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Dear Club

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Keito had been walking for about half an hour and had almost bumped into 4 or 5 passerbys. He kept looking up, searching for the building his friend had indicated him. He glanced at the address written on the small piece of paper he had in hand. He was in the right street, but he couldn’t find the building. He was about to ask a passerby when a big sign on the middle of the pavement caught his eyes. It was a big black sign on which the words “Dear Club” were written in golden calligraphy letters with an arrow indicating a building. Keito followed the direction of the arrow and froze. He was now facing a huge black building which looked like a luxurious bottle of perfume. The facade was made of a mirror-like material which made it glow like a jewel, the windows were tinted and the words “Dear Club” were written as on the sign. It was amazingly classy and Keito felt like he wasn’t belonging in there. He walked up the few steps leading to the big French door, heavy indoor curtains were preventing him from seeing inside. A fancy golden plate on the left indicated the opening time, it was currently closed, but his friend had told Keito to ring when he would be there. He hesitantly pressed the doorbell and waited for someone to open. He heard few rings coming from the inside and some time after, the door opened.

— Ah, Keito! You’re here! Did you find easily? asked a tall dark-haired handsome guy,

Keito nodded to Yuto Nakajima, his best friend, not willing to tell him how hard it had been to actually find the Club.

— Come on in! If some customers see the door open they are going to think they can enter! And it’s going to be hard getting rid of them! said the black-haired man, laughing.

He winked at Keito and let him in, he closed the heavy door behind them but bumped into Keito when he meant to turn around. Keito was motionless in the middle of the doorway, his eyes scanning every little detail around him. Everything was just… amazingly luxurious, huge mirrors were hanging on the walls on each side of the narrow room, giving it the sensation to be larger than it actually was. The black and white checked patterned tiles along with an enormous crystal chandelier made Keito wonder if he hadn’t been transported to the palace of Versailles. Yuto caught Keito by the arm which brought him back to reality.

— It’s beautiful isn’t it?

Keito nodded, unable to take his eyes away from this marvelous scenery.

— I’ll show you around after your contract of employment is signed.

These words reminded Keito of what he was actually doing in that place. He was there to find a job. Yuto led him to the end of the doorway, they turned on the right and entered a large room, cut in two by a semi-walled corridor. each side was furnished with burgundy couches and dark wooden tables, they were gathered here and there in a cosy way, heavy red curtains were preventing the daylight from entering the room but two tremendous crystal chandeliers, like the one in the doorway, lighted the place. On the left side of the room, in the middle of the couches and tables stood a stage with a grand piano on one side and some stools on the other. Yuto led Keito to the end of the corridor were a large bar with a mirror wall occupied all the space. Keito had the impression of being in another world, a fancy, luxurious place where he obviously didn’t belong. Even if he lived in a huge house, Keito felt fascinated by the Club, everything was so…. incredible, not kitsch or old-fashioned… It was tastefully decorated. He then noticed a man standing behind the bar counter, who was looking at him while wiping some glasses. He was tall, with brown mid-long hair, he looked older than Keito and Yuto there was something sexy coming out from him. He was wearing a purple satin buttoned down shirt which let have a glimpse of his muscled torso. His brown hot eyes met Keito’s gaze and Keito nearly blushed.

— Yuya, this is Keito, the friend I told you about… said Yuto, designating his friend with one hand.

The man standing behind the bar scrutinized Keito and nodded, he put away the glasses he had been wiping and invited his guests to sit down. He crossed his arms on the counter and addressed Keito with his low voice.

— Keito then…
— Yes Sir, said Keito as if answering a colonel.

The barman bursted out laughing

— Sir? It’s the first time someone called me that!

He stretched a hand toward Keito.

— Takaki Yuya.

Keito took his hand.

— Okamoto Keito.
— So, Keito, why do you want to work here?

Yuya let go of Keito’s hand and took a pen and a notebook from his apron. Keito glanced at Yuto who reassured his friend by patting his shoulder.

— Just tell him what happened, he’s here to help you, he’ll understand.

Keito looked back at Yuya, he didn’t know why, but he felt he could trust this man he had just met. He took a deep inspiration and started to tell his story.
Keito Okamoto was the son of Kenichi Okamoto, a famous rock singer. Keito had always lived in the shadow of his father, trying his best not to disappoint him, wishing that one day he could be just a little bit like him. He had always been a nice, polite, hard-working boy but when he graduated from high school, he had entered a prestigious university but didn’t manage to obtain his diploma. He wasn’t really meant for studies and his father had been ashamed of him. Moreover, some paparazzis had taken some pictures of him while at a student party on which he could be seen kissing some university girls. The scandal had been taken down after a few days by Kenichi’s agents. But Kenichi had thus decided to distance himself from his son and to cut him off completely, preferring his carrier to his own son. Not knowing what to do and feeling completely lost, Keito had told about that to Yuto Nakajima, his best friend since middle school. Yuto had thus told him about the Dear Club where he had been working for the past 4 years and which owner, Takaki Yuya was known for helping all the boys in need.
Yuya had attentively listened to him, taking some notes on his notebook, when Keito had finished telling his story, the club owner started asking questions.

