection, I will say that despite feeling that I gave her accurate Slytherin advice, I actually feel it was terrible advice for her. She really needs to chat with someone who is trans too. Someone who has been through all of this already and knows exactly what to do. Or at least try. Looks like we might be going out to a couple of Drag Shows soon so that we can ask about anyone who's transitioned fully so we can ask her questions, sigh.

But I don't want to think about that anymore at the moment. I want to shift gears to our son. Last night during dinner at Café Exquis, it came as no surprise to anyone that River and Mahafsoun were acting like they had some big secret they just couldn't wait to share. We tried to be patient and let them spill it on their own, but I swear, had they not finally gotten around to it during the second course, I'd have shouted at them to get on with it!

Thankfully for everyone, River took Mahafsoun's hand in his and gave it a kiss. "Everyone... we have an announcement to make."

We ALL gave each other a look that said: Oh really, you don't say.

After taking a deep breath and giving Mahafsoun a smile of pure adoration, River continued. "We're getting married on Saturday May 14th."

My first reaction was to be alarmed that it was so soon, but then I remembered that we only waited a bloody week. Surely if we could pull of such a fabulous ceremony in so short a time, they can definitely work with two whole months. As I was busy going over all the logistics in my mind, Mahafsoun leaned over and gave River a kiss.

"There's more," she added. I raised a brow because there's NO WAY they could know if she was pregnant already. I's only been three weeks since they got together, so I suppose they actually could...

"I've decided that I really like the woman I've become. That I like being an actress with a job that's literally made for me. I don't want to give it up completely, so I'm going to accept the new show that's been offered to me. Filming is set to begin in June and that means River will be moving to California with me, but not to worry, we're both committed to ensuring that River continues to do what he loves - that BOTH of us do what we love and yet still do whatever it takes to make our relationship work."

"For example, Maha wants our house to be this 'little' cabin in the woods about a two hour commute from her set. Anyone else would probably think that a crazy idea, but with floo and her wings, it's really not such a bad idea," River explained, looking nervous since we hadn't had a chance to react at all yet to anything.

I looked at you and you looked ready to burst out with a flood of happy tears. I took your hand in mine and kissed it, mostly to remind our son where he'd learned the gesture. "Well... congratulations. It seems we have a lot to celebrate."

Which of course triggered the happy wailing as you threw your arms around him and sobbed into his neck. Mahafsoun seemed surprised that you pulled her into a group hug. She really looked like she half expected you to hex her or something. Everyone else gave them hugs and kisses until it was finally my turn. She snuggled into my arms and hummed happily, probably once again remembering that none of this would have been possible without me. I held her tight and felt an enormous sense of pride fill me that I'd not only saved her from a terrible life, but that I'd indirectly helped her grow into the amazing woman she is today.

Apparently our hug went on a little too long as both you and River started growling. You yanked me and River yanked her, and this actually caused a rather unexpected reaction. Both Mahafsoun and I started laughing.

I pulled you close and gave you a possessive kiss. "There's nothing to be jealous of. Now that I KNOW that she's a Veela, I can put up some mental defenses to minimize my reaction to her."

Meanwhile, she was busy reassuring River. "Remember, married or not, we have a soulmate bond. I couldn't do anything with anyone else even if I wanted to, which I assure you, I don't. I've had enough of that over the years."

When the two of you were reassured and at ease again, dinner continued in a rather excited manner. The only person who was less than thrilled to hear about River's upcoming wedding was Hazel, whose birthday is on the 13th of May, and has loudly protested that her event will be upstaged by his. She's not entirely wrong. Perhaps we can persuade them to wait until July - in which there are no birthdays until the end. Probably not, but worth a try, no?

Love you to the moon and back,

Chapter Text

Monday April 11, 2016

My Life

I love you so much, and I love the mixture of Slytherin and Gryffindor (with the occasional Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff) tendencies our children have gotten from us. But maybe don't tell your daughter to attempt to get someone together with HER OWN BROTHER to put herself in a position to snatch up his ex-girlfriend during the fallout. What on Earth am I going to do with you? For someone so brilliant at playing the long game when it comes to businesses or how to take a potion from an idea to a fully formed life-changing potion, you certainly didn't look at all the potential ramifications of the conversation you had with Haz.

What, may I ask, will you tell Orion when he comes to you asking for advice on dealing with the heartbreak of breaking up with Natalie? Tell him to set out a cunning plan to win her back from … HIS SISTER? Don't get me wrong, I am secretly a terrible person and if this situation screwed over someone that wasn't my kid, I would probably shake my finger and act like I was affronted while secretly being okay with it. But you are telling Haz to plan something that will hurt Ori.

Anyway, the dinner was lovely and I am just so very excited for River and Maha. I have said from day one that once she grew into herself and not who she'd been trained to be that I would respect her choices in life. And I also said that if River wanted her for the rest of his life, like he said he did when he was only fourteen, that I wanted that for him as well. So how in Merlin's name would I be anything less than ecstatic that they are coming together? They're adults. Maha is confident in who she is and what she wants. River might be moving to accommodate her life but it's been planned out so that he can continue to do his own things that fulfill him. I really think it's a good compromise and I wish them the best.

Although I am a bit hysterical at the thought of my baby living on the other side of the world. With the exception of his few visits to his Grandparents in Australia that we didn't have time to join him on, I've never been away from him for more than a handful of days at a time. I can't imagine not being able to swing over and meet him for lunch or have coffee with him before he opens for the day.

And what if they have children soon? Then my grandchildren would live on the other side of the world? How could I handle that? To know that every day they were growing and changing and I was missing everything because I didn't live close enough to visit all the time (within reason, I don't need to be THAT guy!). Oh Hell, this is what we did to your parents and Molly and Arthur when we lived all over the planet. I can't believe we did this to them! How did they ever forgive us? Oh my poor mums and dads! Hold up, I need to finish up my hysterics and then call Neville and have him send the mums some flowers from me.


Okay, I'm all cried out. I may have been slightly overreacting to the idea of River moving my grandchildren to the States when 1-They are his kids and it's his life to lead and 2-They don't actually exist.

And we'll have almost this entire summer to spend with him anyway. Once Hogwarts lets out for summer hols, we already have Hazel's surgery prep, surgery, and post-op all scheduled. Even with magical healing, recovery can take a bit so we'll obviously be spending most of the summer out there. The other kids can pop back and forth as they like, between most of them being old enough for port-keys and the ever-wonderful presence of Mr. Lott, I'm sure they'll have no problems enjoying their vacation and seeing their friends.

And there's always the fact that we're going to one of their very favorite vacation spots anyway. Can you just imagine Vivi complaining about having to be close enough to the ocean to be able to surf every day if she wanted? Yeah, me neither. If we can talk Maha into letting the kids visit, maybe one or two at a time, she'll at the very least have Shtara eating out of the palm of her hand. Can you imagine her sweet face lighting up when she finds out she might be able to go to an actual Hollywood set?

So, this morning, before I floo'ed the kids back to Hogwarts, I had a conversation with our Haz. When it comes to the crush on Natalie conversation, I pretty much just told her that playing the Slytherin manipulation game with one of her best friends who happens to be her crush *and* her brother's was probably just a recipe for disaster. She must have been running the whole idea in her head all night because she quickly agreed and said she definitely didn't want to hurt her family.

Then we got into a whole long talk about how she feels about kids being unwilling to date her because of her trans status.

"Baby come here," I held my arms out and she cuddled herself up into my chest and tucked her head under my chin. I stroked her beautiful hair for a moment to get my thoughts together before I spoke, "You are so wonderful, special and sweet. Brilliant and caring. Strong and confident. But at your age, so many kids just want to blend in. They want to feel normal. Plain. Easily overlooked. There are just so many parts of your personality that make blending in impossible. You're the child of Draco and Harry Malfoy, you own your own business, you're drop dead gorgeous, and yes you are also trans."

"But Daddy, I want to be normal too!" she cried into my neck.

"No sweetheart, you really don't. And someday you will be so thankful to be exactly who you are. If it weren't for the dating stuff, you'd probably already be there. And someday much sooner than Dad or I would like, there will be all sorts of people who want to date you. Not, are willing to look past your physical differences, but who will love all the aspects of you."

"Ugh, that's all I need, someone who has a trans fetish!" she spat out.

"No. You definitely don't want that Darling. You have to find the line between someone 'willing to put up with' your differences and fetishizing your differences. I can't say I know how you feel, because that would be a lie. But you know how much people wanted to date me because of my fame, and people who weren't willing to date me because of the drama my fame would bring. But I found someone who was fine being in the spotlight when needed, strong enough to stand up to people telling him he or I had chosen poorly, and wasn't with me because I was Harry Potter. He's with me because I'm his Harry. You'll be someone's Hazel someday. But for right now, you need to be YOUR Hazel."

I made her look at me and went on, "Right now, your differences feel like a weight around your neck, but I like to think of my own differences like a shield. They're a built-in arsehole detector. If someone was willing to date you until they found out you were trans, then you automatically know they're too narrow-minded for you."

She sniffled a bit as her fury tears tapered off, "Well, I know Natalie isn't like that. She's always known I'm trans and has never treated me any differently than she treats Eris. She's not an arsehole."

"This I can handle, tell me all about your crush sweetheart!"

And she did!

I like this Natalie girl, I approve of her for whichever of my children she's crushing on.

Loving You Always,


Monday April 11th
The sensible one,

See? I TOLD you that I was only good at giving Slytherin advice and that it didn't feel right for her. That said, you wondered what I'd have done once Orion came to me with a broken heart. I'm sorry, but in this instance, I find myself siding with Hazel over Orion.

Thus, I'd tell him that Natalie clearly wasn't the right person for him, and that he's a smart and gorgeous Ravenclaw. Not to mention mostly likely to be made Quidditch Captain next year. He's going to have his pick of girls in the future. There's no need to settle for the first one he likes.

Also, he complains about that girl named Farrah in every letter he sends home, so I sort of assumed that he'd eventually come to a different realization altogether. You know...


Just be thankful I stopped her from going to River for advice. She REALLY doesn't need to know the finer points of pleasing a girl just yet.

Remind me again why you wouldn't let me freeze them all at age 11?

At least my Jaz is still too young for boys. It's not too late, I could always give the potion to her, Zaire, Lily, Caelum, and Persephone. Hell! I can even give it to Shtara! She's only thirteen and not quite ready for boys (or girls) yet either!

Oh hold on, I'm getting a Magi-Skype call from Viona.


I quit! I no longer want to be a parent! Our Darling Viona has just informed me that she has decided (inspired by River and Mahafsoun) to marry her favorite minion NEXT summer - so we have over a year to plan the wedding - but she expects it to be utterly fabulous and befitting a princess. I was at a loss for words and trying my best to be supportive, so I asked her his name. She paused for a long moment, and then said she didn't know and would have to ask him when she informed him of the happy news.


Come find me in the playroom and submit to a spanking.

I put a spell on you 'cuz you're mine,

Chapter Text

Thursday April 14, 2016

The Man in Denial,

You, my love, are ridiculous. You said that in THIS instance you find yourself siding with Hazel over Orion? In EVERY instance you side with Hazel over Orion. Now, before you get mad, I am not saying you play favorites or that you love one child over another. But you have always had a bit of blinders on when it comes to our Haz.

And honestly, with good reason. We wouldn't even have our Haz if it wasn't for you. You're the one who made me realize I could never give her up. You made me look into her eyes and think about giving her to someone else, knowing me well enough that it would mean coming home with a baby when we already had our arms so full of needy little ones. You see her as the one you always thought would be a Hufflepuff. Sure, she's sweet and little and the daintiest of princesses. But her cunning little mind has always been more Slytherin to me. And obviously the Hat agreed!

Because of her history as this polyjuiced orphan baby who looks exactly like the husband you're in love with, you tend to look in those big green eyes and are willing to go to extreme lengths so she never wants for anything. I get it, it's not like I'm immune to any of our children's charms. And I'm just lucky that Zaire really doesn't have a devious bone in his body or he would be playing me like a fiddle every day.

Anyway, I forgot to tell you, but after she spilled about the crush issue, Hazel and I talked a bit about her disappointment in River and Mahafsoun choosing the day after her birthday to have their wedding. I got her mostly calmed down about it, reminding her that with as large of a family as we have, it's hard to find any day that isn't someone's birthday or anniversary already. And as they're not scheduling it for the actual day, I'm not going to attempt to talk them out of it. Especially when I reminded her that they wanted to have a wedding before she had to be on set in June.

Which, by the way, not sure how you're doing your math or if you've failed to look at a calendar recently but their wedding is ONE month away, not two.

I mean, it's definitely birthday season right now. Teddy's birthday is tomorrow. A week from today Persephone turns six. Less than two weeks after hers, Zaire is turning ten. Less than two weeks after his is Hazel's. And six days after that Lily and Caelum turn six. Then comes our own wedding anniversary ten days later. And then it's June (which has additional birthdays like the love of my life turning thirty-six) and puts Mahafsoun smack dab into needing to leave for her show.

And then Maha actually knocked on the door and saved the day a bit. Haz had gotten to the point where she was a little disappointed still, and she has every right to be, but was resigned to be understanding and enjoy the hell out of her brother's big day. When Haz told her she could come in, Maha took a deep breath and asked Haz if she would do her a huge favor. She asked Hazel if she'd be willing to create her wedding dress!

After Haz stopped crying, she ran to her desk to grab her design notebook and started bombarding Maha with a million questions about style, color, cut, etcetera. I'm sure Eris will end up having some opinions as well, but it's pretty well known that Eris leans more towards designing the pieces for everyday wear and Hazel is more likely to design the specialty items. You know, like wedding dresses!

I ended up leaving them to it, I wanted them to have their moment and you know I have way too many opinions on wedding planning. I wouldn't have been able to keep my mouth shut!

What the hell?!? Speaking of wedding planning. Our Vivi wants to get married next year? I can't exactly say anything about her being too young for marriage without being an enormous hypocrite. But maybe she should know his name at least? And she's going to inform him?!? I suppose I shouldn't be all that surprised that a proposal for a Viona marriage includes her informing the groom. If he likes her enough to be her minion, he's probably well aware of what he'll be getting himself into.

I do absolutely refuse to start any Princess Wedding Planning before she learns his name though. I will put my foot down! I will tell her in no uncertain terms that ….. yeah, I'll end up doing whatever she wants. Why am I such a sucker? Oh bloody Hell, am *I* one of her minions? I should at least be her favorite minion, right?

I'm off to the playroom, come find me! My reddened arse has faded to a pale pink and I need a second coat!



Friday April 15th

You're right! There's only a month! NOT EVEN a month! How in the bloody hell did we manage to do this in a week?!?!

Wait, calm down...

Okay, the Cheering Charm is working. I don't have to panic because I'm not the one in charge of planning. Portia - being brilliant - has come to stay in the Manor until the wedding, and she, Mahafsoun, and (best of all) Pippa have made up a list of everything that needs to be done and assigned things as necessary.

For example, Hazel is making the dress. Pippa and Portia are handling the flowers and decorating the yard - with help from my mother, who naturally loves any excuse to decorate the yard. The only thing I really have to worry about is taking River shopping for his outfit.

Also, as I understand it, you were assigned the task of contacting Julia for photography duty, and Café Exquis for catering - not that either task would be particularly hard because both are very eager to help out.

Oh... Hazel and Eris must be besides themselves with designing the entire wedding party worth of dresses. I mean I know they *could* do River's outfit too, but I think they are happy enough to have one less thing to make. But so far, the tiny peeks I've taken prove that they are DEFINITELY doing a fabulous job. Have you seen the Bride's dress? That thing with the back is sheer brilliance!

The only problem I can see is that Mahafsoun is going to need a very intricate, erm… style... In order to not cover the gorgeous details. Funnily enough, she came to me for an objective opinion on the various styles she wants to try, and the current decision is to try them all and take pictures to decide which one looks the best.

On a different topic, erm, do you have any idea what's upsetting Elena? Is she mad at River or something? She came to the Manor today to chat with Mahafsoun a bit, but the entire time she was here, she looked pale and withdrawn. I hope she's not coming down with something. Do you think I should bring her a Pepper-Up?

Oh! Before I forget, Viona called me back, looking even more, erm… cheerful, yeah I'm going to go with cheerful. Anyway, she introduced me to her minion via Magi-Skype. It seems that she *does* know his last name as she always calls him that. It's just when I asked his name, she realized that if they got married, she couldn't very well call him by his last name which would then be hers as well, and that's why she paused before saying that she'd have to ask.

So, his name is Alric Avery, and now that he knows that his fate is to marry our daughter, he looks a bit thunderstruck, like he just won the cosmic lottery or something and can't believe his luck. He was babbling something along the lines of being honored and promising to take good care of Viona. I think he was shocked to be given an opportunity to speak, to be honest, and was trying to impress me, but in actuality, rambling on almost incoherently.

Viona eventually rolled her eyes and told him to shut up before he made an even bigger idiot of himself, to which he immediately replied: "Yes Ma'am!"

So... I rather assume that if anything has happened between them, it was *exactly* as Viona wanted, which sort of puts my mind at ease, despite not really wanting to think about it too closely.

As for the wedding, she hasn't settled yet on which day in July, but she knows she wants to have it in Hogsmeade rather than at the Manor so that she can have a long procession. Apparently she's in love with Hogsmeade and is thinking about maybe moving there permanently once she's married. With a high end flat in London for her sure to be frequent business trips.

Thus, she has put me (and Pippa) in charge of everything for now because she's dead certain everything will book up quick. I suppose the date will be determined once we know what's available. Wedding of the century...

I'm not sure I'm going to make it through this...

Definitely going to go find you in the playroom!

Your sex takes me to paradise,

Chapter Text

Saturday April 16, 2016

Danger! Danger!

Whatever you do, do NOT offer Elena a pepper-up. Also on the list of things to not offer her; a cheering charm, a Dad-hug, or a biscuit. Whatever is going on with her, she is not ready to talk about it. Maybe she just feels sick, but a homemade biscuit can usually help calm her down. That was definitely not the case when I asked her if she wanted me to make her a batch of her favorites.

I was even already in the kitchen baking cupcakes for Teddy! It would have been very little effort to do the little polvorones she's so fond of and they were turned down! Well fine then, be that way. I will just bake them anyway and eat them all by myself!

Our oldest ladies are certainly a bit feisty right now aren't they? Did Viona really tell her … fiancé … oh that hurts my heart to say that in relation to my baby girl. So did she actually tell her fiancé to shut up and stop being an idiot? I know she's blunt and willing to say what needs to be said even when the truth isn't pretty, but should we be worried that she's already abusing her little minion? I mean, I'm all for a solid relationship where the female seems to be the dominant partner, but that made me feel all sorts of sick to my stomach.

Or maybe that was you doing your summary thing where I take you at face value but you essentially narrate her facial expressions as harsher than they came out. I worry for poor … Alric?

Wait. Alric? Alric Avery? As in MY little Alric? Our Princess is going to marry another Unity Royal? This is so exciting! Wedding of the Century indeed!

The nice part about River's wedding being in less than a month is that while it will be a stressful couple of weeks, it will at least be over in those same amount of weeks. I have a feeling our Vivi is going to be quite the demanding bride-to-be and now has fifteen months to drag it out.

Of course Alric should be acting as though he won the cosmic lottery by being with Viona, he did! She's brilliant and gorgeous, knows her mind, with her business savvy they will never want for money, and even without all of that, she's just fun to be around. And he'll get to be around her all the time. Lottery winner for certain!

But enough about the far off wedding, back to the imminent one. I have already checked with Julia, she did already have an event booked that day, but her client didn't specifically ask for her, so she's going to have one of her junior associates handle that. I asked her if she was sure and she told me in no uncertain terms that unless it was Arietty's own wedding, there's nothing she wouldn't cancel to be able to photograph one of our children's weddings. So I of course told her to keep an eye on what she schedules for next July since we'll be needing her services again.

I also called Café Exquis and they immediately scheduled us for catering. All they need is a rough guest list and then the week before the wedding they want a final head count. Not that they won't have enough food or anything if our numbers are a bit off, but you know how it is with businesses, they want to make sure they have enough so no one goes without and without wasting any more than they absolutely have to.

Ughhhhhhhhh, yes I've seen the Bride's dress. Hazel has outdone herself. I am in awe of that dress. Hell, *I* want that dress! Well, I don't know if I really have the shoulders to pull it off.

I finally have the hair though! I finally gave in last year and started growing out my hair for you again. I liked the short hair a lot, but I have to admit that having you brush it and braid it, just that quiet time in the evening and the mornings where it's only the two of us has been lovely. I don't think I'm going to let it get as long as it was years ago, but for the time being I will at least be leaving it long enough for a short braid or just pulled back the way you make me wear it when I go out on my bike.

Oh that's right, I should probably head out. I told Zaire I'd take him to Fatcat Motoparc for their Saturday Open Practice time. I think I'm going to take the trio as well. They've ridden around here enough and Fatcat has a "kiddie" track so I think they're ready for their first attempt at Fatcat.

Get your motor runnin'


Sunday April 17th

Thank you for the warning! I was actually planning to avoid Elena, not wanting to stick my foot in it by offering her a Pepper-Up when she clearly didn't want one. But then I walked into one of the galleries to find the portraits all watching avidly as Elena and River held a shouting match.

"What the hell's your bloody problem, Lainie?!"

"MY problem?!?! For YEARS you've been the broody arsehole and we were all supposed to just ignore your behavior," Elena roared emphatically. "But suddenly now that you're all sunshine and rainbows, I'M not even allowed to be grumpy!!!

"I was not a broody arsehole!" River protested indignantly. I tactfully did NOT say that he sort of had been.

Elena looked like things were about to get violent, so I decided to step in.

"River? Mahafsoun is looking for you," I lied.

"Right, I'd better go see what she wants," River practically jumped on the excuse to take off.

Elena glared at me, probably understanding that I'd just given River an out.

Trying to be sympathetic, I tilted my head to indicate the other room. "Looks like you need to spar, or maybe blow up some Crystal. Come, let's go do that."

Seething, Elena gave this some thought before nodding. Once in the crystal room, I cast a spell to make all the Crystal fly around randomly and occasionally try to attack us. You know, that spell I learnt during Auror training that I just love.

For a good half an hour, we each just did our own thing, protecting ourselves and each other, but then Elena seemed a bit calmer. It was then that I risked invoking her wrath.

"So... Who are you mad at?"

"Myself!" She burst out angrily.

"Alright... why?" I wondered.

"I did something incredibly stupid!" She wailed dramatically.

"Such as," I drawled in amusement and concern.

She screamed irately for a long moment, and this was when I truly felt a sense of foreboding. I've seen her mad, angry, and even righteously furious, but I've never seen her quite like this before. I knew better than to try to hug or comfort someone in that state, so I simply pretended to ignore her and focus on the crystal trying to attack us.

Eventually, she was ready to speak again, only it came out as a sob. "I had a bloody one off - which I have done before, so I wasn't expecting anything, you know? Just a brilliant shag."

I raised a brow in confused. "And.... you fell in love?"

"Worse!" She exclaimed as more tears burst forth. "I STUPIDLY forgot the Merlin-damned protection charms and got bloody up the duff!"

I was speechless for a long moment, and then as the shock wore off, I couldn't help but feel relieved. The way she was acting, I'd been dreading her accidentally murdering someone or something. Smiling, I pulled her into my arms and gave her a kiss.

"Oh love, this isn't the end of the world at all. You're 25 and it's NOT like we're having this conversation when you were still 15. If there's anything this family is good at, it's babies."

That made her chuckle just a tiny bit even as she was stiffly trying to resist my hug. Then she exhaled a long-suffering sigh and melted into my embrace.

"That is true," she admitted. "I just... I always pictured myself waiting until I was in my 30s, settled down, possibly married, DEFINITELY in a meaningful relationship. NOT a stupid mistake during a one off!"

"Maybe your plans have gone awry, but you are your own boss. It's not like you can't just hire an assistant and arrange your schedule to be perfect for your needs. In fact, it might do you some good to be forced to slow down a little."

She rolled her eyes at me. "Dad, can anyone in this family REALLY be accused of slowing down?! Hell! Even River - who's practically lazy compared to the rest of us - has his own business in which he works a good 60 hours a week!"

"Surely that's a bit hard on the body," I murmured in concern, not realizing he worked quite that much.

Elena chuckled. "Well, only about 30 of those hours are actual massages. The other half are things like office work, managing his spa, scheduling, talking on the phone to customers, and building maintenance."

I nudged her in the rib with my elbow. "You only think that's practically lazy because you run an entire school on top of teaching individual classes and probably work *80* hours a week."

She sighed morosely and nodded.

I gave her a long hug, and then kissed her again. "Listen, it's not fair to be mad at River for finally being happy, just because you're currently mad at yourself."

She sighed in a tiny bit of aggravation. "I know... It's just that the timing of the two events coincided almost perfectly and I couldn't stop myself from transferring my anger to him."

"So... care to tell me about this bloke that got you pregnant?" I wondered, naturally curious.

Elena pushed me away, her anger returning in full force. "NO! He's just a stupid bloody one-off, and I was an idiot for forgetting the protection charms, and there's no need to ever think about him EVER AGAIN!!!"

I was baffled as I watched her stomp away. She's a Ravenclaw, so I can't be certain, but if she was Slytherin, I could have translated that to mean: "I bloody care about him and hate that I do, and I'm afraid to talk to him about this in case he wants nothing to do with me."

Now that you know the problem, maybe you can do the fluffy understanding dad thing and get more information out of her?

In the meantime, I'm off to Hogsmeade to see what sort of logistics are involved in having a long wedding procession through the entire town. Wish me luck!

'Cuz I love the way you call me baby, and you take me the way I am,

P.S. It's actually a bit weird when you call me babe or baby, but even though half of me wants to protest, the other half melts. It's baffling!

Chapter Text

Monday April 18th

I kid! I kid!

Alright, I am trying so very very hard to remain a perfect mix of fluffy dad combined with not pushing my own emotions and expectations onto Lainie. I'll tell you all about the talk I had with her in a moment, but first there is something I absolutely have to get off my chest …

Our baby is having a baby! We're going to be Grandpas again! A teeny little one that we can spoil endlessly, take an obnoxious amount of photos of, give them too many sweets and then send them home to Mummy. My little girl is going to be a Mum! And she might be freaking out right now but won't she be bloody brilliant at it? I can picture her continuing to teach her classes with a cute little baby belly. And then when baby is born, she'll just wrap them up in a sling and keep on dancing!

Ooh, actually you know what would probably be cool? I'm not sure if I should mention this to Lainie because you and I both know she often works too hard and should relax a bit, but maybe she could teach some prenatal dance and/or yoga classes. I know the idea of getting her to stop working so hard is completely out of the realm of possibilities, but if she spent less time hunched over her desk and more time dancing, I think this pregnancy will be so much easier on her.

I know how you are and you want to fix everything, so I am sure it is taking every ounce of your self control to keep from using your Legilimens abilities to figure out who this one off bloke is and then finding him and making him do whatever Elena wants him to do. So, what if we talk her into letting you help out in a different way? You were responsible for finding Tabitha for Unity House and Pippa for us so I bet it wouldn't take much to talk Elena into letting you help her find a good assistant to run the less fun aspects of the school.

Hell, I think she should have hired an assistant ages ago. The fact that she truly loves her job and it seems to fulfill her in so many ways is the only thing that's kept me from trying to get her to slow down. I panicked a bit when I read your email that she was in the crystal room with you using magic like crazy. Then I remembered that female pregnancies, since they're sustained with their actual biology, are not as magically restrictive as our pregnancies were.

Just so you know, I was just as ineffective as you were in getting any information out of Lainie as per the other half of the one-off. But I got the same vibe as you did. If it was just a one-off that meant nothing, she would either act like he completely didn't matter to her, or she'd be frustrated at raising a child with a stranger if he was going to be in the baby's life. She's really upset and that doesn't come from nothing. I'm honestly thinking about contacting Kisa and seeing if I can bribe her to divulge the details.

Although, not TOO many details. I'm not a prude by any stretch, but there are certain details I just don't need in my head.

The good news that came of my talk with Elena is that she must have blown up enough crystal to mellow out because she happily munched on the polvorones I made for her throughout our conversation. She sniffled a bit and climbed into my lap. "Dad told you huh?"

"Yeah he did, you didn't think he would be able to keep that in did you?" Has she met you?

"No, are you mad I didn't tell you myself?" My confident girl looked so worried, break my heart why don't you?

"Oh Lainie-Girl you know I'm not mad. I'm not mad you're pregnant, I'm not mad you didn't tell me, there's nothing about this that I'm mad about unless I find out the other half of the equation hurt you in some way." The 'because I'll kill him' went unsaid.

That's when she broke into full sobs, "Daddy, I'm so stupid, and now I'm pregnant but there's no way this is going to end happily. I don't know what to do!"

"I could kill him for you?" What?!? You know I had to ask!

That got me a sobbing giggle-snort at least. "No, don't kill him. Not that you could since I'm never going to tell you guys EVER!" And that answered that question. For now, we say nothing. Got it Draco? We wait for her to tell us. Because even though she says she's never telling us, her answer means we must know him, otherwise she would have said 'his name is Mike and you've never met him.' And if we know him, that means something is going on. And if something is going on, it is going to come out eventually. So, instead of breaking her trust and sleuthing, we are going to patiently wait for the shite to hit the wind charm.

I did have to ask her, "You know I'm waiting to hear how I'm allowed to respond to this news, right?"

Our brilliant Ravenclaw daughter looked at me with such confusion, "What do you mean allowed to respond? You already told me you're not angry. Were you lying? Are you actually upset with me?" Ugh, those huge eyes glistening with unshed tears.

"Of course not! I may occasionally evade the truth, but I have never and I will never lie to you." She seemed to settle a bit with my response. "I need to know if I should be excited about being a Grandpa again, if I should be figuring out how to help you through something you don't want to go through, or if I," and I took a deep breath to steel my resolve, "if I need to get you in to Healer Rowe before you hit the cutoff point."

"The cut off point? What cutoff … " her eyes got huge and she hugged her abdomen, "Oh Merlin Daddy, NO!"

I was so relieved, you know just how strongly pro-choice I am. You know how adamant I am about a woman's right to body autonomy. But I can't help but feel the way I feel about my own family.

"I'm still trying to wrap my head around not following my life plan to the letter, but this is happening. You are going to have another grandchild. I'm going to be this baby's mum. Maybe don't go shouting it from the rooftops or talk to anyone but Dad about it until I start telling people, but you can be as excited as you want." She smiled at me and shook her head like even after all these years of being my daughter, she still can't believe how ridiculous I am.

So I picked her up and swung her around while crying and giggling. Just as quickly as I picked her up I stopped and panicked, "Oh no! You aren't nauseous are you? With all of my own morning sickness, I didn't even think that through!"

Luckily she hasn't felt any nausea so far. Fingers crossed it stays that way and she gets through pregnancy more like you did without much in the way of sickness.

I love it when you call me big poppa,

P.S. I do not actually want you to call me that. I was kidding. Please don't ever call me big poppa!


Monday April 18th


Harry, I don't know if I can handle another baby right now, I mean the baby part is not so bad and I'd love to give you more if you wanted, I suppose, but those babies turn into TEENAGERS!!! Don't we have enough of those already?!?!?!

"I love it when you call me big poppa
If you got a gun up in your waist please don't shoot up the place (why?)
'Cause I see some ladies tonight that should be havin' my baby, baby”


*pants into a bag*

I'm... I'm going to be in the crystal room wrapping my head around this, come find me with that potion when you're ready...


Chapter Text

Monday April 18th
Whoa whoa whoa! Calm yourself Iago!

I’m not asking you to have another baby. You said that thing about feeling weird when I call you babe or baby, so I opened my last email calling you babe.

Since I did that I thought Big Poppa would be a fun song lyric to end the email on. You know, like if you’re my baby then I’m your daddy. Who’s your daddy and all that.

Which by the way, is not my jam. I like when you’re my sir or my master. But uh, the daddy thing isn’t my thing. If you ever tried pulling off an “oh yeah, that’s right, who’s your daddy?” while we were shagging, I think my initial reaction would be to think about the three men I’ve considered my fathers; my actual father James, my adoptive father Arthur, and my extra father Lucius. None of those thoughts are particularly conducive to sexy times.

Yes, we have plenty of babies and so many teenagers. Not to mention our family is already growing by a new baby! I told you years ago that I was done, and while we did add Shtara, I think I’ve felt pretty content with no more pregnancies.

Wait. I just reread your email. I giggled and skimmed through yours initially because you were hysterical. I started to respond so I could alleviate your fears. But looking closer, you told me to show up with the potion? The potion?!? Were you actually on board with the idea?

I didn’t charge in and shout “Malfoy, it’s baby time” and throw you over my shoulder! Sneaky song coded sign off is not really my style!

Uhhhh, so now I have to ask since you agreed so readily; is that something you want? I thought we were on the same page with being done but your agreement has me questioning everything.

Confusedly yours,


Monday April 18th
*Dictated while Draco paces the Crystal Room*

Oh fuck Harry! You can't just spring that on me like that! You *know* I'm committed to giving you whatever you want and whatever will make you happy, but I can think of SO many reasons why this is a *bad* idea. We FINALLY have our bed all to ourselves. I have a career that - while not too time demanding - can be potentially dangerous, and so me carrying the baby is probably going to make your worry go into overdrive again. Plus we're both getting on in years and I'm not certain I want to go all the way back to the baby stage. This is a lot to ask! I mean I really will do anything for you, but can we PLEASE think this over a hell of a lot more before - oh, I just got an email from you...

Oh Thank Fucking God! That really scared me! I'm on FIRE with the jitters now, so you're getting a spanking until I calm the fuck down again.


Chapter Text

Tuesday April 19th
My Dearest and Most Beloved Sir,

Being committed to doing anything or everything that makes me happy does not extend to having a child you don't want to have. I agree with all of those reasons your anxiety-ridden mind came up with as to why having a baby would not be the best idea.

I love having our bed to ourselves. We've had a few windows here or there over the years where our bed was childless, but for the most part it was almost fifteen consecutive years of bedsharing with at least one child, usually more. I adore our children, but individually they are a handful and we have at least fourteen of them. And yeah, there's no way I'd be comfortable with you continuing your Auror work while pregnant, so if we actually decided to have more, I'd only be alright with it if I carried or you took a sabbatical from your work.

I most certainly agree that I'd rather not start from scratch with the baby stage again. It's so nice to not have to deal with nappy changes and night feedings, teething and colic, not to mention morning sickness and mood swings.

But this is all a moot point because based on your panic and my feelings, we're not having a baby anyway. Promise me that whether or not we ever have more children, you will never have a child you don't want just because you think it would make me happy. Can you do that for me?

Although maybe I should actually make you think I want another one if it gets me the attention I got last night. My bum hurts so much this morning that just pulling up my pants hurt. And I even wore the silk ones hoping it wouldn't chafe as badly. I've actually been pacing while writing this because I'm not quite ready to attempt sitting. Gods I needed this. I feel so blissful this morning. Like I haven't quite come down from flying last night.

It's been a while since you've used the spanking bench. I assumed we wouldn't use it last night either. Especially since we started off with me across your lap. All the different ways you spank me are wonderful in their own way, and across your lap is one of my very favorites. From that angle you can't quite get the momentum to really give me the deep smacks, but it's just so intimate. My naked self pulled across your clothed body, the wool of your trousers rubbing against my skin, my cock trapped between your thighs. Mmmm.

But then once I was sufficiently warmed up you strapped me up to my bench and went all out. I have no idea how long you spanked me for. I was flying in no time. In my head, one moment I was taking it like a champ and the next I was waking up in our bed wrapped in your arms.

Yeah, our bed, alone. Because all of our children finally sleep in their own rooms! Which works out really well since I'm about to come either wake you up or take advantage of your sleeping body. Depending on how soundly you're sleeping of course!

Love you,


Tuesday April 19th
The one who knows me best,

My wake up this morning (nearly afternoon, whatever), was perfect. I absolutely loved drifting awake to your hot mouth on my shaft, your fingers in my arse casting the quick prep spells, and then you pushing into me before I'd even had a chance to open my eyes. I gasped out because I was already so bloody turned on and I wasn't even awake enough to wrap my arms around you and hold you tight.

Then you rode me roughly until I had the ability to grab onto you and kiss you. I was making all those noises that still manage to embarrass me when I think about them but that indicate that I'm very thoroughly enjoying myself. I gasped, panted, and then wailed as a powerful orgasm hit me and practically knocked me right back out. I could hear you groaning and feel you fill me up and a sense of sheer bliss filled me.

This is my absolute favorite way to wake up!

But then, not entirely unexpectedly, I heard a throat clear.

"So sorry to interrupt, but you have to get up now so that you aren't running late."

"Yes Pippa, I remember," I murmured with a mildly disappointed sigh.

"Would you like Muffy to bring your breakfast before or after your shower?" Pippa asked.

"Now is good," I replied. "That'll give me some time to talk to Harry before I have to leave."

"Try not to talk too long, your routine takes forever as it is!" Pippa admonished before leaving the room, presumably to call Muffy, who popped into the room while we were doing our best to sit up and snuggle without melting into a puddle of goo.

You brushed my hair out of my face and kissed me, whispering: "Still my favorite sight."

I raised a brow because I imagine that I looked atrocious, all flushed and sweaty and probably rather rough. That made you laugh and kiss me again. I love when you wake me up and we have even just a few moments together to laugh and just hold each other.

The moment Muffy had my breakfast arranged to her liking on a tray over my lap, she left the room. I dug into my scrambled eggs, accepting more kisses from you as I chewed.

"Important plans today?" You asked curiously.

"Yes, I didn't get a chance to tell you yesterday before I started panicking and ran off to the Crystal Room, but I got an owl from Robards requesting that I come in today and work on the pre-preparations for a raid tomorrow. That means that I'll be in the office all day today coordinating schedules and making sure that everyone who will be involved is notified, not to mention studying the raid site and coming up with a plan of attack. You know, the usual," I ended with a wry smirk before kissing you.

"Sounds like your idea of fun," you remarked with a soft smile that told me you thought I was barmy for enjoying this so much.

"Quite. But it also means that I'll be in the office all of tonight, more than likely taking a mild sleep potion and taking a nap on my sofa so that I can be up and getting ready to go at oh... Probably 3 or 4 am. The raid team will be coming in and gearing up around 4 am so that I can brief them all on the final strategy and we can head over to the raid site to set up wards and the like by 5 am."

"Do raids really work better when conducted at the crack of dawn?" You wondered, smirking because it never fails to amuse you when I willingly get up before noon.

I shrugged. "Perhaps not the raid itself, but definitely setting up the wards. It reduces the risk of being spotted before the raid begins, and then also, depending on what it is we're raiding, we're usually able to sweep in and apprehend the lowest of the grunts without too much fuss before focusing on the higher ups who come in as the day progresses."

"Well... good luck..."

I kissed you tenderly. "I'll be in the command tent for the most part - using all the Magi-Tech I've created over the years to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible."

"I promise not to come barging in and shatter all the wards," you said with a small amused smile.

I kissed you again. "And I promise to send you updates when I can to let you know that everything is fine, my adorable little worrywart."

We got caught up in kissing for a few more minutes before Pippa popped back into the room, very overtly checking her watch. "You only have five minutes left to eat before you have to start on your morning routine, unless you plan to skip it."

"Yeah alright, I'll stop kissing my husband for now and finish eating," I stated and ran one hand through your hair as you rested your head on my shoulder, eating with the other.

I don't really need to describe word for word what I ate or how I went about my morning routine, getting showered and all dolled up to go to work. Nor do I need to describe every tedious detail of what I did once in the office, which was exactly as I'd already explained. The important thing is that I called and talked with you for a bit whenever I took a meal break, and also just before taking that mild sleeping potion.

- Wednesday April 20th

When I woke back up - about half three in the morning - I had a few moments of it just being Pippa and me. She's not officially on the Ministry payroll and probably technically shouldn't be on any of the raids with me, but she's my silent shadow and I don't think I could get through even an ordinary day without her. Besides, she simply stays in the command tent with me and watches everything so that she can document it all and help me write my reports - not to mention notify me instantly if I miss or overlook anything.

Anyway, since we had a few minutes before the others started arriving, we had time to have a chat as she brewed a variety of teas and coffees.

"I put that advert in the Prophet you asked for," Pippa informed me. "It actually ran yesterday and will continue until Friday."

"Excellent!" I praised. "That means I'll have all of tomorrow and Friday to finish up and go over my paperwork, then I can review the initial applications on Saturday and Sunday, and start on interviews on Monday."

"I've already booked your usual room at the Leaky," Pippa added.

"Thank you," I said, giving her a hug.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Robards asked in amusement.

"Just my usual morning staff meeting," I answered, waving my hand dismissively.

"Right, and you always hug your personal assistant?" Robards asked with a hint of challenge.

I smirked at him. "Often enough. I even kiss her too!" I promptly demonstrated by kissing her on the cheek.

Pippa rolled her eyes and shook her head. "He does, and there's no scandal involved, so kindly get back to the task at hand.

"Right," Robards stated with a nod.

Gearing up, briefing everyone on their positions and duties, and even setting up the wards at the raid site were all routine enough. Honestly, the entire raid was a bit like a well-oiled machine. Everyone was doing their jobs capably and well. All the grunts were being rounded up and none of the higher ups had stumbled into our trap yet.

So of course, that's when things went a little pear-shaped.

"Hey Chief, did any of the intel mention child labor or anything like that?" A senior Auror asked me.

"This is a potions ring, not child trafficking, right?" His younger partner added.

"What?!" I asked in alarm, checking the interactive map. The room that they'd just entered had been extra warded against spying spells, but appeared to be a simple storage room, so I hadn't anticipated it containing anything more than a well-guarded stock of potions, thus, there were only two teams of two securing the room.

Shaking off my momentary surprise, I asked the appropriate question. "Are the children hurt or in danger?"

"No Chief. They all appear to be safe and sound," the Senior Auror informed me.

"Although a couple are crying and a few seem to be suffering from a nasty cold."

The senior member of the other team chimed in just then. "There aren't any adults in here keeping an eye on them, but there are a few older children that seem to be looking after the younger ones."

"How many children are there?" I asked.

"Erm... 18, ranging from a baby on up to about 12 years old."

"Alright, erm…" I paused and sighed in frustration as I quickly thought over all my options. "Team 7, since you're the closest to area 11, once you finish securing the room you're about to enter, head on over to area 11 to provide back up if necessary. Pippa, take over in the command center for a few minutes while I go assess the children. Also, contact Tabitha and let her know she'll probably have a few guests at some point today."

"Yes sir!" Team 7 chirped before Pippa said: "Of course. Be careful."

"I will," I assured her before popping over to area 11. You know that the reason I went personally is because we have so many kids and I'm still used to helping out at Unity House when needed. I felt that I was the best person to keep the kids calm.

To my relief, none of them seemed harmed in the slightest. Yes, a few did seem to be suffering a cold, but I couldn't see bruising or other signs of abuse, nor did they look malnourished or neglected. I squatted so that I was just slightly below eye level of the girl who seemed to be in charge - judging by the way all the others either glanced at her or overtly tried to hide behind her.

"Hello, I'm Draco Malfoy. You may have heard of my husband Harry - used to be Harry Potter. Heard of him?"

They mostly all nodded, looking a cross between wary of me and excited to hear about you.

"Then you must have heard that Harry created a nice place for kids to go when they need a safe place to stay," I added.

"But we ARE in a safe place!" The leader protested fiercely.

I smiled at her reassuringly, even holding up my hands in a gesture of surrender. "Perhaps it's normally safe, but today, Ministry Officials are arresting everyone in the building."

This made all the kids old enough to understand me gasp in dismay.

"But why?!"

"Dad/mum's just working!"

"What's going on?!"

I made a soothing noise and lowered my hands a couple of times to silently signal them to calm down.

"Chances are, your parents didn't do anything worse than take a bad job. Unfortunately, because this is a bad job, they're being arrested until we can determine who actually is in charge, and who is actively doing bad things," I explained.

The leader jutted her chin out defiantly. "This is NOT a bad job! It's a normal job! My dad wouldn't take a bad job! He's a single dad just trying to do what's best for my sister and me!"

"Then what are you doing here, all alone in a room with a bunch of other kids and no adults to look after you?" I questioned gently.

"This is the daycare room. We look after the young ones," she gestured to herself and the two others that looked about 11 or 12. "And when it's lunch time, our parents come in and bring us food and eat with us!"

I took a good look around the room and noticed that there were a lot of toys and books and things to keep all of the children entertained. There was even a wireless playing soft and soothing music in the corner. Between the cushions, chairs, and prams, it really did look like their comfort and safety was a priority - if you overlooked the fact that they were using older kids to babysit the younger ones.

"Alright, I understand. You do feel safe here, but what I said is the truth. All of your parents are going to be arrested today, and during the raid, some of the higher ups might get a bit dangerous. All I want right now is to take you to Unity House so that you can have all the biscuits you want and play on their excellent playground and BE SAFE until this mess is sorted out," I explained.

Suddenly, a toddler groaned, sneezed, rubbed his eyes, coughed, and then vomited on the floor.

"Oh luv," I crooned soothingly, taking him into my arms. I brushed his hair out of his face and rocked him as I felt his forehead. "This one has a fever. He needs a Pepper-up Potion at the very least, and perhaps a visit from a Healer. Can you agree that staying HERE would be a bad idea for him?"

The leader faltered as I stared her down intently, waiting for her to make a decision like a true leader. Don't get me wrong, we were GOING to evacuate them if we had to immobilize them all in order to do so, but if I could gain their trust, it would be easier all around.

Slowly, she nodded. "Brian's been feeling bad for days, but we assumed that he was just teething. He seems worse today and probably should see a Healer."

"And I'm certain that you all want to stick together, right?" I inquired leadingly.

Once more, she nodded slowly. "Yeah... I'd feel sick if I wasn't able to keep an eye on everyone."

"Exactly!" I stated in agreement, giving her a brilliant smile. "So, you're going to promise to follow me and lead your friends nice and quietly, yeah?"

She nodded again.

"I promise that your safety is my highest priority," I informed her.

She smiled at me wanly.

"Pippa, I'm going to escort the kids out of the building and I need a clear route."

"Sure thing! Looks like teams 6 and 10 have just finished securing the last of area 9 - which means that you have a straight shot all the way to the exit."

"Good! Come on luvs, let's get out of here before trouble starts, yeah?"

The older kids nodded and took hold of the hands of or picked up and carried the younger ones. Steadily, not too quickly but certainly not dawdling, I got them to the exit, where Tabitha had a team of caregivers ready to take the kids to Unity House. I passed little Brian directly into her arms and gave her a kiss on the cheek before returning to the command tent.

The rest of the raid proceeded as normal, and now, I'm back in my office sorting through reports. I might be late getting home tonight, but since you were probably called in to help out at Unity, you more than likely won't be home until I am anyway. I guess I'll see you when I see you. All my love!

You love me and I love you, when you love, it's natural to, digga digga doo digga doo doo, digga digga doo digga doo,

Chapter Text

Wednesday April 20, 2016

My husband who would forget his head if it weren't screwed on,

Sweetheart, you will most definitely NOT be spending tomorrow going through your paperwork from the raid. If it's slipped your mind, your daughter turns six years old tomorrow. We have plans to spend the entire day with Persephone. All she asked for her birthday was to have a day out with her Daddies. As of right now, I believe she wants to spend some time at the water park and she thinks she wants to go see a musical but can't decide between Wicked or Into the Woods.

I just can't believe she's six. And every year around her birthday I get a little maudlin. What if she hadn't survived? What if I hadn't been able to keep her in long enough? And then when she was born and physically alright but I always worried she’d be behind developmentally due to her preemie status. I worried she'd never quite catch up. At her first birthday it seemed so obvious to me that Lily and Caelum, who were only eleven months, looked much more like one-year-olds than she did. She was so small, but fierce. The other two were toddling around furniture (Caelum) or taking actual steps on their own (Lily), but Persephone was running around like crazy.

On her second birthday, the differences were still there but the size difference seemed even more obvious. She was walking and talking. But by her second birthday not much of it was particularly comprehensible. Whereas Cael was practically speaking in full sentences and Lissa wasn't too far behind him. But our Seph had stopped saying much at all. Luckily, she grew up in a signing family and could at least communicate with us. And shortly after that second birthday, we found out she needed a procedure, similar to muggle ear tubes, because she wasn't hearing properly.

And now, at six, besides her diminutive size, she's just like any other six year old. Mischievous and running all over the place. Doing well academically. In physical seemingly perfect health. I am just so thankful that there's nothing left holding her back. I worried a bit that her size was a side effect of her preemie status, but Rowe just laughed and patted me on the head. She's just a peanut.

Anyway, that's tomorrow off your paperwork schedule. And Saturday won't be spent reviewing resumes either. That's the big April birthday celebration! Our April birthday list isn't quite as extensive as March (Holy Hell does our family like to get busy in June!) but we'll be celebrating six birthdays. Misha, Eri, Ori, Teddy, and Seph. And don't forget Kisa. Despite the fact that we mostly hold this party for the 'kid' birthdays, Kisa has told us in no uncertain terms that when it comes to celebrating her, she is Peter Pan-ing it with eternal youth.

Not that that bothers me any. I sometimes have a hard time seeing her as a grown woman. I think she will be forever that sassy nine-year-old I first met who pantsed me on our walk through the Valley of Geysers! And she's a grown woman with two children and a third on the way. When did we get so old Draco? I feel as though it's barely been a year since I married you out on the lawns and now our son is getting married and we're about to be grandparents three times over.

It sounds as though your raid went well. No injuries or casualties. We had a hectic day here at Unity. As you can probably tell since it's almost midnight and I'm not home yet. All of these children showing up was actually a bit harder than one of our usual huge influxes. Because we're running under the assumption that most of these children will be sent home within the next few days when it's found out their parents were just employed at the wrong place at the wrong time, we're not moving them into the permanent rooms with the other Kids. If we end up with any of these children on a permanent or long-term basis, we'll move them at that time.

But you certainly didn't lie to them, we filled them up with biscuits and spent hours at the Park. I brought Shtara, Zaire, Jaz, and the troublesome trio with to play. I possibly would have anyway just to have them nearby and they always love Unity visiting, but currently at Unity, they have quite a few toddlers and a few teenagers, but very few Kids in the age ranges to play with the new 'daycare' crew. I figured the five to ten-year-olds would like to have some kids their own age to play with.

The mouthy little leader you talked about, Angelica, refused to play. She seems to take her job as leader very seriously. She sat on one of the benches watching 'her' Kids like a hawk. Especially her little sister Elizabeth. Well, she watched all of them except for that little Brian. Most of the children were in good enough health, the colds were exactly what we thought, just colds. But poor Brian, his had turned into Pneumonia. So he didn't get to play at the Park, he spent the evening in St. Mungo's. He'll be just fine and most likely headed back to Unity sometime tomorrow morning.

Oh, what was up with Robards? Is he usually this weird with you? You've known him for how long and he thinks it's weird that you're physically affectionate with your friends? Does he have an issue with you? With Pippa? With PDA? Maybe he doesn't like hugs. Or joy. Hell, he probably kicks puppies. Okay, I think I might be getting a bit loony with exhaustion!

Anyway, I finished up getting the children to sleep, helping fill out their temporary intake paperwork, and now I'm headed home. I assume you'll be asleep when I get there since you had a very long two days. So I can't wait to climb into our cozy bed and snuggle up next to you.

All of my love,


Thursday April 21st
Mi Amor,

Lucky for me, Pippa consulted my schedule at some point yesterday and reminded me of our birthday date with Persephone. So she helped me to get everything done I could before coming home last night. She also made it be known that I wouldn't be coming into the office on Friday either, and so Robards would just have to wait for his neat and tidy paperwork until Monday.

After that, she heckled me, letting me know that if I had consulted with her to begin with, I wouldn't have forgotten Persephone's birthday. You know, she likes to think she's more on top of things than I am, but I've got her number. She needs that little Magi-Diary of mine to keep everything straight, otherwise she'd forget everything too. For example, she hadn't remembered the party until she was looking through my Diary and realized I planned to review resumes on a day that's already booked.

But enough about that. Persephone didn't seem to realize that we were quite serious about doing anything she wanted until you were discussing options with her as we flew around on the magic carpet. We were headed in the direction of the Water Park, which is in London where almost everything else she might want to do is. Suddenly, she sort of gasped in hope and asked:

"Does that mean we can go rock climbing?"

You gave me this look that clearly said: "But she's my tiny little baby!" I returned your look with one that said: "You DID say anything."

Sighing in defeat, you assured her that yes, we'd go rock climbing. So we went to an indoor place that had a lot of different options available. Persephone seemed happy enough at first, but she was also quiet and withdrawn, so finally you asked her if she had changed her mind and wanted to do something else.

She shook her head. "No, I want to climb rocks, I was just sort of hoping for real ones."

You looked a bit panicky again but nodded in agreement, knowing that we had all sorts of safety charms we could cast on her if necessary. We then spent the next four hours climbing a medium level cliff. It wasn't so difficult nor tall as to be impossible to climb, but it also wasn't a hill only babies would find hard. Once at the top of the cliff, we cast warming charms on ourselves and then dove into the chilly pond below.

She may be tiny, but our baby is certainly fearless. It's probably because she's grown up riding things like flying carpets and brooms. She's dead certain that we have enough magic to save her from anything, and so she doesn't give any thought to: What if there were rocks at the bottom of this cliff? Lucky for her, that was one of the first things you checked for - in case she fell during the climb.

We swam until we were all just too hungry to keep going, and it was just about perfect. We had just about enough time to grab a nice sit down dinner at a upscale muggle place. We ran short on time and had to skip dessert, leave enough cash to more than pay for our meal on the table, and then Apparate directly to the theater, but once there, we had enough time to find our seats and get settled.

Into the Woods was funny and dark all at the same time. I liked it, and I can certainly see why our mix of Slytherin and Gryffindor (I actually think Persephone's more Gryffindor than Slytherin) would just love this sort of show. Plus, you know, the singing ALWAYS makes me happy.

I think our darling daughter was hoping to make the most of her day by insisting that we do something after the show. Shopping or ice cream perhaps, but she was already so knackered from her day that she fell asleep at the very end when the cast was bowing and playing it up for the audience. I lifted her into my arms and let you Apparate us home so that we could tuck her into her bed and give her a thousand little kisses that made her adorable nose wrinkle in annoyance as she slept.

Feeling high on love and rather amorous, I invited you to dance with me in the ballroom until one of us was so overcome by lust that we attacked the other. To my delight, we got through three whole handsy dances - kissing almost constantly - before you pulled me atop you as you lay on your back and INSISTED that I have you that second.

And now I'm writing this from our bed as I watch you sleep. I'm quite possibly too exhausted to sleep - considering my long day of raiding and paperwork yesterday. But I'm going to curl around you and try my best to drift off, and if that fails, I can always fulfill my somnophilia kink with your unconscious body until I pass out. We'll see how it goes.

Now if we're talking bodies, you got a perfect one, so put it on me,

Chapter Text

Saturday April 23, 2016

My Own,

I'm up early as usual. I am just too excited for the birthday party today. It's weird, because we've seen the whole circle recently for River's big party, not to mention the subsequent beach trip afterwards, but things were so hectic with the whole Maha sprouting wings thing that I feel like we didn't really get enough time to catch up.

That's why I'm looking forward to the party, I want to hear all about how Blaise was able to talk Kisa into "just ONE more my love and then I promise we'll be done." I want to sit close enough to Elena and Kisa where I may be able to overhear Lainie spill some information to her best friend that she isn't spilling to her dads. I want to hear all about Mac's recent trip back to Machu Picchu to learn from the Shaman we met years ago on that mystical tour.

I'm sure Seph will spend most of the party regaling everyone of her rock climbing adventures interspersed with doing numbers from Into the Woods. She practiced all day yesterday. I can't wait to see people respond to her singing No One Is Alone. She's so tiny, and her voice is so sweet, and combining that with the haunting quality of that song is intense.

I still can't believe the two of you talked me into taking her rock climbing. I'm a bit helpless when the two of you turn those big eyes on me individually, but teaming up with each other meant I was pretty helpless to resist. Not that I'm ever particularly good at resisting. And she just rocked it didn't she? I mean, she's six years old and she was traversing that cliff like a seasoned climber. But she was practically raised on the ever increasing rock climbing wall at the Park at Unity, so I suppose I understand why she was initially disappointed when we went to an indoor climbing wall.

When we head to California we can take her out again. I've already looked some climbing areas up, I want to bring her to both Malibu Creek as well as Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree is just such an iconic location that it's thrilling just to go there and hike through the area. I imagine climbing while there will be awesome.

I'm kind of focused on all the fun things we'll be able to visit and see and do while in California because otherwise I'll have to focus on how nervous I am for Hazel's surgery. I realize she's wanted this for so long. We're so lucky that we have the option to have it done in such a safe environment and not have to wait an additional two years. But still, my baby is going to have surgery and it terrifies me. Probably more than I was terrified of Seph diving off of that cliffside! So when I keep pretending that this is going to be a holiday instead of a medical trip, I can trick my mind for a few moments to stop worrying.

Well, to worry less. It's me after all.

Oh speaking of me being a worrier, I talked to Seph a bit yesterday morning, asking her how she felt about her special day. Just one of our Seph and Daddy morning talks. I brought up how she isn't afraid of anything. And do you know what that sassy little thing told me? "Well I don't have to be afraid of anything, you worry enough for both of us Daddy!" That little stinker. She's not wrong, but she could at least play along and pretend I'm not ridiculous.

So, uh, before people start getting here I wanted to ask you something. After the party, when most of the younger kids head over to Grandma Molly's for their sleepover, should we invite some of the adults to spend the night here? For … fun times? Let me know what you think, I won't start the invites until I know you're interested in it.



Saturday April 23rd
The beat of my heart,

You know, it's probably about time we had an all out orgy. We took quite a long time getting back to a place where we were mentally healthy and secure enough to play again. It was about two years of only playing with our other selves before one of us (it was probably me) got the urge to play with Luna. She's just so wonderful to play with that she's a bit like a gateway drug, hahaha.

From the morning after, when we had a chance to snuggle up and talk about how we felt, we decided to slowly work back into playing, having individual playdates with our various friends. The closest we've come to just inviting everyone over and having a play party was about a year ago when 3/4ths of the Quartet ran amok in our playroom to our pleasurable delight.

But tonight... Pretty much everyone we know will be here and so there's the potential to have a full orgy. I'm actually looking forward to it, but I'm also just a little bit nervous. I know it makes NO sense, but it's been so long since I've just been naked in front of everyone we know, and then there's the fact that at a play party - unlike with individual playing - there's the likelihood that a couple of people will just be standing back watching while waiting for their turns, and so now I'm wondering if I remembered to check my arse recently for signs of unwanted hair growth.

Erm... I'm going to be in the bathroom if you need me. My routine for today is going to be EXTRA thorough...

You're the breath that I breathe,

Chapter Text

Saturday April 23rd

I just got back from making sure the kids are all settled in with Grandma Molly, and as usual you don't want me in the playroom while you set everything up for tonight. So I may as well use my time wisely and talk about our Birthday Party/Circle Dinner we just had. I have a feeling with how long it's taking you to set up the playroom that my brain will have become mush by tomorrow so I may as well get my thoughts out now.

The only regular part of our Party that wasn't there was Mac. He was originally supposed to be home by now from his trip to Machu Picchu and then had planned on going back next month for Beltane and stay for an entire month but he refuses to miss River's wedding. So he decided to stay through Beltane and then come home in time for the wedding. I missed talking with him, but I'm sure he and I can have a nice one on one lunch date when he gets home. Then I'll have oodles of time to hear all about the trip since I won't have to spread my time across a party's worth of guests.

It seemed as though when we first started having children, everyone else in our lives were having children at the same time. Our children never wanted for playmates and cousins. But when everyone else seemed to be tapering off I worried a bit that our youngest children would end up the babies who followed the big kids around. I obviously couldn't have been more wrong. There was practically a gang of five-ish year olds running wild through the Manor. Persephone, Tristan, and Misha being the 'very big' six-year-olds, Lily, Caelum, Charlotte, and Diego representing for the five-year-olds, then Viper's Scorpius and Hyperion refusing to be left behind just because they're 'only four.'

We've known those boys for all of their four and a half years, even going to Tiger's Universe to attend their births, but it still shocks me to see how, as far as looks go, they may as well be part of our brood. Those identical little monsters are just Orion in miniature form. Minus the bookishness and adding a complete unwillingness to sit still. This must be what identical twins feel when their twin has a child. "But, but, but, that's MY face!"

It's been so nice these last few years growing even closer with Dudley and Donna. When we first got back on speaking terms, I immediately was drawn to Donna since she's wonderful, and seeing how much Dudley had changed was great. But the few family events we went to that Vernon and Petunia were attending as well made things a bit awkward. I'm not even sorry for what I'm going to say next: our relationship got so much better after their car accident. But these last five years since finding out that not only do they have A magical child, but all three? It's probably the closest I've felt to anyone besides our immediate family and my friendship with Ron and 'Mione. I wish I'd had THIS Dudley my whole life.

With how busy Durmstrang is this time of year with tests and end of term coming up, I was a bit surprised that the entire quartet came for the monthly birthday party. And Blaise has been so busy trying to expand your magi-tech business further into the Russian market. I suppose the fact that not only was one of their children one of the birthday kids, but that Kisa was a birthday kid too made for a really weak argument for staying back for this one. And Kisa being pregnant couldn't have helped matters.

You know, Ron and Blaise have always been as doting as possible when one of their girls has been pregnant; foot rubs, waiting on them hand and foot, putting up with every mood swing - really, they've been great. And when Kisa and Hermione were pregnant with Tristan and Misha at the same time, the boys were run ragged catering to them. But it wasn't until Kisa was pregnant with Tatyana that I realized how in love with Kisa *Hermione* was.

I've called them a Quartet practically since they all got together. But in my head I had really separated things. Almost like a polygamous sister-wives situation where Hermione and Ron were a couple, Blaise was their third, Kisa and Blaise being a couple, but very little interaction between Kisa and Ron or 'Mione. But the four of them really seem to be together and in love individually as well as all together. I know Hermione loves me, I know she loves her children, but I've never seen her so soft as when Kisa was carrying Tatyana. She looked at the little blond mobster like she'd hung the moon.

And that sassy little Tatyana, I still can't get over how pale she is. She's Kisa's little clone. And if her attitude is anything to go by, I wonder if - despite being second-born - if she's not going to be Kisa's heir to the 'family business.' She's only three and I am quite terrified of her. Good thing for me she loves her Uncle Harry, and I am not ashamed to say I bribe her in near constant biscuits to keep things that way.

It probably works out perfectly that she's closest in age to Charlie and Neville's Alice. With Tatya's bossy disposition, she's a perfect match for Alice's sweet, mellow, go-with-the-flow attitude. Frankie is definitely a bit more like his fearless dragon-wrangling dad, while Alice is Neville from nose to toes. And I say nose to toes and not head to toe since she does at least have Charlie's trademark red hair.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hear Lainie spill any details to Kisa. Although Kisa must have noticed me listening in because she managed to freak me out enough that I fled to the other side of the party. The rest of the Quartet must have told her they were staying for Playtime, because she was mentioning to Lainie that she had the whole night free to spend with her since her loves were going to be shagging the night away. Then, she turns to me and says, "it's too bad Draco's my nephew and you never play apart because I'd love to be invited. I'd take a bite out of this for sure." And then she PINCHED MY BUM! Kisa pinched my arse and threatened to bite it! My bum!!

I feel violated.

Ooh! Speaking of violated, I think I heard you coming out of the playroom. Yay! It's showtime!

Your Boy,


Sunday April 24th
My own,

I didn't realize how much I missed having these parties until we had one. It's not the playing. It's NOT simply spending time with all our friends. It's being part of something that takes a lot of trust and at the same time is so much fun.

I take my duties as host seriously, so I started the night dressed to kill. Well... Perhaps not literally as I imagine that would involve something a lot more form fitting and able to blend into the shadows. Perhaps with your invisibility cloak as added insurance one won't be spotted in the act.

But as I was saying, I started the night wearing a fuckload of clothes to act as a visual and tactile cue to remain in charge. I wanted to ensure that all of our guests were having a good time before I let my hair down (so to speak) and joined in. To that end, I had no pants on, but I did have tight, form-fitting black leather trousers covering my legs. These were accented by sharp and thick, calf-high leather boots. On my chest, I had a crisp black button up shirt. Over that was my favorite gold waist coat, and over THAT was - in essence - a floor length waist coat that completely covered the gold one and made me look rather broody, in my opinion. BUT I was going for very dominant, and it certainly accomplished that.

You probably were able to accurately gauge just how into the playing I was at any given point in time by looking over and seeing how many of my clothes had come off, haha.

In addition to my clothes, I'd spent several hours in the bathroom grooming every part of my body, and so, even once naked, I was still dressed to kill - so to speak. My favorite part to begin with was the sheer attention I'd paid to my hair. Every single strand was styled to perfection. I may love your hair being long, but I think I'm definitely made to have hair that stays about ear length - which is enough to style, but not so much that it ends up everywhere.

Once I was ready - changing my clothes and restyling my hair after our circle/birthday party - I naturally went into our playroom to set things up. I wanted every single thing at the ready, but not just thrown about and cluttering things up. So all the play furniture was arranged so that it was accessible but still spaced far enough apart that nothing should get 'crowded.' The toys were taken out of the drawers and set up on racks, grouped near things they might be useful for. So the whips and other impact toys were near the spanking bench and X, while the various vibrators and ropes were next to each other - in case someone wanted to be tied up and 'raped' with a toy.

And by raped, I of course mean consenting to it but pretending to not want it.

Once the room was set up and everything seemed to be in the perfect place, I opened it up to let you in, and then cast a signal spell to let the others - who'd been changing in guest suites and more than likely casting spells to completely empty bladders/bowels and make certain everything was clean and ready to play.

It's no surprise to me that our friends started crowding into the room before you'd even had a chance to finish looking around. Once you did, you turned to grin at me in anticipation, not to mention practically drool over what I was wearing.

I won't list every single person who attended our orgy - as you were there and don't need me to remind you - but for posterity, I'll list everyone who comes to mind in the next 10 or so seconds.

Luna and her poly lovers, The Triad portion of The Quartet, Neville and Charlie, Viper and Tiger (who shook his head at what I was wearing as if I was being silly or something), the Patil Twins, Greg and Millie, Pansy, her husband Ivan and his brother Dimitri, Theo and Daphne, Derek and Yesenia, Tabitha, Astoria, Pippa, Leah, Padfoot, Hannah and her husband, Bletchley, Ernie, Susan, Cho Chang, and Hannah Abbott. I know there were more, but I just can't think of them off hand, or I've forgotten their names. For example, there's an Auror that's always on raids and Bletchley invited him and his wife to the orgy and they came, but I can never remember his bloody name - despite the fact that he seems to think we're good mates. I always call him Senior Auror number 9 (or some such rot) when I'm commanding a raid, hahaha!

Anyway, people were looking around and making plans for things to try, and also sizing up who looked interesting. Most of our guests are only very occasional players. For example, I'm surprised that Neville and Charlie came, as they only ever play with us and I think they have the rare one off with a random couple. But other than when they come to Glastofest with us, they just prefer to be exclusive - and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. Apparently, Neville was curious about something, and that's whether or not he's still *bi* - as he always insists he is - or if he really is just an old gay man mentally stuck in an old-fashioned train of thought.

To no surprise, Luna - who has five or six official lovers (I lost track at some point), including her husband Rolf - immediately took over the Whipping Wall. I stood by and watched as she secured you as her first victim of the night, clamping your hands in the cushioned but sturdy clamps provided. She was wearing a soft purple corset and black knickers, while you were wearing a bondage harness and satiny pink knickers with the most adorable red bow on them.

Wishing I could give you my full attention for the entire night, I forced myself to leave your side and watch as Rolf had one of his Poly Lovers secure him to the spanking bench. The moment I was certain they were doing it correctly, I walked over to find Astoria asking Hermione questions about the Sybian Saddle. Satisfied that our Ms. Know-It-All would be able to answer anything Astoria wanted to know, I moved on, circling the room and taking in everything. Answering questions when need be, and handing out various potions - such as the 4 hour stamina potion (as I really felt 12 hours might be a bit much for this party, heh heh).

The night was young and the guests were mostly watching those that were comfortable (such as Luna) start things off. Daphne was delighted to try one of our more powerful vibrators - the Hitachi Magic Wand. Parvati seemed keen to try the non-vibrator, clit stimulator called Womanizer (a terrible name, I know, but I didn't name it). I was actually interested to watch her as I'd never had occasion to use it, nor seen it in action. I'd only bought it because I was thinking about giving it to Pansy, only I found out she already had one and seriously LOVED the thing.

Sadly, before I got a chance to see the toy in action, I was called away by an owl Patronus. "Dad, can you come here a minute, please?"

It seems that Orion, Eris, and Hazel had come back to the Manor to grab a few things the kids had forgotten (a veritable suitcase of things they'd forgotten, oi), and had stumbled across Venus eating Persephone's beloved pygmy puff, Honey. They wanted to know what they should do, but got completely distracted with what I was wearing.

"Are you having a costume party without telling us?" Orion asked, eyeing me with an expression that let me know he found it disturbing how attractive I was - or so I assume. It was either that or he found it disgusting that I was dressed a bit like an angsty teenager - a hot angsty teenager about to slay vampires and werewolves (so long as they aren't part of our circle).

"Is that brocade?" Eris asked, feeling up the fabric of my long waistcoat.

"Ooo! That was HAND EMBROIDERED!" Hazel drooled, also inspecting the waistcoat very closely.

"I'm certain my tailor used an embroidery spell," I said with a very light sneer. "But back to the matter of the pygmy puff -"

"No wait," Orion interrupted me, bending over and inspecting my trousers. "Are those LEATHER???"

"Yes, as I was saying, I think you should simply -"

"What's the theme of the costume party," Orion interrupted once again, clearly not able to wrap his head around this particular costume. I personally don't even think this is the strangest thing he's ever seen me wear, but maybe I look like I'm intending to shag 'til I drop and he's not quite sure what the look in my eye is. He fiddled with the gold dagger-through-the-heart earrings I was wearing and murmured: "Pirate?"

I snorted in amusement as Eris rolled her eyes and back-handed him across the chest. "You CLEARLY weren't paying attention earlier. Dad mentioned when he dropped us off at Grandma Molly's that he and dad were going to have a play party tonight."

"Why do you THINK they wanted all us kids out of the Manor?" Hazel added with an amused smirk.

"EW!" Orion blurted out in revulsion. "Aren't you two too old to do stuff like that yet?!"

I laughed a tiny bit malevolently as I pulled him close for a hug and kissed his temple, delighted to inadvertently embarrass him. "I'm afraid to spoil your entire night, but your dad and I aren't going to be too old for stuff like this for YEARS!" After he shuddered and I'd chuckled a bit more, I finally managed to finish my sentence. "I think you should simply not mention to Persephone that you noticed anything wrong. Let her play tonight blissfully unaware of the tragedy, and then tomorrow, when you're all home, take her aside before she has a chance to find out on her own and tell her what happened. If you're lucky, your dad might even be awake already - but don't count on that as I'm determined to make him pass out until at least noon - if he is, he can help you have the unpleasant conversation.

"Yeah, alright," Eris murmured in agreement.

I gave them all hugs and kisses and sent them off via the floo to the Burrow. Then I returned to the party, sought you out, and kissed you even as Luna continued the flogging.

"You're such a good boy," I praised, stroking your hair. "My good little mutt, taking it so well for me."

You purred and practically wagged your non-existent tail. Luna growled softly at me and told me to either take over completely or back off and let her finish having her fun. With a smile, I walked over and kissed her in apology. Then I gestured for her to continue, only watching enough to know that both of you were definitely having fun.

I made the rounds again, and this time, almost everyone was doing something. Only Millie seemed to be doing nothing. Well actually, since she was watching her husband, I suppose that she was doing something after all. It seems that Greg still thinks blow jobs are the best thing ever and doesn't care who is giving them. Thus, he was reclining in a comfortable chair as Neville hoovered him like a champ.

I'll admit that that pairing hadn't ever occurred to me before, but it was disturbingly hot to watch.

Parvati came over to give me a thorough kiss to reward me for having the foresight to buy the Womanizer, as it is now her favorite toy and she plans to buy a couple for herself. She had my attention so completely that I didn't even notice her slipping her hands under my full length waistcoat until it was off and she quirked a brow.

"ANOTHER waistcoat???"

I smirked at her. "I'm NOT getting naked until I'm ready to shag, and that's not going to be until after I've tortured at least three people."

She ran her hands over my trousers, squeezing my arse a couple of times for good measure. "Shame. I might have to volunteer to be tortured then."

I grinned at her becomingly. "Ever been Sounded?"

"Er... can't say that I have," she murmured in confusion.

"I'm not saying that it offers the same benefits for a woman as it does for a man, but it's possible to do and I've actually never tried it on a woman. I figure it qualifies as torture - but don't worry, I know what I'm doing and won't hurt you."

"Alright... I'll at least take a look at what it is you want me to do and see if it's worth giving a go."

Elated, I led her over to that exam table we bought about 7 years ago - the one that reclines and has stirrups that feet can be restrained in. After showing her the entire set of Sounds and explaining what I was going to do, she gulped apprehensively, but then nodded in permission. I got her on the table and strapped her feet simply because I didn't want to risk her squirming too much and inadvertently hurting herself. I got a good look at her urethra and chose the appropriate size Sound, lubed it up, and gently pushed it into her, patiently letting it do most of the work.

"HOLY FUCK!" Someone squealed, grabbing my attention. I looked over to find Susan Bones trying to ride Blaise and - unsurprisingly - finding him rather a lot to take.

I looked around and noticed that Hannah Abbot, Cho Chang, and Leah were arguing over who got to try the Womanizer next, even as Hermione seemed to be forcing Ron to demonstrate the Sybian Saddle for anyone who was curious about it.

Over in the corner, my Auror friend and his wife were in a sandwich with Derek where she was in the middle, looking rather amazed. Yes, things were moving along nicely now.

Returning my attention to Parvati, I was happy to find that the Sound had penetrated her fully. A female urethra is much shorter than a male one, so it's a much smaller gesture to 'wank' it. I did so carefully, using my tongue on her clit to give her something else to focus on if it didn't feel good at first. She'd already had one orgasm earlier, so it didn't take too long for her to reach another. She looked amazed when it happened.

"That was WEIRD!" She panted out, trying to catch her breath. "The... The wanking me with the Sound... I'm not certain I liked it, but it was a different sensation than I'm used to, and it provided a little something extra with you tonguing me like that. I... I... don't know what to think about it!"

I shrugged, gave her a kiss, and then set about cleaning and sanitizing the Sound as her sister freed her feet from the stirrups. Padma held up my Violet Wand. Oh... I LOVE that thing!

"Care to give me a nice shock?" Padma asked.

"Definitely!" I agreed with an eager grin. "Just give me a moment to walk around and check on things. And actually, for that, you're probably going to want to be on the massage table."

She nodded in understanding and wandered over to said table as I made sure no one was disrespecting boundaries. We have brilliant friends, and so, no one was doing anything non-consensual, but since there was a little alcohol being drunk, I had to be certain no one had lost their reason. As I walked, I slowly pulled off my golden waistcoat, leaving me in just my shirt, trousers, and boots. Well, also those earrings and the matching necklace.

To my delight, you were now hanging upside down in a supportive Shibari tie that resembled frog pose - with your hands behind your back. Luna must have REALLY wanted to put you through your paces as she was still in charge, 'forcing' you to suck on her husband in your predicament. I trusted that she had taken all precautions and cast all safety spells, but I paused the scene so that I could ask:

"You cast the spell to make sure that the blood doesn't rush to his head and stay there, right?"

"Of course," she assured me with a kiss, groping me and clearly wondering if I'd be willing to submit to her at some point tonight too. "I also cast a spell so that he can breathe even if he's literally choking on a thick cock."

"Good. Sounds like he's probably having loads of fun," I murmured, caressing your back and pressing kisses to your thighs and arse before smacking it lightly. I know that despite the fact that you literally couldn't see me with Rolf in your face like that, you'd know it was me touching you, even if I hadn't spoken. "I love you. Keep up the good work! Make me so proud of you!"

You purred through the face-fucking, letting me know that you heard me and promised to do exactly that. With a few last kisses wherever I could fit them, I left you to it and finished my circuit. Pippa had Bletchley on his knees and worshiping her femininity *exactly* the way she liked it. Padfoot was all over Charlie, murmuring something about being attracted to gingers and never realizing it before.

Arriving at the massage table, I selected the attachment to the Violet Wand that is basically a cord that I can tape to my skin somewhere (I chose my abdomen, so I could have it under my shirt), which allows ME to become the instrument that shocks and tortures Padma. Each little tap of my pointer finger sent a zap into her. Running my hand just a few hairs above her skin had her shivering from the zings. Pressing kisses to any part of her body that looked sensitive made her squeak and squirm. All in all, I had so much fun and dragged it out for a long time because I kept stopping - with my hand hovering over her just so - in order to look around and make sure no one needed me for anything.

Eventually, she was begging for deliverance, her entire body so sensitive that she felt like one big nerve being teased to the point of orgasm, but not quite reaching it. I was not ready to shag yet, so I stood back and asked her if she had any objections to Neville taking over. It seems he'd reached the wanting to shag a woman portion of the night, and she was VERY wet and ready by this point. Since he has a fairly massive shaft, he needs all the lubrication he can get to ensure that the experience is good for everyone involved. Padma nodded and blurted out that she didn't care who bloody shagged her so long as it was good and hard.

With that settled, I made another round. You were now rimming Ron - also seemingly at Luna's command. Since this wasn't potentially dangerous in the slightest, I decided not to interrupt this time, aside from a gentle caress to your arse as I passed by.

Dimitri caught me as I wandered around and asked if I would be interested in shagging him. I thought this over as he kissed me. To be honest, I wasn't sure how I felt about the idea. I think that the problem was that I just wasn't ready to shag ANYONE yet - still very much wanting to torture at least one more person. So I stood there in indecision as he licked my neck and unbuttoned my shirt.

Once I was topless, I kissed him for a few long minutes, groping him even as he groped me. Then I pulled back and shook my head. "Sorry, but I'm actually in the mood to shag a woman. It doesn't happen all that often and that's what I plan to do first. Perhaps if I have any energy left after..."

He pouted in disappointment, but then nodded in understanding. Still, he had to try. "Are you certain? You seem to be teasing the women and not actually shagging any of them."

I grinned at him. "Foreplay. I want to be so worked up by the time I decide who to shag, that it could be a little old lady and I wouldn't even care."

He grinned at me. "Then perhaps I have a chance after all!"

I laughed and kissed him again before smacking him on the arse and pushing him away. "We'll see."

I looked myself over and noticed that I was perfectly attired to whip someone. So, I walked over to the Whipping Wall and selected a nice long whip that would crack and sting. I knew I wouldn't have to wait long for someone to run over and throw themselves against the wall as if they were being arrested. Sure enough, Hannah Abbot volunteered to be my victim before I even finished giving the whip a few good test swings. She was already completely naked and looked beautifully submissive.

"I'll do whatever you tell me too, under one condition," she murmured calmly, looking to the floor as if she was a servant addressing a master. "Please remember that I am a lesbian and am not interested in you shoving your prick in me once I start flying."

I nodded. "Of course. I assure you, I can dominate and whip you without expecting to shag you as my reward."

"Good," she sighed in relief. I could see why she was nervous, aside from Luna, the only women here who might normally be dominant like this, were currently occupied doing other things.

Rolling my shoulders and sort of hopping for a moment, I got into the right frame of mind and ordered her to brace herself against the wall. I expected her to respond to each stroke of the whip with a color to let me know how she was feeling. If she was good and ready for more, green. If she was not sure or needed a moment to take a breath, yellow. If she definitely needed me to stop, red. Once that was agreed to, I began the whipping.

Wow! She can take a lot! I mean I'm used to going a bit harder on you than I might like, but I think I made an unfair assumption about her based on her gender that she wouldn't be able to handle that same level of pain as you. I was sure wrong! She probably even took more simply because I got curious to find her limit and went a bit harder than I am normally comfortable going. Especially once the Viper came over, took a good look at us, and said:

"You're going easy on her."

"I'm not trying to," I replied. "I suppose that I am unconsciously holding back though. I'll stop doing that now."

The moan she let out after the next strike let me know that she appreciated it. "Green."

I continued on until she was flying, and then - to my surprise (although I suppose that it's really not that surprising) my doppelgänger volunteered to take over and see to her after care. He assured me that he didn't intend to molest her, but that he'd actually already had two rounds of shagging and needed a break anyway. So I left her in his care and walked around again.