— How old are you?
— 25…
— Do you have particular skills?
— Hm, I can… I can play the guitar… Keito hesitated
— And he is a real gentleman! Yuya, I’m sure the clients will adore him! insisted Yuto.
— Do you have a place to stay? asked Yuya without noticing Yuto’s remark.
— Not really, answered Keito, a little uneasy, my… my father wants me out of the house in 2 days…

Yuya thought for a few moments before continuing.

— You can live here, starting from today if you want, there is a free apartment on the 3rd floor. I’m not asking for any rent, you’ll only have to pay your water and electricity bills, and you’ll have to pay for your food too.

Keito’s eyes widened, surprised to be offered a solution so quickly. They agreed that Keito could start bringing his stuff in the afternoon. Yuya gave him a key from a safe and took Yuto aside to talk to him privately.

— He seems nervous, but I agree, the clients are going to like him, that’s for sure. If he really can play the guitar, I’ll let him do some stage performance.
— I’ll teach him how to work with the clients, said Yuto.
— No, answered Yuya, I’m going to put him with Hikaru.

Yuto straightened.

— Hikaru?! But… I don’t think that…
— Hikaru has more experience than you, interrupted the owner, moreover, I don’t want him to rely on you all the time, he has to become independent.

Yuto nodded, anyway, he didn’t have a word to say concerning Yuya’s decisions. He was the boss after all… Yuto joined Keito and started showing him around, he showed him the changing room, where Keito was going to have a locker, the storehouse, the clients’ cloakroom and then he led him behind the bar, to the stairs and lift that led to the upper floors. There was also a courtyard at the back of the building. They went up the stairs to the 3rd floor. Yuto told his friend that there were 8 guys actually working in the Club, so they were now 9 with Keito. Some lived in the building some others elsewhere. The building was composed of 10 floors, the remaining floors served as storage and were not renovated yet. On the lower floors were apartments, 4 per floor.
Yuto took the key from Keito’s shaky hands and unlocked the door of the apartment number 7. The flat was on the road side, it was not so big, but enough for one person. It was composed of a toilet, a small bathroom, a kitchen with a counter opened on a living-room and then a bedroom. It was humbly furnished, a big green couch taking most of the place in the living-room, and in the room were a double bed and a chest of drawers. It has nothing to do with the luxurious setting of the first floor, but it already felt like home to Keito. He walked around the flat several times while Yuto was leaning against the living-room wall. He smiled at the happy air coming from his friend, he caught him by the arm when he passed close to him and pulled Keito to him. Yuto looked at his smaller friend.

— Look like you like it, he whispered.

Keito nodded, a smile on his face.

— I’m happy we found a solution… And… It’s thanks to you Yuto…

Keito straightened and dropped a kiss on his comrade’s lips. A large smile appeared on Yuto’s face. He hugged the new recruit tightly.

— Did you tell him? asked Keito
— Tell who what? said Yuto, his face buried in Keito’s long brown hair.
— To Yuya… That I… Well… that…
— That you were gay? finished Yuto.

Keito nodded, his head against the taller man’s shoulder.

— I think I told him when I first talked about you…
— And… well… did it…

Yuto moved away a little from his friend and looked at him in the eyes.

— Keito, you’re kidding right? We’re all gay here, or at least bisexual… And it makes our job way more easier! The only thing is… you can’t date the boss! Because we don’t want him to favour one over another. Otherwise, it’s ok to date other hosts… like me…

Yuto slowly approached his lips from Keito and gave him a long kiss. Keito smiled in the kiss and pushed Yuto away nicely.

— Since when are we a couple? asked Keito while laughing.
— Since.. never in fact and that’s fine like that…

Yuto went on with his kiss. They had known each other from middle school and were good friends, they had always been close, and when both found out about their homosexuality, they had both decided to discover new things together. They sometime slept with each other. But they weren’t a couple, even if Yuto liked to joke around about it. They were best friends, and more… they were like sexfriends. They knew everything about each other and that made things easier, more natural...
Yuto started stroking Keito’s torso by passing his hands under his T-shirt, while Keito was getting rid of Yuto’s jeans. Their kisses became more languorous, but savage at the same time, revealing a shared desire. Keito took Yuto slowly to the bedroom without breaking their kisses and pushed him on the bed. Keito gave a sexy gaze to his friend while taking of his t-shirt in a flexible gesture of his muscular arms. He placed himself over Yuto and whispered in his ear.

— Come on, let’s make this bed ours.