Blaise was now giving out oral to anyone who wanted it. My Auror friend's wife was riding the Sybian. You were being plowed rather eagerly by Charlie, spouting a long string of broken curses. This time, I HAD to get involved, smacking Charlie's arse to encourage him to fuck you good and proper before walking around to give you kisses. I cast a charm to wet your mouth - which had gone dry from panting - kissed you some more, cast a modified Aguamenti so that your mouth would continually stay wet (but not enough water to choke on), and then slowly opened my long zipper so that my extremely hard shaft could burst free. I could see the moment you realized what I was doing; your eyes got an eager gleam to them and your mouth automatically opened.

I let you suck on me until I got pretty close to going off, then I stopped you because I was now definitely in the mood to shag someone and still wanted a woman. So, I kissed you, whispered my love in your ear, and then bade you to have fun as I wandered around looking for options.

To my surprise, Cho came over and dropped to her knees before me. She was naked and giving me smoky bedroom eyes. Her knees spread apart enough so that she could get a hand between her legs.

"Everything about me is petite - even my hole. I bet I'll feel so tight on you..."

"Mmm..." I moaned in lust. "Let's see, shall we?" I held out my hand until she put hers in mine, then I helped her up and walked her over to the large bed. It was already occupied, but not so full that we wouldn't fit. I gestured for her to sit on the edge in a place where there was enough room for her to lay on her back with her legs dangling over the side. Then I took the time to make sure she was nice and prepared for me.

Eventually she was whimpering in need and softly begging me to shag her already, and since I was more than ready to comply, I wasted no more time before sliding into her. Fuck! She was right! She IS tight!

Which was the beginning of my long and exhausting night. The best part was - of course - that moment when I was ready to pass out, and I found that you were already passed out in a pile, so I crawled my way into the pile, pulled you into my arms, gave you a tender kiss, and went to sleep.

MERLIN AND SALAZAR! I can't believe how much I needed a night of mindless shagging! But waking up to you kissing me? Better than all the shagging in the world.

You are my real Prince Charmin', like the heat from the fire, you were always burnin', and each time you're around, my body keeps callin' for your touch, your kisses and your sweet Romancin'

Chapter Text

Sunday April 24, 2016

My Smarter Half,

I make terrible choices. I mean, not all of my choices are terrible, but today's decision was a bad one. When I woke up, late for me but early for you, I went off to Molly and Arthur's to pick up our portion of the sleepover. That wasn't where I made the bad choices, that happened when I got everyone home.

I let the kids pick the day's activities since I felt badly about forcing them out of their home so we could have group sexy times with our friends. I really shouldn't have felt badly, since our choice of activities had no bearing on whether or not it was appropriate to send our children to a 'babysitter' especially a beloved set of grandparents. Also, they had a blast and probably would have chosen to have the sleepover even if we hadn't suggested it.

Fine! I let the children manipulate me into whatever activity they wanted to do! Eri, Ori, and Haz have my number and know I'm a pushover! Not to mention, under normal circumstances, the activity they chose is one of my favorite things to do. Except dirt biking for hours isn't the best activity for someone who spent the entire night before having their arse thrashed and being buggered until he cried.

I probably could have just healed everything but damnit, I earned that soreness! You know how much I hate doing the healing charms unless absolutely necessary. I probably should have considered them necessary. But since I already got through today, will you rub some of the mild healing potion into my skin? Maybe into my arse? Definitely into my arse. And then take me?

Because last night was amazing, and falling asleep in your arms was wonderful, and waking up to kisses with you was perfection, but I didn't get to have you deep inside last night. Only complaint of the night! Although I did get that mouthful while I had an arse full of Charlie. Thank you for checking in with me so often. I felt so loved and owned. I never had a chance to feel as though every aspect of last night wasn't for you. I took Luna's torture for you, because I'm your good mutt. I did good work when I was tied up and choking on Rolf's cock. And even when you had a room full of sexy times happening around you, you made sure I was safe and secure.

I love that we're back to a point where a night of playing with others only makes us more secure in each other. Everything I did last night was for you, I was good for you, and you were proud of me. And I got to see you walking around the playroom in those sinful pants. I need you to wear them again for me and soon, I want to worship every inch of you while you wear nothing but those leather trousers and those arse kicking boots.

I assume you want the rest of my thoughts on last night's proceedings? You always want me to recap in case you missed anything and to make sure it was good for me. All these years later, you are still the best Master a mutt could ever have. I love you.

So apparently, according to you, we won't be too old for playing like this for years. Uh, I plan on having a ridiculous and extensive sex life well into our old age. Right now we have fun sex aids like plugs and floggers, but I plan on having intense sex past the point of needing aids like actual canes and sex swings with lumbar support.

Speaking of things that are hard to do or need support, I still can't help but laugh at all these weaklings who can't take Blaise. Amateurs! I was too out of it to realize what was happening or my competitive nature probably would have demanded that I show off to the entire party how I can take Blaise better than anyone. I can DP with one of the cocks being Blaise-sized. Who's that? Is that Harry? Is that the Boy Who Lived? No! It's Super Bottom!!!

I didn't get a chance to talk with Neville afterwards, did you? I'm curious whether he was able to answer his own question about his sexuality. I DO know that I managed to see him swallowing Greg all the way down and it was just as hot as you seemed to think it was. Look, I love watching a good buggering or rim job as much as the next 'Old Gay Man' (and don't think we're not going to talk about you using that moniker on someone exactly my age) but there's something about a blowjob that just speaks to me. And Neville, bi or gay or whatever way he identifies, sucks cock like a pro.

He looked as though he was enjoying shagging with Padma well enough, although I don't think he looked like he enjoyed it quite as much as he liked giving head. But I do realize much of that is probably my own bias as to which one I think is hotter to watch.

And watching Sirius and Charlie? Holy fuck was that hot. I even took a break from being tortured just to watch. And I have to argue with you when you think Millie wasn't actually doing anything when she was watching Greg and Nev. Voyeurism is certainly an activity in and of itself. It took a lot of effort to not throw myself in between Pads and Charlie, to keep myself to voyeur status and not active participant. Dear Merlin, all that pale skin on display. Mmmm.

Alright I should probably stop discussing the fun from last night and go deal with explaining to Seph what happened to her Honey. I am not looking forward to this conversation. Actually, I am the teenager guy and you are the little kid guy so maybe you should handle it? Please? You're just so amazing with Persephone, I think she would fare better emotionally having to hear this from you.

Damn it, there's no way out of this is there? Well, off to break my baby girl's heart.

Wish me luck,


Sunday April 24th
My perfect little mutt,

After seeing our Hogwarts set through the floo back to their dorms, hugging and kissing them goodbye, we put all the others to bed. Then it was time for just the two of us.

I started by rubbing a little bit of that minor healing potion you asked for into your arse, and actually, you had a few welts, meaning that there was definitely a reason you had a hard time biking with the kids. After those were faded - leaving as much of the general soreness as I could - I moved onto actually healing your warm and waiting passage, but I did so in a unique way. I cast the healing spell on your tail plug and put it inside you to work its magic for a while.

Not the whippy white tail, the fluffy brown one. Meanwhile, I decided that since you were wearing the tail, you might as well wear the matching magic dog ears, the floppy brown ones that look adorable on you. With those in place, I removed my robe to reveal that I was wearing only those black leather trousers and arse kicking boots - as you requested.

I'm not certain you were in full puppy mode, but you were definitely happy to have a chance to lick every part of me you could as I lay on the bed for you. As you licked, you kissed and nipped me - I think you were planning to mark me and reassert your territory, but you didn't get far, just a lovely little spot on my chest above my left nipple.

"Hey dads - Oh my GODS!!! What are you DOING?!?!?!" Shtara squealed in mortification.

I laughed. "Haven't you learnt not to come in our room without knocking yet?"

"Yeah but, normally all I might accidentally see is you two shagging - NOT that I try to or want to see that. I just get so into what I'm doing that I forget to knock. But! But! That's just weird!" She was pointing at your dog tail, which was definitely drooping from disappointment.

"Nevermind that, love," I advised. "What is it you came in here for?"

"Huh? Oh! Seph can't sleep. She's too upset about Honey, so she's crying in her bed and Caelum came to get me because he says he knows better than to come in here when you two make goo goo eyes at each other when you tuck them in."

I snorted in amusement. "Well, that should have been a clue that you might want to knock!" I then kissed you before slipping out of bed. "Stay here mutt. I'll go dance our girl to sleep, and if you're still awake when I get back, we can finish what we started."

You whined softly in disappointment that we were being interrupted, but were also probably very grateful that you didn't have to pull on a robe to hide the tail while pacing back and forth with a distraught child.

So after a last stroke to your head, I followed Shtara to Persephone's room. Along the way, she was giving me some serious side eye.

"What?" I asked as if I had no idea what she was thinking.

"Why are you wearing those pants and boots, but no shirt?"

"I'm certain you don't actually want to know. Ask any of the older kids and you'll learn that your dad and I do LOTS of weird shite like this. One time, Elena caught me licking jam off Harry's back."


I smirked at her. "I really wanted jam. Hmm... I actually really want jam now too, come to think of it. Muffy, bring a jar of strawberry jam to my bedroom and set it on the bedside table next to Harry."

"Yes master," Muffy replied from nowhere.

Once in Persephone's room, I found that she really was crying, but also seemed to be half asleep, poor little lamb. So I did exactly as I said by scooping her into my arms and carrying her to the ballroom so I could sing and dance her back to sleep. She eventually calmed down but started crying again when I tried to lay her down. So I'm currently dictating this as I dance her around the ballroom. I have no idea when she'll feel ready to go back to bed, but I have a feeling it won't be anytime soon.

I'll be sure to kiss your sleeping head when I curl up around you, and who knows, maybe I'll get my fill of jam and fulfill my somnophilia kink while I'm at it. Love you!

*sings to both Persephone and the dictation device*
Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm blue, my disposition, depends on you, I never mind the rain from the skies, if I can find the sun in your eyes, sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate you, but when I hate you, it's 'cuz I love you, that's how I am, so what can I do? I'm happy when I'm with you,

Chapter Text

Monday April 25, 2016

My Adorable Love,

I haven't seen you all day! This is a travesty. Technically I have seen you twice now today, but not once while you were awake. So while I certainly enjoyed the view, it's not the same as getting to spend time with you.

Seph must have kept you up so late last night. You poor babies. I'm torn, I don't want to teach her that pets are replaceable or that everything can be fixed by a trip to the store, but I also want to go buy her five or ten more puffs to make it up to her. The reason I know she kept you up late is because I can tell you did not give in to your somnophilia kink. How do I know that? When I woke up, I still had my tail in, I was not covered in anything, and you were sound asleep next to me. Still wearing your trousers and boots, clutching a jar of jam. If I hadn't felt so badly for the both of you, that sight would have been almost as hilarious as when you fall asleep and your laptop hits me in the head.

I was going to see if you wanted to spend the day with me, I wasn't sure of your schedule of meetings or wedding prep, but while I was sitting down to breakfast, I got a message from Tabitha saying my presence would be helpful at Unity this morning. It seems all but three of the children were going home today. Fifteen children being returned to parents and three children changing from temporary to 'permanent' status can be quite the transition. Tabitha was clear that it wasn't any sort of emergency, but if I was available my being there would be helpful.

When I asked if I could bring the trio, Tabitha actually insisted they would be helpful playing with the younger kids as a bit of a distraction from the boring process of paperwork and the anxiety-ridden process of waiting for their parents to come and get them.

For the record, Angelica was right when she said her dad wasn't in on anything, he's just a single dad struggling to raise his kids and keep a job. Unfortunately for him, the promise of being able to bring his girls with to an in-house daycare was too good to resist. We put him and the other parents that were cleared of wrongdoing in touch with the Diagon Daycare center. They're going to bump them up the waiting list for immediate need. So as soon as any of them are able to procure another job, their children will have a spot waiting for them at an affordable care facility.

Two of the Kids staying, Eugene and Willa, belonged to the heads of the potion ring. So, they are on 'permanent' status. You know that permanent doesn't necessarily mean adoptable or truly permanent, but definitely not temporary. In theory, if another close family member without ties to the ring comes forward they can go home with them. Or their parents could request they not have their rights severed and then they will just stay at Unity until their parents are released from Azkaban. Not sure what their sentence was so I have no idea which of these is going to happen. So for now, they're permanent.

The other permanent Kid is little Brian. His parents were NOT part of the ring. They were let go on the charges the raid was designed to uncover. However, because Brian had gotten so sick without being brought in for care, the Department of Families and Children looked into his home life. It was not good. So he is an official Unity Kid.

On top of that, they found two other children there, the 'parents' (and I use that term loosely) had decided that even with free child care from their potions job, the five and seven-year-olds were plenty old enough to stay home alone all day every day and care for the house.

That all means today included fifteen children going home, three Kids status' changing from temporary to permanent and two additional Kids coming to Unity.

It was definitely a long day but seeing all those children being safe and sound was definitely worth it. I felt satisfied and exhausted, I couldn't wait to come home to you. After dinner was all cleaned up and the Kids were settling in for the evening, I was getting myself, Lily, Seph, and Cael ready to head home when River showed up unexpectedly.

"Dad! I'm so glad I found you. I need your help!" he started shrieking at me, looking like a mixture of relieved and panicked. Not sure how those can coexist in one look but he made it happen.

"Of course, maybe we should go to the sitting room to talk where there aren't so many young eyes watching you freak out?" I smirked at him.

He just nodded and we headed over to the sitting room. Where he verbally vomited a stream of panic, "I don't know what to do! Maha had to leave this morning to spend a few days in California, something about auditioning roles and wanting to see them act against her character? I don't know for sure. All I do know is the wedding is in nineteen days, Maha is going to be gone for at least six days, and we have so many things to plan for. What if I pick the wrong flowers? Or the wrong centerpieces? What if I forget to choose centerpieces and our wedding ends up centerpiece-less and Maha will hate me forever. Or she won't hate me, she'll just silently hold in her disappointment until it all bubbles over and she realizes she never really loved me, she really wants a man who can take care of business and I'm obviously not that man because I forgot the centerpieces!"

Oh. So am I right in assuming this is the nonsense you all have to deal with when we're less than twenty-four hours away from a gala with my name on it? I apologize. I can't promise I won't do it again, and I don't think you'd believe that promise anyway, but I am sorry.

That's around the time Muffy brought Lissa, Cael, and Seph home to you. Hopefully you were already done with all the paperwork you left for today and them showing up didn't mess up your schedule.

I spent the evening going down the checklist with River, helping him decide things that he could make the final call on, giving him the advice of messaging her about decisions I think she would definitely want some input on, and reminding him that you and I got married with a week of planning and things won't go all to hell if some decisions wait until she gets back.

Calming down a hysterical boy is not the easiest thing to do. You are a saint to put up with my hyperactive nonsense.

I just wish you'd still been awake when I came home. You must have still been exhausted from the lack of sleep the night before. So I snuggled up next to you and wrote about my day while taking short breaks to stare at your beautiful sleeping face.

Hopefully I get to see you tomorrow!

All of my love,

P.S. I can’t believe I was walked in on by my child while I was wearing a tail. This won’t scar her for life, right? Right?!?


Tuesday April 26th
My love,

This is going to be a quick note to let you know that I am going to be busy all day. Yes, I finished up all my paperwork for Robards yesterday, but Pippa had run an advert in the Prophet for me and I'm doing interviews all day. When I'm done, Elena will have a bright and shiny new assistant - which I will then have to introduce to her and do my best to survive what is certain to be a fierce storm until she calms down and warms up to the idea.

At the same time, Elena wants to go over what I might like to do with Zaire for an African tribal dance class. She's excited to be able to offer such a class, but wants to make sure that we put the proper level of attention to detail into it. I'd swear she must have forgotten what level of detail I tend to bring to things, but whatever, she'll see.

Lastly, I, erm… Well I have a different sort of opportunity altogether. It seems that the lead hand-to-hand combat trainer recently retired, leaving the Auror department short. Robards remembers how well I did during my training - and that I independently practice Krav Maga with our kids - and offered me first chance at the position. I'm... going to head into the Ministry at some point today and look around the facilities I'd be in charge of and see if they speak to me. If so, I might just take the job.

That's all for now, gotta run, love you!

Chapter Text

Wednesday April 27, 2016

My Love,

How did things go yesterday with Tropical Storm Elena? I was a bit worried when you hadn't gotten home yet by the time I crashed into bed last night, but the fact that you were in bed and breathing when I woke up this morning seemed like good news.

Did you, Zaire, and Lainie get anything accomplished about the dance lessons? Or did you and Lainie just argue a lot while Zaire laughed at both of your antics? I think it's really cool that you're going to be doing these lessons, but do you think you'll branch out to other tribes or areas of Africa or just stick with the Zulu dances you were taught recently? I don't know a lot about it but I can't imagine the Amhara people of Ethiopia have the same dances as the Anlo-Ewe people of Ghana. They may be on the same continent but the countries are separated by 4,000 miles.

Ah! I just want to wake you up and talk with you! I didn't see you Monday, I didn't see you yesterday, and now your pretty face is just sitting there looking all flushed and pretty! I miss you!

Did you get a chance to stop in at the Ministry and look over the hand to hand combat training facilities? Is this something you're seriously contemplating? I have to admit it seems to have come out of nowhere. Years ago when you were deciding what direction to take your career, I had mentioned teaching and specifically training Aurors and you didn't seem all that interested. Preferring to take the training yourself and then hand pick the raids that interested you.

If you do this will it mean you'll back off to being 'just' a trainer? Quitting raids completely? Or going on less raids? Slowing your raid schedule at all? Fuck, this is not going to take you out on any less raids and just going to give you another job to do isn't it? Damnit Draco, I miss your face! How many times do I have to say it?

Screw it, I am going to wake you up and have my way with you while you're still here. Maybe I'll tie you up before I wake you so you can't get away!



Wednesday April 27th
My beautiful husband,

I absolutely love that you tied me up before waking me this morning. It was a sensual and tactile delight to be helpless and struggling against my bonds as you teased the fuck out of me. First by finishing that licking and marking you started the other night - the jam was definitely involved - and then by having your glorious way with me.

You took me until we were both oh-so-close, and then stopped and teased me a bit more by kissing my tattoo of one of your love bites on my hip. Once you presumably calmed down a bit, you shifted until you could ride me. I feel as if I touched heaven at least twice before you were finally ready to shoot your load all over my chest. Some got on my face and you looked positively triumphant to have marked me.

You collapsed onto me and we lay panting for a long while. Then you untied me and we kissed for so long (you cleaning me up) that our kids got worried that they couldn't find you and came looking. Thankfully, all they saw was us kissing while naked, and so, don't have to wonder why daddy had daddy tied up. Caelum told us to stop being disgusting and then begged you to make him pancakes for lunch - since you were probably going to be making some for me to eat.

Actually, I've been eating ham and sausage diced and added to scrambled eggs lately, which Muffy had all ready to go, but you still gave in and promised to make them pancakes topped with plenty of fresh fruit, which damnit! Sounded REALLY good the moment you left the room!

In any case, I had time to read your email while I was eating and write this reply. Too bad you got called away before we had a chance to remember that talking was just as important as kissing.

In non-chronological order; Zaire and I did come up with a good course outline for the African Tribal dance class. Yes, we're going to branch out to other cultures since it could potentially get a little monotonous doing just the same few dances after a while. Elena loves the entire thing and is planning to personally speak to the parents of any student interested in taking the class to explain the cultural differences the students will be learning and why they are important to learn.

For what it's worth, the nudity thing isn't even the most important difference, in her opinion. The fact that a lot of the dances either are or resemble fighting, and that the students will probably learn a tiny bit of combat in the class as well, THAT'S what she thinks will actually make most parents balk. That said, once there are enough students with permission to take the class, it'll be a 2 hour class on Monday afternoons.

As for the Auror combat training, actually, despite it coming out of nowhere, I'm rather looking forward to it. See, back when I was taking Auror classes, I didn't want to do any sort of teaching, even though I do have skills they would quite like me to teach, because I wanted to focus on my own studies. But now that I'm settled into my role as the Chief of Raids, knowing that there's a need for combat training, and also, knowing that it's ultimately in my own best interest to insure that all people attending a raid be competent at defending themselves, well... I decided to take the job.

And before you groan that I will be out of the house even more, keep in mind that I usually only have to go on a raid once every month or two, so having a twice a week class (Monday and Wednesday nights for about two hours) means that I'll really not be too much more busy than I already am. Also, I made sure that any week that I do actually lead (or simply participate in, although that's really rare) a raid, Wednesday night class will be canceled. Remember that the Ministry likes to conduct most of their raids at the crack of dawn on Wednesday mornings so that Tuesdays can be preplanning, Wednesday the actual raid, and Thursdays for debriefing and paperwork. And Friday if there happens to be a LOT of paperwork.

Thus, a class on Monday wouldn't interfere with that anyway, and if Wednesdays are canceled any day I raid, then I don't have to worry about trying to do one more thing when I'm already exhausted. All in all, I think it'll work out nicely.

Alright, so I saved the worst for last, so to speak. What took the majority of the day yesterday was interviewing people for the role of Elena's assistant. I had a surprising number of applicants, but perhaps word has gotten around over the years that we're a good family to work for. In any case, it took longer than I liked just to weed through them and narrow them down to the best applicants. They ALL seemed qualified in one way or another. At that point, it was basically my job to determine which person would get along best with Elena.

In that aspect, I felt a bit like I was arranging a marriage, hahaha. I wasn't, of course, but when I was deciding, I took things like Elena's favorite food into account. Oh sure, Elena wouldn't hold it against someone if they loved a food she hated, but I could see that if I had two perfect applicants to choose from, then choosing the one with similar favorite foods would be beneficial.

So, after a very vigorous process in which I FINALLY had just one applicant left, I brought him to meet Elena. Before I tell you how she took the news, let me briefly tell you about Rodrigo. He's... about 5'11" with black hair and eyes, and a swarthy complexion. Before you raise a brow and think this man sounds plain, let me assure you that he is not. If I hadn't come to the realization that he would be perfect for Elena, I seriously would have ejected him from the building for being too bloody handsome for his own good. No need to make Elena's life even MORE complicated from temptation!

But despite looking a little like a younger version of that Actor from Zorro - Antonio something? - he really was the most qualified and perfect for the job. Especially since the assistant would need an extensive background in the performing arts, and he definitely had that. He went to Beaubatons before going to a muggle school much like Elena's that's located in Spain. I have a feeling that they'll eventually get along like a house on fire.

But as for now, Elena is currently not speaking to me and claims that the only reason she is tolerating Rodrigo's presence in her school and office is that she's A: too busy to stop and toss his arse out, and B: knows that I'm paying Rodrigo as my employee until he either passes his initial trial or runs screaming for the hills. Her money is on the later. That said, it's literally costing her nothing to give him a try, and so, after I pointed out that she's going to need an assistant to help out when she gives birth anyway, she might as well start training said person in now and feel confident that things are in the right hands when the time comes.

Strangely, when I was leaving, having been dismissed from our beloved dictator's presence, I paused to look back at her and saw her rubbing her temples and grumbling under her breath something along the lines of: "First Ethan and now dad; what's next?"

So... yeah, I have no idea what's on her mind, but she's definitely stressed about something. That CAN'T be good for the baby. I think maybe we can solve River AND Elena's problems - at least temporarily - by telling River that Elena REALLY needs a nice relaxing massage - being pregnant and all - and then telling Elena that River REALLY needs her help as a dummy to test out a new technique on. She won't need to know until she's already on his table that that's a lie.

But as for River, I know that he's under a bit of stress himself, and so, I plan to help him out either today or tomorrow - we'll see how things go - by solving his staff problems too. Currently, he owns his own spa and since he doesn't want to sell it outright, he needs a person who can take over as a manager at the very least, and potentially someone else to fill his position as a Massage Therapist. The other therapists and estheticians will continue on the same as they are, but River wants to be certain that all of his clients are taken care of before he leaves. To that end, I think I'll start by interviewing everyone on his staff to see if any of them are capable of taking on the role of manager, and if not, find someone who is.

Call it part of my wedding present.

So... How's Persephone doing? Did you buy her a new puff or ten yet?

Love you beyond all reason,

Chapter Text

Thursday April 28th
My Heart,

Why do you have to end your message asking a question you already know the answer to? Yes, I got Seph a new puff. I also got her a new kitten. Because I'm a sucker and you know it. I was really confused why she would want a cat when it was a cat that carried out the initial puff assassination. Well, our little lady has decided that if she got a kitten and was able to train it from babyhood into being a protector of all things pygmy puff, that it would guard her new pet from Venus' future threats.

So now our house has three dogs, two cats, a cheetah, and a pygmy puff. Also a boatload of owls and peacocks. Plus the ferret and the snakes when the Hogwarts kids come home from school. We may as well get our home classified as an official zoo.

Congratulations my love on your newest job. I think you will be wonderful at it! You may be a bit snarky, but I think you're really a natural teacher. You turned me from that terrible mess of a dancer from the Yule Ball into a fully functioning dancer with the appropriate left and right feet.

I think I need to find myself something to keep me busy on Monday and Wednesdays while you're teaching. Well, really just Mondays. I know we don't go all the time, but Wednesday nights are still movie nights at Unity and I can start getting into a routine of attending all of them. Especially with the recent influx of Kids their age, Jaz and the Trio in particular have been wanting to spend more time there anyway.

And uh, speaking of our menagerie, I have another idea to keep the kids and I busy when you're teaching hand to hand combat and dances that look like hand to hand combat. I think we should get some horses. No, hear me out, we have those stables in the western part of the Manor grounds that no one has used since you and I have been together. I'm sure they were originally built for Unicorn or Thestral breeding as a business enterprise, but I think we should have some horses for the kids to ride and care for.

On a completely unrelated note, there are two rescue horses that Hagrid somehow found wandering through the Forbidden Forest. He has no idea how their un-magical selves got in, but he's thinking magic somehow found a way to let them in because they were probably escaping from something awful. They were malnourished, more than an animal would be just from wandering an unknown forest, and they had some marks on them that make him pretty sure they hadn't been treated properly.

So, they're not doing great near Hagrid's hut because the magic that would normally keep nonmagical creatures away seems to be bothering them, and he can't find anyone who wants to take on TWO skittish horses and he definitely doesn't want to separate them. And isn't it so lucky that while we have magic and we have intense warding, we don't have anything on our grounds that would keep away non-magical creatures. AND we have a stable! AND we have children who love animals and are super responsible when caring for animals!


And uh, maybe when I was researching how to care for rescued horses I may have come across a couple of horses in the muggle world needing help as well. Basically they are all in safe places, but not anywhere permanent and not anywhere that has been trained to deal with rescues. It's certainly better than nothing, but there is another (very full) set of stables that has been trained in caring for these poor animals and they are willing to help train me and the kids (and anyone else who wants the skills) so that their load for caring for these animals can be lightened a bit.

I'd only want to start with the two that are in immediate danger while we are learning, but eventually what do you think about me running a bit of a horse rescue from the empty stables? I think it would be immensely satisfying. Plus, any money spent on their care and rehabilitation could potentially be made back when they are strong enough to sell. Obviously with a thorough background check and some follow-up visits just in case. It's a business that won't make us money, nor should it, but I think eventually it could become a business whose sales can cover the cost of the upkeep and it will be financially even. And then there's the emotional bonuses that will come from doing something so worthwhile!

So this Rodrigo sounds 'terrible.' You say he looks like Antonio Banderas? You think the description you gave makes me think he'll be plain? Yeah, no, he sounds gorgeous. I hope Lainie warms up to him quickly, because even if he looked like a troll, he sounds like his qualifications mean he'd be perfect for the job.

But what in Merlin's name did she mean "first Ethan and now Dad"? Does she mean Unity's old music teacher Ethan? Or someone else? What did Ethan do? Did she hire him at the school or something? Did HE hire her a fit assistant as well? It's actually been a while since I've heard from him. Have you seen him recently? Maybe I should call him up and see how he's doing.

Yeah, I think I'll do that.

I want my name on your lips,


Friday April 29th
Harry my love, my heart, my soul,

I have safe playgrounds wherever I can fit them and they don't earn me any money. WHY would I insist that you make money off of helping horses? I actually think it's brilliant, it's sort of the same thing as creating Unity Houses all over creation, but better because these animals will be coming here. The only thing I insist on is that you have Dibly at the very least and possibly Muffy and a couple of the other elves - maybe even hire on a few new ones specifically - help you care for the horses. This will ensure that they are fully trained and able to take care of the horses if you ever can't - such as us going on a last minute vacation to our island for a week.

Actually, I love animals and so I look forward to seeing them. I'll leave the work to you as I sense this is a calling for you, but I'll come in and make sure they are familiar with my scent and my touch so that I don't scare them if I ever do need to help out for any reason.

While you're off with Hagrid today figuring out how to transport two needy animals to our stables, I'll be at River's spa. The purpose is twofold. One, I'm bringing Elena in if I have to petrify her so that she holds still long enough, and we're going to have a daddy daughter spa day. And two, after we're all nice and pampered, I'm going to do as I said I would and start interviewing River's employees for managerial capability.

How did your chat with Ethan go? You know, I should probably go ask him if he has any interesting new instruments. It's also about that time of year when I should really make sure that his parents are ordering a few extra instruments every shipment and putting them aside for me so that I can give them out to needy children for Christmas.

Lastly, unlike at Elena's school - in which I have to wait for enough students with permission to take the class - My Combat Class for the Aurors will be starting this Monday night. Thus, I only have two days to figure out what to wear. I might need to go shopping! Lucky for me, River has finally found time in his busy schedule to have me take him shopping for his wedding attire. He's leaning toward muggle tuxes so that their pictures won't look weird if muggles come over to their house and look at them. Plus, Mahafsoun is more than likely going to want to show at least a couple of pictures off to her co-workers. In any case, I have a feeling it'll be one of those shopping trips in which River likes everything and can't decide on the perfect thing for him, and thus, I'll be necessary to tell him things like how his arse looks and no, that cut looks terrible on him.

Business as usual.

Damn, I like me better when I'm with you, I like me better when I'm with you, I knew from the first time, I'd stay for a long time 'cuz, I like me better when, I like me better when I'm with you,

Chapter Text

Friday April 29, 2016

My Love,

I have just a few minutes here so this will be quick. Hagrid is actually swapping out Hogwarts' Express' usual train cars for a car that can transport the horses. I was checking my emails to kill time while he does that and your email reminded me that I did not tell you how weird my chat with Ethan went.

So I show up, and while it's been a while since I've seen him, I've known the boy for what, fifteen years now? You wouldn't think he'd react in any other way to my showing up except a "Wow, hi Harry, it's been a while." Right?

No. I knock on the door, he opens it and I greet him with a big smile. I've heard it's a fairly good smile. It's won Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award multiple times! And again, I've known the kid since he was a pimply teenager. And then do you know what the arse says to me? Do you? "God damn it! Did Elena send you?"

I tried to play it cool, chuckled lightly to myself and said, "Of course not, you know she doesn't need anyone to do her dirty work."

Fine! I'm a terrible liar! I giggled really awkwardly and rambled nonsensically, mostly saying "What? Huh? Why would Lainie send me here?" Which of course made him clam up, apparently aware that he put his foot in his mouth a bit, and refuse to say anything else on the subject.

And to make matters worse, he tried to pull a complete one eighty and act like he hadn't said anything weird and acted like this was any other visit between the two of us. Offered me a cuppa, asked about the family, and avoided any conversation having to do with Lainie.

But the good news is he had already started setting aside instruments for your usual annual order.

Hope you're enjoying your daddy daughter spa day! I'm going to go fall in love with some horses.

Confusedly Yours,


Saturday April 30th
My sunshine,

Since you were already passed out by the time I got home last night, and it wasn't even that late, so you must have worked hard AND emotionally exhausted yourself working with those horses - that I took a quick peek at and they're gorgeous - I didn't get a chance to tell you what happened.

I'm currently at a pub with River. He's so wound up that we've had absolutely no success shopping, so I'm planning to get him just drunk enough to relax. Thus, I have some time to write an email before we go to the next shop.

So, yesterday when I arrived at River's spa with Elena, who was grumbling mutinously but there under her own volition, River had arranged it so that we really did have practically the whole spa to ourselves so that we could help him train in some new hires. He has two new Massage Therapists and two new Estheticians. They started by massaging us under River's supervision. River - being brilliant - got his hands on the parts of us he knew needed the most work, while his trainees worked on the rest.

After the massage, we had a little bit of a soak in the hot tub, followed by facials. This part had River on a chair next to us as his lead Esthetician took over the supervision of the trainees. After facials, we all had manicures and pedicures - which explains why my nails are all painted a shiny metallic blue, if you'd noticed.

All of that was more or less normal, as was the fact that we sipped on smoothies as the day progressed. Eventually, Elena relaxed enough that she no longer seemed like a bow ready to shoot an arrow. THAT'S when River started in on her.

"Dad told me you're pregnant, Lainie. How the fuck did that happen? You're usually so bloody careful!"

"Fuck off, Riv!"

"Were you drunk?"

"Fuck off!"


"Fuck off!!!"

"So bloody turned on that you WANTED to have his baby?"

"GOD DAMN IT!!! There's no bloody reason you need to know that I was invited to shag Ethan and his wife and I wanted it so badly that I MORONICALLY FORGOT the MERLIN-CURSED protection spells!!!"

"WHAT?????" Both River and I blurted out in shock.

"FUCK!!!" She burst out angrily as she realized that she'd just told us exactly what had happened.

Since we were currently getting pedicures, I had no qualms about reaching over and taking hold of her hand. "Oh love... If you were invited, then why are you so upset?"

That's when she burst out wailing a bit. "Daddy, don't you see?! I've had a crush on him for SO LONG! I jumped at the chance, even though I knew it was stupid, because I wanted to do it and get it done and stop wanting him somewhere in the back of my heart!"

"Yikes," River murmured in sympathy, holding her other hand.

Sniffing and trying to stop crying, Elena continued the explanation. "Ethan was honest, you know? He explained to me that he and his wife were having troubles ever since their second was born, and they thought that maybe adding some spice to their sex life would help. I KNEW that it was going to be a one time thing, and I thought that would be perfect to get him out of my system, but for me at least, it just made everything worse!"

"Does Ethan know?" I wondered since you'd mentioned Ethan being a bit arseholey as well.

"No. I didn't want to tell him until I was certain it wouldn't cause trouble for him and his wife, but then he stopped by my school the other day to tell me that him and his wife have decided to go to therapy, and that - NOT that I expected there to be - but there was definitely not going to be a repeat. I was in an irrational mood to begin with and hearing that just made me start screeching like a banshee. I shouted at him to get out and bloody well leave me alone. I may have even said that I never fucking want to see him again!"

Ah, so that explains why Ethan thought Elena might have sent you to talk to him on her behalf.

The good news is that by the time our spa day was over, Elena was a whole lot calmer and more at peace with life in general. Both River and I took turns giving her long hugs before we said goodbye to her, and she promised not to return to work, instead, spending the rest of the day just moping about her flat, eating ice cream and watching bad telly.

Then I terrorized River's employees - who are used to dealing with a Hufflepuff (because lets be honest, he would have been) - by interrogating, I mean interviewing them. Yeah, so, our little Hufflepuff has managed to hire a whole shop full of Hufflepuffs, which is wonderful when it comes to caring for clients, but TERRIBLE when it comes to managing a business full of employees. River does a good enough job of it because he's learned things from me, Pippa, and Viona over the years. He's not a manager by nature but knows enough about what he's doing to get by capably.

Therefore, if his business has any chance of surviving without him, he most definitely needs a person like Pippa running things while he's gone. So, Monday (before my Auror class), I'm going to be going back over all those applicants I just interviewed for Elena, and weeding through them with River in mind. It shouldn't take as long because I already asked a lot of questions and will be able to actually narrow down the selection before even calling any of them back for a second interview.

But as for now, River seems a lot more cheerful and less like you before a gala, so I think it's time to finish our shopping. Wish me luck!

Constantly, boy you played through my mind like a symphony, There's no way to describe what you do to me, You just do to me, what you do, And it feels like I've been rescued, I've been set free, I am hypnotized by your destiny, You are magical, lyrical, beautiful, You are, and I want you to know baby, I, I love you like a love song, baby,

Chapter Text

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ethan. Ethan? So, Ethan, like our Ethan? Fucking Ethan.

He said nothing to me. He acted like nothing was wrong and like he hadn't taken advantage of my baby girl and her feelings and a decade of her crushing on him! He has the bollocks to invite me in for a cuppa, likely in the same house he got my baby pregnant in an attempt to what … save his marriage? What in the actual fuck.

And you and I both know that spicing up a sex life with outside influences is never going to be something that saves a marriage. It only works when your relationship is loving and stable and everyone is on board. It's not something you just throw out there because you think shagging a young beautiful woman will make you more in love with your wife!

I'm going to kill him. Maybe not kill him. Maybe I'll just go all Princess Bride 'to the pain' on his sorry arse. And he goes to her work, sees my baby girl is emotional and thinks telling her it's never going to happen again is the right choice? Hey, nice school you've built with your blood sweat and tears, sorry about whatever seems to be bothering you, but I just need to let you know I'm never going to shag you again. Ta! Thanks for the shag!

Maybe I don't kill him. Maybe I figure out one of those STD curses. You know what really brings an ailing marriage together Ethan? Makes you feel real close to your spouse? Chlamydia.

Breathe Harry, breathe. She was a fully consenting adult. You shouldn't kill him. She made her choices. He made his choices.

Alright, I will neither kill him nor curse him with some permanent affliction.

What about just a case of crabs? That's totally curable and not going to really hurt him in any way.

Fine. Be an adult about it. See what I care.

Anyway, our horses are doing well settling in I think. They both seem to be responding well to the constant petting and brushing and affection the children are giving them. As well as not being assaulted with warding magic. Plus a clean space to live, plenty of space to run, and as much healthy food as they need.

The not so great thing that happened though, I let the children name the horses. Obviously we don't know what their former owners named them, and Hagrid names animals terrible names. Seriously, a dragon named Norbert. Honestly man. But letting five-year-olds choose the names isn't all that much better. The gold colored mare is Cheesecake and the dark brown is Fondue. Yeah, our horses are named Cheesecake and Fondue. Not only should you never have small children name horses, but you definitely shouldn't have them do it while hungry.

How did drowning River's sorrows go last night? How can it possibly be this hard to find him a tux for his wedding? He's handsome, his frame is practically built for formal wear, and money is no object. Has he thought about asking Eris and Hazel to design one for him? They did such an amazing job with Maha's dress that I'm certain they could pull off something spectacular for him.

Grooms are crazy I tell ya! It's a good thing you and I were both so calm cool and collected on our wedding day!

Your Groom For Always,
Harry James Malfoy


Monday May 2nd

Why no, Elena, I have no idea why Ethan suddenly has Crabs.

See? I can sound utterly believable, and if you don't, I just might do it myself.

So today has been beautiful so far. You woke Zaire up to his traditional birthday breakfast, and apparently, he forced himself to stay in bed and pretend he was still sleeping this year. Then he helped you make breakfast for the rest of the kids.

We had a lovely family lunch in which he opened his presents. No surprise, but he got a lot of trains. I gave him a lovely red engine. You gave him another of those beautiful Disney train cars. My parents gave him an even bigger train track and set than last year. One might think that he'd be sick of them by now, but he never fails to be so amazed and grateful for each and every one he gets that I think it's mostly a competition to get him a bigger and better one than the year before.

Think we'll stop before he has his own full-sized, functional Hogwarts' Express?

After lunch, Zaire begged you to take him, Jaz, and Shtara to Unity Park. I was more than happy to not be included in those plans, and my parents were happy to watch the trouble-trio. Thus, after you left, I was able to finish up hiring a manager for River.

I got so into what I was doing that while I was introducing him to River (he's another gorgeous one, named Felix of all things, but I suppose we don't have to worry about River being attracted to him, and who knows, maybe his clients will LOVE having something nice to look at), I lost all track of time and nearly forgot about my first class.

Thankfully, Pippa reminded me when she noticed I wasn't already at the Ministry when I would have liked to be in order to prepare things for my class. After receiving her Insta-owl, I exclaimed: "Ah!" and kissed River on the cheek so I could rush off before remembering that I was wearing soft white cotton spa gloves to help protect my hands while some of that luxurious new hand potion of River's soaked in.

Anyway, lucky for me that I had on a very strange outfit. I was wearing what would be called yoga pants in America (male ones, over my heavenly silk pants) in black. I'm really not sure what we call them here as I don't recall ever seeing them in any of the local shops. I suppose yoga bottoms. Not important.

Since my bottoms were black, they worked well enough as suit trousers, so it wasn't immediately obvious that my suit jacket and waistcoat were paired with the wrong trousers completely. Under my waistcoat, I had a dark blue singlet. I completely forgot that I'd also had my hair ever so lightly frosted shades of blue at the tips Friday during my spa day, so I could have easily picked a green singlet and clashed horribly.

Anyway, my hair was pulled back in a tight and orderly man bun to begin with, as I had wanted to make a good impression with the interviewees and orderly was the only thing my hair felt like doing this morning.

Thus, the first impression that my students had of me as I walked into the room a full two minutes late, was of a posh bloke in a bespoke business suit. Not a bad first impression, if I'm honest.

About half of the class was current Aurors who have worked with me before, who obviously need to maintain or refresh their hand to hand combat skills. The rest were students in training who still have no real idea what it means to be an Auror. They clearly think that it's a glamorous job, leading to glory as they bring in criminal after criminal. Their sheer naivety makes me want to terrorize them mercilessly so that they leave my class MUCH better prepared for reality.

Bletchley was on hand to introduce me to the class as he teaches Intro to Auror Techniques, and so, they've all been in his class or worked with him. "Listen up lads!" He called out even though there were three or four women out of the class of about 20. "This is Draco Malfoy and he'll be your combat instructor from now on."

"Thanks mate," I said with a friendly smile.

He looked me up and down in confusion. "You're planning to teach hand to hand combat in a suit? Very Kingsmen of you."

I grinned at him. "Good point. I'll have to do that eventually, not to mention have them wear FULL Auror uniforms as class progresses. But for now, no. I simply had other things to do today that required a bit more class." I explained as I pulled my spa gloves off (they looked like regular gloves, so that wasn't weird combined with my suit jacket). Then I pulled off my jacket and waistcoat in one go and slipped out of my shiny black business shoes, leaving me wearing only my bottoms and singlet (and pants, of course. No need to be even sexier than I have to be, heh heh). Well, naturally, I was wearing my wedding band and all my nails were still a nice, shiny, metallic blue.

I tried to act as if I was deaf, but I heard one of the women gasp: "DAMN!" A glance in her direction showed that she was very appreciative of the way I looked. You know, I'm not actually used to the people that I'm teaching or sparring with being attracted to me as they're mostly our kids, my aunt, and Unity Kids that need a bit of anger management.

She then glanced at a bloke who I hadn't had a chance to actually meet yet, but who was very overtly gay. He also looked like he was ready to eat me up. Clearing my throat, I pointed to the large mats all over the floor.

"These are as cushiony as I could make them, but don't get too used to them. They will be getting less cushioned until they disappear altogether. By the end of this course, you will be quite used to getting thrown up against a wall or a hard floor. You will be bruised in each class. You MIGHT break something and need a quick healing spell or a trip to a Healer. You WON'T leave here wondering why this class is necessary as I'll be sure to tell you all about various situations in which each skill has come in handy in the past."

As Bletchley was still on hand, presumably to answer questions should I need a second authority on hand, I decided to gesture to him and trap him into being my practice dummy. "You are all familiar with Bletchley, right? Well he's decently competent in combat, so I feel confident having him help me demonstrate a few things."

Bletchley immediately spotted his mistake and paled a bit, but nodded and gamely agreed to help out. "Erm.. right."

I then swept his feet out from under him. "First lesson, ALWAYS be on guard. You're going to be Aurors going into situations in which an unseen assailant could be lurking behind anything. THIS is what can happen if you aren't alert." I helped Bletchley up. "Or worse." I tossed Bletchley over my shoulder and immediately straddled his back with my pointer finger in his spine. "He'd already be dead if he was this inattentive on a mission."

"Oi!" Bletchley protested indignantly. "If you'd just give me a chance to prepare myself, I'd do much better!"

I leaned over and spoke softly, deadly, in his ear. "Are the criminals going to give you a moment to prepare?"

"Erm, no. I suppose not," he admitted in defeat. I stood up and helped him up again, only this time, I didn't attack him.

"These are only a couple of examples of the things you will be attempting to learn in this class." I looked a small and rather mouse-like young man in the eyes as he squirmed and clearly wished he could vanish on the spot. "But even if you never manage to master throwing a man over your shoulder, don't be discouraged. Learning how to BE THROWN is just as valuable as - if it happens - you'll know how to recover and roll so that you land safely. Your opponent will expect you to be dazed and disoriented, but you won't be."

I stopped looking him in the eye and returned to the center of the group. "So that's exactly what we're going to be starting with. I'm going to go around and toss each of you over my shoulder. You can try to defend yourself if you like, it won't work. As I do, I'll point out how to roll with the toss. Hopefully, by the time I'm ready to move onto showing you other things, you'll have accepted this part of it - as you will be doing a LOT of landing on your arse during sparring - and you won't be afraid of it happening. You'll be ready for it."

Then I smirked rather evilly. "Who wants to go first?"

Bletchley suddenly checked his watch and exclaimed: "Blimey! Is that the time?! I'm late for dinner and my wife's going to MURDER me!"

Since he's not one of my students, I let him go.

So... the good news is that all of my students survived their first class. The bad news is that none of them are the slightest bit competent in combat and would have died out in the field had this been a real battle. I took them out for a round of drinks after class, so if you wonder why I smell a bit ripe when you wake up, that's why. Unfortunately, I'm just tired and achy enough that I'm going to finish up this email, and then wrap myself around you before probably passing out.

Wake me up to your hot mouth shortly before noon, yeah?

'Cuz it makes me that much stronger, Makes me work a little bit harder, It makes me that much wiser, So thanks for making me a fighter,

P.S. By that, I mean you make me keep fighting for our best future together ^_^

P.P.S. River now has a gorgeous tuxedo that looks brilliant on him, so, he's a bit, erm… LESS panicky than he was. Honestly, all he really has to do is let Portia and Pippa do everything. And Mahafsoun once she gets back. Sheesh...

Chapter Text

Tuesday May 3rd
MY Husband,

You know, with the new babies about to join our family, and then with these horses coming to our home and the subsequent naming of them, I'm just so curious about names lately. You know I've always been interested in names. For instance, what is the name of the Auror or Auror in training who looked at your body and declared "DAMN!"? Or what is the name of the obviously gay guy who looked at you like he wanted to eat you all up? You know, for curiosity.

I'm just so interested in names, 'the damn lady', 'the ogler', Ethan … all names I like having at my disposal.

Speaking of my baby who's having a baby, I was really surprised to find out you'd told River about Elena being pregnant. I thought we weren't supposed to tell anyone but each other. Or did you have to tell him since he and his team were massaging her? Are there certain techniques that are better for or can't be done on pregnant women? I'm sure as a man who's been pregnant multiple times in the past I should probably know this, but I lay down on that table and my brain just shuts off. I become nothing but a lump of muscles.

She probably knew why he'd been told then since she didn't start shrieking at you, or calling me if she thought he meant me, about how dare we give away her secret. She's a smart woman, this shouldn't surprise me.

What does surprise me, as it seems to still surprise you, is how in love with trains Zaire continues to be. I know a lot of small children like trains but usually they eventually outgrow the obsession. Our Z never did. I think they're pretty damn cool myself so I certainly don't blame the kid. I think it's funny that you ask if we won't stop until he has a fully functioning Hogwarts Express. You think we'd stop there if it goes that far? My boy can have a train that puts the Express to shame if that's what he wants!

Zaire Malfoy's Bullet Train they'll call it!

His day at Unity Park seemed a little more on brand for a ten-year-old boy. We ate way too many sweets, rode every ride at least once, giggled so hard we almost retched up the sweets we'd gorged ourselves on, and took about a billion pictures. I still can't get over our tiny little boy, who came to us so small and angry, malnourished and flinching, is now this tall embodiment of health and joy. He's so rarely without a smile. I did get caught up in the fun of the day, but every so often it would just hit me how amazing it was that this young man is here with us, safe and sound and HAPPY.

It's almost time for your wake-up call, and I've been up for hours. I got in a solid run this morning, stopping partway to check on Cheesecake and Fondue, came home and had breakfast, showered, made a few calls about some potential rescues that we may be getting this upcoming week, and wrote most of this email. I'm feeling pretty darn productive so far, and it's not even noon!

Oh, actually one of the calls I made was to my publishing house. We're roughly six months out from the 'final' book in my series coming out, Harry Potter and the Camping Trip from the Underworld. Which means right around the time we get back from California and start prepping for the kids to head back from Hogwarts I'll be headed out on what will likely be my final book tour. My first tour was long and extensive, my second a bit shorter and mostly local, the rest have been a mixture of the two. But this last one is going to be a doozy. I'm excited but nervous. Good thing I have months to really work myself up about it …

Alright, time to fulfill your request for a warm, wet alarm!

Love you,


Tuesday May 3rd
Silly puppy,

Why would I know the names of my students? It's not necessary unless they impress me or fuck up so badly that I have to write them up.

As for Elena, yes it's important for the therapist working on her to know that she's pregnant as they might need to avoid certain areas or use cushions or more comfortable positions. You never noticed because Aya always magicked her table to adjust to the bump automatically. I figured that River would be the one working on Elena and told him for that reason, and she deduced the reason the moment he brought it up. So she doesn't feel like I betrayed a confidence in this situation.

That said, she is resigned to the fact that River will probably chat about it with Viona, Eri, Ori, and Hazel, in which case, the whole family will know very soon, if they don't already. I'm not sorry as I feel that having Viona to talk to at the very least will be beneficial for Elena. Sisters and all that.

Ooo! So we're getting new horses already? I can't wait. The peeks I've taken have shown two beauties that need a lot of love. I witnessed Caelum hugging and kissing Fondue like he'd just found his best friend, so I rather think we might be keeping these horses at the very least.

But speaking of the horses, apparently the light scent I picked up while peeking at them was offensive enough to Amala that she pinned me down and growled as she rubbed her scent all over me, so I had to spend a few hours petting and massaging her and reminding her that she is still my pretty kitty. But... If I reek of Cheetah when you see me next, that's why.

Also speaking of Amala, I've decided that the first half of my Wednesday class, I'm going to bring them all here so I can make them run on your track as they all CLEARLY need to get in much better shape. And the moment they start complaining that I'm going too hard on them, I'm going to have Amala chase them to give them proper incentive.

But I'm fully awake and ready to start my day now - thank you so much for the wonderful wake up - so I'm going to hunt you down and see what you're doing. Who knows, maybe you'll be free and we can go dancing in the ballroom.

You're an obsession, you're my obsession,

Chapter Text

Wednesday May 4, 2016


At this point I don't think either of us can say a single word about the other smelling of wild animal. I have spent so much time in the stables since the horses got here, and even before they came just to prepare the space, that I am sure I smell of hay and leather at all times.

Yes, we are getting two more horses within the next day or so. I didn't expect to get more than these two magical rescues for a while but they were a bit desperate. Apparently one of the places the official rescue has relied on in the past to foster when they're full had a barn fire. So not only is the rescue almost dangerously full right now, but their usual overflow had to find placements for those animals. Normally they wouldn't risk rescue animals on an unknown brand new stable, but their desperation pushed them to make the call.

The fact that the owner of the rescue is friends with my connection at Muggle Children's Protective Services and Jenna was willing to vouch for me was the tipping point to trust me. I guess a decade and a half dealing with orphaned children made them think I might be able to be trusted with horses.

The two that are showing up soon are very likely to be temporary placements. Just until the burnt stables can be rebuilt or until forever homes can be found for them. I might be trustworthy, but I'm still a newbie so they are sending their two most rehabilitated horses this way. None that need a lot of extra attention. However, I am about ninety-nine percent sure that Cheesecake and Fondue will be here for the duration of their lives. Unless Caelum moves out someday and takes his horse with him. If you wake up in the middle of the night and find Cael is missing you'll probably want to add the stables to your list of places to check.

Are you actually planning on bringing your class here to run this evening? Do you want us to clear out and make sure to head to Movie Night at Unity? Or would you like me to hang back and run circles around your students? Maybe watching an old man like me leave them in the dust will motivate them to work a bit harder. And if that doesn't work, we sic Amala on them.

Maybe we don't sic her on all of them, perhaps just one or two. Possibly we decide based on who looks at you too long.

Wow, I don't normally get quite this possessive. I might have to take you and mark you up a bit before your class so they know exactly who you belong to. I am feeling quite territorial. Would you like that Love? Want me to mark up all that pretty skin so everyone knows you're mine? Leave your skin hyper sensitive so the slightest breeze can remind you of how it felt when I sunk my teeth into you? Hmm?

Or maybe I ask you so sweetly to wear some silky knickers under your joggers tonight. Every time you stretch to take on a combatant you can feel the silk slide across your pretty cock.

Or I can come find you and ride you until I come all over your chest. Then I can rub it into your skin until my claim on you is practically a part of your body.

Fuck, I've got myself good and worked up. Hope you have time for some or all of that before your class.

You are MINE,


Wednesday May 4th
My heart,

Whatever God I have to thank for you being very possessive and horny lately, remind me to sacrifice a 100 kilogram box of chocolates to. I LOVE the fact that you wanted to mark and own me. We spent a good three hours in bed this afternoon just being together and doing all those things you suggested.

You started by sucking a lovely bruise onto my neck, so even if I had a fully covering shirt on, it would still be seen. Then you rode me quite leisurely for a long time, making my toes curl and my back arch, but denying me my orgasm (not with a spell, just by simply slowing down) until you were ready to pump your load all over me. At that point, you sped up so that I could get there at the same time as you.

Then, just as you promised, you massaged your spunk into my chest so that I smelled very strongly of you. We lay curled around each other, simply kissing, until it was time for me to get ready for my class. At that point, you led me into the closet and picked out a nice pair of satin and lace knickers for me to wear under my track suit.

It was right about then that Pippa popped into the room to let me know that she had indeed seen to it so that my class had a floo connected directly to the Manor track. Also, she'd made sure to put up a large and very noticeable sign that told my students to take a pinch of floo powder, toss it in the waiting fire, and call out Malfoy Track as they stepped in.

Side note, we had a fire pit added just off to the side of the start of the track so that they can step out of the pit and be exactly where I need them to be.

Once I had my track suit on - which was fashionably done in shades of blue - you helped me pull my hair into a messy pony tail. I know, my hair is only just barely long enough for a pony or a man bun, but having it just fly however it likes when I'm running annoys me, so pony it is.

Once ready, it was about 10 minutes to 5 - which is the start of my class - so I had just enough time to grab a quick and small bite to eat, and actually, opted for a smoothie. You had already dropped the kids off at Unity House to play before we started our bed exercises, so you had nothing urgent to do until closer to 6 - which was when the movie starts.

So, you slipped your hand in mine and walked with me to the running track. Actually, you Apparated us to right next to the track and then we walked the last few feet from there.

"Eeek! Harry Potter!" The timid young man squeaked when he spotted you, clearly not expecting someone so famous to just casually walk up to a group he was part of.

I covered your mouth before you could say: "That's not my name."

"Just Harry is fine, or if that's too informal for you, he actually prefers Mr. Malfoy," I explained.

"Damn straight!" You exclaimed. "Actually not straight as I am very very gay."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Still with that joke?"

"Always," you promised with a flirty smile at me.

"Harry, this is my class. Class, this is my husband Harry, yes used to be Potter. Any other time and he'd probably be delighted to shake hands and sign autographs, but right now, class is due to start in just two minutes and he's rather eager to get to running." I gestured to indicate your gorgeous track suit in shades of green, in case they somehow missed the obvious.

Then I realized that I actually hadn't explained that part yet. "So, as you've probably guessed by now, I've decided that none of you will be any sort of competent in learning hand to hand combat until you've improved your physical condition at least a little. I'm not expecting professional athlete here, simply fit enough to defend yourself from attackers who'd quite like to murder you. Depending on how well you do here, that may very well be me."

Then I paused so that I could kiss your hand. "Harry was delighted for the opportunity to help out. He LOVES to run and will remind me if I forget the important things like proper stretches. So, without belaboring the point, lets get right to it, shall we?"

Without waiting for an answer, I directed my students to form lines and maintain enough space to stretch without banging into each other. Once you nodded that they were sufficiently warmed up, having beautifully helped demonstrate the stretches when I described them, I stood in front of them and addressed them again.

"Harry here is going to lead the way. I'm purposely going to go slow enough to be the last runner so that I can observe you and let the stragglers know what they're doing wrong. The best advice for running is to pace yourself and remember to breathe. We are lucky in that there're actually a few handy charms to keep us hydrated and breathing steadily - as opposed to too fast. I'll cast those on you as needed. IF you think you are a decent runner already, feel free to try to keep up with my husband. IF you complain for any reason, I have a special treat in store for you. You'll love it, I promise," I vowed with a charming grin.

And with that, you took off and encouraged them all to follow you. As I'd 'lectured,' I'd noticed most of the students eyeing me and my love bite as if wondering how professional it was to show up to class looking like a stupid bloody teenager, but after glancing at you and seeing the gorgeously smug expression on your face, probably shook it off as me losing a bet or something. As the majority of the students took off right after you, it was only the two that previously had liked what they saw that ended up blushing with embarrassment as they realized that they were still standing there staring at me rather lustily while the other students were already chasing after you.

Probably more embarrassing for them was that I was giving them a rather pointed and not very friendly look, even crossing my arms and tilting my head until they got the point that I couldn't start running until after they were. Extremely red in the face, they took off like a rocket after you, clearly not following any advice on how to run without hurting themselves.

Oh well, I suppose that if they can't move tomorrow, they'll pay more attention the next time and get it right. Happily, the majority of the Aurors and trainees are actually required to use the Ministry fitness facilities on a regular basis, and while that certainly doesn't guarantee fitness, it does at least mean that most of them knew how not to overexert themselves in the first five minutes.

Twenty minutes later, almost everyone but you (and that one bloke that actually is a decent runner) had slowed down and was sort of half walking half running. More or less PRETENDING to run while really trying to half arse it. I was calling out encouragement.

"You call this running?! MY KIDS can run better than this!!! I bet my kids could kick your arses in hand to hand combat too! What ARE you DOING??? Impersonating a duck?!?!"

At around 25 minutes, the thing I was waiting for happened. The man who coincidentally happened to be the least in shape gasped out: "This is insane! He's going to kill us!"

Laughing maniacally, I cried out: "Accio Amala!" This naturally had Amala at my side in about 10 seconds. I pointed at the complainer and commanded: "Get 'im girl!" To which she complied and he shrieked like a little girl and put far more effort into his running than he had all evening. As did a few others.

Lucky for him, five minutes later, I called Amala off and insisted that everyone walk sedately for five minutes before leading them through more stretches. Then I called for Muffy to bring out refreshments so that each person got exactly one of your freshly baked biscuits and a cup of tea - along with a big glass of water. As I ate my biscuit, I purred in enjoyment.

"Lemon Ginger, among my very favorite," I murmured, giving you a kiss.

You smiled and informed me that: "I was trying a new recipe that is supposed to bring out the ginger a little more, using maple syrup as a sweetener so that it's not TOO sweet, and yet, has a nice addition to the flavor."

"Delicious, as always," I praised, which made you happy. Then you sighed a tiny bit morosely.

"I should probably get to Unity while they're still making popcorn and snag a bowl and my favorite seat. I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too," I assured you, letting you kiss me as much as you wanted before Apparating away.

Then I turned back to my class. "Right, so now that the easy portion of the evening is over, we'll return to the classroom and start on the hard stuff, yeah?"

Nearly all of my students groaned, and the one Amala chased looked like he might legitimately die if he had to get up off the ground anytime soon. As for my beautiful girl, she was purring and looking rather amused as she watched him. She sat on my feet and started chewing on my hand.

"Oh no, you're not coming, love. I don't need Kingsley hexing my arse because I let a wild animal loose in his Ministry," I informed her and she looked rather put out with me, even biting my hand hard enough to puncture me with one of her incisors. "Stop, now I'm going to have to heal that. Muffy, bring Amala to her enclosure."

Muffy popped up to do exactly that, but before she could, Amala decided to jump up and put her paws on my shoulders so that she could glare at me. I know she hates to be in her enclosure, but until I can trust that she's not going to bother your horses, I'm not willing to let her run free without supervision. I stared her down until she sighed and sat back on my feet. Then Muffy took her away.

After that, to my students' great dismay, I proved that I was serious about the rest of class. We returned to the training room, and then I paired them all up so that they could learn the maneuver to sweep a person's feet out from under them. It may seem like a strange thing to teach them in their second class, but remember, Krav Maga specializes in self defense in the most physically economical way possible, and so, relatively easy moves that can incapacitate an opponent are good to learn first. After all, what good does it to know how to punch a person if you can't get through their defenses?

You don't need to know every tedious detail, but I will just say that you were right about every movement in those knickers!

Hornily devoted to you,

Chapter Text

Friday May 6, 2016

My Heart,

We are exactly eight days away from the wedding, heading into the last weekend before the big day. Mahafsoun is finally back in town, and tempers and anxieties are flaring all over the place. You won't judge me if I hide in our rooms for a while right? I love wedding planning, but all the different conflicting personalities are putting me on edge.

Maybe I can ask Tabitha to pretend there's some emergency at Unity that I'm needed for?

Oh! Never mind! I have something I can legitimately do that will keep me out of the line of fire. I need to give the horses some extra TLC. Normally myself and the elves take care of a lot of the actual chores and the kids are responsible for the loving stuff; talking with them, petting and spoiling them with apples, brushing them until they glisten. But this weekend they've got fittings for their wedding clothes and Maha has set them up with some fun project. I think they're decorating the runner or the arch? Which means those horses NEED me to go hide in the stables with them.

Don't judge me man! These people are insane!

I had to laugh when you said you wanted to sacrifice chocolate to whichever God or Goddess put me in this perpetual horny and possessive state. That led me to think about which deity would be considered the God of Horniness or Possessiveness. Uhhh …. all of them? They shagged and fought over their possessions all over the globe if the stories are all to be believed.

It has not abated at all. I want you constantly. I'd worry that maybe something is wrong with me, but I think you and I are both enjoying the side effects so let's just take it as the blessing it is alright? It's not too much different from usual, you and I shag A LOT. It's really just the possession that's different. And again, not so much different as more intense. I've always had a jealous streak when it comes you to.

You love it.

Your class on Wednesday was a bit eye opening. I am afraid for our world if those are the people defending it. Complaining after a mere twenty-five minutes of running? I wouldn't judge a civilian for being winded or tired after that short of a timespan, everyone has different limits and it's unlikely they will ever NEED to have the kind of stamina distance running requires. But what are these punks going to do if they're ever in a situation where they need to chase a perp? What if they end up in a lengthy duel? What if there are anti-apparition wards and they have to book it out of an unsafe situation?

While I enjoyed shaming them a bit, it's probably unfair of you to use "my kids can run faster than you and could beat you in hand to hand combat." Our kids have been running with me since they were toddlers and been training in Krav Maga from roughly the same age. It's not like getting their arses handed to them by any five or six-year-old, ours are an extreme example.

Although it would be hilarious to see any of them taken out by Seph. Can you imagine those grown adults being taken down by a pixie of a girl of 104 cm (41inches) and only 17 kg (35pounds)? How much do you want to bet they'd cry?

Probably as much as I wanted to cry when you told them that I'd normally love to shake hands and sign autographs. Not cool Draco, why would you say that? I'm going to end up running into some of them on Diagon and have to explain to them that you were being an arse and I don't actually ever sign autographs. To be fair, by the time that happens I am sure they will be well aware you're an arse!

We definitely missed you for Movie Night, but don't worry you didn't miss anything new. Next week we're doing Moana and I think you'll be upset to have missed that one. I hear the music is insane. But this past week we went old school. Movie Night happened to land on Star Wars Day! How could we not watch Star Wars? And since The Force Awakens just came out that's the one we chose. It was SOOOOOO good!

Alright, if I am going to hide in the stables I should probably head out there before someone finds me in here and puts me to work.



Saturday May 7th
My brilliant husband,

I really must commend you for having horses who desperately need you at all times. It's sheer brilliance and astonishing foresight to have them come in exactly when you need THEM to keep you busy. I must say that I'd never really seen a glimpse of Slytherin in you like you say the Hat insisted, until now.

As for me, I'm spending the day with the happy couple and Portia. We're going cake tasting. Also, Mahafsoun has a dozen or so pictures of the various styles she likes that her personal stylist has tested out on her, and she'd quite like me and Portia to look them over and vote for our favorites.

So, I'm going to have the arduous task of sipping on tea, eating cake, and giving my opinion. I may not survive! Especially with River back in panicky mode.

I'll let you know if I'm in need of a rescue.

Love you like never before,
P.S. Before I forget again, I actually HAVE accomplished a lot over the past week without even realizing it. I've actually managed to book the entire town of Hogsmeade next year for Viona's wedding, and so, the date is now set: Sunday July 9th 2017

P.P.S. While I will admit to being an arse, you, my love, have made it part of your career to sign things and shake peoples hands - and sometimes even give them hugs. I didn't think I was being particularly arseholey by mentioning that, and besides, I DID tell them you didn't want to do it just then, hrmph.

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Friday May 13, 2016

My Strength,

Remind me again why I didn't try to talk River and Maha out of holding their wedding the day after Hazel's birthday? I was only thinking about them not needing to change it since they were technically different days. But I didn't take into account that it would be stressful for ME!

Fine, fine, fine, apparently I have been very selfish since I purposefully scheduled an intake of rescue horses just so I wouldn't have to help with wedding planning. Next you'll probably say I was the one who started the barn fire which caused the issues in the first place! You know I did not plan this specifically to get out of dealing with panicky River duty. It just so happened to coincide and I took advantage of the situation. I might be part Slytherin, but there's definitely Gryffindor in me! I won't cause an issue to get my way, I'll only twist it around until it suits my own purposes.

Today was lovely with Hazel, I went to Hogwarts early in the morning to pick her up for birthday festivities and then grabbed the rest of our Hogwarts crew so they could be home in plenty of time for rehearsing tonight and then last minute wedding prep tomorrow. We got home where I had breakfast waiting, a bit of a change in our birthday routine but Haz assured me that she'd rather have my breakfast a bit late than sit in the Great Hall no matter how delicious the elves make the food.

You were there so I don't exactly need to go into vivid detail, but wasn't the design studio amazing? Obviously Hazel and Eris have been designing their own fashions for years, but this technology where you can essentially design and then create your own fabrics is so cool. This way they don't have to rely on pre-designed fabric to make their clothes. And the designers of the printing program seemed quite interested in Hazel's critiques.

I certainly didn't understand what they were talking about, but it seemed while she loved their tech there were some places she could see improvement that they hadn't necessarily thought about. She did apologize at one point, "This tech is amazing, I don't want you to think I'm anything less than completely impressed!"

They assured her that as long as someone's being respectful, constructive criticism can only benefit them. Basically letting her know that that's why they were so excited for her to visit them, they know her (and Eri's) work and were hopeful they'd get some ideas from a designers' perspective and not just their technological perspective.

I'm just waiting for dinner to come out of the ovens and I'll meet up with you and the rest of our group. I'm sure we'll talk about the wedding, but I'm just excited to have our whole family sitting down together and catching up. We have the best kids and I love seeing them all together.

Loving You,

P.S. You must not be paying attention very well when I sign things out in public. I ONLY sign things for children. With the exception of when I have signed a thing or two to auction off for a charity, I always politely refuse adult requests for my signature.


Saturday May 14th
Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award Recipient,

What's that? You mean you DON'T sign anything that holds still long enough??? Weird.....

It's currently earlier than I like to be awake. Yesterday was interesting in that after our big family rehearsal dinner, it was time for Mahafsoun's hen party and River's stag do. They decided that it was time to split up so that they didn't see each other again until the wedding. So I went with Portia, Elena (and Kisa, who's in town to commiserate with Elena now that the whole story has come out. Remind me to check on Ethan's health and safety tomorrow), a few of Mahafsoun's friends from her telly show, and Viona, who is not technically old enough in the muggle world, but HAS reached the age of majority in the wizarding world. Plus Eliza, Della, Delphini, Leah, and Pippa.

Meanwhile, you were at River's party with Gavin, Philip, Mac, Tommy, Miles and Colm, Teddy, Finn, and most of River's spa employees. Apparently, even a few of his best clients came as well. I can only assume shenanigans were involved. Perhaps Sebastian even deigned to show up for five minutes to pass out potions as party favors, hahaha.

But as for the hen party, Holy Salazar! I'm not certain I've drank that much alcohol in YEARS!!! We were singing Karaoke (badly) and just generally having a lark, until Elena's surprise (not that much of a surprise, to be honest) of a half dozen male strippers showed up. That activated Mahafsoun's Veela allure, which even though SHE couldn't do anything, still affected everyone else. But before you panic that I participated in debauchery with TWO of our daughters - not to mention my sisters - let me assure you that things did not get any more out of hand than being really touchy feely and a bit of snogging.

I'm fairly certain Elena brought one of the strippers home with her and Kisa, but she IS 25, and I had to accept a long time ago that I couldn't think about things like that too closely.

The highlight of the night was when I was dancing with Mahafsoun and we were both rather pissed by that point. She started sobbing, which shocked everyone into silence - even the music was cut off. Wailing and highly emotional, Mahafsoun blubbered on and on about how she owes her entire life to me and how she could never thank me enough. She was hugging me so tightly that I could barely breathe and was feeling rather woozy. I rubbed her back and tried to soothe her like any other of my daughters.

Then she started demanding something that took me a few moments to understand because she wasn't exactly coherent.

"Will you??? Say you will!!! Merlin damnit, you HAVE to!!!"

She was shaking me emphatically at this point and I had to break her grip on me and control the urge to vomit.

"Will I what???" I asked in bafflement.

"Will you walk me down the aisle?!"

I was extremely manly and composed as I calmly agreed. Alright fine! So I was drunk and NOT in control of my emotions as I bawled and wailed, hugging her and stroking her, erm… back. I am pretty sure the word yes came out at some point, because she started sobbing and hugging me all over again. I'm dead certain one of our daughters - probably the pregnant (and thus sober) one, took plenty of pictures of the highly undignified moment, so you'll be able to see it for yourself.

After that, things are a bit blurry, but I'm pretty sure we devolved into drunken heathens and ended up in a barfight. Kisa almost certainly punched someone. Mahafsoun bit a neck. I think Viona may have broken a chair over someone's back. I recall possibly holding part of a shattered bottle against someone's chest... We were definitely tossed out on our arses (after winning the fight), and I'm reasonably certain Pippa paid them all off so that none of us woke up in jail on such an important day.

Speaking of waking up, I had SUCH a bloody hangover! It was so bad that I inadvertently drank COFFEE before the hangover potion kicked in! Blech!

I'm currently in with the bridal party (which unsurprisingly looks rather rough and hungover still) as everyone is having their makeup done, their hair styled, and any last minute alterations to dresses performed. I'm naturally in a gorgeous set of dress robes in soft green outlined in dark green and contrasted with gold. I had to have the style witches change my light frosting from blue to green and gold (done impeccably so that I don't look like I have moss or slime in my hair), and my nails were also changed from metallic blue to emerald green.

Hazeris have really outdone themselves with this wedding! I am seriously impressed, and that's after YEARS of seeing how amazing our girls are! But OH! It sounds like the music is starting, which must mean that it's time for me to stop writing and prepare to go escort my honorary and soon to be actual daughter down the aisle.

Love you more than I can imagine, so much that it still takes my breath away when I think about it,

Chapter Text

Saturday May 14, 2016 – just before midnight

Good Morning Husband Mine,
(Since you’re sound asleep and won’t read this ‘til morning)

Today was beautiful. The first of our children to get married. I don't think I’ll sleep a wink tonight. I just keep thinking to myself, "my son is married" Married. How did your parents handle this when we got married? You were even younger than River, it was a week shy of your nineteenth birthday. River is twenty and I still think he's just so young. And since in my head he is perpetually five years old, it seems even younger.

Even without the Veela soulmate bond I would know she was the one for our River, so it's not that I think he'll change his mind. He's waited for her for five years, he knows his mind. And it's not as though this is going to keep him from seeing the world or realizing his dreams. There's nothing about this entire situation that is sad. So why is the idea of my tiny little buddy getting married, the boy who once clung so tightly to my hand, so heartbreaking for me?

I suppose I never thought the idea of you and I leaving our childhoods behind as something sad because our childhoods were cut much too short by horrific circumstances. So River entering adulthood is just something so new for me. But as bitter-sweet as this whole moment is, I can't help but think about his life so far and the immense pride in him that is so big inside of me that I can barely contain it.

He's truly become one of the best men I know. He's solid and loyal. He gives of himself to everyone. His heart lives on his sleeve. Is it wrong that I'm so scared Mahafsoun won't hold it as gently as she should? I have come to love her as well, but he's my baby you know?

Anyway, I have to get out of this spiral, today was full of happiness, the smile on my son's face fills me with joy. I am so happy that River and Mahafsoun had so many loved ones with them to celebrate the beginning of their journey.

I may as well pick up where you left off. With you in the bridal tent with a gaggle of hungover women. I had a very responsible member of MY group bring you and all of your ladies his very own hangover remedy. He certainly did bring his potion party favors to the stag-do and isn't it lucky for you all that he had some set to the side for your hen-party? Didn't our Sebastian look dashing today? For once he was out of his potion robes, looking quite handsome in a dark brown tux, hair tied back with a velvet ribbon, he looks just as I imagine Severus would have looked if he'd been allowed to grow into himself without his two manipulative masters.

He even let loose last night! We had a good time and probably would have been in the same hungover boat as your party if it hadn't been for Sebastian, but we certainly didn't have a bar-brawling good-time!

We did Muggle bar crawling instead. Just went from bar to bar with a scavenger hunt. It was a blast. Some of the things we had to "find" (DO) were quite easy and some others were a bit tricky. The easiest was "Get a Free Drink for the Groom." Well that was accomplished at every bar we went to. While you guys were getting chucked out, we were being offered free drinks for being adorable. River would walk into a bar, announce "I'm getting married to the love of my life tomorrow!" and then immediately blush to the tips of his ears. This would cause the bartender to chuckle and offer him the first one on the house.

Some of the things on our hunt were a bit trickier. We had to find a girl willing to serenade the Groom. He had to challenge someone to an arm wrestling contest. He even beat the bloke he challenged! It was quite funny, he's so slim he looks like he's not all that strong but between growing up training in krav maga and being a masseur, boy's packing some GUNS!

Being in the groom's tent before the ceremony today was an eye opening experience. For as panicked as River has been for the last two weeks, he was positively tranquil leading up to his vows. Like everything was just coming together and he was as settled as anyone could possibly be.

When the ceremony was finally about to begin, I walked River up to the front where he would wait for his bride, and then sat down in the front row. Next to the empty chair waiting for you to fill it after you walked Mahafsoun to River. But first the entire wedding party would need to proceed down the aisle. I think it's very sweet that they decided to have all of River's siblings in the wedding party. It would have been so easy to just pick a few and have Mahafsoun have a few girlfriends. But they both wanted to make it clear that she was officially joining our family. The entire family.

The first to come down the aisle were our sweet Lily and Persephone. Looking absolutely adorable in their lacy-topped flower girl dresses, scattering blush colored rose petals everywhere, and wearing the cutest little arse-kicking cowgirl boots!

And then our Caelum bringing the rings. Looking so handsome in his pale blue seersucker suit with the little bow tie! I could have just chewed on his sweet little face!

After that, the older kids seemed to come one after the other. The boys, Orion, Siri, Zwei, and Zaire looking dashing in light brown or cream colored tuxes, and the girls in varying muted tones of the same dress. Lacy on top, peekaboo back, and then a stream of chiffon falling to the floor. There was a mint green, a pale pale blue, a pink so pale it was better described as blush. Each girl wearing the tone that worked best on them. The mint green (and you knew those two would want to match) looked insanely beautiful on our Haz and Eris, really bringing out the green in their eyes. The blush looking gorgeous with Jaz and Shtara's skin tones. The baby blue bringing out the rosy tones in Lainie and Viona's beautiful faces.

Damn we have a beautiful family.

I was looking so hard at River, standing at the front of the crowd, waiting for his soon to be wife, that I didn't notice Mahafsoun coming in until other people were gasping. I was looking at our handsome son, looking breathtaking in his light brown tux, and then before I could even hear the gasping I saw his eyes light up. For all that yours are silver and his are brown, you have the same eyes. And apparently the same look when your love enters a room. Because I might as well have been transported in time to seeing your face light up when you saw me on our wedding day.

And when I was able to tear my eyes away from River I could see why he lit up and why everyone gasped. She was an absolute vision. Her dress was deeply off the shoulder, very low cut, and seemingly made up of layers of sheer blush colored material. Strategic heavy embroidery or flowers in places kept everything covered while giving hints of the gorgeous golden skin underneath. She had her miles of dark hair twisted and curled into a waterfall of beauty. Coming across her right shoulder to hang like some sort of corsage above her chest. With what looked like jeweled babies breath woven into the curls.

I hope they wait until they are settled and ready and if they never choose to have children that's okay too. But DAMN are they going to make us some beautiful grandchildren!

The ceremony was lovely. Their vows to each other made me cry (shocker!) And their sweet tributes to their mothers who died so early and couldn't be here on their special day was so sweet. When they lit candles and asked their mothers to watch over them? Well I am certain there wasn't a dry eye there.

Besides seeing our son so happy, do you know what my favorite moment of the day was? When you asked the band to play "At Last" for me. Dancing in your arms, listening to you sing those words, OUR song, MY song. What did I do to deserve this life? I don't think I deserve it, but I am thankful every day that I got it anyway.

I will love you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more,


Sunday May 15th
My most beloved husband,

You won't object if I murder one of our children, right? I'm not entirely certain which one yet, but I noticed a picture in with all the wedding photos that I had to quickly hide and will probably toss into the fire when I get a chance. I thought I was relatively safe, being in the front row next to you, and so, not easy for anyone behind us to see, so when I felt strange and highly localized rain on my cheeks, I decided to just let it go.

But NO! One of our kids must have looked over, spotted the unusual phenomenon, and snuck a picture of it. Thus, the need to murder them.

As we were sitting and holding hands, watching our son get married to the love of his life, my heart was so full of pride and love and just... I don't even know what all else. You were naturally sobbing like the Aira Force, but so was Portia.

The manor was looking possibly more gorgeous than ever, and the guests all had fun romping around the grounds playing games that resembled hide and hex while drinking. There was a glorious photoshoot - that I'd taken a moment to freshen up my face before participating in - and Julia really outdid herself! It was nice to see Arietty again.

The banquet was fabulous. Café Exquis had gourmet food from all around the world. Not only most of River's favorites, but also a lot of Egyptian food and the weird American things that Mahafsoun has fallen in love with while living and working there.

I know that - technically - the gifts were supposed to be simply put on the gift table and left for the couple to open when they had time and someplace to put them all, but since our gift wasn't a little thing that could be put on the table, I pulled you and them off to the side after you'd danced with her and I'd danced with him. Then, with a smile at you, I said:

"River, Mahafsoun, your dad and I debated a lot on what to get you. We could have simply given you another vault full of gold, but that seemed a bit impersonal. Besides, the both of you make enough money that you shouldn't have to worry about that. So, instead, your dad had suggested way back at your birthday - just after you'd disappeared and we'd realized we wouldn't be seeing you for quite some time - that we give you a home of your own. The idea rather stuck, and so we decided that that 'little' cottage in the woods you plan to buy would be the perfect present. I went ahead and had Pippa handle all the details so that it is already purchased and in your names. You can move in whenever you're ready."

This had them both a bit teary eyed as they each hugged us. I did my best to remain stoic.

"There's more, if - once you get there - you discover that you need ANY remodeling or repairs done, we've already arranged it so that Greg and Millie will be able to fly over and get started on it right away. They have fond memories of California and are actually looking forward to visiting it again, so don't feel like you'd be inconveniencing them."

There were more hugs and thanks and kisses on the cheek. Then Saoirse and Rhys came over to congratulate the happy couple. I haven't seen them since Zwei went to Hogwarts and both Jaz and Zaire decided to go to school - Traditions for Zaire and a special school for Jaz. With Shtara at Elena's school, there just weren't enough kids needing full time schooling to keep their interest, so they moved back to their own place to help school their many grandchildren. They're looking as well as ever, and so, more time with their own extended brood must agree with them.

We hugged and kissed them before letting them monopolize the bride and groom for a bit. We headed off to the dance floor again, where it was time for the band to play our song. I held you close, singing in your ear oh so softly, and the entire time, I couldn't help but think how lucky I am to have you, and that we're somehow managing to survive this parenting thing together.

Oh sure, we've had plenty of help - such as Saoirse and Rhys, not to mention Leah (who still works heavily with Jaz each day when she comes home from her special school) - but the sheer number of kids we have still makes our job rather hard. I'm simply amazed that we've not only survived, but have also done a rather good job. If we weren't us and were watching us from a distance, I'd be super impressed!

The bride and groom had done a remarkable job of resisting their magical bond long enough to have the ceremony and about two hours of dancing, but inevitably, Mahafsoun's Veela took over, sprouting wings and carrying her mate off to, erm… consummate their marriage, almost certainly. This left the guests to party on their own, and since most of them were tipsy at the very least, no one objected to dancing even more.

The only tiny hiccup was that I needed to minorly modify a few muggle memories since Mahafsoun's telly friends and a couple of River's clients were terrified by the sudden transformation of a beautiful woman into a rather ugly bird-creature. But once that was accomplished, the rest of the night was happy and lively.

I also must commend you on your restraint. I know there was a moment when we both looked over at Viona dancing with her fiancé and they were just so adorable - him shy and blushing while she not so patiently told him how to hold her waist properly and: "Dance like you actually know what you're doing! Merlin damnit! I've seen you dance before so I know you can! Why the bloody hell are you so nervous???"

To which Alric stammered something along the lines of being out of practice, but I'm dead certain he was lying as he CLEARLY was looking at her like she was the most precious thing on the planet and he was afraid to accidentally break her. You murmured something about them as kids and felt like you were going to march over and chat with them (embarrass them atrociously), but you ultimately decided to leave them alone for the time being as they tried to figure out how to act around each other.

I revise my opinion, as much as I REALLY don't want to know for certain, I had assumed that they must have done something. But after watching how awkward they are together, I'm thinking that he's probably a virgin, and she's... indeterminate, but not likely to have been with him yet after all. Interesting. I remember very clearly that I had to cast denial spells so that I didn't ravish you on our first bloody date. Perhaps she has an even cooler head than I do. Good on her!

Everyone had a blast and danced the night away, which is why I'm currently tired but happy enough to be awake at my usual time (so right about noon). And now that I've eaten my breakfast and sipped on some tea, I think I'll start on my morning routine and make myself gorgeous for when I thank all the guests for coming - after the grand luncheon we're having and they decide it's time to leave. Lucky for us the Manor is so big that all the guests had a place to stay the night. No need to have a bunch of drunken witches, wizards, and muggles stumbling around trying to get home safely while ready to pass out.

Anyway, I'm going to start with my yoga stretches, and if I'm lucky, maybe you'll come in to see if I've woken up yet, be overcome by lust at the sight of my naked body, and want to shove me right back into bed.

That kinda lovin' turns a man to a slave, That kinda lovin' sends a man right to his grave, I go crazy, crazy baby, I go crazy,

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Thursday May 19, 2016

Wake up you sleepy-head! Our babiest babies are six years old today! I've already brought them their breakfast in bed and now they're waiting on you to get up so we can get to their birthday plans.

It only seems fair since we let Seph choose her birthday activity with us that we let Lissa and Cael choose theirs as well. So, if they choose the same activity or do half a day a piece then the four of us are in for a day of fun. If they each want a full day of just them and their activity then we will split them up. And decide which of us goes with whom depending on the activity. If, for example, one of them wants to go to a musical and the other dancing I'll be seeing a play and you'll be whirling your child around some dance floor.

I'm so glad it's finally their birthday. I was the same way with Eri, Ori, and Haz; I consider them basically triplets and it always feels weird during that month between their birthdays when they're not all the same age. At least that set all looked similarly aged, Orion was a bit taller than Eris or Hazel but they were still obviously all close in age. Did you see Persephone's temper flare every time a wedding guest that didn't know us said something to her about how cute she and her big sister were? To heck with obliviating the guests because of the Veela, I was a bit worried we'd have to deal with assault charges when Seph attacked them!

Speaking of charges, yes I would have an issue with you murdering one of our children. What in Merlin's name is wrong with you Draco? I know you're kidding, but I really thought you'd be over this whole "I don't cry" nonsense by now. Really? Raining on just your face? Admitting you teared up at your son's wedding is not going to kill you, you ridiculous man. You had damn well better not have actually destroyed any of those photos or I might just murder YOU!

Aside from when you were sitting by me, do you know when else your emotions poured out of your face? When you were walking Mahafsoun down the aisle. You appeared to be looking straight ahead as you walked her down, but your eyes kept darting between the two of them. Like you couldn't quite decide if you were more in awe of your son or your soon to be daughter. Those eyes were awfully sparkly my love, hate to break it to you. And there were a LOT of pictures taken during those moments.

Shite, gotta go! Just heard Lily and Caelum whisper something about tickling and "that might wake Daddy."

Here I come to save the day!!!


Friday May 20th
The light of my life,

Yesterday was certainly interesting in that our littles most certainly wanted to do their own thing, and they wanted us each to themselves. So we had to do a half and half thing where you took Lily to a musical while I took Caelum to the Adventure Park for some surfing, and then we switched so that I could take Lily to the spa for a bit of pampering before going out dancing.

Side note, apparently I came across as a single father. We were at a nice ballroom sort of place, doing all sorts of dances from the waltz to the latest dance craze. It WASN'T an adults only place, but being a Thursday night after dinner (oh, I forgot to mention I took her out to dinner too), it was more adults than children. School night and all, probably have homework. Anyway, as we were cutting a rug and having a blast, there were a few women who mistook a daddy daughter birthday date as a single dad trying to pick up women.

I guess this is apparently a good tactic as it worked. I had a LOT of women trying to chat me up before I finally figured out what they were doing. THAT'S when I turned the tables on them.

"Come on Lily, my love, let's practice that new move and have these nice ladies take pictures of us to show your daddy when we get home tonight."

I can't say for certain yet whether we have another Slytherin or Ravenclaw, but she's definitely smart enough to pick up on what I was doing and back me up.

"Oh please daddy! I LOVE practicing new moves! I wonder if daddy and Cael are having as much fun as we are?"

I handed the camera over to the group of suddenly very disappointed women and gave them a quick tutorial on how to use it (I had switched it to muggle mode first), before lifting Lily over my head in a sort of ballet pose. "Probably not. Your twin mentioned a batting cage or some other boring rot. We're DEFINITELY having more fun!"

This had most of the interested women take off and mind their own business, but there was one who wanted to know things like how long I've been married, and did I find it harder to raise kids as a gay couple? I think her interest was more academic than romantic at that point, but it was still a bit of a nuisance on what was CLEARLY a special day with my daughter.

I finally lost all patience and said: "Listen, I appreciate that you're not a judgmental cow offended by my alternative lifestyle, but I'm trying to make my daughter's birthday everything she wants it to be, and I'm dead certain she DOESN'T want to watch some bird try and pick up her father. So kindly fuck off, yeah?"

Rather than be offended or affronted, she was surprisingly amused. She handed the camera back with a nod. "Alright, have fun with your little darling. And Happy Birthday, luv!"

Lily deigned to nod at her politely, and then thanked me for seeing her off.

After that, our night was fit for a tiny princess.

As for today, as I sat in bed eating my breakfast and drinking my tea, I received an Owl in response to my inquiry. It seems that my offer of a generous contribution has swayed the OWL examiners to show up at Hogwarts a few weeks early JUST for our three Fifth Years. History has proven that ALL of our kids tend to be quick learners and end up taking their end of year exams early at your request so that they can be done and out of the castle a good two weeks before all the other students on average. I'm not certain why McGonagall puts up with it, but since she does, we can prove that our kids are likely to take and pass the test long before everyone else is ready.

That leaves your plans to head off to America when River and Mahafsoun do in the clear. When was it again? The day after my birthday?

You know, I actually find this a bit supremely unfair. ***I*** was always stuck taking final exams each year on my birthday. Never would have granted me special permission to take them early - no matter HOW much money my father threw at them! HRMPH!

But whatever, at least this way, we get to spend more time with our brilliant kids. Also, any other student who feels ready and wants to take their OWLs will be allowed to, so who knows? Maybe a few other parents will be able to have their kids back early too.

That said, I do have one tiny thing I have to confess. So erm… Well, Hazel had flooed home for a few hours on Wednesday night after I came home from my class, but I think you were still at movie night. Anyway, she must have been sent specifically as a secret weapon because she sat on my lap, was extremely affectionate, and was wearing her poutiest puppy dog eyes.

"Daddy...? Remember how we just turned 16 and didn't really ask for anything special?"

Uh-oh, I could sense danger, but decided to hear her out. "Yeah...?"

"Well, Eris, Orion, and I were wondering if we could have a small party here at the Manor the weekend after the rest of Hogwarts go home."

I took a deep breath. "Define small?"

"Our entire year?"

This didn't sound so bad.

"And Sixth and Seventh Years, plus maybe a few Fourth Years..."

"Wait! You want me to let you throw a party for HALF the bloody school?!?!"

"Please daddy????"

Ugh, again with the eyes...

"I really want ONE memorable belated birthday party with my friends and classmates before... well, before my surgery. What if something goes wrong? What if -"

I cut her short with a sigh of defeat. "Go ask your grandparents if they object. If not, then I SUPPOSE I won't mind."

"GREAT!" Hazel cheered exuberantly, giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Grammy and Grampy let Eliza and Sebastian have big parties for their graduations and actually have a big party planned for Gavin and Della this year, so it'll be nothing at all to combine the two. The Seventh Years were already planning to attend, now it'll just be a few more! I'm going to go plan things out with Grammy! I'll see you later! Love you dad!" She practically squealed at me before kissing me again and rushing off.

So... As you were saying, we'll be in America but at least a few of us will be returning for the weekend. Actually, I can see most of our kids wanting to be at that party, so we might just have to have Mr. Lott fly us all back on the jet for the weekend, and then return to California that Monday the 27th.

One last thing, Viona wants to know if we can bring Avery, I mean Alric with us to California. I suppose most of that will depend on if his parents object, but since he is also graduating this year and is already 18, I suppose there's not much they can do if he insists on going. I am not certain how I feel about the prospect, so... I'll leave the decision to you.


Looks like I forgot to sign off and hit send again. It's now Saturday, and do you know what ***I*** just witnessed?!?!?!

So, I was walking around the Manor, wanting to get a bit of exercise but not full on running or dancing just yet, and I went into the entertainment room where Eliza, Della, and Delphini were playing some sort of muggle video game. They didn't notice me, or if they did, they didn't care. I was curious about the game so I stood behind them watching them play. It was a sort of blocky game in which I think they were making things.

Suddenly Sebastian stormed into the room in a bit of a snit. "I'm here; what the bloody hell do you want?!"

Delphini paused her game - which was interesting as the game was split on the 70' screen so that the other two had their own games playing still and her character seemed to be just standing there like a moron. She turned to give Sebastian a piercing look.

"You KNOW what I want. I've given you a whole week to think about it!"

I raised a brow as I felt a strange suspicion that the Viper's daughter was trying to proposition my brother - who is very openly Ace - into something he almost certainly doesn't want.

"And I've given it a lot of thought -"

"Look, it's like I said, I don't want anything from you! I JUST want a child, and you are the ONLY person I feel has a brain cell in their body worth passing on!"

"SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP AND LET ME FINISH!" Sebastian roared, sounding so like his father, but also, strangely like me.

"BLOODY WANKER!!!" Delphini roared indignantly.

Sebastian took a potion bottle out of his pocket and set it on the table next to her. It was empty. Then he took a vial of potion and poured it into the bottle, following that, he cast a cutting hex on the side of his wrist and let a good two or three teaspoons of blood fall into the bottle before healing the wound.

"THERE!!! The potion will turn the blood into what you need. Take it and NEVER tell me what you did with it."

Delphini picked it up and examined it carefully. "Oh thank Merlin! I was going to have to Obliviate myself if you'd handed me a, erm… sample..."

Della shook her head. "I KNOW you two don't share any of the same genes, but this still feels like incest to me!"

"Nope, just a girl who knows better than to wait for a fantasy and a turkey baster," Delphini said.

"GAH!!! I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING!!!" Sebastian roared before Disapparating.

"How else did he think it was going to get in there?" Eliza asked in amusement. "Oi Del, you're being attacked by a creeper."


I couldn't help but be curious. "Erm..... Are you REALLY planning on getting yourself up the duff? With MY BROTHER as a donor???"

Delphini gave me an even look that was a rather good impersonation of the Dark Lord. "What's it to you? I don't want a man and he doesn't want anyone ever. I own a business and it's doing well. Now's a good time to have a baby, whereas if I wait, I'm going to be in the middle of an expansion. It's just better all around to do it now so that the hardest part is over before my siblings and I implement our plans in about three years."

"Alright... but why not wait until after that?"

She gave me shivers with her next look. "You were married and having an insane amount of children at my age. Why the fuck should I have to wait for the things I want? Because I don't have a MAN to take care of me?!"

I didn't have to be a Slytherin to sense the danger dripping off her in waves. I held up my hands to prove I wasn't a threat. "I'm not your dad, but AS a dad, I want you to be happy. I'm just not sure this is a good idea."

"Well fuck off! I'm doing it!"

"Alright." And still with my hands in the air, I Apparated out of the room so that I could write to you. Please come tell me what to feel, because I feel a bit sick...

All of me loves all of you,

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Saturday May 21st

Well, it's finally happened. You've shocked me speechless. I am completely dumbfounded. I read your email and just stared at the computer screen for a solid fifteen minutes afterwards. Opening my mouth to mumble at myself, and then shutting it with a snap. I just. What did you. Um, er. But. I …

Alright, I think I'm better now. Apparently I just needed an additional ten minutes or so to mumble nonsensically at the screen.

Where would I even start? Bribery? Hogwarts-sized party? Women hitting on my husband? You have officially short circuited my brain.

Oh I know, TURKEY BASTERS! Holy hell! I am all for a woman taking control of her life. Choosing her family in whatever way she wants or doesn't want. But I could do without the visual of someone I've essentially watched grow up … impregnating themselves with kitchen tools.

The whole situation, things that give me the heebie jeebies aside, is shocking to me. But when I think about it piece by piece it's almost shocking in how unsurprising it really is. Delphini has always been very aware of how she's looked at due to her parentage. She knows that anyone she may or may not end up with will have to deal with her biological father being old moldy voldy. This puts the when and how of creating her family completely in her control.

And even further into this, it doesn't surprise me that she'd choose to ask Sebastian. She has always had a huge amount of respect and affection for him. She loves him. And he's not particularly interested in fathering any children to parent himself, so she will never have to worry about the drama that can come with half siblings or shared custody. She just gets the ingredients she needs to start her family from someone she thinks is clever.

Despite his prickly personality, Sebastian is a very giving person. He thinks everything through, which is why it took him a week and a summons to give his answer, but he really will do just about anything for someone he cares for. We both know how much he loves his potions, but he always pours his entire soul into anything that will benefit someone else. How many sleepless nights did he lose while developing that lycanthrope potion series with you? Because while he attempts to cover it in snark and bite, he's got a big ol' squishy heart inside of him.

You know who else covers up some of their deeper personality traits? Hazel. Merlin did that baby girl play you like a fiddle. Easier than a fiddle, she played you like a kazoo. Maybe a whistle. Oooh, or a triangle. She batted those baby greens at you and then talked about "something happening" during her surgery? But as soon as you said yes you got a giggle and a thank you while she ran to make party plans with her Grandmother? Oh hunny. You fell for her manipulations hook, line, and sinker. And you think she should have been a Hufflepuff.

I can't believe Narcissa and Lucius are throwing a party with half the student body of Hogwarts. I think I might be busy that day. Probably with the flu. Or with my horses. Or, erm, the horse flu. It's like chicken pox but only contagious around fourth through seventh year magical children.

The timing should actually work out pretty well. Your bribery made it so we could take out all the children, but we would have gotten a medical waiver to pull Haz out early anyway. They need her for pre-op preparations by the tenth of June, even though the actual surgery won't take place until the first of July. So she'll get in everything she needs to do and then during the weekend before instead of panicking she'll be busy having a blast with her friends.

I have no issues with Viona bringing Alric along for any part of our trip to California. He's her fiancé, they're going to be married in just over a year, I'd like to get to know him. But I will put my foot down and say I do not want them rooming together. I know she's technically of age, and I'm not trying to be a prude or naïve, but while she's still what I would consider an underaged student I don't want them cohabitating. Fair?

Or am I being completely unreasonable? They are getting married. They are both of age. Damnit Viona, why do you have to be such a pain in my arse?!?


Okay, I've screamed out my frustrations. I think I'll make the decision this way, when we get there I will say "Alric, this is your room while we're here." And if Viona argues and makes a valid argument I will allow it. But I am hoping he will be so scared of being respectful that he will just stay there and I won't have to deal with the situation at all.

Caelum and I had a blast at the batting cages, I bet we had WAY more fun than you! Although I definitely got hit on by less women than you did. I can't believe you were surprised that a hot man doting on his adorable child is a babe magnet. Is this your first time here on Planet Earth?

I did get hit on by another dad though. That was kind of nice for the old ego. The fact that I didn't realize it until my six-year-old pointed it out was less nice on the ego. I thought the bloke was just being nice and giving me pointers! I obviously didn't grow up playing muggle sports, and once I had a chance to think about it I really was holding my bat wrong. And if Cael hadn't shouted "Oi! Hands off or my other dad might murder you!" I would have realized he was hitting on me when he wrapped his arms around me to help my grip.

But if I had noticed then I would have missed the experience of flailing when Cael started yelling and accidentally hitting the guy in the bollocks with the bat.

How about I don't come tell you how to feel, but I do come hold you?

All of my Love,


Monday May 23rd
My sanity,

I love how we spent all day yesterday and all last night just holding each other. Well, holding each other between rounds of loving each other, but the holding part was so very cathartic. Now I'm at peace with the world again.

Do you suppose she's already... No actually, I REALLY don't want to know!

So, ever since Harrison started Hogwarts, Viper's been spending most of his time in the other world with Tiger and their kids. He only needs to come back here for special occasions and most of the summer months. Even so, he always makes it a point to bring his family here for one weekend a month so that we get a chance to catch up with them, and they can spend some time with their Hogwarts set. D'you think we should attempt to warn him of his daughter's plans?

Nah, I think we should probably deny all knowledge. Had I not been in the room at that exact moment, I wouldn't have known anything anyway. These are plans that were obviously made without any sort of advice or input from us. Clearly, we are not responsible for any part of this situation.

Yeah... I know nothing! Je ne sais pas!

Maybe we should Obliviate each other for good measure?

Better yet, get back here with those pastries and let us refuel a bit before starting on another round of focusing on each other. SHITE!!! I just remembered that I have class in about 4 hours and I have NOTHING to wear!!!

I'm off to shop at a high end place for sport wear. I have no idea how I managed to only buy ONE decent outfit before starting these classes. I suppose I thought I'd wear it like a uniform, but oh hell no, I need to look my best while thoroughly kicking their arses!

The good news is that Kingsley has come through once again. He already ordered me a permanent Portkey between California and the Manor so that I can come back in time for my classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. He's also siding with me when I told Robards to not schedule any bloody raids until September! (Apparently Robards has been raiding places that really don't need full raids as much as undercover surveillance simply because we have this thing working like a well-oiled machine at this point.)

Hmm...? You left here to get us something to eat since we haven't taken a break in over 24 hours. What the bloody hell is taking you so long to get back??? Did our kids spot you and draft you into playing with them? I bet that was it. Please Merlin, don't let it be another minor family crisis!

I'd probably better go check...

I keep on falling in and out of love with you, I never loved someone the way that I love you,
P.S. I love the song, but it's only half right <3

P.P.S. I agree about Alric having his own room. If they choose to ignore that fact, we can at least pretend that they are each right where we told them to be. But wait... Now *I'M* starting to second guess myself! *SHOULD* we be forcing them to go behind our backs??? GODS DAMNIT!!! sigh... right, so, we stick with your plan. Give him his own room unless she argues, because if she argues, we're going to know he's not in there anyway, ugh...

P.P.P.S. So, erm… what's the name of that bloke that hit on you? I *swear* I'm not in any way involved in his disappearance in two months from now... I wonder if I can get Caelum to give me a copy of his memory...

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Wednesday May 25, 2016

My Favorite Person With the Best Sense of Humor,

You just left for your meeting. And then you're going straight from the meeting to your class. It sucks, Wednesdays are hard enough missing you in the evening and at Movie Night but then you had to schedule business for today too? Boo!

I get it, don't think I'm actually throwing a strop. We'll be leaving for California in less than two weeks so I know there are loose ends that need to be tied up before we take off for what will basically be two and a half months. You'll be popping back and forth for your classes and we'll both be coming back and forth when the kids need to visit home, but it's not the same as just being at home and there are a lot of responsibilities we need to make sure are taken care of.

I myself have been spending most of the day getting the two rescues we got a few weeks ago ready to go home. They've been working hard on rebuilding that barn and it should have been done this upcoming Monday, but in the meantime these horses actually found a forever home so they won't be going back to their fosters anyway. The timing works out great since I was panicking a bit about what I was going to do about them while we're gone.

While Haz is recovering from her surgery I've actually found a few places nearby that have animal rescues and I will be spending some time learning the ropes from some people who've made their lives out of saving animals. The first few days after the surgery will be spent just caring for our girl, but eventually I'll only need to stay near enough to come back quickly if needed and she'll just need to take it easy. I can't imagine after the first few days of pain pass that she'll want me hovering over her fluffing her pillows and being an obnoxious dad.

Our time in the U.S. will give the elves and Greg and Millie some time to get our stables really up and running over the summer and I can start taking on more animals than just our two. I wouldn't have taken on these other two yet if it hadn't been such an urgent situation. The structural things are all there and in good shape, but making sure everything is stocked can be done by the elves and I just know Greg is itching to put in some of his special touches that turn all of his creations into something spectacular.

And since Viper and Tiger spend most of their summers at our Manor anyway, Scor and Hyper have already promised the trouble trio that they will give Cheesecake and Fondue all the love and attention they can handle.

Do NOT tell Tiger I call them Scor and Hyper. He might just murder me. He'd definitely murder Viper if he found out that's where I got the nicknames from!

Alright, I hate to spoil fun surprises, but I also don't want you to make plans that will ruin them either. So I am going to give you just enough information that you don't miss the surprise. I am taking you somewhere for our anniversary. We leave Saturday evening after dinner and we will come back Monday 'morning.' And by morning I mean we'll head home whenever you wake up.

Seventeen years! It seems like yesterday and like forever simultaneously. As exciting as seventeen is, I am really looking forward to our nineteenth anniversary the most. I know, it seems like a weird time to be excited for, but bear with me. Remember how excited I was when I turned twenty-two? Because at that point I'd known you for half of my life, and from there on out every additional day meant that I had known you for OVER half of my life. Well since we got married a week before your nineteenth and two months before mine, once we're married nineteen years we will have been married for half of our lives and I think that's really cool.

But seventeen is pretty damn cool too!

Oh! I never mentioned where I had gone Monday when it took me so long to come back. Yes, I had gotten distracted by the children although not to play with them. Shtara, Zaire, and Jaz were talking me into taking them shopping and we were trying to figure out a good time to go. We ended up going out Monday evening while you were in class. I know you must be shocked since they almost always want you to be the one to take them shopping, but they had their reasons. They wanted all new BMX gear since they had almost outgrown theirs and wanted to have fresh stuff for when they went biking this summer. And since our weather is so different from our destination they wanted me to help them do a wardrobe filler and you're more the one they'd go to for specific pieces to look good. I was the grunt to take them for a million new shorts and t-shirts.

The other thing I never mentioned was the name of the bloke hitting on me at the batting cages. Honestly I didn't catch it and I don't think he should mysteriously and inexplicably disappear. He took the no for an answer and quickly took off when called out by Cael. The only shady thing he did was hit on a guy wearing a wedding ring. Which, while certainly not cool, wasn't quite disappear worthy.

I'd better get the crew fed and jammied up to head over for Movie Night. I'll miss you my Love!



Wednesday May 26th

As I had a full on business meeting today (one of my many businesses wants to expand), I decided that I needed to wear an extremely well-tailored and good looking suit to remind them that I'm the one they're asking money from. That meant that I had a bag packed to bring to class with me, full of one of my new stylish sparring outfits.

I'd really outdone myself with this one. I looked like I could have been the perfect cross between a professional MMA Fighter and a professional Model. I was fully planning to intimidate the fuck out of my students with my ability to look perfect while I kicked their arses into shape.

And by the way, we've been using the running track in the Ministry because I told them they'd better be there (and having completed a half an hour run) when I show up or I'd bring them back to my place and let Amala chase them some more. Seems to have helped so far.

But TONIGHT, I get to my classroom to change before picking up my students from the running track, and what do I find??? BLOODY YOU (I refuse to believe anyone else would have done such a thing) had replaced my DESIGNER workout shirt with a low class T-SHIRT that says:

Shut the fuck up and train.

I was not amused. That said, the sentiment certainly fit my mood after that, so I pulled it on in a bit of a snit, and then went and terrorized my students. They are rather unfortunate that I have them to take my fury out on.

That said, now I'm fucking sweaty and so bloody horny that I could toss one off in the shower if I weren't so eager to get home and punish you. I'm thinking suspended from the ceiling tonight.

Brace yourself!

Chapter Text

Sunday May 29, 2016

My Very Best Friend, My Partner in all things, My Husband,

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. It's been an unbelievably wonderful seventeen years so far. I am so looking forward to the next hundred and seventeen. Such a short time in the grand scheme of most wizards' lives, but long enough to build our lives.

Since the day I allowed myself to admit I had fallen in love with you we have; adopted or given birth to fourteen official Malfoy children, we fell in love with a few others who are our children in our hearts, created safe places for children throughout the entire planet, and speaking for myself I have fallen deeper and deeper into love with you every single day. I wake up every day amazed that this is the life I am privileged to lead. I give thanks that in the eons the Universe has existed, I was lucky enough to exist with you.

If I could travel back in time and tell little Harry in the Cupboard one thing it would be "It will all be worth it, your fulfilled life is coming." And maybe "Be nice to pretty blonde prats" maybe cut back on a little bit of our adolescent drama!

We took off yesterday right after lunch, with the time change that put us here at our destination right around nine in the evening. About two hours after sunset but the sights were still fantastic. Somehow we were both in the middle of everything while being hidden away amongst the trees.

I had plans for midnight, as I always do on the eves before important days, but the few hours until then were spent wrapped in each other on the huge porch. Sipping wine, stealing kisses, and connecting after a long week. You told me all about how your business meeting went, and how well you're doing teaching your classes. You got to hear my completely insincere apology about your gym shirt. What? I left the designer bottoms and warm-up jacket, the only thing I swapped out was the shirt! And you have to admit, it was probably quite the warning sign for your students.

I was just saving your vocal chords by letting you get your point across by simply pointing at your shirt instead of speaking!

Overall it was just a perfect night, full of conversations about important things like our upcoming trip to America, and inconsequential chatter like who we think looks good for this quidditch season. But we also had moments of silence where we just held each other and looked at the stars and into the trees. I love talking with you, but it's easy enough to enjoy speaking with someone else (as long as they aren't a complete wanker obviously) but it's remarkable to have found someone you can be silent with. I rested my head against your chest, listening to the nighttime forest sounds, your even breaths, and the beating of your heart.

At eleven thirty, we made our way into the bedroom. Before I had seen the specifics of our loft I wasn't sure if I wanted you outside or in a cozy bed. The architecture of the loft made that decision easy; both! We slid open the wall of door, letting the night into the bedroom. I kissed and maneuvered you onto the bed where I proceeded to work you open with my mouth, my hands, and eventually the slick slide of your favorite lube.

At that point you seemed to expect me to fill you up. Normally I like to bottom at our special midnights, something about having you inside of me during these important moments in time is just perfection. But I couldn't be so selfish and always claim the right to bottom. But once I had you firmly worked open, I moved onto all fours, pointed my arse towards you, and worked myself open for your viewing pleasure.

You seemed torn for a moment, probably quite looking forward to feeling my cock breach your arse having me take you hard and slow just like you like it while also seeing me ready my arse for you to sink your gorgeous self into. You seemed to make up your mind, slapping my hand out of your way and pushing yourself in me to the hilt.

This would have been enough, to have you in me when the clock switched over. However your surprise shriek when our guest arrived and crammed himself in your gorgeous arse with no warning was worth every bit of planning I'd gone through.

You shrieked, and then moaned when you realized our guest knew just what you liked. Once you had a moment to realize I'd invited a guest to our anniversary shag, a guest who was completely silent and you couldn't quite turn well enough to see who it was, you whined into my ear. "Ungh, Harry, this is amazing and you know I … oh fuck yes … love playtime, but … Merlin that's the spot yes!! … on our anniversary?"

Your mystery lover chuckled at that, pulling you into his chest, the long chain he was wearing allowing the small hourglass to dig into the soft skin of your back, "Happy Anniversary my Dragon."

I'm quite glad I sneakily cast the denial spell on you or I'm fairly sure you would have blown at that point. Yes, I managed to track down a time turner. I really didn't know if I wanted to be the top or the bottom last night, so I figured I would have the best of both worlds and do them both.

Did you like starting our anniversary buried deep inside your husband while he was all the way inside of you? After I finally took off the denial spell you certainly seemed to.

I love you Draco Lucius Malfoy.

And you love me enough to have dealt with me waking you up right before nine o'clock this morning. What? I made sure you had a solid eight hours of sleep. Although I think your early wake up is why you're currently napping with your head in my lap while I dictate this letter to you and card my hands through your gorgeous silky hair.

Perhaps our busy morning had a bit to do with your need to nap as well? We strolled through the Singapore Botanical Gardens. You indulged me, I know you enjoy it yourself but these garden destinations are always my favorites. I was able to snag some amazing pictures of the two of us, not to mention plenty of kisses. Walking openly with the love of my life while I explore the world never ceases to amaze me. I didn't think I could have even a fraction of this, and here I was strolling through a beautiful garden in Singapore holding hands with my ridiculously fit husband of seventeen years.

What even is my life?

Eventually we made our way to the next stop on our schedule, the gorgeous SKAI restaurant. We are sleeping with beautiful views of the treetops, and had lunch with a to die for view of the city. Or technically we were there for the brunch!

SKAI champagne and cocktail brunch to be more specific! We have been back from lunch for at least and hour and a half now and I am still so stuffed. My favorite was the steak and hand cut chips, but you seemed to make sex noises over the BBQ oysters.

I am going to sign off and just enjoy watching you sleep. I have a few ideas in mind for things to do this evening so no pressure, but nothing is set in stone so we can do anything your pretty little self desires.

Your Husband,
Harry James Malfoy


Sunday May 29th
My partner in everything,

After waking from my nap and kissing you leisurely for about an hour, you more or less dared me to take control and finish our anniversary in any way I liked. So, I gave you one of my slightly more evil smirks and dragged you out of our gorgeous hotel room.

I knew exactly what I wanted, and I also had a distinct feeling that you expected a certain thing from me. A few discrete Apparations had us lounging on Tanjong Beach with delicious drinks and a full view of the muscle-y gay men that are quite famous around here. The sun and lightly alcoholic drinks were near perfection, and the eye candy was a drool-worthy appetizer. We were really only there long enough to order and consume some starters. I had fried calamari and you had stuffed mushrooms I believe.

Then we moved on to a place called D SPAradise where we had a nice couples package in which we got a solid three hours of being pampered with a massage, a body scrub, and a soothing hydro bath - aka, the double sized hot tub in the middle of our couples room.

My favorite part was when we first walked in and you looked around at all the cute little Asian male therapists. Your eyes got wide and you leaned over to whisper in my ear: "Are we in a legitimate brothel? Of MEN???" I laughed so hard, kissed you, and didn't explain a thing as I proceeded to use a very sexy voice to order our package, heh heh heh...

After we were nice and relaxed, it was probably at least 9 PM. We were fairly close to everything, being in downtown Singapore, so I decided to stop in at a place called Tantric. It's an in demand gay club, so there were plenty of gorgeous men to look at and dance with, but honestly, after about two drinks, I wasn't all that interested. The man I was dancing with at that point informed me that the place was too loud and crowded for a Sunday night and that he personally planned to go to a Sauna for about a half an hour or so, and then go home and go to bed because he had to work in the morning.

I was curious as to why he was so eager to go sit in a hot and sweaty room, and after asking, he whispered exactly why in my ear. Suddenly, I was ever so keen to go as well. I got all the necessary details from him, and then abandoned him to join in on your dance. You were having a good time, grinding against a man that reminded me of Ron for some reason. I pressed myself against your back and licked your neck.

You purred happily, reaching behind you to hold the back of my neck while you twisted your head just enough to kiss me.

"I thought you said no one was allowed to kiss you on the mouth," your dance partner pointed out suspiciously.

"Except for his husband, naturally," I answered for you before kissing you again.

"Ah," he murmured.

"Harry my love, I've worked up a disgusting sweat and think we should go find a place to refresh ourselves quickly."

"*Draco* ... We JUST came from a spa! Aren't we relaxed and pampered enough?" You whinged lightly.

"Yeah, but I think a quick trip to a sauna is in order, and since it's still my turn to pick what we do, you can't argue."

"OOO! Which Sauna???" Your dance partner asked eagerly.

"Cruise Club," I informed him.

"Excellent choice mate. In fact, I think I'm going to go there myself. Perhaps I'll see you there."

I shrugged, not interested in him in the slightest. Slipping your hand in the crook of my sleeve, you smiled and bade me to: "Lead on, my love. I'd follow you through hell and back if you fancied it."

"You sound like newlyweds," your partner mused with a wry smile.

"Married 17 years today," you corrected him.

"Come," I insisted, leading you out of the club in a bit of a rush. I then focused on the description given me and Apparated us to the Cruise Club. We were actually about 80 percent of the way through the membership application (required but cheap enough that I didn't particularly care) when your dance partner caught up with us. He seemed rather confused about how we had beaten him, but shook it off and wandered away to do his own thing. After we finished the application, we were handed some towels and given directions to our lockers.

In the locker room, we stripped off, wrapped the towels around our waists, and slipped the rubber key bracelets on - left for me as a top and right for you as a bottom. Then we were free to wander the large club as we liked. It's three levels of things to do specifically for gay men. In addition to the actual saunas, there are tanning machines, a workout room, jacuzzis, a meditation room, a dark maze, and a small movie theater of all things. Plus bars, dance floors, and anything else we might like to do.

But I was serious about wanting to be in a sauna - the dry heat one as opposed to the steam room. I brought you in there and we sat on either side of a corner, basically snuggling into each other. I kissed you until I saw a man come over and give us an intense look. The only real rule of the club is that most of the areas are meant to be silent, and so, that look was really a question.

I smiled at him and his look shifted to your towel. Now grinning, I pulled your towel open and gestured an invitation for him to have at. He very eagerly got to work using his hands and mouth on your perfect shaft. You had given me literally two of you (and I'm still dying to know at which point the future you came from), and now I was giving you the experience of having me look into your eyes and watch every flicker of pleasure as some random stranger did his best to suck you dry.

I love watching all the little nuances play across your face. Every moment is sheer perfection to me, and I frequently rewarded you with kisses. Especially if you moaned or grunted. The two of us were making full and complete love with our eyes while someone else gladly took care of your pleasure. The moment you cried out your orgasm, I swallowed it with a kiss.

Then it was apparently my turn as that hot mouth surprised me before I even stopped kissing you. Which means that you got to see all the embarrassing nuances flashing across my face as he used his incredible skill to make my toes curl and my legs shake. You quickly grinned at me knowingly and let me cling to you so that you could kiss me. By the time I was recovered from my glorious orgasm, the stranger was gone. Apparently, the fun of this place for him was giving head, not that I'm complaining.

By this point, it was nearing midnight and I wanted to end the day how it started, with me inside you, probably not with you inside me at the same time, but still, an all around good way to finish our day. To that end, I barely waited for the room to clear long enough to Apparate us back to our Angsana Suite.

But much like you, I was curious to shag on the lounge bed on the balcony, and so that's where I led you, casting a spell so that we were both ready to go and remained that way until we heard the clock chime midnight. At that point, I cast instant orgasm spells so that we could finish together and snuggle up for some of the best sleep of our lives.

You're everything I need and more,

P.S. I woke up around 2 am and slipped into the bath - in case you woke up and wondered why I wasn't in your arms - and dictated this email. I don't want to go into it right now, but I had a rather disturbing dream. Ask me about it later when we are home and I can look forward to terrorizing my students.

Chapter Text

Monday May 30, 2016

My Love,

I am feeling awfully silly right now. All that planning that went into our Anniversary trip and I forgot to take into account the time change. I told you we were leaving Monday morning whenever you woke up, but that would have had us portkeying home in the middle of the night between Saturday and Sunday.

I figured why not take advantage of the time difference and allow for a little bit of extra time before we went home. We could stay well into the evening and then pop home in time for an early dinner or a late lunch before you had to head off to your class. When I explained that to you, you were thrilled with the chance to actually get some sightseeing done in the city since the day before had been gardens, spas, dancing, and saunas.

By sightseeing, I of course mean I took you shopping. We started out at the Chinatown Street Market. We wandered around looking at the seemingly odd mixture of things for sale. Antiques next to electronics next to souvenirs next to clothes. And all of it interspersed with drool worthy foods. We decided to forgo a full sit-down meal, having had the experience at SKAI the day before for that type of date. Instead we grabbed foods as we noticed them. The roast duck was soooooo good. It was 'murder your best friend for a second helping' good.

After buying souvenirs for all of the children, and for ourselves to add to our almost two decades of travel trinkets, we headed off to the next stop. Well, after we dropped off our purchases at the loft, shrunk and lightened we still had a LOT of stuff in our pockets.

The Little India Arcade is probably a place we should bookmark for taking our designer girls to for a special occasion in the future. Indian and Arabian clothing and the fabric! Merlin, the fabric. I haven't had much time to talk to Vivi about the specifics for her wedding, but I am envisioning using some of this fabric as table runners or even seeing if she wanted to use them in any of the bridal party's clothing. There was traditional clothing, and fuck me the accessories! Artwork and incense and sweets, oh my!

I could have gotten lost in there for hours. Which we actually kind of did. Singapore shops, probably because of the heat, open later in the morning and then stay open well into the night time. It wasn't until we realized the sun had set and it was fully dark that we needed to get you home!

We rushed back off to the loft (thank goodness for apparition!) packed up our stuff, checked out of the hotel, and took the portkey home.

If we hadn't had children who wanted to see their daddies and souvenirs we wanted to show them, you probably would have had plenty of time, but as it was you snuggled and caught up with your children until the absolute last minute you had to leave for class. Hehe ….

Anyway, I've been spending the evening trying to get the six at home to start packing for the big trip across the pond! Normally we'd just have the elves pack up their bags full of clothes they'll need and they just pack up a little knapsack for the specifics they want. But with the exception of a pop home here or there, they're going to be gone from their home for almost three months. I figured they would want a little more say about which clothes they're bringing, which toys were absolutely necessary so they wouldn't be bored, which books they thought they'd be reading or want read while we're there. Things like that.

Unfortunately I had to explain to Cael that we weren't bringing his beloved horse and he threw the most epic strop I have ever experienced … from him. I am married to you, I have a temper, and we have fourteen-ish children, I can't say his was the worst with all those others to claim the top spot.

I finally got him to stop sobbing when I promised he could sleep in the stable with Fondue for this week leading up to the trip and then, depending on weather, the week we come home as well. I'm such a sucker.

Your Sucker,
P.S. In our rush to get back I didn't get to hear about your dream, hopefully you'll have time to tell me tonight. If you get home after I'm asleep just go ahead and wake me up alright?


Monday May 30th
Oh my fucking Merlin am I tired!

So I had a glorious day of shopping with you, followed by a rush to catch up with our kids, and then a class to teach. Due to the time difference, it was a very long day, and so by rights, I should be dead to the world, but nope. I'm sitting in bed next to you, after having shagged you senseless, and I can't sleep.

I think part of that might just be me too worn out to fall right to sleep, but part of it might be me not wanting to have that dream again.

But before I get into that, I had grabbed my bag and ran off to my classroom. Once there, I had just enough time to get changed before having to pick my students up from the running track and start kicking their arses. To my displeasure and dismay, you had once again caused me to shout out: "GODDAMNIT HARRY!!!"

Instead of the expensive sparring outfit I had chosen, the shirt had been replaced with another low brow tee shirt that said: Ripped for his pleasure - with an icon of a barbell across the breasts.

I nearly decided to go topless, but decided that I already had two of my students staring at me like they'd quite like to shag me into oblivion. No need to have them ALL look at me that way! So, grumbling grumpily, I pulled on the shirt and ran off to get my class.

Today, they were all paired up so that one partner would block while the other partner kicked. After a while, they switched positions. As promised, they all received bruises, but only one broke his arm and another probably got a few cracked ribs as they missed the signal to block and were kicked across the room. I performed basic first aid on that man and - once he was in stasis - had his partner levitate him to the Ministry Mediwitches.

After class ended, I came home to find you sleeping, and since I was still rather put out with you, I decided to take advantage of your sleeping body to my satisfaction.

After shagging you so hard I SHOULD have passed out, I held you as you drifted right back to sleep, and then slowly realized that I was NOT following suit. So I decided to sit up and write this email.

Maybe if I get my dream out, I'll be able to sleep after all.

So... After we'd returned to our hotel room from the Sauna, we'd shagged, snuggled up, and went right to sleep. As I slept, I had a very disturbing dream. It started out well enough. We were in bed caressing each other and kissing in that soft and loving way where we give each other a thousand tiny kisses, and then a thousand more.

To our delight, a young man joined us. He was honestly not our type, looking barely 17 and maybe not even that. The part we did like was that he was of Asian heritage, having creamy yellow skin, black eyes, and black hair. He was also rather fit in an almost too thin sort of way. He crawled into bed with us and proceeded to give us both kisses before using his mouth to pleasure us.

Things were going rather well... until they weren't. After we'd taken turns using his lithe body just a little roughly - thoroughly debauching the large hotel bed in our suite - we started on impact play and other torture. I kept choking him as you spanked him. You grabbed a crop and spanked him up and down his back until he was a bloody mess, and I brutally smacked, choked, and even punched him as the urge struck.

He whimpered a bit, but otherwise just took all our abuse without protest. Until there was no longer any spark left in his eyes or breath in his body TO protest with. At which point, we called in a large and menacing looking man, who gently took the battered body into his arms and carried him away as a team of women changed our bedding and made the room look as pristine as ever before we slipped back into bed, snuggled up, and fell asleep.

Needless to say, dwelling on that dream on and off throughout this long day has kept me on the edge of feeling like I should be turning us into Robards for literal murder, only I KNOW that we would NEVER have done such a thing. So... I think I might just need to go take another bath and see if I can wash away the creepy crawly feeling of having blood on my hands and body.

If you should happen to wake up before I come back to bed, I sincerely hope you DON'T read this (as I don't want to prevent you from going back to sleep), but perhaps intuitively come find me in the tub and do whatever it takes to make me ACTUALLY pass out.

Give a little bit of heart and soul, give a little bit of love to grow,

Chapter Text

Tuesday May 31, 2016

My Own,

I think you were probably hoping for something a little different to put you to sleep last night, but I'm hopeful it was a happy change and not an unpleasant surprise.

While you were in the tub I did unfortunately read your email. But don't worry, the visions your email sparked did not keep me from sleeping myself. They were probably less upsetting for me since I didn't actually have to see them in my mind. I climbed into the tub and scrubbed you top to bottom. Then carried you back to bed. I believe you were assuming I was going to shag the worries out of you, much the way I tend to shag the snit right out of your when you're in a mood. You're obviously well aware of this, but I did not.

Instead I climbed into bed, sat up against our headboard, and manhandled you into my lap. I held you, stroked your bath-warmed skin, carded my hands through your hair, and sang you to sleep:

Stars shining bright above you, Night breezes seem to whisper I love you
Birds singing in the sycamore tree, Dream a little dream of me.

Say night-ie night and kiss me, Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me
While I'm alone and blue as can be, Dream a little dream of me.

Stars fading but I linger on dear, Still craving your kiss
I'm longing to linger til dawn dear, Just saying this

Sweet dreams til sunbeams find you, Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you
But in your dreams whatever they be, Dream a little dream of me

I don't know if it was the sheer exhaustion from being up so long, the physical exertion from your class, the emotional exhaustion of worrying over the dream, perhaps your rage at my choices for your workout attire, but you were asleep before I finished the first song.

I don't know what it is about my singing that you like, I'm not any good at it, but it does seem to comfort you. So I didn't stop even though you'd fallen asleep during my first song. I sang to you for probably about an hour before I decided to join you in sleep. I had to end on one last love song:

I love you too much, Heaven's my witness and this is a fact
You live in my soul, Your heart is my goal
There's love above love but it's mine 'cause I love you
There's love above love but it's yours 'cause I love you
There's love above love and it's ours if you love me … as much

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that dream. I think it was probably worse for you because you've had so many visions that came true and it probably has to horrify you at the idea that we could have done something so terrible. You, my heart, know better than to think we would have done anything like that to anyone.

Not only are we super into consent and extensive kink negotiations before anyone does anything un-vanilla, but it's super out of character for us just in our own kinks. Think about it. You are a switch with mostly Dom tendencies. You tailor your domination to the individual sub. Before you realized how into impact play I was, you were more likely to have me kneel and pamper you than actually initiate anything remotely sadistic. You are not a sadist. I, on the other hand, am most definitely a submissive masochist. I like pain, I like pain with my pleasure, and I like pain by itself if it's serving a purpose for my Dom. I sometimes can dom you, or spank you if that's what you're craving, but it's not something I'd do unless I absolutely had to.

I know it's hard to separate your feelings from your logical side, but if you look at it piece by piece you know it wasn't us.

Maybe you were just having a terrible dream? And if not, I think it's probably likely that you were having a vision that your subconscious put us in the place of the actual people behaving that way. As much as I wish it was just an awful dream, this really does seem the most likely reason.

Now that you've gotten a full night's sleep with no nightmares that I could hear, do you want me to shag the worry right out of you?!?

Love you,


Tuesday May 31st
The dearest part of my heart,

So... I think I just made Bletchley's entire week. When you said that tidbit about my dream likely being an actual vision in which I'd replaced us with the real murderers, I wasn't certain how to go about getting justice for the poor boy, but I wanted to at least see if it would be possible.

To which end, I printed up a copy of my ENTIRE dream, then brought it to Robards. He called in his Deputy Head AND Bletchley (who is pretty much the most senior Auror on the force at this point). I warned them that the dream was hopefully JUST a dream - a highly disturbing one - but on the off chance that it was a real vision, I wanted their objective opinions of what in essence is a sort of crime scene.

Or footage of a crime scene, I suppose.

This is not the first time I've had a vision in which I saw myself as either the victim or some other person, so they were ready to watch with an open mind. And yes, I warned them that there was quite a bit of sex first, which shouldn't be disturbing unless they are bothered by gay sex. They all assured me that they were sufficiently warned, so I started the dream playing.

To my surprise, rather than shrug it off as a bad dream, Robards insisted that I actually extract the vision so we could analyze it from inside a Pensieve. As we were going through it, Bletchley actually pointed out something I hadn't really paid any attention to: the closed sliding glass doors acted like a bit of a mirror since it was dark out. So we all studied the scene as it played out in mirror image, and sure enough, the men committing the crime looked completely different in the mirror.

Both were Asian, one looked like he might have had a white parent and was quite a bit taller than the other. The other was actually even shorter than you, but both were definitely men. When the vision got to the part where the henchman came in, he was clear enough - even from the printed copy - that they had something to work from. When all was said and done, Robards was fairly convinced that an actual crime had happened, and that - since it seemed to be covered up - chances were that no one knew what had happened to the young man.

This was where Bletchley got really happy. Robards decided that it was worth sending someone to Singapore to look through missing person photos and see if there was a match to the victim. Also, see if there might be mugshots on file of any of the criminals. If so, look into getting the crime solved.

With all of that set, Robards wondered who he could send, and Bletchley remarked that he had a LOT of unused holiday time built up, and that he wouldn't mind a working vacation so long as he got reimbursed for the actual time he worked, plus a decent hotel and a bit of per diem. Robards agreed since he trusts Bletchley to be able to get things done despite the distraction of a holiday.

With Bletchley already looking like Christmas had just come early, I probably could have just left it, but I couldn't. So I reached into my pocket and pulled out my coin purse.

"Here, I'd like you to give this to the boy's family - if you manage to track them down - with my sympathy." I handed him about a hundred Galleons. "And don't let those greedy goblins rob you with a bad exchange rate! Visit Theo Nott and tell him I sent you; he'll give you a favorable exchange rate." I then handed him about a hundred more Galleons. "And here, take your wife to someplace decent at least once. I recommend the SKAI, which has a rather nice champagne brunch on Sundays."

"Shit Guv! You damn near paid for my entire trip! Would have done if I was just going for a day or two, but I expect that something this delicate is going to take an entire week," Bletchley stated with a broad grin.

"Better not take any longer than two weeks, because at that point, I expect you to give up and come home," Robards commanded sternly.

"Of course," Bletchley agreed with a nod. Then he slung an arm over my shoulder. "So... are the rumors of a thriving red light district true?"

I shrugged. "Apparently the Orchard Towers are considered four floors of whores. Wouldn't know as I didn't visit any of them. Took Harry to a gay sauna instead."

"Your loss mate," Bletchley said as he lightly pounded me on the back. "My wife had so much fun at your party that she's been on me to find out if there are any others coming up. I figure she'll LOVE an opportunity like this."

Robards looked a cross between suspicious and disapproving. "Come on man! Don't get arrested on holiday for something you KNOW is illegal - being an Auror and all. Also, WHAT party???"

I chuckled and gave him a bit of a flirty grin, feeling so much better now that plans were being made to deal with my vision, should it happen to be true. "Harry and I recently threw a nice old fashioned orgy. Only reason we didn't invite you is that the last time I hinted I might like to invite you to such a party, you looked at me like I deserved to be kissed by a dementor, and so, I took that to mean you weren't interested. Ever."

"That much is true," Robards agreed. Then he shrugged. "I could care less about your sex life, mate, but maybe try not to corrupt my Aurors?"

I laughed so hard that I couldn't manage to calm down before he ordered me to leave already and I Apparated home.

So now I'm home and ready to take you up on your offer. Unfortunately, I'm dead certain that you are occupied with children - and likely horses - and will need me to come co parent for a few hours before we can slip away and shag like bunnies.

More than words is all you have to do to make it real, Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me, 'Cuz I'd already know,

Chapter Text

Wednesday June 1, 2016

My Best Friend,

I know I've complained to you a bit that I haven't seen our grandchildren much recently. Sammy is at Hogwarts so I see her even less than our Hogwarts kids. Miles and Colm's hours are so odd with having a 'nightlife' career that it seems as though finding times to meet up where our schedules work well enough for me to get time with Charlotte. But I had a mostly free day today and have been itching to introduce Blake to the horses.

I called up Bea, asked her if she and Finn could handle giving up Blake for the day with the possibility of a sleepover and she calmly checked her schedule and said she could work that into their plans. Yeah, by that I mean she basically had him through the floo with a bag packed before we finished our conversation.

She laughed when I started a bit of hysterical giggling, I guess she and Finn were hoping for a bit of a night out sometime soon but didn't want to bother us with our upcoming trip. And Blake had been begging to visit us. You know, we are so spoiled having our children's grandparents so close and very hands on. I forget how often we're able to get away to ourselves simply because we live in a giant home that we share with our children's beloved Grammy Cissa and Grampy Lulu. Finn and Bea really just have us.

I planned to introduce our little Beegee to the horses, and then maybe take him to play at our park, possibly pull out the smaller dirt bikes. Since he showed up just after breakfast, I figured we had a lot of hours to kill and tried to have plans ready. Nope, didn't need any of the extra plans. I had to have the elves make us a picnic lunch so he could eat at the stables and ended up bringing him in at dinner with tears in his eyes and promises that we could come back and visit the horses in the morning.

He looked at me with great fat alligator tears and asked, "but won't Cheesecake be lonely without me?" Oh hunny! He's attached!

I wiped his eyes, gave him a big hug, and assured him that Cheesecake would be fine hanging out with the lovely Fondue and I made sure he saw me set the monitoring spells that would alert us if the horses were upset.

I have a feeling the horses will have plenty of attention while we're in California if Blake has anything to say about it.

After dinner, we headed over here to Unity for Movie Night. For the fact that both of his parents are Unity Royalty, Blake doesn't make it to these nights all that often. So once he got over his sadness at leaving the stables, he was very excited to come play at the Park and hang out with a bunch of kids. And we're watching Big Hero 6, which is one of his favorites so he's extra excited. I didn't even plan it that way, it was just a happy coincidence.

Missing you again, hope class is going well and you don't hurt anyone too much.


P.S. Always remember how much you love me


Wednesday June 1st

I have no bloody idea how you keep managing to do this to me!!! I checked THREE TIMES to make sure I had the right clothes before I left, and yet SOMEHOW when I arrived and went to change into my bespoke sparring outfit, I find YET AGAIN that you've switched out my shirt with a T-SHIRT!!!

This one almost certainly made my students want to run away screaming. Very admirably, they refrained from running away or screaming. Much. This one said:

PERSONAL TRAINER [per-sun-al tray-ner]
1. The one responsible for ensuring others incur the maximum pain and suffering possible
See also: badass, sadist

Come to think of it, maybe they DID try running away, they just didn't get far as they were on a track. When I went to pick them up from the Ministry track, they saw me coming and did their best to speed up and stay ahead of me. I probably looked ready to murder someone.

Eventually, we were back in the classroom. I decided that it was finally time to teach them how to block punches. Which means that half of them were throwing punches while the others were supposed to block or intercept them. My only rule was no hitting the face or the groin. Everything else was fair game.

I walked around giving pointers and sportingly gave them each a shot at trying to punch me. Not one of them succeeded, and in their zeal, they found out that I know a LOT of holds - such as choke hold, arm behind the back, and nose to the floor.

"Do I need to go easy on you precious little petals?! I sincerely doubt any of you could give me a nosebleed if you were circled around me fully armed while I was unarmed and had no clear escape route! YOU!!! Are you even TRYING?!?! Her hands are RIGHT THERE, ready to block anything you can throw at her, and YOU would have better luck hitting her if I tripped you and tossed you into her!!! BLOODY HELL!!! I feel like I should invite a few prisoners from Azkaban here so that you could see what a REAL fight is like!!! Merlin's buggering sphincter! Next class is the day after my birthday and I think I'll amuse myself by bringing in my three SIX YEAR OLDS and laugh my arse off as they WIPE THE FLOOR with you lot!"


I was impressed with the bollocks on this one, considering that he's the least in shape and doing so poorly in class that I really feel I should put him in a body bag and hand him to Robards to make a point. I stared him down for a long moment before beckoning him closer.

"Come over here and say that to my face. Better yet, punch me. Slap me. Bloody trip me. Did I piss you off? Prove it!"

The rest of my students looked torn between highly concerned for his health and very eager to see him succeed. With him highly motivated to NOT land in St. Mungo's, he seemed to actually pull his head from his arse and THINK about what he was doing. He's got some power behind his fist. Too bad his fist didn't get anywhere near me.

I was able to block every single punch he threw at me. He got ever more determined to take me down a peg, and actually DID manage to make me keep my guard up, but aside from entertaining his classmates for a good ten minutes, he didn't make any progress.

Well actually, I shouldn't say that as he did make LOADS of progress. I could see him strategizing and trying out the various techniques I've taught. Too bad for him I can figuratively and LITERALLY read the moves as they cross his mind. Still, if he'd been fighting a criminal, I think he might have held his own, and THAT is exactly what I'm trying to teach them to do. Better yet, hold their own until they have an opening to take down and arrest the criminal.

Frustrated that he hadn't harmed so much as a hair on my head, he eventually grumbled the question I've been waiting for. "This is useless! Why the bloody hell do we have to learn this?!"

That's when I stopped playing nice and swept his feet out from under him so that I could roll him over and sit on his back. Then I put my elbow just to the right of his spine - next to his shoulder blade - and rested my chin on my hand as if I was utterly bored.

"Tell me something, do you plan to arrest a criminal as an Auror?"

"Well yeah," he muttered, trying his best to wriggle out from under me.

"So, what if your criminal casts a simple Expelliarmus? How will you arrest him or her if you're unarmed?"


"AND what if your criminal sneaks up behind you with the intention to bash you over the head. If you don't notice until the last possible second, how are you going to avoid the blow, and better yet, turn it to your advantage?"


"What about raids? Do you think you'll ever want to go on a raid?"

"Yeah, that's where the big money is," he stated, pointing out that Aurors who go on raids earn a bonus in addition to their regular pay because of the potential danger. More if they actually get injured in the line of duty.

"Ah, so your main interest is in making money. You don't particularly care about your life or getting criminals off the streets," I theorized.

"Oi! I wouldn't be training as an Auror if I only wanted money!"

I sighed as if bored, now resting my other elbow on his back and propping my chin up on my hands. "Alright, so not only do you have to pass this class to qualify for raid duty, but I know for a fact that most of the time, one of the wards erected around a raid site is an ANTI-MAGIC ward. So tell me, how do you plan to do your job as an Auror without magic?"

Big mouth seemed scandalized. "THEY DO NOT!!!" He spluttered for a second. "That's INSANE!!! WHY would they do that???"

"A little over a month ago, the Ministry raided an illegal potions lab. Inside was a room full of kids. Can you imagine what COULD have happened had one of the more desperate and dangerous higher ups decided to use the kids as hostages?"

He paled. "I can imagine that it wouldn't have been good."

"Can you think of a better way to ensure that a CHILD - or other INNOCENT person - isn't accidentally or otherwise hit with an unforgivable killing curse?"

He seemed to think this over for a moment, and then growled. "It's still INSANE to take away magic from the trained Aurors going in. With just a few well-aimed stunning spells, the criminals would be taken into custody and the raid would be over."

I shook my head. "I don't think you have what it takes yet. To participate in raids, that is. If you manage to pass this class, I'm going to require that you work as an Auror for at least three years before I let you go on any raids."

He scoffed. "Lucky for me that YOU'RE not the Head Auror then!"

I sighed, rubbed my forehead and decided that I was done with him. I stood up and walked away - especially since class only had five minutes left by that point. As I walked away, I heard one of the Aurors I've worked with a few times chuckling under his breath. A surreptitious glance over my shoulder revealed that he was giving the big mouth a hand up.

"Idiot! You DO know that Draco Malfoy happens to be the Chief in charge of raids, right?"


I paused outside the not quite closed door to hear the answer.

"Because he puts the same terrifying attention he's giving us into the raid, and since he does, we have a GOOD track record of conducting raids with minimum to NO injuries. Wouldn't you prefer to work under a man who knows how to keep everyone alive and in one piece?"

"Well..... yeah....."

At that, I snorted in amusement and finished walking to the nearest Apparation point. I've been telling them since the beginning that I'd give them the skills they need AND a good idea of why they need them. I HAVE been telling them - giving plenty of examples of real instances in which criminals have done things or when each move has come in handy. Maybe NOW they'll start paying more attention.

I know you wanted to leave on Monday, and you most certainly can - taking the jet with all the kids - but I'm going to stay behind and use my Portkey between the Manor and our house in California. That way, I can invite my students back to the manor a few hours earlier than class usually starts. I'm serious about keeping our youngest with me. I plan to have my students be chased by Amala for a good 45 minutes, and THEN I want to watch as our kids kick all their arses to the ground every five seconds.

Maybe if you feel like delaying your flight after all, you and the rest of the kids can watch from the comfort of lounge chairs while munching on popcorn.

In the meantime, now that I'm home and showered (I had to wash the stink of that student off, bleh!), I was planning to crawl into bed with and molest you, but it looks like you're already sound asleep..... snuggled up with our adorable honorary grandson Blake. So, sleep it is, I guess.

But before I sign off, I just wanted to remind you that Sammy - having found out that she shares a birthday with Mahafsoun - wants to spend the day as a shadow, provided that Mahafsoun is allowed to have visitors on her set that day. I think she said that they were going to do pre-start-of-filming things that day, so I'm not sure how it'll work, but I'm going to at least ask.

The breath that I breathe,

Chapter Text

Sunday June 5, 2016

My Dragon,

Happy Birthday my love. I'm hopeful that all the fun plans we have for today are as wonderful as you deserve. I'm not sure how much longer the children are going to let you sleep, I've been fending some of them off for hours! The older kids like to sleep in anyway and are well aware of how much you hate being woken up. But our smallest are getting antsy and wanting to get started on spoiling their daddy on his birthday.

I'm sitting in our bed, wand at the ready to re-cast silencing and locking charms at our door should I need to AGAIN. I figured I would get my thoughts out while I wait for those beautiful silver eyes to blink themselves open.

I already sent my traditional bouquet of flowers to your mum to thank her for her efforts in bringing my favorite person into the world. You'd think after all these years she'd be used to it, but she still gets all soft and emotional when I bring them to her the morning of your birthday.

It was no problem to change up our plans for leaving Monday. Haz doesn't actually need to be there for prep until the tenth, so a delay in one day wasn't an issue. I spoke with Mr. Lott to tell him of the change of plans and he said he'd just spend Monday sleeping and we could take off Monday night after your class. I didn't even think of that, just assuming we'd leave Tuesday instead. But this should really help the kids with any jet lag symptoms. They'll sleep off and on during the eleven hour flight, their bodies will be a bit confused and we'll land at around three in the morning on Tuesday. We get settled into the house, everyone crashes for a few more hours, and we wake up at a fairly normal time on Tuesday ready to start the day.

Oh! I have a bit of a thought about your plans for your victims, sorry I mean students, for Monday. Instead of having them run first and be chased by Amala, I think you should have them spar with the trouble trio first. If you have them exhaust themselves running then I can see the little whiners using their exhaustion as an excuse for getting their arses handed to them. I think you should have them stretch a bit, maybe run a lap or two, and have them spar the triplets fresh and energized.

I think you were kidding when you talked about having us lounge and have popcorn while you terrorize your students, but when I got home from picking up our Hogwarts kids and told them about your 'joke' they all thought it was the best idea they'd ever heard. So unless you are actively against the idea, you are going to have quite the crowd tomorrow night.

I think I'm most looking forward to seeing them get whooped by Seph. She is so tiny, she looks so beautifully dainty, but she is the toughest out of all three. I think somehow she knew she was going to be so small and decided to make up the difference by packing in as much personality, sass, and determination she could fit in her body.

Much like our trip to Singapore, it's your birthday and I want you to have the exact day you want. So, I have things planned but if you have something you'd rather do, you just let me know. I have us scheduled for the dragon event at Adventure Park. I got us seats to one of Miles' shows tonight. And lunch reservations at Café Exquis. Just let me know if anything needs to be altered.

Oh! Speaking of altered, the weekend of the big Hogwarts party at the Manor? That's the weekend of Glastonbury! So while the big kids are partying the night away, should we take the smaller kids to Glasto to keep them out of their hair? I just assumed we would miss it this year with all of our plans, but the timing of us coming back for the party makes it so we shouldn't have to miss it at all. What do you think? Earth Wind and Fire are going to be performing on Sunday!

Alright, I'm off to distract the kids, this is the third time they've broken through my silencing charms. Little monsters!

Thank you for being born!


Monday June 6th
My everything,

We are currently on our flight, which gives me plenty of time to recap my last two days. As I was waking up on my birthday, I could feel you trying to leave our bed, and I didn't care what time it was, this was NOT ON! So I grabbed you and yanked you back over to me so that I could kiss and have my very wicked way with you.

Unbeknownst to me, our youngest three were having a conversation that went something along the lines of: "Sigh... looks like we have to wait EVEN LONGER!" "Well yeah, but the good news is that he's awake now." "Let's go get Amala and let her in here, she'll make him hurry up." "That's BRILLIANT!!!"

So, we were having ourselves a great time, kissing and wanking each other, until I was ALMOST there, and then - sure enough - Amala jumped on the bed and tried her best to get in on the action. Which, of course, killed the mood almost completely. After fighting off a disconcertingly amorous Cheetah - who STILL thinks I'm at least partially her mate, ugh! - we decided to take a shower and finish up in there.

Then, to prevent further shenanigans from our adorable hooligans, I decided that it was best to cut my morning routine short and just get dressed. We then proceeded to have a fabulous family brunch in which our many imps - I mean choir of angels - showered me with love and gifts. And by gifts, I of course mean songs or skits to entertain me. Only Elena actually bought me something.

I opened her gift with a slight suspicion that she'd forgotten until the last second and just bought me any old piece of jewelry. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved it, but happily, I was wrong. Inside the bracelet sized box lurked two tickets to a show in California. An all male burlesque show, mmm...

Our girl knows us so well!

Speaking of our girl, she has definitely hit the nauseous phase of pregnancy. It doesn't seem to be too horrible, just a little vomiting when she forgets to eat every two to four hours. Remind me to have Muffy make her a nice snack basket to have on hand at all times.

The attention was taken off of me for a few minutes as we all asked Elena how she was doing. She admitted to finally accepting that Rodrigo is a capable assistant. She still hates being more or less forced to slow down, but she's grateful enough to have such loving dads who know how to take care of her.

After River and Mahafsoun finished their amazing performance and brunch was finished, we bribed our youngest 8 atrociously to have a fun day with our older set of Triplets and Viona. Speaking of Viona, she's ever so grateful that I've managed to secure Hogsmeade for her and has spent most of the day huddled together with Pippa, planning out how to best decorate the entire town. So glad I'm not a part of that discussion!

Once our youngest had been sufficiently paid off and the oldest were sufficiently paid off to take them out, they headed off to Unity Park to have a fun day of riding rides and causing mayhem. It's a good thing I still partially own the place and can afford to pay for any damages.

I wonder if I should have warned them...

Anyway, that left us free to head out for your plans - which were perfect for me. We went to my Adventure Park and played with the dragons. I *didn't* take my Anijuice potion since I'm actually low on dragon scale (Charlie promised to get me more for my birthday, but I haven't seen him yet), but we still had a blast simply riding our brooms as we let the dragons chase us.

The interesting thing is that after so many years of the dragons interacting with paying customers, they are almost tame. Not quite - one still has to avoid provoking their temper - but so long as one is respectful and just wants to fly with them, they are actually friendly, even letting us pet them. On a rare occasion, a customer even has the luck of *riding* one. And it was definitely my lucky day as they recognized my smell from the several times I'd transformed into a dragon and gone flying with them. They let me and you ride them around the replica of the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament.

I don't know about you, but I had so much fun that I gave serious consideration from retiring from life and just living out the rest of my days as a dragon with them. The thing that convinced me that was a bad idea was that even if you came with me, we'd miss our kids like a bone deep ache, so no. No permanent dragon status for me. Yet.

I'm still considering it for my old age.

But speaking of dragons, erm… Remember my friend from the forbidden Forest? The Antipodean Opaleye that's been living there for at least the last five years. Well, remember how the last time we went there and she seemed highly upset and kept whipping her tail at her empty nest? I've given it a lot of thought, and I THINK that she was trying to tell me something along the lines of: "Dragon up and mate with me, man, so that my nest stops being empty and our kind gets just a tiny bit less closer to extinction!"

Now I'm NOT saying that I particularly like the idea, but if I'm right, she has a sort of point. And since Opaleyes really are rare (the only other one I know of is the decrepit old male that Charlie gets my scales from), maybe I have a sort of obligation to help out. What do you think?

But moving on.

After our day with the dragons, we went to eat at Café Exquis, and I swear they OUTDID themselves for sheer excellence! But then it was time for the best part...

A fun and hilarious show starring our gorgeous Miles! Once again, you apparently warned him that we were coming because he ended the show by dragging me up on stage and having the two of us perform a trio of songs for the additional delight of the large paying audience.

I had a blast!

My day was perfect from beginning to end! Especially since you were determined to make up for the fact that Amala interrupted our wake up. After shagging each other into exhaustion, I slept like the dead and had a lovely afternoon chatting and catching up with our kids.

But then it was time for my class. I'd had Pippa send them all reminders that I expected them to show up to the Manor an hour earlier than usual. I also made it known that I'd accept no excuses short of death for not making it. Prior to the start of class, I spent a good hour and a half making myself look good. I got dressed up in my favorite of my sparring outfits, and preened for my mirror for at least ten minutes before Apparating to the running track to meet my class.

I was in an excellent mood.

"Listen up! My husband Harry had a brilliant idea." I gestured to you where you and all of our kids were sitting on lounge chairs and munching on snacks. You smirked suspiciously and waved at me before blowing me a kiss. I raised a brow but shrugged it off. "He suggested that I take it a bit easy on you today and let you be all fresh and ready to spar - thus no running other than a few stretches and a quick warm up lap. What do you all think? Doesn't that sound lovely?"

They were all eyeing my shirt and groaning - giving me the impression that they did NOT believe I was planning to go easy on them. They were right, but I have no idea how they parsed it. That's when I looked down and saw that my shirt was NOT what I'd put on. It was *somehow* a T-shirt that said: NOBODY CARES: WORK HARDER

"GODDAMNIT HARRY!!!" I roared, glaring over at you.

"What???" You asked with an air of innocence that was ruined by the smug grin on your face.


"I'm just giving your students fair warning."

Sighing in aggravation, I decided to go topless after all, or at the very least, take my shirt off until I could summon my ACTUAL shirt. To my dismay, under the T-shirt was a black singlet that said: REAL MEN EAT ASS


"WHAT??? I'm just letting them know that you are MINE and they'd better keep their hands to themselves! I DID defeat Voldemort after all, mere moments after he threatened your life."

I stopped short because that part hadn't ever occurred to me before. "Huh..... you actually did. Fine! Everyone, line up so that we can stretch!"

After our quick warm up, it was time for the main event, I had my students line up again. "Persephone, Lily, Caelum, could you three come over here a minute?"

"Sure thing daddy!!!" They cried out excitedly as they bounded over to me, then they stood there staring up at me looking so adorable that my heart just about melted. The girls were wearing silk Chinese shirts and matching bottoms - dark purple for Persephone and gold embroidered with bright red flowers for Lily. Meanwhile, Caelum was wearing a sport uniform that said Malfoy across the back and had the number 1 on the front.

"I promised my students that they'd get a chance to spar with you three cherubs today, and so, I want you to refrain from murdering them, but otherwise, go ahead and take them out."

"YES DADDY!!!" They accepted eagerly and instantly transformed into a trio of ninjas with their fierce hiyas and their murderous expressions. I jogged over to your double sized lounge chair and got comfortable while we watched our babies utterly terrorize my students.

AHHHH.... This was my favorite class yet. I look forward to making this a standard part of my class each time I have a new set of students who think they're making good progress. Which - by the way - is an EXCELLENT reason to give our tinys that age freezing potion. That way, they'll ALWAYS be these tiny little pixies that don't look like they should be able to break a sweat, much less an arm.

The only problem with my plan was that I didn't get to watch as closely as I wanted because you thoroughly distracted me by snogging the bloody hell out of me. But once my class had been beaten into submission, our terrors came over and told me to stop being disgusting and go deal with the people on the ground.

With a triumphantly evil laugh, I untangled myself from you and jogged over to my students. "Alright! Now that you are nice and limber, it's time for my pretty kitty Amala to come out and chase your arses around the track a few times. What do you think? Sound brilliant? Yeah? AMALA...." I sang out gleefully.

A nice roar let me know that she was on her way.

"I suggest you use this time to get a head start. Chop chop!"

And that was the start of my best class yet. After their 45 minute jog - terrified run - I was able to feed them a quick snack of your homemade biscuits (they were allowed more than one this time), tea, and plenty of water. Then I paired them up and had them just spar. I'd taught them all the basics by this point, and really, all they needed to do was practice them until they were actually good.

No one died and no one had to go to the Ministry Healers, so I call that a win.

But as I said, I'm now on the jet and it's time for me to sign off and take advantage of the fact that you are sleeping right next to me.

Every time I close my eyes, it's you I see,

Chapter Text

Wednesday June 8, 2016

Greetings from sunny, beautiful California!

We got in yesterday and did a whole lot of nothing. Mostly just unpacking, settling the kids into their rooms, short naps to keep the snits at bay without completely getting us jetlagged. Rediscovering all of our favorite parts of our Cali house and surrounding yard. Except for Sammy and Maha obviously who must have just chugged a pepper-up or they are just better at dealing with exhaustion than this over-the-hill thirty-five-year-old-man.

As upside down as I think we all felt yesterday, it was really nice to go to bed at a normal time last night and wake up today refreshed and ready to start the day. I think this should put us on good footing for the rest of the summer instead of trudging through jetlag for the next week while we sync up our brains with the sun.

I've already been for a run this morning. It's so funny, I prefer to run outdoors. Even in the dead of winter I would rather just cast warming charm after warming charm than run indoors on a small circular track or, Merlin forbid, a treadmill. I'm glad those monstrosities exist for those who want to utilize them, but give me the great wide open any day! But the funny part is that back in the UK, even when we're at hotels or areas with more people, I rarely run into other people out on their runs. I know they do, I'm not going to pretend I'm the only runner in the entire place, I just think the places I run at home tend to be free of other runners.

Running here in southern California? It's a completely different world. I did the early morning runner head nod in solidarity with so many people!

There was an incident this morning though. I debated waking you up, but seeing as you have to pop off for your class today … or is it tomorrow? I get so mixed up with the time differences … I decided to let you sleep and I will just catch you up a bit. So, we are going to meet up in person with the surgeon on Friday. We've had plenty of skype conversations, and the surgeon has spoken with Haz's healers at home at length, as well as met up with the physical and mental doctors she was cared for when we lived here. But Hazel hasn't met this surgeon in person yet.

I know Hazel, Eris, and Viona in particular were planning on spending most of today and tomorrow at the beach. I figured we would barely see them the next few days. So I went in and talked to Haz before they could leave just to make sure we had all the scheduling and specifics set for our appointment Friday. I mentioned wanting to leave earlier than planned, the surgeon is a muggle doctor after all so I didn't want to just apparate into her office or anything. And the traffic around here is insane. Well something about it being two days away made Hazel panic.

She started crying and breathing really fast, poor lamb was having a bit of a panic attack. I just held her, rocked her a bit, and made shushing noises. I eventually asked her if this panic meant she was having second thoughts. I thought that child was going to start throwing punches at me! Nope. No second thoughts. If anything I think she was terrified that she'd gotten so close to what she wanted that she is afraid something is going to go wrong. Somehow when the surgery was "someday" and far in the future she could just be hopeful. But it being so soon means that she's going to spend the next twenty-three days worrying that something is going to fall through and this thing she'd waited for for so long wasn't going to happen for her.

I was able to calm her down, and sent the kids on their way to the beach. If she hadn't been able to stop freaking out I certainly would have woken you to help, but thankfully that wasn't necessary.

Hopefully we have enough things planned in the next three plus weeks that the time will fly and surgery day will be here before you know it. Then the only panicking black-haired Malfoy you'll have to worry about is me! And probably Eris. She's been oddly quiet during any conversations having to do with the main reason we're here in Cali this summer. And I know it's not any sort of jealousy over the attention or annoyance at being somewhere she doesn't want to be. You should probably wear something waterproof on the big day because Eri and I will be crying our eyes out on your shoulders.

Okay I can NOT dwell on how worried I am or I am going to be a soggy mess and I have too many things I want to get done today.

Are you as surprised and or pleased as I am about the Viona/Alric rooming situation? I was really gearing up for an epic Viona rage for us even daring to suggest they sleep apart. Either a rage or an outright refusal. I thought we might even get a stern lecture on the patriarchal implications of assigning the concept of purity or virginity to a person. And when I simply gestured to the room and said "Here's where Alric can stay" they both looked almost … relieved? He air kissed her cheek and told her he'd meet up with her after he'd unpacked.

It's absolutely bonkers, but I'm almost disappointed it wasn't an issue. You and I spent so much time worrying about how to handle him being on this trip with us and everything was just smooth as can be? All that worry for nothing!

Well, I am off to the market, the team we hired to stock the pantry did a good job of filling up on the staples and basics, but I want to go a bit crazy in the fresh produce department. We are going to have the freshest damn orange juice every morning I swear it!



Wednesday June 8th

I'm going to hate this, I just know it!

While you were off writing an email to me and trying to let me sleep in as much as I wanted, Pippa was busy waking my arse up and barely giving me enough time to swallow down a smoothie as she dressed me like a child and shoved my Portkey in my hand. See, with London being 7 hours ahead of us, 5PM there - when my class starts - is 10 ***AM*** here. I'm never up until much closer to noon!!!


It wasn't until I arrived at the Manor and used the convenient floo connection from our track to my classroom that I even thought to look at what Pippa had put on me. To my dismay, it was another of those shirts. This one said:

SQUAT because NO ONE RAPS ABOUT little butts.

"GODDAMNIT HARRY!!!" With a resigned sigh - because I was definitely not awake enough to give a shit about anything short of the Dark Lord being resurrected and attacking me - I trudged off to pick up my students from the track. They followed me quietly because I was pretty quiet myself.

As promised by your shirt, I made them squat repeatedly for about a half an hour before pairing them up and having them take turns attacking and defending. Strangely, the longer I went without saying much of anything at all, the more wary and downright afraid they seemed to get. I'm dead certain that they started taking bets on which one of them I was planning to AK.

But the most interesting part of class was that every single student had been properly humbled by their experience with our kids, and was taking this class much more seriously. I think they might even have teamed up to practice in their spare time. Honestly, THAT is probably the only way they're ever going to truly retain their lessons.

Once done, I was going to wave my hand dismissively and leave, but my uncharacteristic silence had unnerved them all to the boiling point.

"What crawled up your arse and died?" One of my braver and actually more competent students asked.

I raised a brow and stared him down.

"Seriously? Did you and your husband fight? Did someone kill your cat? Was you're teenaged son caught shagging some girl?"

"NO! Thank Merlin! We had enough of that from River!" I blurted out. Then sighed and rubbed my temples. "Fine, if you must know, I am not awake enough to form coherent words. It may be evening here in Britain, but it was not quite 10 AM back in LA, and I NEVER get out of bed until nearly noon."

"Oh? … So you're too tired to..."

I immediately blocked a punch. "I said I was tired, not DEAD! You're going to have to train for a hundred more years before you're good enough to get one over on me!"

"I think you're full of it! I think NOW is the best time to take you down!"

To my surprise, I was fully awake now. "Put your money where your mouth is!"

With this invitation, it became a free for all of my students trying to attack me and put me through even a tiny bit of what I've put them through. Unfortunately for them, they are still in the stage where they have to think about what they are doing - rather than react instinctively - and so, not quite able to thwart my Legilimency.

Still, they impressed me enough that I feel they deserve a treat for our next class. I'm going to let them take a break from sparring and having their arses kicked, and I'm going to make them dance instead. But that's not until Monday, and so - in the meantime - I have plenty of time to Portkey back home and have a nice long chat with Hazel.

See you in a couple of minutes.

I have faith in what I see, now I know I have met an Angel in person, and he looks perfect, I don't deserve it, but you look perfect tonight,

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Friday June 10, 2016

My Strength,

Ah! Today's the day. I am sure this will come as a complete surprise but I am panicking a bit. Luckily, Haz is still sleeping, so my worry isn't adding to hers. I promise, when she wakes up I will be completely calm and she will have no idea that I am slowly losing my mind here.

So far this morning I have already gone for a run, went into the yard to pick some fresh oranges, squeezed enough orange juice to feed even our massive family. I also made breakfast, and I've gone through every cupboard just in case we left something here last time and it needs to be cleared out. Like baby swimsuits that wouldn't fit anyone in this house or cracked beach toys or expired food.

Twenty Merlin-be-damned cupboards in this house and not a single thing I needed to take care of. It's almost like we have a small army of house elves that would be horrified at the idea of leaving a cupboard in disarray. Damn it! How am I supposed to panic clean when there's nothing to clean?

How did your chat with Hazel go? It's a bit silly, when she was using her upcoming surgery as manipulative ammunition to get you to say yes to her party idea she wasn't actually worried about it. It was all part of her creative form of getting her way. I wish she actually had something she was trying to talk us into now, it would be so much easier to deal with than actual worry. I'd give her just about anything she'd want if I could just take the worry out of those beautiful eyes.

Who am I trying to kid with this 'just about anything' nonsense? I would give her anything she wants if it was within my power to give. My sweet girl who asks for so little.

The kids all seem to have had fun so far in the few days we've been here. Exploring for the smaller kids and beach time for the older ones. A little on the boring side for us, but probably for the best. But this weekend we are going all out! Rock climbing for those interested, dirt biking for those interested in that, and a shopping trip to fill out our wardrobes to compensate for the change in weather. I know we did some shopping beforehand, but there's only so much summery beach stuff that can be stocked up on in Wiltshire ya know?

If I'm having a hard time finding something to do this morning, I have a feeling we should probably stock up on quiet indoor activities too for while Haz is recovering. Perhaps a few book series she hasn't read. A couple seasons of some new show we can binge together. Maybe some new board games? If I don't find something to do, this will be the summer that never ends. Well, we could probably get pretty deep into the wedding planning with Vivi.

Yes! I am going to see if The Princess is awake and talk wedding plans with her!

Spastically Yours,


Friday June 10th
My eternity,

Well today was certainly interesting.

I was feeling a bit nervous after my chat with Hazel because she spent the entire time asking me questions like:

"What if they think I'm too young to do this? What if they think I'm not a good candidate physically? What if they think I'm too insane to go through with it?!?!"

"Calm down love, you have been seeing a therapist since you were born. If you were insane, she would have told you by now and tried to fix it," I reminded her.

"Yeah but -"

I cut her short by pulling her in my arms and stroking her hair. "The worst thing they can do is make you wait until you're 18. The surgery WILL happen, even if you have to wait, but if they really thought you weren't ready, I'm certain they'd have called it off before now and told you to resign yourself to waiting."

"But I've waited long enough!"

"Yes, yes you have, and that's why I don't doubt that they will see that you're ready."

She sighed and rested her head against my shoulder and just let me hold her for a long time.

But as for today, this initial appointment took so much longer than I expected. The first two hours of it were Hazel chatting with a Psychologist about her reasons for wanting to transition fully. I have no idea what exactly was said as it was private between the two of them, but then there was a half an hour in which we were brought in to talk too and tell the woman about Hazel first telling us that she's a girl - which was actually Pearl who told us. How we've allowed her to be her true gender since she was four, how we have YEARS worth of family photos of us on vacation around the world with her wearing a skirt or sarong because she didn't always feel comfortable being naked with the rest of us because her incorrect gender. Things like that.

Then we headed off to a physical exam performed by the surgeons who will be performing the surgery. They needed to be certain that she was in full physical health so that there would be no problems during the surgery. They also needed to go through all the surgeries that would be performed, and those that were optional.

Hazel WILL be having a penectomy and an orchiectomy - which is the removal of the scrotum - and am I complete arse for shuddering in horror as these things are mentioned? Those are some of my favorite parts!!!

Anyway, she will also be having a vaginoplasty so that she has a fully functioning vagina when they are done. Once again, I had to sort of go elsewhere in my mind as these things were being discussed because I REALLY didn't want any of that in my head. But those are the three definite surgeries.

There are also a few other surgeries she could have at the same time. Even though you and I both said that we couldn't really notice it, Hazel has been wearing a lot of scarves lately to cover her Adam's Apple because she feels that it is the biggest one in all of creation and is so self conscious about it. So, she's adamant about having it shaved and smoothed. There are an array of plastic surgeries that can be done to her face to reshape it and make it more feminine, but we all agreed that with her early and continued access to estrogen, she's been developing in a feminine enough way that none of that is necessary.

Which just left..... Breasts.....

You know Harry, I KNOW that you are completely uninterested in breasts, but I personally find them nice. I like looking at them and they can be soft and fun to touch on occasion. Having to think about breasts not ONLY in relation to our daughter, but ALSO in relation to the SIZE of our daughter's breasts has quite put me off them for the foreseeable future.

That was the last of the optional surgeries that the Surgeon wanted to discuss. It seems that most people that elect to transition fully tend to have breast augmentation because they are usually men who did not have access to estrogen early enough to grow their own. They also usually aren't able to transition until they are fully grown and often fairly late in life.

But in Hazel's case, she has breasts, they're just... small. I never gave them any sort of look - aside from literally seeing them when she's dancing topless or taking a bath with the rest of the family. But because I've never given them a look, I hadn't known the specifics, such as: "But Dads! I REALLY want to go up at least half a size! I'm just big enough to be considered a B in that I'm too much for an A cup, but I don't really fill in the B cup. I JUST want to be a solid B!

Salazar preserve me!

"But Hunny!" You protested. "You're not done growing. What if we augmented them now, and then you hit a growth spurt and turn into a D cup?!"

"Actually, an Augmentation can always be reversed in that situation," the Surgeon supplied helpfully.

Hazel gestured to him as if he had just won her argument. "See?"

I sighed, rubbed my temples because I seriously wanted to run screaming from the room, and then held out a hand for her to take. "Look, we've chosen a team that is in the know and on board with Magic. That means that you are going to be having these surgeries done the muggle way because that's the only way to ensure that nothing goes wrong - or reverses itself over time. But you are ALSO going to be using healing spells and pain relief potions to minimize the time and discomfort from the healing process."

"Yeah?" Hazel stated and asked at the same time because she wasn't sure where I was going with this.

I sighed again. "I happen to know that there are potions and spells that can temporarily or permanently alter breast size. Pansy used to use the temporary spell before important dates, until she decided which size she liked the best and just took the potion to make them stay that way. Why don't I teach you those spells so that you can do exactly what she did and see which size you like best? Also, that gives you time to finish growing. Who knows, maybe your dad is right and you'll suddenly have a growth spurt and develop rather a lot in the next 2 years."

She hummed and tilted her head side to side as she thought this over. "Yeah, alright. I guess I will like having the ability to change them back if I make them TOO big."

"DAMN! I need to learn that spell!" The tall and painfully thin nurse lamented, looking at her almost unnoticeable chest.

The surgeon laughed. "Wouldn't help, you'd need the ability to DO magic in order to use it!"

She sighed morosely. "True..."

"Why didn't you just augment them?" Hazel asked curiously.

The nurse shrugged. "I'm born a woman - even though there are a lot of trans nurses here and I look like I could be one of them. My mother always told me that God gave me exactly what he wanted me to have and that I should learn to accept the gifts I have. I guess that maybe I believe her just enough that I haven't done it yet. Have them augmented, that is."

"Oh," Hazel murmured in understanding.

"Plus, then I'd have fake ones," the nurse added. "And even though they would LOOK really nice, they don't always feel so nice, you know?"

The Surgeon nodded in agreement. "Especially when someone has very little to begin with and wants to go as big as possible. There's just not that layer of fat needed to give them a nice feel."

Which somehow led to Hazel, the Surgeon, and the nurse - plus occasionally you - having a long and rather far too detailed discussion of real breasts versus fake breasts, and which really would be the better option in the long run. I am pretty sure my brain melted at some point and leaked out of my ears so that it could go running from the room.

But - in the end - we came out of the appointment assured that there was nothing wrong with Hazel that would prevent the surgery, and so now, all we need to do is a combination of having her see their therapist regularly to discuss what is going to happen until they are certain she is as prepared as she can be, PLUS WAITING, oi! I'm now of the opinion that these next few weeks will take FOREVER to pass!

That and I think there are actually supplements and things they want her to take and do to prepare her body for this major trauma. I sort of stopped listening at some point, erm, well, right about when we kept talking about breasts. Which I already said.

I'm just going to sign off now! And then probably go hide in the back of my closet and stroke my Komboloi. Or maybe hex myself to sleep until it's all over. We'll see how it goes.

Oh baby, I'm gonna love you forever, forever and ever amen, as long as old men sit and talk about the weather, as long as old women sit and talk about old men, if you wonder how long I'll be faithful, I'll be happy to tell you again, I'm gonna love you forever and ever, forever and ever, amen,

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Wednesday June 22, 2016

My Darling,

Ugh, how much longer until the little triplets are old enough for long distance port-keying? When they're eight is it? You know I have always enjoyed a nice long plane ride. We have our own private jet and pilot. We never have to wait in lines. I don't have to take off my shoes. It's just an easy boarding and flying process. But these long flights get awfully draining with wound up young kids on them. I swear, if Lissa asks me one more time how much longer it is I am going to pretend I'm in a coma.

I know, I could probably just send her over to bug you. Oh wait, you went ahead on your portkey because you have class tonight … today … now? I am pretty sure that whenever you have class we should not have sent Pippa with you because I can't keep the times straight. Ha! I can't keep anything straight! Hehe, gay joke for the win!

And you were able to port yourself with the older triplets and Vivi so they could help your mum with last minute party prep. Thankfully Shtara, Siri, Zwei, Zaire, and Jaz decided to fly with me in solidarity. I am being such a whiner, it's really not bad at all. We have awesome kids, we've been playing games during the flight, we watched a movie already, and I'm thinking (wishing and praying actually) the triplets may end up napping here pretty soon. They talked Shtara into singing for them and when she said yes she winked at me and has been singing them super soft slow songs ever since.

Knock wood, but Cael and Seph's eyes are looking awfully heavy right now.

I don't know, maybe I'm focusing on this stressful flight because if I don't fill my head the worries start filtering their way in. I don't know if you've noticed, but I have tried keeping us heavily scheduled for pretty much the last twelve days in a row. We did LEGOLAND, we've been rock climbing, dirt biking, surfing, we saw the Angels kick the Twins' arses ten to two at Angel's stadium, hell we even went to turtle races in Marina Del Ray. Turtle racing Draco!

I'm just so nervous about my baby girl having surgery. I know it's going to be wonderful for her to finally have it done. I know it's so important for her mental wellness. And I know our surgeon is fantastic, not to mention we have the ability to speed up and keep safe her healing due to magic. But … but … but … what if something goes wrong?

Okay, I really do need to keep my mind on something else. I think I'll start looking at more things I can cram in our schedule for the when we get back. There are wind caves and crazy museums. Oooh! We could do one of those hunts where we try to find the best food trucks' locations. Did you know there's an alley you can visit that people traditionally leave their chewed gum on it? It literally has been collecting nasty chewed up gum for decades. What is wrong with people? But in places we might actually visit, there's a cat rescue we can visit, aptly called The Cat House.

Plus, DISNEYLAND! Can we can we can we? Huh, huh, please? Our princesses could meet other princesses, we can go on awesome rides, and there are parades and fireworks! Plus, I hear Peter Pan is a hoot, if we found him the two of you could be sarcastic arseholes together!

Oh, thank fuck, the triplets are asleep. Okay, I am going to try to catch a nap myself. I'll see you in a few hours my love!



Wednesday June 22nd
My sanity,

So apparently I've been too tired while teaching my class the last couple of weeks to remember that I was going to give them a special treat. I was going to do it a couple of Mondays ago, but as I said, I've been too tired and basically half asleep while teaching classes. My students seem to like it when I show up to class quiet because it means that I'm going to simply pair them up and let them spar until my tea kicks in and I wake up. THEN I turn into a fierce Dragon who terrorizes the bloody hell out of them.

Today was different in that I was forced to wake up closer to 9AM so that I could eat something and be awake enough to bring a few of our kids with us. We arrived at the Manor and were immediately brought to the ballroom by the elves. That triggered me remembering that I planned to give my students an easy day of dancing. So, I ordered Muffy to head off to the classroom and leave a sign for my students to floo here.

Before they arrived, I had time to go change. It doesn't matter how you do it nor what shirt you wanted me to wear because I decided - swayed heavily by our kids wanting to come up with something extremely brilliant for their party - that we weren't just going to dance but FIRE DANCE. Thus, I was most definitely topless. My bottoms were basic black yoga pants that were charmed to the teeth to be impervious to fire. I normally forego even bottoms while firedancing, but I figured that I probably could run into trouble with the Ministry if any of my students complained that they had to see my gorgeous naked arse.

That DIDN'T extend to our kids. They were eager to get to choreographing a hot fire dance for their party, and so, were all naked - except for Hazel, who was only topless. They were chattering on about painted costumes to wear during the dance, Hazel wondering if she could charm her skirt to literally be on fire without burning her. My students actually entered the ballroom just ahead of me because Muffy had rounded them up and basically Apparated them there for me.

They stood there awkwardly, sounding like they wanted to apologize for interrupting something private, but also seriously were confused as to what was going on. I strode into the room behind them and clapped my hands to get their attention.

"You're all here, lovely! My kids had a brilliant idea, they're having a party this weekend and they want to come up with a brilliant dance to impress all their mates with, and since I've been working your arses to death lately, I decided that you all deserved a bit of a break today. SOOOO, you're going to dance with us," I explained.

"Mmm..." a couple of my students moaned in appreciation as they watched me walk to the center of the room. All of my dragons tend to fly around on my back - especially now that I have a complete set with the newest ones on my back to begin with, and so, my arms have looked bare during all my classes. This was probably the first time that they were seeing my tattoos. I ignored the moaning students.

"Muffy, hand out staves," I ordered.

"Yes Master," she replied obediently before handing a staff to each of my students.

I took the one Viona held out to me. Once everyone had a staff, I held up mine, copied by Viona, Eris, Orion, and Hazel. In unison, we all cried out: "Incendio!" Which caused our staves to burst into flame.

I then looked at my students. "If you've never tried to use wandless magic, feel free to use your wand, but honestly, a staff is very much like a big wand, and lighting it on fire tends to be an easy first wandless spell."

"Erm... Chief? Exactly WHY are we lighting our staves on fire?" One of the Auror students who has been on a raid with me before asked apprehensively.

"To dance with, of course," I stated as if this explained everything even though it didn't really explain anything. "Muffy, play last year's Midsummer Eve Ritual music."

Without a word of acknowledgment, the music started playing.

"Viona, take lead," I commanded.

"Right!" She accepted and promptly attacked Orion with her staff. Orion naturally defended himself, nearly landing a hit on his big sister. This provoked a squeak of alarm from Alric - who was sitting in a corner of the ballroom and trying his best not to watch by covering his eyes with his hands, but at the same time, dying of curiosity, and so, peeking through his fingers.

Hazel and Eris decided that this was their cue to perform the backup - which meant they spun their staves and repeatedly banged them on the floor with loud: "Huh!"s.

Twirling my fiery staff, I circled around my students. "I don't see any fire on your staves yet. Does this mean you want me to beat you all up with my fire stick while you jog around the room in terror? Or should I invite my cat in here to growl threateningly and lick her chops while imagining snacking on you?"

This prompted them to cast the spell I'd told them to - all of them needing their wands sadly. Then I led them through a staff dance that was equal parts dancing and defensive blocking maneuvers. Things were going rather well until the dance that Viona was leading her siblings in morphed into something that looked a bit too mature for them. I am rather lenient when it comes to dancing that pushes boundaries, but then I noticed one of my students staring at Viona like he wanted to drag her off and do unspeakable things to her, and so...

I swept his feet out from under him and stuck my magically on fire staff into his chest.

"Excuse me, but exactly WHAT were you looking at?" I asked with a deadly soft voice.

"Er, ah, erm, n-n-n-nothing!"

I replaced the staff with my bare foot to his throat. "Let me give you some generally helpful advice for life - and your continued survival. First of all, there is NOTHING happening in this room that should give you ANY sort of indication that you can look at a person like that. Other people are NOT your personal property and it doesn't matter if they are less than fully dressed. YOU remain respectful. When we raid places, we very often burst in on people in the loo, or hell! We've burst in on people shagging! If I CANNOT trust you to remain respectful in THIS situation, I sure as shit am NOT going to trust you to do so on a raid."

"R-r-right!" He wheezed out through his lightly compressed throat.

"Secondly, thank every deity you've ever HEARD of that I caught you and not MY DAUGHTER, because had SHE done so, I could not and would not have stopped her from putting you in the hospital for the next month."


"Uh-huh, don't even try to deny it," I stated.

"Wait!" Viona bade imperiously. "Which one of us was he looking at and does this mean I get to add another broken arm to my punchcard? I'm nearly at 10!"

"Unfortunately love, I cannot let you break his arm now that I've addressed his transgression. I have to give him a chance to act with dignity and respect, but by all means, if he so much as glances in your direction, take him down," I permitted.

She got to one knee so that she could look him in the eye as she pointed at him sternly. "I've danced naked all around the world and never had to worry about my safety because I can break you in half before you realized you'd pissed me off. DON'T test me!!!"

Eris was now crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at him. "Of all the nerve! Our dad has the grace and hospitality to invite you into OUR HOME, and this is how you act?!"

"We should Obliviate the memory of his entire existence from the rest of the class and send him off to Grandmama!" Hazel added.

"GIRLS!" I exclaimed, lowering my hands in a gesture meant to calm them down. "He's sufficiently chastised. There's NO need to get darling Grandmama involved! MERLIN! You're like your dad! He always wants to jump to most permanent solution to a minor problem too! Need I remind you that I'm WORKING for the MINISTRY and cannot be involved in any shady disappearances?!"

The four of them were now pointing their fire staves at the poor trembling student at my feet. A look circled around them before Orion nodded and pulled back his staff. "Dad has a point. We give him another chance to prove he knows how to behave."

Viona pulled back her staff with a frustrated sigh. "Fine."

Hazel slowly pulled back, but Eris held out another five seconds before pushing it against his neck. "Just remember, I know exactly where to cut you so that you bleed out before help can arrive."

"Eris!" I snapped.

"Just sayin'! We didn't spend two weeks with Kisa last summer for nothing," Eris reminded me.

I rubbed my temples. "I bloody KNEW I shouldn't have let you four go! Oh, we're just going to play with their kids, dad. We're not going to get into any trouble, dad. I don't even WANT to see the torture chamber!"

"Well I didn't!" Hazel cried out. "Until I got there and actually saw it, and then I realized that it was inexplicably fascinating!"

"Did you know that it can take Kisa three days to -"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" I hastily cut Orion short, well aware of the many things that could follow that opening. I then helped my student up off the floor and roughly dusted him off. His eyes were pinned to the floor. "Apologize to my daughter."

"I'm so sorry, Miss Malfoy. I forgot my manners and it won't happen again."

"See that it doesn't! ALRIC! Keep your eyes on this man, and if he so much as glances in my direction, hex the buggering hell out of him!"

"Yes Ma'am!" Alric cried out obediently, now focusing intently on my student.

I couldn't help but laugh. "Alric, you're bloody MARRYING my daughter! You should probably learn to call her by name!"

"Yes sir - NO sir!!! I CAN'T do that!!!" Alric blurted out in horror.

"Why not?" I wondered curiously.

"I like living and very much want to continue to do so until after we are well and truly married. Sir!"

I shrugged, baffled.

"Right, break over, let's get back to dancing!" I commanded. "Muffy, play something with a fuckload of drums!"

The music instantly changed to a thundering beat.

"That reminds me, daddy!" Viona called out from where she was now spinning her staff around her interspersed with emphatic strikes in all directions - clearly trying to come up with an interesting move for a dance. "I've decided that while I'm here in the Manor, I'm going to call a meeting of all the businesses I'm in charge of."

"Alright, I suppose that we could hold the quarterly meeting a bit early. Any particular reason?" I asked even as I encouraged my students to try to hit me with their staves.

"Actually yes, I want to see which one will be the best fit for Alric. I've decided that I'm going to have him run ragged managing one of my businesses when I go back to school, so that he doesn't have time to think, much less think of anyone else."

"I WOULDN'T!!!" Alric wailed from his corner.

"And while I do believe that, there's no sense in tempting fate - idle hands and all that," Viona informed him.

"That's not a bad idea," I murmured, looking around to see if my shadow was in the room. She was. "Pippa! Schedule a business meeting for, hmm... Tuesday."

"See to it that even if all the others can't make it, that the Import Export business is there. I think that's the one that will suit Alric the best. But I still want as many of the others there as possible, as I want to give him an opportunity to meet with them all," Viona added.

I was a bit puzzled, and apparently my students were amazed that I could hold a full conversation while I kicked their arses in fire dancing. "Wouldn't him taking over the Import Export business have him traveling the world on business trips?" Which would sort of defeat the point of keeping him away from temptation, in my humble opinion.

"Oh no! He'd keep his arse in London, in the shop, where he'd better do an excellent job of managing and selling all those imported goods," Viona stated.

"Ah. I see," I murmured, dodging a dual attack as a couple of my students tried ganging up on me to improve their chances.

"I'm great at sales!" Alric volunteered excitedly. "I once sold my neighbor lady her own cat, which had gone missing for so long that she thought he had died, so when I found him - after I cast a healing spell and fed him up a bit - I took him over to her and... well I WAS just going to give him back, but she was so overcome that she offered me anything I wanted for him and I ended up a hundred pounds richer that day..."

I stopped and looked at him. "Are you a Slytherin? I thought you were a Hufflepuff."

"Ravenclaw, actually," he informed me with obvious pride.

"Ah, well, we can't all be perfect," I lamented.

"I'M A RAVENCLAW!!!" Orion roared defensively.

"And an excellent Ravenclaw you are," I assured him. "But Slytherins are better."

"SEE?!" All three of his sisters burst out gleefully.

"DAD!!!" Orion snarled.

I laughed, dodged yet another pitiful attempt at an attack, and pulled him close for a quick hug and a kiss.

"Oi Viona, figured out that dance yet?" I wondered.

"Yep!" She replied with pride.

"Excellent! Walk us through it," I ordered, which led to us all practicing a rather complicated fire dance until my students dropped from sheer exhaustion. I think I may have overestimated how 'easy' this would be for them...

But in any case, no one died, no one broke any bones, and I'm pretty sure no one got any bruises, despite probably FEELING like they've been bruised down to their bones. So this was definitely a win! Aside from the easily healed and copious burns...

But I'm in bed now waiting for your flight to finally arrive, so I'm going to sign off and take a nap in the hopes that you'll just wake me up in the best way when you get home.

River deep, mountain high,

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Saturday June 25th
Master Mine,

Glasto-fest is fun. I love music. The younger kids are having a blast. We go home in a little bit to help referee the height of the Manor party. Blah Blah Blah. Here's the real point of the email, I have been ordered to describe in perfect detail exactly what transpired last night after hours in Glastonbury.

Last night, after we got the kids mostly settled for the night and left them in the safe care of Muffy and their own personal elves, you and I headed out for a night of debauchery and fun.

You were wearing those pants and boots that I love. The black leather making me want to fall to my knees and worship every inch of your body. I want to bare my neck and submit to you. I want to kneel in between those strong thighs, safely wrapped up, and hopefully be allowed to release your shaft and devote my mouth to its warmth and completion. Okay, I think I got off topic, long story short those pants and boots make me even hotter for you than I normally am. Which is already quite a bit.

You had on some complicated looking black top, buckles and straps covering your firm chest. It made me want to figure out all of those clasps, buckles, and buttons. Find some way to get to your skin. But knowing you put it on had me keeping my hands to myself. Using up my self control to keep from touching what I hadn't been given permission to touch. I think my hands were shaking before we left our tent area and we hadn't even done anything yet.

While you and your pale skin were decked neck to toe in solid black, highlighting your pale hair and skin and your aristocratic features, you had my darker complexion wrapped in pure white. White satin faux corset and matching garter belt holding up pale sheer stockings, pure white knickers with a slit in the back for easy access, and dainty white ballet flats. I was initially curious as to why you would have had me in something so easily dirtied when you knew we were going to be marching through fair grounds. I eventually realized it was part of your plan.

Your fully dressed self wasn't particularly odd, so you left the tent ready to go, but I was wearing a dark trench coat over the top of my outfit until we got a bit further away from the tent. Once we did, you had me drop the coat, which you banished back to the tent, clipped your favorite (tangible at least) leash to my collar and led me to our night of play.

We got to a nice sized crowd of people in varying stages of dress. And varying stages of obvious kink. Collars, cuffs, naked body parts displayed, cocks caged and ringed, doms and subs of every variety. Music playing loud enough to dance to but not so loud as to be overwhelming. You led me to a chair towards the side, not hidden away but not the center of attention either. You sat down in your makeshift throne for the night and instructed me to kneel next to you. I hesitated a moment, the hard packed dirt I was about to kneel on would get my lovely stockings dirty.

"Sir? Are you sure you want me to kneel here?"

You settled your features into your strict 'Master' face, "I don't think that's for you to question or worry about is it my little mutt? I make the decisions, your job is to do as you're told. I won't have any more backtalk tonight will I?"

I went from half hard to granite in the amount of time it took you to finish your commands, "No Master, I'll be good."

You smirked, "See that you do mutt."

I dropped to my knees next to you. You unclipped my leash from my collar, that's when I noticed you'd had it modified. Instead of one clast that clips to the ring, it was actually two smaller claw clasps. Before I had it figured out, you were clamping them onto my nipples which were peeking out just over the top of the corset. Then you let the rest of the leash dangle off the clamps, like a heavy weight pulling on my sensitive buds. Oh Merlin, this was going to be a long night.

Once we were settled, you pulled what looked like a scroll out of your pocket. After you unraveled it, I saw it was what looked like a pricing notice one might see on a menu.

"Sex Toy for Charity
Use my pretty toy, and make the world a better place at the same time. Each use is assigned a cost, drop your money in the bucket then take the appropriate prize. Please be careful with the merchandise, he's priceless."

And after that description you had assigned a cost to different acts ranging from a hand job to a buggering.

Oh my god, you were selling my hands and mouth and arse. This is probably the most humiliating thing we've ever done. When I was done reading the sign I looked at you, and saw that you had been watching my reaction from the moment you unraveled the sign. Asking in your "I love my husband" voice instead of your "Master" voice, "Harry my love, is this too much? You can safeword at any time. Do I put away the menu, or are we doing this? Color please."

"Green sir, so very very green, please let me do this for you" I panted.

And that pleased smirk rolled over your face, "Such a good boy for me."

You affixed the sign to a post of sorts and sat back, indicating you were open for business. A tall well-built man walked up first, "You've got a pretty little thing there, but I always want to know where my donations are going, what's the charity?"

I was wondering that myself, only knowing of our one charity near and dear to our hearts but you wouldn't actually have me prostitute myself for Unity would you? You quickly alleviated my concern, "It's for a start-up animal rescue, primarily horses for now. It's currently being self funded by the owner, but donations would really allow him to transport and care for more animals."

Oh! Aren't you just the sweetest most perfect master ever?

He chuckled, "Well, anything for a good cause I suppose. I'll take a suck." He undid his trousers, pulling himself out. For as broad as he was built, he had kind of a long and slender shaft. Well we all know I know how to work those! I set myself to the task of unraveling his composure. As I could feel him getting harder and jerking a bit, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with his release. I looked at you a bit panicked but you seemed to know exactly what I was confused about."

You started negotiations. Holy hell, you were negotiating with a man who was paying you to have me suck you off. Oh Gods Draco. "Looks like you're close to finishing, the regular price is for him to spit, but if you want to have him swallow or if you want to unload on him that's extra."

He stuttered out, "Oh hell yeah, I'm going to come all over those pretty clamped up tits." Which he then proceeded to do. Now I understood the clothing, you wanted me to start out pristine so at the end of the night we could really see how filthy I'd become. You are devious. How are you so perfect for me? How do you know my kinks before I'm even aware of them?

What followed was what seemed like hours of sucking and being fucked. Wanking strange cocks. Spitting, swallowing, and being covered in cum.

At one point I was desperate for some friction. Some touch that could send me over the edge so I could come myself. When there was a moment, I asked, "Master, can I come please?"

You pointed to your leg, "The next time you're sucking on someone you can rut up against my leg. If you can get yourself off that way, you'll have earned it mutt."

Which I did. I had a strange cock down my throat while I rubbed my satin clad cock up against those sinful trousers of yours. Others had been staining my clothes, but I dirtied up my panties myself.

When the few people who were willing to pay the high price for my arse took me, you placed my head in your lap so I could suck you off at the same time. You stroked my hair, calling me your good boy.

When it seemed our customers had slowed down to a trickle and you could tell I was rock hard again but also exhausted, you had me climb onto your lap my back to your chest, legs splayed outside your thighs. You slid that amazing cock of yours I love so much into my sore, wet, used channel. Then, you invited anyone left to place a donation of their choice into the bucket and all were welcome to finish themselves off onto my filthy body.

Your beautiful voice started commanding directly in my ear, "Ride me mutt, you've had your release and so have all your clients, but your master has had none. Show me your gratitude for helping you fill your desperate greedy holes all night." Oh god, oh god, oh god. I rode you as hard as I could. Squeezing my hole as much as I could, trying to find a rhythm that would get you there.

All around me were men desperately wanking their cocks, already one or two must have come because I felt warm liquid rolling inside my corset. But all I could focus on was how desperately I wanted you to fill me. I could feel you getting close, but I didn't even realize how close I had gotten myself. I was just stuttering out desperate "ungh, ungh, ungh" noises as I rode you. What finally did it for me, and for you, was you saying "that's such a good boy, I'm going to fill you up, come for me mutt!"

So I did. And while I was climaxing hard, my arse rippling around your length, I heard you practically howling in my ear as you let go deep inside of me.

When everyone who had paid had finished, you threw my coat back on, wrapped the sign up, and carried me home. Mmm, my big strong man, carrying his worn out slut back to our bed. Gods I love you Draco.

Anyway, today you instructed me to take a quick break from the festival to write out our night. I think I know your intentions, you want to make sure that outside of the heat of the scene, in the light of day, I am still okay with everything we did last night. Checking in with me that no boundaries were broken and that I still feel safe and content.

Well, this writing exercise did the trick, in the light of day, I still feel like last night was amazing. We made money for my rescue, my master pushed me to new limits I didn't even know I wanted, and I am desperately in love with a man who knows exactly what I need.

Your Mutt,


Saturday June 25th,
My better half,

I'm SO glad you liked last night. I must admit that I was nervous that I'd gone too far, but at the same time, I was certain you'd love it. Also, I know I said you never had to worry about earning money from/for your rescue horses, but I figured that we couldn't *literally* sell you - legally - but that if we raised money for charity, we could fulfill the kink and more or less obey the law.

Thankfully our fellow Glasto-goers understood.

Tonight was a different sort of party altogether. You came down with the horse flu and headed out to the stables for the cure - which was to care for your horses. Meanwhile, my parents were doing an admirable job hosting a rather large party.

Because it was half graduation party and half belated 16th birthday party, the graduating class - the former Seventh Years - were all of age (either 18 or 17, which is of age in the wizarding world), and so, alcohol was being served, but my parents were being extremely clever about it. They had charmed all the cups and other possible liquid containers to A: detect the age of the drinker and automatically vanish alcohol from the cups of anyone underage, and B: monitor blood alcohol levels so that no one could actually drink enough to get drunk. If someone was nearing a certain level, the alcohol would vanish from their glass.

But lest you wonder about the waste of alcohol, don't worry, there wasn't all that much to begin with, and so, it's not a great loss.

There was music as my parents had followed some rather good advice and hired three different highly popular bands. So we had the Weird Sisters along with two muggle acts - Lily Allen and Ed Sheeran. All in all, it was great for dancing because most of the songs were fast and some were slow and rather romantic.

Our kids waited until everyone was definitely having fun and not so wound up before disappearing for a bit so they could perform their fire dance. Apparently, after choreographing something, Viona had called in Elena to fine tune a few things, and then talked Eliza, Della, Delphini, Gavin, Tommy, Bel, and Harrison into learning and performing the dance too. So they ALL disappeared to change into their costumes, which much like I love and tend to gravitate to, they had chosen naked body paint costumes. This isn't actually all that surprising to anyone, hahaha.

Only Hazel was wearing a full skirt, but exactly as she had wondered, she figured out how to charm it to literally be on fire without actually burning anything - such as her. Once they were in costume and ready, I saw them gather outside the entrance to the ballroom and wait for the song that was playing to stop. At that point, I signaled the bands so that they would know it was time for the 'drum battle.'

The students were confused and looked around to see if something was about to happen, so I cast a mild Sonorus on my voice and announced: "To honor their recent 16th birthdays, Eris, Orion, and Hazel teamed up with their older sisters to create a special dance that they'd like to perform for you all, so without further ado, I give you the Malfoy and Potter kids!"

They burst into the ballroom dramatically, twirling their fire accessories around to mildly intimidate the other students so they'd clear the center of the ballroom, and then got right into the intricate and rather complicated dance. I stood watching them in pride - SO MUCH pride! They really are amazing, you know?

After they were done, they disappeared once again to change back into their party clothes, and then the party itself lasted until after midnight with the younger students leaving whenever their parents had told them to be home by, and the older ones leaving when the party officially ended around 2 AM.

I find it funny because before now, only CERTAIN friends have been invited to the Manor - except for the last two years when the graduating class was invited to a party here to celebrate. Thus, while most of the other students *knew* that our kids are from a wealthy family and live in a 'big house,' none of them had quite been able to picture it. I heard several discussions throughout the night along the lines of:

"Do you think they rented out a hotel for this party?"

"Don't they OWN the hotel?"

"Actually, I think this is their HOUSE."

"NO WAY!!! This can't be A HOUSE!!!"

And so, apparently the school will understand a bit better next year just HOW wealthy our family is. Which I'm not actually certain is a good thing. After all, ***I*** bragged constantly about my family wealth in school and used it to give me a sort of power and prestige over the others, but so far, our kids have mostly avoided that. What if THIS triggers that in them?

Oh well, I suppose that's a worry for another time. NOW, I'm rather tired and am quite looking forward to going to bed. Hopefully you've returned from the stables. If so, prepare to be molested!

Hopelessly devoted to you,

Chapter Text

Friday July 1, 2016

My Dragon,

Our baby girl is having surgery. As we speak, some doctor is altering her body. No spell, no wand, no potions, no magic at all. Just a shiny knife and some latex gloves. And what? A needle and a tube sending some herbs into her bloodstream? Oh my God Draco, we sent her in to have some muggle just hack and slash their way through her body.

Oh shite! You just looked over at me, that raised eyebrow like you're trying to figure out what the insane look on my face is for. Breathe, Harry, breathe. I'm calm, calm cool and collected. You know it baby-cakes.

I actually should be much more careful about getting myself worked up right now. First, our sweet Elena took a little over a week off of her school so she could come back to California with us and help out. She wants to be there to support Hazel, she wants to support us while we're "not freaking out at all Dads, I'm sure …" and she's staying at the house helping watch all of the other kids while we're here at the clinic with Haz. And by all of the other kids, I mean all of them except for Eris.

That's why I need to be careful about not freaking out. Hazel's already back in surgery so she can't be hurt by my panic. And you've been married to me long enough that my panicking seems to be nothing but a source of amusement for you at this point. But our sweet Eris refused to stay home while her Haz was having "the most important day of her life so far!" So if I sit here and write to you instead of researching ridiculous Californian tourist traps like I told her I was, I'd better at least pretend that's what I'm doing.

I've spent the last week telling all the kids, Hazel and Eris in particular, that this is no big deal, that it's nothing to concern yourself over, and now I've lost my damn mind. If I let my own level of crazy be known, Eri is going to take that as permission to panic. I refuse to do that to my sweet girl. So, Malfoy mask it is.

Today and tomorrow, even after Haz wakes up from surgery, are going to be mostly her sleeping a lot. Medicated pretty well, and tomorrow night if everything is progressing as it should, we can cast the first series of healing spells at her to speed up the recovery process. Muggles would be home Monday, but we'll likely be able to take her home Sunday morning. This week should be low key, she'll probably spend most of it napping on and off, watching telly, and drawing new fashions I'm sure she'll have found the muse for while heavily medicated.

Oh Merlin my love, she's going to be so happy. She's been waiting for this since she knew what it was. Maybe before that. For twelve years since she gave voice to her true self. Hell, before that. Since the moment she realized her body wasn't what she wished it to be. She's just going to be the pretty bird, not the pretty bird with a prick like she so eloquently stated.

The pretty bird with the brilliant mind, and the loving family, and the thriving business, and the sister who's her best friend, and the loving dads, and the body she wants.

Okay, I might not be panicking now, but I am crying. It started a chain reaction, you're leaking from your face (must be a rogue indoor storm) and Eri is crying as well. I should sign off and tell you both they're happy tears.

Love You,

Nevermind! The nurse just came in, the surgery must be over! Let's all go cry together!


Sunday July 3rd
My darling,

You have spent the entire day (yesterday) and all night with Hazel. I sort of flittered back and forth between her and the rest of the kids, and so, I feel like I kept entering rooms at the WRONG time.

For example, when I came back after lunch yesterday, I entered Hazel's recovery room (that you had apparently just left to go get some coffee) JUST in time to hear the nurses explaining to Hazel how to use her Dilators, and how VERY important it is for her to use them three times a day for at least 15 minutes.

Somehow, I had managed to completely ignore or miss the first time this must have been brought up, but apparently, because she doesn't have the same lining in there that a woman does, it can and will scar itself shut if she doesn't, erm… dilate. Frequently.

MERLIN HARRY! I *really* didn't need to know that our baby girl has been ordered by her doctor to stick something in her vagina on a regular basis! But that said, I suppose I do actually need to know some details as - in rare cases - things could go wrong and she would need to feel comfortable discussing those things with me or you.

But please forgive me for leaving the room in dire need of tea when they started discussing orgasms and how they are going to be different for her now, not to mention what to expect and helpful advice on how to achieve them. Yeah, I don't care if I am a wizard and could have simply conjured a cup, cast an aguamenti, and transfigured that into tea (which never tastes right anyway), I HAD to have freshly brewed real muggle tea. THAT INSTANT!!!

Too bad it was disgusting and I could barely drink it.

Another conversation I would have quite liked to never hear was when I popped back home before bed - probably about 10 or 10:30 PM. Viona and Alric were alone in the kitchen since Elena had put all the younger ones to bed already, and then went to lay down herself. Viona, Alric, Eris, and Orion had desperately needed to go do something while Hazel was basically sleeping - now that they knew she'd made it out of surgery alive and that - honestly - she wasn't up to company most of yesterday.

This must have been shortly after Viona and Alric got home.

"Why don't you try to pressure me for anything?!" Viona demanded.

"Wait, what???" Alric blurted out in astonishment. "Why would I do that?!"

"Because it's what most boys DO!" Viona yelled, sounding upset, although I couldn't quite figure out why.

"But YOU SAID that you are definitely saving yourself for marriage, so I would be the lowest bastard ever if I tried to talk you into NOT waiting! Besides, I'm quite happy waiting too, I'll have you know!"

Viona huffed in frustration. "And I mean that, I AM saving myself for marriage, but I had literally 20 or 30 boys hitting on me today, and it kind of felt nice, so now I'm wondering what is wrong with me that you never even hold my hand!"

"I don't want you to hex me for being presumptuous!" Alric cried out, also sounding a bit frustrated.

"MERLIN AND SALAZAR!!! I know I like having you so wonderfully obedient, but I also want to feel wanted! How will I know you actually LIKE me if you've never even kissed me?!"

"OH GOD, YOU WANT ME TO KISS YOU?!?!" Alric shouted in alarm.

"Well don't you WANT to kiss me?" Viona demanded, sounding uncertain and vulnerable.

"YES! Bloody hell yes! I just... don't want to make you feel like I want you to do things you're not ready for yet," Alric admitted.

Viona held up a hand as if to stop him. "NOT now, but at some point when I'm not expecting it - MAYBE when some other boy hits on me - kiss me and prove that I'm YOURS."

"I, I, I... I can d-d-do that..." Alric stammered, looking extremely red. Alarmingly so.

"And HOLD MY HAND, damnit! Put an arm around me! Let OTHERS know that I'm not available for their dirty perverted minds!"

"Y-y-yes ma'am..."

Viona sighed, sounding relieved and much happier. "Good." Then she cast a tempus spell. "Did Eri and Ori get home before us? It's a bit late, yeah?"

"Well, when they said they were going to that party, they DID tell you not to wait up for them," Alric pointed out, and I couldn't help it, I sort of HAD to reveal that I was lurking right outside the kitchen listening in to them.

"Wait, Eris and Orion went to a party???" I stared them both down sternly.

Viona hastily waved her hands, probably trying to be reassuring. "It was just a party dad. One of the houses on the beach had a bunch of kids playing volleyball and dancing to bad music on the radio."

I raised a brow as I thought this over. First of all, I suppose I couldn't blame them for wanting to have a bit of fun to distract themselves. Secondly, they were TOGETHER, and so, would have each other's back. Most importantly, they both know how to defend themselves with or without magic, and so, are almost certainly fine. Running a hand through my hair, I took a deep breath and held it until I released it with a groan.

"Fine. I'll let them stay at that party provided that..." I pulled out my wand and cast a spell to detect if they were in any danger. The spell formed a white orb with swirls of pink through it, which means that they weren't in danger, the pink signifying fun. "Yeah, alright. You two can go to bed if you want and I'll wait up for them to return. How long have they been at this party?"

Viona shrugged. "I dunno. We all surfed for like 4 or 5 hours. Then they noticed the party, and I was a bit tired - I couldn't sleep very well last night - so I decided to take a nap on the beach."

"And I watched over her so that she didn't burn or..." he blushed and looked at the floor. "Get molested..."

"Good on you," I praised, actually patting him on the shoulder. You know, the more I learn about him, the more I like Alric.

Anyway, they went to their respective rooms, and as much as I really don't need to know any of what they discussed, I'm sort of... VERY relieved to know that Viona is apparently rather old fashioned. I honestly have no idea where she gets it from. Do you think it could be because we were always honest with her about what happened to her mother?

But moving on, I eventually overheard the - thankfully - last conversation that I didn't really need to know. It actually happened about 4 or 5 this morning. I was napping on a chair just off the entryway when Eris and Orion finally came home.

"Oh, my head!" Orion shouted in a whisper.

"Shh!" Eris advised urgently. "Dads'll MURDER us if they realize we weren't in bed HOURS ago!"

"I was in bed hours ago," Orion snickered.

Eris laughed before wincing and clutching her head. "Shut up, I don't need to know things like that."

"Well... weren't you?" Orion asked in a whisper.

"Erm... I don't remember anything. I got so drunk that I passed out at some point, and then you woke me up in a pile of like four or five other girls - that I remember dancing and laughing with - and so, probably not. But damn! My head is KILLING me!" Eris bemoaned.

Orion shrugged. "That's true, you and those girls seemed like a pack of new best friends, but before I went upstairs for a bit, you were hot and heavy with some bloke."

"Was I? I think I'm too hung over to think. Hopefully I'll be able to remember after we get some decent sleep," Eris suggested.

"If we're lucky, no one will wake us before noon," Orion said, pressing his hands together and shaking them at the ceiling as if he was praying.

"Probably not, Haz is supposed to come home later today, so we'll probably get shaken awake in just a couple of hours."

Orion pulled his sister into a hug and kissed her temple. "She's going to be fine and - once she's healed up - she'll be so much happier."

"I know," Eris murmured, then kissed him on the cheek. "G'night."

"Night," Orion mumbled in return, each of them going to their rooms.

Meanwhile, I was holding my breath and wondering how to handle the information I learned. Logically, I know they are both 16 (technically the legal age to consent), AND that they probably have already done things with their mates in Hogwarts, but... I still sort of want to ground them for going to a party and possibly shagging strangers. But THEN the part of me that used to be a teen slag actually understands the point of and desire to shag a stranger as a way to relax, feel better, and just... not have to worry about strings. You know?

So I decided to just go to bed and wait until ***I'VE*** had more sleep before I attempt to make any sort of decision on how to handle this. And if I'm lucky, you'll tell me what to do. But now I feel guilty because you DEFINITELY have more important things to worry about, and so, I'm actually tempted to erase the entire last third of this email. Sigh...

Goodnight love, I hope you slept better than I did,

Chapter Text

Monday July 4, 2016

My Heart,

Stop. I love you. But I have to stop you from the downward spiral your silly brain is going. I was not dealing with something more important than what you were dealing with. You and I are dealing with the SAME worries. We share a life. We share the same children. Your worries are my worries. But then again, that's probably because I am quite selfish when it comes to worries, I want all of them!

Yes, right now, Hazel's needs are a higher priority. But that doesn't mean she's the only child we can worry about. If anything, the fact that she really ONLY has to deal with her own issues, while everyone else is worrying about their sister AND their own issues means things are even harder for them. If we needed to rank the deservability of each child's concerns. Which we don't.

And the idea that I don't need the stress because I'm the one caring for Haz right now? Or while she was still at the clinic before we came home yesterday. Yeah, that was so hard. It was emotional for sure. But it was mostly her sleeping while I stared at her like an absolute creep. Honestly when you came in and they were talking about the dilators and said I had just stepped out for a coffee? She had kicked me out. I made the same argument, "I should know these things so I can make sure nothing goes wrong!"

She snapped a bit, "Then you can hear them from the doctor at a different time, but right now I might murder you if you don't leave this room while I discuss my vagina with my doctor!"


Although I did have a talk at length with the doctors away from Haz while she was sleeping so I do know everything I need to know. I'm "lalala"-ing my way through it and just considering the dilators a surgical healing tool. Just like gauze or a plaster. Gauze and plasters damnit!

She's still feeling not so hot, but she had surgery three days ago so I think that's pretty much par for the course. Eris and Orion seemed to be feeling not so hot themselves yesterday when we got home. That is less par for the course. Knowing that they likely drank to cover up their worry over their sister gave me a bit of sympathy for their plight. But not enough to be quiet through their hangover (or offer them a hangover potion either)

Although, last night while Haz was dozing a bit I did go and have a talk with them. Truly, I'm too tired to go in as much depth as I normally would when I have a long talk with one (or two in this case) of the teenagers. But I'll give you a summary.

And not physically tired, because I really did get enough sleep last night. Haz was safe at home. She came out of her surgery with flying colors. My whole family is here (mostly, River and Maha have been at their own place), together safe and sound. But emotionally tired from a really draining couple of days.

So, long story as short as you can possibly get from a rambling Harry; Eris and Orion are teenagers, teenagers are inherently idiots, our teenagers are quite above average in the idiot department right now. Aww, our children are gifted Draco!

I started out by asking them to tell me what happened last night. And honestly, the conversation was so much easier than it could have been because they really did open up and tell me the truth. If they had started out lying, when I already knew what happened but they didn't know that I knew, I probably would have gotten to temper tantrum Harry pretty darn quick. Or at least they told me the truth as far as I know since it matches up with what you sneakily witnessed when they came home. Orion shagged a random bird, Eris isn't quite sure what happened but she's pretty sure Orion was right and she was getting hot and heavy with some bloke. They were both much too drunk to make responsible decisions.


I had a long Dad-Lecture where I pretty much told them that their behavior was "normal" and I understood it. It was something they did in an attempt to get out of their own heads which had been so full of worry for their sister. But, you absolute dunderheads, you got pretty much blackout drunk with people you didn't know in an environment you weren't familiar with. I know they can normally take care of themselves, we've trained them for it for a long time. But there are so many terrible things that can go wrong when you get idiot teenagers and alcohol put together.

But while their behavior was understandable, that doesn't mean it was okay. I have never and will never victim blame. If something terrible had happened to them while they were at that party, it would be the fault of whoever … did the happening? Merlin, I'm tired. But in the future, if they're going to go to parties, I need to know they're going to make more defensive decisions. One of you stay sober, have each other's backs, make sure we actually know where you are and not a random comment from Viona about them being at some beach party with volleyball and bad music! I'm not naïve enough to believe my almost adult children are going to refrain from sex or alcohol or shitty decisions. But you've got to throw me a bone here people!

So here are my new rules, the kids seemed to think they were pretty reasonable, let me know what you think.
- We need to know where you are, I won't come barging in and embarrassing you, but I need to be able to get to you in an emergency.
- Have a sober babysitter, one of you stays sober, invite a sober sibling. Hell, call Grammy Cissa, she's always game for watching a Potter-Malfoy embarrass themselves by being a drunken fool.
- Don't drink to the point of forgetting or blacking out. That's a recipe for terrible decisions and possibly alcohol poisoning.

I think that's all I've got.

No wait, Vivi. I don't know if it's her knowledge of her birth mother that has her wanting to wait, and it doesn't really matter. If she's making the decision for herself and she's happy with it, then good for her. It honestly doesn't surprise me though. She has always been quite guarded with her affections. It takes her a long time to warm up to people fully. She keeps most people she meets at arms length for years before she shows her true sweetness. This is probably no different, she wants to make sure he's in it for the long term before giving that piece of herself. Once she warms up, she is a snugglebug. She's a hugger and a giant sweetheart. But it can take a while before new people can get past that Ice Princess of Slytherin Façade she's crafted.

But I can understand her frustration with Alric as well. And her frustration at herself for wanting what she wants. She wants to feel wanted, wants to be respected, and isn't sure how she can have both. She's not used to having conflicting feelings, she usually knows what she wants and exactly how she wants it. And she LOATHES feeling vulnerable. Just like her Daddy in that way.

Without getting to a really weird place talking with my daughter's fiancé, I think I may have a talk with Alric. Basically explain that he can get her explicit consent, make her feel wanted, and avoid hexes all at the same time. I mean honestly, acquiring consent doesn't have to be awkward, a soft palm to her cheek, softly asking "can I kiss you?" can be very sexy. Getting close to her and saying "I'd love to hold you right now" gives her the option to step sweetly into his arms.

Alright, this time I mean it! I'm done.

Sorry if this was rambly, like I said I am a bit tired and the damn fireworks have been going on ALL DAMN DAY and I think my mind has exploded!

Love You,


Wednesday July 6th
My everything,

I'm a little bit shaky right now.

Let me start with your last email. I absolutely agree with everything you said. I know I've said it in person, but I wanted to state it for 'the record' too. Our kids are old enough to be doing things I don't want them to, but also need to be responsible about it. I am glad they agreed to your rules as I probably would have just locked them in a dragon guarded tower had they protested them.

I love that you always know how to talk sense into me when it comes to our kids. But you know what else I've come to realize? I started out being... lenient and - I dunno - accepting of the fact that kids grow up and that we'd have to deal with these things eventually. When Elena was just nine, I remember thinking that her having a crush was alarming because she was ONLY NINE, but had she been, say, 13 or 14, I would have been fine with it.

Then when River was 13 and I caught him kissing Ananda, I do clearly remember thinking that he was lucky to be kissing a girl at his age. I honestly probably would have just left him to it if I hadn't noticed her state of pregnancy and started freaking out about him being a father at such a young age, and (I've talked to death about this with both you and Yesenia) that triggered a whole host of PTSD related mental blocks about our kids, them growing up, them doing things I don't want them to.

It DID take me a long time, but I actually worked through them. I got better, which is one of the reasons that we are now in a place where we can actually play around without either of us 'forcing' ourself to do it because the other wants to. So this is what my current realization is:

I can deal with this. I can actually handle knowing these things that I previously freaked out about. For example, despite not LIKING the idea that both of them got drunk and more than likely shagged some stranger, I understood why they would want to do so. I even wrote it in my email that the part I had a problem with was the stranger part - although I can understand if it came across as the shagging part, considering how hard it's been for me to accept in the past.

And even regarding Hazel, it wasn't the idea of her putting something inside her that bothered me, it was that she was ordered to do so several times a day. I couldn't help but have an image in my head of her coming to dinner and me wondering if she'd just done it, because on the one hand, I would sort of need to know to make sure she's following doctors orders and taking care of her health, but on the other hand, I recognize that it's private information and she's not likely to want to announce in front of everyone: "Yes dad, I JUST finished my dilating!"

I mean seriously! We're married and have arranged our lives so that we have a lot of time together at least a day or two a week, but could you just imagine if WE made time to shag for at least 15 minutes THREE times a day! We'd be... Yeah, it would be hard to do, I'm almost certain, and then every single time we walked in a room, we'd have at least one of our kids ask: "Where were you?" And the answer would always be: "Shagging. Why? Need something?"

It's hard to explain, but that's the part that actually boggles my mind, I guess.

Anyway, where I was going with this is that I've decided that I'm just going to be the 'cool' dad. At this point, I have worked through all my PTSD issues and learned very very well that our kids own their bodies and are allowed to decide what they want to do with them. I think I'm actually ready to have the conversations in which they tell me details, because I really would rather KNOW that they are using protection and not being coerced, than to hope and pray that I just don't have to deal with it until they are married.

Yes I know it took me a long bloody while to reach this point, but here I am.

So, then to move on. On Monday, when you were busy dealing with Hazel, Eri, and Ori, I had Portkeyed back to the Manor to conduct my class. I know I probably could have taken the day off, but *I* actually needed a bit of a distraction. And besides, it's only two hours, so, I would have it done and be back home right about the time I normally get out of bed.

That said, I was actually up and ready to go by 9AM (California time), and so, fully awake and eager to get to the torture - I mean training.

Once again, I very carefully chose my outfit, making sure several times that it was the exact one I wanted to wear and that I looked damn good in it. To my dismay, the moment I walked onto the Ministry running track, I saw my students stop and squint as they tried to read what they were in for today. That made me look down and find:

Sweat dries. Blood clots. Bones heal. Suck it up PRINCESS

Ah... Well, at least it's fitting as I had quite a grueling lesson in mind. Previously, I'd been teaching them maneuvers and having them spar quite a lot so that they could put the maneuvers together and learn to use them in a cohesive manner. THAT day, I was going to invite each of them to take me on individually. As in they were going to spar against ME - rather than each other - so that I could more accurately gauge their level and what they've learned.

Naturally, I wasn't going to go easy on them just because this was a sort of midterm exam.

So, after reflexively blurting out: "GODDAMNIT HARRY!" I emphatically gestured a command to follow me to the training room. In the room, I explained the plan for the day, and then proceeded to kick all their arses. Repeatedly. The good news is that they are all making far more progress than they realize. Basically, if I couldn't read their minds, I'd probably have been given a run for my money.

I'm almost impressed!

At the end of class, I even praised them. "Nice job, buttercups! One of you nearly punched me, and I'm dead certain I was groped at least twice - which counts as landing a hit in my opinion. MUCH better than I expected! I expected to put you all in the hospital today! You, does your arm still hurt? Want to go see a Mediwitch to make sure my bone mending spells are still up to par? And oh! You - looks like your nose has finally stopped bleeding. Over there, did you break a toe after all?"

There was indistinct grumbling, and since it was indistinct and sounded a bit mutinous, I ignored it and moved on. "In any case, you've all passed your midterms, and so -"

"WAIT!!! WE PASSED???" My least in shape student asked incredulously. My timid and scrawny mouse blurted out: "ALL of us???"

"This was a test?" Another student asked as he scratched his head. I might need to fail him after all...

Glaring at him, I replied: "Yes, this was a test, and yes, you all passed. I've been telling you from the beginning that I don't expect a professional athlete who could win fighting championships, simply men and women who can reasonably expect to NOT DIE if they find themselves cornered by a dangerous criminal. But as I was saying, since you all passed this test, I feel confident in stepping it up a notch or two, so I expect you to all increase your pre-class run to an entire hour on Wednesday."

This was unsurprisingly unhappy news as it provoked groans from all of my students.

"Remember to pace yourselves. Take advantage of the Ministry provided expert trainer - that's the tiny little witch that stands off to the side on a tall chair so that she can watch you all run and be sure that none of you kills yourself while doing so. She'll be a LOT nicer on you, helping you to pick the right pace so that you can maintain an actual run for an hour."

I look around. "IF you are NOT running properly when I get there to pick you up for class, I WILL bring you all back to my place to let Amala chase you until I feel that you've used up every drop of energy in your body, and then we'll experiment with temporary energy boosting potions so that you can ALL experience the effects of working so long and hard out in the field that you are dead on your feet. I know of at least one Auror who literally DIED while on a raid, NOT because a criminal killed him, but because he'd irresponsibly stayed up drinking the entire weekend before, and then tried to cover that fact up by using hangover potions and energy boosting potions to make him appear in top shape, when in actuality, he pushed himself too far and had a heart attack. None of us knew what happened in time to get him to a Healer to be revived, so..."

I spread my hands wide to indicate that they should be able to figure out the rest for themselves.

"That's true," an Auror murmured to an Auror in Training.

"Wait," A woman bade with a puzzled frown. "What good would working us to exhaustion and then making us take potions do? How does that help us to learn anything?"

I nodded to concede that she had a valid point. "See, my literal job description might be to simply teach you hand to hand combat - usually meaning self defense in unarmed situations. BUT I actually give a fuck about your survival. I want you to be prepared for anything - especially as it pertains to the potentially dangerous situations during raids. Thus, if you have experience working with exhaustion and *attempting* to solve it with potions, you'll actually learn why it is VITAL to let your superiors know when you are not in shape to work or go on a raid. Oh sure, the potion will make you feel awake for a time, but you're still going to be mentally incapacitated, and depending on the situation, making VERY BAD decisions. Decisions that could get you OR YOUR TEAM killed. The point of the situation I threatened is to teach you NOT to think you can rely on potions to get you through a raid when you are less than fully ready."

"Plus I bet you get off on torturing us like that," least in shape grumbled under his breath, I let it slide this time because we were already five minutes over and I wanted to get home to you.

Instead, I finished up. "Best advice is to NOT make me put you in that situation in the first place. Show up and run for an hour before I get there. No excuses and no slacking off. My friend the witch will tell me if you do. And then also consider wearing something with padding, because I'm taking away the mats on the floor."

They all sighed, but grumbled: "Yes Chief," before trudging away. Meanwhile I took the floo back to the Manor, and then the Portkey back to you and we more or less held each other for about 36 hours straight. Which brings me to today.

It's currently Wednesday and I have a few minutes to explain more about that phone call we had.

To begin with, since we've been sleeping at odd hours lately, I've been going to bed earlier and you've been going to bed later, probably so we can just hold each other and talk or kiss or just pet each other, I was actually awake REALLY early for me. Like 5 or 6 AM. Like YOU were still asleep!

So I got up to go for a run and make YOU breakfast, for once. It was probably terrible, but no one complained to be having simple bacon and cheesy scrambled eggs. You seemed too distracted to actually taste it when you came to the kitchen and sat with me.

By the time 10 AM was approaching, I really felt like I'd already worked a solid 12 hour day, and was exhausted, DESPITE not having actually done anything more strenuous than read and sing to Hazel for a few hours while she stretched and did light exercises.

Thus, when I was ready to leave for the Manor to go to class, I kissed you, savoring a lingering kiss, feeling like I should really track down a time turner so that I could go back to when I woke up and crawl back into bed to finish sleeping before having to go to class.

I walked onto the track to find that my students looked worn out, but were definitely still running. The Ministry witch gave me a double thumbs up to let me know they'd all followed instructions. Satisfied, I called them over.

They gathered around and stared at my shirt apprehensively. I looked down to find that ONCE A-BLOODY-GAIN, you'd managed to change my shirt to a different one. This one said: Use of the word CAN'T will result in a 10 Burpee penalty.

"What the fuck is a Burpee???" I asked in bafflement. Yeah I don't care if I'm topless and they ALL try to shag me, I'm not wearing that. So I pulled it off to find:

You would have quit already but your trainer scares you

"Goddamnit Harry!" I sighed in resignation, and also, I sort of liked this one. "Alright, let's get to the training room and work on breaking various holds. Also, I want to see if any of you have made progress on throwing someone over your shoulder."

We'd JUST filed into the actual training room (which is actually just down the hall from the track), when an Auror NOT in my class strode into the room.

"Evening Chief! The Head Auror wants to see you in his office right now."

"Tell him to fuck off, I'll see him after class," I stated, making a motion to shoo the messenger away.

"Robards said you might say that, in which case, I am to make it clear that class is canceled and YOU are expected in his office RIGHT NOW."

"OOO...." A few of my students murmured in a scandalized tone. "What did you DO???"

I stared them down. "Class is NOT canceled! You will all spar until I get back, and if I don't come back before the end of class, bugger off and spar some more at home. I WILL see you on the track having completed an hour run come 5 o'clock Monday!"

"Not if you're fired!" Fatty sang out gleefully, trying to be quiet enough that I hopefully wouldn't hear him.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm NOT fired, you mouthy prick."

"How do you know?" The woman that's always undressing me with her eyes asked curiously.

"Simple, I haven't actually killed any of you yet," I stated confidently, and then followed the messenger out of the room. "Any idea what Robards wants?"

"NOPE!" He replied gleefully, probably excited and highly relieved that HE passed the combat class before the old trainer retired.

About 5 minutes later, I was in Robards' office, and to my surprise, ALL the senior Aurors were there, including Bletchley - who I haven't actually had a chance to talk to since he returned from Singapore. He mouthed the words: "I'll chat with you later," at me, meaning that he definitely had something to tell me.

Nearly dying of curiosity now, I sat in the only available chair, although I would not have been opposed to sitting on Kingsley's lap had there been no chairs left. That's when the meeting began as I was the last one they were waiting for.

"Right, so you're all wondering why we're here. Earlier today, one of our Rookie Aurors - an apparently good looking bloke - was walking around in plain clothes, and being off duty, they were whatever he liked. Thus, they were some well-tailored bespoke crap that he probably can't afford on his salary, but he's from a wealthy family, so -"

"Wait, WHICH family?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Greengrass," Robards stated, looking like he was wondering why this was important.

"Oh, must be Astoria's adopted son," I murmured to myself.

"In any case, he was approached by a girl of approximately 16 - that we can't confirm as she's not being very chatty. She flirted with him, which he brushed off until she started hinting that he could buy certain things from her, and that it wouldn't take her long to make his day a whole lot happier."

I unconsciously let out a very soft groan and rubbed my temples. Didn't I already go through this once? Rescuing a girl, that is.

After casting me a curious look, Robards continued. "Naturally, Greengrass picked her up for solicitation and brought her in. Normally, this would probably be the end of the story as prostitutes are basically charged, fined, and then let go, but this GIRL is underage, which makes it doubly illegal. We tried to question her, but she's not talking much. The only thing we've really gotten from her is that she's afraid of what's going to happen to her if we don't let her go, RIGHT NOW."

I tilted my head to the side in confusion. "So... are we going to go raid her... corner?"

Robards smirked at me, probably finding that funny because I am hilarious.

"Not as such. After talking it over, Roche (the deputy head), Bones (Susan, head of the DMLE - who was giving me a look that suggested that she was remembering our recent orgy), Shacklebolt, and I decided that we needed to use this opportunity to see if this goes any father than a pushy and abusive pimp. Even if it's just one bastard, we don't know how many other girls he has. More importantly, if it's MORE than just him, how big is the organization, and where are they located?"

"Ah," I murmured in understanding.

"So, to that end, we need to set up - not a raid - but an undercover mission."

I was tempted to go to sleep at this point as I have no idea why I'm even here. Undercover operations are under Roche's jurisdiction. Roche took over.

"Which means that first and foremost, I need to decide WHO to send in. But while he or she is being briefed on the specifics of the mission, I need Malfoy to do something important."

"Wait, me?" I asked in surprise.

"Yes, you. I need you to sit in as we try to talk to the girl again."

"Ah," I stated in instant understanding. "Yes."

"Wait, why him?" Auror Ramsey asked in confusion. If I recall correctly, HE'S the one usually involved in interrogations.

"Because he has little known talents that would be useful in getting information from the girl," Roche explained.

The way they kept referring to her as girl was irritating me, and I'm not quite sure why.

"What's her name?" I asked.

"Do you actually want to know, or are you just asking because it seems like the thing to do?" Robards questioned in mild amusement.

"I genuinely want to know. Why wouldn't I?" I wondered in bafflement.

"Malfoy, can you tell me the name of even ONE of your students?"

"Why the fuck would I need to know their names???"

Kingsley laughed and held out his hand, apparently winning a bet. Roche grumbled and handed over a good 10 Galleons to him, and another to Robards.

Robards shook his head and tapped on a file on the table in front of him. "Her name is Gretchen Minch. Unless she's lying."

I cringed. "Who would lie about a name like that??? That's too many chs in just three syllables!"

"Point," Robards admitted with a shrug.

Roche took the explanation back. "As for the undercover Auror, we need someone who is comfortable with, well... becoming a prostitute and EVERYTHING that entails for as long as it takes to get the information we need."

"How is the Auror going to be DOING the job? Can't very well just have a random girl show up asking to work for this nasty pimp," Auror Ramsey pointed out.

"We're going to have them Polyjuice into Gretchen," Roche answered.

I sighed, feeling like this was inevitable. "I'll do it."

"What?!" Roche blurted out in astonishment and disbelief.

"I said I'll do it," I repeated. "I'm probably the only one who CAN do it."

Robards was nodding in agreement. "I'll admit that THAT had occurred to me - that your talents would be the easiest and most effective way to get the information we need."

"Wait! I think I need to know more information!" Ramsey blurted out.

"WHY?" I challenged. "Are YOU in charge of organizing this?"

"No... but I AM the one you'll be in the interrogation room with. I think I deserve to know what'll be going on!" Ramsey argued.

"Look, one of the reasons that we've kept this talent quiet is that it's best if no one KNOWS that it's happening. If we started blabbing about it all over town, then it could be defended against," Robards said. "So - as far as I'm concerned - this is on a NEED to know basis, and you don't really need to know."

"Yes sir," Ramsey grumbled in acceptance.

Robards and Kingsley looked at each other for a long moment with Roche looking at the both of them. After they reached a silent agreement, Kingsley turned to look at me. "I won't authorize your participation - that I ALSO believe would be the most helpful - until you call and discuss the matter with Harry and he... indicates that he understands and isn't going to come bursting in to 'rescue' you."

I chuckled, shaking my head. "The *only* downside to being married to Harry bloody Potter. I have to get permission to put myself in harm's way or risk Rage Halo Harry showing up and putting EVERYONE'S life in peril! No problem. I'll call him as soon as we're done here."

"Well, considering that all we have left to do is actually organize the operation - such as choose your handler and figure out communication issues - we pretty much ARE done here," Roche informed me.

Kingsley patted me on the shoulder. "Go on and call your husband. Once you are done, let us know what he says, and then - either way - meet up with Ramsey to discuss going in and chatting with Gretchen."

"Will do," I promised, standing up to leave the room so that they could get on with the initial planning.

That was when you received this oh so lovely call: "Harry, I'm being asked (and volunteering, if I'm honest) to go undercover Polyjuiced as an underage female sex worker to determine if she's working for a smalltime pimp, or an entire organization that needs to be raided, and I need your permission to do it."

You were silent long enough that I actually checked my magi-mobile to see if the call had been dropped. It hadn't, but that didn't rule out a bad connection and one of us unable to hear the other.


You sighed heavily. "Why you?"

"Because I'm the only one that knows Legilimency and they feel strongly that THAT is going to be not just the key to finding out everything they need to know, but doing so relatively quickly," I explained. "Anyone else would have to rely on much more dangerous methods of uncovering information, possibly taking a very long time, but I'll be able to ask leading questions and read the information in their minds."

You were silent again, and then sighed every bit as heavily. "And... by undercover, what EXACTLY will you be doing... as this sex worker?"

I sighed myself and ran a hand through my hair. "Probably exactly that, which I am not looking forward to, but I know I can take it. Even if it's rough or abusive, I can withstand it. I've been through that ON PURPOSE - you might recall. And just knowing that I'm doing it to bring down a monster or an entire organization of monsters, well... I'll do what I have to without complaint and get the job done as soon as I possibly can."

Another pause. "I don't like it at all, Draco. But I know that you could have easily just done it and told me about it later, and because of the time difference and Hazel's recovery, it would have been a plausible excuse for waiting to tell me until it was too late to stop you. Also, I know that I CAN'T stop you. You already said you volunteered, which means that this is important to you, and so..." you sighed again.

I very quickly grew to hate those sighs. I don't WANT you to feel like you need to make those sighs, but I was already committed to this course of action, despite not having 'officially' agreed and been given the job.

"Yes. You can do it, just... if there is ANY way that anyone can get updates to me..."

"I'll see what they can do," I promised.

After that, we both argued a bit over who loved the other more, until Bletchley came out to have a chat with me, but I've actually run out of time - as Ramsey is now ready to go talk to Gretchen again - and so, I'll have to tell you about our chat, and what happened with Gretchen - in my next email. Whenever I'll have a moment to actually send one.

Love you so much that it still takes my breath away, stings my eyes, and makes my chest hurt, in the best possible way. Thank you so much for letting me do something that probably sounds insane, but, well, I sort of need to do this. Just know that no matter what happens, you have my heart in your hands, and so, it's completely safe.


Chapter Text

Friday July 8, 2016


I just received my second update from the Auror department for today. Which means I won't get another update again until tomorrow. So I thought maybe I would write out my thoughts and fears to you instead of letting them rattle around in my head, growing exponentially with each passing hour.

I really thought about writing some nonsense about how proud I am of you for doing such a horrible job so someone else doesn't have to. For taking on something horrific for a short time so these young girls won't have to live it for years. How I'm in awe of your Legilimens talents that makes you such an imperative part of our world's safety. And it's not that those things aren't true, I am proud of you and in awe of you. But mostly I'm mad and scared and frustrated and hurt.

I hate that there are people who are going to be purchasing your body, or technically Gretchen's body but it will be you feeling it, using you how they see fit. Getting a part of you that should be exclusively mine, or at least exclusively at my disposal. I hate it. Do you understand how hard this is for me? I.Hate.This. My husband could be being shagged within an inch of his life, literally if the customer is violent enough, while I sit here enraged.

And I am a truly awful person, because I actually think I might prefer you having a terrible experience than dealing with the idea that you could actually be enjoying yourself. What kind of disgusting human being thinks of his selfless husband, going into sex work in an effort to keep young powerless women from being abused, and hopes the sex he's going to be forced into having is bad? But no matter how I think of it, and I am thinking of it constantly, I can't talk myself into wanting the sex to be anything more than "not causing you pain."

The only time I'm not worrying about you is when I am dealing with the children. That is both a blessing and a curse. Because they seem to be the best at distracting me with terrible crap. Mostly we've been sitting around watching telly, playing outside, and just being lazy. Haz is still healing and I won't be able to concentrate on keeping everyone safe if we went anywhere anyway. But Siri was able to distract me by showing off his "new quidditch move" he had learned. Which ended up being a move he couldn't actually perform which resulted in a broken wrist. Obviously that was an easy enough fix for me. It was a really small break so it was fixed with a quick episkey but still, the damn kid broke his wrist showing off his ill practiced quidditch moves.

Our sweet littlest triplets? Since you regale them often with (mostly age appropriate) stories of raids you've been on, they have been constantly asking about what mission you're on right now. And "that's classified, I can't talk about it" isn't really cutting it for them. Since I refuse to tell them anything about it, they keep swinging back and forth between begging me to give them details, coming up with insane scenarios and asking if that's what you're doing, or … and this is my favorite … asking me if you're going to die.

So that's been a real hoot.

In good news, Hazel is doing unbelievably well recovering from her surgery. Her surgeon doesn't do a ton of surgeries on witches, but Hazel also isn't her first. But she's really pleased with the progress so far. We are officially a week post op at this point and she had her follow-up appointment this morning. She's healing amazingly well. Doctor says she was an ideal patient. And as of right now, she has to do her dilating stuff but she's pretty much free to do anything she feels well enough to do.

Because of that, as soon as I'm done writing to you, we are all going out to eat. Hazel says she's sick of the same four walls and the view from her room. She wants to see people besides just her family (although she's been so sweet and thankful for how great her brothers and sisters have been to her) and eat food that hasn't been cooked by a slightly out of it Daddy Harry. Apparently when I am deep in the worry pit, my cooking becomes sub-par.

Oh, speaking of me being sub-par and a terrible person and just an all around nightmare, I am SO sorry that Rage Halo Harry has put so many lives in danger. To Hell with you Draco Malfoy! My barging through wards has only ever put myself at risk. Oh and when I risked the life of our unborn daughter at the same time. Ta ever so for bringing THAT up! Are you kidding me with this shite? "We don't want Rage Halo Harry showing up and putting EVERYONE'S life in peril" ?!? The Fuck? Haha, how silly, isn't that such a funny thing that you Aurors joke about, your ridiculous husband who risks the life of everyone during his temper tantrums. Cool, good to know what everyone thinks of me.

I know I'm very likely overreacting because I am scared and feeling helpless. But could you try to think about how I might feel before you randomly blurt out how funny it is that I am such a disgusting human being. Cool? Thanks.

I love you. I value your opinion above anyone else's, and it hurts me to hear you speak so lowly of me. Is it really such a bad thing that I am so terrified of losing you that I act out? That my love for you is so big that I can't contain it when I'm afraid for you?

I just … what if you don't come home to me?

And if this is the last thing I ever say to you, I can't be mad. I love you. I love you with every breath I take. Your heart is the most important thing I've ever held. I just want it safe.

Yours, forever and always,
Harry James Malfoy


Saturday July 9th
My life,

It's currently about 2 in the morning and I am certain that no one will wake up and catch me writing an email on my magi-tablet. I'm certain because I spelled them all to sleep.

Thus, I have the time to write up everything that has happened so far. I'm going to start where I left off. In a meeting with the entire Senior staff of the Auror department. I told Kingsley and Robards that you weren't happy about it, but had begrudgingly given your permission. The first few hours were sort of an argument on how to go about communicating during the mission.

See, normally, undercover operatives are NOT allowed to have any sort of recording or communication device on them as those things are easy to find and tend to give the operative away when found. When I heard this, I wondered why the undercover department didn't just use some of my magi-tech. To which Roche looked at me like I had just spoken Japanese.

Robards nearly blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Erm, see, whenever you come babble at me about something you want to use during your raids, all I care about is if it'll work and make our jobs easier. I don't actually listen to what you're saying, so, I've never talked about any of it to Roche."

"Uh-huh." Normally I would actually be delighted to know that MY department has better tech than everyone else, but this was a case of ME clearly benefiting from using my tech, so I decided to share. "If I bring my mapping drones - they look like marbles and shouldn't alarm anyone - then if it is an organization, I can have the drones map the place in preparation of a raid. Plus, the camera contacts - at the very least - will ensure that you have a good look at anyone I see. They are nearly invisible and won't be detected."

I paused to take a sip of tea. "I won't be able to use the ear buds as those really are obvious, so we won't be able to talk to each other, but I SHOULD be able to take anything with me that Gretchen owns, and also, since she almost certainly has a purse, I can add a secret undetectable expanded pocket to carry everything else I will want to have on hand. I can then use my mag-tablet to send insta-owls as necessary."

Roche looked at Robards so intently that it was nearly a glare. "He has mapping drones AND camera contacts... And you didn't TELL me about them?!?!"

Robards looked a bit abashed now. "Well, it's like you always say, tech can be detected and put the operative in danger. More danger. EXCESSIVE danger."

Roche sighed in resignation. "In any case, Malfoy, I'll need you to walk me through the tech."

I pointed to Bletchley. "He can walk you through it since he's been on most of my raids."

It was then agreed that Bletchley and Roche would go over my tech with a couple of others while Robards and Ramsey went over the first interview with Gretchen to make notes. I was basically given a break to get something to eat and try to mentally prepare myself for what was to come. As I ate, I composed most of my last email to you.

At one point, Bletchley came over to update me and also let me know what happened with the boy in Singapore. So, it was a real murder. The henchman was very recognizable as a member of their mob. The two in bed were the son of the boss and a higher up in the organization. The boy had been reported as missing. So, Bletchley coordinated with the police to get justice, and despite having "photographic" evidence, the police insisted their hands were tied.

So he went to the boy's family and explained things to them. They are afraid to go after the mob, but relieved to finally know what happened. Bletchley gave them the money I'd given him for them, and left them to do with the information what they will.

Thus, cased closed, I suppose.

After he left, I finished my email and went with Ramsey to go interview Gretchen. Normally Ramsey works with a partner, but it was agreed that they didn't want to scare her into not talking at all, so it was just him and me. Outside the door, I stopped Ramsey and said: "Let me give it a go. I promise I won't rile her up, and if it doesn't work, you can always take over."

Ramsey sighed in frustration, but then nodded. "Yeah alright, but ONLY because I know you have daughters her age."

I nodded in agreement. We entered the room and I sat directly across from Gretchen. With a friendly smile, I rested my arms on the table and held out my hands to her.

"Lovely to meet you, Gretchen. My name is Draco Malfoy. I'm married to Harry used-to-be-Potter and we have a lot of kids, a few of which are your age. Can I tell you a little about them?"

She eyed me warily. "Why?"

"Can I hold your hands?" I asked respectfully.

She tilted her head side to side and thought it over a minute before placing her hands in mine.

Still smiling, I said: "I have 14 kids, the ones I think are your age are Eris, Orion, and Hazel. They're just turned 16 and are causing me no small amount of trouble." I paused to watch things cross her mind. I think she has an older sister who turned 16 with a BIG celebration that she watched sadly from a corner.

"My oldest son just got married. He's 20 and he and Mahafsoun were MADE for each other." I could hear and feel her inhale a silent gasp at that. "Oh? You must be a fan of Mahafsoun. Her telly show is quite popular across the pond. I had to stop watching it with River because every time she'd kiss someone on the show, he'd practically MURDER something."

She smiled faintly at that. I saw a few memories of her watching the show in her mind, followed by a big fight - presumably with her father or step father. After that, she packed a bag and ran away.

"The magazines and televised interviews ask where she's from and how she got discovered, but do you want to know what she doesn't tell them?"

"What?" She asked curiously.

"She was born in Egypt to a witch. When her mum died, her dad sold her into sex slavery."

Gretchen gasped in horror and sympathy. I could see the face of Gretchen's pimp clearly in her mind. She shook her head. "NO... Something like that CAN'T happen to someone as beautiful as Mahafsoun!"

I gave her a sympathetic smile. "Did someone tell you that you're not pretty?"

Several people flashed through her mind, but the clearest and most frequent were her father/step father and her pimp.

"I have to wonder, if you really weren't pretty, then why would ANYONE pay to be with you?"

She gasped and shook her head. "You've got it all wrong! I'm constantly in trouble because I don't attract enough clients!"

I tilted my head and gave her a gentle look. "Gretchen, that is a lie designed to control you. You are very pretty and more than likely in demand. Telling you that you are not pretty enough or attracting enough clients encourages you to go back out and work harder so you'll make more money for HIM."

"He'll MURDER me for being gone so long!" Gretchen moaned.

"No he won't. If he kills you, you won't be able to make him any more money. He'll just smack you up a bit, but you can take it, right? You have before."

Her eyes started to water and I could see a few times that she was smacked around.

"He always hits you in places that hurt a lot, but don't mar the goods, right? He knows that he earns NO money if you don't look nice and pretty."

This seemed to make her stop and think. "I don't want to talk about Mark - fuck! Tell me more about Mahafsoun."

Nodding, I continued my story. "One day I was on holiday with my family and Mahafsoun tried her best to pick me up. She could see that I have money and needed to take a bit from me to give her owner. I'd actually seen him smack her around, so I let him think that she was succeeding. Once we were alone in her tent, I aimed at where he was hiding and listening in and cast a body binding curse on him."

Gretchen seemed to love that, looking excited. She even squeezed my hands. "Yeah? Did you kill him?"

"Tempting, but no. I felt it was more important to get her to safety. Although I DID kick him several times before leaving him for the muggles to wonder about."

"He deserved it, bloody arsehole!" Gretchen exclaimed fiercely.

I nodded with a smirk. "After that, Harry contacted Kingsley and got permission to bring Mahafsoun home with us. She eventually enrolled in my oldest daughter Elena's performance arts school and was discovered by casting agents for her telly show."

"Wow! Like a fairy tale!" Gretchen exhaled in awe.

"A bit," I acknowledged. "And I am going to help you too."

She immediately looked wary.

"First of all, since you are underage, you WILL be going to Unity House, which is a place where you will be safe and no one will ever find you. So, you will never see Mark again, this I promise. You ARE free of him. But I ALSO want to arrest him and see to it that he pays for everything he's done."

I could see a bit of a war going on in her mind. Several scenes of abuse flashed through her mind, featuring a few other girls.

"You're afraid that he'll hurt the other girls. You're afraid that if you don't come back, he'll make the other girls work harder to make up for losing the money you make."

Silent tears streamed down her cheeks for a few silent seconds before she nodded.

"This is why I need you to help me," I informed her. "I'm going to pretend I'm you. Not just pretend, I'm going to Polyjuice INTO you and take your place so I can help those girls and stop him from hurting them."

I watched her think this over, a lot of rather disturbing things running through her mind. Patiently, I waited for her to make up her mind and nod.

"Alright... How can I help?"

"You can start by telling us about you. When did you run away from home and why?"

She gasped. "How'd you know I done a runner?"

"It's the most common reason girls are taken in by pimps," I explained.

Sighing, she told me everything I needed to know, including the fact that she's only 15, that her pimp has her work a certain corner on Knockturn near Diagon - where she occasionally picks up better clients - and where they all sleep when they're done for the night. I asked for tiny details that would help me pretend to be her, and just generally traipsed through her mind since she was now relaxed and unintentionally giving me clear access.

"Tell me about the tiara," I murmured.

She seemed momentarily surprised that I knew about that, but then shrugged it off. "Once a month, Mark rewards the top earning girl, IF she makes him at least a certain amount - but he won't tell us what the amount is. He rewards her by treating her like a princess for the day."

I nodded in understanding and asked a few more questions until I felt like I knew everything she did about the situation. The good news at that point was that she didn't think Mark worked for anyone but himself.

At that point, things become a bit of a blur until I accepted Gretchen's sleezy clothing and went into a room to drink the Polyjuice. ALL of the preparations had been done, as quickly as possible, so it was time to play my part.

It was about 24 hours after Gretchen had been picked up, and the other Aurors assured me that it wouldn't be suspicious because most of the prostitutes are held overnight while being processed before being let go.

So, I returned to Gretchen's corner and threw myself into solicitation as if she hadn't just been arrested and released from jail. I got a few interested looks, but before anyone could buy anything from me, Mark showed up in a fury and dragged me off to his dingy flat. You know, for someone who must earn quite a bit of money from his girls, he sure isn't spending it here. So I have to wonder if he's required to give a good chunk of it to someone else. That was my first indication that this might be an organization after all.

I won't tell you the details of the beating, but just as I told Gretchen, he was careful not to damage anything that would lower my value. All in all, I've made YOU beat me worse, and so this was almost nothing.

He shouted at me that I'd been stupid and gotten nabbed by the Aurors, but I managed to cry just right and assure him that they didn't get anything out of me, and after questioning me for HOURS, finally gave up and let me go. Satisfied, he commanded me to get back to my corner and work twice as hard to make up for missing out on last night.

So I did. Apparently I'm actually better at it than Gretchen because all I had to do was smile at passing blokes and make a particular gesture with my hand to my mouth and they'd grin and follow me to my alley.

So, to answer your biggest concern, so far, the majority of it has been blow jobs, which meh. Not terrible, but definitely not the same as when I'm trying to make you fall apart and scream my name. As for the few who wanted more, it was boring as fuck and over in about a minute flat.

The REAL progress on the case has happened when we return to the rundown flat each night. Mark is ON me/Gretchen for fucking up, and taunts, pinches, smacks me - and things like that. But as he does so, I have the perfect opportunity to look into his eyes and read his mind. The funny thing is that he is nearly a squib, and so while he DID search me for unauthorized tech (probably thinking that the Aurors might try to slip something on her), he never even thought for a second that they might have tried magical methods. He doesn't even suspect that there's a reason for my newfound fascination with his eyes. He probably hasn't even noticed.

In any case, I can't ask too many questions. I have to spread them out, and that is what is taking so long. Well that and I have to do other things to keep him happy enough to let me get close. But maybe you will be relieved to know that he doesn't shag the girls, thus, he hasn't shagged me. I actually think he might be gay, but in any case, despite being a little achy from his attention, I'm fine. I'm making progress, it's just taking a little longer than I hoped.

I'm going to sign off now and get some sleep before tomorrow. Know that my every thought is of you. I MISS you!

P.S. Honestly, I didn't mean to make a joke out of Rage Halo Harry. I was going for a joke about I have to get permission like a child, but upon reflection, you're right, it was tasteless all around.

Chapter Text

Sunday July 10, 2016

My Other Half,

I'd like to be a strong, confident person. Existing within myself and knowing while my spouse is an important part of my life, I am a complete person without you. Just a best friend who complements me but doesn't complete me.

Yeah, that's not my life. You are the best parts of me. You make me better. You make me strive to be the best person I can be. Could I survive without you? Debatable. Do I want to? Never. I think it's why I was always drawn to you, even when I thought I hated you, you force my competitive nature to its limits. You challenge me. You fill in all of my cracks. And while I certainly don't want you to think you aren't a complete person yourself, I like to think I fill those spaces in you.

So what I am saying is, I miss you like I'm missing a piece of myself.

I want to tell you all about our weekend, since you're still on assignment, but first I just wanted to reply to a few of the things you said in your email to me before I get so wrapped up in my own story that I forget to answer a question or ignore an issue.

The whole teasing me about being Rage Halo Harry? I promise that I don't mind you teasing me about it. I really don't. I know you not so secretly like it when I come charging in. I think you count on me to be the brave idiot charging into things because you're so much more likely to plan ahead for every circumstance. You've teased me about this for over a decade, I promise it doesn't bother me. What did bother me was when you said I endangered lives by doing so. And it sounds like you were completely kidding, so I really am okay with it. Just maybe try to keep in mind when you joke around that your husband is ridiculous and takes things very literally?

Also, how do you not know what burpees are? They are an insanely hellish workout that is so good for you and super torturous. Honestly, if you don't know what they are AND you enjoy torturing your students? Then I should teach you all about burpees. You start out standing, drop into a crouching squat position with your hands on the ground, kick your legs back into a plank or a pushup position, quickly jump back into the squat position, and then back to standing.

In case you're not really getting updates, Gretchen seems to be settling in at Unity pretty well. I contacted Tabitha to kind of explain that she doesn't necessarily need to be quarantined to her room, but she can't exactly take her roaming around Diagon while you're walking around wearing her face. While we were talking, Tabitha mentioned how sweet Gretchen seems to be and how well she's getting along with all of the other kids. Hopefully that gives you some peace of mind, knowing that even if nothing else comes of this assignment, you got one child into a safer place where she seems to be quite happy.

However, speaking of things coming from this assignment; I am thrilled that you aren't keeping things from me, I'm so pleased that we are at a place where I accept what you're doing and you don't sneak around behind my back. But. I don't really need the details. I theoretically know what you're doing, I've accepted it, I'm dealing with it, but the less details the better okay? If you just really need to unload and need me to know because it helps YOU to tell me? Then I will suck it up and deal with not liking the details. But if you're just giving me details in an effort to be as open and honest as you know I normally want when you're on Auror business? I'm good.

Oh, I do have one request though. Not sure who I need to talk to about this but uh, Kingsley or Robards or Roche or Bletchley …. I get to have a go at this Mark piece of shite as soon as he's been charged right? If they "can't allow that" then maybe they leave the interrogation room unlocked and oh gee I just happen to have an invisibility cloak. I just wanna talk to him a little. Pick his brain. Rip his bollocks off. You know, normal stuff.

Oh, and I know you've been gone for a few days but did you notice a little kid coming and playing in the yard before you left? Every once in a while when we're all inside I get a quick glimpse of little head full of dark hair darting through the yard. So I start to do a head count and realize we're all inside. Not to mention none of ours that are that small have such dark hair. Jaz is the smallest (and has much longer hair than this child) at seven and this kid seems more Lissa's size, not quite as small as Seph but then again who is? Maybe it's just a shy neighbor kid who wants to play?

Whew, I guess I had a lot more to catch up on than I thought! See what happens when I don't see you for days and days and days? Anyway, do you know what your amazing children planned for this weekend? They all got together (everyone but Haz actually, they had a kid meeting while she was napping) and decided I needed a distraction from missing you and she needed something fun to think about besides boring recovery stuff. So they … took us to Disneyland!!

I know, I had asked you if you wanted to go. So, if you really did want to go, you will not have to twist my arm! But you also didn't respond at all to me asking if we could go. So I thought maybe that meant you didn't want to.

But it was so much fun! We went on so many rides! You know how much I love rides. We split up a bit, River and Maha taking the little triplets and Jaz to Cars Land in California Adventure while I took the other kids on all the big rides. I did not want to deal with a Persephone tantrum when she found out she was too small to go on anything remotely dangerous looking. So while they did the cars, we did the Matterhorn and the Indiana Jones adventure. Thankfully, at 104cm Seph IS tall enough to do Space Mountain (by a whole 2 cm) so we were able to do that one as a family.

With our big group, I think people just assumed we were a summer camp, a day care, or possibly a Make A Wish trip. Especially when we were with Maha and she would be noticed. They're looking at our children like, "hmm, which one is the sick one?"

We did actually see a Make A Wish group so it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility. I actually had a talk with Maha about that, asking if anyone had ever requested time with her as their wish. Oddly enough, she got her first request while she was with us in the UK planning the wedding. I guess she's doing a meet-up in two or three weeks. It's such a great charity.

So Disney was amazing, the parades, the fireworks. Merlin Draco, the fireworks! Insane. I just wish you'd been with me so we could have been snuggling up, probably each with a kid on our shoulders.

We also met a lot of fun characters. I thought Seph was going to cry when she met Tinkerbelle, hmm tiny and feisty, why oh why would Seph love Tinkerbelle!?! But oh my Hell, the princes were amazing! We met Naveen and Eric and Ho-Lee-Hell Flynn Rider. Mmmmmmmm.

But two days at Disney have me a bit exhausted. I'm off to dream about you. I miss you my love.

You told me not to cry when you were gone, But the feeling's overwhelming, it's much too strong,


Monday July 11th

I did it! Salazar, I feel like I'm high right now! I have SO MUCH to tell you!

First of all, I was a little depressed Sunday when I woke up because I was so busy Saturday that I barely had the energy to look at Mark when the day was over, let alone read his mind. I flopped on my mat in the corner and basically passed out. So, I had very little hope that Sunday would be any better. Thankfully, I was wrong.

I'm not certain if there was an important Quidditch game going on or what, but all of Diagon and most of Knockturn was empty from about half five on. The few people on Knockturn rushed to finish up their errands - including paying a couple of the girls for favors - before going wherever everyone else had gone. It was almost eerily quiet at that point, but it ALSO meant that none of us had to work since there were no customers. So, we all headed back to the tiny flat we sleep in.

Mark was in a bit of a rage - in general, at the lack of customers - and was taking it out on all of us equally. I was a bit done, to be honest. So I started in on the questions, not being as careful about them as I have been. Also, I mouthed off a bit so that he'd focus on me instead of the others.

At one point, he was pissed off enough that he had me bent over a table - my back on it with my feet on the floor - and he was threatening to choke me by having his hands on my neck and exerting just enough pressure to scare a girl like Gretchen. Looking straight into his eyes, I said: "Wow, you must be pathetic after all if losing a little bit of money on a Sunday night has you this upset. What's the matter? Spend too much money on drugs and not have enough to give your boss?"

"Ya bitch," he growled, increasing his pressure just enough to make this uncomfortable, but not so much that my life was in danger. "You dunno NOTHING!" Which was true until I read it all in his mind. He had gone gambling, lost a shit ton of money, and was now obligated to give quite a high payment every week to a woman I can only guess is the wizarding equivalent of the mob boss for this area. I sort of know this woman - in a vague sort of way. She owns most of Knockturn Alley, and I think her family has done for centuries. She's very powerful in that she has enough money to hire even better Lawyers than WE have, and so, somehow manages to get the Ministry to overlook all the seriously shady business going on in Knockturn.

I'm NOT saying that Kingsley is taking payoffs - or anything like that - simply that there must be loopholes that she's exploiting. In any case, once I knew that he was NOT working for an organization, but rather, working for himself in a desperate attempt to pay off his gambling debts, I knew that I didn't have to stick around any longer. I'd done exactly what I was sent to do. Mostly.

Overjoyed, I apparently smiled insanely enough to give him the shudders.

"W'as w'chu?" He asked in apprehension.

Rather than answer, I grabbed his hand and exerted pressure in the exact spot that weakens a grip. At the same time, I brought my knee up into his groin, making him scream with pain as I pushed him onto the floor. The thing is that even though I was Polyjuiced into Gretchen - which incidentally, I had a ring flask since Gretchen was known for wearing a cheap but pretty mood ring, so I'd been able to take a sip every half hour or so. Anyway, even though I was limited by Gretchen's actual physical capabilities, I still knew everything I'd ever learned, and a good half of Krav Maga is using an opponent's size and weight against them.

Thus, all the other girls watched in awe and amazement as all 5'3" and 97lbs of a scrawny looking girl beat the shit out of their pimp. He's actually a bit of a street brawler, and put up a good fight, once he recovered from his initial pain and surprise, but honestly, I'm dead certain that even my students could have eventually taken him down. Especially if two of them were working together. I secretly let him think he was doing better than he was just so that I could get a good 10 or 12 extra hits in before I got serious enough to take him down.

Funnily enough, Bletchley got a titch panicky when he saw Mark trying to choke me and called in the team standing by ready to extract me if necessary, but by the time they'd assembled and gotten their orders, they could clearly see that I was kicking arse. Which meant that they were a bit torn on whether to actually come in or not. Roche finally made the decision that I must have progressed to the arrest-and-bring-him-in portion of the operation, and even though I had things well in hand, chose to come in and get a grip on the girls before they could run off - as they were clearly all underage and needed to be brought to Unity House.

Thus, it seems like the moment I had Mark lying face down on the floor with my foot on his neck - as I spewed days' worth of anger, frustration, and snark (not to mention wandless stinging hexes) on him - the Senior Aurors burst into the tiny flat and immediately immobilized all the girls - and Mark, who they very reluctantly decided to take pity on and rescue from me.

Unfortunately, it means that they immobilized me as well, but this was to preserve the fact that I was not Gretchen. They didn't want word to be spread that they were now using Polyjuice on undercover missions, because there are ways to end their effects, which would be an all around bad situation.

But I suppose being immobilized as they brought everyone to the Ministry gave me time to calm down. It had been about 20 minutes since my last dose when I started antagonizing Mark, and so, by the time I was in an office with Robards, Roche, and Bletchley, I was already starting to turn back. They all took up defensive stances as they ended the spell on me - presumably afraid that I was going to be irate that they'd dared to immobilize me. Lucky for them, I had reached the elation-that-the-mission-was-over stage, and was not as likely to hex a bloke for looking at me wrong.

That was the start of a LONG and exhausting 20 hours in which I - as me - helped to question Mark and the girls. The good news is that the Aurors had a good visual record of everything I'd seen, and so, most of what I had to do in regards to debriefing was fill in the blanks by answering questions about what was said at certain points. They wanted to review a couple of my memories.

But basically, everything I had gone through - all on its own - was enough to convict Mark of so many things. The fact that he had 14 other girls ranging from 12 to 18 and - to my surprise - two 15 year old twin boys working for him, and ALL of their testimony because they understood that he was going to prison and they could either help make that as long as possible, or say nothing and risk letting him off sooner, well... It's no surprise that they wanted him in prison as long as possible.

There's still a mess to be sorted out in learning their real names and if they have parents, but that's probably going to be Tabitha's job. I DO know that Gretchen will be required to stay in Unity House to attend regular therapy sessions until she goes back to Hogwarts. See, in her case, her home life wasn't terrible enough to remove her from it - even if she'd reported it to the authorities. Her father wasn't abusive so much as controlling, and that's why she ran away, she felt unloved and powerless, and sadly but not surprisingly fell into a situation in which she literally was powerless. Her mother actually had reported her as missing and has seen her a couple of times at Unity - but you probably already knew that as you mentioned that you were getting updates on her.

I have so many other things going through my mind and I can't wait to see you, but I have to sign off now and go terrorize my class. The sooner I do, the sooner I can come home to you. See you in 2 hours and 30 seconds!

Forever and always,
P.S. Actually, yes, I HAVE seen a short and shaggy little boy lurking around our yard. I thought nothing of it as I assumed that he was a neighbor boy coming around to play with our kids, but was too shy to actually say hi and introduce himself. Did he finally gather up the courage to play with our kids?

Chapter Text

Tuesday July 12, 2016

My Completion,

Oh Draco, my Draco. You came home to us. It's well past the time I would normally fall asleep but I can't let myself close my eyes. What if I close them and when I wake up I find your homecoming was a dream and you're still out there? I don't know how I'd react to not seeing you when I wake up now that I know you're home. So I will just stay awake. Don't worry, I have plenty of pepper-ups to get me through tomorrow.

I uh, I actually am a bit panicky right now at the idea that tomorrow morning you will wake up and portkey yourself right back over the pond to teach another of your classes. I know how important it is. I know how fantastic you are at teaching. But Damnit, you just got back to me! Am I a completely selfish arse if what I really want is for you to skip just this one teeny tiny class? You've basically worked for a week straight and I think you deserve a day off. And by you, I of course mean that I deserve a day off of my worries!

Fine, I understand, you have commitments and you're probably already feeling irritated that you got pulled out of your class last week and don't want to leave them hanging two Wednesday classes in a row. You know, sometimes it's really obnoxious how much of a responsible adult you are. What happened to the prat who snuck out of his dorm room to try and catch me sneaking out of my dorm room?

Hopefully you get home from class quickly tomorrow, I will try to keep Jaz from freaking out as long as I can. I feel like the biggest shite father in the world. I was so focused on my worries, on Hazel's recuperation, at Eris' stress from dealing with her best friend's recuperation, that I completely missed just how upset our sweet Jaz was by your absence. She seems to be that sweet go-with-the-flow child, never truly freaking out about anything. And sometimes I forget that she hides behind that sweetness when she's worried. When you got home earlier, she looked at you like someone dying of thirst seeing a glass of water.

And what did you think about her sentence? She worked on it the entire time you were gone, which honestly should have been a red flag for me if I hadn't been such an idiot. She's come so far in the last months, from no sound at all to "I missed you Daddy" being a completely legible sentence? She's just utterly brilliant isn't she? It's probably good that she decided to focus on that instead of focusing on your absence. You're just her person, ya know?

Oh! While you were catching up with the kids, I had another run-in with our tiny yard trespasser. Cael had something he wanted to show you, and ran outside to grab it. I was curious as to what he was grabbing so I was watching out the window and when he slammed the back door open, I saw the little one dart out the back window of the play house. I honestly don't know if it's shyness, or maybe he doesn't have any toys of his own and so tries to play with our kids' toys when they're inside? He hasn't damaged anything, he's not been rude, he just seems to enjoy hanging out in our yard.

I just can't believe someone isn't watching him all that closely. I know we let our children explore on their own quite often, but it's always within the Manor grounds or they have an older sibling with them or we've set a charm on them. This little guy looks like he's probably only four years old, definitely not old enough to be prowling around on his own!

Maybe I'm wrong and he's actually older but small. We both know that size is not always indicative of age don't we!

Anyway, I am going to stop typing. I won't be going to sleep, but I've worked myself up about missing you that just staring at you sleep isn't enough, I need to be touching you.

I love you always,


Wednesday July 13th
My everything,

I positively adore the fact that you were so in need of me last night that you tried to simply snuggle up to me without waking me, but ended up waking me anyway, which meant that we had some slow and sleepy reunion sex, followed by both of us passing out. At that moment, I NEEDED that reconnection with you. I know I had initially asked you to not pressure me, but I really thought I'd need to decompress for a few days before I let anyone touch me. Happily, that was not the case.

As I was drifting back to sleep, the best part was holding you in my arms as if you were MINE and I was NEVER going to let you go again. I'm dead certain that is the only reason you got any sleep. Even then, I don't think you slept very long, probably getting up at your normal time, which concerns me because I'm fairly sure you didn't sleep much when I was gone. I'm going to give you dreamless sleep tonight or cast a sleeping spell on you if you don't let yourself get a good night's.

As for today, surprise surprise, my class was canceled. See, the Ministry itself is convinced that I need a few consecutive days off so that I can process what happened (and they know exactly what happened as they have a good visual of most of it, except for those times I closed my eyes), so, I'm not expected back until next Monday. I promise you I will spend the entire week in bed just holding you if you feel that's what it'll take to get past the unconscious feeling like I'm going to just be gone when you turn to look at me.

And... damnit! I WAS going to just meditate and work through the small issues I have. See I didn't feel helpless, and no one hurt me beyond smacking me up a little, but despite that, I do actually feel a little traumatized by basically having to let so many people touch me in so short a time. So, I'm having Yesenia come over when she can. It'll probably be Friday, and we're probably going to spend the entire day in seclusion, but I'm confident that having my trusted Mind Healer validate my feelings and give me permission to let them go will help me get over them much more quickly than if I just shook them off or locked them up.

After all, I've had YEARS of therapy and know better than to just assume that these things'll go away on their own.

But in any case, the two of us are going to an animal rescue today so that you can ask a bunch of questions.

I love you so much! You believe in me and make me a better man. If not for you, I would probably be the sort of person who never leaves my house longer than it takes to do a bit of shopping. I would probably NEVER help anyone, much less be in a position to teach others to help people - or at least not die in the attempt. I would probably be worthless and alone, but I'm not, because you loved me and inspired me to be the best possible version of myself. Without you, I am nothing.

I have nothing if I don't have you,

P.S. Sorry? I truly didn't mean for it to happen, but while we were at that rescue, they had a baby brown bear in dire need of a parent to care for it round the clock, so now, we have a new baby. Bear. That I've named Wojtek. But don't worry, I don't expect you to take care of him on top of everything else you already take care of - including me. In my favor, Amala seems interested in mothering the bear a bit too, unless she's simply biding her time for a tasty meal, but I really think she's quite fond of the little guy. I know that even though he's only about 2 and a half kilos (5lbs) right now, he WILL grow to be enormous, so I'm only planning to keep him until he's big enough to survive on his own, but in the meantime, it's been SO LONG since these carriers got used, hasn't it?

Chapter Text

Friday July 15, 2016


You never mean to collect these strays. But somehow I end up with the most ridiculous menagerie of animals. We have a cheetah for crying out loud! Now a bear? A bear? And yeah, sure, "I'm only planning to keep him until he's big enough to survive on his own" where have I heard that one before? Oh yeah, that time we got a cheetah! You are just the most ridiculous man alive.

But how can I possibly be anything other than madly in love with the kind of man who wants to give everything he can to those in the most dire of situations? Maybe that guess you made all those years ago that we would end up with a hundred children was really just you knowing how much love you have to give and realizing you'd need to spread it out amongst so many lest it become completely overwhelming.

I appreciate your offer to spend the entire week in our bed holding me to relieve some of my irrational fears that you will disappear if I sleep, but I couldn't to that to our children who also missed you. No, if anything, watching you snuggled up with Jaz for hours yesterday went further than anything else in grounding me with the knowledge that you're home and safe.

I love the way the two of you communicate. Because she began learning sign while we held her and signed in front of her face, she "reads" sign both forwards and backwards. I can't get over how uniquely the two of you can speak to each other. I love seeing your heads leaning on the other, your blonde hair tangling with her black curls, her back snuggled up to your chest. And both of your hands in front of the both of you, essentially signing backwards at each other. And, as you have done since she was tiny, you hum music to her, the vibrations she can feel while you're cuddled so tightly.

And then the whole baby bear snuggled up on the couch with the both of you. Our children are absolute nutters, not one of them blinked an eye when you brought home a BEAR!

Nutters the lot of you!

Oh, and I need you to know that while I am quite content with the shagging we've done since you've been home, I truly was going to give you your space and not pressure you even the slightest bit. When I finished my last email and said I had to touch you, I was just going to card my fingers through your hair. I had no intention on taking it any further. I mean, as you saw, I certainly wasn't opposed to it! But I promise you I wasn't going to pressure you at all no matter how long it took!

Hopefully this really didn't have much of an effect on you, your behavior has been pretty normal since you've gotten back, but just to be on the safe side you are definitely sequestered in with Yesenia right now. That works out pretty well for me, I am going to go play in the sunshine with our crew and her Diego. Hopefully our shy little trespasser will show himself and maybe come out and play!

Love You,


Friday July 15th
My wonderful husband,

Well, that was certainly an intense session with Yesenia. We got to the core of my feelings and worked through my issues. Actually, I really only had one issue. Surprising, I know. It was that I was a little appalled by how many people I had to let touch me in such a short amount of time. Well, you know that had I had so many people touch me during a kinky play session, I probably wouldn't have cared, it was actually that it was ALL basically cold and impersonal. To the point. No fun involved.

Which brings me to the other half of the issue: I was doing something new and different - having sex as a woman - and I *wanted* to at least try to enjoy some of it, but there wasn't anything that lasted long enough to enjoy. So NOW I'm dying to know what it would be like to have real and genuine sex as a woman with a connection to my partner. That said, I completely understand the inherent problem in asking you to do that to me.

In the past, you have shagged Luna's arse - which you didn't count as sex with a woman because it was her arse. Another time, you played with Hermione's women parts, but never shagged her. I know that you are well and truly gay and find women's parts squicky. If anything, if either of us was going to become a woman for the night, it would probably be you. For all of those reasons, I don't want to ask this of you, but at the same time, I feel like you would be upset if you found out I wanted to do this thing - that Yesenia actually thinks it should be part of my therapy - and yet DIDN'T ask you.

So... Do you think you could handle shagging me one time as a woman? In a way that's as close to our normal lovemaking as possible considering the squickiness involved. If not, I won't press the issue or ever mention it again.

Moving on, Wojtek was positively adorable today. He's still a cub and needs to nurse often, but naturally, I can't do that, and I refuse to induce lactation while I'm teaching a combat class. Maybe if I wasn't planning to leave the Manor nor be seen by anyone until he weaned, I might consider it, but yeah, no, not happening. Lucky for me, the Orange County Animal Rescue had enough bear formula on hand to last a month or so, and I have already put an order in for more. Which means that I had Wojtek in a wrap carrier on my chest during my session so that every time he got hungry, he would squirm a bit and I would feed him. For now, I have spells on the carrier to vanish any messes he makes. I will probably attempt to potty train him as he grows, but at this moment, he's still basically an infant, not to mention a wild animal. I think any sort of potty training effort right now would only frustrate me more than actually teach him anything.

I love that our kids love him and take turns volunteering to feed and play with him when I let him out of my arms for a few minutes. Obviously today was different as I was secluded with Yesenia.

Other than that, I've had a lovely day. You had all the younger kids outside, and I'm not certain, but I THINK I saw you lure our mystery guest out into the open with biscuits, but admittedly, my attention was on our older kids, and so, I might have been mistaken.

But as I just said, I had the older kids, that means our teenagers. Shtara, Eri, Ori, Haz, Viona, and Alric. They were all circled around our massive rectangular table, enjoying a nice cuppa tea with me. Now that I'd had a chance to talk to my Mind Healer, they felt it was right to ask questions. I'm not sure what you told them exactly about what I was doing, but even if you didn't say it all outright, they had a pretty good idea somehow.

So, they asked me things like: "Did it hurt?" "Did it feel good?" "How much did you get paid?" "What was the ugliest client?" "What was the best looking client?" and: "Did you remember all the protection spells?"

That last one rather impressed me as I hadn't expected a bunch of teenagers to think about that. That said, I had to be honest and tell them that there were times when I was so busy that I couldn't cast the spells each time and had to do a sort of morning after spell when I was done for the day. Thankfully, there are Anti-STI potions I could take, and so, I'm certain I didn't catch anything.

Then, because the time was perfect, I decided to use my newfound 'cool dad' skills and ask them the all important question in return. I took a hand from both Orion and Eris and held them lovingly. "How about you two? Did YOU remember to cast the protection spells?"

Both glanced guiltily at Hazel, who looked stunned, by which I gathered meant that they hadn't found the right time to tell her yet. But before she could make an issue out of it, they both nodded. Or well, Orion nodded and said: "Yeah, I remember that very clearly. I stumbled over the words the first time, so I cast it a second time using wordless and wandless magic. Plus, she had those muggle condom thingies and knew how to put it on me, because I had no idea."

After that, Eris looked at her hands in her lap and said: "Er.... well, I don't actually remember what I did. I don't remember anything other than drinking - a LOT - and dancing and giggling almost constantly because EVERYTHING seemed hilarious. Ori says I was hot and heavy with a bloke, and to be honest, I probably was, because there was a couple of gorgeous blokes I wanted to snog, I just don't remember any of it. Thus, I have no idea if I remembered to cast the spells."

"Oh love," I sighed, pulling her into my side because she looked like she was utterly beating herself up over the potential mistake. I kissed her temple and felt her sigh and relax. She was the first one I actually had inside me, and while I do not have favorites - and if I did it might be Viona or Jaz - I will admit that she holds a part of my heart that the others don't. "It's not the end of the world. I mean it's a bit late now to cast morning after spells, but we can still cast detection spells and treat anything you might have caught."

"Will you?" She asked, sounding just a tiny bit afraid. "Because I've been feeling off and I just kept telling myself that I'm literally worried sick about Haz healing as quickly as possible, but what if I actually DID catch something?"

"Oh Eri!" Hazel cried out, pulling her from my arms and holding her tight. "I can understand why you didn't tell me at first, but you should have told me before now! I could have helped you worry about you instead of me!"

Viona snorted and shook her head. "And if you had told ME, I could have cast all the morning after spells on you, which I learnt from a book all the Sixth Years are given as a very not helpful at all attempt at Sex Education."

"Let go of your sister a moment, Hazel my love," I suggested, holding my wand at the ready. Once clear, I cast the STI detection spells - which lit up to show that she'd caught Chlamydia. "Well I guess that answers that," I murmured.

"That's not so bad," Alric reassured her. "According to that book we were given, there's a quick and easy potion to get rid of that."

I nodded in agreement. "I could probably even brew a batch by Sunday, but since you don't need an entire batch, I can just go to the nearest Apothecary and buy one, but erm… since you clearly had sexual intercourse, I should probably cast..." I held my wand up again and cast a pregnancy test on her and felt my heart drop for a moment when it lit up golden - which you almost certainly recall is positive.

"Blimey!" Viona swore, knowing (presumably from the book) that the test was positive. "Wow... we're going to have TWO nieces or nephews!"

This let Eris know the situation before I could explain it. "FUCK!" She blurted out before throwing her arms around Hazel and simply resting in her sister's arms.

"Well... It's still very early and there are a lot of options for you to think over. I caution you not to make any decisions before you think about every aspect, but just know that your dad and I will fully support you in anything."

Eris sort of glared at me at that. "Is that your way of saying that you think I'm too young and would prefer that I just get rid of it!"

I shook my head and took her hand. "At this point, I am already a grandfather. I have a new grandchild on the way, and I'm not afraid of babies. I am NOT telling you what to do. I'm saying that I want you to make the RIGHT decision for YOU. I don't want it to be a hasty decision. I want you to think things through. Talk with your sisters and brothers - I'm certain they'll all encourage you to keep it, but Viona and Hazel will also help you talk about the other side, and if that's what you decide, we will support you. Also, talk to your dad. He's going to do the fluffy dad thing and make you feel so much better than my cold analytical dad thing."

Eris managed to smile at me. "Well, you didn't threaten to ground or hex me, and you haven't yelled or called me bloody stupid, so you're not doing such a bad job, to be honest."

"Thanks," I murmured, relieved to hear that because it reinforces what I was saying when I said that I think I am finally ready to be mature and accepting of the fact that they're teenagers and have bigger problems than they did when they were tiny enough to fit in my hands.

Speaking of tiny, Eris deflected the attention off of her by asking to hold Wojtek. "Vo-tek? Voy-tek?"

"It's softer than voy, but not quite as soft as vo" I replied with a fond smile at the bear.

"Why that name?" Orion asked curiously.

"Ah, well there's a legendary bear that I learned about on one of my visits to Grandmama as a child. There once was a young - but not quite this young - bear cub that was taken in by a polish military unit back in World War 2 - the muggle one, not the one featuring the Dark Lord. Anyway, they named him Wojtek because it meant Happy Warrior, and he became quite famous for being enrolled as a member of their army so that they could keep him and bring him with them wherever they went. He even helped them in at least one battle in which he helped them carry boxes of ammunition to the front lines. After the war was over, they gave him to the Edinburgh Zoo where he lived a happy and relatively long life for a bear. I just always liked that story, and so decided to name him that as a sort of nod to history," I explained.

"Oh! That's way cooler than just being a weird name!" Shtara exclaimed in excitement, demanding her turn to hold the bear.

And that's when I decided to excuse myself to come write this email. I know that you learned about Eris being pregnant before reading this because I could hear the kids announce it very loudly the MOMENT you opened the door (with Shtara sounding like she wanted to be the one to tell you first/loudest), but I also wanted to get all my thoughts out before we had a chance to talk in person, so that you can see that I really did tell her to think her options over and that we'll support her either way. But that if I'm honest, I don't like the thought of... well, I guess I'd rather have another grandchild than know that I could have but didn't. I know that probably doesn't make sense, but that's how I feel.

So what I am really saying is that I need you to come hold my hand so that we can calm each other and prepare ourselves to remain united and supportive no matter what. Love you!

I never loved someone the way that I love you,

Chapter Text

Saturday July 16, 2016

My Draco,

If I never leave this bed then I will never have to admit we're living this nightmare, right?

I have no idea how we switched roles. But somehow you have become the fluffy "Oh, I'm already a grandpa, what's one more?" guy and I am the one trying to see if I can find a time turner and make all of this go away. Fuck Draco, Eris is just a baby. She's my baby. She has two years of school left. TWO. The timing couldn't be worse! I mean, it's more than likely by my math that she'll be due in April. She won't even have a chance to finish out her sixth year.

I guess it's time to contact Saoirse and see if she wants to come back or if we need to find another tutor. I am sure Eri will want to go to Hogwarts as long as she can next year, but climbing all those stairs in her final trimester? Or trying to go back for the last two-ish months while caring for a newborn? Unrealistic.

Not that I am going to force her to leave Hogwarts, I won't be one of those parents from years ago sending their daughter to some unwed mother's home to hide a pregnancy and then bring her home without her baby. Or, even worse, do that creepy thing where the parent raises the child as their baby brother or sister. Gross.

I am just trying to be a realist, and I think it's likely that Eri will need a tutor for at least some of next year.

Gods Damnit! You think that by being up front and honest with these kids, teaching them safe shagging practices, encouraging open and honest communication that we'll be able to avoid certain traumatic events. Nope. My sixteen year old is pregnant by "some bloke" and doesn't even remember doing the deed.

And don't get me started on the STI. Fuck my actual life. At least it's treatable.

You know who makes stupid decisions? Drunk people. You know who makes stupid decisions? Teenagers. You know who makes the absolute stupidest decisions of all? Drunk teenagers.

I quit, I'm moving to our secret "Escape Azkaban" island. I'll send you a postcard.

I can't do that? Fine! I guess I will have to be loving and supportive and care for my family who I love more than anything else in existence. Damn you conscience! I knew I should have smashed that cricket.

Alright, I am going to spiral if I keep thinking about this. She's a little girl, she's scared, she needs her Daddy to not be an arsehole. I can't go back in time and change things, I can only support her going forward. Please remind me of this if you see me in a panic spiral alright?

On to less scary, and much more ridiculous things. You might not have done it, but the idea of actually nursing a BEAR crossed your mind? Like actually breastfeed a wild bear. Draco Lucius. Let's take out the biological aspect of human milk NOT being designed for growing bears … he's a freaking bear! I can't even with you. I sometimes think that you sit awake at night, dancing alone for hours, just coming up with new ways to freak me out. Hmm, Harry doesn't seem to freak out at my Auror-ing anymore, he hasn't said a word about me sending my cheetah after my students, I know! Bear lactation!

And potty training?

Or, you know, trying to talk me into shagging you as a woman. I want to give you this if it's something you need, but I don't know how it would actually work. I mean, I am just not turned on by women. And I would assume the only way you could do this was Polyjuice which opens a whole other can of worms, do you use someone we know that you asked permission of? A stranger and then I feel like I'm violating some unsuspecting woman. If there was some way to have it be you but just wearing different plumbing I could probably do that easily. I get hard just looking at your beautiful face, I just honestly don't even know if I could get it up if it was some random woman.

Ugh, can I think about this? I'm not saying no. But I can't just jump right in and say yes. Is that okay?

I had better join the rest of you, it's not like me to stay cooped up in my room so late into the morning. Even YOU are awake and out there already.

Oh! Yes, I did manage to get the little guy to come close enough to grab a biscuit, but as soon as I started talking to him he darted off (with biscuit in hand though, so I count it as a win!) I'm going to keep bribing him, maybe he will warm up to me eventually!



Monday July 18th
My passion,

Hey, what's wrong with me wanting to attempt nursing my baby bear? I have already decided against it, but of COURSE I thought about it. Wrong species or not, it would have been the best for Wojtek. Besides, if women in India can nurse their sacred deer with success, then I could have at least tried it. But the point is moot.

But on to less ridiculous things.

So I apparently forgot to mention this, but when me and Yesenia were discussing how you shagging me as a woman would work, she ran through a list of options, and naturally, Polyjuice was the most well known and probably easiest, but there was also a much more complicated version of that in which I do Polyjuice into someone else, and then transfigure my face back to MY face. That said, there might actually be an even easier alternative...

The Damsel Curse. It's a completely reversible curse that would turn me into a woman until it's reversed. Which means that I WOULD literally be me, but as a woman. As I understand it, I'd probably be shorter than you and have extremely long hair - maybe even as long as a certain new daughter. But I think that's probably the best option if you want to be certain that no part of me belongs to someone else.

Plus, I'm actually sort of curious to see what I ACTUALLY would look like as a woman. Also note that it's designed to be temporary, so, wouldn't have been a good longterm solution to Hazel's desires, even if we HAD known about it before now.

But moving on, I just had my class, and I was in an excellent mood for it. I had Wojtek in his carrier on my chest, so he wasn't able to be seen while he slept. I walked into class, and now I have a slightly better idea of how you're doing the thing with the shirts. It's still a bit baffling, but not only did my shirt change to a tee, but the words on it were clearly visible OVER my wrap carrier, and so, I feel that you must be using some sort of glamour spell to make it LOOK like I'm wearing something else when I'm actually wearing what I put on. The only flaw in that theory is when I take off the shirt to find another shirt.

In any case, this one said: Surely not everybody was Kung Fu Fighting - which while ridiculous, is at least a song reference that I understood, so I didn't even curse you. Non-magically, that is.

But as I was saying, I walked into class to find that my students had just come from their hour long run, but weren't sure if I'd be there, and so had moved to the classroom to do some sparring on their own. They were all curious as to the wrap on my chest, but didn't say anything because I started right in on the lesson.

"Right, so you'll be pairing up today to revisit the lesson where you attempted to throw each other over your shoulders. I expect there to be at least some progress since the first time. You might have noticed that I brought back a very thin mat today for exactly this reason. You may thank me now."

They grumbled their thanks, having already paired up before I arrived, and got straight to work. I walked around giving them advice and tips, occasionally demonstrating the positions that lead up to the throw, and correcting their grips because most of them kept grabbing their opponents in places where their center of gravity was concentrated elsewhere, and so, makes the whole thing require a lot more strength and effort.

About halfway through the lesson, JUST when I was going to have them switch which partner was doing the throwing, Wojtek made a sound very similar to a baby crying, and started squirming in his carrier. I promptly responded by grabbing a bottle of formula out of my magically expanded pocket and feeding him.


But my students were staring at me curiously. "Did ya somehow manage to have a baby since we last saw ya, guv?"

"Matter of fact, I did," I stated with a grin. "If you're lucky, I might let you see him."

"Must have been a ROUGH mission," one of the Aurors muttered under his breath, making a chill go up my spine in inexplicable foreboding.

"Erm... The relative roughness of my mission is irrelevant. This baby is adopted. Sort of."

This unsurprisingly confused them, but I moved on before they could dwell on it.

About 20 minutes later, Wojtek was finished eating and VERY squirmy. He probably just needed to go, but since he was trying to climb out of his carrier, I decided that I could easily vanish a mess off a mat if needed, so I picked him up out of his carrier and held him so that I was eye to eye with him.

"Try not to get under anyone's feet and trip them up. You could get hurt and I don't want that," I advised him before setting him on the floor and letting him explore a bit - the door to the classroom was firmly closed so that he couldn't escape.

"A BEAR?!?!" My students roared in astonishment.

"Ignore Wojtek, well, ignore the fact that he's wandering around and focus on your task, but at the same time DON'T step or land on him!" I ordered fiercely.

"Where'd you get a bear, Chief?"

I flapped my hand dismissively. "At an animal rescue, naturally. We were looking for horses, but they just so happened to have a newly orphaned bear and I reckoned that if I could nurse a Cheetah back to health, I could almost certainly care for a bear. Besides, he's just a baby right now, which makes him practically second nature for me."

By this point, Wojtek had apparently gotten bored with exploring as he was already pawing at my leg. I picked him up and vanished the mess he'd made a few feet away, but rather than put him back in the carrier, I simply held him as I tenderly encouraged my students to get back to it.

"Bloody prick!" Fatty accused in a tone I'm dead certain he thought I wouldn't hear.

"That reminds me, my husband oh so helpfully explained what a Burpee is -" My students groaned rather loudly and glared at fatty, who looked ready to murder himself. "The next person who opens their mouth rather than flip their partner over their shoulder, has to give me ten Burpees!"

Remarkably, my students became SO MUCH better at their task after that. One mostly succeeded and about five others managed about half the throw. All in all, by the time class was over, I was considering rewarding them. Except I didn't want to take my bear to a pub, so it would have to wait until next time at the very least. Although, I'll probably have Wojtek with me then too, so...

Shrugging off the impulse, I warned them all to practice and be ready to try again next time.

And with that, I decided to go to my office and make sure there wasn't any lingering paperwork I needed to complete or sign off on. There was, but it was minor and mostly reports from my handlers and those that had to watch the feed from the camera contacts. I just had to read over them and verify that all the information was correct. After that, I was hungry, so I went to Café Exquis to grab a bite and write this email. But don't worry, I'm about to return home and I'm bringing all your favorites with me so that EVERYONE can enjoy food from our favorite restaurant.

You're the one I need,
P.S. So... when I Portkeyed into the Manor before class, I heard Delphini shrieking at Sebastian that he had better brew her a quality Anti-nausea potion or she was going to kick his arse, and so, I have the dreadful feeling that her venture was a success...

Chapter Text

Wednesday July 20, 2016

My Heart,

I just had the weirdest thing happen. You know our little trespasser? Well, he was … uh … er … in our backyard when I went out for my run this morning.

If it was just morning and he had been playing in the backyard I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it. But I went out extra early this morning. The sun was up, but barely. I know, that's early even for me. Here's the deal, there's just so much going on lately that I haven't been sleeping. I should just talk to you about it. I know how much it upsets you when I don't get enough sleep.

I know how much it upsets ME when I don't get enough sleep. That never bodes well for my mental health. Keeping myself awake is that ugly cycle where I use it as a coping mechanism for stress which then comes around and makes me more exhausted which causes more stress and I am perpetually freaking out and tired in an endless loop. I hate the idea of taking a bunch of dreamless sleep to get that rest, I know how I was those first few months after the war; practically an addict by the end. But I also know that if I am open and honest about when I take it, if someone responsible is monitoring it, I should probably take advantage of that and rest up enough that I am in my right mind.

Or I could ignore it, continue to get no sleep, but go on extra long runs instead? Yeah? No, I didn't think that would fly.

Maybe this little boy's parents are just those that practice a little free range parenting. Ya know? I might not be comfortable with my four year old roaming around all day, but they must know him best and maybe know that he's mature enough to be allowed to wander. But even with that, four is a bit much without tracking charms! And I'm sensitive enough to magic that I would have noticed the haze of magic that comes with long term monitoring charms. I'm sensitive enough that I can tell the kid is magical.

That's another thing, free range or not, when we bought this place and since then we've tried to keep an ear out for any other magic users close by, there weren't any magical families within a mile. It's important to know the magical make-up of your neighbors when you're living in a muggle neighborhood, and without a magical user within a mile that means some four year old child is being trusted to run amok through the city more than a mile away from where he lives? That's just irresponsible!

Weirder even, he was sleeping in our yard. If I had noticed that in the middle of the day? I probably would have thought, hey it's hot and sunny the kid must have tired himself out playing. No, early morning sound asleep in our yard. Monday when you got back from class and had brought us Café Exquis, we grabbed some blankets and decided to do a backyard picnic. It's been crazy hot, but a few cooling charms and we had a lovely little picnic. Well, when the kids cleaned up, they apparently missed a blanket. So this morning, ridiculously early, very young child in our yard, sound asleep, wrapped in one of our blankets ….


Yeah, teeny baby buttcheeks flashing at me as he ran as fast as he could out of the yard. I must have spooked him, I tried to be really quiet, but even my whisper must have seemed like shouting when you're super tired and not expecting it. All I said was, "Hey, good morning Buddy" and his (big, gorgeous, practically black) eyes popped open and he took off like a shot. I was so surprised that I didn't think to chase after him to find out what in the heck is going on, but even if I had, that little guy was FAST! He probably would have outrun me regardless.

So now I don't know what to do. He keeps coming back, he seems too young to be unattended, and now he's sleeping overnight in our backyard completely starkers? What should we do?

Frustratedly Yours,


Wednesday July 20th
The breath I breathe,

Class was pretty good today. I think my students are finally getting into good enough shape in general that they aren't struggling so much to do the moves. They still have trouble with the shoulder throw, but since they were able to perform a move in which they block an incoming attack and use the momentum to throw their opponent to the floor, I called that a win.

Also, while they're still bruising quite a bit each class, there hasn't been a broken bone or other injury since their midterm exam. Also a win. All in all, I'm quite pleased. I didn't even flinch when I looked down and saw that my wrap and shirt now read:

Almost pulled a muscle trying to give a shit.

After class, I was called into Robards office to meet with him, Roche, and Kingsley. They haven't been checking on me during my classes, so they haven't seen your *lovely* choices for my attire. (Aside from the day I was called into the meeting, but I daresay that what I was wearing was the last thing on anyone's mind.) Thus, they looked at my shirt (and wrap) with curiosity and confusion.

I chuckled. "Harry feels it's only right to give my students fair warning."

"Ah," Kingsley stated with a smirk.

"Basically, today's meeting is to let you know that you need to have your Mind Healer send us a report clearing you for raid duty - should any happen to come up," Robards explained.

"And also, to give you a chance to discuss any part of the mission you feel you need to discuss," Kingsley added, giving me a pat on the shoulder.

"Yeah, no, I'm good. I told my Mind Healer everything and we came to the conclusion that I'm in a surprisingly good place, all considering."

Wojtek started squirming just then, but I'd fed him during class and let him do his business, so I didn't think he needed either of those just yet. Thus, I pulled him out of his carrier and asked him what he wanted. He basically snuggled into me, letting me know that he wanted to see my face, I suppose.

"A bear???" Roche asked in surprise.

"I actually have two, and the other one is even smaller than this," I informed him with a smirk. He didn't need to know that my other 'Bear' is actually a tiny little three legged dog, hahaha.

After answering a few questions - both related to the mission AND about Wojtek - I was dismissed, which means that I was able to come home to you. It was then that I came up with a BRILLIANT idea.

You said that you think this small boy might be feral - so to speak. And considering that he showed up naked in our yard the morning after a full moon, I'm sort of wondering... no. I have to be wrong. That shouldn't be possible.

Anyway, I wanted to help you help him, so I suggested that we take a nice big plate full of biscuits and other food out into the backyard, with all of our kids occupied with other things. After dinner so it didn't seem utterly strange to have food at that moment.

Then, to give this boy a good idea that we weren't bad men, I pulled you into my arms and sang what amounts to about 2 hours of lullabies. Sure enough, food started mysteriously disappearing off the plate, and after a while, the rustling in the bushes stopped altogether, but it didn't seem like the rustling moved away, but rather simply stopped - as if he maybe took a nap. Possibly unable to help himself due to the effects of a sleep aid slipped into the biscuits.

I left you to deal with him and silently slipped back into the house to find our older 4 sitting in the kitchen eating Ben and Jerry's and talking about Eri's predicament.

"I just... I don't want to do it all on my own! Maybe dad's right and I should just get rid of it!"

"Dad didn't say that," Orion pointed out.

"He as good as!" Eris insisted.

Hazel reached over and pulled her close, stroking her hair. "You are NOT alone! But if it'll make you feel better, I could always take a fertility potion and go find a bloke on the beach."

"NO!!!" I blurted out in alarm. "Sorry, not trying to judge, just that Hazel, my love, you must realize how terrible that idea really is. You are STILL recovering from your surgery. Even with healing spells to help things along much more quickly, you're still going to be low on magic for the next year or so. Please try to keep in mind what your dad went through with Persephone when he accidentally got himself too low on magic. You DO NOT want to go through that. And even I had a bit of a rough patch when I was pregnant with Eris, having to basically give up using my magic altogether and stay in bed as much as possible."

She sighed morosely. "I know..."

I sat down next to her and noticed that she was eating some Chubby Hubby. "Ooo!" I exclaimed in delight before helping myself to a few bites. I also kissed her on the cheek. "Besides, this is CLEARLY the wrong reason. Drunken mistakes aside, you all know how to think for yourselves and make RIGHT decisions."

She shrugged and looked away.

I nudged her with my shoulder. "I'm trying my best to be accepting and not freak out here, throw me a bone and at least think through all the down sides before you jump into anything so huge, yeah?"

"Yeah," she agreed with a sigh.

"Well don't look at me," Viona stated haughtily. "***I*** have a very well thought out five year plan. I'm going to be married and give myself at least an entire year to settle into my post graduation life - not to mention adjust to taking on a more active role in my businesses - BEFORE I consider having a baby!"

Orion rolled his eyes. "Getting back to more helpful matters, Eri, I'm a Ravenclaw. I'm more than willing to help you study and make sure your grades don't slip when you're too nauseous to read a lesson in a book."

"Thanks Ori," Eris said with a smile, squeezing his hand.

"Did you take the cure yet?" I wondered, having given it to her ages ago.

"Yeah," she acknowledged with a nod.

"Good," I stated, leaning over and kissing her on the cheek. I then cast the detection spell to make sure it had worked, which it had. "That's that then."

After that, we basically changed the subject and just had a good time eating ice cream and chatting. Meanwhile you took your time doing whatever you were doing, so now I'm sitting in our bed eagerly awaiting an update from you - you know, in person, by joining me in bed and letting me know what happened.

Love you!

There's a place I know if you're looking for a show, where they go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor, and they turn me on when they take it off, when they take it off, everybody take it off,

Chapter Text

Wednesday July 20, 2016

My Co-Captain on the S.S. Lunatic,

I am sure you will get this alert soon, since you're not really doing much but spending time with the kids. I was able to summon my laptop, so if you saw it hurtling through the hallways towards Alric's room that's why.

Yep, I am in Alric's room. So we may actually need to have him bunk with one of the boys for tonight. I brought this little guy into our house, thinking I could get him cleaned up, make sure he didn't have any injuries, and possibly get some information on where he should be and what's going on in his little world.

He did wake up a bit and actually answered some questions for me, but he fell back asleep pretty quickly. Either he is as sleep deprived as I am, or your full moon suspicions are dead on. There were a few other flags that make me think you were right, but I am not certain how we can tell for sure short of waiting until next month and seeing if he changes. Is there a spell? That seems invasive for people who don't want to announce their lycanthropy to the world, but our society has made worse spells for less important reasons so I would assume there's some way to tell.

So while you were chatting it up with the kids (and don't think I'm just ignoring the "why don't I get pregnant in solidarity" nonsense from Haz. We WILL be discussing that further) I pulled the sleepy little guy into my arms and brought him to one of the guest loos to clean him up. First of all, he is so light, Persephone light. Secondly, he was utterly filthy, I ended up just throwing some cleaning charms at him because I didn't want to freak him out by having some strange man putting him in the bath.

He woke up after I cast the cleaning charm at him, I must have cast it a bit too strongly but he was really filthy. You'd think waking up in a loo with a strange man after falling asleep in a bush would have made him freak out right? Nope. He gave me a bashful smile and then seemed to try and tuck his face in my arm. Very cute, very sweet, kinda weird. He also was mumbling into my arm but I couldn't really understand him. I leaned in close and tried to gently pry his face out of my elbow and apparently that gave him the opening to climb me like a tree and stick his face in my neck.

Eventually I could start to make out what he was saying, not being a Spanish speaker I can only guess, but it sounded like he was saying "Hola manada" I didn't have my translation device within reach and by the time I summoned it he wasn't saying that anymore.

I tried the teeny amount of Spanish I knew, "Lo siento Mijo, hablo un pocito de espanol. Hablo ingles."

Again those big insanely beautifully dark eyes lit up with recognition, followed by a soft "hi" snuffled into my neck.

Alright, at least a little bilingual then. "Can you tell me what your name is mijo?"

Again, only so intelligible when speaking with four year olds and then muffle the sound into my neck and I don't know if I caught everything but, "I Atreyu."

That couldn't be right can it? Is this little guy's name really from The Neverending Story? That is so cool! "Where do you live Atreyu? It's Atreyu yeah, am I saying that right?"

He looked at me very confused, "Atreyu live here."

Uh, ooooookaaaaay. "So you live near here, where are your parents, your mama or daddy?"

Now he was looking even more confused. Not so much mad as he was looking at me like I was a little bit dumb. (I've seen the look on your face often enough, I know what it looks like!) "Atreyu live here. Daddy go away, Mama go to sleep." Then the big fat tears started rolling down his face.

So instead of continuing to interrogate him, I shushed and rocked him. Then I sang him some lullabies until he calmed down. And either he was that tired, or he hadn't quite gotten the sleep aid out of his system because as soon as he calmed, he also passed out in my arms. I moved us to Alric's room because as much as I feel for the little guy, I was not about to be stuck under a sleeping baby in the loo.

I already called the Unity House here and we can bring him in. It sounds like he either needs to be there or at the very least they might be able to find his parents. But for tonight we all thought it would be best to let him sleep here in Alric's room. He seems to feel safe here since he kept coming back. We can all head out to Unity in the morning, I know the kids have been wanting to stop in at some point while we were out here anyway.

Sorry I'm not giving you the update in person like you asked, but I have a sleepy snuggly baby on me so you know I'm really not all that sorry. If you want you can head in here and we can talk about it more. He seems to be pretty well out for the count.

Cause I'm in too deep and I'm trying to keep up above in my head instead of going under,


Thursday July 21st
My heart,

Since you were occupied with our guest, I had no problems inviting Amala to lay on the bed and lick Wojtek while I fed and played with him. This naturally made Bear (the dog) come over and try to lick Wojtek's face too. To my surprise, Venus came close enough to sit on the foot of the bed and watch us curiously. I stayed up a bit late, but when midnight was approaching, I figured that you weren't coming to bed - especially since I had read your email and knew you were under a snugglebug.

So, I cuddled up with my bear, my cat, my dog, and YOUR cat (shockingly enough) and went to sleep.

By the time I woke up today, you were already gone, and since I had nothing better to do, I decided to go for a run, silently flirt with those who eyed me up on the nearby running paths, and then come back and have lunch with Shtara, who had snuck in our room shortly after you must have left, taken Wojtek, and was taking excellent care of him while I slept. Zaire had grabbed Bear - as they are still the best of friends and Bear sleeps in his room more often than not, so that left only Amala in bed with me (Venus having left on her own at some point, I'm sure) when I woke up. In fact, I woke up to her licking my face and rubbing her scent all over me.

One of these days, I'm really going to have to get the point across that I am NOT her mate! Or wait... Do you think I should find her an actual mate? Like... so she can have babies? Then I would have grandbaby cheetahs!

But as I was saying, I had lunch with Shtara, and since the older teens had all gone to the beach, and the younger kids must have gone to visit Unity California with you, I convinced Shtara that we needed a daddy daughter spa day. Surprisingly, it took a bit of talking her into it because she didn't want to let go of Wojtek, so I told her that we'd naturally be bringing him with. I didn't mind at all paying a massage therapist to rub and play with him as we were getting our own massages, mani/pedi's, facials, and our hair done.

I opted for a rather fiery look with orange and red highlights at the tips, to match the flame decals on all of my nails. Shtara went for a similar look, but in dark blue and purple. Honestly, had we not had Wojtek with us - who got a bit fussy after being fed, let out to do his business, and thoroughly massaged (the therapist was utterly in love with him by the time we left) - I probably would have opted for a soak in the mud followed by a quick shower, a few minutes in the sauna, and then a body wrap. But as I said, Wojtek got a bit fussy, and I think what he really wanted was for me to put him back in his carrier so that he could take a nap.

So we popped back home and found that you were still gone, which made up our minds to go out for dinner. Thankfully, our older teens came back from a day of surfing and laying out in the sun - because they were getting hungry - in time to go out with us. So, we went out to Providence, my favorite local seafood place.

When we got home, I noticed I'd gotten an Insta-owl at some point. Basically, Harrison is feeling a bit left out because with Delphini, Tommy, and Bellerophon all of age (according to the wizarding world), they've been going out to clubs and the like. Del claims that it's research for their expansion in a couple of years, but the fact is that Harrison legally cannot go, so he feels like he's all alone. Thus he wanted to know if he could come stay with us while his dad is back in the other world for a few days.

I knew you wouldn't object, so I Portkeyed back to the Manor to grab him and bring him back here. Hazel may pretend like she loathes him, but she practically burst out crying when she saw him, threw her arms around him, and hugged him so tightly that I really thought he was going to break a rib. He suffered it for as long as she wanted, but the moment she finally pulled back, he pretended to push her away and grumbled about her being clingy and insufferable.

He, Hazel, Eri, Ori, Viona, Alric, and Shtara are currently playing cards in the entertainment room. But as for me, I'm a bit bored, and so, I'm taking Amala and Wojtek for a nice long walk. Amala is willing to suffer a collar and leash when it means that she can explore territory she hasn't been in in a while. And Wojtek is mostly being carried by me, but when I let him down for a bit, he seems interested in smelling things.

Insta-Owl me if you get back before I do.

These five words I swear to you,

Chapter Text

Thursday July 21, 2016

My Love,

We er, kind of have a problem. You will not be getting an insta-owl informing you that I have gotten back home before you got back from your walk, because I still haven't left Unity. In fact, I think I need you to come here. As soon as you possibly can preferably. But finish reading this first.

I already had a Unity staff member, Nohelani, bring the kids that were with me back home, so I suppose if you're already home when she pops in, she will just tell you to meet me here, otherwise that's what this email will be for. I would really like for you to read this thoroughly before you come, so don't just skim the first sentence and come running over. I need you to actually take at least five or ten minutes to yourself before you come so you can process everything I'm about to say. Alright?

So I woke up bright and early this morning, still being used as a giant body pillow, with a little puddle of drool on my shirt. As soon as I shifted, little Atreyu opened his eyes. It seemed like he had probably already woken up and was just waiting for me to wake as well. Honestly, I don't know what happened to our shy little trespasser who had to be bribed with biscuits to come within a few feet of us, but he is GONE. I asked him if he wanted breakfast, his little thumb firmly in his mouth gave me a big nod. I went to shift him off of me and stand up and the little monkey climbed up, wrapped his legs around my waist, put his arm around my neck, and had me carry him to the kitchen.

I cooked breakfast one handed because he was NOT letting me put him down. Once it was all cooked he did at least let me sit him in his own chair. The middles and the littles were up to join us for breakfast and he babbled away the entire meal. Answering questions, telling them about himself, all in an adorable mixture of English and Spanish. He tried to keep himself firmly in English, but he would slip in and out depending on how quickly he was speaking or if he had the English word for something.

After that we all got ready to head to Unity. He had no qualms about climbing into the bath with Caelum and wearing some of Cael's clothes as well. They were a bit big on him, but certainly doable. Once we were all ready, we decided to drive over to Unity, I have no idea if the kid had ever apparated, I didn't want to freak him out.

Well, once we got to Unity, the shyness came back … kind of. His shyness with everyone who wasn't our family was there. He would be on the swings with Lissa, regaling her of some story about living in the woods, but if a Unity Kid came by he would clam up and that thumb was right back in his mouth. He did well at lunch time, sandwiched in between Cael and Seph. He even followed Siri and Zwei when they went to play some baseball with the Kids. He didn't join in, but sat with Zaire who seemed much more interested in this little boy than in joining his brothers to play.

At one point he was trying to get Jaz's attention, and getting a little sad at being ignored, until she turned and noticed him. With her very limited speech and his lack of knowledge in sign you'd think they wouldn't have been able to communicate. But she sat patiently with him for probably an hour, saying her limited words and then signing it to him. Trying to teach him the few words she could to talk with him.

While our kids were keeping him happy and occupied, I filled out all the necessary paperwork to place him at Unity. They did a quick search and came up with his name in the muggle system. Four years old, father moved to Mexico two years ago, mother deceased six months ago, no known family members. Somehow he slipped through their foster system two days into their care and wasn't found. Not that it sounds like he was searched for very hard. Fucking broken system.

Mum's name was also in the MAC database as a witch and a registered werewolf. So, looks like Unity will be his new home!

Yeah, about that.

I tried coming home about two hours ago. It had been a long evening yesterday, a long night being slept on (I'm out of practice it's been a while since we slept with the kids!) and a long day at Unity. I did some rounds, our kids packed up anything they needed to bring home, and I went to say bye to our little trespasser. I knew he'd crept his way into my heart so I was well aware I would be coming back to visit him a few times before we go back home next month.

I knelt down next to him, he gave me that shy grin he'd been giving me since he woke up in our loo last night. "Well, we're going to head home buddy," he nodded his agreement; cool this was going to be easy. "I'm sure we'll be back in a couple of days to visit. You have a good time and make some friends. This is going to be a really nice home for you!"

He got that confused look on his face again. "This not Atreyu's home, I live there."

Oh this was maybe not going to be so easy. "Er, we can't let you live alone in the woods, Bud. You need a nice safe house where there are Kids to play with and clean clothes and good food."

Again the confused, or maybe we had moved onto the "Harry you're an idiot" look on his face, "No woods, no outside, I live there, play with my kids, comiendo your food."

Oh fuck. It's like I was hit by a train of "Duh Harry" everything dawning on me at once. He had kept telling me he lived "here" and I thought he meant nearby, he meant our home. He somehow found us and felt like he belonged so he stayed outside to be close to us. Wrapped himself in our blankets. Snuggled into the kids' playhouse. Wrapping himself in our scent, close enough to hear our voices. Until I invited him into the house. All of a sudden opening up and talking our ear off. Constantly touching us, rubbing his face into my neck, the little wolf was scenting us. Yeah, I ended up looking up the translation for what he called me last night when he woke up … manada? Means pack.

"Oh sweetheart, we don't really live here, we're just visiting. We live far away where it gets much colder. You will be so happy here I promise." I tried to soothe him.

It did not work.

He climbed up my chest, wrapped himself around me, shoved his face into my neck, and sobbed his little heart out. All I could understand were a few words here and there; mio, manada, and please being the ones I heard most. I eventually was able to pull back enough to look him in the eyes. And just as I was about to tell him again that he had to stay here and that everything would be alright, he hit me with "but you smell like mine."

Long story short, I did not set him down and leave. I had Nohelani take our kids home. I pulled him into my lap and hummed him lullabies until he fell asleep in my arms (really quickly I might add). Sooooooo … can you come here and help me uh … figure out what to do?

When love takes you home and says you belong here, the loneliness ends and a new life begins,
Your Harry


Thursday July 21
"Silly puppy,"

"No soy perrito!"

"I wasn't talking to you," I informed him as I walked up and rubbed your head. Atreyu growled at me, sniffing me and making it clear that he didn't like how I smelled. I ignored him. "You are my most beloved and silly puppy. How is this a problem? He clearly refuses to let you go, so, get cleared to bring him home with us. It's not like this hasn't happened before."

You sighed heavily. I'm not certain what you were thinking, but you were probably thinking that you hadn't anticipated ever having 'just one more' again. Without a word, you nodded and headed off to talk to Nohelani. I waited for you, and then we took our new little man home.

At which point you disappeared with him, presumably to Alric's room. Meanwhile, I went to reassure Amala. She'd been restless for a while and now I'm certain I know why. She probably smelled Atreyu, but we almost never let her out on her own because we can't risk her running off and scaring the neighbors. Thus, she almost certainly didn't have a chance to get close to him because he would have been hiding in the playhouse or perhaps up a tree whenever she was outside.

Still, as long as I can reassure her that she is still my pretty kitty, and also introduce her calmly to Atreyu at some point and make it clear there will be no attacking, I am confident that they will eventually get along.

You know, Harry, if Atreyu refuses to let you leave the room, he could always sleep in bed with us. Probably less traumatic all around than US attempting to sleep apart until he is comfortable sleeping on his own.

Love you to the moon and back,

Chapter Text

Friday July 22, 2016

My Best of Everything,

Good morning my love, you are of course sleeping in so I thought this would be a great time to catch up on my feelings from yesterday. Our children are all playing and bonding in the yard right now, so I suppose this is as good of a time as any.

I really wasn't sure how to take your reaction yesterday. See, you obviously weren't mad. You didn't seem like you wanted to say no. If anything, it seemed more like you were confused by my reluctance since we both knew Atreyu was coming home with us. I could not make this decision without you! Of course I needed you to come and help me figure out what we were going to do. But you also seemed like you weren't really engaging with him either.

I wanted this precious boy. I'd wanted him before I even got a good look at his face, once I realized he wasn't just a neighborhood kid but a little boy all alone. You know how it is, sometimes it just feels right. I didn't question him at all when he said we smelled like his, because he felt like mine.

But you seemed more like this was my pet project. Like how I act when you take on a new pet, I will care for them and I'm glad you're spreading out your care and love, but I certainly wouldn't have adopted Amala or Wojtek for myself. And I don't want US to take on parenting for a child where I'm the only one who feels like his parent. We have always been a team. Even when one of our children comes to us because they are biologically connected to only one of us, or when we meet a child where one of us falls hard and fast but the other didn't feel it immediately, we've always done this TOGETHER.

So when you came yesterday, assumed he was coming home with us, but didn't really do much interacting with him I was really nervous. I mostly took Atreyu into Alric's room because he was already familiar with the space and I wanted to bring him in slowly, but a part of me had to think about what was happening. How were we going to do this? I can't be a dad without you.

I spiraled for a bit. I know, you're absolutely shocked! Shut it you. I kept running over worst case scenarios in my mind. How would I explain to this little boy that he only has the one daddy while the rest of his siblings have two? How were our other kids going to react to this new child I brought in that seemed to only cling to me? I was hysterical and letting the exhaustion from the past weeks, the worry I felt for this little boy, and my own inability to stay calm bring me to a very dark place.

I pulled myself out of it, and Atreyu helped because he was running his hands through my hair and giving me sweet little headbutts every time my heart rate would pick up. I could really get used to this whole werebaby being able to smell or feel emotions somehow. It reminds me so much of having Mac around all the time when he was little. This little empath who seemed to know exactly what everyone needed. I think Atreyu is going to find out very quickly that his Daddy Harry likes cuddles.

I did actually spiral a little bit again once I was calm. I realized that I have never met a child that you didn't eventually fall in love with. If anything, sometimes you holding them at arm's length is really an effort to not get too attached too quickly. And when I thought about that, I realized he had growled at you and seemed to be drawn to me specifically so you were probably doing everything in your power to keep away from him until he could feel safe and assured of you. So I, of course, began to feel badly that I had even a moment of doubt that you were here with me and ready to parent this sweet child.

And once I really thought about him growling at you, and seemed to catch on at the same time you did that he and Amala do not like the way the other smells, duh we just need to get the kitty smell off of you until we're able to properly introduce them.

I read your email and saw your badly concealed plea for me to come to bed with our newest son. How could I be so stupid? Why wasn't I dragging him into our bed for a cuddle puddle where I could officially introduce you to our son and the two of you can begin the bonding I was able to start days ago?

I shot you a quick insta-owl basically asking you to make sure Amala wasn't in our room and requesting you take a shower to get at least the top layer of cheetah scent off your skin.

When he and I made our way into our room a little while later, the room was cheetah-free, Muffy seemed to have put fresh sheets on the bed, and you were freshly scrubbed all pink in bed waiting for us. I was prepared to have to do an awkward introduction where you hid behind your mask while waiting desperately for your newest little boy to warm up to you. As I walked us towards the bed, I told him, "Atreyu, just like I'm your Daddy now, this is your other Daddy."

Again with the confused/exasperated look, he took a deep breath of the room, launched himself out of my arms, climbed himself into your arms, telling us in no uncertain terms, "No. You Daddy, this my Papa."

I could see the tension you'd been holding in your neck and shoulders just drain out of you. You didn't miss a beat, smoothly asking, "And does this little one want his Papa to read him a story, hmm?"

He just settled himself deeper into your lap, shoved that thumb in his mouth, and nodded. You looked expectantly at me with that damn raised eyebrow I can't resist. I see how this is going to be. I have to hop-to and follow the bidding of my princes.

So I grabbed our well worn copy of "We Belong Together" and snuggled up to listen to the beautiful voice of my husband reading words of love to our newest child.

And when I awoke this morning, the three of us were tangled up together. I left your two beautiful faces flushed and sleepy in bed while I went to make a big family breakfast. The breakfast-bake is about to come out of the oven so I should sign off.

I love you my Dragon,


Friday July 22nd
Oh Harry!

I LOVE the way Atreyu calls me puh-PA. Like you or I might pronounce it paw-paw in our British accent, but Atreyu says it in his Hispanic accent. It's ADORABLE!

I would love to say that I have a ton to talk about, but I've basically been doing almost nothing today. I've been sitting and chatting with Atreyu when he comes in for a minute to grab a drink, another biscuit, some fruit, and then rushes back outside to play with our kids. He seems to be fully bonded with our trouble trio already.

Aside from that, I've been taking care of Wojtek - in between allowing Shtara to monopolize him - and chatting with any of our kids that are in the same room as me. Meanwhile, you've been out in the garden, fixing the bit of wildness that has managed to invade while we've been not living here. So, not much to write.

Maybe I'll head on over to River's for a bit to fill him in on all the drama of the past few days.

Love you like a love song,

Chapter Text

Saturday July 23, 2016

My Husband who spoils me so,

Yeah, you're just going to head on over to River's for a bit to fill him in on all the drama of the past days. That's all you did yesterday right? No, you being wonderful decided you'd go over to River and Maha's house - and you didn't lie, you did fill them in on our recent drama - but you mostly used the time to call and message our family back home. Figuring out the logistics of getting the Grandmas and Grandpas as well as Elena over here as soon as possible to meet our newest family member.

He's so new that I think you knew attempting an entire circle dinner on day two might be a bit much. But Atreyu needed to meet his Grandparents and all of his siblings as soon as we could get them all together.

You sneaky man. You were able to plan everything you needed to yesterday, and get everyone here to have a big backyard barbecue today. You had Pippa go out and stock up on everything we would need to feed our ever expanding family this morning. River and Maha "just happened" to stop by around noon. And then, what do you know? Elena randomly decided to pop on over to visit even though she was just here a few weeks ago to help out while Haz had her surgery. And then, hey howdy hey, what are Molly and Arthur doing here? Oh, shocking, there are Narcissa and Lucius.

I knew we had to tell our family immediately that a new Malfoy had joined the fray, but I just assumed they would all get to meet him when we got back. And he will meet the extended group when we get back. All the aunts and uncles and cousins and friends that are family. We don't even need to plan anything extra since Viona and Alric are having their engagement party the weekend after we get home.

Trey just continues to astound me. For all the work we put into getting him to trust us enough to even show his face, once we got him in, he has no shyness when it comes to our family. He was shy around all the Unity staff, and the Unity Kids, but you would think the little triplets were a set of little quadruplets with how well he's insinuated himself into that group. He met his brother River for the first time and he just climbed himself in River's lap and started stealing chips off River's plate and running off with his mouth full.

He was such a bouncy ball of energy distraction that I hadn't really noticed Shtara with that bear of yours. But uh, she's going to end up stealing him from you and raising him to be her sidekick in all of her performances. 'Wojtek the performing bear' they'll call him! I wouldn't be surprised if she started dying the tips of his fur to match her.

I know today's party was to introduce Atreyu to these special people, but some of the other interactions seemed to really steal the spotlight for me. I saw Hazel drag her Grampy Lulu off for some privacy, he asked her all about how she's been feeling since her surgery. And I heard her say "Your letters kept me going when I was scared, but you being here is so much better!" I've been so distracted I didn't even realize that he'd been sending her actual letters roughly three times per week since we got here.

Shtara found Lainie and pumped her for information on all of her friends at school she's been missing since summer hols started. She usually does less classes during the summer, but rarely takes the entire season off, so I think she's feeling really out of touch with her friends. It's kind of a nice perk having your big sister also be your headmistress. And also someone young and in touch enough that the young girls are likely to be open and honest with her the way they probably wouldn't be with an older headmistress.

Lissa dragged your mum through every bit of gardens 'she' cleared out yesterday. I wouldn't argue with her and make her feel like she didn't accomplish anything, but yeah, she kept running off with the rest of the 'quadruplets' and pretty much did nothing but cover herself in mud. I still consider a kid who spent her entire day running around in the sunshine and getting as filthy as possible as a win, but not particularly productive when it comes to gardening.

Atreyu did seem to really connect with his Grandpa Arthur. Probably because Arthur is just so quiet himself and our little man doesn't seem to stop talking unless he's sleepy and plugs his mouth with that little thumb. Side note: Is it terrible that I have no intention of trying to cure him of that habit? It's too cute and we can always straighten his teeth if it causes any problems? Arthur pretty much sat still, gave little "Mmmhmm"s and "oh is that so?" where it seemed welcomed and just let him talk.

And Molly, of course, spent most of her time commandeering the barbecue. I love her so much, but you were invited to a party, not to be our personal chef! Oh well, it's not like she sequesters herself and doesn't interact, she just gets stuff done while also giving everyone a little love.

It sounds like everyone is heading home tomorrow, so I am sure I will make another big breakfast before they all head home. But for now everyone is either asleep, or at the very least having some quiet time in their rooms. You were giving the littles their baths so I stole some time to myself to write to you. But I'd better finish up so I can join you for story time. Because our newest little guy was right earlier when he said, "Papa is the best at stories."

All of my love,


Monday July 25th
My zing,

I've been thinking a lot about Atreyu, and how he managed to SURVIVE living alone in the woods for 6 months, and I've come to the conclusion that his mother must have been one of those that lived in an actual werewolf community. As in, they formed a pack and dedicated themselves to surviving in the wilderness as much as possible - likely as a way to manage the blatant discrimination from the wizarding community and the inherent fear from the muggle community. Obviously, the muggles don't know about them, but they can sense something isn't quite right and their hairs stand up - and things like that.

Thus, if his mother was part of a pack, it completely explains how Atreyu was able to take care of himself for so long until he found us. Also, and this is pure speculation, but what if it ISN'T that his father left so much as his mother left the pack when or right before they moved on? That might explain why his pack didn't keep him when his mother died.

In which case, erm… well, not that I want to do it at this point, he's OURS damnit! But maybe we should attempt to track down his father and see if he knew that Atreyu's mother is dead and Atreyu had been wandering alone after running from the muggle foster home? Because let's face it, with as fast as our little wolf is, and with his apparent knowledge of wilderness survival, he totally ran away before anyone could try to catch him.

I'm really torn about this because I don't want to poke the beehive - or pack den, as the case may be. But what if we DON'T and this mystery man shows up on our doorstep 5 or 10 years from now? Not just shows up, but shows up in a righteous fury because none of the authorities ever did their damn job of notifying him before letting us adopt his son.

I could perhaps call in a favor from Kisa, but if I do, that risks his pack coming after us for his mysterious disappearance. Sigh...

Fuck! We're going to have to do the right thing here, aren't we?

But moving onto happier things.

Today is my 13th week of class, and I only have this week and three more weeks to go - as it was a 16 week class. Then I have two-ish weeks off from teaching before my next session starts up. As I understand it, some of my students will be the same - as simply passing my class is required to become an Auror - or maintain Auror status if it's been a while since they passed the class. BUT passing my class (previously a slightly more intense 'second level' that I've just rolled into this one class, hahaha, in essence, bullying my students from barely knowing how to exercise to intermediate combatants in relatively little time) with honors - so to speak - is required to participate in raids.

And actually, here's the fun thing, ***I*** get to decide when they've reached a high enough level to go on raids, so that 'with honors' bit is flexible, to say the least. When I threatened to make fatty work as an Auror for three years before giving him clearance to go on raids, I might have actually been telling the truth, and he MIGHT be required to be part of my class the entire time.

That said, I was serious when I said that I'm not expecting professional athletes, so personal feelings aside, I'll probably give fatty his with honors status if he can ever manage to throw a fellow student over his shoulder.

So, when I arrived at class - without Wojtek, sadly, because Shtara insisted that the world was going to end if she didn't cuddle with him while I was gone - I walked onto the track and signaled for my students to come over and follow me to the classroom. As they gathered close, they stared at my shirt and paled a bit. Almost afraid to look, I took a deep breath and looked down.

But did you DIE?

This one actually made me laugh rather evilly, which did NOT reassure my students in the slightest.

Once in the classroom, I was still grinning a bit like a maniac, and addressed my students. "I had a bit of a chat with Robards in which I mentioned that I'd once threatened you all with running to exhaustion, and then forcing you to take energy potions so that you could see how TERRIBLE that is when out in the field, and well, he REALLY liked that idea. So... rather than have you run, I'm going to have a bit of fun with this. You're going to duel. As in actual wizard duel with wands."

I started pacing back and forth in front of them. "Yes, I know, you have an entire class dedicated to that, so you should ALL know what the rules are. Yeah? Well, throw them right on out the window! You're going to be paired up and trying your best to murder your partner - without actually murdering them. To be clear, deadly spells will NOT be allowed and even joking about using them will earn you a nasty punishment FROM ME. But otherwise, I want you all to fight like you're dueling the Dark Lord - no wait, bad example, that duel was boring as fuck. Fight like you're dueling my insane Aunt Bellatrix AND Fenrir Greyback - in his fully transformed wolf form."

Still pacing back and forth, I continued to grin evilly at them. "Try to keep in mind that Fenrir liked to bite KIDS to torture their parents, that he liked to sexually abuse some of his victims, and that he was so ruthless while fighting that my husband Harry had to hit him with a stunning spell with THREE WANDS just to knock him out. Well, blast him across the room, really, but still. This is a fight for your lives, and there's NO stopping just because you get tired and feel like you're running low on magic. Fight and keep on fighting until you think you are going to vomit and/or pass out. Even better if you actually do!"

I paused to take a nice long drink of the milk I'd brought with me, but since it was in a never-ending cup that said: Shh! Don't speak until the coffee kicks in (I'd borrowed the cup from you), I just let them all believe that I was drinking the vile brew so that I'd have plenty of energy to last until class was over. Speaking of:

"Class isn't going to end until I'm satisfied you've all learned your lesson. So once you are all magically and physically exhausted, I'm going to give you all energy potions, and you're going to see how well you can do sparring, unarmed, in that state. I'm going to keep track of all the mistakes and bad decisions you make, and once it becomes obvious that you're all thinking about as well as a drunken toddler, I'll hand out a dreamless sleep potion and let you all go home and go to bed. IF you stubbornly believe that you're making good decisions, we'll just keep at it all night, and then you can brag to everyone you see tomorrow that you had your gorgeous combat instructor riding your arse all night."

This provoked groans from most of them, but I'd say about five grinned at the innuendo, clearly not minding the visual image of exactly that. Interesting.

So that was the start of a rather entertaining class. There were several students that had to have spell damage reversed - which I had a Mediwitch join us for exactly that reason. I'm now dead certain that this class will be infamous as she looked horrified that I had PERMISSION to do this. After they all finally reached the exhausted enough to nearly pass out or vomit stage, I gave them their energy potions and had them spar. I didn't even have to tell them to be brutal about it as one of the side effects literally is misjudging how strong/angry/violent one is being.

My stubborn students had to beat each other to painful injuries - being rather surprisingly kick-arse about it - and were all lying on the ground groaning before finally admitting that the potion really HAD influenced them badly. At that point, the Mediwitch and I went around healing them all up, passed out the dreamless sleep potion, and told them to go get some quality rest.

It only took an hour longer than a regular class, but then I was too hungry to wait until I Portkeyed home, and besides, it would have been about 2PM - and so too late for lunch and too early for dinner - so I just popped over to Café Exquis for a platter of puffer fish. I wrote this email while eating, but now that I'm finished, I'm ready to come home. See you in a few minutes!

Now I'm touching the stars and up here on Mars, I can barely breathe, friends ask why I smile, it's 'cuz all the while, I've got you up my sleeve,

Chapter Text

Monday July 25th
Hey hey hey, calm down. Did you really think the muggle child services, myself, and Unity House California just completely disregarded a living father?

He didn’t “move” Draco, he left them. He left right before Atreyu’s second birthday and hadn’t seen either of them ever again. The muggle system looking for him is actually probably why he was able to run away, they were searching for dad and he was in very temporary care.

They were able to find dad, and according to their reports his reply was “I’ll tell you the same thing I told her when she called to tell me she was sick, I don’t want it.”

So we’ve already done the right thing, I promise.

I’m glad you took a little time to have a quiet meal by yourself after class. You’ve been stretched so thin, I hope you enjoyed yummy food you didn’t have to share and sweet silence while you ate!

See you soon!

Love you,


Wednesday July 27
Oh thank fuck!

Well, now that I don't have to worry about a man coming to claim our son when he's older, I can just go ahead and keep snuggling with Atreyu while I type this to you. I really wish I could ask his mum why she picked his name, but the reason is probably obvious. She probably loved the Neverending Story, and honestly, who can blame her? Still, I'd love to know if maybe she thought he needed an awesome name to remind him no matter what happens in his life that he is an awesome person. Too bad he didn't come with one of those baby books some mothers keep for their kids.

So today in class was enlightening. I walked onto the track to find them all looking a bit hungover from Monday still, but they were running as expected. They gathered around and squinted at my shirt, which had a blocky picture of a wagon being pulled by an ox and under it, a long rectangle that said: You have died of Burpees.

I'm sure it was referencing something you understand but I don't, so I muttered: "Goddamnit Harry," before leading them to the classroom, where I proceeded to follow your suggestion and teach them all how to do a Burpee so that I would know they could do it if needed for a punishment. Then I made them practice until I was satisfied that they could do it in their sleep if needed.

Meanwhile, I paced back and forth, petting Wojtek and drinking my milk as I watched them in amusement. Finally, I told them that they'd done enough and had them pair up to practice breaking holds. They don't know this, but over the next few classes, I'm going to teach them the major pain centers so that on the last day, they will have to spar and try to hit all eight of them on their partner. Anyone who manages at least four will pass the class, while anyone who gets less than that will automatically be signed up for the next session.

I've also put some thought into the structure for my next session. This time around, I chose 5PM since that's about an hour after most Aurors get off of work, and so, able to fit in their schedule. But then I added an hour of running before class, meaning that they have to go straight from their shift to the running track, and then have two hours of class. Which means that most of them are probably hungry. Or what's that word the kids have been using? Hangry?

So, come next session, I'm going to require them to get something to eat before starting their running at 5, and then class will officially start at 6 - except they won't be starting with an hour run, and so, I feel that the Ministry expert who monitors the track might be useful in making them all learn basic punching, kicking and blocking if they don't already know it, so that when they arrive in class each day, they'll have a better foundation for learning, and will be a little bit better at coping with all the torture I plan to subject them too, buwahahahahaha!

I mean training.

Anyway, about a half an hour before class, I had them all stop so that I could demonstrate the first two pain centers on them. I did this by first pointing out the general location on a practice dummy, but since the spot varies a bit based on body size and shape, I then punched them in those spots so that they would KNOW where they were and remember them forever.

Believe it or not, I started with the two least traumatizing spots. The Solar Plexus and under the armpits. Needless to say, my students all needed to lay on the floor and recover for a bit before they were able to promise to practice on their at home dummies.

So that was the end of my class and Wojtek was getting a bit fussy, so I invoked our American neighbors and wished them a good day as I left the room. Wojtek wanted to explore the Manor grounds a bit before coming home, so I brought him out to the North Fields and used the opportunity to take Mellissande out hunting while I was at it. Making sure that she KNEW that Wojtek was NOT on the menu!

After a few hours of that, I came home to find you and Hazel shouting at each other. It seems that Hazel is quite certain that her idea to 'get pregnant in solidarity' is the right one, and is rather devastated that you keep trying to talk her out of it. Hmm... we might need to call in her Mind Healer and her Surgeon so that they can both explain the extreme hell she will go through if she attempts such a thing. And honestly, I have a feeling that her body would just miscarry as I think it would intuitively know that she's not ready until her body is more fully healed and her magic is back up to normal levels.

I also think that she's assuming that she's far more healed than she is because with the healing spells and potions, she has far less swelling and pain than the typical M2F patient. She probably FEELS fully healed, or damn close to it, so she doesn't realize that these things take time - even with magic. And... did you notice that she apparently cast one of the temporary breast enhancement spells? Or did she ACTUALLY manage to grow a good two cup sizes overnight?


She's a teenager and I'm the cool dad. She's a teenager and I'm the cool dad. I cannot ground her to a dragon guarded tower. I cannot freak out over bad thought patterns, and can only insist that she talks to her therapist.

Wait... can I lock her in a room with her therapist until Eris gives birth and the issue is moot?

Well, now that you are out of the shower, I can assume that you resisted the urge to drown yourself and are ready to snuggle up to me. My arms are right here waiting for you.

It just takes a little bit of this, a little bit of that, it started with a kiss now we're up to bat,

Chapter Text

Thursday July 28, 2016

My Love,

I think I have the Hazel situation under control. I hope. I'm pretty sure. But with teenagers I suppose nothing can be one hundred percent because their not quite done brains are stewing in a cocktail of hormones. But I really think after our recent conversation, that her solidarity plan is not going to happen.

I think the problem with my first approach was to basically tell her that her idea, that she came up with because she loves her sister so very much, was the dumbest. Oddly enough, it made her defensive. To be fair, I didn't actually come right out and call the idea dumb. Or call her dumb. But looking back on the original conversation, it was subtly implied. And then during our shouting match yesterday I absolutely DID refrain from saying she was being stupid, but I also called the plan "ill thought out and moronic." So that was probably less than helpful.

In my defense, I am an idiot.

After a full good night's sleep for me, and hopefully a good rest for our Haz as well, I was able to talk with her this morning. I was able to keep my frustration at bay, she had her teenaged rage contained, it was a productive conversation.

The way I was able to keep the frustration out of my voice, is because I was working very hard at regulating my tone so she wouldn't catch on that I was playing her and pretty much guilt tripping her into getting out of the mindset that her plan would be in any way helpful for her sister.

I went into their room, and asked Eris if she could give me a few minutes alone with Hazel. I made sure to give her a huge hug and kiss as she walked out of the room. After I was sure she'd not only left but that there were no eavesdropping devices I began, "Hazel, sweetheart, I am very sorry that we fought yesterday. I never should have shouted. I let my fear for you and for your sister turn me into someone I don't like very much. Will you please forgive me for shouting at you?"

She blew out the air she'd been holding with a huff and gave me the patented "you're ridiculous Dad" face that the kids all give me, "Of course I forgive you, I was shouting too. We both were not at our best last night. That doesn't change the fact that I'm right though!"

Deep breath Harry, you can do this. "I know you think you're right. But did you think of all the additional stress your getting pregnant for her would put onto Eris?"

She opened her mouth to argue and then shut it again without saying anything. Sitting there in silence for a full minute until, "I'd be right there with her sharing the stress, how would that add to her stress?"

She didn't start out shouting, yes!! She took the bait. So I pushed a bit. "Well think about it, you are thinking you're so healed up that a pregnancy would be easy for you. But I have told you it would be bad for your health, your dad told you it'd be bad for your health, and you know even if you don't want to admit it that the surgeon as well as Healer Rowe would tell you it wouldn't be good for your health. So even if you are right and we're wrong, Eris will worry like crazy during her entire pregnancy and yours that she could possibly lose her best friend. And because she knows you're doing this for her, she'd also blame herself."

Hazel argued back, but it was definitely half-hearted, "Well she knows me and how stubborn I am, and that I'd never do anything I didn't want so how would she blame herself? That's nutters."

Oh Hazel, Hazel, Hazel, you're walking right into my trap. "No. She knows you'd never do anything you don't want to do … unless it's for Eris because she's always been your exception."

I kept going, I had to reel her in while she was still trying to process everything I was saying. "And, by putting yourself in the same situation, you take away one of the people who could truly help her. Like Orion has already told her he'd help her study, I am sure she's counting on you to help out with spell-work when she needs to watch how much magic she's using. Counting on you to do more with Hazeris while she can't do much because of exhaustion or morning sickness. And when the baby gets here? She's probably counting on you to keep an eye on baby when she needs to rest, probably help her with night feeds. But if you have your own baby you're dealing with she won't have you one hundred percent there for HER."

She stuttered a bit, "I .. I, I didn't think of that. I just want her to know she's not alone and I don't want her to feel badly for being the only pregnant teenager."

I laughed, "Well keep in mind she does have Elena for that. Lainie might not be a teenager, but she is a single woman with a completely unplanned pregnancy. Eri already has someone to mope with and whine about swollen ankles, she needs someone with her that will feel good and rub those ankles when she's sore. She doesn't need someone to have coordinating babies up screaming all night, but maybe someone who will tell her to get some rest because they'll take this shift. Don't you think she'd want that to be you?"

And with a very small voice, Haz answered, "yeah."

After that I changed the subject and I just talked to her about how she's been feeling, if she's been doing …. the things she's supposed to be doing. Also awkwardly avoiding the "so I see you gave yourself big boobs, how's that going for ya" conversation that none of us want to have!

Did you make plans with Siri and Zwei for Saturday? Or should I start looking up the biggest, baddest, coolest dirt track for them to spend the day showing off in?

My Heart beats for you,


Friday July 29th

Oh Harry,

Our middles are officially getting a year older! Sometimes I feel so old. I mean at least these two aren't 16 years old and expecting kids, so that's a plus. I'm so happy that they seem to still be firmly in the "girls have cooties" stage.

Also, they are SOOOO excited about your plans for their birthday. I'm rather looking forward to BMXing myself. I'll be a great way to work off all that cake and ice cream we're bound to eat, haha. But more importantly, I'm looking forward to the plans I've made for YOUR birthday.

That said, since we have absolutely NOTHING of any importance to do tonight, I'm going to bring you out into our backyard and dance with you until we get horny enough to scandalize the neighbors - or more likely our kids, hahaha. Hopefully they've learned that their dads dancing is an excellent time to do anything else.

But first, I'm going to go to the kitchen - where you are almost certainly baking something, and have Muffy make me a strawberry and peach kefir smoothie with some sauerkraut on the side. You got an absolutely GORGEOUS basket of peaches at the Farmer's market today, and they're so tender and juicy that I could practically inhale them whole, but in a smoothie is so much better. At the same time, the market also had freshly fermented garlic and dill sauerkraut, and it smells SOOO good that I think I might be tempted to eat the entire jar for a before bed snack, heh heh.

Yes... I have to sign off now and find you in the kitchen to invite you to dance with me...

From this moment, I have been blessed, I live only for your happiness, and for your love, I'd give my last breath,

Chapter Text

Sunday July 31, 2016

My Dragon,

It's my birthday! Happy birthday to Harry! And what a wonderfully lovely day I have had with my family so far.

Although as much as I love my birthday, and I really love it I don't care how old I get I want cupcakes and attention, I always prefer the kids' birthdays to mine. Not because we do things that are necessarily more fun (I've gone to Unity Park multiple times for my own birthday and that's the coolest) but just because I love these special days creating memories with our children. I hope someday they are little old men and women telling their own grandchildren all about their birthday breakfast tradition. I hope these memories are cherished and remembered for their entire lives.

I just love being able to give our kids a childhood that includes ridiculous amounts of love and silly traditions ya know?

We officially have another teenager, our Siri turning the big One-Three. And Zwei right behind him hitting his twelfth birthday. I'm glad we did such a huge day with them yesterday, sometimes I worry our middles get a bit lost in the shuffle. You know as well as I do, that with the size of our family we have to actively make sure everyone is getting the attention they need. So I know they are happy with the family, I check in with them all the time to make sure they're not feeling neglected, and they usually just roll their eyes and promise me they aren't.

Between quidditch and biking these two would just love to speed through life with the wind in their hair. They had an absolute blast at Glen Helen Raceway. We had rented out an entire track for our group for the day. Nothing but sunshine, dirt, and the constant buzz of the bikes. The three that treat Dirt Biking like a religion, Siri, Zwei, and Zaire, were off like madmen, and even though she generally prefers performing Shtara was kicking arse as well.

But it was really fun to watch Cael, Seph, and Lissa enjoy themselves. They've finally gone from baby beginners to actual bikers. Although Seph is still furious that her size means she has to have one of the "baby bikes." But because of that, it meant she got to be the one to teach Atreyu all about biking. She milked THAT for all it was worth! Although he did not seem particularly interested in the biking. I think the noise was bothering him.

Not that I blame him. I love dirt biking, you know this, but after a long day of it I almost forget there's noise happening and then the bikes shut off to blissful silence and for a moment I always think I suddenly went deaf. Oh, yeah no, that's just the lack of buzzing you've been steadily hearing for ten hours now!

Luckily we had plenty of other things to keep everyone content with. There was space around the track for the kids that weren't biking to run around and play. There were picnic tables for snacking or coloring or playing games. And they don't allow regular bikes on the tracks, but there was definitely enough non-track space to ride them.

I loved how much fun everyone had, but you know that the breakfast in bed was my favorite part of the day. Zaire is still my birthday breakfast helper. Although I think I may have to make him stop watching those cooking shows. He is always very concerned about the plating and presentation (your brothers are twelve and thirteen, they do not care about plating) and I'm pretty sure I know where he picked up the word 'fuck' as well. Fucking Gordon Ramsey!

Jaz usually joins us for birthday breakfast prep, but not always. Sometimes she just wants to sleep in. Yesterday though, she wanted to help. And the four littles were running in and out of the kitchen; pretending to help a bit, while mostly being loud and stealing fruit.

Siri and Zwei did their usual grumbling and pretending to hate being woken up for breakfast, then looking at me expectantly until I begin singing, and then proceeding to inhale their food. Yeah, I'm on to you guys.

Somehow though, Zaire managed to get all four littles to help with my birthday breakfast. I don't need breakfast in bed, but I stopped trying to convince Z of that two years ago, so now I just stay in bed waiting for my breakfast like a good boy. Good thing I was already awake and expecting it otherwise I may have panicked being woken up by four little bodies launching themselves into our bed.

I'm really proud of you sweetheart, you didn't so much as make a face even though you were woken early and then covered in syrupy kisses. Some even got in your hair and you didn't so much as scowl.

So far today has just been lazy cuddles and playing outside with the kids. We just did my cake. And River and Maha came over to help watch over the small kids while you take me out for birthday fun! You're finishing getting ready, although I think I just heard the bathroom door open. Yay! Party time!

The Birthday Boy,


Sunday July 31
My beloved birthday boy,

Tonight was so very fun. It started with dinner. They don't have anything quite as good as Café Exquis here, but they DO have some excellent high class restaurants. We went to one run by a world famous chef - NOT Gordon Ramsey - and had a delicious meal.

You had a dish that was the chicken equivalent of pulled pork. As in chicken breasts had been simmered in a mouth watering broth until they were fall apart tender, and then they were placed over a bed of veggies. Additionally, you had a bowl of fresh fruit on the side.

Meanwhile, I had the tenderest and most flavorful sheep tongue. I asked for it to be served with sauerkraut - this variety had some kombu or other seaweed in it, and was superb. On the side, I had paté, caviar, and crayfish. Those cute little buggers look like mini lobsters and make me want to have our kids raise a bunch of them as a learning experience that we can eat, heh heh heh.

For our drinks, I had my never ending cup of milk with me, and ordered a nice bottle of Cuveé Diamant for us to share, and we each had tea. Although, I think you might have ordered an espresso while I was in the loo for a moment because you got a tiny cup of something that smelled good. I know you love that vile stuff, so I'm not sure why you - actually, you probably just forgot until I was away from the table and a server came to check on us.

Anyway, as I was saying, our meal was excellent, and then we went to a show. Elena is brilliant and had given ME tickets to go see an all male burlesque show for my birthday - that just so happened to be on YOUR birthday. Or in other words, she gave it to both of us, haha.

Bobby Burlesque was sexy and funny. I thoroughly enjoyed the act where he started out as a rather innocent looking hula dancer, and then, of course, got rather risqué while performing on a suspended hoop. But I inexplicably loved the one where he dressed up as a mummy and danced to Dead Man's Party in blue neon lights.

After the show, we were nice and relaxed and in a really good mood. So that's when I decided to ask you if you were still okay with the rest of my plans. See, ever since I mentioned that my session with Yesenia uncovered a need in me to have sex as a woman and actually enjoy it, you've been thinking it over. I basically dropped the matter since I figured that you just couldn't do it, but you surprised me by saying - practically out of the blue one day - that so long as we used that Damsel Curse and I was fully ME, you could do it - or at least give it a damn good go.

So that's what I asked; if you were still certain you could do it. You said yes, which gave me the green light to bring you to a luxurious hotel room. So alright, maybe this particular present is a bit selfish of me, but honestly, I've run out of ideas for new things to do with you to make your day special. Also, I know that you love nothing more than spending a day with me, so I figured that selfish or not - so long as nothing traumatizing happened, it would be a good present.

To that end, once in the hotel room - which was a sort of bridal suite, decorated with layers of rose petals, candles, and a romantic bath with champagne - we took a few moments to review the specifics of the curse. Then you cast the Damsel Curse on me and gave me a few minutes to strip off and look at myself in the mirror. I'm not certain, but judging by the smirk on your face, you found the sight of me drowning in my normally well fitting clothes adorable.

Once naked, I inspected every centimeter of my body in the mirror, and all in all, I'm impressed with what I saw. If I saw a woman that looked like I did at that moment, I would most certainly beg you to let me shag her dirty rotten. But it wasn't ME that had to be attracted to me. It was you.

A bit uncertainly, I looked over at you. You were staring at my face, which you came over to caress.

"It's a bit weird to see you so small and delicate looking," you murmured before kissing me. This brought to my attention that I was seriously shorter than you. Like I'm not sure I could have been much more than 4 and a half feet tall! I really liked the fact that I had hair long enough to reach my feet, but also could see how it would get in the way very easily, so when you gathered it all up in your hands and cut it off, I didn't protest. (I think I normally would have been very upset, but I wanted you to feel comfortable.) After focusing for a bit, you had my hair fairly close to how I normally have it.

"There, now you look like the man I love, except tiny and fragile."

I smirked. "Oh trust me, I'll be able to take everything you can give me, and I won't break."

Despite the fact that this was hands down THE STRANGEST sex we've ever had (and that's really saying something considering everything we've done), you managed to keep your promise. You really did stay fixed on my face, but aside from that, we had a night to remember. It started with kisses in the middle of the room, followed by kisses in the hot tub for two, followed by kisses as you laid me out on the sensual satin sheets.

You didn't really touch my squicky woman parts, but you DID kiss and mark me all over, which went a LONG way to driving me crazy with the need to have you inside me. NOW! Eventually, I pulled you back into place on top of me and insisted that you take me.

To my surprise, my Damsel body was a virgin, which did sort of put a damper on things for the both of us for a moment. But then the kissing we continued had us both back in the mood in practically no time. I had originally been tempted to give you a stamina potion so that you would remain hard and unable to orgasm for at least two hours, but then I realized that what I wanted most of all was to make normal love like a normal couple that just so happened to be a man and a woman. So I cast no spells and gave you no potions, and to be honest, it really was everything I was hoping for.

Soft and romantic to begin with, and then hot and hardcore toward the end. If - once you process this experience and decide how you feel - you decide that you could try it again, I'd love to give you a stamina potion and explore a few kinks, but considering that this is your birthday, I didn't want to make the whole experience about me.

So, after we had recovered for a bit, I asked you if there was anything else you wanted to top off your day, and you replied: "Just snuggling with my husband and falling asleep in your arms." Nodding in acceptance, I gave you another kiss. You ended the curse on me and we held each other. Except that you haven't been sleeping well lately - not even since I came back from my mission. At first, I thought that you were just worried about Atreyu, but now that that's settled, either you are worrying about something else altogether, or you're just too sleep deprived to sleep right.

Kissing you, I cast a wordless and wandless sleeping spell on you. It's not an endless sleep that I'd have to actively end, but rather a 10 hour sleep spell, meaning that you'll probably still wake up before me, but hopefully you'll feel rested and no longer be TOO tired to get some decent sleep. We'll see...

Our love's not at the beginning, it's had a little time to grow, but it keeps me amazed how your loving never changed,
P.S. Oh crap! You probably WON'T be up before me as I've got to get up and go to class tomorrow! If you don't manage to break through the spell and wake up early, and thus are alone in bed (ours, because I will have Apparated you home), just know that I had to go to class but will make up for the fact that you had to wake alone the moment I get home. Love you!

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Oi Forever Facts

Ages as of August 1, 2016

Harry and Draco Malfoy:

Elena Rojas Malfoy:

  • Age 25

  • Birthday October 22, 1990

  • Ravenclaw (Graduated)

  • Pregnant

River Lewis Malfoy

  • Age 20

  • Birthday March 21, 1996

  • Hogwarts House unknown; assumed Hufflepuff

Viona Skye Malfoy

  • Age 17

  • Birthday January 24, 1999

  • Slytherin (entering 7th year)

  • Godparents Hermione and Greg

  • Engaged to Alric Avery - previous Unity Kid

Eris Lyra Malfoy

  • Age 16

  • Birthday April 9, 2000

  • Slytherin (entering 6th Year)

  • Godparents Pansy and Luna

  • Pregnant

Orion Draco Malfoy

  • Age 16

  • Birthday April 9, 2000

  • Ravenclaw (entering 6th Year)

  • Godparents Ron and Blaise

Hazel Storm Malfoy

  • Age 16

  • Birthday May 13, 2000

  • Slytherin (entering 6th Year)

  • Godparents Neville and Luna

Shtara Malfoy

  • Age 13

  • Birthday January 6, 2003

  • Muggle

Sirius James Malfoy

  • Age 13

  • Birthday July 30, 2003

  • Gryffindor (entering 3rd Year)

Draco Lucius Malfoy Jr – “Zwei”

  • Age 12

  • Birthday July 30, 2004

  • Gryffindor (entering 2nd Year)

Zaire Langa Malfoy

  • Age 10

  • Birthday May 2, 2006

  • Godparents Kisa and Sebastian

Jasmine Kamaria Malfoy

  • Age 7

  • Birthday February 9, 2009

  • Godparents George and Angelina

Persephone Hikari Malfoy

  • Age 6

  • Birthday April 21, 2010

  • Godparents Miles and Eliza

Lily Narcissa Malfoy

  • Age 6

  • Birthday May 19, 2010

  • Godparents Sirius and Ginny

Caelum Arthur Malfoy

  • Age 6

  • Birthday May 19, 2010

  • Godparents Viper and Yesenia

Atreyu Miguel Malfoy

  • Age 4

  • Birthday September 30, 2011




Pansy and Ivan St. Peter

Pearl St. Peter

  • Age 15

  • January 10, 2001

  • Draco’s Goddaughter

Paige St. Peter

  • Age 12

  • November 30, 2003



Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy

Eliza Lestrange Malfoy

  • Age 20

  • October 10, 1995

  • Birth Parents Rodolphus Lestrange and Gina Mitchell

  • Slytherin Graduate

Sebastian Snape Malfoy

  • Age 19

  • September 10, 1996

  • Birth Parents Severus Snape and Gina Mitchell

  • Slytherin Graduate

Gavin Mitchell Malfoy

  • Age 18

  • January 30, 1998

  • Birth Parents Lucius Malfoy and Gina Mitchell

  • Ravenclaw Graduate

Della Andromeda Malfoy

  • Age 18

  • March 8, 1998

  • Birth Parents Bellatrix Lestrange and Rodolphus Lestrange

  • Slytherin Graduate



George and Angelina

Phillip Moss Weasley

  • Age 25

  • August 4, 1990

Mackenzie Campbell Weasley

  • Age 22

  • February 1, 1994

  • Hufflepuff Graduate

Fred Weasley II

  • Age 10

  • November 12, 2005

Roxanne Weasley

  • Age 9

  • July 7, 2007



Harry Potter’s – The Viper; and Draco Malfoy – The Tiger

Delphini Lestrange Riddle Potter

  • Age 18

  • March 8, 1998

  • Biological Parents Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort

  • Hogwarts Graduate

  • Pregnant

Tommy Riddle Potter

  • Age 17

  • February 20, 1999

  • Biological Parents Harry Potter and Voldemort

  • Hogwarts 7th Year

Bellerophon Riddle Lestrange Potter

  • Age 16

  • August 22, 1999

  • Biological Parents Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort

  • Hogwarts 7th Year

Harrison Riddle Potter

  • Age 16

  • May 13, 2000

  • Biological Parents Harry Potter and Voldemort

  • Hogwarts 6th Year

River Lewis Malfoy

  • Age 20

  • Birthday March 21, 1996

  • Hufflepuff

Viona Crabbe

  • Age 17

  • Birthday January 24, 1999

  • Slytherin

Scorpius Potter-Malfoy

  • Age 4

  • October 18, 2011

Hyperion Potter-Malfoy

  • Age 4

  • October 18, 2011



Dudley and Donna Dursley

Daisy Dursley

  • Age 16

  • February 28, 2000

  • Hogwarts 6th Year

Donald Dursley

  • Age 12

  • September 23, 2003

  • Hogwarts 2nd Year

Dustin Dursley

  • Age 8

  • June 29, 2008



Percy and Audrey Weasley

Molly Weasley II

  • Age 13

  • August 15, 2002

  • Gryffindor 4th Year

Lucy Weasley

  • Age 8

  • March 4, 2008



Blaise Zabini – Hermione Granger – Ron Weasley – Kisa – The Quartet

Roderick Oliver Weasley

  • Age 16

  • March 22, 2000

  • Assumed Ron’s biologically

  • Godparents Harry and Draco

Bianca Evangeline Weasley

  • Age 16

  • March 22, 2000

  • Assumed Blaise’s biologically

  • Godparents Harry and Draco

Veronica Zabini

  • Age 13

  • March 12, 2003

  • Assumed Blaise’s biologically

Anastacia Zabini

  • Age 11

  • November 19, 2004

  • Assumed Ron’s biologically

Tristan Matteo Weasley

  • Age 6

  • March 31, 2010

Misha Rurik Zabini

  • Age 6

  • April 2, 2010

  • Biologically Blaise and Kisa’s

Tatyana Zabini

  • Age 3

  • February 15, 2013

  • Biologically Blaise and Kisa’s

  • Kisa is Pregnant


Bill and Fleur Weasley

Victoire Weasley

  • Age 18

  • May 2, 1998

  • Hogwarts Graduate

Dominique Weasley

  • Age 13

  • August 26, 2002

  • Hogwarts 4th Year

Louis Weasley

  • Age 9

  • December 24, 2006



Miles Meaney and Colm O’Brian

Samantha Meaney

  • Age 15

  • June 7, 2001

  • Ravenclaw 5th Year

Charlotte Meaney

  • Age 6

  • July 1, 2010



Greg Goyle and Millicent Bulstrode

Mason Goyle

  • Age 11

  • December 17, 2004

  • Hogwarts 1st Year

Greta Goyle

  • Age 9

  • September 3, 2006



Remus and Tonks

Edward Remus Lupin

  • Age 18

  • April 15, 1998

  • Gryffindor Graduate

  • Godfather Harry



Neville and Charlie

Frank Weasley-Longbottom

  • Age 7

  • December 6, 2008

Alice Weasley-Longbottom

  • Age 2

  • September 7, 2013



Ginny and Viktor

Keisha Krum

  • Age 7

  • October 1, 2008



Finnigan and Beatrix

Blake Gerald Fawley

  • Age 6

  • March 17, 2010




Diego Garcia

  • Age 6

  • May 9, 2010

Other older adopted kids that are never in the story anyway, lol.














Chapter Text

Friday August 5, 2016

My Draco,

We're headed home! Oh my love, we are going home. Don't get me wrong, I've had a fantastic time in California. We got Hazel something she's been dreaming of for pretty much her entire life. We got to see River all settled in, ready to start married life in his new home. And, oh yeah, there was that whole getting a new child coming into our family!

That's most likely the biggest reason I'm ready to go home. I need to introduce Atreyu to his home. I need the rest of our family to meet him. I need him to get to a space where he is going to spend the rest of his childhood and beyond. He needs to settle in and finally have a space that he officially belongs to. Oh and introducing him to the horses! I miss my horses! Is that weird? And after all my visits this summer, I think I am finally ready to take on some more.

But as for our Atreyu it's actually been pretty fun introducing him to flying though! I thought his eyes were going to pop out of their sockets while he was staring out the windows watching the world get smaller as we flew higher. He's either never been on an airplane or it was long enough ago that he has no memories of it. I was a bit worried he would freak out, remember the first time we took Lainie on an airplane and she spent the entire flight vomiting? It was easy enough on later flights to just make sure we had the anti nausea potions on hand, but that first one was a bit of a doozy wasn't it?

I've had a couple of days now to think about our shag the night of my birthday. It really wasn't bad at all. Sorry, that came out so rude, it was actually nice. It's uh, not something I'd like to do all the time, but I could absolutely do it again if you wanted to explore a bit more. It being your gorgeous face made it so much easier than I thought it would be. Knowing it was your heart and soul, no matter the packaging, simply meant I was making love to my husband. No squicks I promise.

And, er, I didn't actually hate the kissing all over 'your' body thing. I could hear you moaning and enjoying yourself, it was you. And your breasts were small and pretty, not all that much different from how they were when you were nursing the Lily, Caelum, and Persephone when they were babies. Less milky though.

I did actually think about a secondary option. So, now that you've had the experience with me where you made love to your husband, what if we just had some playtime with some close friends? We could invite over three of the quartet. Or we could have Charlie and Neville over since Nev likes shagging ladies. I would be there, I could touch everything I want to touch, you could have me however you like, but then also maybe Ron or Blaise or Neville or even Hermione could kiss everywhere I can't quite make myself?

Just a thought.

I'd do anything for you, you know that right Draco? You're my heart.



Monday August 8th
The most perfect husband in the world.

I'm having the best day! It didn't start out so well as I was feeling a little off this morning when I woke up. That said, Muffy had a wonderfully delicious blueberry and banana kefir smoothie ready for me the moment I woke up and called for her, so, my mild weirdness cleared up almost right away.

After that, I had plenty of time to stretch and do some light exercises before joining the rest of you for lunch. After lunch, you brought the trouble trio and Atreyu out to the stables, while I went jogging on the track with Amala and Wojtek. I wanted Wojtek all tired out and ready to sleep in time for my class. To my surprise, Siri, Zwei, and Zaire joined me for the run. Apparently they'd missed the morning run with you, and also, I gather you were trying your best to keep up with Atreyu this morning.

After my run, Aya popped in to ensure that I was still getting regular massages now that River lives so far away. No offense to River - because he's very excellent at this point - but there's just no one in the world as good at giving a massage as Aya. And that's even despite the fact that she's in her 70's and getting a bit frail with age.

Then I just barely had time to take a quick shower and pick out a nice workout outfit before heading off to class. I still took my time and picked out the perfect one - despite KNOWING that you were more than likely just going to magic it different anyway. And I was right! When I got to the Ministry track to pick up my students, we all looked down at my shirt and read:

It's my workout and you'll cry if I want you to.

About half of them legitimately started crying right then and there, which ironically made my entire day!

See, exactly as I had told you, last Monday and Wednesday, I had taught them a total of 3 pain centers: The chin/jaw and behind the ear on Monday and the jugular vein on the side of the neck on Wednesday. As before, I demonstrated on the practice dummy before punching them. Also, I invited a Ministry Mediwitch to class to be certain that if I used just a bit too much force (or they happened to be a weakling), she could fix them right up. But ONLY if they were legitimately injured, mind, and not just in a lot of pain.

Side note, I think the Ministry Mediwitch was attracted to me until she realized what an arsehole I am. Now she looks at me with something just short of loathing. Thus, there's no chance of her trying to chat me up, hahaha.

But back to today. After reading my shirt, and KNOWING that I had more pain centers to teach them (and some of them had apparently done some research to see what they might be in for), they were crying because they already knew it was going to hurt, and my shirt only confirmed it for them. I nearly pulled a muscle trying to give a shit.

But first, we met the Mediwitch on the way to the classroom, and she gave me a look like she wanted to murder me and put my students out of their misery. I wondered why she'd come so early since the pain portion isn't until the end of class, but shrugged it off as her wanting to be on hand should I happen to start the lesson early.

Then I realized that with her in the room, I could encourage them to practice *trying* to hit each other in the five spots they already knew. It's shocking how much better at self defense they get when they KNOW what'll happen to them should they let their guard down. Only a couple let an opponent slip through their defenses and had to be tended to by the Mediwitch.

Eventually, it was time to move onto the lesson. Unfortunately, Wojtek - who I actually had on my back in a sort of rucksack carrier - had woken back up and started fussing, so I had to pull him out and feed him a bottle for a few minutes before I could actually give the hands on portion, but that still gave me plenty of time to explain why THIS spot was so sensitive and fragile. Why it should be used as a last resort because it was rather unsporting. A good punch to this spot can end most fights, and actually, come to think of it, kicking is even better.

So, when I abruptly turned and kicked the practice dummy in the groin so hard that it went flying a few feet before landing on its back, I nearly felt sympathy for my students that started crying again.

"Sweet Merciful Merlin!" The Mediwitch gasped, covering her mouth with both hands.

"Fatty, come here!" I beckoned, snapping my fingers and pointing to the floor in front of me.

With tears streaming down his cheeks, he trudged very reluctantly over to me, not even protesting my unflattering nickname for him.

"Hold my bear, and *don't* drop him," I ordered, and once he had Wojtek in hand, I put my hands on his shoulders and added: "Brace yourself."

He flinched very comically, making me burst out laughing. "Just joking! You ALL know where a groin is, and ladies, if you haven't found one yet, tell a fellow student to show his so you can visualize it when you kick it. Because in the next class, that WILL be one of the areas you will all be aiming at.

"That's all for tonight, class dismissed!" And with that, I took Wojtek back, smirked, and gave them a short wave before walking out of the room. Now I'm in the mood to abduct you from wherever you are (the stables more than like), and worship your groin for the rest of the night.

Maybe our relationship isn't as crazy as it seems, maybe that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano, all I know is I love you too much,

Chapter Text

Wednesday August 10, 2016

My Own,

You must have already left for class. I had hoped to be home in time to see you beforehand but I got a bit lost in the woods with our four smallest along with Scor and Hyper.

We spent some time at the stables this morning. Checking on Cheesecake and Fondue. We've been back for a few days now and I'm finally starting to feel a bit settled and lose some of the guilt I've felt for leaving them for the summer. But as I was sure of before we left, there were plenty of eager hands willing to come and play with them, giving them love and attention. I guess Bea has brought Blake over at least once a week. Scor and Hyper have been here off and on all summer. And Sammy and Charlotte pretty much consider this their second home. Come to think of it, maybe the horses need a vacation from so many eager little hands.

Ha! I'm pretty sure the horses might disagree with that. You should have seen them when we came walking up to the enclosure this morning. If they weren't so well behaved I think they would have vaulted over the fences to get to the kids. As it was, they were leaning so far over the fence to reach them that I was a bit worried about neck strain!

We didn't saddle them up or anything, but the horses let us put the kids up on their backs for a little ride around the enclosure. I got some amazing pictures, well I got awesome pictures all day, and I think you are going to fall in love with them a little. I got a sweet one of Scor and Hyper both riding Cheesecake at the same time, I think I'm going to have it turned into a painting for Viper and Tiger for their anniversary.

After we played for a bit we did some chores as well. Cleaned out their stalls, brushed them down, made sure they had fresh food and water available, normal horse care things. It's all well and good to have them give the horses attention, but it's important to me that they understand they need to help out with their care as well. Although I was a bit worried Cael was going to brush a hole right through Fondue! The sweet horse just took it, nuzzling Cael the entire time he was brushing her.

After we had plenty of quality horse time, I grabbed the picnic basket Muffy had made up for us and we headed into the woods for our scavenger hunt. For River's stag do we did that bar crawling scavenger hunt and had so much fun that I thought it would be a fun activity for the kids but with a more child friendly set of goals. They had to search for a bunch of different types of bugs and animals.

Oh! And one of the animals on the list was a fox. As they were tromping through the underbrush I decided to transform into my fox. All the kids laughed at the idea that they had brought one of the hunt goals with them, but I forgot that Atreyu didn't know I was an Animagus and when he saw me he dropped to the ground and got nose to nose with me studying me intently. So now I am 'Daddy Zorro' which I think is awesome!

Some of the items were super easy to find and didn't take a lot of sleuthing, but some of them were kind of hard and the kids really had to pay attention to their surroundings. We had to find an intact spider's web, leaves with insect bites, and different animal tracks.

We stopped and had our picnic for lunch and then kept on discovering the woods. And, even though the scavenger list I found was really long and in depth, the kids decided they wanted to keep an eye out for things that weren't on the list. That way they could make an updated and even better list for another time.

Just a little while ago the kids started grumbling about being hungry, I thought to myself "geez, we just ate lunch!" until I did a tempus and realized it was already dinner time! We were having so much fun the day completely got away from us.

So now I'm all grumpy because I haven't seen you all day! Come give me smooches when you get home from class!

Love you,

P.S. So one of the things the kids had to find was an animal's home in the ground or in a tree. Well, long story short, this is probably where I should be mentioning the garden gnomes huh?


Wednesday August 10th

Our adorable Lily asked me how to spell love - which I am sure was only because she was distracted and writing in a hurry, because she's known how to spell it for at least two years. Anyway, I smiled at her, ruffled her blonde hair, and said: "H-a-r-r-y."

She paused, looked up at me, and then rolled her eyes. "It is NOT!"

"Oh? If you know so much, then tell ME how to spell it," I challenged.

"L-o-v-e," she murmured as she returned her attention to her picture - or postcard maybe? I'm honestly not sure what she was doing.

"That's what I said," I informed her. She rolled her eyes at me again and shook her head.

She returned to you, and considering how you were all tromping through the woods, I'll not be at all surprised if you didn't realize she was missing for a minute there.

Anyway, while you were off entertaining all the littles, I was having a lovely chat with Viper and Tiger. We were drinking tea and eating - lunch for them, breakfast for me. Viper was lamenting the fact that he's going to be a grandfather soon and his daughter hadn't even had the decency to be in a serious relationship first.

"She's pregnant? I had no idea," I muttered, focusing on my tea.

Viper seemed to believe me, but Tiger gave me a *look* and said: "Bullshit!"

"What???" I cried out defensively.

"I would have believed you if you hadn't looked shady as fuck as you said that!" Tiger accused.

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. "Alright fine. So I had the misfortune of walking into the room as she was discussing - insisting really - that she obtain a sample and get herself up the duff. I'll have you know that ***I*** was against the idea."

Viper suddenly looked rather intense. "So wait, WHO gave her this sample?!"

"She didn't tell you?" I asked in surprise.

He shook his head. "Nope. She seems concerned that something will happen to the audacious bloke."

I frowned at him. "Why should HE be punished? He didn't do anything at all - other than give her a potion that turned his blood into semen for her to use - at her fierce insistence, I might add."

Tiger stroked his chin in thought. "Actually, I sort of - well I guess I'm relieved that she chose him."

Viper glared at him. "You mean you know??? WHO?!"

Tiger rolled his eyes. "My darling idiot, exactly WHO would have the knowledge to brew and use a potion to -"

"SEBASTIAN?!?! I'LL - erm… actually... I agree. She chose well," he changed his mind very abruptly.

I sighed in relief. "See? He didn't touch her in the slightest, and so, none of this situation is his fault beyond agreeing to her demand."

Viper nodded slowly. "Yes, I believe that. He's a right weirdo, not wanting to touch ANYONE, which I still cannot understand. I honestly thought it would be a phase and that he'd change his mind when he was old enough to lose his virginity and discover how wonderful sex is."

I chuckled. "Well, I have no idea if that has happened, but he's 20 - or nearly so - and very much uninterested in relationships. So, I can only assume he's had time to really think all aspects of the situation through and come to his own decisions."

Our conversation continued and morphed until it was nearing the time I'd need to go do my morning routine (which I'd skipped initially because I was so hungry and hoping to have 'lunch' with you), so I started to excuse myself so I could go get ready for my class. This actually led to the both of them following me to our en suite loo and watching me as I got ready so that they could ask me questions about my class.

After talking about how my favorite class included our tinys handing them their arses, Tiger mentioned that he's extremely interested to see me actually TEACH something. So I invited him to come with me. Meanwhile, Viper wanted a chance to enjoy the fact that his kids were all busy and he would have some alone time. He mentioned something about relaxing in the Onsen.

So, once ready, and after lending the Tiger a nice sparring outfit, I called for Shtara to bring back my bloody bear. She ran into the room and excitedly informed me: "Excellent timing daddy! I was just thinking about bringing him to you so that I could go to Elena's school for a bit and dance with some of my friends!"

She was still talking at me in high speeds as she ran back out of the room - presumably to a floo. But since she had handed me my bear and also kissed me on the cheek, I considered the whole encounter a win. Now ready, I held out my hand to Tiger, and after he took it, Apparated us to the Apparation point nearest my class.

I was actually running about five minutes late at this point, and so, was not surprised that my students had already stopped running and moved to the classroom. I didn't even say anything as I led Tiger into the room, as I was going to wait until I was at the front of the class. However, my students all heard the door open and turned to look at me. When they saw the Tiger, several of them burst out wailing.


Smirking and chuckling, I gestured to indicate Tiger, who was still looking as gorgeous as ever. "Don't mind my friend here. I had someone Polyjuice into me to give you twice the incentive to do your best."

Surprisingly, this did NOT calm anyone down. In fact, I think a couple more started crying. Most were definitely staring at my shirt, which now said:

Breath and try not to piss yourself.

"How the fuck does Harry DO that?!?!" I asked, as baffled as ever that I quite carefully put on a shirt I actually wanted to wear, and yet, it was now something YOU wanted me to wear. More tellingly, it WASN'T affecting Tiger. He stood there wearing the outfit I'd given him, looking at me in confusion.

I looked over to find that the Mediwitch was also staring at us apprehensively from the corner. "Lovely to see you again," I flirted with a cheeky wink. "Since you (the witch) are here already, I'm going to change things up by teaching the pain spot first, letting you (the students) all recover for a bit, and then having you spar in which you attempt to hit any and all of the pain spots on each other."

The Mediwitch took a deep breath, clearly gathering up her patience. Meanwhile, my students were taking deep breaths and trying to calm down. Since Shtara had worn Wojtek out, he had already fallen asleep, so I tucked him in the rucksack carrier and put him on my back. Then I rolled out my arms and shoulders a moment and hopped a bit to prepare myself for fighting mode.

Once in front of the practice dummy, I cast a spell to very clearly show where its kidneys would be if it had some. "The kidneys are next to the last place that I'm going to teach you because they are one of those places that will not only hurt excruciatingly, but also, could actually kill your opponent if hit with enough force. Thus, obviously, while I will encourage you to practice on each other until you can reliably hit them when necessary, I DO NOT want you to put enough force into the hit to do any real damage.

"Along the same lines, when I demonstrate it on you, it will hurt, but it won't be enough to injure you."

To my surprise, it was the Tiger who gasped at that. "You're going to actually HIT your students?"

I cast him a look that basically said: Duh! "I AM teaching a combat class. I wouldn't be doing a full job if I didn't actually demonstrate the things I'm teaching."

"Ah," he murmured, looking like he was wondering how I was getting away with this.

I gestured to the Mediwitch. "She's here to make sure that if I do accidentally put too much oomph into a hit, that the students can be healed right back up and not die. She's not supposed to, but I suspect she ALSO slips them pain potions when I'm not looking."

"Hm!" She harrumphed as she crossed her arms and looked away. I took this to mean I was right.

"But as I was saying, Robards - and Kingsley too, if I'm honest - feels that my methods will more accurately prepare my students for conditions they might encounter in the real world. For example, knowing EXACTLY how it feels to get punched in a kidney makes it far more likely that these Aurors and future Aurors will do everything in their power to avoid that happening at all costs."

"No shit!" Tiger stated in agreement.

I then returned my attention to the dummy. "As I was saying, the kidneys are hard to get to," I paused to demonstrate a nice solid punch to the kidney, making the dummy lift up off the ground an inch or so and then land with a loud clatter. "SO, if you do not have a clear shot, but yet DO have an opening to get in a hit in the general area, an alternative spot is the bladder. It will also hurt - nearly as much as hitting the groin - and may help you win by forcing your opponent to piss himself." I spelled a bladder onto/into the dummy, and then knelt so that I'd have a good angle to punch it with.

Standing up, I faced my students once more. "Now, who wants to go first?"

To NO surprise, the students banded together to push fatty to the front. He was fighting tooth and nail to resist them, but they clearly outnumbered him. After a rather amusing tussle, he was standing in front of me and looking like he was seriously considering drowning himself in the nearest well.

I smiled at him reassuringly. "Listen, I'm going to give you a sporting chance to defend yourself. And actually, go ahead and do your best to hit me."

He fell for the bait, immediately launching into an impressive right cross that would have dislocated my jaw if I hadn't blocked it and used the fact that his arms were up and his body stretched wide - to lightly punch him right in his left kidney. He cried out loudly in pain and fell to the floor.

The Mediwitch ran over to examine him in concern.

"He's fine," I assured her, deciding to move to my next student rather than force them to decide who was going next. Looking her in the eyes, I advised. "Try to put a little strategy into your moves and give me a little challenge."

She nodded in acceptance, took a few deep and steadying breaths, and then launched an attack. I blocked her hits as I waited for a good opening, and then, punched her in the kidney too. She gasped and tried to hop off the pain, which was a good sign that I hadn't hit her any harder than I had fatty.

This repeated itself until all my students were huddled together in a supportive recovery embrace. I gave them two whole minutes to gather up their energy. Then I pressed on with class.

"Alright, cupcakes, get off your arses and spar. I want to see you get into the mindset that you are fighting for your lives. You only have two classes left after this - well MOST of you do - and you can all be the best of mates who would never harm each other once you pass, but for now, PROVE to me that you can withstand a criminal doing his or her best to murder you! If I think for ONE SECOND that you are not trying your absolute best, I'm going to take over and REALLY give you a fight for you life! What are you just standing there for?! You, remember that I DO still have my wand on me and can cast perfectly lovely stinging hexes! You, STOP looking at her like she's spread out on the counter for you to eat and bloody HIT her!!! And while he's trying, you might as well kick his arse for looking at you like that!"

I took a break to rest my voice, drink from my never ending glass of milk (still the one I'd borrowed from you that makes my students think I'm drinking coffee), and then pull Wojtek out of his carrier so that I could stroke his fur and give myself something to do so that I didn't jump in and start punching those who were so focused on what they were doing that they failed to keep an eye on their surroundings.

That's actually what I had Tiger for - to cast spells across the fray to help simulate a real battle in which some opponents might actually still be armed and trying to hex them to death. All in all, I was having quite a lot of fun.

When I spotted obviously gay get frustrated enough that he instinctively grabbed his wand, I leapt into the warzone and grabbed his wrist before he could take a single shot. Then I held him in a one armed choke hold - making sure that he didn't squash Wojtek - while I growled in his ear.

"Excuse me, but WHAT is the name of this class???"

He looked like he desperately wanted the ground to swallow him whole. "Hand to hand combat..."

"Are there WANDS in hand to hand combat?!"

He shook his head, looking away to hide his expression of shame. Then he had the sheer nerve to pinch my left buttcheek! I was actually impressed, to be honest.

"Touché," I murmured, letting him go. "You managed to land a hit on me. That earns you a reward; see me after class to claim it."

He grinned at me hopefully, prompting me to push his face away. "NOT THAT kind of reward!"

After that, I walked around being secretly impressed with my students, the majority of which honestly DO look like they've learned the skills I've been teaching them. When class was over, I dismissed them, let the Mediwitch fuss over the ones who were still in agony from not quite protecting their kidneys well enough, and waited for my student to claim his reward.

He looked at me expectantly. With a faint smile, I pulled ten Galleons out of my pocket and tossed them at him. "You've earned yourself a nice drink, and so, first round's on me. Head off to your favorite pub and enjoy."

"Yes Chief!" He accepted eagerly, wagging his brows flirtily. "Care to join me?"

I laughed. "My husband is already going to be just about ready to murder a little old lady for getting in his way should anything keep him from me the moment I get home. I shudder to think of what he might do - to YOU - if you were successful in inviting me to the pub and delaying my return even just ten minutes."

He looked extremely disappointed. "So your husband is the overly possessive and jealous type..."

"Most definitely!" I assured him with a grin. "But it works in my favor because then I have him all to myself whenever I want. Such as now. See you all on Monday!" And with that, I waved and led Tiger out of the room.

"He was cute," Tiger murmured, likely because he has eyes and could see the truth standing right in front of him.

"A bit," I agreed. "But do you really think he's cute enough to risk YOUR husband's wrath?"

"Oh hell no!" Tiger blurted out. "There's NO ONE on the PLANET who's that cute!"

Laughing, I slung an arm over his shoulder and nodded in agreement. He ruffled Wojtek's fur before grabbing the sleeping bear from me. Apparently he also has a soft spot for cute little animals.

But then we were back in the Manor and you were still nowhere to be found, so, I can only assume that you're playing hide and seek with me, and my reward for finding you will be oh-so-delightful.

I love you in the morning and in the afternoon, I love you in the evening and underneath the moon,

Chapter Text

Friday August 12, 2016


How are you just the sweetest man to ever exist? You told our daughter that you spell 'Love' 'H-a-r-r-y'? Are you even real? Are you just an unattainable dream that my imagination dreamt up to deal with something terrible in my life? Am I even real? Is this some extended coma situation and I'm going to wake up in some muggle hospital and they're going to be all "I'm sorry Mr Potter, but you've been in this hospital for the last twenty years, what's a draco?"

No thank you. I will just stay in the coma if that's the case. And honestly, if I really were in a coma? Congratulations Harry's subconscious because you are hella creative. The whole men can get up the duff thing? That was some stellar imagining.

I could have done without the morning sickness though. Ta ever so.

I just finished up some last minute Engagement Party Planning with our mums, Viona, and Alric. Surprisingly, it was a million times less stressful than I thought it would be. It was certainly a hell of a lot easier than ANY of the wedding planning I was involved with (when I was healthy enough between all those bouts of horse flu) for River and Mahafsoun's big day.

You could raise the argument that an engagement party would obviously be less work than a wedding, but besides clothing an entire set of bridesmaids and groomsmen, Viona's engagement party is going to be even bigger than the wedding was. Although I am dead certain it will be paling in comparison to HER actual wedding.

The part that makes it so much easier? They know exactly what they want. And the few suggestions other people gave, Viona was surprisingly receptive even when she may not have ultimately agreed to take the suggestion. And Viona is … how do I say this about my Princess without sounding terrible? Viona is a crazy manipulative bridezilla, and by that I mean she is trying to act like she's bridezilla while secretly giving in to almost any request Alric makes. In all fairness, he isn't making many, but I actually started keeping track and even when she originally seemed dead set on something she gave in to his requests.

I am starting to think that for all her posturing about him being her favorite minion she's in love with the boy. I don't think she's aware of it yet. I can't wait to watch this craziness unfold.

So here's how it would go down; we would be talking about some subject, let's say flowers, and he would say "I really like eucalyptus as the base greenery."

Vivi would counter with "What are you? A Koala? That does not go with the roses I have planned." Then she would switch the subject to, say, the catering, eventually moving on to the drinks we might have available, and then she'd start in on how River's grandparents had recommended this Australian wine or beer or some other Australian nonsense. We'd all agree that sounds good, and then all of a sudden she'd sigh and say "well, if we're going with an Australian theme, I suppose the eucalyptus would be a nice accent, we'll just have to switch from roses to hydrangeas because they would look much better with that greenery.”

It sounds like she's running things, but one suggestion from him and she's changed the main flower and coordinated all the drinks for the party to go with his idea. And for how demanding she's pretending to be, when I mentioned introducing Atreyu to the family at the same time as her engagement party? She was thrilled and thought it would be perfect. She even said something about giving a speech about all the wonderful young men coming into her life.

She is so totally your kid.

Oh, speaking of speeches, I have mine all ready to go! I assume you're giving one as well? Will we have to lie to all of our guests and tell them all about the freak thunderstorm over your face? Mine is going to be a doozy so you'll definitely want to wear waterproof mascara.

Speaking of you wearing or being lady-things … see what I did there? Smooth segue right? Also a little heteronormative calling mascara a lady thing. Hmm, I've done much better in the past. I will work on it.

So, speaking of you and your desire to get so much shagging whilst being a woman … we're going to have the entire extended circle at our house tomorrow night! Have you had a chance to think about my thoughts? I do not want to do a big playdate orgy, but we could invite the trio of the quartet, or Nev and Charlie, or anyone else you think might go for it. Just say the word and I will pull them to the side at the party and proposition them.

Mischievously Yours,

P.S. You are so lucky you opened your last email with that amazingly sweet moment with our Lily, it totally softened me up for hearing all about your student hitting on you. I did NOT talk to Viper about it and mention our men were talking about OUR WRATH being what would keep them from the cute little twink …

P.P.S. Viper did not feel nearly as sweet about it as I did, I have a feeling Tiger may end up in trouble, which probably means he's going to be quite annoyed with you telling me all about it. Good luck with that.

P.P.P.S. I'm pretty sure your forbidden forest dragon friend just showed up. So that's weird. Did you tell her in dragontalk that you would get freaky with her? I can get behind you wanting to see what sex as a woman is like but the dragon thing is really freaking me out. Uh, any way we can help the dragon population without you banging an animal? Maybe like the blood-potion thing? Unghch, do whatever you want but I don't like it.

P.P.P.P.S. Really do whatever you want, I won't be mad, but I will be exceedingly turned off by the whole thing.


Sunday August 14th
My most beloved Harry,

Let's NEVER speak of the dragon incident again! Let's just be reassured that she's not likely to come looking for me any time soon. And note, NO, I did NOT tell her to come get me when she was, erm, in heat - or however it works with Dragons. She apparently did that all on her own!

Honestly, if she hadn't been so upset and insistent, I probably would have just told her to shove off.

Moving on, Viona's engagement party was fabulous! I mean the food alone really made the day. I literally could not stop eating. I had stuffed mushrooms and hibachi grilled calamari, ceviche with sauerkraut, steak tartare smothered in a broccoli and cheese sauce, and Sanguinaccio Dolce. SO much Sanguinaccio Dolce! I'm not certain I left any for others to try, heh heh. And the things I ate aren't even the bulk of what was available! Did she hire the staff of Café Exquis, or did she have a famous chef come in and commandeer the elves?

At some point early on, I caught you and gave you about ten minutes worth of kisses before whispering in your ear that - if you were SERIOUS about me playing as a woman - I actually sort of wanted to shag Dean and Seamus. I mean that it's been ages since we've played with them, and I know you like having a pair of Gryffindors to play with because you all have this sort of base knowledge that includes inside jokes and that makes the experience so much more interesting for you.

And then it was time for the speeches. I cast an Absolutely-Cannot-Cry spell on myself, and so, I made it through without any odd phenomenon on my face. Squaring my shoulders, I prepared to entertain all the guests.

"Viona, my love, congratulations on finding the one person you want to annoy for the rest of your life." She chuckled, and so, encouraged, I kept going. "Alric, marriage is the relationship in which one person is always right, and the other is the husband. Also, you would do well to remember that marriage is full of compromise and that compromise is an amiable arrangement in which a husband and wife agree to let her have her way." Alric had sparkling eyes and looked like he was silently laughing in order to not intrude on my witticisms. "Also, while the secret to a happy marriage will forever remain a secret - and wedding rings just might be the world's smallest handcuffs - keep in mind that a good marriage is like a pair of sheers that might *seem* to be working in opposite directions, but never fail to shred anyone or anything that comes between them."

"Alright dad, thanks," Viona murmured, looking like she was finding me a tad embarrassing. I have no idea why!

Smiling at her, I kept going. "
A woman takes a husband
A man takes a wife
Together they agree
To be sentenced for life.
They'll put on matching balls and chains
And settle down in a comfortable cell.
And as the years go drifting by,
Little gangsters will join them as well.
So Merlin bless the future bride and groom,
May the punishment fit the crime.
We wish them a long and happy life,
As they settle down to doing time.

Viona was now rubbing her forehead. "Dad... please stop..."

I was probably a bit tipsy at this point, because I did NOT see the red flag waving back and forth before my eyes. "Alric, you are about to undergo a procedure in which you'll have your -"

"DAD!!!" Viona snapped. You apparently took her side and cut me short with a long and brain melting kiss. After which I was so pleasantly fuzzy that I honestly didn't hear a word of your speech. I couldn't help but picture all the things I could be doing to you that moment.

Then it was time for the dancing. I gather that's when you propositioned Dean and Seamus. Also, apparently the Viper and Tiger overheard you and wanted to get in on the action. You even explained what exactly we planned to do and all parties agreed.

Meanwhile, probably more than a little tipsy at this point, I was dancing so sexily that I had at least half of Viona's Yearmates - the females one, only two or three of the males ones - catcalling me and offering me money to take things off. I sort of shrugged and thought: Why not? Just as I was unbuttoning my waistcoat, you once again came to Viona's aid by dragging me away.

In that stage of just barely drunk that makes one giggle at EVERYTHING, you had Viper help strongarm me to the playroom. Upon (sober) reflection (as I write this), that was probably for the best. Thank you for stopping me from turning Viona's engagement party into a, erm… inappropriate stripping contest.

In any case, once in the playroom, you kissed me until I calmed down enough to stop giggling - pretty much all of you sniggering at me. I even caught Viper muttering something about me being so adorable at the moment. Bloody arsehole!

Then you took a moment to reexplain and clarify things. "So, Draco had to go undercover about a month ago, and whilst undercover, he was Polyjuiced into a girl and working as a prostitute. The important part is that - after he closed the case - his Mind Healer suggested that he have a bit of sex as a woman, so that he can -"

"Not be bored as fuck!" I roared.

"That too," you acknowledged with a look like you were asking Merlin for extra patience. "But more importantly, have an experience to help him separate the potentially traumatic hooking from more fulfilling and satisfying sex."

Seamus laughed. "Is he even sober enough to consent?"

You looked at me. "Well, we have talked about this a lot, and so I know he is willing and full of consent, but you have a point." You cast a sobriety charm on me, making me gasp as a hangover flashed across my head before fading. "Draco, love, are you fully consenting to this playnight?"

"Of course," I stated, still rubbing my head even though the hangover had already faded.

"Any questions?" You asked our guests.

"Yeah," Tiger stated with a raised brow. "Why *exactly* did you go undercover as a *prostitute*???"

"Long story short, there was a 15 year old girl that we needed to determine if she was working for a single pimp, or an organization, and that's what I went in to find out. She was working for a single pimp and he's now, erm, missing actually. He was arrested and being held securely in a cell while awaiting trial, and he suddenly vanished and hasn't been seen nor heard from since."

I glanced at you before looking away, and you looked so very calm and innocent that I couldn't very well make any sort of accusations. NOT that I think accusations need to be made! You returned to the topic of the night.

"Draco, are you ready love?"

"Erm, let me strip off first," I said, because I think that letting them see me transform would be less embarrassing if they didn't see the tiny female me drowning in my bespoke clothing. Once naked, I nodded at you and you responded by casting the Damsel Curse on me.

"Blimey!" Seamus exclaimed. "He's TINY!"

I glared at him.

Dean laughed. "I can see why you'd want others to do the deed, Harry. Not only are you so gay that this more than likely turns you right the fuck off, but I imagine you feel like you'd break him in half!"

"Actually, I did do the deed," you murmured, blushing lightly. "But I think he deserves at least one lover that can not only do it, but worship his female body like a goddess - squicky parts and all."

Dean took my hand and kissed it. "I would love to do exactly that."

I grinned at him, already looking forward to it.

"While my husband is doing your husband," Seamus said. "I challenge you to a bit of a duel! I bet that *I* can not only give a better blow job, but also bottom better!"

"OH HELL NO!" You roared indignantly. "I'm the best there is at giving head, at bottoming, at taking a spanking - you name it, I can do better than you!"

Viper laughed and grinned at Tiger. "Sounds like we're in for a rough night of judging this contest!"

"Sounds like," Tiger agreed, absently rubbing his cushy bum, which I'll bet is still sore from the paddling he likely got the other day when you *didn't* let it slip to Viper that Tiger was eyeing up my obviously gay student.

As much as I was very interested to see you win that contest, my attention was grabbed and held hostage on the bed by Dean. He apparently doesn't get to have a woman very often at all - even less than I do - but he does like them and puts his entire attention into pleasing them when he has one. OH. MY. FUCKING. GODS!!!

He didn't just dive right in and play with my clit. No, he started with some sensual touching and flittering his tongue over every part of my body. You had said worship me like a goddess, and he was taking that seriously. It took him a good hour to make his way to my divine femininity. And even then he was in no rush. I started squealing about 20 minutes later, making noises that I didn't even know I could make! But he didn't stop. No, he simply softened his tongue a little and let me ride the wave before turning the intensity back up.

"Sounds like Draco finally got there," someone remarked, and I think it was the Viper.

Someone answered, but I couldn't hear who or what was said as I was already squealing again. It was then that he inserted a couple of fingers inside me and - gentling his tongue once more - stimulated me into squirting. Wow... I have no words for what that felt like. As I was spinning and floating in an ocean of bliss, he cast a spell I didn't quite catch on me and shifted into position between my legs. I clung to him and held on as if my life depended on it.

I'm half convinced that he cast a mild vibration spell on my clit as I was so close again already. He was ramming me into the bed nice and hard, and all I could do was gasp and brace myself for the (hopefully) final climax. When it hit, it was powerful! I definitely squealed again - or perhaps screamed.

But lest you get jealous, he was good; YOU are always so much better. In fact, even though I felt a bit wrung out and hung up to dry - panting and convinced that the bed was spinning - I immediately wanted you to come over and cuddle with me while giving me kisses. But now that my attention was no longer Dean's prisoner, I was able to look over and see that the Viper was spanking you as you were giving Seamus quite the shagging, and thus, I couldn't determine if you were still competing against each other, and if so, who was winning.

I enjoyed the view for a long while, and interestingly enough, despite almost certainly passing out for a few minutes, Dean was eventually awake again and laying next to me as he watched you too. He was muttering under his breath: "That's right love, take it! Take one Harry pounding into you while another beats his arse. Such a good bottom!"

Then it seems Seamus lost this round - which must have been a stamina round - as he cried out obscenely and pumped out a few long and pearly stripes. You: "HA!"ed triumphantly. Then you looked over at me to see if I was still getting my toes curled by Dean. Upon seeing me watching you with an adoring smile, you got giddy.

"I get my Draco's arse! Who wants his, erm…"

Tiger chuckled. "Vagina? Actually, I've been waiting all night for this, or well, my turn. I may have shagged my doppelgänger before, but I've never even wondered what it would be like to shag a female version of myself. That said, since the opportunity has presented itself, I'll be damned if I pass it up!"

Viper kissed him. "Alright, but only if I get to have a go too."

"I'm good, thanks anyway," Seamus informed us, waving us away. He then crawled into bed next to his husband so that they could snuggle and frot as they half watched what the rest of us were doing.

Thank Merlin and Salazar that I'd recovered! Also, it really is not fair how quickly women can be ready to go again. Had you or I (as a man) had four orgasms in so short a time, I'm dead certain we'd be passed out until morning!

I let you decide on the logistics - which you thought about for a few minutes, positioning me however you liked - before deciding that the best way all around was going to be Tiger on his back, me on top of him, and you on top of me. That way, you had access to work me open as I rode and kissed Tiger.

Second unfair thing, how freaking short I am as a woman! I'm four and a half feet - if I'm even that - which is nice when I'm with you because you're only a foot taller than me. BUT THEM! They're both six feet or taller! Thankfully, *I* (and thus the Tiger) am spaced out evenly enough that it wasn't miles from my mouth to his, and actually, I suppose we must have long legs because he was able to wrap them around the both of us after you'd worked me open oh so nicely and got inside me.

Wow! This is so different when I have two holes rather than a hole and a shaft! I... kinda like it, if I'm honest.

You two did your best to shag me dirty rotten, thoroughly exhausting me all over again. And then I had the Viper utterly finish me off with a combination of dirty talk and a little choking - while you had a turn with Dean (to prove that you were so much better at everything and win the contest once and for all), while Tiger had a turn with Seamus (who absolutely was not about to lose the challenge, no matter what).

All in all, we wore each other out so much that we all passed out in a pile in the enormous bed in our playroom, and I have no idea who woke first - or if they played more in the morning - because I slept the longest and woke up completely alone. So *I* win, HA!

Which leads me to the final supremely unfair thing: Despite you casting a sobriety charm on me and ending the active effects of the alcohol on my body, I STILL woke up with a bloody hangover! Thank the Gods that Muffy was able to get me a hangover potion and give me a strawberry and orange smoothie for breakfast. Between the two, I was feeling better in no time. Now, off to grab my never ending cup of milk and do a bit of light jogging on our track. Perhaps when I'm done, I'll stop feeling like an overcooked noodle and be able to do some yoga.

I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart!
P.S. Thank you for ending the curse on me while I was still sleeping so that I didn't wake up and freak out for a moment before remembering why I was a woman.

Chapter Text

Sunday August 14, 2016

My Heart,

Your description of yesterday's engagement party was a bit more lighthearted than others may have described the party. See, you seem to think Viona was slightly exasperated with your embarrassing dad behavior. Not so much. Based on the faces she was making, you most likely crossed over from embarrassing dad into drunken embarrassment.

You know I am not one to judge, I have made some really poor decisions whilst drunk, remember the time I sat pants-less holding on to my bits under a table with your father and Sirius? And no one will ever forget the noodle incident. But I have been able to avoid getting so pissed in front of my kids that I thought doing a strip tease at their engagement party was a good choice. Luckily, I did stop you before it got out of hand, so I don't think Viona will be straight up murdering you. Although I would step very carefully around her.

Perhaps try some groveling. Presents probably wouldn't go amiss.

Drinking doesn't usually effect you that strongly, I wonder if you're getting sick or something.

Oh, and I won't name names, but a husband of yours is also not particularly pleased with your speech last night. Five minutes of "isn't marriage a terrible prison where your spouse constantly tells you what to do and is always right" ….. ha.ha.ha. Again, this husband of yours has made a complete arse of himself in the past under the influence of grapes. But groveling to him may help the situation. He doesn't require presents but a sound spanking would be lovely.

Our after-party last night was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed letting my competitive nature out to play. Somehow Seamus seems to think he won? Yeah, who took a break after just a little bit of shagging? Nope, I won ya prat. I took more dicks, more dicks at once, and was directly responsible for more orgasms. I'm not sure how the guy thinks he won. Sad really that he's so delusional.

It was actually really surreal taking you at the same time as Tiger took you. I could hear your voice and your moans, groans, and gasps, and I knew it was you. But you were daintier, obviously, and had some extra parts, minus one very missed part. But since you were facing Tiger and I was behind you, there was a weird sense of … I was shagging you, but you didn't look much like you, and I was pretty much face to face with someone who has almost your exact same face. I actually REALLY liked it.

I wouldn't be averse to trying that again, especially if we did a bit of a chain where I shagged you while you shagged him or something that would put us in the same position but with all of my favorite parts of you where they belong. I swear, it was really cool. You should try it some time! I mean, not that I am going to ask to be damsel cursed, but maybe you and I and Viper could be in a similar position so you could see how hot it is to stare at your love's back and 'his' face at the same time.

I suppose it's a lot like what we did on our anniversary with the time-turner, but we were all facing in one direction that night.

Since you didn't get a chance to hear my speech last night, you know due to the intoxication, I can tell you exactly what I said:

“-Good evening everyone, thank you so much for coming and celebrating these two young people's first step towards creating a life together. If you didn't know already, I am Harry, one of Viona's Dads. She came into our lives when she was six months old, and despite adoption not having been in our plans at that moment, we knew she was meant for our family. She settled herself into our hearts and her stubborn little self refused to budge. Not that we particularly wanted her to. She was our first child, and such a great example of how wonderful children are, that we have pretty much never stopped!

“-But I'm not going to tell you about her arrival into our lives. Mostly because I could go on and on for hours about the perfection that is my daughter, but I think we eventually want to get to dancing tonight!

“-Instead I am going to tell you about a little boy who came into our lives a little over a month later. This sweet boy had lived alone with his mother; he was her world, her only letting go when she knew he would be safe. He was shy since he had had very little interaction with other people, but he was smart as a whip. Sometimes strange things would happen around him, and most of the time, it was his house elf that hid from the rest of us, but made sure he was cared for. But not only was Alric clever, he was also powerful. And since Alric's birth mother isn't here to tell all of you embarrassing stories about her child, I will have to stand in for her.

“-Now Alric was clever and powerful, but also stubborn. In fact, he was so stubborn that he decided he was absolutely NOT going to use the loo. He was quite content with his nappies, ta ever so. When the staff at Unity House attempted to potty train him, he flooded the entire loo. I want you to picture this handsome young man as a teeny tiny toddler, red-faced and furious, standing in a loo he just flooded because someone dared tell him he should try and use the potty.

“-I suppose it would be quite unfair to embarrass poor Alric and not embarrass my Princess. But why only torture one when I can torture them both. This potty training issue was quite contentious with little Alric. However, as shy as he was, he was also very competitive. I wonder what that's like. During one of our very busy intake days, I ended up with an armful of Viona and my other arm full of Alric. Any of you that are parents know that the second your arms are full is when an emergency will hit. That's when I realized I had to use the loo desperately, but neither child was willing to be put down or handed off. So, I brought them into the loo with me. Once there, Viona let me know she wanted to be like Daddy and use the facilities, and Alric was not about to be shown up by some baby! So I conjured a toddler potty and a bar for Vivi to hold onto and let them take care of business.

“-For these two competitive children, taking care of business included fighting over the potty, pushing each other over, and weeing all over the bathroom.”

Once the laughter died down, I hurried to wrap up my speech. I had rambled quite a bit (shocking!) and needed to stop taking up so much time.

“-My Viona, you were the first to make me a Dad. I had such hopes and dreams for you and you've managed to surpass every one of them. You are brilliant and loving, loyal and cunning, beautiful in a way that your entire personality shines from your face.

“-Alric, I am so proud of the man you've become. It's been a joy to see you come so far from that little boy I knew. I won't ask you to provide for my Viona, she is capable of that, but I ask you to provide arms that are a safe harbor for her. I won't ask you to love her, you seem to be doing just fine on your own, but I ask you both to remember that love should be the foundation you build your lives on and keep seeing in each other someone that is worthy of that love. I won't tell you not to argue, because what's life without a little confrontation, but I ask that you remember to wield your words carefully because they can cause the deepest wounds. I won't tell you to be the other's better half, because you are each whole people in and of yourselves, but to be people who bring out the best in each other.

“-May you both be clever enough to keep your spouse fulfilled intellectually.

“-May you both be stubborn enough to hold on to both who you are and each other.

“-May you love enough to fill your home with joy.”

I will love you to the end of time,


Wednesday August 17th

Today was my last class! I'm already looking forward to the next session, but I'm even more looking forward to having a break for two and a half weeks. I'm planning to take a weekend trip to Africa with Zaire to visit his uncle, unless you want to do it. I just figured that I could ask the tribal elders if there's anything they recommend us putting into our class - which starts Monday the fifth of September.

Yes, Elena has a full class ready for us, and they all have permission to do anything they're comfortable with. Also, half of them are adults, and so, didn't need permission in the first place. I have a good feeling about this. It's going to be an hour of moving my body to a good drumbeat, which always makes me happy. I'm going to be in such an excellent mood after that class, that my new session (that also starts on Monday the 5th) might just have it easier than this first class.

Might. We'll see.

As for this class, I'm so giddy that I'm almost feeling high!

But let me backtrack a minute and talk about my Monday class. So, after reading your email about needing to make it up to not only Viona, but also you, I immediately went shopping and bought her a gorgeous tiara to wear on her special day next year. Then I also bought a new paddle to use on you for your requested spanking.

And for what it's worth, if you reread my speech, you'll see that *nowhere* did I mention anything about OUR marriage being like a prison; instead, I made it very clear that Alric - as a husband - would need to always let his WIFE (which neither of us are) have her way. I figured this would be a brilliant joke because he already knows full well that he is her favorite minion. Apparently, the brilliance of this joke lost something due to the fact that I was more than a little drunk at the time.

Moving on.

My class on Monday had an excellent start. When I walked in, we all automatically looked at my shirt to find that it said: I'm a badass with a nice ass - which made me smirk.

"Well he's not wrong," I said with a shrug.

One of my quieter students, a woman, frowned curiously. "How do you always manage to be surprised by the shirts you are wearing?"

I snorted in amusement. "I have NO IDEA how, but my husband has charmed all my workout shirts - as far as I can tell - so that no matter which perfect bespoke shirt I pick out and put on, it transforms into something like this by the time I get here."

"That must be so annoying!" She blurted out.

"I'd KILL my husband if he did that to me!" Another woman added fiercely.

"And after today, you'll know exactly how," I murmured with a smile. "But as for this, I'm actually getting used to it. Some days, it works out in my favor, and some days, they actually manage to make me laugh." Then I gestured to the room in general. "But as for now, go ahead and pair up. We're going to be working on the last pain spot, which probably not only seems obvious, but can very easily be lethal, and that's why I saved it for last."

I then cheekily saluted to the Mediwitch. "I'm so glad to see you here today, and while I personally know I will not be accidentally murdering any of my students today, I can't vouch for them murdering each other. I am relieved to know that you will be on hand to help out should the worst happen."

She harrumphed grumpily, crossed her arms over her chest, and snootily looked away. I shrugged.

After a quick summoning spell, I had the practice dummy in front of me while surrounded by the entire class. "So, before I murder this dummy, I'm going to give you ANOTHER bonus spot - an alternative to use when the situation doesn't call for deadly force. That said, it really doesn't take much to break this spot, and can actually be lethal too if you're a tad overzealous."

With that, I punched the dummy in the nose hard enough that it flew back a little and landed flat on the floor. "But that spot is probably so obvious that you've instinctively tried to use it already." I said as I resummoned the dummy. Then I used the palm of my hand to firmly smack/grip its throat. "The throat - however - is really rather fragile. The cartilage is so thin and easily damaged that it is often likened to paper in professional fighting, and for obvious reasons, is usually off limits. That said, I'm not teaching you to win a professional fight, I'm teaching you to survive against hardened criminals - should you happen to come across one. Thus, if you deem it necessary, a punch to the throat can be an acceptable way to incapacitate or even kill an opponent."

At that point, I withdrew my hand and actually punched the dummy in the throat. It unsurprisingly landed on its back again. I then turned to pace before my class.

"Obviously, I do not want you to kill each other before the criminals even have a chance. This is why I am teaching you these things and advising you to use less force than necessary. Honestly, for my 'grading' system, simply landing the hit is enough to prove you know what you are doing and can do it when needed. So, I want you all to start with light taps and work your way ever so slightly harder until you have a good idea of how much pressure you would need to use. If you use enough to make your partner go ouch and rub his or her throat, you are nearly there and should stop. If you end up using enough force to make them cough and double over, congratulations, you've nearly killed them. Try to avoid that. If at any time you feel like you can't quite breathe or swallow, see my lovely assistant here."

"Arsehole!" She grumbled at me.

After they practiced a bit - honestly being amazed that it really didn't take much pressure to harm their partners - I had them spar so that they could practice using ALL the moves I've taught them during the course of the class in order to have everything fresh in their minds for the final on Wednesday.

Which was today.

So, today, when I walked into class, I looked down to see that you had picked possibly the best shirt yet.
I know I swear a lot
1. I'm very sorry
2. I'll try to be good
3. 1+2 are lies
4. You can fuck off

I couldn't even be mad or argue or anything!

Before class had started - and I'd gone in a bit early to set this up - I'd created a secret 'top box' so that Robards, Roche, Bletchley, and even Kingsley if he wanted (plus others they invited) could come and watch. Apparently the previous instructor didn't have a final exam so much as just evaluating them as they went so that - as long as they met his minimum expectations for passing - he could just pass them along to the next level. WELL, I've inadvertently made this class both levels in one - plus some.

Strangely, this made for a lot of talk around the Ministry and a LOT of people really want to see the results of this class. Plus, I really think that *I* as a teacher was being evaluated to see if my rather harsh methods are worth the multitude of complaints they almost certainly received. Probably at least half of them from the Mediwitch alone, hahaha!

Also, I'd arranged it so that I had a roomy and throne-like chair that I could sit on. The majority of my students were going to be sitting on a circle of cushions around the ring. The class was going to be paired up at my discretion and given ten minutes to spar. As they sparred, I evaluated their overall level, deciding if they had passed.

To be clear, those who are already Aurors - that were taking this as a refresher - only needed to pass the class. Those that were Aurors in training needed to pass the class as a first level, and then come back to attain a sort of second level - unless they managed to pass 'with honors' - meaning that I would feel confident clearing them for raid duty. If they don't pass with honors, they can wait a bit before taking the class again, but most of them will want to just get it over with and not have to worry about combat until they're due for a refresher.

Anyway, I thought about writing down a detailed blow by blow account of each mini battle to the death, except that to do that justice, I'd actually have to know their names so you'd know who I was talking about. So, rather than describe them all, I'll just overview the ones I've talked about the most.

I made fatty go first. I paired him up with decently competent (even to begin with) and sat back and stroked Wojtek's soft baby fur as I watched. "And remember, in order to pass, you not only need to demonstrate proficiency, but ALSO hit at least 4 of the 8 spots I taught you!"

You know, if we ever run short of money and need to earn a bunch quickly, I'm dead certain I could organize professional championship matches and make a killing - possibly both figuratively and literally.

At just short of ten minutes, decently competent had hit five spots, but fatty had only hit three. I was getting ready to cruelly fail his arse when he squeaked the fourth spot in at the last second AND managed to KO is opponent.

"Impressive..." I murmured. "You both pass. You can fuck off now. Unless you feel like watching the rest of the class."

Fatty had apparently had more than enough of me, because he left without so much as a word telling me off, although I do think he was grumbling it under his breath. Decently competent - once he was revived by the Mediwitch - opted to stay and watch.

I paired obviously gay with the witch that is always ogling me and they both passed. This didn't surprise me, to be honest, as both were making excellent progress. My timid little mouse and three others failed, which also did not surprise me. The rest of the women passed, one of which - along with two men - managed to actually obtain 'with honors' status.

All in all, I'm rather proud of all of them.

At the end of class, about half of the students had fucked off, but the other half were loitering to ask me various questions - such as one student who wanted to know if he would be required to run for an hour on his first day of the next session - to which I answered: "Of course!"

Suddenly, an old friend walked through the door. "Still an arse, I see!"

"Ginger!" I exclaimed happily, and then waved my hand in front of my nose. "Still drowning in perfume, I see."

She laughed. "I had the pleasure of watching the final exam, and now I'm wondering if YOU still have what it takes to pass this class - which you really should since you're teaching it."

"Oh-ho! Bring it on!" I invited, gesturing for her to come at me.

"Ladies," she purred with a grin at the three out of four that hadn't left yet. "I see you're all wearing comfortable shoes, which is fine if that's what you ALWAYS wear. But IF you EVER wear heels, you should really spar in them. They actually give you quite the advantage when kicking a bastard in his eye!" She lifted a foot so that everyone could see her lethal looking stilettos.

"ONLY if you can manage to lay a hit on me!" I stated confidently. And with that, she initiated a tornado of an attack that would have caught me off guard if I hadn't seen it in her eyes. Between the two of us, we gave the remaining students quite the show. The match lasted at least 20 minutes and ended when I chopped her in the neck at the same time as she punched me in the solar plexus. We both staggered back and - panting heavily - agreed to end it before things REALLY got serious.

I heard one student bemoan in a mutter: "I'm NEVER going to pass if THAT'S the standard he expects us to live up to!"

Ginger put her hands on her hips and gave me a light glare. "You know, I actually WAS a champion fighter in my youth, and it always aggravates me that you can go toe to toe with me. WHERE in the ever loving hell did you learn to fight like that?!"

I was a little surprised. "You mean you don't just assume I learned it from the Dark Lord and his henchmen?"

She shook her head. "By all accounts, he was a sadistic bastard that used magic for everything he possibly could. I don't think he cared if his Death Eaters knew how to fight beyond the little it took to intimidate some muggles."

I laughed. "Ha! Well, you're actually right about that! He'd Crucio a person to death or feed them to his pet snake, but he'd NEVER be so crass as to actually punch a person with his own hand. So, to answer your question, I learned to fight from the Russian Mob."

She looked rather surprised. "REALLY???"

I simply smirked and shrugged.

Happy to have ended our fight on good terms, Ginger and I hugged (so if I smell like a brothel tonight, that's why), and then agreed to go out to drinks. She is actually known for being a hardarse too, and so, when she spotted Wojtek sleeping on my throne, she utterly astonished everyone by walking over, picking him up, and talking to him in baby talk as she rubbed noses with him.

"Aw, such a cute widdle bay-bee!"

I came home after you were already asleep, and took a potion to counteract the mildly drunken stupor I'd cultivated so that I could write this email before joining you in bed. But once I sign off, I'm going to take a mild pain potion and go soak in the bath for a bit. I'm still sore from Ginger's punch, and also, strangely, my abdomen aches. Hopefully a bath will clear everything right up - especially if I put a potion to soothe sore muscles in the water.

Love you!

You say I am loved when I can't feel a thing, You say I am strong when I think I am weak, You say I am held when I am falling short, when I don't belong, oh, You say I am yours, and I believe,

Chapter Text

Monday August 22, 2016

My Warrior,

I miss you and Zaire. Alright, that's not completely true. I have had times of missing you, particularly when I've been waking up with empty arms in the morning. Alright, that's not true either, Atreyu is refusing to sleep anywhere but with me. But I do miss you in the morning when I wake up with only one of you in bed. And it has definitely meant Trey has been waking up earlier than usual, normally I am able to wiggle out and he sleeps a little longer wrapped up with you. With no Papa in bed? He is up bright and early!

But besides that one golden moment, I have basically climbed out of bed and hit the ground running every morning. Haven't even stopped to eat, just munched on whatever food Muffy has been forcing on me a few times per day. I've pretty much only stopped in time to crash into bed at night and I'm asleep before my head hits the pillow.

Why have I been so busy? Well, I know I told you about what was going on before you left for Africa with Zaire, but we've been preparing for new rescue horses. And we've been receiving them almost nonstop for three days running now. I really assumed once we were up and running, we would get the occasional horse here or there, occasionally a few at once if they didn't want to split up a little herd. But what the community of rescues have decided is because we have such a central but strangely harder to reach location, each of the overfull stables would send us a few of their horses. That way when they get notification of a new horse, they would have room to take on their care immediately.

As you know from still being home last week, the stables were already prepared but we had to prepare a muggle appropriate entrance and road from that to the stables. We can't exactly accept deliveries from the other rescues and ask them to just apparate the horse on over at their leisure!

So now we have an official Muggle appropriate rule at the stables, if you are within sight of the stables or the road leading to them, no wizarding gear allowed. It's not really an issue, no one was really using that portion of the grounds which is why I was so excited to be able to open the stables. And it's no longer 1996, and muggle wear is seen at the Manor pretty often.

However, I think I need to warn you so that you brace yourself for what you may see when you get home. You know how your father is secretly a marshmallow who will do anything for his grandchildren? The former blood purist is led around his ancestral home by a small army of children.

Side note: we need a new nickname for the trouble trio plus Atreyu. We already have a quartet so I don't want to do that. But I'm having trouble (haha, trouble) coming up with a good name for these four naughty little ones. Something about them being a foursome? Quads? The feisty foursome? The Calamity Quads? Some amalgamation of their names or initials? Clap? Atrephilum?

Hmm, we'll have to think about it.

Anyway, the sight I have to prepare you for. Your father is absolutely whipped by his grandchildren. So when Lissa put on her best "look how much I look like Grammy Cissa" face. Batting those big eyes of hers. And begged Grampy Lulu to "come look at the horsies with me Grampy." The devious thing hasn't called them horsies once, but all of a sudden she pulls out the baby voice to get what she wants. He "begrudgingly" agreed to come out, and then she told him about the muggle clothes rule.

You have quite a bit of muggle clothing, your father not so much. But the two of you are fairly similar in size, so Lissa brought him to our closets and found him a pair of denims and then eventually he just adjusted the size of one of my shirts when we realized none of yours were particularly suited to the stables. Second side note: we need to get you some stable-y clothes.

Eventually Lissa managed to drag him, dressed in denims and a bright blue plaid flannel shirt, to the stables. Where he ended up falling in love with the horses. He insisted they were regal creatures, practically designed to carry royalty. Whatever you need to say to convince yourself Lulu. So for the last three days, your father has been sweating in the stables and riding all over the Manor grounds with at least one grandchild on his lap, wearing those denims and plaid shirts.

He wears a cowboy hat.

So, in case you come home and that's the first sight you see, no you are not hallucinating, your father has decided he's an American cowboy.

You're welcome,

P.S. Hurry home we miss you!

P.P.S. A cowboy.


Tuesday August 23rd

My... father... is a cowboy???

Thank you for warning me. I DEFINITELY needed to wrap my head around that before seeing it. Although, he's a rather good looking cowboy, and so, I know I would look good if I dressed up like one too. Speaking of dressing up, I have plenty of clothes that would be suitable for a stable! Just because they are a bit fancier than you deem appropriate, doesn't mean I can't wear them in a stable if I want to.

But moving on.

No wait, I need another minute to wrap my head around the fact that I literally JUST SAW my father riding around on horseback with Persephone. He's... Well, as you said, completely wrapped around their tiny fingers. It's surreal to see!

Alright, as I was saying.

So I had a great weekend in Africa with Zaire. We not only visited with his uncle, but also had the Zulu wizarding elders help us refine our curriculum. They actually - unsurprisingly - knew which cultures had similar yet unique dances that could be taught together harmoniously. So, Zaire and I are ready to go!

So, once I came back from Africa, while I was still reeling a bit from the sight of my father, Elena popped in. She originally wanted to talk to the both of us, but since you were busy with your horses and *I'm* the one more likely to say no, she decided to talk with me first so I'd have some time to think things through before we talked about it together and made a decision.

So, erm, apparently - well you know how Elena's school has attracted important people almost from the very beginning because Ekaterina uses her fame to pull them in? It seems that the casting director for a major play in London came to scout for new talent at Elena's school and fell in love with Shtara. They want to offer her a role in an adaptation of a famous movie - one we all love, actually. They think she would be PERFECT for the role, and... well, if we agree, they'll have her singing and dancing on stage three nights a week for several months.

Since Shtara is a full time student at Elena's school, Elena can easily work around her performance schedule of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, giving her a break on some homework if necessary and seeing to it that Shtara doesn't try to do too much.

Personally, I feel this is the same as River wanting to learn massage. By that I mean that Shtara is going to Elena's school in the hopes that some day, she'll be able to use her talent and skills in plays, shows, and the like, and so, I want to say yes. On the other hand, she's ONLY 13. I'm not certain she's truly ready for this. And so, I definitely need to talk to you and hear your thoughts on the subject.

Side note, did you get a chance to see Elena while she was here? Isn't her baby bump just GORGEOUS? She found out and told us in mid April, and was probably at least a month along when she found out, that puts her at 6 months - give or take a week or so - and so, her bump is rounded enough to be obvious, but still small enough that her overall appearance is slender and delicate.

I know Kisa just had her baby - but since apparently being only a nephew doesn't garner the relevant details, I have no idea if she had a boy or a girl or if it was a day or a month ago. In any case, my point is that since Kisa had a baby recently, should WE throw Elena her baby shower? Or is Kisa still determined to do it? I suppose we still have a few months for Kisa to decide and let us know.

But I'm going to have to sign off now and ask Muffy to bring me a smoothie or something. I'm hungrier than I should be, considering that I've been feeling off all day. But you want to know something surprising? While in Africa, the Tribe Wizards still had rather a lot of Mopane Worms left from the rainy season. They catch them by the loads around the beginning of May and then dry the majority of them so they last the rest of the year. We didn't have any the first time we were there because we were honored guests and they were trying to impress us. This time, we were welcomed like distant relatives, and so, given a slightly more immersed experience.

Thus, the worms, but where I was going with this is that they offered us some because they are considered a delicious delicacy. Zaire looked disgusted but gave them a go, then politely declined to have any more. As for me, I also thought they looked a bit, erm… less than appetizing, but to my surprise, they had this certain something that I just can't describe. I ate a LOT of them, and even now, I'm strangely craving them.

I wonder if Muffy can get me some...

Off to find a bite to eat!

One way or another, I'm gonna getcha,
P.S. I brought Amala with us to Africa this time – as you must have noticed since she wasn't home – and she spent half the time wandering away and staying out for so long I was honestly afraid that she'd been eaten by a lion or something – since she CLEARLY doesn't have the same survival skills she'd have if she never got injured and brought home with me. But she came back to me each night to sleep in our hut with me and Zaire. And so... maybe I might be getting those grandbaby cheetahs after all?

Chapter Text

Wednesday August 24th
My Cowboy,

Yes, you have clothes that could be considered the bespoke version of stable clothes. But if you're actually going to tromp around, get covered in horse hair, hay, and whatever ends up on the ground, maybe you shouldn't wear ridiculously expensive gear. Perhaps you should wear some comfortable clothes that you can stain up and not worry overly much about what they're covered in.

Yes, your father was quite the handsome cowboy. My adorable Malfoy Cowboys! But Lucius certainly didn't hold a candle to you; when you came out and took one of the mares out for a ride? Yeah, you make a really fit cowboy as well. I wanted to peel all your clothes off and have a clandestine roll in the hay with you. Just thinking about it right now makes me want to wake you up and drag you outside to have some desperately filthy outdoor shagging.

I won't because you really have been acting all weird with your stomach aches. Maybe you feel off because you ate a ton of worms!! You ate worms Draco. Worms. I mean, I understand different cultures have different eating habits. And if I'd been raised in a place where that was common I probably wouldn't think anything of it. I can logically tell myself it's a protein and the idea that it's gross is all in my head.

But it's really fucking gross. Can we just both pretend you never said anything about eating them to me? I can live in a state of denial where I have never had my tongue in the mouth of someone who eats worms.

So glad we agree.

So, about our Shtara. I have concerns, I would need to have some in depth talks with casting or the directors or whoever will mostly be in charge of my girl. But, if I feel my concerns will be addressed and she will be cared for? How could I possibly say no to this amazing opportunity for her?

Here are my concerns … she needs to still be able to make her education and her family a priority. She can't just be in rehearsals all day, performances at night, essentially burning the candle at both ends. I would have to feel comfortable with her rehearsal and performance schedule that it would still leave room for her to learn and for her to be able to be a thirteen year old little girl. And you know I have to be able to see my baby, I'm not going to go weeks without her sweet face!

Another concern: I want some sort of bodyguard for her. Okay, that makes me sound crazy. I don't really need her to have a "bodyguard," but there have been too many cases of child actors being taken advantage of, whether it's emotionally, financially, or physically. It doesn't have to be someone who is a bodyguard, but I would want to have a nanny or a tutor or one of us with her at all times. I don't want there to be even a twenty minute window where someone can ask her to "talk privately for a few minutes" and destroy her childhood. Basically I want her kept safe from crazy stage parents and any other trappings child stars are vulnerable to.

Oh, obviously we would need to ask her if this is even something she wants. Maybe she has no interest in being on stage …. ahahahahahahah! Bwahahahah! Hee Hee Hee. Ho ho hehehehe. Phew! Wow! That might have been the most ridiculous thing I've ever said.

But we should talk with her about this before we truly make our decision.

And I'd like her to have a tutor. I know she wants to keep up her classes at Lainie's school, but I think it would be ideal for her to have a tutor who is specifically watching to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

But that's just my take. If you don't want her to do it I will support you in that. I just think if we can make sure she is safe and isn't overdoing it, I am willing to let her chase her dreams. We've never stopped any of the other kids from pursuing their dreams, I don't know why we would start now.

I can't believe you don't remember Kisa having had her baby! I … actually I think she went into labor Wednesday while you were in your last class. I did tell you all about it the next morning, but now I'm wondering if you were doing your half asleep thing where you pretend you're listening to me but you're really just sleeping a little extra with your eyes half open.

Kisa had Aleksei Thursday morning, the eighteenth, roughly an hour after midnight. From what I've heard, he was quite big, he's absolutely beautiful, and Kisa is "never doing this again Blaise Christopher. Do you fucking hear me?!?"

Ah, pregnancy hormones and labor pain. I can't tell you how glad I am that we never have to do that again. I never again have to deal with contractions to get a kid out of a hole I don't even have. I feel your pain Kisa, never again!

Don't worry, she definitely loves you, you're her first nephew. She made sure to have us messaged immediately, I told you about the birth, and then I sent our congratulations and a gift. Actually I think tomorrow we should try to have a magi-skype date so we can meet little Aleksei. I'm getting so antsy for babies. I want to snuggle and smooch little Aleksei and I can't wait to snuggle and smooch our grandchildren!

Yes, I saw our Lainie and her baby bump. She is absolutely glowing. She's just one of those beauties that pregnancy only illuminates their features. Obviously I can wait because we want that baby born healthy, but I am so ready to snuggle this little one!

Oh! I have no problems hosting her baby shower, but maybe we can ask Kisa tomorrow during that skype date what she'd like to do. It can really go either way, she could be angry with us for taking it away from her, or she could be relieved if we take something off her plate.

Okay, I can't hold it any longer. Hope you're not TOO tired because I am totally going to wake you up and make you shag me under the moonlight!

Saddle up cowboy!


Friday August 26th
The fire of my heart,

I love when you want me so much that you literally wake me up to have me! Especially when what you want is a kinky outdoor shag. I also loved that it was still very much warm outside and we didn't need to cast a warming charm to not freeze.

Our Magi-Skype with Kisa and Alexsei was so lovely. He's adorable! That said, I am SOOOOO glad that I am done having babies for good! Never again, I tell you. The pregnancy part wasn't so bad, if I'm honest, nor the baby part - although having three of them in one go was a bit rough. It's more to do with the fact that our youngest are finally old enough to play by themselves, need less attention in general, and going back to the diaper changing baby stage really just feels like a step back.

And besides, both Elena and Eris are going to give us grandchildren. I don't care that Eris "hasn't quite decided yet," we both know that she's going to keep the little peanut or she would have gotten it over with by now. She's not an indecisive one by any means, but I think she's giving herself extra time to think through everything that might happen - and will happen - before she makes the decision final. Otherwise, she's hoping that the time will run out and the decision will be taken out of her hands.

But that said, I do completely understand what you mean about wanting to snuggle a precious little baby. Watching Kisa nurse her baby was like sheer perfection, and by that, I mean that the magic and joy of a new baby is so wonderful, that watching that new bond is like having a tiny peek at heaven. And as someone who has nursed - ANOTHER thing I'm so glad I'm never doing again! - I intuitively understand the quiet joy she was feeling; how our little ruthless mobster could look at her son with such a fond expression her face. Fond nothing! Pure love!

Moments like that remind me why I agreed to parent 15+ children with you.

In other news, we have a meeting to meet with the casting director and a few others working on the play. We're going to be discussing all of your concerns, and since the meeting is in Elena's office, she will be on hand to help us ask any questions we didn't think of, and also has enough experience 'in the field' - so to speak - that she'll understand the terminology. Basically, she'll have our backs if we get a bit confused. I daresay that by the time we're done, we'll be ready to make a decision.

And just to address some of your concerns before we even go into the meeting, I would naturally hire a nanny-like person who'd be ready to hex anyone iffy at the slightest provocation. As much as I would like to believe that the entire theater would be a safe space for our daughter, I'm definitely realistic enough to recognize that it's probably not. So long as we can minimize any risk, I truly believe that our children deserve to follow their hearts.

I mean hell! I supported Miles becoming a drag queen, didn't I? After that, I think it's safe to say that our kids could come to me and say that they were going to go explore the galaxy, and aside from being sad that I may never see them again, I'd be happy and proud to be the father of such ambitious children.

Let's hope that doesn't happen!!!

Ugh! My whole body aches! I feel like I fell asleep in class and my students took that as their cue to beat me half to death! Not to mention, I woke up about an hour earlier than usual because I felt like I needed to have an urgent and unpleasant conversation with the toilet, but once I got there, nothing happened. I ended up drinking from my never ending cup of milk while I waited to see if there was an actual reason my body woke me up so alarmingly, but nope. I soon felt right as rain. So, I tried to go back to bed, only I couldn't sleep because I was hungry, and upon reflection, I wonder if it was a gnawing hunger that woke me and I simply mistook it.

Otherwise, well, I AM overdue for this year's summer cold. Maybe I'm coming down with the dragon flu.

But even though I've already had a smoothie with a nice side of sauerkraut for breakfast, I honestly feel like I haven't eaten in hours. I'm thinking a full fry up - pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, tomatoes, beans, fried potatoes, and orange juice. I feel like I'm forgetting something... OH! Fruit! I should have some berries to go with my pancakes!

You wouldn't HAPPEN to be making that for lunch, would you? I guess I'm just going to have to try to find the kitchen and find out. Love you!

I touch you once, I touch you twice, I won't let go at any price,

Chapter Text

Saturday August 27, 2016

My Love,

If you aren't feeling better by Monday, you ARE going to see Healer Rowe. I've already scheduled your appointment for noon. Fine, Pippa scheduled the appointment but I asked her to. If it's the dragon flu, we want to get you quarantined before you go spewing it all over the wizarding world!

You know how worried I get. What if you picked up something dangerous while you were in Africa with Zaire? What if all those disgusting things you ate that we will never speak about again did something terrible to your insides. You could have like tapeworms or something. A parasite Draco, you could have a parasite! You could have multiple parasites! Leeching off of you and your magic, taking over your body. Oh Merlin my love, what are we going to do?

Maybe we shouldn't wait until Monday. I was just thinking it was a little sickness or something, but after I think about everything you've been doing and all the different places you've been, this could be really really serious.

Haha, no I'M Sirius! Not funny Sirius, this is scary!

And have you noticed Atreyu with you the last week or so? He uh, okay don't take this the wrong way alright? He says you smell funny. Yesterday when you came searching for us, you seemed surprised that I had already started making pancakes for lunch. I hadn't had time to read your email at that point, so how did I know you wanted breakfast for lunch and pancakes with berries specifically (and a bunch of other stuff but still)?

The answer is, I didn't. Atreyu had slept in a bit with you as usual, although he was definitely awake much earlier than you were. When he came out, I asked him what we should make for brunch. He asked for Papa Pancakes. "Uhhh, what are Papa Pancakes little man?"

"Daddy, you know, pancakes smell like Papa. Every day Papa smell yummier. He's … dulce." And have you noticed the cute way his nose scrunches up when he's searching for a word? I want him to keep his Spanish speaking skills, and I definitely want him to feel comfortable speaking English, but I am a truly terrible Daddy because I don't want him to lose his little nose scrunch when he can't find the right word in the other language.

And in case you weren't aware, dulce means sweet.

As much as it's probably nice for Atreyu that you smell like pancakes, what if that's a sign of something bad? I mean, what if it's like smelling burnt toast means you're having a stroke! Which incidentally, is just a myth, sometimes you smell weird things when you're having a stroke if the stroke messes with your scent receptors while your brain is misfiring, but burnt toast is not specific to any actual issue. I just mean that whole idea that the scent of you would be an indicator of something we should worry about.

Okay, I know you enjoyed me waking you up for a midnight shag, but otherwise you hate being woken up. So .. er … maybe I'll come suck you awake and then you'll be happy and then I'll force you to go to the Healer as soon as you've come down from your shag high.

Yeah, that's a good plan.



Sunday August 28th
My worrywart,

I'm fine. I woke up Saturday feeling delightful, thanks to you. Also, this morning was fine. I was just a little hungover feeling - despite not having had anything to drink. I don't even think I need to see Rowe tomorrow, especially since you scheduled it for JUST when I plan to wake up, but I suppose that if it'll make YOU feel better, I'll suffer through an exam.

As for Atreyu thinking I smell like pancakes, that's weird, but better that than dragon dung or something.

As for today, I had no plans other than a lazy Sunday, but to my surprise, I got an unexpected visitor. Well actually, two. My first visitor was Ramsey. You have never met him, and since I've only mentioned him maybe two or three times, I would not at all be surprised if you don't remember him. HE'S the man in charge of interrogations - for the most part - and was with me when I talked with Gretchen before going undercover as her.

He must have heard that I usually get up before noon and assumed that this meant that I would be up, dressed, and ready to receive visitors at noon on the dot. To his dismay, I was still naked and in the middle of my morning yoga. Muffy not only informed me that I had a visitor, but popped him into the room at my command. So he stood there, flustered, and stammered out:

"S-s-sweet Merlin man! P-p-put some clothes on!"

I gave him a look that wondered how stupid he was. "You have come to my home JUST after I've woken up. I haven't even performed my morning routine - which includes a shower - and so putting clothes on now is an all around bad idea. Either suck it up and get on with the reason you are here, or leave and come back in a couple of hours when I'm ready to get dressed."

"Erm..." He took a few deep breaths as he thought this over, and then nodded in agreement. "Right. I erm, well, I'm h-h-here because I have something to ask you. Something important." His nerve was clearly hardening as he talked because he stopped stammering.

"Alright, I'm listening," I murmured as I struck Warrior Pose and held it for a good 30 seconds.

"You see, it's like this, I've had some time to think over your interview with Gretchen Minch, and I've come to the conclusion that you were definitely using talents other than just sympathy, understanding, and charm. You seemed to know things that she didn't actually tell you. I think... I think you were using Legilimency."

"Is that so?" I murmured as I shifted so that I could brace my arms and head on the floor and do a head stand.

"Yes... And I want you to teach the skill to one of my Aurors," Ramsey stated confidently.

"Oh?" I questioned with a *look* that probably lost something considering that I was upside down.

"Yes, on Wednesdays - before or after your class - I have an Auror named Fierston that I think would do well learning Legilimency and Occlumency - as I know that Occlumency is usually taught first, and is somewhat necessary to learn before Legilimency."

I ended my headstand a bit earlier than I planned so that I could stand up and look him in the eye with an even but potentially deadly look. "And - just assuming for a moment that you're right - WHY would I want to teach ANYONE this potentially... harmful skill?"

Ramsey sighed. "Listen, I know - I understand - that this is a... grey skill. It could be used for bad, but - just as YOU did - it can also be used for good. I've known Fierston for a long time and he's one of the genuinely-wants-to-help sort. When I partner with him on an interrogation, I let him be the 'good cop' while I play the 'bad cop' because I don't think he has it in him to be the 'bad cop' - even if it's just pretend. He also has that soothing quality that makes a person trust and open up to him. I think you'd actually like him."

"My liking him has nothing to do with the matter at hand. I'm NOT concerned with passing on this skill. You think Robards hasn't begged me to do so before?" I scoffed.

He sighed rather morosely. "Fine... just... Well, I thought you actually DID care. I guess I was mistaken, but I thought the reason you conduct raids and teach unarmed combat is that you give a shit about justice, and that you not only want it served, but you also want it done with a certain standard of respect and competence."

I glared at him because he might just have hit my ONE nerve on this subject. I took a deep breath and stared him in the eyes as I thought this over. To my relief, he wasn't hiding anything sinister - and I would have known because his mind was such a disorganized mess that I don't think he could have hidden guilt over sneaking a biscuit - much less an actual secret.

"Fine, I'll think it over and talk with my husband."

"Do you think you'll have made a decision by the time we conduct our raid on Wednesday?"

"Wait WHAT???" I demanded because this was the first I was hearing of it.

Ramsey blushed and looked away. "Oh, sorry, I guess you wouldn't have been told yet because we're still gathering up the last of the intel. But I'm dead certain you'll be getting a notice of it on Monday morning."

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, a little grumpy that Robards had been ordered to wait until September and was pushing it by conducting a raid the day before. But at least this way, we'll have the actual raid over and I'll be able to stand with you the next day in King's Cross as we see our kids off.

"All I can promise is that I'll think about it," I stated, basically telling him that it was time to leave before I lost my temper and kicked his arse out.

But before he could take my hint, Hannah popped out of the floo. "Draco darling! Oh, looks like I have excellent timing! Have you gone for your run with Harry yet?"

"I was planning to skip that today and take an extra long soak in the Onsen instead."

"Ooo! I might have to stay and invite myself into the Onsen with you!" She cried out gleefully as she came over and kissed me on the cheek.

"Is there a playful reason for your unexpected visit, or are you just planning to use me and run?" I asked with a flirty smirk.

She grinned at me. "Well, I DO plan to use you a bit, but then maybe I can stay and play."

"WAIT!" Ramsey blurted out. "This is starting to sound like something that could get me murdered in my sleep if your husband finds out I knew and didn't tell him!"

Hannah and I both laughed.

"Better make sure your ward spells are top notch from now on," I warned him. He paled.

Grinning madly, Hannah pulled a file out of her small purse and flopped it on the table next to us. "This one is an OLD case. Thus, it's not urgent. The victims are already long dead even if they survived their disappearance."

"Oh, sounds interesting," I murmured, sitting down and ordering Muffy to bring us some tea and biscuits. "And don't forget the Sanguinaccio Dolce!"

Hannah explained even as I flipped through the file. "Ever heard of the Princes in the Tower?"

"Erm... Can't say that I have," I murmured with a shrug.

"Well, that's probably because it's not taught in Hogwarts - as far as I've heard. It's firmly part of muggle history. You see, in 1483, there was a King named Edward the Fourth. His oldest son and heir - named Edward the Fifth - and his younger brother Richard were 12 and 9, respectively. On April 9th of that year, Edward the Fourth died from an illness, making his son Edward the Fifth the new king - his coronation set for May 4th.

"However, before that date arrived, Edward the Fourth's adult younger brother - also named Richard - postponed the coronation to June 22nd, and in the meantime, had Edward the Fifth placed in the Royal and traditional residence of the Tower of London. This was the place where Royalty had long stayed whilst awaiting their coronation, so this was not an unusual thing - despite the fact that the Tower of London is ALSO quite famous as a prison.

“At some point before June 22nd, the younger Richard joined his brother in the tower, and the older Richard postponed the coronation indefinitely so that HE could then seize the throne and crown himself Richard the Third. Which he did by having a group of his powerful supporters declare the Princes both illegitimate, making him the true legitimate Heir to the throne.

"The Princes were seen playing a few rare times that summer, but never again. An attempt to rescue them in late July failed, and it seems that it was rather widely accepted that they were already dead by that point, likely murdered at the command of King Richard the Third."

She took a break to eat a biscuit and sip on some tea.

I shook my head. "The nerve of some muggles! I cannot IMAGINE murdering any of my family, even if they literally stood in my way as I - oh I dunno, needed to save the world or something."

Hannah nodded in understanding and agreement, even as Ramsey blurted out: "But wait! If they disappeared and were assumed murdered by their uncle, then WHAT are you doing here - nearly 500 years later - claiming this is some sort of case to work on?"

Hannah decided that she'd been a bit rude and held out her hand for Ramsey to shake. "Detective Inspector Hannah Giles - yes I kept my name despite being married," she added for my benefit.

Ramsey shook her hand. "Auror George Ramsey, pleasure to meet you."

Returning her attention to me, she said: "I know that we have literally NOTHING to work with, but I'm hoping that won't matter."

I sighed and closed my eyes. "We'll see. NOT that we'll be able to validate anything either way.

"I know," she murmured.

Relaxing and letting my mind drift, I got an image of two boys with light brunet or possibly strawberry blond hair. They were playing in a sort of garden, but then were asked to come in. I described everything I could to Hannah, including what I could see of the castle.

"Once inside the rather dismal castle, the boys were led down toward the dungeons where the older one grew alarmed and protested. 'I am your KING! By what right have you brought us here?!' A man wearing clothes that I imagine must be the highest of muggle fashion at the time, shrugged carelessly. 'Your Uncle has already claimed the throne and you well know it. He doesn't want EITHER of you to grow up thinking that you have a chance in hell of taking it from him, and so, he's ordered me to put a stop to that possibility.'

"The man gestured toward a dark and terrifying cell that makes me shiver from the cold just looking at it. 'He suggested that - since you are his beloved nephews - you simply be put in a safe and secure cell until you go quite mad and cannot remember who you are or what your birthright once was.' Then the man turned and pointed to a dark passageway. 'But since he put the matter into MY hands, I have decided to go in a different direction. I do not believe that murdering CHILDREN will ever solve a problem. But obviously, I also cannot have you come back once you are grown and cause trouble for my King. So...'

"He walked over to a box right next to the inky black passageway. 'In here lie two bodies. They were unfortunate children of poor families that died of illness and starvation. That said, they are close to the same size and look of you, and so, they shall be you. As of right now, you are both dead. IF you should ever return and try to claim otherwise, their bodies will be uncovered to prove that you are lying. Also, your mother and sisters will be in danger of dying mysteriously as well should you ever try to contact them.' He looked at them very menacingly to get his point across.

"The two Princes swallowed nervously and exchanged a scared look. Before they could so much as accept their fate, the man snatched them both by the arm and dragged them down the dark passageway. It's long and so dark that absolutely nothing could be seen. The boys were inadvertently banged into the walls a couple of times, but eventually, they're in a cave - an old well? I'm not certain, but there's a ladder that leads up to an iron grate.

"At the top, there are a group of men. The heartless man stands there imperiously as the men murmured respect for his station: 'My Lord.' He then gestures to the boys. 'Take them to the shores of Africa or the colonies of the America - I do not care which - and sell them as slaves. I cannot condone the slaying of Royal Blood, but I do not have any qualms about them living out the rest of their lives in misery - to make it clear the fates of their loved ones if they should ever DARE return.'

"At this point, the men cover the boys' heads with, hmm... burlap sacks? The vision goes dark for a moment....... and now it has returned. The boys are in a brightly lit room, naked, and being inspected by men of every imaginable nationality. 'The bidding starts at 500 silver!' The boys are poked and prodded, trying their best not to cry, as the bidding gets ever higher and higher..."

I fell silent as the vision showed me things I had Yesenia obliviate from my head. Hannah was weeping softly, not needing me to speak to understand what I wasn't saying. After a good minute or two of silence, I spoke again.

"The younger one died nearly right away of injuries sustained while... but the older one seems to have survived quite some time before... murdering himself. With a knife to the neck and wrists, because he just couldn't take any more abuse. And so, you are right, they are both most definitely dead. I'm sorry."

Hannah was still weeping but nodded in acceptance. "No wonder no one ever claimed responsibility for their deaths. As far as the responsible parties knew, they were still alive somewhere. That also explains why no one seriously accused anyone else - as would have been in King Henry the Seventh's best interest after he seized the throne. He could have publicly charged Richard the Third with their deaths and had him executed for treason - but he didn't. He must have believed them to still be alive somewhere..." She sighed heavily.

I put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her, which she patted gratefully.

"In any case, you're right in that we cannot validate any of this. I'm going to look into any surviving records of slave auctions from that time to see if there is any sort of claim of Princes - or even brothers - brought in at the same time. That won't be proof, but it will validate it in my book."

I nodded in agreement. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find my husband and make a call to my Mind Healer. If you plan to stay for a soak in the Onsen, I'll probably join you in a bit."

She shrugged and murmured something indistinct as I stood and left the room. I called Yesenia first, and then wrote this down before she Obliviated the traumatic part of the vision out. I can handle knowing what happened, but I cannot handle having the vision of it in my head.

Now, I'm ready to find you, get something to eat, and go for that soak in the Onsen.

And I'll be loving you until I'm seventy,

Chapter Text

Monday August 29, 2016

Damnit Draco,

I swear, I will drag your arse to the damn healers. I don't care if you are completely starkers, kicking and screaming, you.are.going!

You've been feeling off for days. You say you're feeling hungover while not actually having had something to drink the night prior. And now that I look back on it, the few times recently you've had a bit to drink, you definitely acted much more drunk than I think you normally would have given the amount of alcohol you consumed. I mean, sure, you had more than just a glass of wine with a good meal, but you certainly weren't actively trying to get drunken and disorderly at your daughter's engagement party.

In other words, I don't care what you try to tell me, I don't care how you're justifying your feelings, I'm glad you felt wonderful Saturday morning when I sucked you awake, your arse has an appointment with Healer Rowe and you will be making it. I might seem nice and could even be considered a pushover when it comes to my family, but I have no shame in siccing Molly, Narcissa, AND Grandmama on you if you refuse to get checked out.

Honestly, even if you're right and you are completely one hundred percent healthy, what will going hurt? You'll have wasted an hour? An hour spent with me that just so happens to include being able to chat and catch up with Rowe.

And if you want to really dig your heals in, we have to report to Rowe how Atreyu handled the full moon anyway. And I know how seriously you take your son's safety and health.

I was so relieved to see that the potions you and Sebastian had created helped him essentially sleep through the full moon. It was good to know we can keep him from hurting himself or others. But until I saw him transform, I was holding out hope that he wasn't truly Lycanthropic. I thought maybe I had misread the signs and it was a coincidence he was scenting us. Well, it's not something I would wish for him, but if we have the means to keep him from pain during his transformation then what harm is his Lycanthropy really doing?

Oh! Back to your health. I am putting my foot down, I don't care if this is a raid to save everyone on the planet, if Rowe does not give you the all clear health wise, you are NOT conducting a raid on Wednesday. You know how proud I am of you, I know you've worked crazy hard, and it's been years since I've tried to talk you out of Auror work. And if you just have a cold or a stomach bug that's just kind of hard to shake? Go, raid your bum off. But if there's something that could hurt you or distract from your ability to keep safe? Nope. No. Hell no. Not a chance. Got it?

You have so much going on in your pretty little head Darling. We've a new son, two pregnant daughters, another daughter who just had life changing surgery, you're teaching Auror training classes, you're still consulting with Hannah, you're apparently going to discuss with me whether or not you will teach someone the insanely dangerous skill of Legilimens, I think it's very likely that whatever is going on with you not feeling well might be your body's way of begging you to take a break.

Maybe sit still for three or four days in a row, eat biscuits and drink tea while you talk wedding plans with Vivi. Snuggle up and watch terrible anime nonsense with Siri, Zwei, and Zaire. Sit in on a lesson or two with Jaz and see how far she's come with her speech patterns. Will you please do that for me?

Seriously, I am asking you to just take a break, take a breather, sit still for a moment, for me?

However I am NOT asking you to see Rowe. You are going. But if it helps, I will come butter you up by at least waking you up your favorite way. By the time you realize I'm dragging you to the healer, you'll be a boneless puddle of sated goo and won't have the energy to argue.



Monday August 29th
Oi mutt! -_-

That was such a dirty, Slytherin trick that I'm almost impressed! Buttering me up, ha! More like turning my brain off! By the time I was coming down from the orgasmic high, you had already cast dressing spells on me and handed me a nice strawberry banana smoothie.

I really was too out of it to realize that you were bringing me to my appointment until after you grabbed me and Apparated me to the check in desk. That's when I had a chance to look at what I was wearing - half convinced that I must still be naked - only to find that you'd picked my favorite set of light blue lounge bottoms, and a black tee shirt that said: Help! I think I'm going slightly mad!

I glared at you because REALLY??? You couldn't have at least chosen the Suck it up Princess shirt?! Bah!

Healer Rowe unflinchingly ignored my irate glare and grumpy growls and asked you what the problem was. You explained all my symptom: the aches and pains, the extra sensitivity to alcohol, the occasional hangover when I didn't even drink, and the just generally feeling off for quite some time.

She was giving us a look that made it clear she was wondering if we'd accidentally omitted any information. "Did you perhaps take a fertility potion a while back and forget about it?"

"NO!" We both blurted out.

"Don't even joke about that! When I thought Harry was hinting that he wanted another baby, I literally panicked and we both agreed that we were DONE having babies!!!"

"Hmm..." she murmured in thought. "Well let me cast a general diagnostic spell..." She hummed to herself for a few moments. "Well... that's UNUSUAL..."

"WHAT?!" We both blurted out in demand.

"Erm... let me be certain first..." She spelled a pair of glasses and then put them on, presumably so that she could literally look inside me. "In all my years... I've NEVER..."

"WHAT?!?!?!" I roared, standing up to glare at her fiercely.

"Calm down, love," she bade with a look like she was a grandmother used to childish tantrums. "It's nothing BAD, just... highly unusual and unexpected."

"Please tell us already, before I explode from worry!" You exclaimed.

I gestured emphatically to indicate you. "Yeah. That!"

"So while I DO believe you about not taking a fertility potion, I'm rather interested to know how you managed to grow a womb without it," she murmured, still *peering* at my abdomen with those glasses as if she was studying a rare new breed.

"Erm... What?" I blurted out.

"Are you saying...?" You added, looking incredulous.

"I'm saying that I do not know how, but your body GREW a uterus at some point about... oh... 7 ish weeks ago."

I dropped my head into the palm of my hand, already having a strong feeling of dread as to where this was going.

"And then conceived. Which, if you were a woman, would place you at about 9 weeks into a 40 week pregnancy," she continued as if I wasn't now repeatedly banging my palm knuckles against my forehead. "BUT THEN..."

You stopped looking at me in concern as we both looked back at her.

"It seems that, hmm... about 4 weeks ago, you somehow GREW ANOTHER..."

We both gaped at her in utter shock. "WHA.....???"

She nodded slowly and with a rather serious expression on her face. "Which means that the second womb would be considered 6 weeks out of 40."

I was pacing the tiny office in fury now. "I don't fucking believe it! HOW IN THE MERLIN BUGGERING HELL IS THIS BLOODY POSSIBLE?!?!?! No! Nonononononono! This is NOT happening! I'm dreaming, I'm fucking in bed having a nightmare. Next thing you know, she'll be telling me there's a THIRD one in there!"

"Er, well…"

I stopped my pacing and pulled out my wand so that I could hex her.


"You see, it looks like about... 2 weeks ago, you grew yet ANOTHER womb, and so, this one would be considered 4 weeks out of 40."

That's when you leapt up and grabbed the wand out of my hand, shoving me up against the door to the office and holding my hands so that I couldn't even cast a wandless spell.

"Let me fucking go! Harry, I swear I'll hex you too! This is a dream, do you hear me?! I can hex anyone I like in a dream and there's nothing you can do about it! LET ME GO!!!"

"Draco! Draco, my love, you are NOT dreaming!" You shouted, still not letting me get a clear shot at our mostly beloved Healer.


You cut my shouting short by shifting one of your hands to my mouth. "Hush love, try to calm down and think about this rationally -"

I shook my head to free my mouth. "RATIONALLY??? ***YOU*** WANT ***ME*** TO THINK RATIONALLY?!?! *****YOU*****?!?!?! WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY HUSBAND?!?!"

"Draco..." you said in a way that was clearly trying to summon up as much patience as possible. "Think... Seven weeks ago was when... you Polyjuiced into Gretchen and..."

My eyes bulged and I slapped a hand over my mouth as the urge to vomit nearly overwhelmed me. I heaved a couple of times before Rowe prudently handed me a specially designed bag for exactly that purpose. To my dismay, I filled the bag, and then immediately felt like my forehead was on fire from a cold sweat.

Rubbing my back and purring in sympathy, you pressed on. "Nearly 4 weeks ago to the day was my birthday, and also so happens to be the day that we used the Damsel Curse to turn you into a woman for the night..."

I was now bent over a little and breathing rather rapidly.

"And then I suggested that night with Dean... two weeks ago..."

I could feel my eyes stinging rather harshly and was shaking my head so much that I was starting to get a little dizzy. "I - I - I - I - I can't. I'm not - NO! This isn't happening! I - I - I - I... I have to go think!"

Without another word, I pushed you off me, threw the door open, and ran to the nearest Apparation point. From there, you probably assumed that I went to the Crystal Room to destroy things until I felt better, but even if this is just a nightmare and NOT REAL, I couldn't risk running myself out of magic so quickly like that. So, I went to my classroom in the Ministry so that I could punch, kick, stab, beat on, and repeatedly murder the poor practice dummy.

Before I was fully calm, and I DEFINITELY hadn't wrapped my head around anything, an Auror ran into the room and blurted out: "Huh! When someone said they'd spotted you throwing an epic strop in here, Robards really thought it was an unfounded rumor, but he sent me to check it out anyway because he was just about to send you an Owl asking you to come in right away."

"Oh?" I asked eagerly because ANYTHING to take my mind off what IS NOT POSSIBLE was beyond welcome in my book.

He nodded. "Yep, it seems that we were going to do a usual raid in which you receive word of it on a Monday and conduct it on Wednesday, but one of our reconnaissance teams spotted the place we're planning to raid start freaking out and packing everything up - which means we have to get over there NOW!"

"Right!" I exclaimed in agreement, my mind completely shifting gears so that I was 100 percent focused on what needed to be done and NOT thinking about anything else.

Except for one thing: I absolutely DID NOT want you to think that I had run away for good, or worse, think that I was doing something irrevocable that needed to be stopped. As for that, I probably will consider that in great depth, but for now, I don't want to think about anything, so I ordered that Auror to go call in the usual raid team and get them geared up as soon as possible. I promised to be there as soon as I could, but wanted to take a few minutes to write an email to you so that you can read it and know that I'm not running away from you and I'm not hexing the problem permanently away.

I'm simply working and not thinking about anything else. I daresay I'll have plenty of time to agonize over it later. Also, I DID actually receive an Owl from Robards, so I know that this is a magical creature rescue operation. Intel indicates that the danger level is rather low, and that the biggest risk is that the criminals will simply murder all the creatures before we rescue them if they think that we're closing in on them.

I will probably be back tonight - unless I am tired enough to fall asleep on the couch in my office when I'm done with the raid. In which case, I'll more than likely get all my paperwork done tomorrow before coming home. Please give me until tomorrow - if I actually stay the night - and then come in and shout at me for... whatever you need to shout at me for - I can think of so many things at this point, sigh...

I love you more than everything else in this world.

You're still the one that makes me laugh, still the one that's my better half, we're still having fun and you're still the one,

Chapter Text

Monday August 29th
Draco Lucius Malfoy,

You had damn well get your fit arse back home before I come hunt you down. I think you forget that I am not the one who is currently at diminished magical abilities and I have no qualms about messing up all your carefully laid raiding plans.

You ran and apparated out of Healer Rowe's office. I assumed you went to the crystal room to panic, so I said our goodbyes to Rowe and promised to get you back in as soon as possible once you've calmed down so we can figure out a plan. I popped myself into the crystal room to hopefully stop a magical drain before it begins. Fortunately for your health and magic you weren't there, unfortunately for me that meant more searching.

Then I thought, maybe he wanted some food to drown the worries in. I figured you could either be in the dining room eating at the table, in our rooms having had Muffy bring you some food, or perhaps you had Muffy pop you into the kitchens so you could see what kinds of homemade treats I had hidden away in there. Nope, you were in none of those places.

Now I was panicking. I sent a few quick messages to Pansy, Blaise, and Greg to see if they'd heard from you. They had not.

What in the bloody hell? You weren't at home, you weren't dancing in the ballroom or smashing crystal. You weren't with your owls or your peafowl. Café Exquis hadn't heard from you. Your best friends hadn't heard from you. I was running out of places to check and starting to get hysterical.

I don't want to make you feel badly. Well, I kind of want you to feel at least a little guilty for freaking me out. But I'm going to say something and I am telling you only because I think it's important that you are aware how your actions affected me. When you left so quickly without saying a word. Without trying to bury your face in my chest and let me hold you until the fear subsided. Without letting me know where you had gone. A very very small party of me, for just a fleeting moment, wondered if you had left us.

I know better. I really do. You have never made me think you would leave us. But I was just so scared and every worst case scenario was running through my mind.

I really should have thought of checking with Robards or Bletchley or Kings or any number of your Auroring buddies. Once I realized I didn't have many more places to look for you, I thought to check my email. Well, lucky me, you had sent me an email.


You are raiding while pregnant.

You are pregnant Draco. Whether or not we planned this, whether or not you want to be pregnant, you ARE pregnant. With three babies. And no matter what choice is made, no matter the outcome, it is not safe for you to be conducting raids right now. Your magic levels will deplete quickly since you are currently magically sustaining three wombs. Three. What happens if you are on this "low danger level" raid and one of the perpetrators gets to the command tent? What if they are strong enough to get through the wards? What if they get to you and your magic isn't enough to keep them from killing you?

This is not me saying "you're pregnant and keeping those babies is more important than anything" this is me saying "you are more important to me than anything else on this planet and you're putting yourself in danger." Your magic is most likely low, you haven't been feeling well. You just got shocking news, chucked up everything you'd eaten today, and then decided to conduct a raid.

"Who are you and what have you done with my husband?" Really? I'm the one who can't be rational right now? I'm not the one running off into danger despite potentially dangerously low magic levels. You think the danger level is low? Well my patience level is low. And the danger from your furious husband is at exceedingly high levels.

However, I was rational enough to read through your entire email and refrain from slamming through whatever wards you have up and just sending you a patronus instead. That seems rational right? That way I will know you heard me, I won't be disrupting a raid, and I can communicate to you just how much I feel this is not something you should be doing this moment.

But then, what do you know, my patronus came back without having been able to relay the message. Did you honestly send Prongs away? Really? You want me to give you time, give you until tomorrow, but you're turning my messages away at the door?

You are pregnant right now. You are triple pregnant. That is triple magic drain. I will not live without you do you hear me, Draco Lucius Malfoy?

I am going to finish up this email. Then I am going to get our (panicking) children to bed. Panicking? Why would our children be panicking? Oh, just because they knew I was taking you to the healer's today, I came home asking everyone if they'd seen you, and they have snuck in to our room and have seen me typing away while my magic makes the air crackle. Anyway, as I was saying, I am going to send this email, get the kids to bed, and then I am going to send you another patronus. This is your only warning, if you don't respond to that one I WILL be coming to get you and drag you home caveman style.

I'm scared my love. I'm terrified. This whole situation is shaking me to my foundations. I can't lose you. Even if you don't want to speak to me, even if you don't want to be anywhere near me, even if you want to be alone, please be alone at home where I know you're safe. Or go be with your friends. Go to our island. Hell, I can take all the kids to the island and leave you to rattle around the Manor by yourself. Just please leave that raid and be somewhere safe.

I hope I will be seeing you soon,

P.S. We can get through this. I love you more than anything else in the world. Whatever your choice, my love for you is endless.

P.P.S. I think we should NEVER use the damsel curse again and possibly to be safe we should both go get some of those muggle vasectomies.


Monday August 29th
My most beloved and understanding husband.

Remember how much I love you? SO much love! Please don't be mad at me for how I ran off and did exactly what you would have told me not to do - had I given you a chance. I know I reacted badly, and I'm not anywhere close to acceptance yet, but it's like you always say, how we first react to something doesn't have to define us. We can take a step back, think things through, and CHOSE to act differently.

So I'm currently in my office and considering that I JUST got your email - but not your Patronus yet - you must still be putting the kids to bed. That gives me a few minutes to organize my thoughts and write down what happened during the raid.

First of all, I am fine. I worked harder trying to murder my practice dummy. I wasn't exactly in a command tent because we didn't have time to erect one, but I DID stay out of the actual raid inside a powerful cluster of wards. I tossed my mapping drones into the area so that they could do their job of mapping the place and letting me know where everyone is at all times. Because of this, I knew that there was only 6 criminals - and considering that I had 9 teams of 2, I definitely had them outnumbered.

The ward specialists barely had time to throw up an Anti-Apparation ward to prevent their escape before the rather observant criminals spotted our teams closing in and started AKing as many animals as they could. Thankfully, our Aurors considered this just cause to duel, which was rather heated for about a half an hour.

AGAIN, I was NOT in the line of fire and safe behind several wards. The criminals couldn't even see me. As the Aurors fought fiercely, I was coordinating with the non-combatant teams whose jobs were supportive - such as going in and carefully extracting as many animals as they could while the combatants were keeping the criminals occupied.

To all our relief, the criminals were worn down and captured - with only a couple of minor injuries on both sides - in just a short half an hour. After they were in custody, the rest of the job was simply taking an inventory of all the animals and figuring out what to do with them. But before I move on, I want to back up slightly and mention that those Aurors that had just taken my class as a refresher were not only the ones partially making up the teams of combatants, but they were kicking arse and making me proud! Every single one of them eventually captured a criminal, and to their surprise, they ended up doing so unarmed, and thus, using skills I'd taught them, hahaha!

But back to the important stuff. You see, this was an illegal magical creature breeding place. The place was small, the conditions were dismal, and the animals were being treated only as well as they absolutely needed to be in order to survive and breed. Thus, not very well. Any and every creature that could be used in potions or as other magical ingredients was being bred, and so there are two types of animals here; the adult breeding pairs, and the babies that haven't yet been reduced to their parts so they could be sold.

There's a little bit of everything, and most of these animals will be going to the various rescues around the United Kingdom. That said, there are rather a lot. And...


Only Hagrid is equipped to deal with a few of these, and they asked him if he was interested, and he surprisingly said that we should send these particular animals to you so that he can focus on the more 'dangerous' ones - such as the Hippogriffs. Charlie is naturally going to take the Dragons (yes, I am affronted and appalled, they were breeding Norwegian Ridgebacks in tiny little cages as if they were CHICKENS!!!), so there's no need to worry about them, but that really does leave us in a bit of a spot.

Unless you feel capable and ready - not to mention willing - to take on a small family of Thestrals, meaning a mother, father, and three babies - gender undetermined. AND a mother Unicorn and her two foals. Unfortunately, the father was one of the animals murdered when we arrived. The two foals are still so young that they are both pure gold and haven't even begun to change to silver - whereas the mother seems to be a young adult because she's white with a fair bit of silver mixed in, meaning that she hasn't quite lost all her silver yet, which makes her less than 7, but we're not certain if that puts her at 5 or 6.

Oh... your Patronus just arrived, so I'm going to sign off and go home to let you yell at me in person. Then I'm probably going to attack a mountain of food, and then pass out and go to sleep for the foreseeable future. Possibly the next 8-9 months, ugh!

When I look into your eyes, I can see how much I love you,
P.S. Will you PLEASE tell me I dreamt our visit to Healer Rowe??? I - seriously! I NEED you to tell me that I had a bad dream, woke up, and went to the Ministry to rage on a practice dummy in order to feel better about the dream. And also, please reassure me that I'm NOT having a vision of the future!!!


Chapter Text

Tuesday August 30, 2016


I may be your beloved but it is taking all of my efforts to continue to be understanding. "Please don't be mad" at you? Much too late for that. I am mad. I am furious. You know how I feel about the raiding thing. You were not only dealing with draining magic and not feeling well, but also you were distracted with the shock of information. Distractions make for dangerous things happening. You knew I would say no … if you'd given me the chance. So you didn't give me the chance. You turned away or blocked my first patronus. I don't know how to not be mad at you.

I also don't know how to not forgive you. Of course you're forgiven. You're in shock and panicking. Now is not the time for me to worry about being right but time for me to support the love of my life. Which is why I sent a third patronus so quickly after I sent you the second that said "If you live through this raid go ahead and find somewhere else to sleep tonight." That was just my own panic and stress and fear making me say something to lash out. Hopefully you barely had time to hear it before you heard the updated, "I love you, be safe, come home to me. I'll be in our bed waiting for you."

However, that is not what actually happened since I received your email shortly after that and went to prep the stables for our new magical rescues. You must have come home and fallen straight into bed while I was still out settling in the thestrals and the unicorns.

I needed to be there to help with the thestrals as there are only so many people who can see them. It's hard to care for an animal that is invisible to you. It's odd to be thrilled that I don't have much help caring for them. "What's that Eri, Ori, and Haz? You've never seen death and can't see these animals? How 'unfortunate!'"

In actual unfortunate things, the same could not be said for the unicorns. They obviously wanted nothing to do with Ori since he's a boy. And Eris was a no go. But oh my goodness is Viona in love with these animals. She pretty much climbed into the stall with them and cuddled them all night. No, seriously, all night. I found her there this morning when I went back to check on them.

And again with the unfortunate situations, I left you in bed to check on the animals and by the time I got back you had already headed back into the Ministry. I am assuming to do your paperwork from the raid. I swear to you Draco, if you are actually doing something dangerous I might redo my original patronus telling you to find somewhere else to sleep tonight.

You can't keep avoiding me and this situation. It was not a dream. This is real, this is happening. Look, if you just need to climb in my lap and sob for a while that is alright. If you need to take a few hours to sit in the back of our closet and stroke your komboloi that is okay too. But you can't avoid this forever. We need to talk. Whatever the result, whatever we do, I love you for always. We are in this together. Please don't keep pushing me away. Or running away from me I suppose is more accurate.

Come on my love, you've been "at your office" for going on ten hours at this point. For a raid that took less time than that there can't really be THAT much paperwork. Come home so I can hold you.

I know this is about you and I know this is you freaking out … but I'm so scared right now. And I have nowhere to run away. I'm just here, a million thoughts running through my head, and I'm alone.




Saturday September 3rd
My wonderfully supportive and only slightly annoying husband,

Well, I've basically done what you asked when you said take three or four days to just sit still. I've been in bed and haven't done much of anything at all since Wednesday - aside from go to King's Cross with you to see most of our kids off. Wait, not most... Elena's graduated, River's gone off to live with his wife, Viona, Eri, Ori, Haz, Siri, and Zwei, leaving Shtara, Zaire, Jaz, Persephone, Caelum, and Lily - Which I suppose means that we saw off HALF (or technically less than half) of our kids.

Whatever, the important part is that we're going to have Zaire in school next year, and possibly THREE new babies at home, which means that we are never going to actually have most of our kids IN school at the same time. Weird...

Speaking of three potential new babies, erm… after having spent the last several days in bed dwelling on this, erm... somehow NOT bad dream - I'm wondering if you'd object to having the first and third womb removed and just toughing through the second one?

No? You can't condone that? sigh... That's what I thought you'd say.


So, that's actually what took me so long in the office on Tuesday. After filling out and signing off on a shit ton of paperwork - considering how small the raid actually was, relatively speaking - I went to Robards to have a completely private conversation with him about needing to come up with other arrangements for raiding while pregnant. He wouldn't believe me at first, probably because I have been adamant about NOT having any more. So he thought I was either having him on, or trying to give a plausible excuse for you suddenly objecting for some other and possibly irrational reason.

So, he called in my friend the Mediwitch to confirm a pregnancy, and when she arrived, Roche and Ramsey entered the office too so that they could chat with Robards about the progress - or lackthereof - they've made in the interrogations. So yes, that means that I had THREE people I didn't particularly want to know this news in the room when Robards finally believed me. The Mediwitch took the news with glee, dead certain that this would put an end to my cruel teaching.

Not so much as I can stand out of harm's way and use my mouth to teach just fine, thank you very much, and besides, it's only a 16 week class, and so, I'll be done with it and they'll have time to find a replacement BEFORE these parasites are born.

Huh... You were right! You said that I had gotten parasites feeding of my energy and magic, I just didn't realize it at the time...

But alright, so I can already hear you growling at me, some shite about staying home and taking it easy. Fuck no, I'd rather not be stuck dwelling on my thoughts for the next 7-9 months, ta ever so. Thus, here's what we decided:

I will not be GOING on any raids. I will not actually be required to set them up nor sign off on anything. I will be in the MINISTRY - in a command center - during and ONLY during an actual raid, doing the job of running the whole thing. Meanwhile everyone else will be doing their jobs as normal, and Robards will be handling all the added details I normally do before, during, and after a raid.

My class will be conducted on Monday and Wednesdays as normal, but I'm considered on light duty in that I will not be physically interacting with any of my students - except for those rare times when I need to punch them in the kidney's to teach them the lesson.

And then there's that one other thing - but I'll come back to that later.

Considering that our appointment to meet with the casting director and others had to be rescheduled to THIS Monday (it was actually supposed to be on Tuesday, but since I was freaking out and raiding an animal farm, obviously we couldn't make it), and Elena not only came in to ask me why the fuck I had made you panic, but then after learning why, helped me out by making it clear that ***I will*** be on light duty for the class Zaire and I are teaching. In essence, Zaire will be doing most of it under my supervision while I watch, help as needed, and do my best not to exert myself by dancing to the excellent beat. Ugh...

I feel bad about the First. Normally I'm every bit as emotional as you, holding you and trying not to cry as we wave our kids off for the bulk of the year. But this year, I was in a bit of a fog. I was so caught up in the thoughts swirling in my head that I'm not certain I was actually THERE. I think our kids understood. I hope.

We've sort of told the older ones that there was something up that we'd talk about when *we* (I) felt ready, but I have no bloody clue what to say to the younger ones. "Erm... daddy (papa) isn't feeling good because he has three parasites feeding off him for the next several months."

What if... What if we put two of them up for adoption? Or maybe Dean and Seamus will want to take his?

No wait, I don't want to talk to them about any of this yet, so, for this moment, that's not an option. I still need to wrap my head around things. To that end, I'm planning to stay in bed and not move a muscle until Monday when Zaire comes in here to glare at me until I get up and ready for our class.

Which yes, is your cue to come back in here and let me rest my head on your lap while I grumble and growl. There might even be an odd indoor storm. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, I might be ready to go back to Rowe and discuss options by Tuesday. Until then, I might just pretend nothing is happening and I'm still just having a bad dream.

Where the fuck are you already??? If I have to send Muffy after your arse, I'm telling her to tie you up and suspend you from the ceiling so you have no choice but to watch me brood without being able to touch or comfort me, and I'm certain neither of us wants that, so get here. NOW!

I'm not going slightly mad and I'm not afraid they're coming to take me away, I think I'm certifiable and that they should DEFINITELY be coming to take me away! haha,

Chapter Text

Monday September 5, 2016

My Heart,

You know, on Saturday when you said you wanted me to come and let you rest your head in my lap while you grumbled and growled, I assumed we would eventually start discussing what we have going on. I thought you might cry or need some quiet time, maybe even rant angrily for a bit. I did not expect you to literally lie in my lap while making growling and grumbling noises that only very rarely resembled actual words.

But it was totally fine. We had all weekend together, we didn't need to have decisions made or even narrowed down on Saturday. Then yesterday, we also didn't talk about it. By then I realized we were truly just not going to have any of these conversations. Again, you need to take whatever time you need to come to terms with everything crashing down on you all at once. I am hopeful we can have at least one conversation before you talk to Rowe on Tuesday. Perhaps tonight when we get back from our meeting with Shtara's casting director.

I'm looking forward to the meeting, I think it will be a nice distraction from the other nonsense we have going on. Just a totally normal meeting with our amazingly talented daughter and the director who may be giving her a role to propel her way to realizing her dreams. No big deal.

And you are definitely coming with to this meeting. Just like you came with to see the kids off on the Hogwarts Express. Yes, you were there when we sent off the kids. I know you've been distracted but how did you forget searching every single one of Siri and Zwei's pockets for Wheeze's products? Honestly! What did they do, order two of everything and tell Uncle George to put it on our tab?

Hmm, maybe we should ask George if we have a tab.

Then seeing Hazel off. Seeing her off for her first year feeling how she should. I'm just so excited to hear everything amazing that's going to happen to her this year. Talk about a summer makeover!

Yep, now that they're all off and/or living as adults in their own homes, it IS just Shtara, Zaire, Jaz, Persephone, Lily, Caelum, and ATREYU. Sheesh! It seems that the pregnancy brain fog is affecting you already!

He's a bit big for it, but I ended up wearing Trey in the toddler backpack style carrier while we were at King's Cross. He seemed really overwhelmed by the crowds and the noise. I do NOT think we have another train lover on our hands.

Ugh, ok, I have to talk about the elephant in the room. I know you want to ignore everything, but I feel like there are a few things I have to get off my chest. And since you don't want to have this discussion in person, this will have to do.

First of all, I will not condone or refuse to condone anything. I have opinions. I have opinions on the health of my husband. I have opinions on the direction I want this family to move in. I have opinions on the potential arrival of three new children for me to help raise. But - and I truly mean this with all of my heart - I will support any choice you make. Yes, even if that choice involves selective reduction or placing the child or children up for adoption.

What I do potentially have an issue with is the specific reduction or adoption choice you would want to make. Why those specific wombs? Do you truly think it would matter to me if there were babies that weren't biologically mine? Has that ever made a difference to me before? Has it ever made a difference to YOU before. We have adopted children who have no biological relation to either of us. We have a daughter who is fully muggle. We have a daughter who is biologically only mine. We have a son who is biologically only yours. Have either of us ever had an issue loving and raising a child no matter their parentage?

Hell, we both absolutely love and adore four children who have Voldemort as half their biological makeup.

And as far as adoption goes, again if that's something you feel is necessary I will support that. You have, with good reason, told me very little of your time undercover. And if looking at the face of a baby who is half someone who violated you is too much for you? I completely understand. I would NEVER make you raise a child you thought you couldn't handle seeing. I would never LET you raise a child you weren't sure you could love. Full stop.

But do you honestly think you could hand the third baby to Dean and Seamus? People we know, people we will see in the future. You really think you could hand over a baby with a pointy Malfoy chin, or Narcissa's beautiful hands, or Sirius' gorgeous eyes. And then be able to see them regularly while knowing they are part you? If you think so, or you think it's something you need to do … again I'm here for you. But I am also trying to be realistic and I don't know if that's really something you could do.

Unfortunately, in that case, we would have to allow Dean some sort of visitation or custody if he wanted it, for those exact same reasons. How could we ask him to see himself in our child and not have any hand in raising them? Shared custody would certainly be something new for us. The closest we've ever been to shared custody is sharing Viper, Tiger, Scor, and Hyper with their other universe.

As for your future raiding schedule. I don't love the idea that you would still have the stress of running raids. Especially combined with the stress of continuing to teach hand to hand, while adding the stress of teaching a dance class. But as long as you don't overdo the magic, I will shut my mouth and keep my worries to myself. I definitely think doing all of those things is a MUCH better option than staying at home and taking it easy.

I guess the taking it easy would be nice, but sitting at home doing nothing? Stewing in your own thoughts for months? Yeah, that is probably the WORST thing you could possibly do. I think I'd rather you go off raiding than sit around doing nothing but thinking for the next seven months.

And don't think I have forgotten about "that one thing" you were reluctant to talk to me about in your last email. If you didn't want me to know you wouldn't have said anything. Which means you either want to tell me or think you should tell me but something is holding you back. Well stop it! Spill it!

Hopelessly devoted to you,


Monday September 5th
My foundation,

My day started with Zaire jumping on our bed about 15 minutes to noon. Just as I predicted, he was afraid that I wouldn't be ready in time for our 2 PM class if I didn't get up and ready right that second. Pippa entered the room right behind him to wake me up for the same reason, and watched him in amusement.

Is it just me, or did Pippa get pregnant without saying a word? She's... not exactly fat, but noticeably plumper than she usually is. I was REALLY hesitant to ask on the off chance that she simply decided to let herself gain a few pounds. There's NOTHING more insulting than gaining a little weight and having someone ask if you've gotten pregnant.

So I gave Zaire the biggest smile I could manage - it was probably tiny, to be honest - and got out of bed so that I could shower, perform my daily routine, and get dressed. He hasn't been interested in doing the routine with me since he was still in our bed, but today, he seemed to feel that it was in his best interest to keep me on task, haha.

After getting ready - which meant dressing up in our Zulu Warrior costumes - we flooed to Elena's school. Our class was ready to go at 2 on the dot, and Zaire had an absolute blast teaching. He's quite a natural, to my pride and joy. Before you get upset, I kept it light, demonstrating steps and otherwise letting Zaire do everything. Which you probably actually know because you were waiting at the door (at the end) with Elena and Shtara for us to finish up. (Side note, all of the girls/women chose traditional topless, and most of them looked surprised that neither Zaire nor I stared at them or even seemed to *notice* them.)

The class ended at 4 and our appointment was at 4:30 - which gave me a chance to clean up a little and get changed into something more appropriate for a semi business meeting. So... I have a confession...

The moment after I shook their hands, I looked over at Shtara and watched her do a tiny little giddy dance - that sort of looked a bit like the potty dance, funnily enough - and she was SOOOOOOO anxious for us to agree that I have no idea what you and the others talked about. Elena did as expected, helping to ask questions we wouldn't think of and explaining anything you didn't understand. All I know for certain is when the room fell silent and I looked up to see you staring at me.

"What do you think, love?"

"I think Shtara wants this more than anything in the universe," I murmured, not directly answering the question, but basically answering it nonetheless. I was saying that so long as you were comfortable, I would let our little girl do anything she wanted.

"I think so too," you agreed with a smile, apparently understanding what I hadn't said. "I think that it's worth a try. If Shtara's studies slide or she seems to be struggling or not getting enough sleep, I'm going to put a foot down, but so long as she's doing well and has her nanny with her at all times, I see no reason to stop her."

Shtara started jumping and squealing so loudly that I can't quite understand what she was shouting, but it was probably: "OHMIGODOHMIGODOHMIGODREALLYICAN'TBELIEVETHISILOVEYOUGUYSSOMUCH!!!

After the meeting concluded, I still had a bit of time before my class started at 6. So, I took your hand in mine and led you on a nice stroll through the halls of the performance school.

"Harry love, I know you will support me in anything, but do you have a preference?" I asked, because I think I *might* just be able to wrap my head around the situation at this point.

"If you want me to be utterly honest, my preference is to have them all. BUT if you feel that you just CAN'T raise the first baby because of how it was conceived, then and only then would I prefer you to selectively abort that one," you informed me, resting your head on my shoulder as we walked.

I took a deep breath and sighed. "It's not that. I'm not traumatized by the conception. I *am* a little appalled that I wouldn't even begin to know which customer is the father, but I don't feel like I can't raise that baby. I... I just REALLY don't want to be having any more babies at all. I figured if I aborted them *all* you would be upset and potentially forever mad at me for getting rid of a child of YOURS."

"Abortion is not what I would choose. I can't pretend that it would be an easy choice to swallow. I'm sure I'll need to go to some extra sessions with Katja. But nothing would upset me as much as the idea of you having a child you don't want. No child deserves to be unwanted," you explained, stopping to look me in the eye so that I would know how serious you were.

I sighed again, and then kissed you. "Well... I spent a good half of yesterday in bed thinking that I literally JUST felt a profound sense of dismay and horror at the thought that our daughter Eris might actually abort her baby, simply because she is too young and not ready for the responsibility. Both of which are very valid reasons, but I just... So when I put THESE ones into that context, I felt my heart twist. It's the fact that there are THREE of them. AGAIN!"

I didn't let go of your hand as I paced the hall. "The last time was so messy. Even despite having regular therapy, I got PPD, and I don't want to go through that again. Nor do I want to be up all night, nursing or not (probably not), dancing babies to sleep, and changing nappies. Fine, we all know that I have Muffy do that part, but still."

I stopped to look you in the eyes. "If I insist that the babies have their own room from the beginning and that their elves tend to them..."

"Nope, they're our babies just like all the rest of our babies have been or they can't stay. You can't hold them at arms length. They deserve 100% parents!" You denied emphatically.

"I don't plan to love or parent them less than 100%, I just want to sleep at night, Merlin damn it!" I cried out in frustration.

"If that's truly what that's about then... In our room, in sidecar beds; I will take shifts with the elves - I'll even induce lactation again, but I won't put newborns used to the warmth of the womb in a scary dark room all by themselves," you told me firmly.

"And you won't mind if I use silencing charms around myself when I need to?" I wondered, not quite believing you'd agree so easily.

"I may grumble due to being tired, but I won't actually mind," you murmured, then added: "If I could somehow transfer these babies into me and go through this for you, I would."

I decided that - even though I reserve the right to change my mind in the next five minutes or days - we had reached an agreement, and so, kissing NEEDED to happen. I pulled you close, caressed your face tenderly, murmured: "What did I do to deserve you?" And then kissed you so perfectly that I might have actually been at it for hours and not realized it.

You sounded like you might be about to launch into a litany of the things I'd done to deserve you, but Pippa interrupted at just that moment to let me know my class was due to begin in 15 minutes and I needed to pop back home and change out of this suit first.

So, with one last kiss, I went home and CAREFULLY chose a perfect outfit to wear to class.

When I got there, my NEW students - again a mix of Aurors needing to refresh their skills and Aurors in training - didn't seem to think anything of the way I was dressed, but the few that had already gone through the first class immediately squinted at my shirt.

Sure enough, it said:
Mood 24:7

"GODDAMNIT HARRY!!!" I roared in frustration, now DYING to know how in the bloody hell you do that!!!

One of them chuckled and wisely changed the subject. "No bear today?"

I waved my hand dismissively. "No, we had far too many things to do to bring a fussy baby bear with us. So he stayed home with my younger kids. I'll probably have him on Wednesday."

"Too bad, he's cute," the student murmured.

"Alright petals, I've already checked with the Ministry trainer to verify that my returning students ran for their required hour, and my beginning students did their best not to die while attempting a half an hour. That just means that we're going to be trying to survive our first lesson: over the shoulder. The rules are simple, pair up and try your best to throw each other over your shoulders. I'll be watching over all of you and giving helpful tips. I suggest that my returning students partner with the new ones to go first and - as part of the lesson - YOU teach them what you know, no matter how little."

I pointed to timid mouse. "And YOU! If you don't stop looking like you're afraid to touch your partner, let alone hurl him over your shoulder, I'll punch you in the gut every lesson until you decide you'd rather get on with it than be punched again."

"Oi! Sexist!" My sole female student called out. "A: What if he partners with me, and B: How in the bloody hell is that a VALID teaching method?!"

I walked over to stand in front of her so that I could stare her down. "A: I'm not sexist. I have..." I had to push my pointer finger into the crease between my brows and actually think this over a second. "FIFTEEN kids, EIGHT of which are girls - and more importantly, despite my official Heir MAGICALLY being required to be my first born legitimate son, my ACTUAL Heir for everything else is Viona, our first child and second oldest daughter. She's called our Princess because she is regally and capably taking over the Malfoy empire as soon as she graduates Hogwarts. I simply assumed that with only one woman in this class, his chances of partnering with you were low, but since YOU think my not assuming it would be you is SEXIST, congratulations, you get to be his partner. This is NOT necessarily a good thing.

"AND B: How I teach and the methods I choose to use are MY business and that of the Ministry. You would do best to keep your nose out of it, BECAUSE I am not sexist and WILL punch you in the gut everyday until YOU prove that you are putting in. real. effort. too."

She was giving me a look like I wouldn't dare. If she was one of ours, I would actually consider her one of our divas. She was wearing a sort of cheap version of couture, had her hair done just right, and her nails were not just polished and pretty, but done in that way where they add acrylic to make them longer than normal. All in all, she looked like she'd just come from a spa day, rather than a day of Auror classes.

"Listen," I continued. "I know of at least one Auror who wears couture, stilettos, and FAR too much perfume. So I am NOT saying that you CAN'T be a female Auror and look good, BUT... at this moment, I am seriously wondering if you actually WANT to be an Auror. You look like you'd rather go with your friends to a club and dance the night away."

She harrumphed. "I'm smart and athletic - running and doing yoga every day. I fully believe I can be an Auror AND look pretty, and I DON'T appreciate you implying that I can't!"

"Alright... it's your lucky day. I promised my husband that I would refrain from certain things today, and so, rather than toss you over my shoulder and punch you in the gut MYSELF, I'm going to have one of my daughters do it for me. Muffy!"

"Yes Master?"

"Bring Persephone to me please."

About 15 seconds later, Muffy popped into the room with Persephone, who was holding/feeding Wojtek.

"Hiya daddy! You need me?" She asked eagerly.

"Yes. Let me take Wojtek from you," I said, holding out my hands. She placed him in my hands before turning to wave at the students she recognized. "Now, this student right here needs to learn a lesson, so I need you to throw her over your shoulder AND punch her in the gut. Can you do that for me love?"

She immediately transformed into a ninja with an emphatic: "Hiya!" and a fierce stance.

I then addressed the woman. "Go ahead, try to defend yourself, and hell! Try to ATTACK her."

She gave me a look like she could not believe that I seriously expected this half pint pixie to do so much as punch her with the force of a marshmallow. Interestingly, my timid mouse backed WAY up.

Since my student wasn't even attempting to defend herself, Persephone launched into an attack that was almost too fast to see, she feinted right then slipped left to run around behind the student and punch her rapidly up and down the sides of her spine, and then while she was gasping and stumbling, Persephone ran back around front, kicked her in the abdomen - making her bend in half - allowing Persephone to punch her in the face before tossing her over her shoulder and ending with an emphatic punch to the gut.

"Good job, love!" I praised proudly, ruffling her hair.

"No problem daddy!" She exclaimed with a happy grin.

"Would you like to stay and help me teach my class, and then go to Fortescue's with me as a reward for doing such an excellent job? OR do you want to go right home and brag to your daddy that you were such a good helper for me - and entice him into giving you biscuits?"

"Aw man! Any other day and I'd love to stay and kick butt for you! But daddy has new horses to pet and kiss. Did you know that some of them are INVISIBLE?! I got to ride one of the baby invisible ones!"

"He HAS had them for nearly a week now," I reminded her.

"But yeah but VIONA went back to Hogwarts and can't sleep in the stalls with the baby UNICORNS!!! I promised I'd do that for her!"

"Alright love, I'll have Muffy bring you home. Pet the Thestrals for me, yeah?"

"Sure thing daddy!" She said. "Want me to take Wojtek back?"

"Nah, I'm good," I said, ordering Muffy to bring me a carrier after she brought Persephone home. Persephone gave me a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek before waving goodbye at all my students. After she was gone, I stood over my one on the floor.

"Someone help her up and cast a healing spell on her if needed. Also, show's over! Pair up and get to work before I invite my OTHER two tinys here to hand the rest of you your arses."

To make up for the fact that I couldn't throw them all over my shoulder directly, I walked back and forth, giving them all encouragement as I stroked Wojtek's fur. "What the fuck are you DOING? Trying to dislocate your own shoulder?! You, I know you're timid as fuck, but fucking PUNCH her! Did you just trip over you're OWN feet??? Did your skills regress in the last two and a half weeks to not just pathetic, but PROTOZOAN?"

Honestly, I expected the previous students to be able to use the new students' lack of skill against them. Obviously, I was wrong. That said, a few of them got close. So... I guess that's a win? By the end of the class, I was ready to hex them all.

"Track. 5PM. Wednesday!" I growled before walking out of the classroom to check my office real quick before flooing home. It seems that Fierston was hoping I'd do exactly that, since he was waiting for me.

I looked over my desk and found no new paperwork, so, I sat down and watched Fierston watch me pet Wojtek. He looked highly interested, but I took advantage of that by reading his mind. He really was like an open book and rather goody goody.

"So... Wednesday while I'm in class, I expect you to be in this office meditating. If you don't know how, find yourself a good Mind Healer and have her teach you tonight so that you have a few days to practice. Practice every single second if you have to. Because in order to teach you Legilimency, I need to first teach you Occlumency, and in order to do that, YOU need to be able to organize your mind. I happen to know that if you make no attempt to organize your mind, Occlumency will not work. And while I COULD potentially still teach you Legilimency with a messy and unoccluded mind, unless you had a deep and natural talent for it, you'd just blunder your way through your victims' minds and - at best - give them a nasty headache. At worst, damage them irrevocably."

He gulped nervously. "What if I do well at meditation AND Occlumency, but just can quite do Legilimency?"

"In that case, I'll stop trying to teach you and let you know that you had better not try it on anyone - and more importantly, let your superiors know too. Did you know that the reason the skill is actually VERY rare is that it normally takes a person YEARS to learn and perfect it? As in, there's actually a special training program in France that has you study both skills for about 2 years each before certifying you as fully trained and not likely to damage anyone's mind?"

"I did know that," he murmured. "Ramsey mentioned that as the reason that none of the dedicated interrogators have learned the skill yet - despite it coming in handy. Not only does he not think that any of them would be good at it, he just doesn't want to waste everyone's time by sending potential candidates off to study for 4 years with no guarantee of success."

"Ah, so he's hoping that I'll pass on the skill in far less time," I murmured in understanding. "As if I can somehow magically just GIVE you the skill and have you be good at it with no practice."

"When did you learn it, how did you learn it, and how often do YOU practice?"

I shrugged and sort of leaned back in my chair a little. "I actually practice it all the time without really realizing it. I mean yes, I respect privacy, and so, don't constantly read my husband and kids' minds, but pretty much every time I step out of the house, if I meet a person's eyes, I take a look around to make sure they're not some sort of potential threat to me or my family."

He nodded slowly with a slight frown, as if he understood but still felt that was unethical.

"As for when and how, well, that's a bit of a story that can really be summed up by saying that the Dark Lord insisted on it and I couldn't really refuse," I explained.

By this point, you might find it odd that I not only know and use his name, but am honestly and unsarcastically answering his questions. Well, that's because if he learns this skill successfully, he's going to be reading my mind at some point anyway, and so, the little information I choose to give him now is really just a test to see if he is compatible enough with me to learn.

"Alright... but just being ordered to learn doesn't mean you CAN..."

I chuckled. "True. Lucky for me, I'm actually naturally talented enough that I learned the skill easily. It's generally NOT an easy skill to learn."

"Any other recommendations?"

"Do you have a pet?" I wondered.

"Erm, no."

I smiled faintly. "Buy a pet you think you can really love."

"Erm..." he droned in confusion.

"It may not be obvious at this moment, but you'll figure it out quickly. Just trust me; get a pet."

"Alright..." he drawled again, still a bit confused, but willing to take my word. After that, we shook hands and went our separate ways. Meaning I finally flooed home to you. Honestly, I'm a tiny bit surprised that you didn't get worried and send a Patronus once five minutes after the end of my class had passed, but then again, you were probably busy in the stables and didn't notice the time anyway.

You took the words right out of my mouth, it must have been while you were kissing me,

Chapter Text

Tuesday September 6, 2016

Good Morning my Partner in all things,

It's still a bit early, I promise I won't wake you up for at least another hour. But I woke up early even by my standards, made a huge breakfast, went for a refreshing run, took a deep soak in the tub, and then spent about an hour meditating. I thought I timed everything well to just have a few moments between keeping myself immensely busy and waking you up to head out to your appointment. I ran the distance I'd planned on running but got done much quicker than I intended. Probably a personal best! So now I have time to kill.

I loved hearing Persephone's take on "the invisible horses." It must have been so surreal for her to ride on something that she could feel, knew existed, and obviously was moving her along with it without being able to see anything was there. I look back at my childhood and your childhood and think to myself how pleased I am that so few of our children can see the thestrals. That thought ultimately brings me to thinking about the fact that some of them can and how much I hate that. Eventually my train of thought moves to … how fucked up is it that I am in awe of a child not having witnessed a death?

Well, I can mourn our reality or I can be happy for the good things we have. I'm going to choose to be happy. And today of all days with the appointment looming over our heads I am going to choose to be happy. Unless you've changed your mind since yesterday, we are going to have three brand new lives to love and cherish. We get to pick out names and Godparents. Prepare our feisty foursome to be big sisters and brothers. I know you're still feeling very conflicted, so I am going to follow your lead. But similarly to what I told Elena when she found out about her pregnancy, you need to let me know when I'm allowed to be excited and joyful about the incoming invaders.

I know you're terrified of having more, of having three at once, but it's not anything we haven't done at least twice! We can do this. We are in love. We have a supportive family. We know we already make some amazing children we're proud of every day. Honestly I'm not sure if I'd even know what to do with only one child. Probably take up a new hobby. Maybe start rescuing orphaned bears and cheetahs. Oh wait, that was you!

I didn't exactly get the chance to talk with you last night. You must have climbed into bed and fallen asleep wrapped around Atreyu right after you got back from class. And I stayed in the stables later than I normally do. Making sure every single animal was secure and there wouldn't be a chance of any of them spooking or hurting Seph. She's such a sweetheart wanting to sleep with the unicorns. Viona really only did that the first night out of necessity and then the following few nights because she liked it. The unicorns would be absolutely fine without a tiny human bodyguard, but there was no arguing with Seph.

Anyway, as to why I was saying I didn't get a chance to talk with you last night before you fell asleep, I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't particularly panicked when you didn't come home immediately last night after class. And it wasn't because I was distracted in the stables. I could be insanely busy and I still somehow always have you as part of my thought process. I'm very attuned to where you are at any time so don't think you can try to keep me distracted so I won't notice you're missing! I just assumed since it was your first class you had run longer or stayed after to talk with the students, possibly sitting in your office trying to meditate away your annoyance at the dunderheads you are teaching.

I didn't think you would be having a discussion with someone to potentially teach them legilimency. So that's a thing you're doing. I don't know how to feel about this. Can we discuss it with Rowe at your appointment? I know you just doing Legilimency yourself has become something as natural to you as blinking, but teaching Occlumency, Legilimency, and having your brain doing a lot of the work at first seems like something that might just be too much for you. I'm trying very hard to not be controlling and overbearing, but this is feeling a bit like the straw breaking the camel's back right now.

Oh, I almost forgot and this feels like the most important thing I wanted to talk to you about. Maybe I didn't forget but my subconscious was trying to avoid the issue as long as possible.

Okay, here goes. I am going with you to your appointment. I am your husband, I care for you, I want to be there for you. But. If at any point you want to have privacy with Rowe, for any reason at all, please just tell me. I promise I won't be offended. I'd rather you talk to her privately than not talk to her at all if its something you're feeling badly about saying or thinking or feeling. Please promise me that you will be completely honest, asking all the questions you need to ask. I will stay right by your side every second, holding your hand, heck you can sit on my lap if "you" want that to happen (I do I do!) but I will be out in the waiting room or even go home if you want and all you have to do is say the word.

I love you more than anything in this life.

Your Harry

P.S. I do not know if Pippa is pregnant. She hasn't said anything to me about it. Unless and until she does I am not saying a single word. I may be a little impetuous, a little naïve, and a little brash, but I am NOT stupid!


Tuesday September 6th
Dear Harry,

I've caught a cold and don't want to go to the damn Healer's today.



Dear Draco,

You are GOING to the damn Healer's today, especially if you've caught a cold!



Damn you! Really? You're going to make me move when every part of my body hurts and I can't breathe? Such a sadist! Fine... If I must...



Cheer up, Rowe will have plenty of potions safe for pregnancy that you can take to clear up that cold in no time. Unless you are simply using the cold as a way to get out of something you don't want to do, which would explain why you haven't taken some potions for it already.



Bastard! I DID take potions and they haven't helped! I'm currently blowing my nose and sounding like a foghorn as I get ready for my appointment with Rowe. Fuck it! I don't give a fuck, I'm wearing pajama bottoms and a comfy shirt, and since you're just going to somehow change it anyway, I'm going to wear the mood 24/7 one, since it fits my current actual mood.

P.S. Don't you dare leave my side for a moment, you arse! I'd rather talk to/tell you my feelings than her! grr...

Chapter Text

Tuesday September 6, 2016

My Sweetest Love,

Well, today was rough. All of the rest of our pregnancies were either planned or earlier than scheduled but anticipated babies. Going into an appointment with three children growing inside of you and knowing Rowe would be calm and professional, asking us what we had decided since our last meeting. Knowing she wasn't assured of our answer. Ugh, it was just a solid weight in my gut.

I know I kept telling you it was your decision. And I stand by that. I truly do. If you had decided against my preferences, it would not change my love for you, but although I would have never admitted this to you, it would have broken my heart. Much like you held Atreyu at arm's length until he had accepted you because you wanted to keep from becoming attached to a child who may not have accepted you fully, I held myself as detached from these children as much as I possibly could.

Which is why when we walked into our exam room and before Rowe could say so much as "Good Afternoon Malfoys," you stated in your emotion masking posh voice, "We are keeping all three of these babies. I won't hear another word concerning our options." I thought I was going to faint with relief.

You would have thought I was the pregnant one! It's lucky I was standing next to the chair when you said that, because my knees gave out and I practically fainted with relief. "Oi Mutt, that's my spot, kip over."

It was nice to see Rowe's face go from detached professionalism to our friendly healer we've known forever. She's still no nonsense, but I think she's become pretty invested in our little (HaHa) family, and didn't want to see what such a huge decision would do to us all emotionally. Her friendly healer face is still pretty darn professional and she quickly got down to business doing all her scans and spells and charms and whatnot.

You did such a good job of keeping your Malfoy mask on that if I hadn't felt all the fingers of my right hand breaking into pieces in your grip, I would have thought you were completely calm.

After what felt like an hours worth of scans - although that could have been the pain - Rowe began with a no-nonsense, "I have a lot of information to cover and while I love that the two of you always come prepared with questions, let me at least give you what I know for sure before you start your interrogations."

We both nodded a little guiltily. I suppose a question and answer session with rambling me and inquisitive you can feel a bit like an interrogation.

"Well the good news is there are only three babies in there!"

I almost fainted again. Oh shite. I had completely forgotten that while we were at the first appointment, Rowe was referencing three uteruses … uteri … wombs, and three pregnancies by week. She never actually said how many babies were in there. Oh Hell, what if any of the three wombs had multiples within your multiples' pregnancy. Fuck fuck fuck. Wait, I had to stop hyperventilating, she was saying it was only three. We dodged that bullet. Carry on.

She powered through my panic attack. "As I said last week, three wombs that each carry one embryo. The oldest, for now they'll be Baby A, is roughly ten weeks, Baby B is seven, and little Baby C is now five. By all my scans they are doing very well and growing as they should. I can see that baby B and baby C have their little hearts beating and my scan would be able to project A's heartbeat if you'd like to hear."

I must have made a whimpering noise because you gave me your "oi my silly puppy is so cute" smirk and told Rowe we'd most definitely like to hear it. She gave me a very similar "oi Harry is so cute" face and proceeded to project the heartbeat. Oh Merlin, it sounded perfect. Absolute perfection, tiny and wonderful, healthy and strong, and so so fast. I had forgotten how fast their little hearts beat.

I would like to thank both of you for ignoring my tears. Once she turned off the projection, Rowe kept going, "I have some more good news, according to your magic levels during your prior pregnancies around the tenth week, your magic is actually right around where it's been in the past. And you're sustaining three! You're obviously doing something right, so keep that up!"

I interrupted, but … er … at least it wasn't a question? "He's been as active as he normally is, possibly more so, but most of what he's been doing hasn't been magical in nature. He's teaching a hand to hand combat class, caring for a baby bear, helping at my horse rescue, teaching a dance class at Lainie's school, but pretty much everything besides the apparating to get from place to place has been magic free."

She looked quite upset at that information. I felt so bad for interrupting! "You've been teaching hand to hand combat? Even after finding out about the pregnancy? Draco I am honestly surprised at you."

It was my blurting that got you into trouble, so I blurted again to try and stop that line of thought, "oh, he's not doing any of the demonstrations himself, he's the ideas man, not the muscle!"

"Alright, but I'd like you to have someone cast a protective bubble around your abdomen before each class just in case of a poorly aimed jab or kick," we nodded as she continued. "My third piece of good news - yes three babies three pieces of good news, it's certainly your lucky day gentlemen - is that your cold is an actual easy to treat common cold. You should feel all better in just a few days. If you're not responding to a potions regimen for a cold send Harry out for some Muggle cold medicines to treat the symptoms until you shake the cold."

Honestly Draco, you tried to get out of this appointment by saying you had a cold. What kind of lunatic tries to convince their worried husband to not take them to a Healer by saying they're SICK? Thank Merlin you're pretty.

"Also, while you're doing well magically and health wise right now, I'd like to start you on a preemptive potions regimen already. Your usual pregnancy cocktail of nutrition, magic booster, and magical restoration."

"Joy … My FAVORITE …” you snarked. “But actually, I already have."

"Wonderful, moving on." That's when Rowe lost a bit of her smile she'd been wearing. "Now onto the, I don't want to say bad news because nothing is going wrong at this point, but it's certainly heavier information than the first three items were." Yuck, I did not want to hear this. "Draco, your blood pressure is elevated, it's certainly well within the normal range but it's higher than you usually run. I know this is a stressful time but you need to regulate your stress levels. If any of your activities cause you more frustration or annoyance than usual, I would like you to limit them or see if you can remove them from your schedule."

Oooh, maybe I DID want to hear this! Does this mean you're going to stop teaching the Aurors?!? I mean, aw man, that would be so sad.

Ah, I have to stop inner monologuing, I'm going to miss something she says!

"You should also keep up on any of your regular exercising. I don't think you should take up weightlifting any time soon, but keeping active will help keep your blood pressure in the healthy range as well as keep your spirits up and reduce stress. I will even sign off on extra dancing if Harry needs a Healer's note to release you to your ballroom."

You lit up like it was Christmas morning. "Ha! I will be able to tell Elena that I can dance as much as I'd like during my class with Zaire!"

"I will write her a note if you'd like me to. It might be a first for me; giving a release to active duty for a parent to give to his child." You nodded at Rowe emphatically. "Now gentlemen, begin your interrogations."

I had a whole notebook of questions, but I wanted to start with something I said offhandedly to you, but the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if it was something we could really do. "Is there any way to magically transfer one or even all of the wombs to me? If I could take over Draco's physical burden either partially or completely, I'd like to do that. Is it even possible?"

She sighed. "Technically, yes, there is a procedure for embryonic, fetal, or uterine transfers. And it is something I would potentially be willing to do IF it becomes necessary. However, it is generally used for times when the carrier's life is in danger. It isn't without risks and I'd be very reluctant to attempt it for nothing more than a preference."

You immediately interjected with, "I don't want to put Harry at any sort of risk."

Rowe took a deep breath. "Harry wouldn't be the one at risk, Draco. Almost all of the risk would be for you, with the rest being risks to the babies."

You gave a quick nod. "That I don't mind so much."

"Well I sure as hell would! We can risk you but can't risk me?" I think there's a chance I was crackling a bit.

Rowe sat back to watch our fireworks.

You put your negotiation face on. "I don't think the risk would be all that much, to be honest. I'm healthy and able to heal at the moment, but what if I get so bad that we have to do it anyway, but I don't have the ability to heal at *that* point?"

Rowe interjected, "the risk IS all that much to be technical. This would put you at a twenty percent increased risk of a heart attack. A ten percent increased chance of a stroke. As for the babies, this would increase the risk of miscarriage by fifteen percent and even if the transfer is successful, a twenty-five percent increased risk of premature birth."

I glared daggers at you, you returning them right back at me full force. "Ugh, so what you are saying is that they are IN there, and there's no justifiably good reason to move them. But what about later, when they're all 20+ weeks along, and my stomach is desperately trying to make room for them all?"

"There is no medical reason to move any of them right now, no." More glaring, but this time at Rowe. "But I've already said that if it's something you both feel is the right choice later on, now that you know the risks, I would be willing to do the procedure."

I finally interjected because I could tell you were getting frustrated and needed someone to make the call. "I am putting my foot down, and since this decision DOES include my body, I feel comfortable doing so. Increased risk of heart attack or stroke? I won't do that. Foot.Down."

More glaring but I've been married to you long enough that I know relief when I see it.

"Draco and Harry, if there are complications later on, we can revisit this. Some pregnancy procedures are better to do early in pregnancy, and for some, it is much better to wait. This is definitely a situation of the risks going down the further into pregnancy you get. Once the fetus gets to a stage where it could survive outside the womb, the risks go down drastically. So, if your magic begins to drain too much, or if your body can't physically withstand three, we can discuss this at that point." See? We don't have to decide right now. Your magic is doing well, the babies are cozy, this is a decision that can wait for a later date.

"However, I promise you that you will not have three full term babies in there. While the situation is unusual, it is not unprecedented. Your conception with Lily and Caelum was actually very similar, the placentas just happened to grow at almost the exact same time, so their progress was equal. We will not let any of them go past the thirty-six week mark, with the exception of Baby C, if they want stay in there longer after the births of A and B. Best case scenario, we will take A at thirty-six weeks when B and C are thirty-three and thirty-one weeks. After that we can either take B at their thirty-six week mark, leaving C in for two more weeks, or we can wait and take them both when C is at thirty-six. All of this is best case scenario depending on your health."

Now that I was hearing all their weeks at once, I started panicking again. "Can we er, do something for Draco to give him more room in there? Like the extension charm on my paternity pants?"

Rowe laughed. She laughed at me Draco! "As much as this may come as a shock to you, Harry, your husband is not a pair of pants we can charm to fit more inside." I blushed so hard, Gods this was embarrassing. "However, when the babies hit between twenty-eight and thirty-two weeks, we can definitely visit the idea of womb transfer. The risks would be minimal by then. Also, I can cast extensive healing charms on Draco's abdomen so it doesn't stretch to extremes and heals up postpartum much quicker. Again, let's wait to make these decisions when we can see how the health and magic of both Draco and the babies are as time passes.

"Well, you boys look as though I've beaten you up. I think this is probably enough of an information dump for now. As always, if you have questions let me know, otherwise I'll see you in another three or four weeks?" I had more questions but honestly she was right, we were on information overload.

We came home and you immediately went to the onsen and submerged to where not much but your nose and mouth were still above water. I cast a bubble charm on your abdomen to make sure you didn't cook the little baby nuggets in there, then cast a spell to make sure if you fell asleep, you wouldn't sink the rest of the way underwater. I snuggled with you a bit until you passed out, then went down to spend the day with the kids.

It's been hours and you're still in there.

So … uh … are you ever coming out?

Miss you,

P.S. How and when are we telling the kids?


Wednesday September 7th
My sanity,

I mean that; without you, I almost certainly would have gone around the twist the last few days.

Anyway, I think we should tell the Hogwarts kids to come home from school this weekend to "see how their first week has been," and then tell the entire family over dinner. Elena almost certainly told River, but we'll Magi-Skype him too and see if he and Mahafsoun want to and can come. She might be filming, but I am confident that if she CAN come, she'll want to.

Then we can tell the entire family the horrible - er I mean wonderful - news all at once. Speaking of, you can go ahead and get excited now. I mean that ***I*** may still be a bit shell shocked, but having you make happy plans for their arrivals will certainly keep my spirits up as time passes. I'm going to tell Pippa to schedule me more sessions with Yesenia again because we both know that I'm going to need them.

Speaking of Pippa, she already knows because she's my shadow and was in the room one of the times we've talked about it. She gave me a smirk when I told her why I needed all the extra sessions, rolled her eyes, and said: "And don't think I haven't noticed you eyeing my abdomen and wondering what's going on. To answer your unasked question, YES, I have decided that I'm far too busy and invested in YOUR family to take enough time off to meet someone and have a family of my own, so I decided to just do it all on my own. A one off with a stranger; baby due in about 5 months."

So... that's that, I suppose...

As for looking fat enough to be potentially pregnant, I was staring at myself in the mirror this morning and - to my extreme dismay - I'm already showing!!! The first one is 10 weeks, and so, in the first trimester. When Lily and Caelum were 10 weeks, I only just BARELY had a hint of a bulge. But these ones... Thankfully it's still small and not clearly a bulge as opposed to a soft layer of fat, but it's definitely there.

I may have cried.

Thankfully, Rowe said to keep up my dancing and exercise routine, and come to think of it, that shouldn't have really been a surprise. She's ALWAYS said to keep doing the things I'm used to doing as long as I feel comfortable doing them. And once she suggested casting a shield charm on my stomach, I really feel that she would be okay with me having just a bit more hands on teaching with my students - not full on sparring with them, but actual teaching them the way I did.

SO - to ease your mind - I sent her an owl when I woke up today asking her a couple of the more important questions we didn't get a chance to ask, and she replied that yes, so long as I am not overdoing it nor sparring, and as long as I have a shield to protect the babies from stray hits, I CAN teach a bit more hands on. She still advised keeping it light - such as only throwing one or two students over my shoulder, rather than all of them.

I completely understand. I'm just happy I have the all clear to punch them as needed!

The other really important question I needed answered TODAY was concerning my Occlumency and Legilimency teaching. To my surprise, she said that it shouldn't be a problem, and in fact, might even help with my blood pressure as the Occlumency part - by necessity - involves a lot of meditation. Also, I'm not sure if you are aware of this (considering who taught you and how), but the lessons don't actually have to be traumatizing.

Also, despite what I told Fierston, if he has ANY natural affinity for it at all, it really doesn't take all that long. That 4 year program in France is part of a Mind Healer's specialization, and so, they NEED to be able to do it very very well. As in, slip into the most traumatized minds and not cause any damage while trying to fix the trauma (all while maintaining their own separate identity). For the purposes of interrogating suspects, so long as he has the ability to meditate and control his magic, it shouldn't be all that hard for him to learn the skill, and should he have NO affinity for it, I end the lessons.

With that in mind, I had a nice private dinner with you - managing to snag you from the stables for a bit - and discussed this with you, before heading off to my first class. We naturally kissed quite a bit before separating.

Knowing better, I only put any real effort into my bottoms. Thus, when I walked onto the track to pick up my students (the Ministry expert assured me that the new students were already making progress on their run, and that the prior students *might* be ready to go up in time if I needed them too. Unfortunately, I'd already pushed them back an hour so that they could grab a bite to eat before running for an hour before class, and so, as tempting as that was, no.), we all looked at my shirt to find:

Yes, I know there's a special place in HELL for me. It's called a throne.

"Huh!" I exclaimed, feeling rather chuffed by this one.

After leading them to the classroom, I had them all circle around and listen to me. "Excellent news, petals, I've got clearance from my Healer and my Husband to go LESS easy on you today!"

"Wait, you were going easy on us?" A new student asked in dismay.

"You have no idea," an old student muttered.

The one that had asked about Wojtek on Monday (which, yes, I had him with me today as Shtara is busy with her rehearsals after school every day until opening night), must actually like me a little, because he frowned in concern. "You had to get clearance from your Healer?"

I looked at him evenly. "I can't tell you why until I've had a chance to tell the rest of my family, but I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually."

"Fair nuff guv," he murmured with a shrug.

I had my students all pair up and - keep in mind that the returning students have returned because they need more practice mastering what they've already learned - told them to sweep each other's feet out from under each other. I figured that the previous students would have an easier chance at doing this to the new students - which they did - and actually TEACH the lesson in the process. All in all, a very Slytherin way for me to teach my class AND conserve my strength.

Thus, when my timid mouse and my sole female student looked like they were waltzing with each other, I had no qualms about sweeping BOTH of their feet out from under them.

"What ARE you two doing?!" I asked irately as I stared down at them.

"It's not easy to sweep someone's feet out from under them when they're EXPECTING it!" Girly protested angrily.

I rubbed my temples to attempt to summon patience. "Listen, I understand that HE'S too timid to put in any real effort," as I said this, I helped him to his feet, and then punched him in the gut (as I'd promised), making him bend over and heave a few times. "But YOU seem to have confidence. So either you are too 'polite' to hurt someone who looks weaker than you, OR you don't have what it takes to defend yourself from VIOLENT CRIMINAL ATTACKERS!" I then helped her up, and to her credit, she looked a bit wary before deciding that I could not possibly DARE to punch her too.

Which of course I did. She hopped about and cried, threatening to tell Robards on me.

I got right in front of her, grabbed her by the chin so that she had to look me in the eyes, and then very calmly said: "Go. Right. Ahead. I'm not afraid of what he'll say or do. In fact, I'll give you a pass to go right now, and when you RETURN from him handing your arse to you, you will either VOW to take this class seriously, or you will QUIT the Auror program altogether."

Grumbling but wisely not pushing me any farther, she lowered her eyes and didn't say anything more. I'm dead certain she went to Robards after class, but since I never heard a peep of it, he probably did exactly as I'd warned her.

After that, class progressed rather nicely. Having that little bit of a challenge in not only doing but DEMONSTARTING the skills for the new students had my old students stepping up their game. I was pleased enough that I tossed them all enough Galleons to go to the Leaky and have a few rounds on me.

Which actually gave me a BRILLIANT idea! Next Tuesday - unless I forget - I'm going to glamour myself or perhaps borrow your cloak so that I can subtly pay for a LOT of drinks for my students, so that when they come to class on Wednesday, they'll be so hung over that it will be EXCEEDINGLY easy to torture them, buwahahahahahaha!

Moving on.

So, once in my office after class, I sat down and relaxed as I watched Fierston meditate. He had a fluffy bunny in his lap, which is apparently that pet I told him to get. I sat Wojtek on my lap and stroked his fur until Fierston came out of his near trance.

"You do that very well," I murmured in praise.

"My gran taught me when I was very little. She always told me that knowing how to meditate was important because - no matter what - I'd always be able to keep calm and in control of any situation," he explained with a fond smile.

"Ah, wise woman," I acknowledged. This might actually be easier than I thought it would be. "Alright, there are two distinct ways in which Occlumency can be taught. The first way is for people who don't know how to meditate or organize their minds. It's basically a series of battles designed to give them an intense desire and a NEED to organize their minds. After all, if you KNOW that someone is repeatedly invading your mind and seeing all the worst things you want to keep hidden, wouldn't YOU want to stop them?"

"Yes," he murmured with a solemn nod.

"The other way is actually the way my Aunt Bella taught me," I informed him. "She knew that I already had a natural talent for meditation and Occlumency - because both of my parents had taught me bits here and there over the years. Things like: 'Malfoys NEVER let on what they're REALLY thinking,' and 'keep your mind organized and protected so that no one can ever steal YOUR secrets and the FAMILY secrets.' Also, I have a grandmother who felt that me learning Krav Maga would help me control my emotions, because if I was angry, I could take it out on a practice dummy. Things like that.

"SO, when it came time for me to learn, I didn't need to be taught how to organize my mind, I already knew. Thus, my Aunt didn't have to barge in and force me to put up shields, she was able to do what I'm going to do to you, slip in and go for a stroll, pointing out things I might like to put in a box so that she can't see them. That - in essence - is what Occlumency is. You gather up everything you don't want someone else to see, and put it behind a strong shield. THEN you hide that shield by putting those things you don't mind others seeing all around it in a disorganized mess. Make it SEEM like you have nothing to hide," I explained.

"So... you're going to be wandering around my mind as you like...?" He asked nervously.

"I already have, if I'm honest. I had to be certain you were a good candidate, and not the sort to learn for nefarious reasons," I informed him.

He gulped and looked away. "So... you saw the time I lost my virginity?"

I shook my head. "You weren't thinking about that, so no. I really only went deep enough to see what your primary motivations for learning this skill is. Trust me, I DON'T want to see your intimate memories. If they happen to come up, I'll look the other way."

He sighed in relief and rubbed the back of his head. "It's just... well that time was REALLY awkward and embarrassing. I wouldn't want to see it myself, much less have ANYONE else see it."

I laughed. "EVERYONE'S first time is awkward and embarrassing - except for my husband. His first time was with me and I was dedicated to blowing his mind to bits, so his was rather fantastic, if I do say so myself."

He laughed in return. "What about yours?"

As I've said before, I am going to eventually have this young man roaming around my mind, and so, letting him get to actually know me before then is in my best interest. Plus, he doesn't know it, but I'm reading his mind as we talk, and so, if he has any sort of reaction that makes him inherently incompatible with me - say he'd been repulsed by our sex life, for instance - I'd learn it now before we really get started.

So far, he seems to be a rather understanding bloke with an open mind. Ironically, as he mentioned his first time, I'd gotten a flash of it, and it seemed to me that he felt awkward because she'd wanted him to dominate her a bit, but he gives off this feeling of BEING a sub, and so, he probably had NO IDEA what to do as the dominant one. No wonder he thought it was too shameful to let anyone else see.

In any case, I answered the question honestly. "I lost my virginity to one of my best friends, Pansy. I used to always maintain that it was at some point in Fifth Year, but it must have actually happened in Fourth Year and I just blocked that part out due to shame over how young I was. It was awkward because I never really considered her a potential future wife, despite actually dating her for a bit, and I think it was actually HER idea, and I was just sort of going with it because, well, why not? The reason I say that it must have been Fourth Year is that I would swear up and down that I had a kinky bit of play not too long after losing my virginity with a Ravenclaw on my 16th Birthday - at the end of Fifth Year - but based off the date of birth for the son she had, it HAD to have been my 15th birthday in Fourth Year."

He was stroking his chin in thought. "So... is there any other reason that you might have confused how young you were?"

This was a good sign, a potential indication that he might have an affinity for this after all.

"Actually, yes, in my Seventh Year, I had to use my Occlumency to lock away most of my feelings, and also, around the same time - from about Summer hols just prior to my Sixth Year on, I was raped a few times, and I coped with that by removing most of the individual memories and locking them in a box so that I would know they happened, but NOT be continually traumatized by them. I think that between the two things, I got confused about the timing of my sexual history and pushed it up a year so that I wouldn't feel like such an utter slag."

"Merlin!" He blurted out in sympathy. "Mine doesn't seem so bad now..."

I chuckled. "Obviously I've had a LOT of therapy to reach a point where I am comfortable with what happened to me enough to tell you about it. But honestly, the reason I'm telling you is that you'll probably come across some of those memories at some point, and you'll need to be prepared for the possibility."

He gulped and nodded rather solemnly.

I gave him a small smile. "But don't worry, as I said, the actual traumatizing part of those particular memories are gone, and so, the most you would see is the men who did it coming after me and catching me. Then it would cut to the end of me watching them walk away."

"I'm curious about something," he murmured, looking puzzled. "You currently teach unarmed combat and word has it that you learned the skill quite young – which you just sort of said a couple minutes ago. If that's true, how come you weren't able to defend yourself?"

I nodded in understanding. "Yeah, if they had been muggles, I probably would have been able to kick their arses, but they usually came into my room at night while I was sleeping and cast spells on me before I could wake up enough to defend myself. So, I took to hiding in the back of my closet - which is enormous and a bit of a maze. It was usually enough of a deterrent that they'd run off, but occasionally, they'd get me anyway, and again, they'd manage to do so by casting spells to immobilize me when I wasn't quite aware they'd spotted me. Basically, I couldn't defend myself because they took away my ability. Otherwise, you bet your sweet arse I would have beat them all half to death!"

"Oh," he said with a nod, as if this made sense. "I see."

"Anything else?" I asked invitingly.

"Just... what do you plan to do for our first lesson?" He wondered curiously.

"Actually, our first lesson is nearly over," I informed him with a smirk.

"Wait... what? But you haven't even taught me anything!" He protested.

"Haven't I?" I asked in that tone that makes it clear I know something you don't.

"" He replied hesitantly, probably wondering if me telling him about me counted as a lesson.

"Ah, but what you don't realize is that I have been in your mind this entire time. Thus, your first lesson is that - done right - Legilimency is exceedingly smooth and the person being read doesn't even realize it until later when they're sitting there wondering how the other person knew so much about them. To make this a bit clearer, my husband - who has arguably the most reason to have a well defended mind - used to have his mind read by Headmaster Dumbledore all the time, and despite suspecting it eventually, he never twigged when it was actually happening."

"Er... but... I... I didn't feel anything!" Fierston exclaimed in protest.

I shrugged. "HERE'S the lesson. Go home and meditate, and while you're doing so, try to see if you can find any traces of me. And I don't mean that literally. I mean that was there ANY time - a single moment perhaps - when you felt like you were being watched, or like there might have been a moment when I seemed to know something you hadn't told me. Also, as you are meditating, try to begin the process of constructing a shield. Hide anything you don't want me seeing behind it. For example, I wasn't lying when I originally answered that I hadn't seen your first time, but because you thought about it as we were talking about it, I saw it then. I looked away, but before I did, I saw enough to understand why you felt the experience was embarrassing."

"Well that's mortifying," he muttered, looking away from me again.

I gave him a slightly bigger smile. "Honestly, you'd do better finding a partner who wants to gently dominate YOU."

He chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah... I've already figured that out."

"Good, it means you learn your lessons easily," I praised.

"Well, I dunno about EASY..." he chuckled. "But yeah, I do learn from my mistakes."

"All in all, I think you will do well learning this skill, provided that you practice as much as I tell you to. And just so you know, yes, I am a hard arse, BUT I don't expect perfection from the first moment you try. So long as you steadily improve, I'll keep on teaching you. But if you DON'T, then I'll stop wasting both our time," I informed him.

"Yeah, I've sort of gotten that feeling about you," he murmured with a slight nod.

That earned a real smile. "THAT is why I think you might be a natural at this. You've already figured out how to read people, and that skill will help a LOT when it comes time to learn Legilimency."

"Thanks," he said with a slight blush. Then he raised a brow and looked a bit confused for a moment. I looked down to find that my shirt had changed so that it now said: Hands off what's MINE!

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "My husband must have me bugged or something. He's rather possessive and takes even innocent interest as potential competition."

"I'm not even gay!" He stated, sounding baffled.

I laughed flirtily. "Oh trust me, I'm so good that you wouldn't have to be gay to enjoy it!"

He laughed. "Now you sound like my older brother! He's a confident SOB too!"

"I like him already," I stated as I stood up. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go home and reassure my husband that I need him like I need air." I shook his hand. "My office next Wednesday, but before then, work on that shield."

"And, erm… How do I do that?"

"Think of it as going through your mind and tidying everything up. Once everything is in it's proper place, you'll have a much easier time hiding those areas you don't want me seeing by distracting me with things you don't care about."

"Oh..." he exhaled in understanding. "I get it now. I think I can do that."

"Good. See that you do." And with that, I left so that I could hunt you down and kiss you rather possessively. Since this was probably unexpected and in your stables in front of all our younger kids, you got all flushed and happy.

"What was that for?" You wondered. "Not that you NEED a reason."

I smirked and pointed at my shirt. "Apparently I needed to reassure you that 'what's yours' has a mind of his own and is not tempted by others." I leaned over and nibbled on your ear before adding in a nearly silent whisper: "Especially now." Which is a reference to how I'm already bloody showing and I don't want anyone else to see me naked unless it would save their life somehow.

With that, I gave you a smoky eye invitation as I left to go get ready for bed. You promised that you'd be right behind me, but the kids must have insisted that you do lots of things because I've had time to write this entire email and am actually tired enough to go to sleep. Hopefully, you'll come to bed in the next five minutes and put me to sleep the right way.

I once was lost and now am found, was blind, but now I see,

Chapter Text

Friday September 9, 2016

My Perfection,

I'm sorry I didn't wake you up this morning the way I did yesterday morning. I would love to wake you up every day for the next six to seven months the same way. Notice I said DAY and not MORNING. Because I have met you my love and while you seemed to like yesterday morning, you also fell asleep quite early Wednesday night and had already had plenty of sleep at that point.

The reason it took me so long to come join you in bed that evening is because I was setting Lissa and Atreyu up to sleep in the stables again. The unicorns are definitely a bit spooked by Trey, he's a boy - and a were - so he unsettles them. But the thestrals just adore him. Yeah, the thestrals. I didn't think a child that young could truly process death in a way that would allow them to see the thestrals, similar to how I didn't see them until Cedric died even though I had witnessed my mother's death.

But there's a big difference in awareness between a fifteen month old and an almost five year old. Side note: his birthday is coming up three weeks from today so we need to have a MASSIVE "first" birthday party for him! Long story as short as I can make it, Atreyu witnessed his mum's death earlier this year, is well aware of what it meant, and can see the thestrals. Ergo, sleeping with the little ones while Lissa sleeps with the unicorns.

So, yesterday morning … You had mentioned you already could tell you were forming a little bump. Now that I've been given full permission to be as excited as I'd like AND knowing you were feeling weird about already showing, I decided to show you how beautiful I find you to be. Normally I am the little spoon, mostly because I'm much littler than you are. But I woke up yesterday with my front pressed to your back, my arms around you, and my right hand resting gently on your little bump.

Not only was I awake, but there was a very wide awake part of me pressed into your perfect arse. You were very asleep so I decided to just hold you a bit, but I couldn't keep myself from grinding up against you. I honestly could have and would have come from just that friction, what would that have done for you though?

I wandlessly slicked up my fingers and began gently probing at your perfect little pink hole. You made the sweetest moaning noises in the back of your throat but kept sleeping. I just rubbed around the entrance for a while, softening you up, but eventually I had to press into you. I moved quickly from one finger to two, and stayed at two fingers just gently fucking into you for a few minutes. Again, you stayed asleep continuing to moan and sigh. You must have thought you were having a lovely dream.

I worked my way from those two, to three, to fitting my pinky in there and making it four. I wanted you to be so ready to take me that the entire experience would be soft, gentle, and loving. When you began pressing your arse back into me, trying to swallow my hand whole, I knew you were ready. I slicked myself up and began sinking my cock into you. The warm, wet, pulsing tightness of your arse just swallowing me up inch by inch. Absolutely perfect.

I began long, slow drags in and out of you. Whispering words of love and a little bit of filth into your ear. Telling you how perfectly you were taking me. How much I loved seeing myself where I'm entering your perfect body. How hot and tight you were just for me. All mine. Made for me. I couldn't stop my hands from wandering all over you even if I had wanted to. Playing with your lovely pink nipples, getting them all pebbled up for me. Giving that gorgeous shaft that gives me so much pleasure some gentle strokes. Gently squeezing handfuls of those perky arse cheeks of yours.

It was delicious torture, trying to be as gentle as possible, making sure you felt pleasure in every inch of your body, when all I wanted to do was slam my cock into its perfect home as hard and fast as I possibly could until I spilled into you. Marking you mine from the inside. I didn't realize I was babbling that wish into your ear, I'm not sure when you woke up. All I know is after I told you I wanted to spill myself inside of you, you blinked those quicksilver eyes at me sleepily and told me in your raspy sleep-deepened voice to, "go ahead and claim me Harry, mark me up, I want you to."

Oh thank all the Gods you were awake. Before I could take my own pleasure however, I had to make sure you were well sated. I tightened my grip on your beautiful long dick and stroked you through your grunting and moaning, whimpering and sighing, until you finished all over my hand. The clenching you did as you came, combined with me speeding up and getting in three or four more quick thrusts, was enough to have me filling you up.

Once we both came down from our high, I gave you sweet kisses and told you I wasn't quite done with you yet. I had you lie on your back, propped up on a mountain of pillows, while I kissed every inch of your perfect abdomen. Not the way I do so often where I bite and suck and mark you all up so everyone knows who you belong to, but soft kisses. Kisses that show you how precious I find you.

I began to tell our newest children a story. "Once upon a time my little loves, a lonely warrior fell in love with a beautiful prince. The warrior and the prince had been rivals, but when the war was over, they found the fighting had been covering up love. So much love they couldn't wait a single moment more to come together and married immediately. But the young men found they had so much love that they couldn't contain it within only themselves - it was too much love to even contain together. So they began to build a family. They found their children all over the world. They created some of their children and carried them within their own bodies. And then, when they thought they had finally found homes for all the love they were full of, they were surprised to find they needed three new little miracles to use up just a bit more of that love."

You were smiling softly at me, running your hands through my hair. Just watching me talk to our children. "I love that you love them. It's helping me wrap my head around having them."

I smiled up at you, giving your little bump one last kiss. "Your Daddy loves you. I can't wait to meet you all. Enjoy your nice, warm, cozy home and make sure you are very nice to your other Daddy, he's kind of amazing." I pulled myself up to your angelic face and we kissed for a while more until we were finally ready to leave our little morning bubble and venture into the rest of the world.

Today however, I got up early to get all my stable chores done before I head off to Hogwarts to grab the kids for the weekend. I sent off a message to Minnie asking when the last kid got out for their last class of the week, and Siri will be finishing up transfiguration at 11:00. Which is in fifteen minutes! I should really head out. I'll see you in a bit.

I just want my life to forever be entwined with you, tethered to your heart,


Saturday September 10th
My amazing husband,

Without you, I probably would have just stayed in bed until Monday. I've actually decided that to balance out my busy Mondays and Wednesdays, I'm going to spend Thursday through Sunday more or less in bed. Not completely. I'm going to focus on yoga, meditation, and a bit of running when I first wake up, take a nap if I'm so inclined, and then dance for an hour or so, before sitting my arse in bed and reading or watching anime with the kids.

Basically, you keep begging me to slow down and that's what I'm doing. That way, I'll be staying in shape and hopefully keeping my blood pressure down. And also, any day you want me to do something with you, I shouldn't be overdoing it.

But as for today, you came into the room and gently reminded me that I'd suggested a family dinner to announce the news. Then you playfully wrestled around on the bed with me until I nearly fell off it. Laughing and in a great mood, I got up and got dressed. I opted for a cross between formal and informal - since this wasn't exactly a black tie event and I have been known to show up to dinner naked.

Feeling as prepared as I was going to get, I put my hand in yours and let you lead me to the dining room. Everyone got seated and served their dinner, which - as usual - the elves made each person exactly what they wanted. After tucking in for a bit, Hazel cast her shrewd eyes at us.

"Alright, out with it!" She demanded.

"Out with what?" I feigned ignorance.

She rolled her eyes, probably knowing I was joking. "We're not stupid. We know that you are having some health issues, and then suddenly, dad wants all to come home for the weekend to talk about how our first week of school went. Yeah... something's going on."

"Something big," Eris added with a nod of agreement.

I sighed, set my fork down, and wiped my mouth with my napkin. "I have some very horrifying news that also happens to be wonderful news."

You laughed nervously. "Wonderfully horrifying! Wonderfying?"

I shook my head at your silliness, smiling at you even as I took your hand and gave it a kiss.

"Spill it already!" Viona snapped, looking rather concerned.

With another sigh, I decided to just blurt it out and get it over with. "I'm pregnant."

"Salacious Salazar!" My father exclaimed in dismay. "Don't you have enough kids already?!"

My mother was frowning in concern. "I'm quite sure you both vowed not to have any more. Did you change your minds?"

I shook my head. "No. I was very adamant that I didn't want to have any more children, although I would have done it if Harry wanted - except he agreed with me that we were definitely done."

"Then what happened?" Della and Delphini asked in unison.

I took a sip of my tea, sincerely wishing that it was something a LOT stronger. "Well, it seems that magic and fate have teamed up to screw with me. Apparently I first got pregnant while on that undercover mission I've told you all about."

"Oh Draco," my mother murmured sympathetically, reaching over to squeeze my hand. I smiled at her and squeezed her hand in return. "And then I got pregnant again on Harry's birthday when we used a Damsel Curse to turn me into a woman for the night."

"Wait, hang on," Sebastian blurted out, clearly confused. "Why in Merlin's rotting brain would you turn YOURSELF into a woman for your husband's birthday when he's so gay he can't even walk a straight line?!"

"Good question," Viona murmured, frowning in puzzlement.

I chuckled. "Without getting into details best left unsaid in front of little ears, suffice it to say that I was ordered to try it by my Mind Healer as part of my therapy from my undercover mission. Plus I wanted to try it, if I'm honest."

My father suddenly had a deeply thoughtful look on his face as he stroked his chin. I'm willing to bet he's going to have my mother curse him - unless the high chance of getting pregnant changes his mind. Although, I suppose there are protection spells we could have used if any of us thought for a MOMENT that the temporary female body was primed and ready to conceive.

Anyway, I decided to put on a bit of my Malfoy mask and get through the last bit with a straight face, because it's arguably the most embarrassing part. "And I liked it enough that when Harry suggested that I do it again for some playtime with our friends, I jumped at the chance... and got pregnant AGAIN..."

"What?" Most everyone asked in surprise.

"Surely... that's not possible..." My mother murmured in confusion.

"You'd think," I stated in agreement. "But apparently it is. I currently have three wombs, each containing a baby, for a total of three separate pregnancies all happening at the same time."

"Heteropaternal Superfecundation..." Sebastian murmured in intrigue. "I've thought about making a potion that can do that, but then had absolutely NO reason to ever try it on anyone, and so, decided against it.”

I raised a brow at my brother because he's rather a weirdo when it comes to potions.

"How is this going to affect your health?" Hazel asked in concern.

"So far, it looks like it's affecting me the same as my pregnancy with Lily and Caelum, so - provided I keep taking all the potions I need to and conserve my magic as much as possible - we're all hoping that it won't be any worse than before."

"And if it gets to the point where it endangers his health, we have options to consider," you murmured, kissing my hand.

"But if you see me in bed rather a lot, that's why," I informed them.

Our older kids all looked around at each other in concern, but the younger ones were definitely excited, piling over to pet my tummy and ask questions. Despite my cold mostly clearing up since that potion on Tuesday, I must still be having a few lingering effects, because I started to feel very tired shortly after finishing my Steak Tartare. With a yawn, I excused myself and left you to deal with the rest of the questions.

I'll see you in my dreams,

Sent around 2 AM.
P.S. I meant that as a bit of a sweet joke, but my dream was INSANE! I dreamt you turned into a giant goat and were eating everything in sight, including the manor, our entire family, and ME! I was watching in horror as you finished off my legs and started on my abdomen when I woke up with a soft shout of alarm, but having you and Atreyu right next to me helped to calm me down and reassure me that you were most definitely NOT a goat!

Chapter Text

Sunday September 11, 2016

Fuck my actual life,

No, I am not a goat. Although at this point, I think I would like to hide away as a simple goat for a while. Maybe until everyone cools off. I'll have you know that the soul crushing reprimanding lecture I received last night after you went to sleep is something I never want to go through again. Thank goodness the littles were tucked away in their beds, or - in Atreyu's case - our bed, before the tongue lashing commenced.

I'm really pleased that they all stayed pretty calm while you were in the room. I know they were much more reserved than they've been in the past during pregnancy announcements but they weren't outright defiant. Mostly just worried about your health and confused since we've been pretty adamant for six years now that there were going to be no more pregnancies from either of us.

I'll take it, especially since the other option is that they come after you with their stressful conversations, but damn you'd think I was one hundred percent responsible for this situation we're finding ourselves in. Somehow I've gone back in time and I feel a bit like a young man getting read the riot act because he got some innocent girl in the family way.

I thought about just hiding this all from you for a moment. Just for a moment I promise! I just didn't want to stress you out even more. But then I realized I'm shite at hiding my feelings and you knew they were going to pepper me with more questions. If I had woken up this morning and tried to pretend that everything went completely well last night you'd immediately catch me in a lie. So, bad news in email per usual my love.

Alright, it's not really as bad as I'm making it out to be. None of them are actually upset at the idea that we have more children coming into our lives. You saw how pleased they were at Shtara's arrival a few years ago, and then Atreyu's arrival recently. They're not against us adding to our beautiful family. They are all scared for you. I certainly don't blame them, I'm scared for you as well. I wish I could lock you up in that dragon guarded tower you're always threatening the teenagers with. But I love you too much to clip your wings like that.

After you left, your brothers, sisters, and the Viper kids decided to remove themselves from the discussion. They'll get all the dirt eventually anyway and seemed alright with letting our children and your parents do all the damage. They very sweetly decided to be the ones to get the littles off to bed. They did try and get Zaire to come with them as well, but he just sneered at them until they got the hint that he was no longer a 'little.' I thought Jaz would argue, but I am sure Zaire will fill her in and she probably would have had a hard time understanding everyone talking at once.

As soon as everyone was sure you and the littles were out of earshot, they started shouting questions at me rapid-fire. "One at a time you monsters! I can't answer all of the questions at once!" I insisted.

They did that scary thing where they all basically tried communicating with their eyes as to who would start. Before they could decide, I had to say my bit. "First of all, I will answer all of your questions as honestly as I can. We've already been to see Rowe twice and I have a lot of good information. But you all need to understand that your dad needs all the support he can get right now. He is being pumped full of potions and hormones. He has decided we are keeping these children. And he's working on being happy about it. You have a problem about the pregnancy or the babies, you come to me. Understood?"

They all nodded, some a bit more forced than others, but we were all in agreement.

Elena began, "I've had more time to process this - since they had to tell me before he began teaching the Zulu dance class. I talked with River about it since we weren't sure if he'd be able to come tonight. Before any of you start attacking Daddy for causing or allowing this, try to remember that he would die before letting any harm come to his husband. You know this." Phew, if I had Lainie in my corner I knew this couldn't be too bad. "I - for one - am thrilled. My little brothers or sisters will grow up with my child, my sister's child, and Del's child."

"Thank you Lainie-Girl. I'm really excited these babies will have your baby to grow up with too." I smiled over at her.

"Yeah, unless Dad or the babies die." Wow, way to go straight for the jugular Viona. Quite the 'off with their heads' Princess there, aren't you?

Seeing as you dying is pretty much my greatest fear, I snapped at her a bit. "I will NOT be letting your Dad die, Viona Skye. I am not going to say anything for how nasty you just acted, but if I hear you say that to your other dad we WILL be having words."

"Yeah, like you'll have time to talk to me over the upcoming months. Good thing there's nothing else important happening, like you guys having grandchildren, or your daughter getting married or anything. I can't believe you're being so fucking selfish." I have never been so angry with Viona. I know she's just a scared girl worried about her favorite person in the world, but what the fuck Vivi?

I would have shut her down again, but Orion beat me to it. "Shut your damn mouth, Viona! Look at Dad's hands, he's shaking. He's scared too, but at least he's not hiding it behind planning for a stupid party."

"It's not just a party! It's my wedding; it's not selfish to want my big day to be amazing and actually about me!" Viona was getting very close to shrieking.

"YOUR wedding, YOUR big day, do you even need a husband for this or should we just print out one of those cardboard cutouts and prop it up next to you since you're the only one that matters?" Yikes Orion, going straight for the jugular there as well.

Your mum cleared her throat … instant silence. How does that woman do that? "None of this is productive. If you are going to act like toddlers you will be sent off to bed like the actual small children were."

I sighed in relief. "Thank you Mum."

"Oh, I wouldn't thank me quite yet, Harry James. How did you let this happen? Why haven't you talked him out of this? What are you doing to assure me of my son's continued safety?"

Oh fuck. Maybe I'd rather have Viona yelling at me instead of these calm scary questions from your mum. "Mum, I love you, but you greatly exaggerate my ability to tell your son what to do. HE wanted to go undercover, HE wanted to try the damsel curse to help him come to terms with the undercover situation, and while I may have suggested the playtime, it was only because I didn't think my ridiculously gay self gave him what he needed the first time. When we found out about the pregnancies, I gave him my opinion and my preferences, but I started every conversation reminding him it was HIS body, HIS decision, and no choice he could make would change my love for him."

She sighed in reluctant acceptance. "I suppose he is a tad stubborn. However, those are all excuses for what has already transpired, what are you going to do to promise me his safety?"

I suppose it was good she was getting all of the hard questions out of the way. It meant I didn't have to hear them coming from my children. "I can tell you all of the specifics if you truly need them. But what it all comes down to is Draco's health and safety are my main priorities. He is taking preemptive potions despite the fact that his health is well within the healthy range. He's cutting back on anything adding stress. He's going to take more time for his dancing, which is a fantastic pregnancy exercise and his own personal stress relief. If his health deteriorates, we have a plan in place to transfer the babies elsewhere for the remainder of the pregnancy. And each one will be born as soon as they hit thirty-six weeks or earlier if there are complications."

I decided to lighten the mood a bit. "And I will be his personal house wizard, foot rubs, bringing him treats in the middle of the night, I will even carry him around bridal style everywhere he wants to go for the rest of his pregnancies if that's what he wants. I will stop peeing midstream to care for him if he so much as coughs."

That earned me a round of "gross!" and "yuck!" and a couple "that's disgusting!"'s.

Hazel interjected with a: "Well, I suppose I'm awfully glad I didn't down a fertility potion and shag a stranger to be pregnant in solidarity with Eri. We need all hands on deck for this, don't we?"

Your mum about exploded, "You almost did WHAT young lady?"

Haz's eyes grew about double their size and she meeped, she actually made a meep noise! "I didn't do anything Grammy!"

River could not contain his laughter at this point. "I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am Maha wants to wait on the babies while her acting career is so hot right now. I can't imagine dealing with any more crazy pregnant people!"

Eris may not look like your side of the family, but she can glare almost as well as her Grammy Cissa. "Who *exactly* are you calling crazy, River?"

Ha! More meeping. "I meant Dad, just Dad, he's the crazy pregnant one, not you Eri!"

Here's where I got to be scary: "Oh? I should just tell him you think he's crazy, eh Riv?"

"Er … I think my portkey is about to leave. Can't be late. I promised I'd be there when Maha got off set. Bye!" That little weasel son of ours actually portkeyed himself back to California to avoid this fight!

Shtara was the next with a concern. "What's this going to mean for my play? And what about your book tour? I thought you were leaving soon to promote the last book?"

I forgot about the damn book tour! I have to be the worst author ever. "This will not change anything about your play. You will have your nanny while you have rehearsals and performances; you will be home or at classes otherwise. The only thing this changes for you is that Daddy might want an extra cushiony seat when we come see you be the star!

"And Er... I haven't really talked with my agent, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. If I have to portkey back and forth for every stop I will. But if Draco's doing well and wants to come with, he's early enough in the pregnancies that he may enjoy some cushy hotel rooms and joining me in the spotlight."

Zaire interrupted what seemed like there might be more arguing. "Dad, you don't need to cry, we'll all be happy about the babies, ok? Don't worry, everyone is just shocked, we'll come around and love our new brothers or sisters. I promise."

Oh. I didn't even realize I'd started crying. I wiped at my eyes and tried to calm down a bit. I looked at Siri and Zwei, who hadn't said anything at this point. "What about you two, Siri you're usually quiet but your mouthpiece hasn't said a word either. What are your two knuts?"

Zwei, with a very serious face, said, "The boys are currently losing eight to seven. I insist they aren't all girls. I can handle one girl and two boys - which will end in a tie. Even better if they're ALL boys! But I refuse to remain outnumbered."

Well, at least this discussion ended with the entire room laughing?

And it's pretty cool how excited the littles were.

I love you Draco.



Monday September 12th

So... When I woke up this morning, I swear I saw a woman standing next to the bed staring at Atreyu, who was wrapped around me rather possessively since you were out of the room. I stared at her in shocked silence for a moment. Perhaps my heartrate started going up, or perhaps my breathing increased, but something woke Atreyu up.

He opened his eyes to peer at me intently, and that caused the woman to run off so fast I almost thought I'd imagined her, except for that she ran straight through the nearest wall, and that made me realize that I could see through her. So... a ghost?

Or still possibly a figment of my overactive, pregnant imagination.

In any case, I had fun simply tickling and playing with Atryu for a bit, and then he jumped out of bed and excitedly shouted something about running around the track. It seems that no matter what he thinks about our cooler weather, he simply ADORES your running track. Not to mention, I'm certain the Manor grounds hold quite a bit of interest for him, especially now that he and Amala are getting on and can go hunting together.

I'm extremely glad that I've maintained a flock of chickens and a large colony of rabbits to not only feed Amala - when she's not in the mood to hunt - but to also give her something (relatively easy) TO hunt so that she doesn't try hunting the Peafowl, the owls, or our pets.

Zaire came in the room and found me doing some light yoga. "Oh good, you're awake." He then quietly joined me in my yoga - presumably to not only warm up, but also keep me on time. One full 'morning' routine later, and we were all ready to go to class - once again wearing nothing but our Zulu warrior costumes.

Our Traditional African Dance class was even better than the first. Zaire was more confident and I had the ability to get lost in the music - while still demonstrating the steps. Once all the students had the basic steps down fairly well, we showed them the various embellishments that could be added to give the dance more flair and allow for individual expression. That often comes across as posturing - in my opinion - but is very fun nonetheless.

At the end of class, Leah showed up. This year, Zaire elected to do something I thought wouldn't be allowed, but is. He decided to list homeschooling as his primary education and only go to the school he'd been going to part time for things like woodworking and gym. Thus, Leah has taken on the role of his tutor while Jaz is in her special school for the day. Also, since we needed a nanny for Shtara, Leah agreed to take on that role as well - since we already trust her like one of the family.

Thus, after class, Leah was really there to take Shtara to her rehearsals, but she'd wanted to make sure that Zaire hadn't forgotten his 'homework.' Grumbling, he took off for the Manor. Chuckling, Leah kissed me on the cheek and assured me that Shtara wouldn't be out of her sight for a single second. Nodding - and returning the kiss to the cheek - I sent her off to collect our ambitious girl.

Which left me with a bit of time to kill before my other class. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to sit and have tea with Elena. Not to mention quietly observe how she's getting on with Rodrigo. She hasn't grumbled about him since shortly after he was hired, but that was no guarantee that they were working well together.

To my surprise, they were having a pleasant chat when I walked into the office. It sounded like preplanning for their midwinter talent showcase. They both smiled at me and Elena stood up to come hug me.

"Daddy, how are you feeling today?"

"I daresay not nearly as uncomfortable as you probably feel," I murmured, rubbing her belly. "Have you learned the gender yet?"

"Well, yes, but I decided to wait to reveal it until Kisa comes to host my baby shower. Which is going to be Friday October 7th - by the way," she informed me.

"Isn't it already a bit late?" I wondered. "What if you're early?"

"Hopefully not THAT early! I'm not due until December 20th!" Elena exclaimed in alarm.

"And did you ever tell Ethan?" I inquired curious.

"Wait - WHAT???"

We all stopped to look at Ethan, who was just about to knock on the open door, and now looked utterly gobsmacked.

"Apparently not," I murmured, feeling bad for inadvertently telling him the news she obvious didn't want him to know.

"Ethan!" Elena exclaimed in shock. "What are you doing here?!"

"I was coming to ask if you had a dance class for two year olds - as my daughter seems to love dancing and I want to encourage that," he explained, now STARING at her stomach.

She turned away and pointed at a large chalk board that has a list of every class, the times they were offered, and who was teaching it. "Yes, we have two, actually, both twice a week, but one in the morning and one in the evening."

"Elena..." Ethan stated in a tone that suggested he realized that she was avoiding the much bigger subject.

She turned back to PEER at him. "Does your wife care that you want to enroll your daughter in classes at a school run by ME?"

He looked utterly confused. "Why would she care about that? She doesn't have a problem with you. In fact, she rather likes you, and now that our therapy has helped solved our biggest issues, we're getting along again, so there's... what's wrong?"

Elena was now glaring at him fiercely. She took a deep breath and exhaled a sigh that also appeared to dispel her negative mood. "Nothing. I'm just actually very busy at the moment. Why don't you go with Rodrigo so that he can enroll your daughter in that dance class."

"ELENA..." Ethan growled darkly, clearly not appreciating her trying to get rid of him *without* discussing the rather large issue he was still staring at.

She sighed and rubbed her temples to ward off a headache. "Look, there's nothing to talk about. I've already adjusted my life's plan and goals to accommodate this little one, so you have nothing to worry about. Just go on back to your wife and forget all about what you heard."

He was unsurprisingly glaring at her now. I pulled Elena into my arms and kissed her temple. "Listen love, you CAN'T shut him out now. I know that you didn't want to complicate things - and I'm sorry I did exactly that - but now that he knows, you have to let him in enough to talk and make decisions."

She turned her frosty glare on me. "What's there to decide? This baby is MINE!"

I gave her a look that clearly let her know that she was being stubborn. She sighed and rested her head on my shoulder.

"Fine, but I'm NOT going to be happy about it!" She grumbled.

"Well... looks like tea is out of the question for the moment, so, I should probably go get ready for my other class. Rodrigo! Don't you have things to do?" I questioned, looking over to find him giving Ethan a look that was just a hair shy of a hostile glare. He seemed startled to be addressed so unexpectedly, but then looked at me with a flush.

"Er, right! Definitely, I have a meeting with a prospective student in 10 minutes and I should probably go prepare," he stated, standing up and rushing off.

I kissed Elena on the cheek again and squeezed her hand comfortingly before saying goodbye. "Ethan," I said with a nod of respect as I passed him by.

He smiled at me appreciatively. "Lovely to see you again, Mr. Malfoy. Stop by the shop to pick up the hoard of instruments we have for you, when you get a chance."

"I will," I promised, a little dismayed that he had reverted to calling me Mr. Malfoy, but decided that he was simply still trying to process what was happening.

At 6 sharp, I arrived at the Ministry Track to pick up my students. They seemed puzzled by my shirt, which now said: Excuses are for people who don't want it bad enough.

I have to admit that I was a bit puzzled myself, reflexively muttering: "Goddamnit Harry," before leading my students to the classroom.

After pairing them all up - old students with new - I demonstrated the move they were expected to practice today. Naturally, it was something the older students already knew, but rather dismayed the new ones. Straight up punching each other wherever they had an opening. This was actually meant to teach BLOCKING. Meaning that it was in the new students best interest to learn how to block and protect themselves as soon as possible.

My sole female student was once again dancing around with her partner, neither seriously trying to hit the other. I glared at him before crossing my arms over my chest and letting him know with a look that he had about 30 seconds to land a hit on her before I punched him in the gut. To his credit, he gulped in dismay and gave it a good try. He landed the hit, but it looked like a bunny could have hit her harder.

Still, I gave him a slight nod of acceptance before turning to watch HER attempt to land a hit on him. He's actually pretty good at defense at this point. Good enough that she would have to try a LOT harder to hit him than he'd tried to hit her, once he was actually serious about it. She waffled about for about a minute, clearly trying to SEEM like she was looking for a good opening while really hoping that I'd be fooled and go away before she had to hit him.

This was definitely NOT good enough for me! Before she could sense danger coming at her, I whipped her around and punched her in the gut.

"Sexist bastard!" She gasped out as she bent over and cradled her stomach.

I raised a brow at her in a near snarl. Apparently her definition of NOT sexist is a person who agrees that she CAN do an equal job as the men all while expecting to be treated like a Princess. Rather than correct her erroneous assumption - AGAIN - I simply whipped out my wand and cast: "Petrificus Totalis!" After that, I conjured a bodybag, zipped her up in it, and pointed at a huge brawler of a new student - who was already decently competent since he was already an Auror.

"You! Pair with timid mouse here! Make sure that he's not permanently injured or killed, but otherwise, challenge him to improve his skills! You, since you're brawler's partner, stand back and wait for an opening from EITHER of them, and then hit them wherever you can - even in the back - EVEN those pain spots I taught you in the previous session. The rest of you keep going; if I catch you slacking when I get back, I WILL PUNISH YOU THOROUGHLY!"

With that warning, I picked the bodybag up (the girl was barely a hundred pounds, which will probably be too much for me when I am farther along, but for now, seemed JUST within my limits), tossed it over my shoulder, and carried it to Robards office where I not so gently placed it on his desk.

He looked up at me in surprise and no small amount of suspicion. "What's this?"

"The first student to die," I stated before turning and walking away.

He sputtered in astonishment. "What?! MALFOY! Please tell me you're not serious!!!"

I was already quite far away by this point, and only glanced over my shoulder as I called out: "Find out for yourself!"

After that, class was actually rather pleasant. My students were strangely motivated to not fuck up.

Feeling only slightly tired but not wanting to push myself into exhausted, I had Muffy Apparate me home, directly to our suite where I could strip off, climb in bed, and respond to your email. I'm a little disappointed by our children's behavior, but thankfully my mother was on hand to rein them in. I'll make it a point to talk to them all individually tomorrow, address their concerns and answer their questions until they feel better about this pregnancy.

In the meantime, I look forward to you coming in here and snuggling with me.

Hanging by a moment here with you,

Chapter Text

Wednesday September 14, 2016

My Dragon,

Your behavior and the things you find important to tell me about should really have stopped surprising me years ago. But every time I think I've got you figured out you throw a brand new surprise at me. Oh gee hun, by the way, I think a ghost might be haunting your son! But by the way, I'm glad I bought chickens.


Or I suppose you're not completely sure about that. There's a chance there's no ghost and my husband is having pregnancy induced hallucinations. Thanks, that's ever so much better. When our grandchildren come visit Grandpa Harry in the Janus Thickney ward, can you please reference this situation so they can have the full understanding of what drove me to insanity? Maybe print out your email and frame it above my bed.

So I'm going to need a bit more info. Or I need to ramble all the thoughts that are running through my head. Alright, my first thought? It could be his mum. I mean it would make sense since we've not really had ghosts at the Manor previously so the logical conclusion is that their spirit is anchored to Atreyu as opposed to an object or the Manor itself. If that's the case, that's very sweet that she's checking up on him but I hope it doesn't scare him. Maybe he'll actually never see her if she flees every time he seems to be awake and aware.

It could very likely be an Olivia/Viona situation. She can't care for him and she's checking up to see him growing and to see that he's being loved and cared for. I obviously plan on living a very very long time and not leaving any of our children to grow up without us. And if I was to pass I wouldn't stay on as a ghost because I know that with our enormous circle there's no way our children would grow up less than one hundred percent cherished and loved. But if I had been alone and left my child without knowing he'd be safe? I imagine I'd feel the need to hang on and see that he was cared for. Hopefully if this is the case, she's happy with the outcome. Merlin knows I love that boy to the depths of my soul.

The other option is this is an angry ghost who's going to try and hurt or take our child. You know, a Zaire's biological monster situation. But, hey, good news is we already know how to deal with that situation!

Oh Zaire. I hope homeschooling is the right choice for him. He just has such different interests than traditional schooling offers. But I know he was so looking forward to heading to Hogwarts to be with Siri and Zwei next year. I know, I know, he hasn't decided yet whether or not he will attend Hogwarts, so far the homeschooling is going to be specifically for this school year. I just see the way he's quieter when his brothers aren't nearby and I hate the idea of him withdrawing into himself. Ugh, I'll take the teenagers if you promise to handle all the emotional needs of the pre-teens, cool?

How did your talk with the older kids go? I didn't tell you what was said in an attempt to make you upset with them. I think with the exception of how nasty Viona got, they were pretty respectful and mostly just worried about you. And even Viona's nastiness was obviously covering up her fear. I hope you didn't give them TOO hard of a time.

I don't however, have any issues with Narcissa taking them to task!

I liked her taking ME to task much less.

You know, we've spent their entire lives teaching them to be who they are and make no apologies for it. We've taught them to be strong in their convictions, to try and be kind but that it's most important to be truthful. To stand up for what they believe in no matter the cost. Strength, independence, confidence. Just … could they have waited until they moved out to act on all of that teaching? I want you to have backbone with OTHER people, not ME!!

Damn children surpassing all my wishes for them.

Speaking of children moving out … have you heard from Elena concerning her conversation with Ethan? I have not wanted to wake the entity that is Tropical Storm Elena, so I didn't want to ask. But since you, er, caused the interaction I thought she may have messaged you to let you know what transpired.

It's her life and her business. And to be completely honest with you, I would be on her side even if she'd murdered the man. I should probably talk with Katja about my complete disregard of morality when it comes to the happiness of my family. It can't be healthy to condone some of the things I condone simply because I love my family more than I love doing the right thing. And I love doing the right thing! But I'm really glad Ethan is finally aware of what's going on. I really do think that while it might have been easier to keep him in the dark, it certainly wasn't right.

You know this means that WE will have to do the right thing by Dean don't you? I haven't said a word to him. You and I both know that baby is going to be half Thomas. When can we test for that and when do we tell him? This was so much easier when the other biological father was a criminal who had all of his paternal rights stripped. What do we do when it's a good guy we've known most of our lives?

I'm here at movie night at Unity. They haven't started the movie yet so I'm in the office writing to you. Any chance you'll get done with your classes early and I can snuggle up with you? There's a certain snuggly little boy who's ready to climb in our laps, pop his thumb in his mouth, and fall asleep in our arms. How can you possibly want to pass that up? We're watching Big Hero 6! You know how much you love Baymax!

Oh, they're about to start. I will make it worth your while when we get home!

Your Harry

P.S. By 'worth your while' I mean all the sexy times you can handle!!


Wednesday September 4th
Oh Harry!

I was SO bloody happy to have my two classes today!

To tell you why, I have to go back to yesterday morning. It started well enough. I was drifting awake shortly before noon, and being Tuesday, I didn't have anything planned. To my pleasant surprise, as I started making unconscious noises in response to the thoughts in my head, a pair of lips gave me a soft kiss.

However, I knew instantly that they weren't yours, and so, opened my eyes to make sure they weren't a nasty surprise - such as that time a certain someone tried to show her gratitude to me by getting naked and slipping in bed with me. Once I opened my eyes, I momentarily thought I was looking into a mirror, but then I arrived at a conclusion that made far more sense. I was simply in bed with myself.

"Good morning," Tiger murmured softly.

"Good morning," I returned with a smile.

"I heard the news - that you got pregnant during our playdate," he informed me. "I wonder if a child between us would look EXACTLY like us - like one of those muggle clones."

My eyes widened probably as big as they could get. "Oh... SHIT! We thought - we assumed! Oh Gods!"

He frowned in puzzlement. "Assumed what?"

"We assumed that it was Dean!" I blurted out. "But both you and Viper had me too!" I was now tempted to have Healer Rowe double and triple check that last womb to be CERTAIN there was only one in there!

"True, me and my Harry did actually talk about him being the father versus me, and maybe I just assumed that MY essence would beat out the others, because I was certain it was mine. Meanwhile, my Harry is dead certain that it's his, which would more or less be the same as YOUR Harry being the father. Neither of us gave any thought at all to it being Dean..."

I started rubbing my temples in alarm. "Would that even be healthy for the baby??? Sort of like how a child conceived in incest CAN have a lot of health issues, what sort of issues might a baby conceived with MYSELF have?"

Tiger pulled me in his arms and rubbed my back. "Listen, I didn't mean to scare you. Just wanted to let you know that if it's mine or Harry's, we won't fight you or insist on custody or anything like that. We KNOW that you'll raise the baby with as much love as you have all your others."

I sighed and relaxed into him. "Yeah... and that's good. Honestly, we've been talking about telling Dean and I've been reluctant because I don't know how to handle the idea of sharing one of my kids with anyone other than my husband. What if - oh I dunno - the kid wants to be a circus performer, or something considered ridiculous for a child to devote themselves to, and Harry and I are as supportive as ever, but Dean and Seamus firmly insist that the child HAS to go to Hogwarts and become a proper witch or wizard?"

"They're Gryffindors," Tiger stated in confusion. "WHY would they suddenly change their House affiliation to argue AGAINST something brave and adventurous?"

"Fine, bad example," I admitted in a grumble. "What if our child is extremely driven and dedicated to becoming the next Percy Weasley, and Dean and Seamus WANT him or her to become a circus performer? Look what I'm saying is that what if we have a fundamental difference in parenting and it causes strife in an otherwise perfectly lovely friendship?"

He stroked my back again. "If that happens, just remember that I'm a lawyer and can help permanently solve the problem for you - BEFORE your husband invites our aunt Kisa over to do it."

We both chuckled at that.

"Nah, I think Harry draws the line at disappearing friends over disagreements," I said, feeling better for some reason.

Still chuckling, Tiger proceeded to give me as good a wake up as one can get that ISN'T actual shagging. Just lovely kissing and a bit of wandering hands. No orgasms sadly because my stomach growled and Muffy popped into the room with my breakfast, which smelled so good that I couldn't stop myself from sitting up and moaning as I dug in.

"Must be losing my touch," Tiger remarked wryly, also sitting up and stealing a sausage off my plate. Lucky for him I had plenty more and DIDN'T hex his fingers off.

After breakfast, I did some yoga before taking a quick shower and putting on some lounge pants and one of those bloody tee shirts that are now overrunning our closet. The one that warns everyone that I'm a badass with a nice ass.

Tiger chuckled and said: "I'll say!"

We chatted a bit about his various cases as we flooed Hogwarts and got permission to come visit for the day. Minerva thought the request odd so early in the year, and right after we'd had the kids for the weekend, but saw no reason to deny me. When we arrived, she looked at us curiously, but since she's one of the few that know about Tiger and Viper - out of necessity since Viper's kids all went to Hogwarts - she didn't have to ask me to explain why there were two of me.

"I just need to have a quick chat with all of my kids individually," I explained.

"Anything important?" She wondered.

"In my opinion, yes," I stated.

"Alright then, here's a copy of all their schedules. Try your best not to disrupt their classes."

"Thank you, Headmistress," I murmured with a smile.

She put a hand on my shoulder and smiled in return. "It always makes me proud when former students grow up to be such wonderful parents, and your kids are such dedicated students."

"Thank you," I murmured, tactfully NOT saying that I think they all secretly HATE school, and so, are trying their best to get it over with as soon as possible.

We followed the schedule to Transfiguration, where Viona was capably demonstrating the lesson that the teacher wanted everyone to learn that day. It was actually impressive to watch because it was rather complicated - not JUST turning a large board into a blanket (which seems simple enough even for a Third or Fourth Year), but turning it into an elaborate quilt with an intricate design. It turned out beautifully, and while most of the students clapped politely (most seeming a bit jealous, I presume), I clapped at a normal volume that sounded rather loud comparatively.

"Dad?" Viona questioned when she looked up and saw us.

I smiled at her and then addressed the Professor. "I have permission to have a quick chat with my daughter."

"By all means, Mr. Malfoy, I daresay she can afford to miss a few minutes."

Beckoning to her, I invited her to follow us out into the hall. Which actually had a good amount of privacy with the majority of the students in one class or another.

"Dad...?" Viona asked warily.

I pulled her into a hug. "Listen, I heard that you were being rather upsetting to your dad at dinner. I'm not mad, but I am disappointed. I KNOW that you're probably just scared and covering it with a bit of Malfoy attitude, but please don't upset your dad like that."

She didn't say anything for a long moment, simply holding onto me. Then she nodded. "I'll Magi-Skype him tonight and apologize. It's just... what if you actually die? Maybe a triple pregnancy wouldn't be so hard if it was happening NORMALLY, but this is so not normal, what with you being a man, and then the fact that there are THREE wombs to sustain."

I brushed her hair out of her face. "I know it's scary love. You think I'm not worried too? But we're coming up with every possible contingency, and rest assured that if it comes down to a matter of their lives or mine, I'll -"

She covered my mouth and shook her head. "Don't say it. It's enough to know it; I don't need to hear the words."

I nodded in understanding. With one last squeeze, we kissed each other on the cheek and she returned to class. I turned to give Tiger a relieved sigh.

"That went so much better than anticipated. I really thought Viona would argue more."

"Sometimes kids surprise you," Tiger murmured supportively.

Talking to the rest of the kids went almost exactly the same. Those that needed to apologize to someone promised to do so, and those that had initially been quiet asked a few more questions, but eventually, I was sitting and laughing with Zwei - who is still adamant that I need to have three boys. I ruffled his hair and gave him a kiss on the cheek before heading back to the floo room to come home.

"I don't know how you do this parenting thing so well," Tiger muttered with a shake of his head. "I personally only have four kids and I almost always feel like I'm drowning and need someone to come tell me what to do. Thankfully it is a bit easier when I'm talking with Harry about his kids. I mean they are mine since I'm married to their dad, but they never fully bonded with me like they did him, and so, when there's drama with them, Harry agonizes over it, we discuss it, I give him helpful advice, and he deals with the problem. When I had drama with MY River, I had Rosalie to help calm me down, and my Viona is... too reserved to cause drama. I really get the feeling that she's just biding her time until she's old enough to live on her own."

I patted him on the back. "As my Harry says, Viona has a hard shell keeping everyone at a distance until she feels that she can trust them. Once she does, she's the biggest snuggle bug. I suggest taking her to a spa for a day, and then watch her favorite movie with her. Let her see that you're still trying."

He sighed heavily, letting me know that he was silently weighing the pros and cons of taking off time to follow my advice. After a few moments, he sighed again. "Alright. Anything is better than constantly wondering if she's planning to disappear the moment she legally can."

I nodded in agreement, and then invited him to go running with me.

It may not sound like it, but yesterday freaked me out so much that I couldn't stop dwelling on the possibility that Tiger is the other father of baby C. Thus when Robards Owled me and ordered me to come in at 5 to have a meeting about yesterday, I jumped at the chance to get ready and leave early.

So, if you were alarmed by me sitting in bed last night and looking a tiny bit horrified, that's why. I was compulsively imagining all the weird things that could go wrong in a baby that was genetically closer than an incest baby. I was actually tempted to look up everything there is to know about those muggle clones things, because maybe they are usually healthy?

Fuck, I have to stop thinking about this again.

Anyway, so after my morning exercise and routine, I got dressed early and actually arrived at the Ministry at half four. I knew I'd probably have to wait, but for once, I felt like having some time to just sit and organize my thoughts would be beneficial.

At 5 sharp, Robards' office door opened and he called me in. As I calmly sat down and crossed my left leg over my right, he sighed.

"Listen, we've had a formal complaint filed against you."


"A sexual harassment complaint..."


He laughed. "Yeah, I found that a bit absurd too. So here's what happened, I had the head of Internal Affairs and the Head of Human Resources in a meeting last night with the claimant. She laid out her complaint and spent about an hour answering questions. Interestingly enough, the three of us felt that being punched, petrified, and expected to take the class seriously was NOT sexual harassment. She couldn't point out ONE TIME when you'd so much as looked at her funny."

"Well, not unless you're counting glares and expressions of mild disgust," I murmured with a shrug.

"This morning, the three of us called in the previous women from your class, and asked them if you'd ever sexually harassed any of them, and they were gobsmacked at the very idea. Each of them - separately - stated that you were a hard arse, sure, but that you always treated them EXACTLY as you'd treated the men, and that you never sexually harassed anyone - unless one counted the times that a very openly gay student groped YOU and you didn't take him to task for it."

I frowned in thought and pinched my chin. "You know, I actually think one of those woman groped me at least once too."

He smirked. "Not that any of them admitted. But yeah, after reviewing the testimony, it was determined that the claim was patently false, and that she had two choices - either return to class and stop faffing about, or quit the Auror Training Program."

"That's almost exactly what I told her," I stated in agreement.

Robards nodded. "That said, the Head of Human Resources politely requests that you try to take your students feelings into consideration while you're teaching."

I snorted in amusement. "What did you say to that?"

"I said that I hadn't hired you to care about FEELINGS," Robards sneered. "I'd hired you to equip our Aurors and Future Aurors to remain alive in the hardest of battles - should anything ever happen. Honestly, while I do respect and admire your predecessor, his methods took a bit longer and didn't seem to fully prepare his students for the realities of the field."

I smirked a bit smugly.

"THAT SAID, please try to refrain from traumatizing your students so badly that they need Mind Healing before they're cleared for active duty."

I chuckled. "I'll see what I can do."

Knowing I had basically just told him what he wanted to hear, Robards shook his head and offered me some tea before I had to go teach my class. As we drank and chatted about quidditch, I received and read your email.

Harry... were you... hoping? ASSUMING? That I'd get fired??? You basically hinted that I'd be somehow done teaching my class - that starts at 6 - in time to watch a movie with you... that ALSO starts at 6. o.O

In any case, I had time to head to the Ministry track about 10 minutes before the start of class. To my surprise, my female student was running, and to her credit, she actually is athletic enough that this seemed easy for her. I decided to clear my head a bit by joining in on the run. When my friend the expert trainer blew a whistle signaling the end of the run, I led my students to the classroom.

Once there, they circled around and stared at my shirt, which now said: Sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I said. Oh wait, no I'm not.

"Oh Harry, you know me so well," I murmured before deciding to charm the shirt black with white words, rather that the other way around as you had it.

I looked over my students for a moment, wondering how to handle girly so that she'd put in a better effort and not feel so picked on. CLEARLY, partnering her with timid mouse was the WRONG idea. I sized them all up and realized that she needed a partner who could motivate her to do her best and WOULDN'T be too shy to actually hit her. After a moment, I pointed at burly.

"You! I'm going to partner you with the Princess from now on. I know that you're both new students and I want the new students to pair with the returning ones, but I feel that you'll be the best partner for her," I explained.

"Sure thing Chief!" Burly agreed.

"Er..." girly droned, clearly finding the man intimidating. She glanced at timid mouse. "Why can't I just keep partnering with Tim?"

I frowned at her for a moment, wondering if she was referring to him by my nickname, until I realized that that might actually be his NAME. Huh...

Shaking that off, I shook my head. "Sorry but no. The two of you clearly need opponents who actually have the bollocks to hit you - if nothing else, forcing you to learn to defend yourselves. Pairing you together was clearly a mistake." Then I smirked at her. "What's wrong? Don't you think a GIRL like you can handle an opponent like him?"

She glared at me, clearly not appreciating that I was using her own argument against her. Before she could decide on an answer - and probably still feeling a bit chastised from her meeting - I held up a hand to prevent her.

"Hang on a moment," I bade as I grabbed a piece of stationary and wrote a quick note. "Muffy! Deliver this to McGonagall, and then bring Viona to me."

"Yes Master," Muffy replied before popping off to do as ordered. About a minute later, she reappeared with Viona.

"Dad?" Viona asked in confusion.

I gestured to my darling daughter. "You, would you say that my daughter is about the same build as you?"

"Perhaps a tad... thicker..." girly murmured with a shrug.

This unsurprisingly activated Viona's temper. "Oi! Say that to my face, you bloody -"

"Viona…" I said in a low tone of warning.

I could see her twist her lips unhappily and change her words. "Daft cow..."

Giving her a look but letting the matter slide, I then pointed at burly. "Viona, my love, I need to prove another point. I need someone of your approximate build and your gender to spar with this student here."

She sized him up for a moment before nodding. "Alright." Then she gave me a shrewd look as she pulled off her Slytherin robes and tossed them off to the side. "Are there any rules? Any particular tactics I should use or avoid?"

"Just fight like a Slytherin and make me proud," I informed her.

She grinned rather evilly. "Sure thing daddy." She hopped a couple of times and rolled her shoulders before inviting him to attack her.

To his credit, he had the intelligence to wonder what I'd do to him if he hit my daughter, but after a glance at me gave Viona an opening to punch him in the nose, his attention was properly on her.

"Oi! What are you looking at? I'M your opponent, now shape up and bloody fight me before I kick your arse so hard you end up in St. Mungo's!"

Well... I DID say fight like a Slytherin...

Looking a bit impressed, he shifted into a defensive stance and actually put his best into the fight. Unfortunately for him, she's been practicing Krav Maga on and off since she was about two. Maybe three. Whenever Kisa came for a visit and had ALL the girls thinking that kicking arse was the best thing ever.

Also like a Slytherin, Viona sportingly let him believe he had a chance by being conservative, blocking all hits, and taking every opening he gave her. After just five short minutes, he looked like he was nearly ready to pass out, and that's when Viona went in for the kill, figuratively. She used a left cross on his armpit, headbutted him, kicked his bladder (making him wet himself a little), and then threw him over her shoulder.

"Thank you, my love, well done!" I praised. Then I positioned myself in front of girly. "See? I am NOT being sexist in ANY way, shape, or form. I am simply expecting you to put in the same amount of effort as my daughter. No more and no less. Look at her. She's wearing high heels and couture. She has her hair and nails done, and didn't let ANY of that get in the way of the fight. Wear what you want. Look however you want. But remember that you are here to learn to FIGHT, so bloody well FIGHT!"

She looked down in shame. "Yes Mr. Malfoy..."

I bit back my expression of relief and considered that a major win. So, I decided to give her a little reward. "Fortunately for you, my daughter has incapacitated your partner. So, I want you to heal him a bit while the rest of the class finally gets to their lesson. As you do, get to know him better. Find something about him that makes you want to kick his bloody arse, and then do it!"

"I have a better idea," Viona stated. "Since I've already finished my homework for the week AND am missing out on dinner anyway, why don't I give her a few pointers and help her get in the right frame of mind?"

I held up a hand warily. "Right frame of mind to spar, or right frame of mind to go work for Kisa?"

Viona thought this over for a moment before shaking her head. "Nah, she doesn't have what it takes to work for Kisa. My dearest Great-Auntie would have to hang her from the ceiling and whip her into submission. Maybe even cut off her middle toes..."

"I thought she favored middle fingers to prevent her victims from flipping her off," I murmured in thought, trying to remember.

"Oh, she does that too," Viona assured me with a flap of her hand.

"Huh," I stated. "Well, by all means, see if you can properly motivate her.”

Viona stepped in front of girly and burly, who was now looking rather terrified of our daughter. With a dismissive wave of her hand, she cast a healing spell on the worst of the damage, and then pointed at girly. "YOU, you don't look like much of an Auror to me, but you must want it badly enough to still be here. I don't like you. You think you are better than me, so I'm going to give you FIVE minutes to try to hit me. I'm going to tell you what a pathetic cow you are the entire time, and if that doesn't piss you off enough to punch me in the nose, nothing will. If you succeed, congratulations, you've figured out what you need to do in order to fight this bloke. If NOT... I'm going to do to you what I just did to him, only probably worse, because I expect you to represent the female gender to the best of your abilities and BE BETTER than him!!!"

Girly looked on the verge of crying, but for once, had absolutely NO grounds to claim any sort of sexism or unfair treatment. As much as I wanted to watch only them, I kept my eye on the rest of the students and encouraged them to kick each other and attempt to block the kicks. They were doing an okay job, but were obviously ALSO trying to watch Viona.

To my dismay, half the new ones looked in love with her.

About halfway through the rather amusing match where Viona blocked every hit with one hand and girly was practically on fire with the determination to hit her, a soft tune rang out through the air. Clare de Lune? Viona didn't even ask girly to pause a moment and simply pulled out her magi-mobile.

"Hi Alric, sorry I didn't call you on time. Is there something you need - oi! Are you going to give your CRIMINALS a lighter fight if THEY answer the phone while you're trying to arrest them?! What? No, I'm not talking to you, it's this weak woman trying her best to hit me and having a better chance of farting so hard I pass out."

"OI!!!" Girly protested indignantly.

"Shut it, I'm not talking to you. Go ahead Alric, uh-huh... If the expert suggests pricing it at a million galleons, then start with that. You can always - did you just stick your tongue out at me?! You're earning yourself an extra punch or three when your five minutes are up! You can always bring the price down if it doesn't sell. Are you planning to hold auctions like we talked about? I really - you are NEVER going to out trick a Slytherin! Stop feinting and waiting for an opening and bloody HIT ME! I really think you'd be marvelous at auctions. Yeah, go for it and - OH! I have to call you back, her five minutes are up and I have to break her arm."


She sighed. "I mean NOT break her arm as I teach her a lesson she won't forget."

"Better," I stated, watching her stash her magi-mobile and tilt her head side to side as if cracking her neck. "So... Alric's doing well with the Import Export business?"

She was starting with some lighter punches in less hurtful places, clearly working up to the painful stuff. "Yep! It's like I said, he was BORN for it! He's already increased our profits by nearly ten percent. - Oi! At least TRY to defend yourself!"

I actually had to look away because I wasn't sure I could stomach the sight, but despite trying to keep up their sparring, the other students gasped a good two minutes later. I whipped my head around to find Viona licking blood from her lip and grinning like a mad woman.

"See? I TOLD you that all you had to do was get pissed off enough to fight back."

Girly looked positively fierce. She was heaving from exertion and had a few bruises, but nothing was broken and she didn't seem to be on the verge of crying or sicking up. I pulled Viona close and kissed her on the cheek.

"That's my girl."

She grinned at me cattily. "For dinner, you're taking me to Café Exquis and treating me to sushi and hibachi grilled calamari."

"Mmm, that sounds good," I moaned in anticipation.

"And THEN we're going to River's spa and having our hair and nails done while we chat about my wedding plans."

I chuckled. "Good news, class is dismissed early! Go spar at home, or stay here and spar to take advantage of the fact that the mats are still fairly cushy. Just remember, come Monday, we're learning choke holds! So best to practice on your dummies at home a bit first."

The rest of the night was delightful. I had the tips of my hair died purple to match all my nails. Viona is extremely organized with her plans, having an alarmingly massive binder full of ideas. My favorite is the dance she wants her brothers and sisters to perform as they walk down the aisle. I mean main street of Hogsmeade.

After we were done, I sent her back to school and had Muffy bring me home, where I found you sitting in bed with Atreyu sleeping so his head was on your legs.

"I... I think I saw a glimpse of that ghost," you informed me, pointing at the wall off to the side of the bed. "A face poked through the wall, took a good look at our son, smiled fondly, noticed me watching her, and squeaked in alarm before disappearing."

"Sounds like you might be right about her being his mother," I said, pulling off my clothes so that I could climb into bed with you.

"Let's leave him sleeping on his own for a bit and go to the playroom for some privacy," you suggested.

"Mmm..." I moaned happily, nearly grabbing your hand and Apparating us, before remembering that I need to conserve my magic. To my delight, you gently shifted Atreyu off you and took my hand so that you could do the Apparating.

"I love you," I whispered into your mouth before kissing you.

"I love you more," you stated, provoking an argument that lasted until we were both drowsy from orgasms.

Once back in our bed, I was sleepy but not enough to sleep, while you were already passed out. So I wrote this email and am utterly SHOCKED that it's still before midnight. I would have thought it was coming up on 2 or 3 in the morning by now.

In any case, I ready to sleep now and I'm too tired to think of an appropriate lyric,